Fort Bisland, LA

April 12-13, 1863

Battlefield, looking west, at the Confederate line.


Bayou Teche at Franklin, looking downriver. The boilers are not visible to me but the Diana is somewhere along the shoreline.  Fort Bisland is a short distance downriver.

Photos and captions by Dave Comeau, October 1997


State historical markers at the site:

Battle of Bisland
 April 12-13, 1863

Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks' Union army attacked Gen. Dick Taylor's Confederate forces entrenched at Fort Bisland. Confederates repulsed each attack, but post evacuated when Union flanking force landed at Irish Bend.


The Gunboat Diana

Embedded in the banks of Bayou Teche to the east of this site and visible from here are the boilers of the gunboat Diana. Originally a Federal vessel operating on the lower Teche, it was captured by the Confederates. During the Bisland campaign, under the command of Oliver J. Semmes, son of the Confederate raider, Admiral Raphael Semmes, the Diana effectively harassed the attacking Federals. Damaged in the fighting, the ship was fired by her crew to prevent capture.

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