15th Regiment Confederate States Volunteer Cavalry



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From Crute, Units of the C.S. Army, 71:

"15th Cavalry Regiment was organized at Mobile, Alabama, early in 1864 by consolidating the five-company 3rd Florida Cavalry Battalion and five Alabama independent cavalry companies.  It served in Quarles', Reynold's, Page's, I. W. Patton's, Liddell's, R. McCulloch's, and H. Maury's command.  The regiment remained in the Mobile and Pensacola area, then moved to Louisiana where it fought at Tunica.  Returning to Mobile it guarded the approaches to the city.  A detachment was captured in the fight at Claiborne on April 17, 1865, and the remaining force at Demopolis on April 30.  Colonel Henry Maury Lieutenant Colonel T. J. Myers, and Major Robert H. Partridge were its field officers."




Company G (?)


BOURQUE [Bourg], Alfred. Pvt.  Res. New Orleans.  [En. n.d.,n.p.]  POW prl. Citronelle, AL, 4 May 65.  [NER.]  (B1:59b)

1  Co. G, 15th C.S. Cav.

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