2nd Battalion State Guards Cavalry





From Bergeron, La. Confed. Units, 57-58:

"This battalion was formed about February 15, 1864, by the mounting of the 1st Louisiana State Troops Infantry Battalion and the addition to it of four newly organized State Guard cavalry companies.  Formal transfer to the Louisiana State Guard occurred March 10.  The battalion joined General Richard Taylor's army in late March.  At the Battle of Mansfield, April 8, the battalion remained in reserve and did not participate in the fighting.  The battalion received orders on April 24 to report to a camp of instruction at Shreveport.  After a brief period of drilling, the battalion moved to Opelousas in early May to participate in a campaign against Jayhawkers and to recruit new soldiers.  By the end of May, the battalion had moved to a camp near Franklin.  For the next few months, the men performed outpost and picket duty along Bayou Teche.  On June 22, Company C fought a skirmish with the enemy near Berwick Bay.  By mid-September, the battalion had relocated to Monterey on the Black River, probably to guard that area against enemy raids.  On October 27, 1864, the battalion was consolidated with the 1st Louisiana State Guard Cavalry Battalion to form the 8th Louisiana Cavalry."


CSRC, M320, roll 13




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REYNAUD, L. F. Adj.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Served also in Company F, 4th Regiment Infantry as Pvt.; & CPT, Asst. Sup., A Recon.

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