Louis Hebert


Brigadier General Louis Hebert

Another, perhaps more accurate, likeness of General Hebert from a tablet at the Vicksburg Battlefield Park


The photographs below of the reburial of General Louis Hebert on October 26, 2002, were sent to me by Homer Dupuy, who wrote of the event:  

"General Hebert was buried on private property and the owner wanted to sell the land.  She picked up the cost of moving the remains.  One of the SCV members built the casket out of cypress.  The body was moved by mule drawn wagon about 1 mile from the grave site to the church in Cecilia.  It had been raining most of the week end.  Luckily it was just a slight drizzle for the ceremony.  Many of the participants were very excited.  I heard them saying that it wasn't very often that you could bury a General.  More people wanted to participate but were held back because of the bad weather over that weekend. ...  The pictures with the dates on them at the old grave site were taken by my brother in law.  The General's remains were removed from the old grave site and placed into the new casket the day before the ceremony."

newspaper clipping courtesy of Homer Dupuy

The gravesite of Brigadier General Louis Hebert in St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Cecilia, LA.  He rests beneath the concrete slab flanked by the small Confederate battle flags.

photo by the author, summer of 2003

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