Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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BIJEAUX/BUJOLE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
c1768/C-V/NO Étienne BUJOLS   Margueritte FORREST Acadian none listed
1770 1 Aug/BRDR Joseph CONSTANT French Margueritte BUJOL   Maurel, Stournelle, ___
1773 15 Feb/BRDR Paul PREVOST French [Félicité-]Perpétué BUJOL   Judice
1774 7 Feb/BRDR Augustin BIJEAU (BUJOL)   Gertrude LANDRY Acadian Bellile, Constant
1776 22 Apr/BRDR Pierre BIJEAU   Osite LANDRY Acadian Grangé, Landry
1779 25 Nov/BRDR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Anna BIJEAU   LeBlanc, Lincour
1780 8 Feb/BRDR Juan VIVES Spanish Margarita BIJEAUD (widow)   LeBlanc, Maxent
1781 28 May/BRDR Firmin BLANCHARD Acadian Maria Magdalena BIJEAUD   Bijeaud, Blanchard, Landry
1784 15 Feb/BRDR Augusto VERRET French Creole Maria Magdalena BIJEAUD (BUJOL)   Bijeaud, Landry, Verret
1785 18 Dec/NOAR Juan Luis BUQUOY French Félicité-Perpétué BIJOT (wd.)   Llorca, Martinez
1786 6 Feb/BRDR Jean BIGOST   Maria BOURGE Acadian none listed
1786 6 Feb/BRDR Pedro BOURQUE Acadian Maria BIGOU (BUJOL)   Bourque
1796 15 May/BRDR Josef BUJOL   Maneta PICOU French Creole Babin, Landry
1801 8 Jan/SWLR Augustin BIJEAU (widower)   Félicité SENETIERE French Creole Chemin, LeNormand, Ringuet, Tenholt
1807 25 May/SWLR Auguste BIJOT   Marie Marthe CASTILLE Spanish Creole Abatte, Quale/Quarles, Riviere
1811 22 Apr/BRDR Joseph Silvester BUJOL   Marie Francoise LEVEQUE French Creole Comes, Landry, Martin
1814 25 Aug/SWLR Ursin BIJOT   Magdelaine RICHARD (widow) Acadian Estilette, Landry, Mouton, Patin, Richard, Thibaudeau
1816 30 Nov/BRDR Rosémond LE BLANC Acadian Clotilde BUJOL   Braud
1817 6 Jan/BRDR Simon BUJOL   Magdelaine BABIN Acadian Landry
1817 13 Jan/BRDR Augustin LE BLANC Acadian Constance BUJOL   Blanchard, Comes
1818 30 Mar/BRDR Jean BUJOL (widow)   Marie Eugènie LAMBREMONT French Creole Blount, Lambremont, LeBlanc
1825 25 May/BRDR Narcisse BUJOL   Adeline ORILLON Acadian Cropper, Dupuy, Orillon
1826 12 Sep/SWLR Orelien BIJOT   Marie COLLINS Anglo Ducrest, Fabre, LeBlanc, Potier
1835 4 May/SWLR Edmond Valsin PATIN French Creole Azema BIJOT   none listed
1836 19 Apr/SWLR Ursin BIJEAU   Laure PATIN French Creole none listed
1838 12 Feb/BRDR Édouard BUJOL   Marie Ethelvina BLANCHARD Acadian Babin, Bujol, Landry
1839 27 Jun/BRDR Amédée BUJOL   Adéle LANDRY Acadian Bujol, Poursine
1841 4 Oct/BRDR Jacques BUJOL   Elmire Lise GAUDIN Acadian Ayraud, Babin, Boudreaux, Bujol, Dugas, Hébert, Leblanc, Picou
1841 4 Nov/SWLR Cyrille BIJEAU   Aspasie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1842 10 May/BRDR James YOUNGBLOOD Anglo Marie Céleste BUJOL   Bujol, Cottman, Duffel, Landry, Pedesclaux, Poursine, Randall, Richard
1846 9 Jan/BRDR Étienne BUJOL   Marie Caroline MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Berlier, Martinez, Terrel
1846 20 Jan/BRDR Francois Joseph BUJOL   Irma LANDRY Acadian Bujol, Landry, Leveque, Molaison, Schlatte
1849 4 Sep/BRDR Ulger DEVILLIERS French Creole Emma BUJOL   Bujol, Devillier, Lauve, Lavy, Marchand, Marionneaux
1850 29 Jan/BRDR Alexandre Henri Michel René FOURRIER Foreign French Marie Angeline BUJOL   Henri, Landry, Leveque, René
1850 15 May/BRDR Edmond BUJOL   Eléonise E. MELANÇON Acadian Dtts., Dugas, Gaudin, Landry
1850 16 Dec/BRDR Louis DESAUNAY [DELAUNE] Acadian Malvina BUJOL   Danos, Frunt, Housivel, McDaniel
1853 5 Sep/BRDR Philippe ROTH Jewish? German? Malvina BUJOL (widow)   Barbay, Hébert, Lacroix, Landry, O'Brien
1854 11 May/SWLR Alfred MELANÇON Acadian Mathilde BIJEAU   none listed
1855 30 Jan/SWLR Salomon C. BERTRAND French Creole Hélène BIJEAU   none listed
1857 29 Apr/SWLR Achille BIJEAU   Célestine WILTZ German Creole none listed
1857 21 Oct/BRDR Joseph Édouard BUJOL   Hermina BRUGERE French Creole? Babin, Blanchard, Brugere, Bujol, Comes, Dufren, Robert
1858 28 Jul/SWLR Richard Henri JONES Welsh? Aurelia BIJEAU   none listed
1859 28 Jun/BRDR Joseph Numa BABIN Acadian Elmire BUJOL   Ayraud, Landry, LeBlanc
1860 22 Jul/BRDR Pierre Valmont RIVET Acadian Ophelia BUJOL   Dupuy, Lang, Levert, Rivet, Romouin

Analysis of BIJEAUX/BUJOLE marriages, c1768-1860:

Total marriages listed:            44            100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          22             50.0
Exogamous marriages:            22             50.0



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No marriages found

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BLANCHARD (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 11 Apr/C-V Simon BROUSSARD Acadian Margueritte BLANCHARD   none listed
1772 23 Nov/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD   Marie DUPUI[S] Acadian Boudro, Melançon
1775 13 Feb/BRDR Victor BLANCHARD   Anne-Perpétué DUHAM (DUHON) Acadian LeBlanc, Trahan
1778 9 Feb/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD   Marguerite BREAU Acadian Breau, Myre, Part
1779 10 Jan/SWLR Jean-Baptiste CORMIER, fils (wdr.) Acadian Anne BLANCHARD   Cormié, DeClouet, Grangé, Préjean, Richard
1781 28 May/BRDR Firmin BLANCHARD   Maria Magdalena BIJEAUD Acadian Bijeaud, Blanchard, Landry
1783 20 Apr/BRDR Joseph MOLLERE French Creole Osita Barbara BLANCHARD   Judice, Landry, LeBlanc
1786 5 Jan/NOAR Santiago [Jacques] BLANCHARD   [Aimée-]Modesta BURQUE Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1786 19 Feb/BRDR Juan Carlos GOTRO Acadian Francisca[-Hélène] BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Giroir/Guroir
1786 20 Feb/BRDR Carlos FORET Acadian Magdalena BLANCHARD   Jean-Baptiste ___
1786 3 Jul/BRDR Laurent BLANCHARD   Anne[-Simone] HÉBERT Acadian Dugas, Terrio
1786 3 Jul/BRDR Maturin TRAHANT Acadian Marie[-Madeleine] BLANCHARD   Garidel, Terrio
1787 11 Feb/BRDR Jérôme BLANCHARD   Mariana CLOATRE (CLOUÂTRE) Acadian none listed
1787 22 Oct/BRDR Suliac BLANCHARD   Marie[-Gertrude] HÉBERT Acadian Garidel
1788 22 Apr/BRDR Antonio BLANCHARD   Maria Josefa HÉBERT Acadian Fonteno, Landry
1788 18 Aug/BRDR Juan Baptista LANDRY Acadian Anna Margarita BLANCHARD   Bromo, Landry
1788 23 Oct/BRDR Juan LANDRY Acadian Maria Josefa BLANCHARD   Landry, Terio
1790 25 Jul/BRDR Pedro[-J.] BLANCHARD   Margarite[-Geneviève] AUCOIN Acadian Blanchar, Fedrig
1790 7 Aug/SWLR André MONDON French Imm. Magdeleine BLANCHARD   Doucet, Goyo, Richard
1791 8 Nov/BRDR Jose BURG (BOURG) Acadian Félicitas BLANCHAR   Blanchar, Bro, Bursua
1792 28 Feb/BRDR Carlos[P.-M.] BLANCHARD   Juana[-Eléonore] GIROIRD Acadian Blanchard, Giroird, Guillot
1792 24 Apr/BRDR Pedro BLANCHAR   Isabel MOUTON Acadian Blanchar, Fedriq
1792 21 May/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Martha BLANCHARD (wid.)   LeBlanc
1792 31 May/BRDR Esteban COMAU Acadian Margarita BLANCHARD   Braset, Garivel, LeBlanc
1792 5 Jun/BRDR Renato ARNAU French Imm. Anatalia BLANCHAR   Blanchar, Bursua, Serret
1793 28 Jan/BRDR David [Élie] BLANCHARD Acadian [Eudoxe-]Maria BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard
1793 10 Feb/BRDR Juan Bautista BOURQUE Acadian Francoise BLANCHARD (wd.)   Bourque, Goutro
1793 5 Aug/BRDR Richard-Pedro [Pierre-Isidore] BLANCHARD   Maria Sophia LE BLANC Acadian Babin/Babint, LeBlanc
1793 20 Aug/BRDR Joaquin BLANCHARD   Maria Magdalena TEMPLET Acadian Broussard, Landry
1793 28 Oct/BRDR Luis RICHARD Acadian Anastasia BLANCHARD   Cassegniol, Melanson, Sone
1795 19 Jan/BRDR Armand LANDRY Acadian Maria[-Madeleine] BLANCHARD   Cazebon, Daspit, Landry
1795 26 Apr/BRDR Luis BERNARD Acadian Rosalia BLANCHARD   Arcenaux, Bernard, LeBlanc
1796 7 Nov/BRDR Victor BLANCHARD   [Marie-]Magdalena RICHAR Acadian Anry [Henry?], Babin
1797 28 Aug/BRDR Juan Bautista BRAUX Acadian Henriqueta BLANCHARD   Arcenaux, Braux, LeBlanc
1798 30 Jan/BRDR Carlos THIBODEAUX Acadian Célestina BLANCHARD   Braux, Landry, Thibodeaux
1798 23 Apr/BRDR Pedro [J.-B.] BOURQUE Acadian Ana BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Hébert
1798 22 May/BRDR Bélonio[-Jacques] BLANCHARD   Margarita[-Aimée] TRAHAN Acadian Hébert, Verret
1798 12 Nov/BRDR Joseph COMMAU (wdr.) Acadian Maria[-M.] BLANCHARD (wid.)   Blanchard
1799 4 Feb/BRDR Alexo-Simon COMMEAU Acadian Margarita[-Anne] BERTRAND   Blanchard, Hébert
1800 17 Feb/BRDR Frédérico BLANCHARD   Anna BERTEAU French Creole Blanchard, Bourgeois, Rousselle
1800 25 Aug/BRDR Mauricio BLANCHARD   Maria Magdalena FONTENAUX French Creole Blanchard, Fontenaux, Mouton
1800 16 Sep/BRDR Pablo[-Ambroise] PITRE Acadian Céleste BLANCHARD   Dugat, Hébert
1802 12 Jan/BRDR Juan-Bautiste BLANCHARD   Maria Modesta AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Richard
1802 1 Feb//BRDR Carlos BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Maria Anastasia AUCOIN Acadian Blanchard, Monte
1803 4 Jan/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD   Angelica PICONE (PICOU) French Creole Chinette, Picone
1803 8 Jan/BRDR Joseph CAHIER French Creole Modesta BLANCHARD   Bourgeois, Landry, Simon
1803 28 Jun/BRDR Josef MOYSES Acadian Ana[-Marguerite] BLANCHARD   Boudraux, Hébert
1803 1 Oct/BRDR Paul LE BLANC Acadian Marie-Constance BLANCHARD   Bijol, Blanchard, Lessard
1804 19 Mar/BRDR Joseph MOLLERE, fils French Creole Henrietta BLANCHARD   Henry, Roth
1804 28 Aug/BRDR André Pierre [Pierre Charles] BLANCHARD   Julie DUPUIS Acadian Dilhae, Dupuis
1806 4 Feb/BRDR Carlos LEBLAN Acadian [Marie] Modesta BLANCHARD   Clément, LeBlanc
1806 10 Feb/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD   Marie Francoise BERNARD Acadian Brau, Dicharry, Tureaud
1807 3 Feb/BRDR Pierre MICHEL Acadian Marguerite BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Mercier, Michel
1807 19 Feb/BRDR Narcisse LANDRY Acadian Henrietta BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Landry
1808 21 Jul/BRDR Pierre LACROIX French Creole Marie Carmelite BLANCHARD   Blanchard, LaCroix, Roth
1809 6 Nov/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD   Judith LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, LeBlanc
1810 5 Feb/BRDR Barthélemi LE BLANC Acadian Constance BLANCHARD (wid.)   Comes, Landry, LeBlanc
1810 28 May/BRDR Alexandro ARSENAUX Acadian Maria Amada BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Hébert
1810 14 May/SWLR Joseph SAVOIE Acadian Henriette BLANCHARD (wid.)   Brau/Braux, Jacquet, Mouton
1810 7 Aug/BRDR Magloire LE BLANC Acadian Maria Modeste BLANCHARD   LeJeune, Terriault
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Jérôme BLANCHARD, fils   Marcellite ORILLION Acadian Babin, Orillon, Roth
1812 2 Jan/BRDR Bautista DAIGLE Acadian Rosalia BLANCHARD   Daigle, Gautraux
1812 4 May/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD   Marguerite DUPUIS Acadian Dupuy, Landry
1812 4 May/BRDR Charles DUPUIS Acadian Marie Marcelitte BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Dupuis/Dupuy
1812 10 Aug/BRDR Juan LANDRY Acadian Enrrietta BLANCHARD   Blanchard
1812 24 Nov/BRDR Luis BLANCHARD   Coleta LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Simonaux, Tureyra
1813 28 Jan/BRDR Josef RICHARD Acadian Maria BLANCHARD   Daigle, Leblan
1813 2 Mar/BRDR Zéferino BLANCHARD   Eliza LEBERT Acadian LeBlan, Thibdeau
1813 31 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista BLANCHARD (widower)   Maria Adélaïdes BOUDREAUX (widow) Acadian Aucoin, Dugat, Landry
1814 14 Feb/BRDR Estevan BLANCHARD   Marina LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Landry, Tureyra
1815 17 Oct/BRDR Pedro BLANCHARD   Élizabeth COURTIN French Creole Terrioult, Tibodeau
1815 13 Dec/BRDR Marens [Marin] BLANCHARD   Sofia TERRIOULT Acadian Blanchard, Terrioult
1816 20 Feb/BRDR Juan Carlos BLANCHARD   [Anne] Deseada CANCIENY Italian Creole Cancien, Torreyra
1817 6 Feb/BRDR Bernard ALLAIN Acadian Appolonie BLANCHARD   Babin, Blanchard, Landry
1817 8 May/BRDR Florentin TEMPLET Acadian Clarisse BLANCHARD   Amate, Boerau, Guillot
1817 31 Dec/BRDR Pierre Isidore BLANCHARD (widower)   [Marie] Clothilde LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, Hatkinson, LeBlanc
1818 19 Jan/BRDR Jean Charles BLANCHARD Acadian Rosalie BLANCHARD Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard, Landry
1818 26 Jul/BRDR Firmain BLANCHARD   Anne GUILLOT Acadian Blanchard, Hébert, Jenings
1818 31 Aug/BRDR Auguste BLANCHARD   Florence AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Sauntez, Turreyra
1819 13 Feb/BRDR Pierre Charles BLANCHARD (widower)   Carmelite E. PELLETIER French Creole Aucoin, Bourque, Perreyra
1819 13 Apr/BRDR Dufroi (Lufroi) AUCOIN Acadian Enrietta BLANCHARD   Arsenau, Bourg, Delavant
1819 4 May/BRDR Édouard BLANCHARD   Caroline DUPUY Acadian Orillon, Roth
1820 4 Apr/SWLR Narcisse GUIDRY Acadian Emerente BLANCHARD   Braud, Melançon, Richard
1820 8 May/BRDR Élie BLANCHARD   Émilie MONTE French Creole Giroir, Landry
1820 17 Jul/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Marie Delphine LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Richard
1821 15 Jan/BRDR Éloi BLANCHARD   Marie Louise LE BLANC Acadian Hébert, LeBlanc, Richard
1821 5 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste COLONNA Corsican Marie BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Landry
1821 13 Feb/BRDR Santiago [Jacques] BLANCHARD   Maria Paulina DUPLESIS (wd.) French Bernard Dumontier, Swindler
1821 21 Feb/BRDR Antoine FORESTIER Foreign French Anne Marguerite BLANCHARD   Blanchard, de L'aune
1821 28 May/BRDR Florentin BLANCHARD   Marie Émelie ARSENEAU Acadian Moyse, Pitre, Theriau
1821 30 Dec/BRDR Ambroise BLANCHARD   Marie HEIGHT French Creole? Hébert, Templet
1822 30 Sep/BRDR Pierre ESCUREIX Foreign French? Marie Fideline BLANCHARD   Landry, Tibaudeau
1823 27 Jan/BRDR Amand BLANCHARD   Françoise THERIOT Acadian Blanchard, LeBlanc, Tibaudot
1823 9 Jun/BRDR William NEWELL Anglo Adeline BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Landry, Newell, Sigur
1824/BRDR Alexander WHITE Anglo Célestine BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Hopkins, Potts
1824 26 Jan/BRDR Augustin Valire BLANCHARD   Carmelite TEMPLET Acadian Aucoin, Giroir, Guillot
1824 29 Apr/BRDR Élie BLANCHARD   Marie Judique T. ALEXANDRE French Creole? Martin, Richee, Roussel
1824 20 Sep/SWLR Alexandre LORMAND French Creole Scholastique BLANCHARD   Braud, Girroir, Guédry, Landry
1825 3 Jan/BRDR Étienne RICHARD Acadian Elise Azélie BLANCHARD   Duboissel, Landry, LeBlanc, Richard
1825 16 Aug/BRDR Marin VIOLIN Foreign French Adéle BLANCHARD   L'eveque, Letorec, Mayol
1825 19 Sep/BRDR Auguste CANTIEN Italian Creole Lise Rosalie BLANCHARD   Blanchard
1825 20 Dec/BRDR Étienne ORDRONEAU Foreign French Anne [Marie Aimée] BLANCHARD   Bonnamour
1826 9 Jan/BRDR Armond BLANCHARD   Céleste LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Landry, Varner
1826 3 Apr/BRDR Arthur M. FOLLEY Anglo? Marcelline BLANCHARD   Bourg, Pennison, Pugh
1826 23 May/BRDR Onésime LE BLANC Acadian Joséphine BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Dugas, LeBlanc
1826 26 Nov/BRDR Élie BLANCHARD   Marguerite GUILLOT Acadian Blanchard, Guillot
1827 3 May/SWLR Marin BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Annette dite Nanon BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Delacroix, Guilbaud, Hébert
1827 7 May/BRDR Alexis BLANCHARD   Marguerite TRAHANT Acadian Delaune, Dugas, Simoneau
1827 7 May/BRDR Isidore BLANCHARD   Léocade AUCOIN Acadian Arsenaux, Delaune, Dugas
1827 3 Sep/SWLR Jacques DORE French Creole Marie Virginie BLANCHARD   Garyo, Melançon, Romero
1827 3 Sep/SWLR Philippe McNEEL [McNEIL] Scots? Irish? Joséphine BLANCHARD   Garyo, Melançon, Romero
1828 8 Jan/BRDR Joseph CAPDEVILLE (wdr.) French Creole Henriette BLANCHARD (wd.)   Braux, LaCroix
1829 20 Jan/BRDR Valéry BREAU Acadian Marie Artémise BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Brau/Breau, Samouillan
1830 12 Apr/SLR Sainville MARTIN Acadian Marie Heloise BLANCHARD   none listed
1830 15 Jun/BRDR Privat BLANCHARD   Léocadie BARAS French Creole Bernard, Thibodeaux
1830 4 Oct/SWLR Joseph MENARD French Creole Marie Felonise BLANCHARD   Dore, Romer, Vallot
1831 30 Apr/BRDR Pierre Prosper BLANCHARD   Magdeleine SHIST (CHUSTZ) German Creole? Blanchard, Robichaud
1831 25 Jul/BRDR Pierre MICHEL Acadian Marie Cléonise BLANCHARD   Becnel, Blanchard, Theriot, Thibodeaux
1831 25 Oct/BRDR Achille LANDRY Acadian Gertrude BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Landry, Roman, Seghers
1832 9 Jan/BRDR Thadé Martin BLANCHARD   Constance Carmelite BOURG Acadian Barbier, Blanchard, Templet
1832 9 Jul/BRDR Hypolite BROUSSARD Acadian Émelie Rosalie BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Broussard, Dupuy, Hébert
1832 16 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste BLANCHARD   Clarisse Pauline GUILLOT Acadian Guillot
1832 1 Oct/SWLR Norbert BLANCHARD   Delphine McNEIL Scots? Irish? none listed
1833 3 Feb/BRDR Sulia BLANCHARD, fils   Marie CANTIENNE (widow) Italian Creole Blanchard, Bergeron, Delaune
1833 15 Apr/BRDR Maurice BARNETT, Jr. Anglo? Augustine Marie BLANCHARD   Barnett, Blanchard, Hébert
1833 17 Apr/SWLR Jean BLANCHARD   Suzette THIBODEAU (wid.) Acadian none listed
1833 3 Jun/SLR Jean Baptiste ROBICHAUX Acadian Marguerite Virginie BLANCHARD   none listed
1834 3 Feb/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD   Adélaïde Marcellite HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1834 4 Feb/SLR Pierre BLANCHARD   Susanne Adéle PELLEGRIN French Creole none listed
1834 21 Apr/SLR Victor Leufroy ROBICHAUD Acadian Césaire BLANCHARD   none listed
1834 10 Jul/BRDR Siffroid BLANCHARD Acadian Victorine BLANCHARD Acadian Landry, Menier, Viel
1834 20 Aug/BRDR Valmont BLANCHARD   Marie Hermina LE BLANC Acadian Allain, Blanchard, Duffel, Landry, Leblanc, Winchester
1835 25 May/SLR Sylver BLANCHARD   Marie Célesie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1835 1 Jun/BRDR Joachim BLANCHARD   Marie Polonie GUÉDRY Acadian Blanchard, Richard
1835 28 Sep/BRDR Sulia BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Marie Azélie MONTET French Creole Cancienne, Landry, Montet
1835 7 Dec/SWLR Pierre BLANCHARD   Marguerite Elmire POIRIER Acadian none listed
1836 8 Feb/SLR Charles BLANCHARD   Marie Louise BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1836 8 Feb/BRDR Valéry LANDRY Acadian Emérence BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Landry
1836 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph Faustin BLANCHARD   Marie Appoline ALLAIN Acadian Allain, Baker, Blanchard, LeBlanc
1836 7 Nov/SLR Hypolite BLANCHARD   Marie Céleste BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1836 21 Nov/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD   Eliza HÉBERT Acadian Blanchard, Comeau, Dugas, Hébert, Landry, Raison
1836 26 Nov/BRDR Armand BLANCHARD   Claris BREAUX Acadian Blanchard, Breaux, LeBlanc
1837 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph Hules LANDRY Acadian Marie Aimée BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Bujol, Poursine
1837 19 Jun/BRDR Groveneur H. McFADDIN Scots? Irish? Marie Dorliska BLANCHARD   Godeau, LeBlanc, Vella
1837 11 Dec/SWLR François Joachim BLANCHARD   Émelite ARCENAUX Acadian none listed
1838 15 Jan/SLR Firmin BLANCHARD   Marie Hélène LEBEUF French Creole none listed
1838 12 Feb/BRDR Édouard BUJOL Acadian Marie Ethelvina BLANCHARD   Babin, Bujol, Landry
1838 30 Jul/SWLR Dosité BLANCHARD   Marie Azélie DUPUIS Acadian none listed
1838 19 Nov/BRDR Louis Declousel BLANCHARD   Eloise Joséphine ROBERT French Creole? Deglos, Marionneaux
1839 1 Apr/SWLR Olivier BLANCHARD   Élizabeth TALLEY Anglo? none listed
1839 3 Apr/SWLR Placide BLANCHARD   Marie COHEN Jewish? none listed
1839 20 May/BRDR Sulia BLANCHARD, fils (wr.)   Élise BARILLEAU Acadian Arseneaux, Barilleau, Blanchard, Tardif
1839 13 Jun/BRDR Fielding COONY Anglo? Eliza BLANCHARD   Aillet, Blanchard
1839 11 Aug/BRDR Rosémond BLANCHARD   Adélaïde GUÉDRY Acadian Blanchar, Dugas, Guédry, Landry
1839 5 Dec/BRDR Hiram FRAYARD Anglo Monique Susanne BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Braud
1839 5 Dec/SWLR Antoine BLANCHARD   Apolline Grasieuse GAUDIN Acadian Blanchard, Landry
1840 27 Jan/BRDR Thomas McLIN Scots? Irish? Célestine BLANCHARD   Leblanc, Lobdell
1840 2 Mar/SWLR Valsin Pierre DUCHARM French Creole Euphrosine Sophie BLANCHARD   none listed
1840 19 Mar/SLR Émile PITRE Acadian Marie Roseline BLANCHARD   none listed
1840 28 Apr/BRDR John Ferdinand SCOTT (wdr.) Scots? Anglo? Élizabeth BLANCHARD   Allain, Blanchard, DeArmas
1840 2 Jul/BRDR Evariste BLANCHARD   Marguerite LE BEUF French Creole Blanchard, Esureix
1840 27 Jul/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD   Carmelite OUBRE German Creole Avet, Blanchard, Kance, Michel, Oubre, Thibodeaux
1841 26 Apr/SLR Michel Archange BLANCHARD   Justine RODRIGUE French Can.? none listed
1841 4 Oct/SWLR Rosémond MARTIN Scots Azélie BLANCHARD   none listed
1842 31 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptise COPEL French Creole? Iréné BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Copel, Daigle
1842 12 Feb/SLR Béloni BLANCHARD   Marie Eloise LEBOEUF French Creole none listed
1842 29 Mar/BRDR Jean François Aimé BERCEGEAY Belgian Victorine BLANCHARD (widow)   Augustin, Bercegeay, Blanchard, Terrio, Tusson, Vidal
1842 18 Apr/BRDR Arsène BLANCHARD   Adelina CROCHET Acadian Blanchard, Guédry, Landry, Simoneaux
1842 18 Apr/BRDR Treville LANDRY Acadian Clarisse BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Crochet, Landrdy
1842 25 Apr/BRDR Gratien BLANCHARD   Anaïse LE BLANC Acadian Gotreau, Landry, Romagosa
1843 24 Jan/BRDR Joseph Ducatel BLANCHARD   Euphémie HOTARD French Creole? Hotart, Orillion, Petry, Rils
1843 25 Feb/BRDR Achille LANDRY Acadian Aureline BLANCHARD   Allain, Boissac, Broussard, Delaune, Landry
1843 27 May/SLR Augustin BLANCHARD   Marceline ROBICHAUD Acadian none listed
1843 12 Jun/BRDR August BLANCHARD   Batilde BARILLEAUX Acadian Barilleaux, Blanchard
1843 12 Jun/BRDR Pierre ARTAUX Foreign French Marie Élizabeth BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Denis, Evans, Lacave, Langier, Trichard
1843 12 Jun/SLR François Morice LEBOEUF French Creole Olymphe BERTRAND   none listed
1844 15 Jan/BRDR Matthew MARS Anglo? Mary Clothilde BERTRAND   Blanchard, Haase, Hotard, Marionneaux, Stadeker
1844 8 Apr/BRDR Pierre GALLAND French Creole? Adéle BLANCHARD (widow)   Cillier, Lesne, Ocoin
1844 13 May/BRDR Jean SAUSE French Creole? Marguerite Rosalie BLANCHARD   Courtade, Gagne, Gereri, Saus
1845 9 Jun/BRDR Furci BOUDREAU Acadian Azema BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Boudreaux
1846 26 Jan/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD (widower)   Mélicère FULCHER (widow) German Creole? Besson, Dugas, Michel, Oubre, Thibodaux
1846 10 Feb/BRDR Sosthène BLANCHARD   Doralise OUBRE German Creole Guidri, Many, Theriot
1846 23 Feb/BRDR Valéry BLANCHARD   Augustine TERIOT Acadian François, Maroit, Michel
1846 6 Mar/BRDR Charles R. GRAHAM Anglo Marie Emma BLANCHARD   Allain, Blanchard, Graham, Jones, Wright
1846 25 May/BRDR Auguste BLANCHARD   Marie AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard
1846 29 Jul/SWLR Norbert BLANCHARD   Carmellite RICHARD Acadian none listed
1846 14 Sep/SLR Victor BLANCHARD   Azema ORDONNAUX Foreign French none listed
1846 21 Sep/SLR Louis LABOUF French Creole Paulin[e] BERTRAND   none listed
1847 4 Jan/BRDR Drosin BLANCHARD   Eliza TULIER French Creole Aillet, Hébert, Penn
1847 20 Jan/BRDR Edmond BLANCHARD   Marie Bathilde TALBOT Acadian none listed
1847 8 Feb/BRDR Michel BLANCHARD   Marie BARA French Creole Bara/Barras, Blanchard
1847 22 Mar/BRDR Trasimond BLANCHARD   Augustine BOURG Acadian Bourg, Pellicer, Torregrossa
1847 26 Apr/BRDR V. Zéphirin BLANCHARD   Estelle DAIGLE Acadian Blanchard, Hébert, Williams
1847 28 Jun/BRDR Dorville FORET Acadian Pauline BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Foret, Hébert
1847 28 Jun/SWLR Séverin GUIDRY Acadian Philonise BLANCHARD   none listed
1847 23 Aug/BRDR Bertrande CAZES Foreign French Marie Angelia BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Cairay, Cazes
1848 17 Jan/BRDR Pierre Paul BLANCHARD   Augustine AUCOIN Acadian Dupuis, LeBlanc, Mendez
1848 29 Feb/BRDR Gaudens CAZES Foreign French Marie Ema BLANCHARD   Cairesi, Cazes, Hébert
1848 5 Jul/BRDR Éloi BLANCHARD   Odile BABIN (widow) Acadian Braud, Colle, Joly, Sullivan
1848 20 Jul/BRDR Alphonse BARNETT Anglo Zéolide BLANCHARD   Barnett, Blanchard, Fernandez
1848 18 Dec/BRDR Sylvanie BRAUX Acadian Élizabeth BLANCHARD   Allain, Babin, LeBlanc
1849 1 Jan/BRDR Charles GUILLOT Acadian Marie BLANCHARD   LeBlanc, Simoneaud/Simoneaux
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Désiré RICHARD Acadian Nathalie BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Cazes, Fanqui
1849 16 Apr/BRDR Jean St. Bernard LANDRY Acadian Baselisse BLANCHARD   Blanchard Delaune, Landry
1849 4 Jul/BRDR Neuville BLANCHARD   Félicie SAVOY Acadian Blanchard, Guédry/Guidry, LeBlanc
1849 8 Aug/BRDR [François] Joachim BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Marie Théotiste TACNEAU French Creole? Blanchard, Hiriart, Tacneau
1849 13 Aug/BRDR Adrien BLANCHARD   Sophie Élodie BROUSSARD Acadian Blanchard, Broussard, Lobdell
1850 7 Feb/BRDR Élie Théodore BLANCHARD   Céleste Cephalide DAIGLE Acadian Aillet, Blanchard, LeBlanc
1850 19 Mar/BRDR Joachim Augustin RICHARD Acadian Aimée BLANCHARD   Lafiton, Lobdell, Richard
1850 22 Apr/SLR Ursin BOURG Acadian Delphine Nanette BLANCHARD   none listed
1850 7 May/BRDR Aristide LANDRY Acadian Josephine BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Landry
1850 19 Aug/BRDR Louis BLANCHARD   Obelline MELANÇON Acadian Dugas, Melançon
1851 13 Jan/BRDR Arcène DELAUNE Acadian Marine BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Delaune
1851 27 Jan/BRDR Honoré CAMPO Spanish Creole? Marie BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Camp, Dugas, Giroir
1851 11 Feb/BRDR Adon BLANCHARD   Justine DAIGLE Acadian Blanchard, Simoneau
1851 3 Mar/BRDR John Surville BLANCHARD   Victorine LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, Harrison, Orillion, Petit
1851 3 Mar/BRDR Adonis HÉBERT Acadian Rosalie BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Dubroca, Hébert
1851 7 Aug/SWLR Alexis BLANCHARD   Émilia N. DUGAT Acadian none listed
1851 18 Oct/BRDR Ausémé BLANCHARD   Félice HÉBERT Acadian Blanchard, Martin
1851 20 Oct/BRDR Victorin BLANCHARD   Adéle GASSIE French Creole? Aillet, Dupuy, Hébert
1851 20 Nov/BRDR A. W. WARREN Anglo Angélique V. BLANCHARD   Agnet, Ayraud, Bercegeay, Fernandez, Reawer, Superveille, Vidal
1852 31 Jan/SLR Hilaire BLANCHARD   Azélie LEBEUF French Creole none listed
1852 16 Feb/BRDR Grégoire BLANCHARD   Carmelite ARSENEAUX Acadian Arcenaux, Blanchard
1852 13 Apr/BRDR Joachim BLANCHARD   Anathalie DAIGLE Acadian Babin, Bourg, Fornier
1852 20 Apr/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD   Marie AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard
1852 20 May/SWLR Jean Baptiste LEGRAND Foreign French [Marie] Aspasie BLANCHARD   Arceneaux, Roy
1852 15 Jul/BRDR William NOLAN Anglo Marie Virginie BLANCHARD   Isaac, Nolan, Varner
1852 2 Aug/SLR Trasimond DUPLANTI French Creole Eléonore BLANCHARD   none listed
1853 10 Jan/BRDR Simon LANDRY Acadian Zéolide BLANCHARD   Arseneau, Blanchard
1853 30 Jan/BRDR Abraham BLANCHARD   Zephire AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard, Delaune
1853 27 Jun/BRDR Sylvanie BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Marguerite Élodie HÉBERT Acadian Barbay, Landry, Troxcler
1853 30 Jun/BRDR Saturnin Zenon DAIGRE Acadian Marie Emma BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Dalegro, Dupuy, Landry, LeBlanc, Martinez, Sullivan
1853 11 Oct/BRDR Élie Théodore BLANCHARD   Emma BABIN Acadian Blanchard, Daigle, Landry, LeBlanc, Lecoq, Revault, Vaughn, Woods
1854 21 __/BRDR Florentin MICHEL (wdr.) Acadian Eméranthe BLANCHARD (wid.)   Blanchard, Landry, Michel, Templet
1854 2 Jan/BRDR Marin BLANCHARD   Adéle AILLET French Creole Bourg, Leray, Tullier
1854 11 Jan/BRDR Arsène BLANCHARD   Noemi BREAUX Acadian Breaux, Mollere
1854 8 Feb/BRDR Valéry BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Angelina TRAHANT (widow) Acadian Daigle, LeBlanc
1854 19 Apr/SLR Andressi AUCOIN Acadian Julie BLANCHARD   none listed
1854 24 Apr/BRDR Alexandre BLANCHARD   Angeline DELAUNE Acadian Bergeron, Boudreaux, Delaune
1854 18 May/BRDR Louis D. BLANCHARD   Lavinia DODD Anglo Blanchard, Broussard, Erwin, Marioneaux, Mars
1854 1 Jun/SWLR Olivier BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Élise CHAMPAGNE French Creole none listed
1854 19 Jun/SWLR Sosthène BREAUX Acadian Laura BLANCHARD   none listed
1854 11 Jul/BRDR Kempton DUGAS Acadian Adelina BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Dugas, Landry
1854 14 Aug/SLR Pierre RICHARD Acadian Roselia BLANCHARD   none listed
1854 29 Dec/SWLR Dupréville BERGERON French Creole Adélaïde BLANCHARD   none listed
1855 16 Jan/BRDR Amadéo BLANCHARD   Clémentine MOLLERE French Creole Blanchard, Mollere
1855 25 Jan/BRDR Fergus RICHARD Acadian Émelie BLANCHARD   Allain, Bernard, Jolissaint
1855 19 Feb/BRDR Célestin LEJEUNE Acadian Estelle BLANCHARD   Bruletour, Escurieux
1855 7 May/BRDR Honoré CANCIENNE Italian Creole Rosalie BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Cancienne, Delaune
1855 25 Jun/BRDR Rosémond BLANCHARD   Octavie HÉBERT Acadian Blanchard, Braux, Hébert
1855 25 Jun/BRDR Calixte BLANCHARD   Marie FRYOUX French Creole Blanchard, Dugas, Trahantz
1855 6 Jul/SWLR Syphroizen PREJEAN Acadian Marie Azélie BLANCHARD   none listed
1855 10 Sep/BRDR Théodore BLANCHARD   Élizabeth LANDRY Acadian Degelos, Estevan, Landry, Marr, Shanks
1855 16 Oct/SWLR Drauzin BLANCHARD   Félicianne CAHIL [COMBE] (widow) Irish? none listed
1856 4 Jan/BRDR Désiré TRAHAN Acadian Marguerite BLANCHARD   none listed
1856 21 Jan/BRDR Uselien BLANCHARD   Zulmé ROGERE Acadian Bourg, Col, Rogere, Terrio
1856 28 Jan/BRDR Raymond BLANCHARD   Mélasie ARSENEAU Acadian Arseneaux, Blanchard, Delaune, Herbert
1856 16 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste BLANCHARD   Alphonsine MAJOR French Creole Blanchard, Braud, Major
1856 28 May/BRDR Jean Apolinaire SICARD French Creole Marie Célestine BLANCHARD   Barra, Blanchard, Braud, Lejeune, Samson, Sicard
1856 16 Aug/SWLR Édouard Arthur ANGEL French Creole Baziline BLANCHARD   none listed
1856 27 Oct/BRDR Sullia Marcelle BLANCHARD   Celima GASPAR French Creole Dupuis, Marquet, Montet
1856 27 Oct/BRDR Louis BERNARD [du MONTIER] French Creole Nathalie BLANCHARD (widow)   Bernard Dumontié, Broussard, Denham
1857/BRDR Louis Aymable BLANCHARD   Émelie BARRA French Creole Barra, Blanchard, Chultz, Lejeune, Sicard
1857 7 Apr/SLR François C. THIBODAUX Acadian Marie Azema BLANCHARD   none listed
1857 25 Apr/SWLR Léo CHAMPAGNE French Creole Marie Nathalie BLANCHARD   none listed
1857 29 Apr/BRDR Théodore BERGERON French Creole Azelia BLANCHARD   Babin, Blanchard, Daigre, Landry, Pinet
1857 26 May/SWLR Sosthène BREAUX Acadian Laure BLANCHARD   none listed
1857 24 Aug/SLR Elizegonde CHARPENTIER French Creole Félicité BLANCHARD   none listed
1858 18 Jan/BRDR Jean Joseph CLAVERIE French Creole? Sophronie BLANCHARD   Ayraud, Bordis, Ilsley, Landry
1858 9 Feb/BRDR Adrien BLANCHARD   Élodie DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Landry
1858 13 Feb/BRDR Mathurin BLANCHARD   Roseline ARSENEAUX Acadian Blanchard, Landry
1858 19 Mar/SWLR Placide BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Modeste LEJEUNE Acadian? none listed
1858 25 Mar/SWLR Jean LE BLANC/OBLANC French Can. Rosalie BLANCHARD   none listed
1858 17 Apr/BRDR Ls. Émile LEMARIE French Creole? Mary Dilia BLANCHARD   Bauden, Blanchard, Landry, LeMarie, Marr, Shanks
1858 20 May/BRDR Evariste BLANCHARD   Elodie GIRIORD Acadian Blanchard, Daigle, Giroir, Guillot
1858 23 Aug/SLR Leufroit/Pierre LAMBERT Acadian Zéolide Evelina BLANCHARD   none listed
1859 18 Jan/BRDR Neuville LE BLANC Acadian Eugènie BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Doucet, LeBlanc
1859 8 Feb/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD   Clementine LANDRY Acadian Achez, Hébert, Landry, Simoneau
1859 8 Mar/SWLR John M. CASSADEY Irish? Eliza BLANCHARD   none listed
1859 26 May/BRDR Émile Séraphin DROZGREY Foreign French Pauline BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Thibodeaux, Zubin
1859 9 Jun/BRDR John BORGAS Spanish Creole? Louisa BLANCHARD   Blanchard, Hotard, Leveque
1859 9 Sep/SLR Joseph DUPRÉ French Creole Eugènie BLANCHARD   none listed
1859 11 Nov/SLR Neuville Isidore GAUTREAUX Acadian Mary Eveline BLANCHARD   none listed
1860 30 Jan/BRDR Euzelien AUCOIN Acadian Marie Clarisse BLANCHARD   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Blanchard
1860 3 Jul/BRDR Charles BLANCHARD   Marie LANDRY Acadian Landry
1860 19 Sep/SWLR Alexis BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Céleste THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1860 22 Sep/SLR Octave BOUDRAUX Acadian Louise BLANCHARD   none listed
1860 11 Oct/SLR Ouville ARSEMENT Acadian Azéma BLANCHARD   none listed
1860 15 Nov/BRDR Ernest BLANCHARD   Louise Emma ESNARD French Creole? Blanchard, Daigle, Orillion, Shanks
1861 5 Jan/SLR Valmond BLANCHARD   Adelina DIES French Creole? none listed
1861 7 Jan/BRDR Joseph F. René BLANCHARD   Marie Elodie CAPDEVILLE French Creole Breaux, Henry, Richard
1861 19 Jan/BRDR Eugène BLANCHARD   Asema ARSENEAUX Acadian Arseneaux, Aucoin, Blanchard, Bourgeois, Rudemills
1861 23 Jan/BRDR Augustin BLANCHARD   Melanie LANDRY Acadian Landry, Savoy, Simoneaud, Trahant
1861 9 Feb/BRDR Joseph ARSENEAUX Acadian Elisa BLANCHARD   Arseneaux, Aucoin, Foley, Himel, Landry
1861 23 Apr/SWLR Jean ZIMBERMAN German Creole? Anaïs BLANCHARD   none listed
1861 6 Jul/SWLR Dosité BLANCHARD (wdr.)   Marie A. MARTIN Acadian? none listed
1861 5 Aug/BRDR Jean Surville BLANCHARD   Marie Louise ROTH Jewish? Allain, Boissac, Brusle, Gourrier, Porter, Roth
1861 7 Sep/SLR Marcelin ADAM French Creole Eve BLANCHARD   none listed
1861 26 Oct/BRDR Joseph BLANCHARD   Eulalie LENDOR French Creole? Carmouche, Fevrié

Analysis of BLANCHARD marriages, 1768-1861:

Total marriages listed:               302        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:            193          63.9
Exogamous marriages:              109          36.1



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