First Manassas (Bull Run), VA

July 21, 1861

Initial Confederate position before battle.  Looking east towards Bull Run, which is in the distance in the woods.

Morning fighting.  Looking east, Federal reinforcements crossed from east side of Bull Run at Farm Ford after battle begins along Mathews Hill to the west.


Morning fighting.  Looking north from Henry Hill.  The battle raged on Mathews Hill, the heights at the far end of the photo.


Morning fighting.  Confederate guns behind brow of Henry Hill supported infantry fighting on Mathews Hill.


Morning fighting.  Confederates retreat from Mathews Hill, field in the distance, east along Warrenton Turnpike, in the center of the photo, to a position here at Robinson House.


Morning fighting.  Confederates reorganize along Robinson lane in an attempt to stop Federals advancing from Mathews Hill, from the left of photo.


Afternoon fighting.  Confederate guns atop Henry Hill fire at Union line at the other end of the hill.


Afternoon fighting.  Union guns atop Henry Hill fire at Confederate line near edge of woods.


Afternoon fighting.  Confederates formed along edge of woods on Henry Hill attacked to the right towards a Federal battery.


Afternoon fighting.  Confederates attacked from edge of woods and captured Union guns on right of Federal line.


Late Afternoon fighting.  Confederates, including Louisiana troops, push north to top of Chinn Ridge, pictured here, to attack Federal right flank on far slope at which time the Federal rout from the battlefield will commence.

Photos and captions by Dave Comeau, September 1994

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