Orleans Light Horse Company Volunteer Cavalry (Taylor's, Leeds's, Gordon's, Greenleaf's)




From Sifakis, Compendium of C.S. Armies: Louisiana, 59:

Organization:  Organized at New Orleans in 1861.  Mustered into Confederate service on March 22, 1862.  Surrendered by General Joseph E. Johnston at Durham Station, Orange County, North Carolina on April 26, 1865.

First Commander:  J. McD. Taylor, CPT 

Captains:  Thomas L. Leeds, W. Alexander Gordon, Leeds Greenleaf

Assignments:  Department #1 (Dec 61-Mar 62); Escort, 1st Corps, Army of the Mississippi, Department #2 (Mar-Jul 62); Escort, Army of the Mississippi, Department #2 (Jul-Aug 62); Escort, Right Wing, Army of the Mississippi, Department #2 (Aug-Nov 62); Escort, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee (Nov 62-Oct 63); Escort, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana (Dec 63-Jan 64); Escort, Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana (Jan-May 64); Escort, Army of Mississippi (May-Jul 64); Escort, 3rd Corps, Army of Tennessee (Jul 64-Apr 65)

Battles:  Shiloh (April 6-7, 1862); Perryville (October 8, 1862); Murfreesboro (December 31, 1862-January 3, 1863); Tullahoma Campaign (June-July 1863); Chickamauga (September 19-20, 1863); Meridian Campaign (February-March 1864); Atlanta Campaign (May-September 1864); Atlanta Siege (July-September 1864); Frankline (November 30, 1864); Nashville (December 15-16, 1864); Mobile (March 17-April 12, 1865)


From Bergeron, La. Confed. Units, 177-78:

"Orleans Light Horse Company Cavalry (Orleans).  Captain J. McD. Taylor, resigned 1861; Thomas L. Leeds, died April 23, 1862; W. Alexander Gordon, resigned October, 1862; Leeds Greenleaf.  Organized in 1861 in New Orleans and mustered into Confederate service on March 22, 1862.  Served as a corps headquarters guard in the Army of Tennessee.  Paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina, on April 26, 1865."


CSRC, M320, roll 32




ADAM, ______.  Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

ADAMS, James. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

BEAUREGARD, C. T. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

BERGERON, O. J. Pvt.  En. 1 Jul 61, Memphis, TN.  Sep-Oct 63:  Trfr. fr 12th TN [Cav?] Regt. [NER.] Pres. Nov 63-Jun 64.  [NFR.]  (B1:173a)

BLANC, J. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

DUBOIS [Dubose], F. M. Pvt.  En. 7 May 64, Demopolis, [?].  May-Jun 64:  Abs. sick.  [NFR.]  (B1:690)

DUBOIS [Du Bose], N. W. Pvt.  Res. New Orleans.  En. 7 May 64, Demopolis, [?].  May-Jun 64:  Abs. sick.  POW prl. Meridian, MS, 13 May 65.  [NER.]  (B1:690)

FREDERICK, S. Pvt.    //  CSRC, Index: S. Frederic; calls this unit militia cavalry.  

HAMILTON W. B. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

HAYDEL, E. C. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Served also in Orleans Guard Battery.

HEBERT, J. A. [J. E.]. Pvt.  En. 1 Sep 63, Chattanooga, TN.  To late Oct 63:  Trfr. fr 12th Regt. TN [Inf.].  Nov-Dec 63:  Abs. sick, [n.p.].  Pres. May-Jun 64.  [NFR.]  (B2:248)

JOHNSON, C. A. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

LALANDE, Charles D. 1LT.  //  CSRC, Index: Charles D. Lallande.

LALANDE, J. B. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index: J. B. Lallande.

LANDREAUX, Frederick. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

MOREAU, J. T. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.

PENN, M. A. Pvt.  //  CSRC, Index.  //  Same M.A.P. as in Pointe Coupee Battalion Artillery?

SMITH, E. Pvt. Farrier.  //  CSRC, Index.

18  Orleans Lt. Horse Co. Cav.

Individuals from non-Cajun families, CSRC Index

ALLEN, Charles W. Pvt. ARMSTRONG, C. Pvt. ARMSTRONG, H. A. Pvt.

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