Monett's Ferry, LA

April 23, 1864

Looking downriver (northeast). The Confederates held the high bank on the right, now covered with trees. The Federals attempted a direct assault but the lower bank on the left side of the river gave the advantage to the Confederates.


Looking upriver (southwest). The Confederate line extended in this direction. A Federal unit crossed about 2 miles upriver and attacked the Confederates' flank, forcing it to withdraw.

Photos and captions by Dave Comeau, October 1997


State historical marker at the site:

Battle of Monett's Ferry
April 23, 1864

On this site was fought one of the critical engagements of the Red River campaign. After Mansfield the retreating Federal army under Gen. N.P. Banks headed for Alexandria, pursued by a smaller Confederate army under Gen. Richard Taylor. Taylor devised a daring plan to encircle the Federals and cut off their lines of retreat. Gen H.P. Bee was to hold the vital crossing at Cane River, occupying positions on the bluffs south of the river. Bee repelled an attack by troops under Gen. W.H. Emory, but hearing that his flanks were turned he withdrew, thus permitting the Federals to continue to Alexandria.