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All Cajuns are related!

This site is devoted to every aspect of Acadian/Cajun history and genealogy.

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Many thanks to Kermit Bouillion and the fine folks at the Acadian Museum in Erath, Louisiana, for inducting me into their Order of Living Legends on Saturday, October 3.  In attendance were my mother, Eva Miller Cormier; my wife Sandi; my brother Curt Cormier and his girlfriend Kristy; first cousins Edward Gauthier and his wife Anna, and Tim Simon and his wife Becky; long-time friend Russell Touchet and his wife Brenda; and my good buddy Ralph Melanšon and his girlfriend Jennie Perry.  We passed a good time listening to some fine Cajun music and enjoyed a big bayou repast afterwards at Richard's in Abbeville.  Special thanks to Stanley LeBlanc of Dallas and Don Louviere of Houston, themselves Living Legends, who nominated me; and to Warren and Mary Broussard Perrin of the Acadian Museum for creating the Order.  sac 10-5-15


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