Mansfield (Sabine Crossroads), LA

April 8, 1864

Initial Confederate position. This was the Confederate position (Randal's) next to the Mansfield Road. The line extended from here to the northeast for about 400 yards.


At the Union line, near the right angle. The Union line here ran south, away from the camera, and faced east.


At the Union line, near the right angle. Part of Walker's division attacked from the woods towards the Union line in second assault. During the battle this area was an open field.


Right flank of Mouton's division (Texas brigade). The Confederates attacked from the fence rail southeast towards the Union line, the open field behind the trees. This area was an open field during the battle.


Union line at the fence. Union troops were positioned here on the far side of the fence. The fence here ran east-west. Mouton's division attacked towards the fence from the north. The bloodiest fighting took place in this area. All of this terrain was open during the battle.


Union line, looking west. The Union line ran from here to the west along the fence. They were positioned on the left side of the fence. The Confederates attacked from the right (north). No trees existed here during the time of the fighting.


Union guns at the Mansfield Road. These guns were positioned near the center of the Union line that was facing west. Some of the Confederates from Walker's division moved towards the guns from the woods in the distance. However a Confederate flanking attack from the southwest (left) rolled up the Union line and captured these guns, turning them on the Federals.


Union guns at Mansfield Road. The Confederates captured these guns and turned them to the right to fire on the Federal line.


Union Retreat. When the Confederates turned the captured guns on the Federal line, these men break towards the rear (left to right) in retreat.

Photos and captions by Dave Comeau, October 1997

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