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I am enriching the narrative in Book One, "French Acadia," and will return to Book Three, "The Great Upheaval," ASAP.   Enjoy.  sac  9-5-14

Great news for anyone interested in the history and lore of the old Attakapas District!  The Attakapas Historical Association, under the direction of St. Landry fiddle maker Jim Phillips, has resurrected the Attakapas Gazette, which, from 1966 to 1996, provided so much information on our southwest prairie world.  The new Gazette, under the editorial tutelage of Dr. Shane Bernard, one of the finest historians working in South Louisiana today, will be published not on paper but electronically, online.  The AHA also plans to digitize and publish online issues of the original Attakapas Gazette.  This is exciting stuff, folks!   To sign up as a member and enjoy the first issue of the new Attakapas Gazette, follow the link to <>.  Thank you, Sir Winston, for the heads up. sac  2-13-14

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