Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern), AR

March 6-8, 1862

Morning March 7.  Looking north, initial Federal encampment atop bluffs on north side of Little Sugar Creek along Telegraph Road.


Morning March 7.  Remains of house used by Union General Samuel Curtis as HQ, two miles north of Little Sugar Creek encampment.  Looking south, Telegraph Road runs along left of photograph and enters woods near the center.


Morning March 7.  Becoming aware that the Confederates were circling to the northwest around his encampment along Little Sugar Creek, Curtis sent a division north along Telegraph Road past his HQ towards Elkhorn Tavern.


Morning March 7.  Curtis sent another division north of Leetown to attack Confederate column.  Looking west, Federal line set up along fence rail.


Afternoon March 7.  Looking north from Federal line, Confederates under General Ben McCulloch, including [3rd] Louisiana regiment, attacked Federal position north of Leetown.


Afternoon March 7.  Federal reinforcements assaulted from the east, hitting Confederates attacking initial Federal line in left flank.  Confederates forced to retreat.


Afternoon March 7.  Looking north, fighting took place around Elkhorn Tavern as Federals who had moved along Telegraph Road were pushed back from original position in woods north of it.  Federals eventually retreated another mile south.


Morning March 8.  Looking north, Federal guns fired on Confederate positions at base of Pea Ridge.  Telegraph Road to right of guns and Elkhorn Tavern just beyond edge of woods to the right center of photo.


Morning March 8.  Confederate guns along base of Pea Ridge exchanged fire with Federal guns to the south.


Morning March 8.  Looking south from atop Pea Ridge.  Federals attacked across field towards Confederate positions at base of ridge while artillery supported charge.  Remnants of [3rd] Louisiana regiment initially positioned in this area.  Telegraph Road in upper left.


As defeated Confederates moved past Elkhorn Tavern, a rearguard was set up to slow the Federal pursuit.


Looking east along Huntsville Road at Elkhorn Tavern.  Most Confederates turned east at the tavern and escaped as the Federals pursued north along Telegraph Road.

Photos and captions by Dave Comeau, May 1999

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