Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

[running tally]

BABIN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 2 Mar/C-V Charles BABIN Acadian Élizabeth [Madeleine] BABIN Acadian none listed
1767 12 Oct/C-V Simon LANDRIE Acadian Margueritte BABIN   none listed
1768 11 Apr/C-V Joseph GRANGÉ Acadian [Anne-]Geneviève BABIN   none listed
1768 20 Jun/BRDR François DIES Spaniard Marie BABIN   Duaron, Rodrigues
1768 28 Jun/C-V François DUGAS Acadian Margueritte BABIN   none listed
1769 23 Jan/BRDR Pierre GUÉDRY Acadian Claire BABIN   Babin, Guédry, Landry
1769 23 Jan/BRDR Firmin BABIN   Babiane BRAUX Acadian Guidry, Landry
1771 28 Jan/BRDR Josèphe BABIN Osithe LE BLANC Acadian Babien, Gode, Landry, LeBlanc, LeConte
1772 28 Sep/BRDR Charles DUGAS Acadian Rosa BABIN   Babin, Dugas, Landry
1773 11 Jan/BRDR Ignace HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Rosalie BABIN (widow)   Como, Landry
1774 8 Feb/BRDR Firmin LANDRY (widower) Acadian Louise[-Ludivine] BABIN   Babein, Benoit, Landry
1775 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph BABIN [dit Dios]   Marine LE BLANC Acadian Bijeaud, LeBlanc
1775 2 Dec/BRDR Charles LANDRY (widower) Acadian Maria BABIN   Landry
1777 17 Jan/BRDR Jean-Charles ARCENEAUX Acadian Marie-Josèphe BABIN   Bergerau, Bernard, Melanzon, Songy
1777 2 Feb/BRDR Paul RICHARD Acadian Magdelaine-Marthe BABIN   Alain, Babin, LeBlanc
1777 5 Jun/BRDR Amand HÉBER (widower) Acadian Anne-Isabelle BABIN   Babin, Héber, Landry
1778 20 Jan/BRDR Éstienne BABIN (widower)   Marie-Magdelaine LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Landry
1778 3 Feb/BRDR Ignace BABIN (widower)   Marie-Joseph BLANCHARD [LANDRY?] (widow) Acadian Babin, Blanchard, Landry
1778 20 Feb/SWLR Joseph BABIN   Anastasie MELANÇON Acadian Landry, Martin, Moreau
1778 1 Jun/BRDR Jean-Baptiste BERGERONT Acadian [Lisa-]Marie[-Josèphe] BABIN   Arceneaux, Bergeront, Bernard, LeBlanc
1778 28 Oct/BRDR Joseph MELANSON Acadian Anna-Barbara BABIN   Babein, Dugast, Landry
1780 13 Jun/BRDR Joseph CLOUÂTRE Acadian Marguerite BABIN   Allain, Capdeville
1781 25 Nov/BRDR Joseph LANDRY (widower) Acadian Magdalena BABEIN (widow)   Babein, Landry
1781 26 Nov/BRDR Firmin BABIN (widower)   Ysabel BRUSSE [BROUSSE] Anglo? Dugast, Landry, Robicho
1782 21 May/BRDR Isaac LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Margarita BABIN   LeBlanc, Lincour
1783 23 Dec/BRDR Pablo BRAUD (widower) Acadian Ysabel BABIN   Braud, Dugast, Landry
1784 24 Feb/BRDR Paul BABIN   Marguerite BRASSEUR Acadian Babin, Brasseur, LeComte, Richard
1785 17 Jul/BRDR Simon ALLAIN Acadian Marguerite BABIN   Allain, Hébert, LeBlanc
1786 31 Dec/BRDR François BABIN   Maria USÉ Acadian none listed
1787 23 Apr/BRDR Jean-Baptiste MELANSON Acadian Ana BABIN   Duaron, Leblanc
1787 23 Apr/BRDR Grégoire LE BLANC Acadian Marie-Anne-Barbara BABIN   Comaux, Landry, LeBlanc
1787 9 Jun/BRDR Simon BABIN   Marie LEJEUNE Acadian Babin, Lejeune
1787 18 Jun/BRDR Josef RICHAR Acadian Pelagia BABIN   Arseno, Richar
1788 10 Nov/BRDR Bonaventure BABIN   Félicité LANDRY (widow) Acadian Landry, LeBlanc, Terrio
1789 12 Jul/BRDR Firmin LANDRY Acadian Victoria BABIN   Babin, LeBlanc
1789 31 Dec/BRDR Simon BABIN (widower)   Anne QUEMINE Acadian Babin, Dugue, Templet, Use
1790 12 Jul/BRDR Benjamin LE BLANC Acadian [Marie-]Rosalie BABIN   Landry, LeBlanc
1790 18 Oct/BRDR Firmin-Pourcraste LANDRY Acadian Mariana BABIN   Babin, Landry, Longuepee
1792 19 Apr/BRDR Luis ROBICHO Acadian Isabel BABIN   Duga, Rocher
1792 23 Apr/BRDR Baptista BURSUA Acadian Margarita BABIN   Baben, Bursua
1793 29 Dec/BRDR Alexandro BABIN   Ana DUON Acadian Babin, Duon
1794 5 May/BRDR Alino BABIN   Céleste LANDRY Acadian Babin, Cellier
1795 9 Feb/BRDR Eusèbe LANDRY Acadian Constancia BABIN   Bujaul, Landry
1795 27 Apr/BRDR Simon-Pedro BABIN   Costanza RICHAR Acadian Babin, Dugat, Landry
1796 4 Jan/BRDR Simon-Rafaël BABIN   Marguerite-Pauline LANDRY Acadian Landry, Venhizola
1796 13 Jun/BRDR Pablo BABIN   Henriqueta LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc
1796 4 Oct/BRDR Josef ROGER Acadian Maria-Magdalena BABIN   Babin, Dugat, Roger
1796 28 Nov/BRDR Santiago BABIN   Franca LANDRI Acadian Babin, Landry
1797 21 Feb/BRDR Estevan BRAUD Acadian Victoria BABIN   Braud/Braux, Landry
1797 27 Feb/BRDR Josef BABIN (widower)   Anna-A. DOIRRONS (widow) Acadian Babin, Duhont, Ju teau
1797 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph BABIN   Marina EVERT [HÉBERT] Acadian Gareill, LeBlanc
1797 15 May/BRDR Benjamin BABIN   Felicitas RICHARD Acadian LeBlanc, Richard
1797 17 Sep/BRDR Paul BABIN   Céleste LANDRY Acadian Babin, Cazebon, Landry
1797 18 Sep/BRDR Jacque GUIDRY Acadian Isabel BABIN (widow)   Blanchard, Braud, LeBlanc dit dubour
1797 18 Sep/BRDR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Margarita BABIN   Babin, Landry
1798 12 Feb/BRDR Miguel DUGAS Acadian Madalena BABIN   Babin, Dugas, Landry
1798 8 Oct/BRDR Dosite BABIN   Margarita HEBERD [HÉBERT] Acadian Richard
1798 8 Oct/BRDR Josef BABIN Acadian Magdalena HÉBERT Acadian Anry, Gareille
1798 8 Nov/BRDR Francisco BOUJOL Acadian Adelayda BABIN   Dugas, Thibeaudeaux
1799 7 Jan/BRDR Marcelo RIVET Acadian Magdalena BABIN   Anry, Francisco
1799 4 Feb/BRDR Miguel HÉBERT Acadian Magdelena-Anastacia BABIN   Babin
1799 22 Apr/BRDR Nator [Senateur] BABIN   Elisa LE BLANC Acadian Gareill, LeBlanc
1799 29 Apr/BRDR Francisco BABIN   Annietta BROUSSARD Acadian Babin, Landry
1799 22 Oct/SWLR Pierre MORO French Creole Anne BABIN   Chemin, Cormier, Martin, Moro
1800 23 Feb/BRDR Carlos FOURNIER (widower) French Can. Maria BABIN (widow)   Chico, Hébert
1800 21 Apr/BRDR Simon BOUDRAUX Acadian Celestina BABIN   Babin Boudraux, Melanson
1800 5 May/BRDR Auguste BABIN   Ana BERGERON Acadian Robichaux, Roger
1800 26 May/BRDR Grégorio BABIN   Marinette LE BLANC Acadian dePui, Héber, LeBlanc
1800 8 Jul/BRDR Valerio RICHARD (widower) Acadian Margarita BABIN   Arcenaux, Landry
1800 21 Jul/BRDR Joseph-Bélony BABIN   Magdalena DUGAS Acadian Dugat
1801 8 Jan/BRDR Carlos BABIN   Angelica FORET Acadian Babin, Orillon
1801 22 Jun/BRDR Joseph BABIN   Margarita GODIN Acadian Blanchard, Braud, LeBlanc
1801 22 Aug/BRDR Pierre PANNEVEL [PANVIL] French Creole? Marguerite BABIN (widow)   Babin, Landry, LeBlanc
1801 13 Oct/SWLR Pierre dit Placide SAVOY Acadian Adélaïde BABIN Babin, Landry, Martin, Tenhold, Thibaudau
1802 26 Apr/BRDR Landry BABIN   Louise LANDRY Acadian Landry
1802 26 Apr/BRDR Paul BABIN   Marguerite-Pélagie DUGAS Acadian Dugat, Landry, Lessard
1802 2 May/BRDR Paul-Firmin BABIN   Dorothea PICHOF French Creole? de Villanuva Barrosa, Dufrene
1803 7 Feb/BRDR François LANDRY  Acadian Constancia BABIN (widow) Acadian Braux, Duplesis
1803 12 Feb/BRDR Pedro BOURGEOIS Acadian Escolastica BABIN   Bourgeois
1803 24 Oct/BRDR Firmin LANDRY Acadian Henriette BABIN   Dannequin, Landry
1804 28 May/BRDR Maximilien BABIN   Julie DUGAS Acadian Babin, Braud, Duga
1804 4 Jun/BRDR Simon BABIN   Henriette LANDRY Acadian Babin, Brasset, Richard
1804 13 Nov/BRDR Jacques BABIN   Julienne MELANSON Acadian Babin, Bourgeois, Dejean
1805 21 Jan/BRDR Jérôme Athanase DUGAT Acadian Isabelle BABIN   Landry, LeBlanc, Terio
1805 13 Feb/BRDR Simon [Théodore?] BABIN   Marie Magdelaine LANDRY Acadian Landry
1805 27 Jun/BRDR Dortois BABIN   Anne Françoise LANDRY Acadian Landry, Mollere, Richard
1806 26 Feb/BRDR Narcisse LE BLANC Acadian Marie Anne BABIN   Arnandez, Babin
1806 4 Apr/BRDR Paul HÉBERT Acadian Marine BABIN   none listed
1806 9 May/BRDR Louis BABIN   Anne Céleste DUGAT Acadian Babin, Dugat, Landry
1806 12 May/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAU Acadian Rosalie BABIN (widow)   Jones, Landry, LeBlanc
1806 24 Nov/BRDR Simon LE BLANC Acadian Marie Batilda BABIN   Landry, LeBlanc
1807 1 Feb/BRDR Jacque LECOMTE French Creole? Marie BABIN   Robicho, Usé
1807 25 Aug/SWLR Julien BABIN   Séraphine GUILBEAU Acadian Babin, Broussard
1807 14 Oct/BRDR Léger LANDRY Acadian Anne Lise BABIN   Babin, Landry
1808 22 Feb/BRDR Francis Xavier LE BLANC French Can. Marguerite Élizabeth BABIN   Babin, Bujol, Mollere
1809 16 Jan/BRDR Alexandre BABIN (widower)   Magdelaine LE BLANC (wid.) Acadian LeBlanc
1809 21 Aug/BRDR Henry BABIN   Louise LANDRY Acadian Brasset, Breau, Landry
1809 16 Oct/BRDR François BABIN (widower)   Marie Marcellite CLOITRE Acadian Babin, Chalattie
1809 30 Oct/BRDR Francois SEGUINAUD Foreign French Dorothé BABIN   Babin, Barniere, Landry
1810 7 May/BRDR Pierre LACAVE Foreign French? Marie Madelaine BABIN   Babin, Gommes, LeBlanc
1810 18 Jun/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Magdelaine BABIN (widow)   Babin, LeBlanc, Morice
1810 25 Aug/BRDR Francois GOMES Madeiran Dorothée Adélaïde BABIN   Alin, Babin, Dupuis
1810 12 Sep/BRDR Francisco ROBICHEAUX Acadian Milita BABIN   Hébert, Ruiz
1811 25 Feb/BRDR Pierre BABIN   Marine CHIASSON Acadian Allain, Babin, LeBlanc
1813 8 Feb/BRDR Paul BABIN   Marie Céleste DULLERE French Creole? Alain, Babin
1813 4 Oct/BRDR François BABIN   Adélaïde BREAU Acadian Loraday, Simoie
1814 3 Feb/BRDR Louis SEGUINOT Foreign French Clarisse BABIN   Babin, Gomes
1814 25 Apr/BRDR Simon BABIN   Cydeline LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc, Simois
1814 20 Dec/BRDR Louis BILLOU (widower) Foreign French? Marie Josephe BABIN (widow)   Gaudin, Picous, Saulnier
1815 26 Jun/BRDR Simon Théodore BABIN (wdr.) Acadian Henriette BABIN (widow) Acadian Landry, Rivet, Simoie
1815 2 Oct/BRDR Louis LAVERGNE (widower) French Can. Marie Anne BABIN (widow)   Braud, Simoie
1816 26 May/BRDR Eugène TOUPS German Creole Escolastica BABIN   Blanchard, Tureyra
1816 2 Jul/SLR Michel GAUTRAUX Acadian Marie Magdeleine BABIN   none listed
1816 19 Aug/BRDR Alexandre Valéry BABIN Acadian Adélaïde BABIN Acadian Babin, Braud
1816 19 Aug/BRDR Placide BABIN   Artémise TEMPLET Acadian Allain, Lejeune, Simoie
1816 9 Sep/BRDR André Emmuel LOPEZ Spanish Creole? Marie Clémence BABIN   Babin, Lopez, Simoie
1816 12 Sep/BRDR Lewis MOROW Anglo? French? Victoire BABIN   Caillet, Cox, Richard
1817 6 Jan/BRDR Simon BUJOL Acadian Marguerite Magdelaine BABIN   Landry
1817 17 Feb/SWLR Pierre Alexandre BABIN   Marie Tarsie THIBAUDOT Acadian Babin, Braux, Huval, Thibodeau
1817 14 Jul/BRDR Éloy LANDRY Acadian Magdelena Adélaise BABIN   Comes, Henry
1817 21 Sep/BRDR Paul BABIN   Caroline LEJEUNE Acadian Doiron, Lejeune, Simoie
1818 26 Jan/BRDR Joseph BREAU (widower) Acadian Marguerite BABIN (widow)   Babin, LeBlanc
1818 27 Apr/BRDR Auguste LANDRY Acadian Marguerite Eugènie BABIN Acadian Blanchard, Braud, Landry
1818 8 Jun/BRDR Simon Sifrain BABIN   Magdelain Julienne LANDRY Acadian Landry, Terrio
1818 16 Nov/BRDR Alexandre Zenon LE BLANC Acadian Celesie BABIN   Landry, Simoie
1819 9 May/BRDR Joseph Dosité BABIN (wdr.)   Marie Rose DAIGRE (widow) Acadian Daigre, Landry, Richard
1819 28 Jun/BRDR Valléry COMEAU Acadian Marceline BABIN   Babin, Blanchard, Commaux
1819 2 Aug/BRDR Claude Raphaël BABIN   Artemise LANDRY Acadian Babin, Landry
1819 6 Oct/SLR Eugène TOUPS (widower) German Creole Marie BABIN   none listed
1819 4 Nov/BRDR Joseph Valere BABIN   Madeleine ORILLON Acadian Dupuis, Orillion, Roth
1820 19 Mar/BRDR Auguste LE BLANC (wdr.) Acadian Clarisse BABIN (widow)   Garevil, Landry
1820 18 May/BRDR Silvain LANDRY Acadian Claire Batilde BABIN   Babin, Landry, LeBlanc
1820 19 Jun/BRDR Adélard BABIN   Anriette Lise MELANCONE Acadian Babin, Larous, Richard
1820 16 Oct/BRDR Silvain Corentin LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite Cléonise BABIN   Babin, Landry
1821 11 Jun/BRDR John THOMAS Anglo Anne Madeleine BABIN   Babin, Dupuis
1821 12 Nov/BRDR Pierre LOPPEZ (widower) Spanish Creole? Madeleine BABIN (widow)   Babin, Gareint, Landry
1822 18 Feb/SLR Auguste BABIN   Justine TOUPS German Creole none listed
1822 18 Feb/SLR Francois BABIN   Eliza Froisine MARTIN Acadian? none listed
1822 23 Feb/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Clémence BABIN Acadian Babin, Butler
1822 22 Apr/SLR Jean Pierre DENOUX French Creole Marie Justine BABIN   none listed
1822 24 Apr/SLR Simon BABIN (widower) Acadian Marie HACHÉ (widow) Acadian none listed
1822 7 Oct/BRDR Pierre PROVENCHE French Creole? Marguerite Eugènie BABIN   Babin
1822 2 Dec/BRDR Charles BABIN (widower) Acadian Magdeleine DENOUS French Creole? Babin, LeCoq, Rosion
1823 11 May/BRDR Sifrain BABIN (widower)   Marie Zorai LANDRY Acadian Dugas
1823 25 Aug/SWLR Jacques Colin LE BLANC Acadian Marcellite Arthémise BABIN Dugas, LeBlanc, Martin, Surville, Thibaudeau
1824 19 Jan/BRDR Joseph Elieu BABIN Acadian Rosalie Émilie DAIGRE Acadian Daigre, Hébert
1824 2 Feb/BRDR Oléseme BABIN   Marie Magdelaine BRAUX Acadian Landry, Tregre
1824 28 Jun/BRDR François Joseph DAIGLE Acadian Modeste BABIN   Doiron, Landry, LeJeune
1824 25 Oct/SLR Célestin BERGERON Acadian Felonise BABIN   none listed
1825 2 Jan/BRDR Noel Laurent RICHARD Acadian Marie Josephine BABIN   Babin, Richard
1825 8 Jan/SLR Francois Placide FOREST Acadian Marguerite Eugènie BABIN Acadian none listed
1825 24 Jan/BRDR Charles Édouard BABIN   Barthilde DUGAS Acadian Babin, Landry
1825 7 Feb/SLR Édouard BABIN   Clotilde Hortense LANDRY Acadian none listed
1825 13 Feb/BRDR Auguste Firmin LANDRY Acadian Adélaïde BABIN Acadian Babin, Comes, Dugas, LeBlanc
1825 14 Feb/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC (wdr.) Acadian Marguerite BABIN (widow)   Dugas, Landry
1825 14 Feb/BRDR Joseph Alexandre DUGAS Acadian Marie Adeline BABIN   Dugas
1825 11 Apr/BRDR Magloire Benoît LANDRY Acadian Marie Justine BABIN   Dugas, Gauthreaux, Landry
1825 27 Apr/BRDR Edmond JULY [JOLY] French Creole? Adeline BABIN   Babin, Joly, LeBlanc
1825 28 Jul/BRDR Maximilien BABIN   Victorie BRAUD Acadian Babin, Braud, Richard
1825 1 Sep/BRDR Alexandre E. BABIN (widr.)   Marie M. BRAUD (widow) Acadian Braud
1826 23 Jan/BRDR Sifrain BABIN (widower)   Léocade LANDRY Acadian Babin, Braud
1826 7 Feb/SWLR Gilbert SONNIER Acadian Louise Céleste BABIN Babin, LeBlanc, Martin, Melanson, Richard
1826 17 Apr/SLR Ursin BABIN   Marceline BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1826 29 Oct/BRDR Simon LANDRY Acadian Anne Valerante BABIN   Babin, Landry
1826 2 Dec/BRDR Victor BABIN   Marguerite LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Babin. LeBlanc
1827 29 Jan/BRDR Joseph BABIN   Theotiste Basylie LANDRY Acadian Cling, Melancon, Pujos
1827 29 Jan/BRDR Joseph Valérie DUGAS Acadian Marguerite Séraphine BABIN   Babin, Landry
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Téophile BABIN   Philonese HÉBERT Acadian Babin, Thomas
1827 21 May/SLR Joseph ROBICHEAUX Acadian Céleste BABIN   none listed
1827 23 Jul/BRDR Onésime LANDRY Acadian Magdelaine Clotilde BABIN   Babin
1827 30 Jul/BRDR Olivier LANDRY (widower) Acadian Adélaïde BABIN (widow)   Babin, Landry
1827 13 Aug/BRDR Alexander BABIN Acadian Henrietta Phelonise BABIN   Dugas, Foutelet, Lanois
1827 24 Sep/SLR Jean Jacques BABIN   Séraphine BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1828 15 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste BABIN   Judith PROVENCHE French Creole? Babin, Daigre, Richard
1828 28 Jan/BRDR Evariste BABIN   Marie Rose MELANÇON Acadian Babin, Landry
1828 21 Jul/BRDR Martin THIBODEAUX Acadian Marine BABIN   Dupuy, Gomez, Landry, LeBlanc
1828 4 Aug/SLR Étienne BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Auzite BABIN   none listed
1828 18 Aug/BRDR Maxile BABIN   Adeline LANDRY Acadian Babin, Berteau
1828 4 Nov/SLR Jean Baptiste BABIN   Marie Aglae GISCLAR French Creole? none listed
1829 26 Jan/BRDR Michel Drosin LAMBERT Acadian Arthémise BABIN   Gautrau, Landry
1829 9 Feb/BRDR Valmond DOIRON Acadian Mathilde BABIN   Doiron, Foret, Hebert
1829 15 Feb/BRDR Gédéon DUPUY Acadian Marie Telcide BABIN   Babin, Dupuy, Joly, Scott
1829 16 Feb/BRDR Sifrin BABIN (widower)   Jeanette MELANÇON Acadian Breaud, Landry, Poursine
1829 22 Jun/BRDR Joseph Valère BABIN   Andrea CORBO Italian? Corbo Bordenarez
1829 13 Jul/SLR Paul Onézime BABIN   Melasie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1829 3 Aug/BRDR Vital Trasimond BABIN   Clarisse MELANÇON Acadian Babin, Landry
1830 9 Jan/BRDR Eugène BABIN Acadian Célesie BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Dugas
1830 25 Jan/BRDR Ursin LEBOEUF French Creole Doralise BABIN   Babin, Barbier, Rum
1830 25 Jan/BRDR Pierre Duval BABIN   Rosalie Euphrasie GAUDIN Acadian Dugas, Gaudin, Lanoix
1830 22 Feb/BRDR Firmin BABIN Acadian Reiné BABIN Acadian Dugas, Landry
1830 22 May/BRDR Ursin JOLY (widower) French Creole Marie Celina BABIN   Babin, Joly
1830 2 Jun/SLR Jean Auguste BABIN   Marie Marguerite BRAUX Acadian none listed
1830 30 Aug/SLR Joseph Thomas BABIN   Celeste Fleonise LEBOEUF French Creole none listed
1831 3 Jan/SWLR Édouard HÉBERT Acadian Magdeleine Eurasie BABIN   none listed
1831 3 Jan/BRDR Ubert Ulgère BABIN Acadian Marie Eugène BABIN Acadian Babin, Foutelet, Gourdault
1831 20 Mar/BRDR Joseph DESBAINS Spanish Imm. Célestine BABIN   Babin, Blanc, Brasset
1831 18 Jul/BRDR François LANDRY Acadian Marine BABIN   Brasset, Gomez, Leblanc, Poupard
1831 7 Nov/BRDR Alexis BRASSET Acadian Azélie BABIN   Babin, Landry, Walsh
1832 5 Mar/BRDR Joseph Marcelin BREAUX Acadian Odile BABIN Acadian Breaux, Landry
1832 9 Jul/SLR Eugène BABIN   Adèle BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1833 7 Jan/SLR Victorin BABIN   Marcelite BERGERON Acadian none listed
1833 26 Mar/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite BABIN   Dupuy, Joly, Leblanc, Walsh
1833 20 May/SLR Evariste BABIN   Marguerite Rosalie LEBOEUF French Creole none listed
1833 1 Jul/SLR Jean Louis HÉBERT (wdr.) Acadian Reiné Mélanie BABIN   none listed
1833 26 Aug/BRDR Valentin BABIN   Clothilde Emérante LANDRY Acadian Babin, Dugas
1834 27 Jan/SLR Joseph CHATANIER French Creole Marcelite BABIN   none listed
1834 10 Feb/BRDR François DENOUX French Creole Clothilde BABIN   Babin, Landry
1834 14 Apr/SLR Jean Marie LEBOEUF French Creole Marie Joséphine BABIN (wid.)   none listed
1834 14 Apr/BRDR Simon Leufroy BABIN Acadian Rosalie BABIN Acadian Landry
1834 27 Apr/SLR Pierre Trasimond BABIN   Marie Estelle HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1834 28 Jul/SWLR Julien BABIN Marcellite Arthémise COHEM German? none listed
1834 29 Sep/BRDR Colin BABIN   Gertrude GAUDIN Acadian Babin, Dugas, Landry
1835 23 Feb/BRDR Valéry LE BLANC Acadian Leonie Appoline BABIN   Babin, Bujol, Landry
1835 29 Jun/BRDR Adolph DUPUY Acadian Eléonor BABIN   Clement, Hébert, Labauve
1835 9 Oct/BRDR Léon BABIN   Elisa LANDRY Acadian Babin, Landry, LeBlanc
1835 26 Oct/BRDR Joseph Avantin DUGAS Acadian Marie Seraphine BABIN   Babin, LeBlanc, Guidry
1835 6 Dec/BRDR Luc LESASSIER French Creole? Advelina BABIN   Babin, Dupuy, Leblanc, LeSassier
1835 26 Dec/BRDR Adélard BABIN (widower)   Célanie BRAUD Acadian none listed
1836 18 Jan/BRDR Treville BABIN   Elenore BERGERON Acadian? Bergeron, Bujol, Landry
1836 4 Feb/BRDR David T. ROSS Anglo Adele BABIN   none listed
1836 15 Feb/BRDR Wm. Neuville BABIN   Melanie PART Acadian Babin, Hebert, Sides
1836 9 May/SLR Achille BABIN   Marie Angelina PITRE Acadian none listed
1836 9 May/SLR Lucien Siméon PITRE Acadian Marie Joséphine H. BABIN   none listed
1836 25 May/BRDR Pierre Paul BABIN   Henriette LE BLANC Acadian Leblanc, Lobdell, Trahan
1836 6 Jun/BRDR Maximilien BABIN Acadian Adélaïde BABIN Acadian Dugas, LeBlanc
1836 21 Jun/SLR Pierre ROBICHAUX Acadian _______ BABIN   none listed
1836 4 Jul/BRDR François Célestin BABIN   Marie Éloise DOIRON Acadian Babin
1836 4 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY Acadian Marie Aureline BABIN   Babin, Braud, Dugas
1836 29 Aug/BRDR Hypolite Adolph BABIN   Marie Arthémise RIVETTE Acadian Babin, Landry
1836 7 Nov/SWLR Francois DECUIR French Creole Uranie BABIN   none listed
1837 30 Jan/BRDR Paul BABIN   Euphemie LE BLANC Acadian Babin, LeBlanc, Walsh
1837 6 Feb/BRDR Nicolas BABIN   Marie Antoinette BRAUD Acadian Braud, Crawford, Landry
1837 10 Apr/BRDR Honoré Vincent LAMARRE Foreign French Mathilde BABIN   Babin, Hébert, Landry
1837 9 Oct/BRDR Arsène BABIN   Louise PEIGNER French Creole? Babin, Borne, Gourdault
1838 29 Jan/BRDR Antoine Valéry BABIN   Elizabeth Delphine LANDRY Acadian Babin, Landry
1838 12 Feb/BRDR Sylvestre BABIN (widower)   Amelina HÉBERT Acadian Babin
1838 24 Apr/BRDR Honoré BABIN   Marie Mathilde LANDRY Acadian Landry
1838 15 Jun/BRDR Henry V. BABIN   Faustine TRAHAN Acadian Daigre, Duplantier
1838 10 Sep/SLR Eugène BABIN   Céleste BERGERON Acadian none listed
1838 8 Oct/SLR Joseph Dorville BABIN Acadian Matilde BABIN Acadian none listed
1838 8 Oct/BRDR Théodore LEROY Foreign French Marie Françoise BABIN   Ayraud, Babin, Braud, Garey
1838 5 Nov/BRDR Édouard BABIN (widower) Acadian Marie Domitille GROS French Creole? Babin, Bermeo, Dugas, Simoneaux
1839 6 May/SLR Auguste BABIN   Léonore BERGERON Acadian none listed
1839 18 Jun/SLR L'Omer BABIN   Estelle Anne BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1839 22 Jul/BRDR Ursin HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Adelitte BABIN (widow)   Babin, Landry
1839 24 Sep/BRDR Sifroi Victorin BABIN   Marie Laurenza DENOU[X] French Creole Babin, Boudreau, Lamare, Landry
1839 16 Oct/BRDR Aman Prudent BABIN   Marguerite Celina RIVET Acadian Lamare, Landry
1840 19 May/BRDR Raphaël Jacques BABIN   Euphémie LANDRY Acadian Babin, Boudreaux, Hébert, Landry
1840 24 Jun/SLR Valentin BABIN   Anne Madeleine CLOUÂTRE Acadian none listed
1840 18 Jul/SLR [Louis] Maxilaire HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Louis[e] Audile BABIN   none listed
1841 4 May/SLR Urbin PICOU French Creole Marguerite Modeste BABIN   none listed
1841 4 May/BRDR Adolphe BRAUD Acadian Elvina BABIN   Babin, Braud, Duvernay
1841 15 Jun/BRDR Marcellus BABIN   Amenaïde REINE French Creole? Dupuy, Landry, Poche, Reine
1841 12 Jul/BRDR Isaac Aulime LE BLANC Acadian Etelvina BABIN   Babin, Blanchard, Braud, Gillet, Labat, Landry, Lanoix, Leblanc, Roberson
1841 7 Sep/BRDR Marcellin JUNOT French Creole Honorine Coralie BABIN   Babin, Boudreau, Gillet, Hebert, Lamare, Leblanc
1841 30 Dec/BRDR Thomas Winter BROWN Anglo Marine BABIN Babin, Cropper, Dupree, Kleinpeter, Manigette, Navy, Ross
1842 17 Jan/BRDR Casimir BABIN   Nanette BOUDREAU Acadian Boudreau, Dugas, Gaudin, Taussin
1842 24 Jan/SLR Onésime BABIN   Pauline MALBROUE German Creole none listed
1842 17 Feb/BRDR William ALLEN Anglo Domitille BABIN   Jordan, Molaison
1842 9 Aug/BRDR Alexandre Maximilien BABIN   Marie Clementine DUPUY Acadian Billon, Blanchard, Lamarre, Landry, Ney
1842 5 Aug/BRDR Crama HÉBERT Acadian Hortense BABIN   Babin, Bourg, Labadiole
1842 13 Sep/BRDR Léger Valsin LANDRY (wr.) Acadian Madelaine BABIN (widow)   Bourdier, Grégoire, Landry
1842 11 Oct/SLR Charles Damis BABIN   Marie Estelle DOMINGUE Spanish Creole? none listed
1842 31 Oct/SLR Pierre LAMBERT Acadian Célanise BABIN   none listed
1842 14 Nov/BRDR Charles DUPUY (widower) Acadian Claire Bathilde BABIN (widow)   Babin, Dupuy, Landry
1842 5 Dec/SLR Auguste HÉBERT Acadian Marie Anne BABIN   none listed
1843 16 Jan/BRDR Firmin DUPLESSIS (wdr.) French Creole Azélie BABIN (widow)   Babin, Hébers
1843 28 Jan/BRDR Auguste CHRISTEN (wdr.) French Creole? Séraphine BABIN   Babin, Chambers, Garod, Vives
1843 28 Feb/SLR Thomas PYE English Imm. Marie Oriline BABIN   none listed
1843 27 Jun/BRDR Gauntrand Théodule BABIN Acadian Aureline Euphémie BABIN Acadian Babin, Braud, Dupuy, Gaudin, Grégoire, Hébert, Landry, Leblanc
1843 20 Jul/SLR Cummings OLIVER Anglo Marie Madeleine L. BABIN   none listed
1843 20 Nov/BRDR Rosémond BABIN Acadian Hermina DUPLESSIS French Creole Bercegeay, Duplessis, Godin
1844 4 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste LABADIOLE French Creole? Pauline BABIN   Babin, Bought, Cazes
1844 18 Jan/BRDR Joseph Marcelin BABIN   Victorine AUBIN French Creole? Aubin, Babin, Doiron
1844 5 Feb/BRDR Destival BABIN   Marceline LANDRY (widow) Acadian Babin, Hebert
1844 13 Feb/BRDR Jean Bte. Dorval BABIN Acadian Marie Alzida BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry, Tusson
1844 13 Feb/BRDR Raphaël Valère BABIN   Adeline POIRIER Acadian Landry, Leblanc, Lessard
1844 19 Feb/BRDR Armogène BABIN   Celestine LANDRY Acadian Babin, Blanchard, Hébert, Landry, Leblanc, Molaison, Riga
1844 8 Apr/SWLR Charles Sidné BABIN   Marie Louise LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1844 20 May/BRDR Raphaël BABIN   Alzire Apolline LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Lebert, Savoie
1845 31 Mar/BRDR Théodule FORET Acadian Williamine Octavine BABIN   Babin, Blanchard, Bourg, Labadiole
1845 14 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste Adrien PART Acadian Marceline BABIN   none listed
1845 22 Apr/BRDR Simon Eugène BABIN Acadian Arthémise BABIN Acadian Allain, Babin, Broissac, Chustz, Landry, Leblanc, Walsh
1845 8 May/SLR Eugène PERTUIS French Creole? Eliza BABIN   none listed
1845 18 Jul/SWLR Théogène MELANÇON Acadian Arthémise BABIN   none listed
1845 6 Sep/SLR François ROBICHOS Acadian Justine BABIN   none listed
1846 29 Jan/BRDR Gédéon DOIRON Acadian Alzire BABIN   Babin, Doiron, Labadiole
1846 27 Apr/SLR Marcelin BABIN Acadian Carmelite GRABERT French Creole? none listed
1846 25 May/BRDR Valentin BABIN (widower)   Sarasine BRAUD Acadian Babin, Guédry, Landry
1846 28 May/SLR Louis MARTIN, Jr. Acadian Scholastique BABIN   none listed
1846 29 Jun/BRDR Eugène LE BLANC French Can. Pauline BABIN   Leblanc, Mirre, Ross
1846 25 Aug/BRDR Trasimond Euphreme BABIN   Julienne CLEMENT Acadian Clement, Hébert
1847 8 Feb/BRDR Florentin BABIN   Cerasine DERICHBOURG French Creole? Blanchard, Hébert, LeBlanc
1847 8 Feb/BRDR Victorin Hippolyte HÉBERT Acadian Trosile BABIN   Blanchard, Landry, Williams
1847 4 Mar/SLR Napoléon BABIN Acadian Marie Silvanise BABIN Acadian none listed
1847 26 Apr/SLR David BABIN   Scholastique BREAU Acadian none listed
1848 24 Jan/BRDR Trasimon BABIN   Domitille LOPEZ Spanish Creole? Daigre, Landry, Lopez, Martinez, Ross
1848 7 Feb/SLR Ursin Aurelien BABIN   Marie Anaïse BRAUD Acadian none listed
1848 14 Feb/BRDR Trasimond DUPUY Acadian Adeline BABIN (widow)   Arnou, Boissac, Boote, Browne, Dupuy, LeBlanc
1848 22 Feb/BRDR Félix DUGAS Acadian Malvina BABIN   Babin, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1848 17 Jun/SLR Homer BABIN (widower)   Eve ROUSSEL French Creole none listed
1848 5 Jul/BRDR Éloi BLANCHARD Acadian Odile BABIN (widow)   Braud, Colle, Joly, Sullivan
1848 18 Sep/BRDR Laurent Bertin BRAUD Acadian Rose Julie BABIN   Braud, Dugas, Hébert, Picou
1848 23 Oct/SLR Apolinaire BOURGEOIS Acadian Asilda BABIN   none listed
1848 30 Dec/BRDR Théophile BABIN   Victorine AUBIN (widow) French Creole Aubin, Babin, Crane
1849 22 Jan/BRDR Victorin AUBIN French Creole Élizabeth BABIN (widow)   Aubin, Babin
1849 22 Jan/BRDR Auguste HÉBERT Acadian Marcelite BABIN   Babin, Blanchard, Dugas, LeBlanc, Pugh
1849 25 Jun/SLR Damis BABIN (widower) Acadian Marie STEVE French Creole? none listed
1849 8 Jul/BRDR Raymond L'ALEMAND French Creole? Eugènie BABIN Acadian Babin, L'Alemand, River
1850 18 Apr/SLR Jean Louis HÉBERT Acadian Fleurine BABIN   none listed
1850 29 Apr/BRDR Léon THERIOT Acadian Marie Félicité BABIN   Arseneaux, Babin, Blouin
1850 28 May/BRDR Léon BABIN   Elizabeth LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Babin, Landry, LeBlanc, Verret
1850 18 Jun/SLR Auguste BABIN   Félicité BONVILLAIN French Creole none listed
1850 16 Sep/BRDR Honorat Théodule RICHARD Acadian Marie Elvania BABIN   Denoux, Gaudin, Hébert, Richard, Turen
1850 28 Oct/BRDR Théodule MARCHAND French Creole Marie Domitille BABIN   Babin, Landry, Marchand
1851 13 Jan/BRDR Alexander Sosthènes BABIN   Euphemia BRAUD Acadian Babin, Lucenty, Landry
1851 20 Jan/BRDR Constant BABIN   Arthémise GAUDIN Acadian Blouin, Gaudin
1851 21 Jan/SWLR Omer BABIN   Uranie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1851 17 Feb/BRDR Landry BABIN   Adveline GRABERT French Creole? Grabert, Picou
1851 24 Feb/BRDR Étienne MELANÇON (wdr.) Acadian Adeline BABIN (widow)   Babin, Colle, Hébert, Picou
1851 24 Feb/BRDR Émile BRAUD Acadian Elise BABIN   Babin, Culles, Dugas, Hébert, Picou
1851 3 Mar/BRDR Michel Adolphe BABIN   Léocadie ST. AMANT French Creole? Babin, LeBlanc, Roth, St. Amant, Tusson
1851 3 Mar/BRDR Hyancienth GOMEZ Spanish Creole? Louise Carmelite BABIN   Babin, Mollere, Molletes, Parks
1851 16 Sep/BRDR Émile BABIN   Céleste DUGAS Acadian Babin, Braud, Dugas, Landry, Richard
1851 9 Oct/BRDR Armogène BABIN   Célestine GASSIE Foreign French Blanchard, Hébert, LeBlanc
1851 23 Dec/SLR Jean Louis HÉBERT Acadian Marie BABIN   none listed
1852 15 Jan/SLR Jean Onésime BABIN   Estelle GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1852 17 Jan/BRDR Gervais GAUTREAUX Acadian Madelaine BABIN   Babin, Bertaud/Berteau, Gautrau/Gautreau, Landry, Marchand, Melançon, Mirre
1852 23 Feb/SLR Evariste GRABERT French Creole? Marceline BABIN   none listed
1852 23 Feb/BRDR Antoine Cariolan BABIN   Gertrude Ernestine DUPUY Acadian Babin, Batin, Millet
1852 12 Apr/BRDR Trasimond HÉBERT (widr.) Acadian Nathalie BABIN   Bourg, Leray, Lejeune
1852 19 Apr/BRDR Philozaine BABIN   Arthémise LONGUÉPÉE Acadian Carnard, Lejeune, Seguin
1852 17 Jul/BRDR Esteve MELANÇON Acadian Ethelvina BABIN (widow)   Babin, Denoux, Gaudin, LeBlanc, Richard
1852 30 Aug/BRDR William Édouard ECKLES Anglo? Marie Aurore BABIN   Bourg, Labadiole
1852 2 Oct/SLR Edward ROBSON Anglo Marie Marguerite BABIN   none listed
1853 20 Jan/BRDR Baltazar BABIN   Martha BUCKNER Anglo Aucoin, Phillips
1853 31 Jan/BRDR Achille BABIN   Louisa BRAUD Acadian Blanchard, Braud, LeBlanc, Savoy
1853 1 Feb/SWLR Michel BABIN   Marie Azéma ALLEGRE French Creole? none listed
1853 19 Mar/SLR John Manderson JAMES Anglo Eugénie BABIN   none listed
1853 17 Apr/SWLR Joseph Dermancour BABIN   Marguerite ALLEGRE (widow) French Creole? none listed
1853 13 Jun/BRDR Raphaël M. BABIN   Marie Dersille DUPLESIS French Creole? Babin, Duplesis, Landry
1853 20 Jun/BRDR Valentin LE BLANC Acadian Juliene BABIN   Babin, Landry, Lavergne
1853 11 Oct/BRDR Élie Thédore BLANCHARD Acadian Emma BABIN   Daigle, Landry, LeBlanc, Lecoq, Revault, Vaughan, Woods
1854 5 Jan/SLR Eugène BABIN   Adèlle HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1854 10 Jan/BRDR L. Gustave LANDRY Acadian Luthecia BABIN   Babin, Dugas, Gaudin, Landry
1854 25 Jan/BRDR Adolphe Pierre BABIN   Carmelite Telcide HÉBERT Acadian Babin, Hébert, LeBlanc
1854 31 Jan/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Eliza BABIN   Babin, LeBlanc
1854 7 Feb/BRDR Éduard BABIN Acadian Laura Angelina HÉBERT Acadian Breaux, Hebert, Landry
1854 14 Feb/BRDR Victor BERNIER French Creole? Honorine Coralie BABIN (wid.)   Babin, Bernier, Bourgeois, Delmer, Landry, LeBlanc, Lessard,  Melancon
1854 16 Feb/SWLR Pierre BROUSSARD Acadian Célestine BABIN   none listed
1854 27 Feb/SLR Toussaint Marcellin BABIN   Marie Ernestine LANDRY Acadian none listed
1854 8 Apr/SLR François BABIN   Rosa PICOU French Creole none listed
1854 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph BABIN   Appoline GAUTHREAUX (wd.) Acadian Gaudin, Gauthreaux
1854 10 Jun/SLR Jacques BABIN   Marianne LABIT French Creole? none listed
1854 20 Jul/BRDR David FAVRE French Creole? Uthecia BABIN   Babin, Denoue, Hamilton, Landry
1854 7 Aug/SLR Jean Baptiste BABIN   Roseline LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1854 9 Oct/SLR Théophile BREAUX Acadian Marie BABIN   none listed
1855 15 Jan/BRDR Henry Courtney BERRY Anglo Myrza BABIN   Allain, Babin, Joly, Porter
1855 25 Jan/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Aurora BABIN   Babin, LeBlanc
1855 6 Feb/BRDR A. Germain BABIN Acadian M. Aimée BABIN Acadian Dugas, Dupuy, Hébert, Landry
1855 17 Feb/SLR Armand LEGENDRE Foreign French Marguerite Adela BABIN   none listed
1855 19 Mar/SLR Auguste BABIN   Emelia WALKER Anglo none listed
1855 23 Apr/SLR Joseph BUQUET French Creole? Marie Adeline BABIN   none listed
1855 4 May/BRDR Jean Charles BABIN   Marguerite Élize JOLY French Creole? Babin, Joly, Walsh
1855 4 Jul/BRDR Francis E. HÉBERT Acadian Odile BABIN   Babin, Biberon, Elam, Gamit, Grandpre, Heude, Lamare, Lefever, Pike, Power, Sheppers, Zuveaudais
1855 1 Sep/SLR Joseph Joachim GUILLOT Acadian Marguerite Ursuline BABIN   none listed
1855 27 Nov/SWLR Théodose MARKS German Creole? Brigitte BABIN   none listed
1856 7 Jan/SLR François Omer BABIN   Ursule MALBROUX (widow) French Creole none listed
1856 28 Jan/BRDR Francisco GARCIA Spanish Creole? Marie Octavie BABIN   Babin, Bougon, Gourdault, Landry
1856 29 Jan/BRDR Alexandre BABIN   Pouponne LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Daigle, Landry, LeBlanc, Rogere
1856 24 Mar/BRDR Duminy LE BLANC Acadian? [Julienne] Élizabeth BABIN (wd.)   Blouin, Braud
1856 24 Mar/BRDR Alexandre LAVERGNE French Can. Eugènie BABIN   Blouin, Braud
1856 14 Apr/BRDR Dorcini LANDRY (widower) Acadian Magdelaine BABIN (widow)   Babin, Landry, Marchand, Mire
1856 3 May/SLR Paul BABIN   Eugènie BOURGEOIS French Creole none listed
1856 23 Jun/BRDR Corantin BABIN   Elise LAVERGNE French Can. Babin, Braud
1856 23 Jun/BRDR Osémé BRAUD Acadian Elvenia BABIN   Gautreaux, Hamelton, Landry
1856 7 Jul/SLR Pierre ROBICHAUD Acadian Mélanie BABIN   none listed
1856 28 Jul/BRDR Anselme LANDRY (widower) Acadian Clothilde BABIN (widow)   Babin, Bouchereau, Braud, Decoteaux, Hamilton, Mirre, Rivet
1856 30 Jul/BRDR Trasimond HÉBERT (wdr.) Acadian Dometille BABIN (widow)   Daigle, Dupuy, Hébert
1856 20 Oct/BRDR Derozin BABIN Acadian Marie Eléonore VILLENEUVE French Creole? Babin, Bouchereau, Hébert
1857 24 Feb/SWLR Joseph É[mile]. CORMIER (widower) Acadian Léontine BABIN   none listed
1857 20 Apr/SLR Joseph Étienne AGNELLY Foreign French Emérante Marie BABIN   none listed
1857 30 Apr/BRDR François Edward AUBIN French Creole? Élizabeth BABIN   Babin, Daigre, Doiron
1857 16 May/SLR Donat BABIN   Séraphine THERIOT Acadian none listed
1857 25 Jun/SLR Octave CHAUVIN French Creole Camilla Eve BABIN Acadian none listed
1857 8 Aug/SWLR Jules N. BABIN   Agnesse Victorine ROMERO Spanish Creole none listed
1857 1 Sep/BRDR William W. OLDHAM Anglo Mary Odelia BABIN Acadian Babin, Lewis, Taylor, Young
1857 21 Dec/BRDR Joseph BABIN   Aglae GOTHEREAUX Acadian Couponnet, Guedry, Landry, LeBlanc
1858 1 Feb/BRDR S. Oscar BABIN Acadian Elvina Clarisse BABIN Acadian Babin, Blouin, Lavergne
1858 24 Apr/SLR Ovile ROBICHAUX Acadian Euphrasie BABIN   none listed
1858 24 May/BRDR Désiré GAUTRAUX Acadian Helena BABIN   Daigre, Grandin, Landry
1858 21 Jun/SLR Sosthène Aubanne DARCE French Creole? Marguerite Uzelia BABIN   none listed
1858 23 Aug/BRDR Pierre Vileor BOURGEOIS Acadian Mary Olivia BABIN   Boudreau, Bourgeois, Landry
1858 27 Aug/SLR Valfroid ROBICHAUD Acadian Émelie BABIN   none listed
1858 4 Oct/BRDR Privat N. BABIN   Émelia HÉBERT Acadian Dugas, Hebert, Landry
1858 30 Nov/SLR Amédée BABIN   Zulema FOLSE German Creole? none listed
1859 7 Mar/BRDR Marius BABIN   Eliza LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Dugas, Gaudin, Landry, LeBlanc
1859 28 Mar/SLR Cyrus HÉBERT Acadian Odillia BABIN   none listed
1859 25 Apr/SLR Achille BABIN   Luvinia MARCEL French Creole? none listed
1859 13 Jun/BRDR Joseph Landry BABIN   Melanie ARCENEAUX Acadian Babin, Blouin, Daumraux, Dessarp, Dugas, Letulle, Minvielle
1859 27 Jun/SLR Charles LEBOEUF French Creole Lise Phelanise BABIN   none listed
1859 28 Jun/BRDR Joseph Numa BABIN   Elmire Zoe BUJOL Acadian Ayraud, Landry, LeBlanc
1859 29 Aug/BRDR Pierre Felix FALGOUT French Creole Marie Doralize BABIN   Babin, Falgoust, Hebert, Letulle, Louviere, Sharazin, Webre
1859 15 Oct/SLR Étienne Euzelien BABIN   Odile BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1859 24 Oct/SLR Adolphe BADEAUX French Creole? Mary BABIN   none listed
1860 19 Jan/BRDR Simon Sifrain BABIN   Athenaise BREAUX Acadian Barbay, Braud, Landry, Roth
1860 28 Jan/BRDR Dernon BABIN   Aimée LANDRY Acadian Aubry, Babin, Braud, Gilbert, Guedry, Knoblock,  Landry, LeBlanc
1860 4 Feb/SLR Joseph BABIN   Rosema TRAHANT Acadian none listed
1860 5 Feb/SWLR Lucien HÉBERT Acadian Emma BABIN   none listed
1860 16 Feb/BRDR Alfred BABIN   Amelie LANDRY (widow) Acadian Babin, Braud, Gassie, Landry, LeBlanc
1860 18 Feb/BRDR Étienne POCHÉ French Creole Amanda BABIN   Babin, Poche
1860 24 Mar/SLR Joseph Blaise BABIN   Milie Suvillia MARCEL French Creole? none listed
1860 10 Apr/SLR Joseph Armogène BABIN   Marie DUPRÉ French Creole? none listed
1860 16 Apr/BRDR Alexandre BABIN   Evelina LANDRY Acadian Babin, Gaudin, Gautreaux, Mirre
1860 17 Apr/BRDR John R. T. HAYNES Anglo Malvina BABIN   Allain, Babin, Cowen, Darmond, Haynes
1860 17 Sep/SLR Laurince BABIN   Matilda WILTON Anglo none listed
1860 29 Oct/BRDR Joseph VILLENEUVE Spanish Creole? Aspasie BABIN   Babin, Braud
1860 10 Nov/SLR Adams BABIN   Lise SAVOIE Acadian none listed
1860 17 Dec/SLR Onézime Lloyd BABIN   Elvire CROCHET Acadian none listed
1860 17 Dec/SLR Nazureau BONVILAIN French Creole Zulma BABIN   none listed
1860 18 Dec/SWLR Emile BABIN   Letitita CASTILLE (widow) Spanish Creole none listed
1860 22 Dec/SLR Pierre BREAUX Acadian Azelia BABIN   none listed
1861 3 Jan/BRDR Derosin BABIN   Ema LEJEUNE Acadian Aillet, Allain, Babin, LeBlanc
1861 3 Jan/SWLR Thégène BABIN   Mathilde DECUIR French Creole none listed
1861 5 Jan/SLR Pierre BREAUX Acadian Azélia BABIN   none listed
1861 8 Jan/BRDR Théodore Jean B. BABIN   Clarisse LANDRY Acadian Babin, Bujol, Dugas
1861 24 Jan/BRDR Paulin BABIN   Élodie ALEXANDRIE French Creole? Allain, Babin, LeBlanc
1861 28 Jan/BRDR Ozémé BABIN   Oside LANDRY Acadian Babin, Dugas, LeBlanc
1861 29 Jan/SWLR Jule Hermogène BROUSSARD Acadian Anaïs BABIN   none listed
1861 11 Feb/SLR Marcel/Marcelin BRAUX Acadian Marcelite Mathilde BABIN   none listed
1861 2 Jul/BRDR A. Silvère LANDRY Acadian Marie Lise BABIN   Babin, Gaudin, Landry
1861 8 Jul/BRDR Adolphe BLOUIN French Creole? Adélaïde BABIN   Babin, Hébert, LeBlanc
1861 13 Aug/BRDR Adrien SIMONAUD French Creole Elise BABIN   Babin, Landry, Simoneau
1861 18 Sep/BRDR Bienvenu SIMONEAU French Creole Aurore BABIN (widow)   Babin, Simoneau, Tussacke
1861 26 Sep/BRDR Clairville LANDRY Acadian Laurenza BABIN   Babin, LeBlanc
1861 18 Nov/SWLR Joseph ROMERO Spanish Creole Victoria BABIN   none listed

Analysis of BABIN marriages, 1767-1861:

Total marriages listed:            453                100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         329                  72.6
Exogamous marriages:           124                  27.4



[running tally]

BABINEAUX (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 9 Jan/C-V Joseph COMMEAUX Acadian Marie BABINEAUX   none listed
1783 18 Feb/SWLR Dominique BABINEAU   Marguerite-Blandine/Claudine THIBAUDAU Acadian Babin, Bourque, Declouet, Ducrest, Patin, Thibodeaux, Wisse
1787 1 Sep/SWLR Pierre POIRIER Acadian Scholastique BABINEAUX   Landry, Moton
1788 24 May/SWLR Théodore BABINEAUX   Julie DUGA Acadian Babinaux, Dugat, Gillebaux
1800 1 Jul/SWLR David BABINEAUX   Ozite MELANÇON Acadian Babinaud, Bara, Boutte, Guillebaut, LeBlanc, Melancon
1807 7 Sep/SWLR Charles BABINEAUX   Marguerite MELANÇON Acadian Babineau, Dronet, Jacquet
1809 7 Jan/SWLR Joseph BABINEAUX   Céleste COMMEAU Acadian Babineau, Bernard, David, Mouton
1809 7 Feb/SWLR Augustin BENOIT Acadian Marie BABINEAUX   Abat, Jacquet, Marc
1809 23 Aug/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD Acadian Victoire BABINEAUX   Abat, Bernard, Broussard, Jaquet, Marc
1813 27 Apr/SWLR Julien BABINEAUX   Marie Christine PREJEAN Acadian Babineaux, Bird, Chemin
1814 19 Jul/SWLR Louis André RICHARD Acadian Julie BABINEAUX   Abel, Babineau, Chemin, Cormier, Marc
1814 19 Jul/SWLR Frédéric MATHIAS German Creole? Marguerite BABINEAUX   Babineau, Abel, Chemin, Cormier, Marc
1815 8 Aug/SWLR Augustin BENOIT (widower?) Acadian Anastasie BABINEAUX   Amy, Boissier, Chemin, Cormier
1816 31 Dec/SWLR David BABINEAUX   Marie Aloyse PREJEAN Acadian Babinaud, Benoit, Bourk, Comau, Hergeroeder, LeBlanc, Nice, Prejean
1818 18 May/SWLR Pierre CORMIER, fil Acadian Céleste BABINEAUX   Babinaud, Boissier, Broussard, Dugast, Forcheron, Regnier
1820 4 Apr/SWLR Arvillien LE BLANC Acadian Julienne BABINEAUX   Babinaud, Broussard, Etie St. Julien, LeBlanc, Mignon
1821 1 May/SWLR Alexandre BABINEAUX   [Marie] Cléomie DUGAS Acadian Armstrong, Fennesy
1822 12 Feb/SWLR Louis RICHARD Acadian Adélaïde BABINEAUX   Braux, Richard
1822 14 Oct/SWLR Silvestre BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Aspasie BABINEAUX   Babinaud, Huval, Lassalle, Potier
1822 11 Nov/SWLR Joseph David BABINEAUX   Rosalie SEGURA Spanish Creole Blandin, Gondran, Segura
1822 26 Dec/SWLR Hypolite BRAUX Acadian Julie BABINEAUX   none listed
1825 31 May/SWLR Jean BABINEAUX   Hortance PERRY Anglo Babineaux/Babinot, Bernard, Brashear, Richard, Rouly
1825 20 Jun/SWLR Louis Valière BABINEAUX   Marguerite A. THERIOT Acadian Guilbeaud, Guidry, Hollier, Potier, Theriot
1826 18 Jul/SWLR Séverin HÉBERT Acadian Marcelite BABINEAUX   Benoit, Fisette
1828 11 Feb/SWLR Nicolas CORMIER Acadian Ozitte Delphine BABINEAUX   Babino, Cormier, Guilbeau
1828 6 Oct/SWLR E[d]mond BENOIT Acadian [Marie] Eugénie BABINEAUX   Babinot, Broussard, Richard
1828 28 Oct/SWLR Joseph BABINEAUX   Marie Silvanie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Cormier, Lacoste, LeBlanc, Potier, Thibodeaux
1830 7 Jun/SWLR Jean Baptiste BABINEAUX   Eugénie GUILBEAUX Acadian Babinaud, Cormier, Potier, Richard
1831 23 Apr/SWLR Louis PERRET French Creole? Eurasie BABINEAUX   none listed
1831 27 Jun/SWLR Gérard BABINEAUX   Eugènie BOURQUE Acadian none listed
1833 7 Feb/SWLR Joseph BABINEAUX (widower)   Marie Uranie BREAUD Acadian none listed
1833 22 Apr/SWLR Godefroy GUILBEAU Acadian Aimée BABINEAUX   none listed
1835 9 Feb/SWLR Charles BABINEAUX   Céleste RICHARD Acadian none listed
1835 9 Feb/SWLR Charles THERIOT Acadian Marie Arthémise BABINEAUX   none listed
1836 23 May/SWLR Elisha GREEN Anglo Anastasie BABINEAUX   none listed
1836 2 Aug/SWLR Jean VASSEUR French Creole? Marguerite BABINEAUX   none listed
1836 10 Oct/SWLR Onésime BABINEAUX   Julienne BENOIT Acadian none listed
1836 23 Nov/SWLR Joseph BABINEAUX (widower)   Marie MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1840 4 May/SWLR Joseph BENOIT, fils Acadian Marie BABINEAUX   none listed
1840 31 Aug/SWLR Lucien CORMIER Acadian Célestine BABINEAUX   none listed
1841 29 Nov/SWLR Ursin BABINEAUX   Mélasie CORMIER Acadian none listed
1842 17 Oct/SWLR Benoît Baron BAYARD Foreign French Joséphine BABINEAUX   none listed
1843 14 Feb/SWLR Don Louis BABINEAUX   Carmelite Olivier BLANCHET French Creole? none listed
1843 22 May/SWLR François Jules MOUTON Acadian Azélie BABINEAUX   none listed
1843 3 Jul/SWLR Julien CARUTHERS Anglo Eliza BABINEAUX   none listed
1844 13 Apr/SWLR Julien BENOIT Acadian Marie Zéolide BABINEAUX   none listed
1844 29 Apr/SWLR Placide BOUDREAU Acadian Marie Rose BABINEAUX   none listed
1844 2 May/SWLR Edmond BABINEAUX   Uranie GUILBEAU Acadian none listed
1846 29 Jul/SWLR Eiska GARY Spanish Creole? Anastasie BABINEAUX   none listed
1846 29 Jul/SWLR Joseph BENOIT Acadian Marie BABINEAUX   none listed
1847 5 May/SWLR Agricole BENOIT Acadian Julie BABINEAUX   none listed
1848 24 Apr/SWLR Dolein MELANÇON Acadian Athenais BABINEAUX   none listed
1848 18 Jul/SWLR Joseph Dupré PREJEAN Acadian Émelie BABINEAUX   none listed
1850 21 Jan/SWLR Désiré BABINEAUX   Uranie CORMIER Acadian none listed
1850 26 Aug/SWLR Alexandre VIAND French Creole? Ladoiska BABINEAUX   none listed
1850 28 Aug/SWLR Ozémé CORMIER Acadian Anasthasie BABINEAUX   none listed
1851 20 Feb/SWLR Sosthène CARUTHERS Anglo Marie BABINEAUX   none listed
1851 4 Aug/SWLR George STELLY German Creole Marie Joséphine BABINEAUX   none listed
1851 2 Sep/SWLR Louis Bélisaire BABINEAUX   Marie Cléonide VALLOT French Creole? none listed
1851 10 Dec/SWLR Onésime BABINEAUX   Émelie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1852 29 Mar/SWLR Joseph Dupré PREJEANT (wdr.?) Acadian Céleste Essida BABINEAUX   none listed
1853 25 Apr/SWLR Alfred CORMIER Acadian Florantine BABINEAUX   none listed
1854 10 Jan/SWLR Don Louis BABINEAUX   Méranthe [QUEBEDEAUX] French Can. none listed
1854 11 Jan/SWLR Simon BREAUX (widower) Acadian Zulima BABINEAUX   none listed
1854 28 Feb/SWLR Michel BENOIT Acadian Marie Cléonise BABINEAUX   none listed
1854 19 Apr/SWLR Joseph Aladin MELANÇON Acadian Julie BABINEAUX   none listed
1854 16 May/SWLR Alfred FORESTIER French Creole? Azèlle BABINEAUX   none listed
1855 18 Sep/SWLR Emilien BABINEAU   Elisa LANDRY Acadian none listed
1855 1 Oct/SWLR Joseph Amédée BABINEAU   Felnire TOUPS German Creole none listed
1856 16 Dec/SWLR Bélizaire BABINEAU   Marcelite C. TRAHAN (wid.) Acadian none listed
1857 6 Jul/SWLR Napoléon BREAUX Acadian Aspasie BABINEAU   none listed
1857 3 Dec/SWLR Charles BABINEAU   Elisa THERIOT Acadian none listed
1858 3 May/SWLR Joseph Théodore BABINEAU   Joséphine DUBOIS Acadian none listed
1859 10 Feb/SWLR Félix DAUTREUIL French Creole Ludoiska BABINEAU   none listed
1860 23 Jan/SWLR Louis Sevigne DORÉ French Creole? Pauline BABINEAU   none listed
1860 30 Apr/SWLR Paul Oscar BREAUX Acadian Émelie BABINEAU   none listed
1860 30 Apr/SWLR Constant LEGER Acadian Estelle BABINEAU   none listed
1860 1 May/SWLR Jean BABINEAU   Philomène BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1860 7 May/SWLR Dazincour BABINEAU   Louise Célestine LATIOLAIS French Creole none listed
1860 3 Jul/SWLR Arveine BABINEAU   Idalie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1860 16 Oct/SWLR Philomen FORESTIER French Creole? Marie Marguerite BABINEAU   none listed

Analysis of BABINEAUX marriages, 1768-1860:

Total marriages listed:                81         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:             60           74.1
Exogamous marriages:               21           25.9



[running tally]

BARRILLEAUX (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1792 20 Feb/BRDR Blas BOUDRO Acadian Pérrina BARRILO   Boudraux, Deshormaux
1797 8 May/BRDR Francisco BARIOT   Maria GAUTRAUX Acadian Daigle, Gautraux, Héber
1797 17 Oct/BRDR Josef AUCOIN Acadian Eufrosina BARIOT (widow)   Aucoin, Daigle, Dupuis
1806 14 Apr/BRDR Jacque BARIOT   Elizabeth LANDRY Acadian Barriau, Landry, Ozelet
1814 26 Nov/BRDR Francisco BARIOT   Florencia AUCOIN (widow) Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard
1815 14 Aug/BRDR Juan Maria BARIOT   Magdalena LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Landry
1816 27 May/BRDR Ambrosio B. TERIOT Acadian Maria Modesta BARIOT   Daigle, Chaidotal, Tureyra
1816 1 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista BARIOT   Francisca LANDRY Acadian Bariot, Cancien, Landry
1817 24 Nov/BRDR Pierre BARIAU   Marie [Marcelite] FORET Acadian Breau, Durochet, Gautreaux
1820 3 Jul/BRDR Evariste BARILLEAUX   Marguerite Melanie HÉBERT Acadian Theriau, Tureira
1825 26 Dec/BRDR Joseph BARRIAU   Phelonise Adele TERIAU Acadian Barriau, Bourque
1826 30 Jan/BRDR Ursin BARRILLEAUX   Cléonise POTIER Acadian Barriau, Terriau
1827 22 Oct/BRDR Hypolite BOURQUE (wdr.) Acadian Émelie BARILLEAUX   Barillot, Bonmenti, Bourque
1828 7 Jan/BRDR François BARILLEAUX   Rosalie HÉBERT Acadian Aucoin, Barillau, Bourg
1830 4 Jan/BRDR Victor Béloni LANDRY Acadian Émelie BARRILLEAU   Landry, Simoneau
1832 3 Aug/BRDR Edouard A. CALHOUN Anglo Élise BARRILLEAU   Calahaen, Jumonville
1833 11 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUILLOT Acadian Marie Adelina BARRILLEAU   LeBlanc
1834 20 Jan/BRDR Damas GIROIRE Acadian Carmelite BARRILLEAU   Giroire, Guillot, Landry
1834 24 Nov/BRDR Hermogène BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie BARRILLEAU   none listed
1835 28 Dec/BRDR Zenon BERGERON Acadian Azélie BARILLEAU   Barilleau, Bergeron
1839 21 Jan/BRDR Evariste FORET (widower) Acadian Cléonise BARILLEAU   Barilleau, Templer
1839 20 May/BRDR Sulia BLANCHARD (wdr.) Acadian Élise BARRILLEAU (widow)   Arseneaux, Barilleau, Blanchard, Tardif
1840 23 Nov/BRDR Armogene DUPUIS Acadian? Iréné BARILLEAU   Bariot, Dupuis, Sedotal
1841 27 Nov/BRDR Joseph Felix COLBUT Foreign French Marie BARILLEAU   Barilleaud, Munnot, Pedeaux
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Louis BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie Carmelite BARILLEAU   Arseneaux, Blanchard, Delaune
1843 24 Apr/BRDR Paulin BARILLEAU   Pauline FRYOU French Creole Barilleaux, Friou, Monte
1843 12 Jun/BRDR August BLANCHARD Acadian Batilde BARILLEAU   Barilleaux, Blanchard
1844 29 Apr/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN Acadian Leonore BARILLEAU   Barilleaux, Hebert, Marisot
1845 19 May/SLR Jean Baptiste GROS French Creole Hirene BARILLAUX   none listed
1846 25 May/BRDR Valentin BARILLEAU   Marcellite THIBODEAUX Acadian Hebert, Landry, Sausse
1846 13 Jul/BRDR Pierre CHEVRIER Foreign French Azema BARILLEAU   Aucoin, Barilleaux, Landry, Lesne
1847 10 May/BRDR Adolphe VIGREAUX Foreign French Eugènie BARILLEAU   Dacelim, Landry, Larousse, Tivolliez
1847 25 Oct/SLR Neuville BARILLAUX   Marie Melanie GAUTRAUX Acadian none listed
1848 10 May/SLR Magloire BARILLAUX   Clothilde A. LAGRANGE French Creole none listed
1848 15 May/SLR Charles E. BOUDRAUX Acadian Virginie BARILLAUX   none listed
1848 24 May/BRDR Jean MARTIN French Creole? Mélanie BARRILLOUX   Babin, Dugas, LeBlanc, Melançon
1851 14 Jul/SLR Alexandre BARILLAUX   Domitilde MARS French Creole? none listed
1852 22 Nov/BRDR Adolph LAJAUNIS French Creole? Aurelia C. BARILLAUX   Adolphe, Folse
1852 22 Nov/BRDR Desire TRUXILLO Spanish Creole? Armelise BARILLAUX   Barilleaux, Fothier
1853 25 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste BARRIOS [BARRIOT]   Delphine GAUTREAU Acadian none listed
1855 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Eveline BARRILLEAU   Barrilleaux
1855 4 Dec/BRDR C. A. BARRILLEAU   Stephanie Manette BOURG Acadian Ardigi, Besse, Bourg, Colbas, Comeu, Dejailos,  Foley, Fouques, Gentile, Lawes, LeBlanc, Marion, Maurin, Ruship, Schmidt, Tete
1856 2 Feb/SLR Ferdinand BARILLAUX   Justine LEPINE French Creole? none listed
1856 19 Feb/SLR Bernard MARTIN Foreign French Antoinette BARILLAUX   none listed
1856 19 Apr/BRDR Adrien BARRILLEAU   Elodie BOUDREAUX Acadian Bertrand, Gautreaux, Mire
1856 14 Jul/BRDR Clairville DOIRON Acadian Aurelie BARRILLEAU   Aucoin, Boudreaux, Pothier, Stansbury
1856 12 Nov/BRDR Francisco TRUXILLO Spanish Creole? Armelise BARRILLEAU (wid.)   Pifferi, Stuguevieille
1857 12 Jan/SLR Isidor BARILLAUX   Marie Armelite ROBICHAUX Acadian none listed
1857 21 Feb/BRDR Ursin BARRILLEAU   Marcellite GAUTREAUX Acadian Barilliaux, Gagnoux, Guillot
1857 21 Feb/BRDR Élie GAUTREAUX Acadian Virginie BARRILLEAU   Boudreaux, Gauchy, Gautreaux, Hebert
1859 2 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste DOIRON Acadian Marie BARILLEAUX   Barrilleaux, Gautreaux, Landry, Thibodeaux
1859 6 Aug/BRDR Eugène BARILLEAUX   Augustine ARSENEAUX Acadian Barrillau, Foret, Gautreaux, Landry
1860 17 Apr/BRDR Drosin HÉBERT Acadian Azema BARILLEAUX   Barriau, Blanchard, Landry
1861 19 Jan/BRDR Émile HÉBERT Acadian Rosalie BARILLEAUX   Barrileaux, Heluin, Leriche
1861 25 Jan/SLR Mathurin AUCOIN Acadian Eugènie BARILLEAUX   none listed
1861 17 Jun/SLR Onézime/Ozémé LE BLANC Acadian Rose BARILLEAUX   none listed
1861 7 Dec/SLR Hubert LE BLANC Acadian Philomene/Philemone BARRILLEAUX/BANELLEAU   none listed

Analysis of BARRILLEAUX marriages, 1792-1861:

Total marriages listed:              57           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           43             75.4
Exogamous marriages:             14             24.6



[running tally]

BARTHÉLEMY (Acadians only)

No marriages found


No marriages found

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