Wilson's Creek (Oak Hills), MO

August 10, 1861

Dawn.  Confederate bivouac in oat field near Gibson’s Mill, on east side of Wilson’s Creek.


Dawn.  Confederate General Sterling Price’s HQ at Edward’s Cabin on the west side of the Wire Road.  Bloody Hill rises towards the right rear.


Dawn.  Union line under General Nathaniel Lyon moved south, left to right, to attack Confederate camp atop Bloody Hill.


Dawn.  Confederates were pushed down off of Bloody Hill by initial Union attack.


Dawn.  General Price watched in surprise as his troops tumbled down from Bloody Hill.


Dawn.  Federal detachment under General Franz Sigel circled to the southwest of the Confederate encampment on the east side of Wilson’s Creek and began to shell the Confederate camps from the heights.  The hill was clear of trees during the battle.


Early Morning.  Another Federal detachments crossed Wilson’s Creek to the east from the main army and attacked southward, right to left, through Ray Cornfield.  Confederate troops, including 3rd Louisiana, counterattacked and pushed the Federals back across the creek.


Early Morning.  Price rallied his troops at the base of Bloody Hill.


Morning.  Scene of heaviest fighting as Confederates launched three attacks against Federal line atop Bloody Hill.  The hilltop was clear of woods at the time of the fighting.


Morning.  Totten’s Federal Battery supported the infantry line to the front in beating off the Confederate attacks.


Morning.  Guibor’s Confederate Battery dueled with Totten’s Federal battery during Confederate attacks.


Early Morning.  Looking south, Sigel crossed creek and set up guns in Sharp’s Field on south end of battlefield.


Mid-Morning.  Looking south, Sigel attacked across Sharp’s Cornfield to the Confederate line positioned here, forcing them to retreat.


Mid-Morning.  Sigel set up position at previous Confederate line, but facing north, near edge of Skegg’s Branch, at bottom of hill within trees.  Confederates counterattacked and forced Sigel from the field.


Mid-Morning.  While trying to rally his men during the second Confederate attack, Lyon is killed near the center of the line.


Mid-Morning.  After second Confederate attack was repulsed, Confederate cavalry on the left flank charged up the hill to the Federal line in order to allow retreat of infantry, before being routed themselves.


Late Morning.  Confederates regrouped and attacked Federal line on Bloody Hill for the third time, hitting the center of the line here.


Late Morning.  After the third Confederate attack was repulsed, the Federals withdrew to the north, leaving a rearguard here, north of Bloody Hill.  The fighting took place across the high land in the background.

Photos and captions by Dave Comeau, June 1996

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