4th Battery Volunteer Artillery (Cameron's)

Tensas/Jefferson County, MS



From Bergeron, La. Confed. Units, 22-23:

"Organized about August, 1862, of men from Tensas Parish and Jefferson County, Mississippi, this battery had only four guns.  It operated with Colonel Isaac F. Harrison's 3rd Louisiana Cavalry along the Mississippi River opposite Vicksburg and engaged in several skirmishes with General Ulysses S. Grant's Union army in April, 1863.  The battery was stationed at Monroe throught the summer and fall of 1863, except for a brief period in September, when it retreated to Shreveport because a large Federal forced had occupied Monroe.  In early 1864, the battery accompanied Harrison's cavalry brigade on its marches through north Louisiana.  One section operated with the brigade during the Red River Campaign, March-May 1864, but saw little action, since it was on the north side of the river.  After the conclusion of the campaign, the battery moved into southern Arkansas.  On July 24, the battery fired on and helped destroy the transport Clara Bell at Ashton Landing on the White River.  Three days later, the battery damaged the transports Fairchild and B. J. Adams, part of the Federal Mississippi Marine Brigade, at Sunnyside Landing, Arkansas.  As part of the Army of Western Louisiana, the battery returned to southern Arkansas in the fall and winter of 1864.  It moved to Marshall, Texas, early in 1865 for repairs.  Remaining there until June, it was one of the last organized batteries to surrender to the Federals."




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