Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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No marriages found

BOUCHER (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1775 7 Aug/BRDR Jean-Baptiste GODEROT French Marie[-Anne] BOUCHÉ   Bergeron, Part

Analysis of BOUCHER marriages, 1775:

Total marriages listed:             1        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          0            0.0
Exogamous marriages:            1         100.0

BOUCHER Acadian connection:   none

BOUCHER non-Acadian connection:  GODEROT

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BOUDREAUX (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 2 Oct/C-V Olivier BAUDROS (widower)   Anne GAUDET (widow) Acadian none listed
1771 7 Jan/BRDR Augustin BOUDROS   Osithe HÉBERE Acadian Bergeron, Dupuis, Saunier, Theriot
1774 2 May/BRDR Simon BOUDERAU   Monique DUPUYS Acadian Blanchar, Dupuys, Melanzon
1776 30 Sep/BRDR Amant HÉBERT Acadian Marie BOUDROS   LeBlanc, Melançon, Richard
1785 11 Dec/NOAR Maturino AYO French Creole Cecilia[-Marguerite] BUDREAU   Llorca, Martinez
1785 14 Dec/NOAR Juan CROCHET Acadian Maria-Martha BOUDREAU   none listed
1786 28 Jan/NOAR Josef[-Marie] BOUDREAU   Maria[-Charlotte] PITRE Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1786 5 Feb/BRDR Carlos DAIGLE (widower) Acadian [Françoise-]Maria BOUDROS   none listed
1786 22 Feb/BRDR Josef BUDREAU   Ana TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1786 27 Feb/BRDR Juan-Bautista BUDRO (widower)   Ana-Josef HENRI (widow) Acadian none listed
1786 8 Mar/BRDR Juan-Femia GEDRI Acadian Célest BUDRO   Coloetre [Clouâtre], Michel
1786 25 Apr/BRDR Fabien BOURG Acadian Marie[-Rose] BOUDREAU   Daigle, Grangé, Hébert
1786 1 Jul/BRDR André BROCHE [BREAUX?] Acadian Marie BUDROT   Landry, Terriot
1786 16 Oct/BRDR Félix BOUDREAU   Françoise[-Gertrude] GUILLOT Acadian Guillot, Landry
1787 22 Jan/BRDR François ROSICO Acadian Anne [Marie-]Magdalina BOUDREAU   Budro, Dugas
1787 23 May/BRDR Francisco-X[avier]. BUDRAUX (wdr.)   Maria Francisca LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1787 31 May/BRDR Jean-Charles BOUDREAU   Marguerite LE BLANC Acadian Landrie/Landry
1787 30 Aug/BRDR Félix BOUDREAU (wdr.)   La Luce BOURG Acadian Aucoin, Hébert
1787 24 Sep/BRDR Joseph FORGERON French Creole Marie BOUDREAU (widow?)   Budrot, LeBlanc
1787 4 Oct/BRDR Joseph[-Marie] BOUDREAU (wdr.)   Margarita PITRE Acadian Boudrau, LeBlanc
1787 7 Oct/NOAR _____ BOUDREAU   _____ PITRE Acadian Llorca, Ximinez, Martinez
1788 10 Jan/BRDR Étienne BOUDREAU   Victorie GOTREAU Acadian Ordonez
1789 5 Jan/BRDR Franco BRUNET French Can. Maria BOUDREAU   Ordonez, Doublein
1790 7 Jul/BRDR Benjamin-Hylario BOUDREAU   Élisabethe FARGUESINE Anglo? Boudreau, Ébert
1791 27 Feb/BRDR Joseph BOUDRO   Maria-Juana LANGLINETTE French Creole? Boudreau, Dentremont
1791 21 May/BRDR Joseph-Maria BOUDREAUX   Maria-Isabel [DAROIS] Acadian Crochet, Lejeune
1791 25 Dec/BRDR Thomas CALIGAN French Imm. Celicle BOUDREAU   Bernard, Boudrot, Delonte, Longuépée
1792 20 Feb/BRDR Anna [Henriette] BOUDRO   Pedro LE BLANC Acadian Boudraux, Deshormaux
1792 20 Feb/BRDR Blas BOUDRO   Perrina BARRILO Acadian Boudraux, Deshormaux
1792 19 Nov/SWLR Joseph BOUDRO   Isabelle TRAHANT Acadian Apolines, Budro, Duon, Lopes
1793 4 Feb/BRDR Juan-Carlos BOUDRO (wdr.)   Maria BERTRAND Acadian Bertrand, Daigle, Robicho
1793 3 Sep/BRDR Francisco BOUDREAUX   Maria TIBODAUX Acadian Henry, Maillet
1793 7 Sep/BRDR Guillermo GOYER French Creole Maria BOUDRAUX (widow)   Borseron[Bergeron?], Canten, Éber
1793 30 Nov/BRDR Juan-Bautista BOUDREAUX   Maria-Francisca LE BLANC Acadian Hébert, Sedoto
1794 14 Jan/BRDR Juan-Bautista HENRY Acadian Marie-Félicité BOUDRAUT   Trahan, Vahamonde
1794 3 Mar/BRDR Estevan BOUDRAUX   Ursula-Olivia DOIRON Acadian Hébert
1794 28 Sep/BRDR Pablo-Maria BOUDRAUX   Ysabel-Modesta PITRE Acadian Cazebon, Mercie
1794 28 Oct/BRDR Luis AUGERON French Creole Céleste BOUDRAUX (widow)   Cazebon, Mercie
1795 19 Jan/BRDR Juan-Baptista LE BLANC Acadian Maria BOUDRAUX   Boudraux, Bourgois, LeBlanc
1796 30 Mar/BRDR Eustachio CARRET Acadian Maria[-Adélaïde] BOUDRAUX   Dugat, Hébert
1798 19 Feb/BRDR Juan[-Baptiste] BOUDRAUX Acadian Ana BOUDRAUX (widow) Acadian Aucoin, Boudrau, Dupuy
1799 19 Aug/BRDR Juan Baustia USSÉE (wdr.) Acadian Margarita[-Renée] BOUDRAUX   Babin, Fremin
1799 25 Nov/BRDR Juan-Estevan BOUDRAUX   Élisabeth HÉBERT Acadian Boudrau, Hébert
1800 18 Feb/BRDR Francisco AUCOIN Acadian Maria BOUDRAUX   Hébert
1800 21 Apr/BRDR Simon[-Pierre] BOUDRAUX   Célestina BABIN Acadian Babin, Boudraux, Melanson
1800 28 Apr/BRDR Juan Constancio BOUDRAUX   Ursula HENNRY Acadian Aucoin, Bourque
1800 28 Apr/BRDR [Gabriel] Guillermo AUCOIN Acadian Margarita-Maria BOUDRAUX   Aucoin, Bourque
1800 4 May/BRDR Pedro SILVI French Creole? Cicilia BOUDREAUX (widow)   Boudraux, Donis
1801 10 Feb/NOAR Juan Bautista BOUDREAUX   Maria-Luisa LALANCETTE French Creole? Liguron, Russet, Velasques
1801 14 Sep/BRDR Juan CLÉMENT Acadian [Geneviève-]Sophia BOUDRAUX   Bergeron, Bourque
1801 23 Nov/SWLR Daniel BOONE Anglo Creole Anne BOUDEREAU   Lavergne, Martin, Phavron
1802 Aug/BRDR Joseph-Hipolito DAGBERT French Creole Sophia BOUDRAUX   Boudraux, Hébert
1802 26 Dec/BRDR Juan [Baptiste] BOUDRAUX   Françoise PITRE (widow) Acadian Guillot, Poireau
1803 13 Feb/BRDR Noël-Victor BOUDRAUX   Rosa LE BLANC Acadian Hébert, LeBlanc
1803 25 Apr/BRDR Juan-B[aptiste]. BOUDRAUX (widower)   Maria-Rosa BENOIT Acadian Hébert, Lelorec
1803 28 Jun/BRDR Josef BOUDRAUX   Eulalia DUGAT Acadian Boudraux, Hébert
1803 24 Oct/BRDR Joseph[-Alain] BOUDRAUX   Maria-Juana VILLARDIN French Creole Boudrot, Hébert
1804 15 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste PITRE Acadian Marianne BOUDREAUX   Landry, Montel, Roger
1804 4 Jun/BRDR Juan Luis GALLE Foreign French Rosa BOUDRAUX   Hébert, Mayet
1804 2 Oct/SWLR Jean BOUDRAUD   Marguerite MOUTON Acadian Boudraud, Granger, Hulin, Landry, Mouton
1805 11 Feb/BRDR Félix Maria BOUDRAUX   Rosalia HENNRY Acadian Bourque, Hébert
1805 5 May/BRDR Yve BOUDRAUX   Rosalia ROGER Acadian Aucoin, Boudraux
1805 25 Jun/BRDR Carlos Maria BOUDRAUX   Victoria Clara AUCOIN Acadian Hébert, Solar
1805 20 Aug/SWLR Augustin BOUDEREAU, fils   Françoise RITTER German Creole Boudereau, Estelli [Stelly?]
1805 6 May/BRDR Juan Bautista ROGER Acadian Émilia BOUDRAUX   Aucoin, Boudraux
1805 12 Nov/BRDR Gregorio Ignacio USSÉE Acadian Maria BOUDRAUX   Hébert, Plascencia
1806 12 May/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAU   Rosalie BABIN (widow) Acadian Jones, Landry, LeBlanc
1806 20 Aug/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAU   Ann DUGAT (widow) Acadian Boudreau, Dugas
1806 22 Sep/SWLR Jean BOUDEROT   Marguerite CARUTHERS Anglo Creole Caruthers, Gary, Jacques
1807 12 Jan/BRDR Michel BOUDREAUX   Théotis BERGERON Acadian Braud, Melanson, Tureaud
1807 19 Jan/BRDR Hippolite BRAU Acadian Françoise Émilie BOUDREAU   Brau, LeBlanc
1807 17 Aug/SWLR Salvador MOUTON le jeune Acadian Susanne BOUDEROT   Abate, Jacquet, Mouton, Riviere
1808 12 Jan/SWLR Lufroy BOUDROT   Marie HÉBERT Acadian Hébert, Jacquet, Prejean
1808 26 Apr/BRDR Pierre David BOUDREAU   Marie DUHON (widow) Acadian Arsenaux, Breaux
1808 22 Aug/BRDR Simon Hippolite BOUDREAU Acadian Henriette BOUDREAU Acadian Boudreau
1808 17 Oct/BRDR Charles Romain BOUDREAU   Céleste ROBICHEAU Acadian Boudreau, Gombert, Gotreau
1808 24 Nov/BRDR Jean Joseph BOUDREAU   Marie Vincent MONTE[T] French Creole Boudreau, Dubois, Hébert
1809 6 Feb/BRDR Jean Marie NAVARE (wdr.) Foreign French Anne Jeanne BOUDREAU   Clément, Faule
1809 6 Feb/BRDR Jean CALLAHAYN Irish? Marie Josèphe BOUDEREAU   Boudreau/Boudereau, Hébert
1809 18 Jun/BRDR Pierre Hyppolite BRET Foreign French Marie Lucie BOUDREAU   Boudreau, Legendre
1809 24 Jul/BRDR Antoine Nicolas TRUXCLER German Creole Marguerite BOUDREAU   LeBlanc, Troxcler
1810 14 May/BRDR Josef Marcelino DUBOIS Acadian Margarita BOUDRAUX (widow)   Huguet, Rentrop, Ruiz
1810 16 Jul/BRDR Lorenzo BOUDRAUX   Maria Magdalena THIBODAUX Acadian Dugat, Richard
1811 13 May/BRDR Mathias WILLIAMSON Anglo Maria BOUDREAUX   Hébert, Ruiz
1811 12 Aug/SWLR Olivier BOUDREAUX   Susanne BRAU Acadian Brau, Chemin, Lemonnier, Lingois, Macquille
1812 12 Jan/BRDR Maturino BOUDRAUX   Enrrieta BOURGEOIS Acadian Hébert, LeBlanc, Turreyra
1812 4 Apr/SWLR Augustin BOUDREAUX   Scholastique HÉBERT Acadian Chemin, Commeau, Fuselier, Goplet, Hébert
1812 18 Aug/SWLR Antoine BOUDREAUX   Marie SAVOIS Acadian Mathias, Semaire
1812 19 Oct/BRDR Josef BOUDRAUX   Renot DUPRÉ French Creole Dupré, Fremin, Tureyra
1812 19 Oct/BRDR Juan Carlos DUPRÉE French Creole Constancia Rosa BOUDRAUX   Boudraux, Fremin, Tureyra
1812 17 Nov/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD (wdr.) Acadian Susanne BOUDREAUX (widow)   Chemin, Daysson, Langlinais
1813 22 Feb/BRDR Pedro LIS Foreign French Margarita BOUDREAUX   Dugat, Larrosa, Verret
1813 7 Jun/BRDR Gil BOUVET Foreign French Maria Josefa BOUDRAUX   Aucoin, Boudraux, Larrosa
1813 31 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista BLANCHARD (wdr.) Acadian Maria Adélaïdes BOUDRAUX (widow)   Aucoin, Dugat, Landry
1813 22 Nov/BRDR Josef Enrrique LANDRY Acadian Juana Adélaïdes BOUDRAUX   Guillot, Landry, Tureyra
1814 10 Jan/BRDR Antonio BOUDRAUX   Maria MICHEL (widow) Acadian Blanchard, Boudraux, Larrosa
1815 23 Apr/BRDR Narciso BOUDRAUX   Julia ADAN [ADAM] French Creole Cayaux, Malbrou, Tureyra
1815 8 May/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Ismène LABAUVE Acadian Boudreau, Chemin, Desormeaux, Labauve, Penn
1815 8 May/SWLR Cyrille LANDRY Acadian Scholastique BOUDREAUX   Chemin, Desormeaux, Landry, Pennes
1815 14 May/BRDR Ysidoro BOUDRAUX   Maria Modesta DUBOIS French Creole Boudraux, Duprés, Tureyra
1815 25 Jun/BRDR Florentin BOUDRAUX   Mariana DUROCHE French Creole Boudraux, Trahan, Tureyra
1815 9 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista BOUDRAUX   Maria Eulalia LE BLANC Acadian Boudraux, LeBlanc
1815 25 Jul/SWLR Augustin Rémi BOUDRAUD (widower)   Magdelaine BENOIT (widow) Acadian Estilete, Fontenot, Hergeroeder, Lacase
1815 30 Oct/SWLR Louis LANGLINAIS French Creole Aspasie BOUDREAUX   Chemin, DeKerlegand, Desormeaux, Marc
1815 27 Nov/BRDR Carlos Maria BOUDRAUX (wr.)   Rosalie Dorotea AYSENNE French Creole Braux, Gautraux, Tureyra
1816 15 Jan/BRDR Pablo Valentin BOUDRAUX   Catharina BERTELOTE French Creole Boudraux, Tureyra
1816 22 Jan/BRDR Augusto LANDRY Acadian Maria Luisa BOUDREAUX (wd.)   Boudraux, Landry, Tureyra
1816 5 Feb/BRDR Luis FROMENTAL Foreign French Maria Ygnacia BOUDRAUX   Duprés, Verret
1816 6 May/BRDR Augusto BOUDRAUX   Catharina PONTIFFE French Creole Arseneaux, Daigle, Pontiffe
1816 21 Oct/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Félice BROUSSARD Acadian Braux, Broussard, Chemin, Domengeaux, Gombert, Penne, Theriot
1816 4 Nov/BRDR Juan Bautista BERNARD (wdr.) German Creole Émilia Constancia BOUDRAUX   Landry, Teriot, Tureyra
1817 27 Jan/BRDR Josef Noël THIBODAUX Acadian Eufroisine Élisabet BOUDRAUX   Arsement, Braux, Rebadan
1817 12 Feb/BRDR Juan Bautista HENRRY Acadian Maria Rosa BOUDRAUX   Boudraux, Rabadan
1817 17 Feb/SWLR Benjamin BOUDREAUX   Iréné LACASE French Creole Estilete, Fuselier, Nice
1817 18 Feb/SWLR Michel BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Euphèmie BOUDREAUX   Broussard, Commeau, Guilbeaux, Villejouin
1817 19 Mar/BRDR Jérôme BOUDRAUX   Marcelite EDELMER German Creole Dufrene, LeBlanc, Troscler
1817 12 May/BRDR Pierre Marie BENOIT Acadian Eugènie BOUDREAUX   Aucoin, Blanchard, Brau
1817 30 Jun/BRDR Luis Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Cécilie Émelie BOUDREAUX   Aucoin, Bolot, Boudreau
1817 8 Jul/SWLR Bélony SIMON French Creole Pélagie BOUDREAUX   Boudrot, Carmouche, Hecaud, Lapoujade, Montet, Penne, Simon
1817 13 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste T. BOUDREAU Acadian Émilie Marie BOUDREAU Acadian Aucoin, Breau, Turreyra
1817 10 Nov/BRDR Jean ACOSTE French Creole? Henriette BOUDREAU   Boudreau, Ébert, Robichaud
1818 2 Feb/BRDR J.[ean] B.[aptiste] BOUDREAUX, fils Acadian Marie Anne BOUDREAUX Acadian Gautreaux, Henry, Turreyra
1818 13 Apr/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Eléanore Clémence RICHARD Acadian Adolfe, Martin
1818 26 May/BRDR François TIRCUIT French Creole Angèle BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Dufrene, Hébert
1818 14 Jul/BRDR George ADOLPHE Foreign French Victorie Catherine BOUDREAUX   Berthelot, Bolot, Martin
1819 20 Jul/BRDR Jean Parfait BOUDREAUX   Marguerite Françoise NAKIN Acadian Bernard, Bolot
1819 24 Nov/BRDR Pierre LAUZET Foreign French Léocate Théotiste BOUDREAU   Boudreau, DuBois, Henry
1820 4 Jan/BRDR Joseph DUROCHE French Creole Théotiste BOUDREAU (widow)   Bolot, de Launne, Trahan
1820 25 Jan/BRDR Zacharie BOUDREAU   Angélique BERTHELOT French Creole Boudreau, Bolot, Trahant
1820 7 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOUDREAU   Constance Divine NAQUIN Acadian Bernard, Bolot, Boudreau
1820 14 Feb/BRDR Michel MARTIN Acadian Françoise Aspasie BOUDREAU   Aucoin, Boudreau
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Louis BOUDREAU   Marie Magdelaine LANDRY Acadian Comeau, Grangé, Landry
1820 17 Apr/SLR Auguste G. BOUDREAUX   Marguerite F. GAUTREAUX Acadian none listed
1820 1 May/SLR Théodore BOUDREAUX   Marie Blanche LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1821 8 Jan/SLR Thomas CALEGAN French Creole Pauline Olive BOUDREAUX   none listed
1821 14 Jan/SWLR Philemon BOUDREAUX   Élisabeth SIMON French Creole Dusouchet, Penne, Roussillon, Simon
1821 15 Jan/SWLR Éloi SIMON French Creole Adélaïde BOUDREAUX   Dusouchet, Penne, Roussillon, Simon
1821 5 Feb/SLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Zelie Clémence BOUDREAUX   none listed
1821 18 Feb/SLR François BOUDREAUX   Emerante Melite AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1821 26 Feb/SLR David Valentin BOUDRAUX   Marguerite RICHET French Creole none listed
1821 26 Aug/SLR Jean Louis LABADIE Foreign French Marguerite C. BOUDREAU   none listed
1821 10 Sep/SLR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Marie Melanie GOTREAU Acadian none listed
1821 26 Nov/SLR Jean Pierre BOUDREAUX   Anne Joséphine GAUTREAUX Acadian none listed
1821 29 Nov/SLR André Marcellin BERTELOT French Creole Eugènie Carmelite BOUDREAU   none listed
1822 14 Feb/BRDR Hippolite Eugène LE BLANC Acadian Adeline BOUDREAU   Boudreau, LeBlanc
1823 7 Jan/SLR Auguste Charles FORET Foreign French Julienne Félonise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1823 9 Jun/SLR Jean LAGNEAUX Foreign French Léocade BOUDREAUX (wid.)   none listed
1823 21 Jul/SLR Joseph Bernard MORVAN French Creole Marie Pélagie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1824 14 Jan/SLR Renaud Toussaint BOUDREAUX   Anne Marie HENRY Acadian none listed
1824 1 Mar/SLR Evariste Joseph BOUDREAUX   Ortence Carmelite HÉBER Acadian none listed
1824 20 Mar/BRDR Joseph MICHEL French Creole Fanny Basilisse BOUDREAU   Breau, Sedotal
1824 10 May/SLR Simon LE BLANC Acadian Marie Élisabeth BOUDRAUX   none listed
1824 25 Oct/SWLR Jean BOUDREAU   Elouise DUGAS Acadian Guédri, Richard
1824 13 Dec/SWLR François BOUDREAU   Marguerite SIMON French Creole Simon, Thibodeaux
1825 10 Jan/SLR Erselme BOUDREAUX   Marie GAUTRAU Acadian none listed
1825 25 Jan/SLR Pierre Valérie USÉ Acadian Marie Céleste BOUDREAUX   none listed
1825 7 Feb/SLR François Marie BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie Adèlle BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1825 14 Feb/SLR Joseph BOURG Acadian Rosalie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1825 18 Apr/SLR Basile BOUDREAUX   Clémence DUGAT Acadian none listed
1825 25 Apr/SLR Ambroise NAKIN Acadian M. Carmelite BOUDRAUX   none listed
1825 3 May/SWLR Olivier BLANCHET French Creole Carmelite BOUDREAU   Bourgeois, Broussard, Landry
1825 7 Nov/BRDR Élie LANDRY Acadian Rosalie BOUDREAU   Barriau, Landry
1825 26 Nov/SLR Pierre Gratien LE BLANC Acadian Victoire BOUDREAUX   none listed
1826 4 Feb/SWLR Joseph Drosain BOUDREAU   Adélaïde DUHON Acadian Duhon, Landry, Montet
1826 17 Apr/SLR Joseph Domingue BOUDREAUX   Rosalie OLIVIER French Creole none listed
1826 19 Jun/SLR Joseph Noël BOUDRAUX   Rosalie Anne AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1826 3 Jul/SLR Louis LAMOUREUX Foreign French Adèle Julie BOUDREAU   none listed
1827 15 Jan/SWLR Louis SAVOY Acadian Marie Céleste BOUDRAUX   Johnson, Potier, Prejean, Thibodau
1827 13 Feb/BRDR Joseph Rosémond LE BLANC Acadian Émelia Lise BOUDREAU   Braux, Navar, Trahan
1827 20 Feb/BRDR Charles Max. BOUDREAU   Rosalie FORET Acadian Boudreau, Cantienne, Pitre
1827 27 Mar/BRDR Martin FAITE (widower) French Creole Théotiste BOUDREAU (wid.)   Bonnamour, Boudreau, LeBlanc
1827 23 Apr/SWLR Raphaël RICHARD Acadian Marie Adélaïde BOUDRAUX   Boudraux, Caruthers, Richard
1827 28 May/BRDR Michel DUON Acadian Rosalie BOUDREAU   Boudreau, Bourg
1827 15 Jul/SLR Drosin TROSCLAIRE German Creole Victoire Adèle BOUDRAUX   none listed
1827 24 Sep/SLR Jean Jacques BABIN Acadian Anne Séraphine BOUDRAUX   none listed
1827 8 Oct/SWLR Joseph Alain BOUDROT (wdr.)   Rosalie LANDRY (widow) Acadian Amy, Broussard, Landry
1827 15 Oct/BRDR Jean B[aptiste]. LANDRY (wdr.) Acadian Euphrosine BODRO   Blanchart, Landry, Mathé
1827 5 Nov/SLR Pelegrin BOUDRAUX   Pélagie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1827 19 Nov/SWLR James BURLEIGH Anglo Adélaïde BOUDRAUX   Boudraux, Burleigh, Johnson, Savoy
1828 7 Jan/BRDR Joseph Drosin MIRE   Marie Eulalie BOUDREAUX   Breau, Gauthreaux, Granore, LeBlanc
1828 4 Feb/SLR Zephir BOUDRAUX   Azélie DUGAT Acadian none listed
1828 7 Apr/SWLR Marcelin DUGAT Acadian Melanie BOUDREAU   Mouton, Richard
1828 21 Apr/SLR François Joseph BOUDRAUX   Marie Phelonise THIBODAU Acadian none listed
1828 28 Apr/SLR Paul Valentin BOUDRAUX   Carmelite S. GAUTRAUD Acadian none listed
1828 19 May/BRDR Paul Destival LE BLANC Acadian Marie Sidalise BOUDREAU   Breau, Gotreau, Lanoix
1828 23 Jun/SLR François BOUDRAUX   Adeline BARBIER French Creole none listed
1828 11 Aug/SLR Antoine AUCOIN Acadian Eléonore BOUDREAUX   none listed
1828 18 Aug/SWLR Jean BOUDREAU   Pauline MALET French Creole Broussard, Melle, Snoddy
1828 10 Nov/SLR David GAUTREAU Acadian Céleste BOUDREAUX   none listed
1828 10 Nov/SLR Ursin HÉBERT Acadian Marie Constance BOUDREAUX   none listed
1829 19 Jan/SLR Joseph Hubert HUZÉ Acadian Marguerite P. BOUDRAUX   none listed
1829 8 Jun/SLR Valéry BOURGEOIS Acadian Théotiste BOUDRAUX   none listed
1829 10 Jun/SLR Joseph Lazare BOUDRAUX   Thersile TERBONNE French Creole none listed
1829 13 Jul/SLR Jean B. Léandre BOUDRAUX   Rosalie Basilise ROUSSAU French Creole none listed
1829 17 Aug/SLR Marin BOUDRAUX   Marie M. CARANTIN (wid.) French Creole none listed
1829 17 Aug/BRDR Zacharie Jacinte BOUDREAU   Marguerite Clémence LANDRY Acadian Douaron, Faite, Landry
1829 21 Sep/SLR Charles BOUDREAUX   Angélique Désirée TOUPS German Creole none listed
1829 26 Oct/SLR Paul Joseph BOUDRAUX   Élise Rose DUGAT Acadian none listed
1829 2 Nov/SLR Jean Alexis BOUDRAUX   Cléonice PART Acadian none listed
1830 8 Feb/SLR Constant BOUDRAUX   Héllène PICOU French Creole none listed
1830 15 Feb/SWLR Raphaël MECHE French Creole Adèlle BOUDRAUX   Boudraux, Cruders [Caruthers], Meshe
1830 15 Feb/SLR Jean Baptiste PERCLE French Creole Marie Rosaline BOUDRAUX   none listed
1830 9 Apr/SWLR Archille PREJEAN Acadian Eliza BOUDREAU   none listed
1830 19 Apr/SWLR François Onézime BOUDREAUX   Anastasie TRAHAN Acadian Boudreaux, Meau, Traham
1830 16 Aug/SLR Marcel DASPIT French Creole Marie Doralise BOUDRAUX   none listed
1830 20 Sep/SLR Fabien BOUDRAUX   Marie Florentine BRUNET French Creole none listed
1830 18 Oct/BRDR Marcelin BOUDREAU   Sylvanie GAUTHRAUD Acadian Bernier, Boudreau
1831 11 Jul/SWLR Gustave FREDERICK German Creole Julie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1831 15 Aug/SWLR Charles Sosthène BOUDREAUX   Anastasie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1831 26 Sep/BRDR Joseph Napoléon BOUDREAU   Arthémise DELAUNE Acadian Bret/Brez, Delaune, Landry, Monte
1831 3 Oct/SLR Jean BOUDRAUX   Modeste C. THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1832 6 Feb/SWLR Augustin BOUDREAU, fils   Sarah BURLEIGH Anglo none listed
1832 6 Feb/SLR Hyppolite Hysidore GUILLOT Acadian Marguerite Azélie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1832 13 Feb/SLR Paul BOUDREAUX   Marie Anne GAUTREAUX Acadian none listed
1832 27 Feb/SWLR Valérie BOUDREAUX   Marie Silvanie PATIN French Creole none listed
1832 7 May/BRDR Urbain DAIGLE Acadian Doralise BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Daigle
1832 9 May/SLR Auguste LE BLANC Acadian Rosalie Théotiste BOUDRAUX   none listed
1832 14 May/SLR Rosémond BOUDRAUX   Marie Carmelite LANDRY Acadian none listed
1832 11 Jun/SLR Valéry BOUDREAUX   Théotiste AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1832 25 Jun/SLR Jérôme BOUDRAUX   Anriette DIEGLE Acadian none listed
1832 27 Dec/SWLR Syphorien BOUDREAUX   Marie BURLEIGH Anglo none listed
1833 21 Jan/SWLR Daniel BOONE, Jr. Anglo Urazie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1833 4 Feb/SLR Stanislas BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Melanie Fortunée DUPRÉS (wd.) French Creole none listed
1833 5 Aug/SLR Joseph NAQUIN Acadian Marie Adèle BOUDREAUX   none listed
1833 30 Nov/BRDR Jean Charles FORET Acadian Marie Louise BOUDREAUX   Landry
1833 16 Dec/SWLR Joseph RICHARD Acadian Marguerite BOUDREAUX   none listed
1834 5 Jan/SWLR Joseph SAVOIE Acadian Louise BOIDREAU   none listed
1834 20 Jan/SLR Orelien BOUDREAUX   Melite GAUTREAUX Acadian none listed
1834 20 Jan/BRDR Pierre DAIGLE Acadian Marguerite BOUDREAUX   Aches, Daigle, Rodriguez
1834 10 Feb/SWLR Désiré BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Azélie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1834 14 Apr/SLR Euphémond BOUDREAUX   Carmelite Rosalie DUGAT Acadian none listed
1834 14 Apr/SWLR Syphorien BOUDREAUX   Joséphine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1834 27 Apr/SLR Pierre Célestin BOURG Acadian Héllène BOUDRAUX   none listed
1834 21 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste PENNISSON French Creole Henrietta Nina BOUDREAUX   Brez, Lacoste, Landry, Melina, Pennison, Sotte
1834 11 Aug/SLR Mathurin BOUDREAUX   Doralise BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1834 25 Aug/SWLR Napoléon ROBIN French Creole Marie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1834 1 Sep/SLR Édouard BERGERON Acadian Anne Pélagie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1834 1 Sep/BRDR Victorin MELANÇON Acadian Marie Sylvanie BOUDREAU   Boucry, Boudreau, Chauvin, Lanoux
1834 29 Sep/SLR Léon BOUDREAUX   Rosaline PONTIFE French Creole none listed
1834 6 Oct/SLR Olivier Marcellin HÉBERT Acadian Thergile Marie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1834 24 Nov/BRDR Hermogène BOUDREAUX   Marie BARILLOU Acadian none listed
1835 26 Jan/SLR Gérôme BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Rose HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1835 23 Feb/BRDR Casimier BOUDREAU   Henrietta LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1835 23 Feb/SLR Firmin BOUDREAUX   Elmire BENOIT Acadian none listed
1835 19 Mar/SWLR Pierre THIBODEAUX Acadian Marie Ceranie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1835 6 Apr/SWLR Evariste BOUDREAUX Acadian [Marie] Arsènne BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1835 27 Apr/SLR François M. BOUDREAUX (wr.)   Geneviève Célesie DUON Acadian none listed
1835 17 Apr/SWLR Andéol or André STELLY German Creole Françoise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1835 1 Jun/BRDR Rosémond BOUDREAUX   Marie Céline BARAT (BARA) French Creole Barat, Bergeron, Boudreaux, Landry
1836/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX, fils   Marie Silvanie BOURG Acadian none listed
1836 5 Jan/SWLR Louis GUILBERT French Creole Judith BOUDREAU   none listed
1836 18 Jan/BRDR Beluvenne Robert LOVE Anglo? Carmelite Marie BOUDREAUX (widow)   Boudreaux, Betts, Brien, Newell, Pennison
1836 19 Jan/SLR Eugène GUILLOT Acadian Marie Élise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1836 8 Feb/SLR Charles BLANCHARD Acadian Marie Louise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1836 14 Apr/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Adeline MOUTON Acadian none listed
1836 13 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste GIROIR Acadian Azélie Eulalie BOUDREAUX   Giroir, Love, Pennison
1836 20 Jun/SWLR Arvelien MOUTON Acadian Cidalise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1836 11 Jul/BRDR Louis CHAUVIN French Creole Antoinette BOUDREAUX   Besson, Chauvin, Dubourg, LeBlanc
1836 5 Sep/SLR Jean Baptiste BOUDREAUX   Rosalie MALBROUE German Creole none listed
1836 12 Sep/SLR Ursin KERNE Anglo? Adèle Uberthile BOUDREAUX   none listed
1836 5 Oct/BRDR Raymond ST. PILLAC Foreign French? Melanie BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Chauvin, LeBlanc
1836 31 Oct/SLR Joseph Noël BOUDREAUX   Aimée Caroline OLIVIER French Creole none listed
1836 7 Nov/SLR Hypolite BLANCHARD Acadian Marie Céleste BOUDREAUX   none listed
1836 24 Nov/BRDR Dumeril MIRRE Acadian Marie Belzire BOUDREAU   Chauvin, Dugas, LeBlanc
1837 9 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste [Gédéon] BOUDREAUX   Marcelline SAULNIER Acadian none listed
1837 23 Jan/SLR Charles Marcil BOUDREAUX   Marie Philonise VAICE French Creole? none listed
1837 6 Feb/SLR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Marie Rosalie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1837 6 Feb/SWLR Joseph SONNIER, fils Acadian Carmelite BOUDREAUX   none listed
1837 27 Mar/SWLR François R. BOUDREAUX   Angeline HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1837 10 Apr/SLR Célestin LE BLANC Acadian Armelise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1837 10 Apr/BRDR Silvere MELANÇON Acadian Telesie BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Melançon
1837 15 May/SWLR Onésime BOUDREAUX   Melissa SAVOY Acadian none listed
1837 19 Jun/SWLR Clairville BLANCHET French Creole Caroline BOUDREAUX   none listed
1837 23 Oct/SLR Auguste BOUDREAUX   Marie Antoinette BORNE French Creole none listed
1837 30 Oct/SLR Drausin KERNE Anglo? Anne Rosalie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838/SWLR Charles Losain BAUDOUIN French Creole Marie Sylvanie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838 3 Jun/BRDR Adélard BOUDREAU   Joséphine LE BLANC Acadian Aleman, Boudreaux, Daigre, Dalferes, Melançon, Vega
1838 11 Jun/SWLR Jean THIBODEAUX Acadian Louise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838 9 Jul/SLR Jean B. Théodule BOUDREAUX   Pauline Émilie BOUVET French Creole none listed
1838 16 Jul/SLR Hubert Eustache LANDRY Acadian Pélagie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838 3 Sep/SLR Louis RODRIQUE French Creole? Adèle BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838 18 Sep/SWLR Zéphirin BROUSSARD Acadian Eugènie BOUDREAU   none listed
1838 15 Oct/BRDR Francois AUCOIN Acadian Marie Céleste BOUDREAU   Aucoin, Boudreaux, Gautreaux
1838 12 Nov/SLR Augustin AUCOIN Acadian Clementine BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838 12 Nov/SLR Valesin BOUDREAUX   Dofine LAGRANGE French Creole none listed
1838 19 Nov/SLR Auguste G. R. CALAHENE Irish? Mathilde BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838 26 Nov/BRDR Ursin BOUDREAU   Marie Justine MELANÇON Acadian Blouin, Melançon, Richard
1838 29 Nov/SWLR Nicolas CORMIER (widower) Acadian Marie Ozea BOUDREAUX   none listed
1838 13 Dec/SWLR Joseph Ozémé BOUDREAU   Céleste Amelina CORMIER Acadian none listed
1839 7 Feb/BRDR Hippolyte E. BOUDREAUX   Mathilda CAPDEVEILLE French Creole Boudreau, Capdeveille, Landry
1839 15 Apr/SLR Marcellin BORNE French Creole Marie Euphrosine BOUDREAUX   none listed
1839 29 Apr/SLR Pierre Binjamin BOUDREAUX   Adèle FREMIN French Creole none listed
1839 3 Jun/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Virginie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1839 18 Jun/SLR L'Omer BABIN Acadian Estelle Anne BOUDREAUX   none listed
1839 15 Jul/SWLR Ferdinand TRAHAN Acadian Aspasie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1839 9 Sep/SLR Louis BOUDREAUX Acadian Pauline BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1840 3 Feb/SWLR Émile SELLERS Anglo Creole Marcelienne BOUDREAUX   none listed
1840 20 Apr/SWLR Arvilien BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Émilia BOUDREAUX   none listed
1840 8 Jun/SLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Victoire BOUDREAUX   none listed
1840 26 Sep/SLR Paul Joseph NAQUIN Acadian Adèle BOUDREAUX (widow)   none listed
1840 11 Apr/SLR Joseph Bernard DARCE French Creole? Pauline Esther BOUDRAUX   none listed
1840 3 Nov/SWLR Arvillien BOUDREAUX   Mary MEIRS [MAYER] German Creole none listed
1840 17 May/BRDR Basile Trasimond BOUDREAUX   Adeline Adélaïde GIROIR Acadian Boudreaux, Bourg, Bourgeois, Giroir, Landry
1841 8 Feb/BRDR Édouard BOURGEOIS Acadian Juliana Adelina BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Bourgeois
1841 24 May/SWLR William FISHER Anglo Marie A. BOUDREAUX (wd.)   none listed
1841 27 Sep/BRDR Pierre Lucien BOUDREAUX   Rosalie Adèle DAIGLE Acadian Boudreaux, Landry, Love, Montet
1841 28 Sep/SLR Jean Perfais BOUDRAUX (wdr.)   Léocadie DELATTE (widow) French Creole none listed
1841 3 Nov/BRDR Armogène BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Marie AUCOIN (widow) Acadian Aucoin, Crochet, Guillot
1841 26 Dec/SLR Jean Alexis BOUDRAUX   Mary BROWN Anglo none listed
1841 27 Dec/SWLR Louis Aladin BREAUX Acadian Emilia Suzanne BOUDREAUX   none listed
1841 28 Dec/SLR Gérôme BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Adélaïde DELAUNE Acadian none listed
1842 3 Jan/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Joséphine MARKS German Creole none listed
1842 10 Jan/BRDR Leufroy BOUDREAU   Marguerite Eulalie HÉBERT Acadian Babin, Braud, Dugas, Hébert
1842 17 Jan/BRDR Casimir BABIN Acadian Nanette BOUDREAU   Boudreau, Dugas, Gaudin, Taussin
1842 17 Jan/SLR Joseph Paul BOUDREAUX   Théotiste MORILLON French Creole? none listed
1842 24 Jan/BRDR Joseph DELAUNE Acadian Azélie BOUDREAUX   Aucoin, Delaune
1842 3 Feb/SWLR Pierre SUZANNE Foreign French Adélaïde BOUDREAUX   none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Louis BOUDREAUX   Marie Carmelite BARILLEAUX Acadian Arseneaux, Blanchard, Delaune
1842 4 Apr/SWLR François R. BOUDREAU (wdr.)   Élizabeth LORMAND French Creole? none listed
1842 12 Apr/SLR John GARDNER Anglo Marie Hortense BOUDREAUX   none listed
1842 6 Jun/SLR Nicolas LIRETTE French Creole Melasie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1842 8 Jun/SWLR [Aurelien] Drozin BOUDREAU   Azema MARTIN Acadian none listed
1842 4 Jul/SLR Charles R. BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Anne Pauline GAUTRAUX (wd.) Acadian none listed
1842 17 Sep/SWLR Jean MILLER German Creole? Françoise BOUDREAU (widow)   none listed
1842 26 Dec/SLR Clairville BOUDREAUX   Marie Odile TROSCLAIR German Creole none listed
1843 16 Jan/SLR Telesphore Valéry CROCHET Acadian Céleste BOUDREAUX   none listed
1843 23 Jan/SLR Gédéon CALLAGHAN French Creole? Cléonise Bathilde BOUDREAUX   none listed
1843 28 Mar/SLR Augustin ANDRAS Anglo Creole? Marie Adèle BOUDREAU   none listed
1843 10 Apr/SLR Auguste T. BOUDREAUX   Élise THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1843 4 May/SWLR Jule LE BLANC Acadian [Marguerite] Émilia BOUDREAU   none listed
1843 8 May/SLR Jean Pierre BOUDRAUX   Constance LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1843 19 Jun/SLR Charles Marie BOUDREAUX   Marie Melazie GAUTREAUX Acadian none listed
1843 19 Jun/SLR Louis PELTIER French Creole Julie Azélie BOUDRAUX   none listed
1843 2 Jul/SWLR Bélloni BOUDREAU   Eugènie TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1843 12 Jul/SWLR Ursin VINCENT Acadian Eremise BOUDREAU   none listed
1843 27 Nov/SWLR Édouard VINCENT Acadian Julienne BOUDREAU   none listed
1844 5 Feb/SLR Ulger GUÉDRY Acadian Pauline BOUDREAUX   none listed
1844 18 Apr/SLR Joseph Nicolas ORDOGNE French Creole Azélie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1844 29 Apr/SWLR Placide BOUDREAU   Marie Rose BABINEAUX Acadian none listed
1844 20 May/SLR Charles Marie Joseph BOURG Acadian Euphrosyne BOUDREAUX   none listed
1844 14 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste BOUDREAUX III   Azéma Hirenne ADOLPHE French Creole? none listed
1845 13 Jan/SLR Simphorien BOUDRAUX   Madeleine HELTE German Creole? none listed
1845 24 Mar/SWLR Louis Édouard GALTIER (wdr.) Foreign French Adeline BOUDREAU   none listed
1845 31 Mar/SLR Armogène GROS French Creole Joséphine BOUDRAUX   none listed
1845 19 Apr/SWLR Endville ARNAUD French Creole? Marie Adelema BOUDREAU   none listed
1845 21 Apr/SLR Alexis Cyprien HÉBERT Acadian Marie Pauline BOUDRAUX   none listed
1845 5 May/SLR Joassin Rosémond BOUDRAUX   Élodie DUGAS Acadian none listed
1845 2 Jun/SWLR Félix BROUSSARD Acadian Marcellite BOUDREAUX   none listed
1845 9 Jun/BRDR Furci BOUDREAU   Azéma BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Boudreaux
1845 28 Jun/SLR Jacques LANDRY Acadian Clotilde BOUDRAUX   none listed
1845 28 Jul/SLR Harmogène BOUDRAUX   Céleste LEJEUNE Acadian none listed
1845 6 Aug/SLR Evariste AUCOIN Acadian Émelie BOUDRAUX   none listed
1845 16 Aug/SWLR Auguste FRION [FRIOU?] French Creole? Julienne Augustin BOUDREAU   none listed
1845 25 Aug/SLR Joseph FRIOUX French Creole Marie BOUDRAUX   none listed
1845 16 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste CAPDEVIELLE French Creole Lise BOUDREAU   Bertaut, Boudrau, Dagber, Wilson
1845 27 Oct/SWLR Onésime BOUDREAUX   Joséphine CASTILLE Spanish Creole none listed
1846 3 Feb/SLR James ROBERTSON Anglo Clelie [Marie Eveline] BOUDREAUX   none listed
1846 18 Apr/SWLR Nicholas BOUQUINET Foreign French? Marie Lismene BOUDREAUX   none listed
1846 4 May/SWLR Antoine Aladin BOUDREAUX   Mélanie MECHE French Creole none listed
1846 18 May/SWLR Augustin GUIDRY Acadian Emelia BOUDREAU   none listed
1846 6 Jun/SLR Jean Baptiste BOUDRAUX   Marie Melisaire DARCE French Creole? none listed
1846 29 Jun/SLR François BOURG Acadian Marie BOUDRAUX   none listed
1846 6 Aug/SWLR Treville BOUDREAUX   Azema MARKS German Creole none listed
1846 10 Aug/SLR Jean B. Rosémond BOUDRAUX   Amelie Victoire HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1846 7 Dec/SWLR Duclise BOUDREAU   Azelie THIBODEAU Acadian none listed
1847 3 Feb/SLR Narcisse BOUDRAUX   Célestine GAUTREAUX Acadian none listed
1847 28 Feb/SLR Hyacinthe AUCOIN Acadian Marguerite BOUDRAUX (wd.)   none listed
1847 26 Apr/SWLR Euclide BOUDREAUX   Onézima BAUDOIN French Creole none listed
1847 4 May/BRDR Pierre HÉBERT Acadian Ursuline BOUDREAU   Gros, Thibodaux/Thibodeau
1847 24 May/SLR Jean [Apollinaire] BOUDRAUX   Marie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1847 1 Jun/SLR Louis [Guillaume] BOUDRAUX   Alcidie THERIOT Acadian none listed
1847 7 Jun/SLR Leufroy BOUDREAUX   Adèlie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1847 20 Sep/SLR Eugène BOUDREAUX   [Marie] Pauline HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1847 10 Jan/SWLR Onésime RICHARD Acadian Lucie BOUDREAU   none listed
1848 24 Jan/SLR Neuville [B.] BOUDRAUX   Adelina LAGRANGE French Creole none listed
1848 7 Feb/SWLR Émile THIBODEAUX Acadian Carmelite BOUDREAU   none listed
1848 28 Feb/SLR Joacin FREMIN French Creole Zéolide BOUDRAUX   none listed
1848 28 Feb/SWLR Gerasin BOUDREAUX   Émilie VENABLE Anglo none listed
1848 6 Mar/SLR [Joseph] Neuville BOUDRAUX   Azelie DUGAS Acadian none listed
1848 8 May/BRDR Auguste G. BOUDREAUX (wr.)   Céleste Marcellite BORNE French Creole Becnel, LeBlanc
1848 15 May/SLR Charles Ellselien BOUDRAUX   Virginie BARILLAU Acadian none listed
1848 29 May/SLR Éloi BOUDRAUX   Séraphine AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1848 29 May/SLR Neuville Constant BOUDRAUX   Azélie ALBERT French Creole none listed
1848 24 Jun/SLR Jean Baptiste BOUDRAUX   Marie Chantale MORILLON French Creole? none listed
1848 14 Aug/SWLR Genus GUIDRY Acadian Euphèmie BOUDREAU   none listed
1848 28 Aug/SLR Zéphirin Silvanie OLIVIER French Creole Adèle BOUDRAUX   none listed
1848 10 Sep/SLR François BOUDREAU   Cléonise DUBOIS French Creole none listed
1848 28 Sep/SLR Louis EXNICIOS German Creole Lorenza Caroline BOUDREAU   none listed
1848 30 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste BENITE French Creole? Emelia BOUDREAU   Boudreaux, Martin
1848 9 Oct/SWLR Eugène BAUDOIN French Creole Oliva BOUDREAU   none listed
1848 9 Oct/SLR Hippolite HÉBERT Acadian Victoire BOUDRAUX   none listed
1848 16 Oct/SLR Achile BOUDRAUX   Marie THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1848 16 Oct/SLR Arcène BOUDRAUX   Ursanie PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1848 8 Dec/SWLR Ursin BOUDREAU   Oliva GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1849 25 Jan/SLR Ovile DUGAS Acadian Marie Clémentine BOUDREAUX   none listed
1849 28 Jan/BRDR Charles Alfred BESSE French Can. Victorine M. BOUDREAUX   Blanchard, Laulan
1849 29 Jan/BRDR Auguste MAZEROLLE Acadian Adélaïde Roseline BOUDREAUX   Aucoin
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Lastie FALTEMAN German Creole? Eulalie BOUDREAUX   Blanchard, Bourg, Laulan
1849 19 Feb/SLR Valin VAYSSE French Creole? Marie Rosalie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1849 23 Apr/SLR Florentin BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Clarisse TREGLE (widow) French Creole none listed
1849 21 May/SWLR Aurelien HÉBERT Acadian Azema BOUDREAU   none listed
1849 11 Jun/SLR Leufroy THIBODEAUX Acadian Irma BOUDRAUX   none listed
1849 25 Jun/SWLR Seville BOUDREAU   Marie Lise BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1849 7 Jul/BRDR Onésime BRAUD Acadian Urcenie BOUDREAUX   Acosta, Martin, Trahant
1849 13 Aug/SLR Anselme BOUDRAUX (wdr.)   Marie Eve PERCLE (widow) French Creole none listed
1849 20 Aug/SWLR Édouard PREJEAN Acadian Erasie BOUDREAUX (widow)   none listed
1849 9 Oct/SLR Joseph FITE French Creole? Marguerite BOUDREAUX   none listed
1849 15 Oct/SLR Pierre BOUDRAUX   Eléonore BOURG Acadian none listed
1849 20 Oct/SLR Théodule BERGERON Acadian Pauline Célesie BOUDRAUX   none listed
1849 10 Nov/SLR Joseph [Eugène] BOUDRAUX   Marie Azélie ADAM French Creole none listed
1849 20 Dec/SWLR Louis CARUTHERS Anglo Creole Elisa BOUDREAUX (widow)   none listed
1850 15 Apr/SLR François D. BOUDREAU   Eulalie HENRY Acadian none listed
1850 22 Apr/SLR Léon BOUDRAUX   Eloise HAYDEL German Creole none listed
1850 22 Apr/SLR Jules BILLARD Swiss Imm. Roseline BOUDREAUX   none listed
1850 29 May/SLR Evariste MIRE Acadian Marie P. BOUDREAUX (wd.)   none listed
1850 10 Jun/SLR Hermogène AYOT French Creole Marie Joséphine BOUDRAUX   none listed
1850 14 Jun/SLR Hermogène BOUDRAUX   Élisabeth WHAN German Creole? none listed
1850 24 Jun/SLR Louis PONTIFF French Creole Rositte BOUDRAUX   none listed
1850 27 Jun/SWLR François DAIGLE French Can. Léocade  BOUDREAU   none listed
1850 16 Jul/SWLR Valsein BENOIT Acadian Eloise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1850 25 Jul/SLR Maximilien BOUDRAUX   Antoinette MARS French Creole? none listed
1850 12 Aug/SLR Joseph Bertholde BARRIOS Spanish Creole Urceline BOUDRAUX   none listed
1850 11 Sep/SLR Telesphore BERGERON Acadian Eliza BOUDREAU   none listed
1850 16 Sep/SWLR Alcide BRASSEUX Acadian Marie Félicia BOUDREAUX   none listed
1850 30 Sep/SWLR Euclide BOURG Acadian Sidalise BOUDREAU   none listed
1850 21 Oct/BRDR Joseph [N.] BOUDREAUX (wr.)   Céleste BERGERON (widow) French Creole Besse, Blanchard, Guédry, Martin, Redin
1850 28 Nov/SWLR Jules Marie DE FRANCE Foreign French? Caroline BOUDREAUX (wd.)   none listed
1851 13 Jan/SLR Bazile BOUDRAUX   Élodie Marie BOURG Acadian none listed
1851 20 Jan/SLR Drausin BAUDRAUX   Azélie BOURG Acadian none listed
1851 27 Jan/SLR Cleophas BOUDRAUX   Pauline WHAN German Creole? none listed
1851 29 Jan/SLR Neuville BOUDREAUX   Marcellite ANZELET [OZELET] Acadian none listed
1851 6 Feb/SLR Auguste BOUDREAUX   Azélie Melasie DELAUNE Acadian none listed
1851 1 Mar/SLR Jean Baptiste E. BOUDREAUX   Euphémie BORNE French Creole none listed
1851 22 Apr/SLR James KILLINGSWORTH Anglo Victorine BOUDREAUX   none listed
1851 1 Sep/SWLR Maximilien CORMIER Acadian Adélaïde BOUDREAU   none listed
1852 20 Jan/SWLR Zéphirin THIBODEAUX Acadian Amelie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1852 3 Feb/BRDR Louis BOUDREAUX   Marie Eliza NEREAUX French Creole? Boudreaux, Nereaux
1852 4 Feb/SLR Auguste LANDRY Acadian Scholastique BOUDREAUX   none listed
1852 19 Mar/SLR Joachim BOUDREAUX   Odile Cézaire DAIGLE Acadian none listed
1852 12 Apr/SWLR Jean Clerville BOUDREAU   Marcellite HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1852 13 May/SWLR Drozin DUBOIS Acadian Valérie BOUDREAU   none listed
1852 16 Jun/SWLR [Joseph] Casemire LE BLANC (widower?) Acadian Cidalise BOUDREAUX   none listed
1852 25 Oct/SWLR Émile HÉBERT Acadian Élisabeth BOUDREAU   none listed
1853 6 Jan/SLR Léo HIMEL German Creole Rose BOUDREAUX   none listed
1853 8 Jan/SLR Vignot Émile BOUDREAUX   Marie M. BORNE French Creole none listed
1853 15 Jan/SLR Valère BOUDREAUX   Marie JUNEAU French Creole none listed
1853 26 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste BOUDREAU   Séraphine BERGERON Acadian none listed
1853 29 Jan/SLR Adolphe BOUDREAU   Marie Mathilde VICNAIRE French Creole? none listed
1853 8 Feb/SLR Silver BOUDREAU   Malvina NAQUIN Acadian none listed
1853 7 Feb/SLR Trasimond GAUTREAUX Acadian Eulalie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1853 7 Feb/SLR Valère ROUSSEAU French Creole Théotiste BOUDREAUX   none listed
1853 2 Apr/SLR Urbain BOUDREAU   Delvina LAGRANGE French Creole none listed
1853 4 Apr/SWLR Euclide HÉBERT Acadian Armelina BAUDREAUX   none listed
1853 5 Apr/SLR Maximilien BOUDREAUX   Eugénie BOURG Acadian none listed
1853 9 Apr/SLR Eglaidie BOUDREAU   Eugène LAGRANGE French Creole none listed
1853 23 Apr/SLR Théodule JUNEAU French Creole Azéline BOUDREAU   none listed
1853 23 Apr/SLR François THIBODAUX Acadian Adeline BOUDRAUX   none listed
1853 30 Apr/SLR Arville BOUDREAUX   Odile LAGRANGE French Creole none listed
1853 10 May/BRDR François COURREGES Foreign French Carmelite BOUDREAUX   Abadie, Barioge, Boudreau, Boutilon, Courreges, Cuillie, Lacaze, Lepalanque, Livran, Louque, Mericq/Merique, Moller, Rouge, Vigue, Vives
1853 30 Jun/BRDR Telesco MARQUET French Creole? Rosalie BOUDREAUX   Landry, Templet
1853 30 Jun/SLR Marcelus HENRI Acadian Elisa BOUDRAUX   none listed
1853 13 Jul/SWLR Louis Silvère THIBODEAUX Acadian Marie Amelie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1853 20 Jul/SWLR Aladin BOUDREAUX (widower)   Marie Oliva OLIVIER French Creole none listed
1853 8 Aug/SLR Villier PARK Anglo? Marie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1853 5 Sep/SLR Joseph VAISSE French Creole Azélia BOUDREAUX   none listed
1853 6 Sep/BRDR Jules ST. GERMAIN French Creole? Dorothée BOUDREAU   Bergeron, Chase, Knaps, Lejeune, Poydras, Robillard
1853 16 Oct/BRDR Ermogène BOUDREAUX   Carmelite ALBARAU Spanish Creole? Aleman, Caballero
1853 24 Oct/SLR Florbert BOUDREAUX   Florentine RODRIGUEZ Spanish Creole? none listed
1853 26 Dec/SLR Séraphin LASSEIGNE French Creole Azélie Delphine BOUDRAUX   none listed
1853 26 Dec/SWLR Séverin LANDRY Acadian Anatalie BOUDRAU   none listed
1854 5 Jan/SLR Francisco PASTOR Spanish? Constance BOUDREAUX   none listed
1854 4 Feb/SLR Louis OLIVIER French Creole Marie Elesida BOUDRAUX   none listed
1854 7 Feb/SLR Étienne BOUDREAUX   Aglae Séverine HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1854 13 Feb/BRDR Félicien BERGERON Acadian Julienne BOUDREAUX   Babin, Delmer, LeBlanc, Oubre
1854 27 Feb/SLR Martial PONTIFF French Creole Céleste/Julienne BOUDREAUX   none listed
1854 28 Feb/SWLR Edgard  BOUDRAUX   Elmire D'ARTEZ French Creole none listed
1854 11 Apr/SLR Lange FREMIN French Creole Melie M. BOUDREAUX (widow)   none listed
1854 17 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste RICHARD French Creole Elizida BOUDREAUX   none listed
1854 24 Apr/SWLR Evariste BAUDOIN French Creole Marguerite BOUDEROT   none listed
1854 6 May/SLR Valsin BOUDREAUX   Eliska LEDET French Creole none listed
1854 9 May/BRDR James Edwin CHASE Anglo Mathilde BOUDREAU   Boiteux, Bondy, Boudreau, Chase, Echelard, Robillard
1854 20 May/SLR Silver JOLIBOIS French Creole Joséphine BOUDREAUX   none listed
1854 23 May/SLR Jules BOUDREAUX   Eveline CROCHET Acadian none listed
1854 29 May/SWLR Eugène Léopold DESMAREE French Creole? Joséphine BOUDREAUX   none listed
1854 5 Jun/SLR Jean Pierre OLIVIER French Creole Eglaidie BOUDREAU   none listed
1854 14 Jun/SLR Narcisse BOUDREAUX   Ernestine BOYER French Creole none listed
1854 10 Jul/SLR Augustin THIBODEAUX Acadian Eugènie Victoire BOUDREAU   none listed
1854 31 Jul/SWLR Athanase MOUTON Acadian Clara BOUDREAU   none listed
1854 12 Aug/SLR Joseph DESROCHES Acadian Marie Adeline BOUDRAUX   none listed
1854 13 Nov/BRDR François BONVILLAIN French Creole Zéolide BOUDREAUX   Bonvillin, Boudreaux, Douaron, Margliani
1854 25 Nov/BRDR L[ouis]. Isidore LETULLE (wdr.) Foreign French Marie Amelie BOUDREAU   LeBlanc, Letulle, Terrio
1855 6 Jan/SLR Joseph BEAURET/BOUVET French Creole? Celenie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1855 8 Jan/BRDR Vasseur SIMONEAU French Creole Angeline BOUDREAUX   Boudreau, Simoneaux
1855 27 Jan/SLR Jean BOUDRAUX   Louise HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1855 15 Feb/BRDR Clement BOUDRAUX   Élizabeth ALLEMAN (widow) French Creole? Martinez, Saint Martin
1855 10 Feb/SLR Éloi LEVERT French Creole Marie Pamela BOUDRAUX   none listed
1855 18 Feb/SLR Eugène BOUDRAUX   Joséphine MOLAISON Acadian none listed
1855 19 Feb/SLR Ulysse BOUDREAU   Emeline Élisabeth HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1855 1 Mar/SLR Eugène BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Céleste HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1855 19 Mar/SLR Jean Marie LE BLANC Acadian Marie Aglae BOUDREAUX   none listed
1855 20 Apr/BRDR Éloi MIRE Acadian Domithilde BOUDREAU   Besse, Boudreaux, Bourgeis
1855 30 Apr/SWLR Gerasin BOUDREAU   Marie Amelia LAVOIE [SAVOIE] Acadian none listed
1855 5 May/SLR Siméon HÉBERT Acadian Pauline BOUDROUX   none listed
1855 6 May/SLR Eugène BOUDREAUX   Marie GERBEAU/GERBEAUND French Creole? none listed
1855 7 May/BRDR Georges HENRI Acadian Marie Céleste BOUDREAUX   Boudreau, Clement, Gautreaux
1855 12 May/SLR Zéphir DUBOIS Acadian Marie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1855 16 Jun/SLR Charles BOUDREAUX   Séraphine ARSEMAN Acadian none listed
1855 4 Jul/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAUX   Marie Zélie BOURGEOIS Acadian Boudreaux, Foolkes
1855 4 Jul/SLR Severe TOUPS German Creole Marguerite Eulalie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1855 16 Jul/SWLR Zéphirin BOUDREAUX   Célestine DELHOMME French Creole none listed
1855 25 Aug/SLR Antoine BOUDRAUX   Adeline ORDONNE French Creole none listed
1855 27 Aug/SLR Henri DAIGLE Acadian Ophelia BOUDRAUX   none listed
1855 28 Aug/SWLR Valéry LEMAIRE French Creole Clelie BOUDREAU   none listed
1855 10 Sep/BRDR Eugène BOUDREAUX   Marie Elsida HÉBERT Acadian Bourg, Desbous, Francioni
1855 29 Sep/SLR Daniel BOUDRAUX   Marie Marcellite HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1855 3 Dec/SWLR François HÉBERT Acadian Selima BOUDREAUX   none listed
1855 27 Dec/BRDR Villeore BOUDREAUX   Marie CAVALIERO Spanish Creole? Cavaliero, Crochet, Hébert
1855 27 Dec/SLR François GROS French Creole Adolphine BOUDRAUX   none listed
1856 22 Jan/SWLR Zéphirin DOUCET Acadian Azenais BOUDREAUX   none listed
1856 4 Feb/BRDR John M. LUSK Anglo Henrietta BOUDREAUX   Boudreau, Gautrau, Settoon
1856 4 Feb/SWLR Euclide HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Cidalise/Sidalise BOUDREAU (w.)   none listed
1856 Apr/BRDR Asseme [Anselme] BOUDREAU (widower)   Marie LACOSSE French Creole? Boudreau, Cancienne, Gautraux, Talbot
1856 7 Apr/SWLR Clairville BOUDREAUX   Marie Onesia DUBOIS Acadian none listed
1856 16 Apr/SWLR Syphroyen BOUDREAU   Marguerite THERIAU Acadian none listed
1856 19 Apr/BRDR Adrien BARIOT Acadian Élodie BOUDREAUX   Bertrand, Gautreaux, Mire
1856 28 Apr/BRDR Phlegie GAUDIN Acadian Ernestine BOUDREAUX   Babin, Boudreau, Gautrau, Lanoux, Lusk
1856 5 May/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAU   Marcelite SEMAN [SIMON] French Creole none listed
1856 10 May/BRDR Joachim BOUDREAU (wdr.)   Zoe HYMEL German Creole Boudreaux, Francioni, Lafargue
1856 24 May/BRDR H. Charles THOMAS Anglo Margaret Azélie BOUDREAU   Boudreau, LeBlanc, Melançon, Mollere
1856 30 May/BRDR Symphorien BOUDREAU (wdr.)   Marie ARSEMON Acadian Brout, Desbans, Gebelin
1856 31 May/BRDR Adrien HÉBERT Acadian Ophilia BOUDREAUX   Arseman, Junaux
1856 7 Jun/SLR Christophe TROSCLAIR German Creole Evela BOUDRAUX   none listed
1856 30 Jun/BRDR Neuville BOURG Acadian Delphine BOUDREAU   Badeaux, Berthelotte, Boudreaux
1856 22 Sep/SLR Auguste PREGENT Acadian Urcenie BOUDREAUX   none listed
1856 20 Oct/BRDR Guillaume COUREGE Foreign French Carmelite BOUDREAUX (widow)   Boudreaux, Lazare, LeBlanc, Rouse, Tassin
1856 6 Nov/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAU   Marie Eulalie NUNEZ Spanish Creole none listed
1856 10 Nov/BRDR Adrien BOUDREAU   Zulma LE BLANC Acadian Barilliaux, Boudreaux, LeBlanc
1857 6 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste AUCOIN Acadian Azélie BOUDREAU   Blanchard, Boudreaux, Delaune, Guillot, Pothier
1857 28 Jan/SWLR Jules WILTZ German Creole Céleste Ozea BOUDEROT   none listed
1857 16 Feb/SLR Joseph Ludger BOUDREAU   Rosalie MALBROUGH German Creole none listed
1857 23 Mar/BRDR Venant DAVIS Anglo? Evelina BOUDREAUX   Boudrau, Braud, Junot, Martin
1857 20 Apr/SLR Valsin BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Clara LE BLANC (widow) Acadian none listed
1857 20 Apr/SWLR Villery LANDRY Acadian Rosalie BOUDEREAUX   none listed
1857 22 Apr/SLR Amédée BOUDREAU   Iréné HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1857 23 Apr/BRDR Émile NAQUIN Acadian Azema BOUDREAU   Boudreaux, Naquin
1857 4 May/BRDR François Numa JOLY French Creole Eugènie BOUDREAUX   Altney, Hamel, Joly
1857 14 May/SLR François RIBBAULT French Creole? Adela BOUDREAU   none listed
1857 25 May/BRDR Pierre THIBODEAU Acadian Maria BOUDREAU (widow)   Gauchy, Melançon, Tibodeaux
1857 25 Jun/SLR Valéry HÉBERT Acadian Evelina BOUDREAU   none listed
1857 8 Aug/BRDR Léandre BOUDREAU   Julie LAMOUREUX French Creole Braud, Harange, Hébert, Hoffman, Huet, Labadie
1857 9 Nov/BRDR Étienne TOUPS (widower) German Creole Théotiste BOUDREAUX (widow)   Bourgeois, Landry, Lejeune, Toups
1858 9 Jan/SLR Jean BOUDREAU   Meranthe ESTIVENNES Spanish Creole? none listed
1858 1 Feb/BRDR Pierre BOUDREAUX   Louise CANCIENNE French Creole Beigen, Blanchard, Cancienne, Delaune, Hébert, Landry
1858 8 Feb/SWLR Edmond BOUDREAU   Belzire THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1858 15 Feb/SWLR Bertrand SERVAT French Creole? Carmelite BOUDREAUX   none listed
1858 22 Feb/BRDR Édouard LAULAND French Creole? Zulmée BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Lolend, Talbot, Vallet
1858 6 Sep/BRDR Oville RICHARD French Creole Euphémie BOUDREAU   Desbans, Lagrange, Richard, Thibodeaux
1858 21 Sep/SLR Jean Napoléon GUIDRY Acadian Philomène BOUDREAU   none listed
1858 15 Nov/SWLR Gustave BOUDREAU   Louise Phelonise CAMPBELL Scots none listed
1858 9 Dec/SWLR Alexandre L. PELLERIN (wdr.) French Creole Valérie BOUDREAU   none listed
1859 31 Jan/SWLR Onésime A. BOUDREAU   Azelia LANGLINAIS French Creole none listed
1859 5 Feb/BRDR Gervais BOUDREAUX   Odelia JUNOT French Creole Boudreaux, Gautreaux, Junot
1859 5 Feb/BRDR Louis JUNOT French Creole Philomine BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Gautreaux, Junot
1859 17 Feb/SLR Narcisse BOUDREAUX (wdr.)   Odillia AYCOCK Anglo none listed
1859 11 Apr/SLR Philogène C. CANTRELLE French Creole Victorine BOUDREAUX (widow)   none listed
1859 4 Jun/BRDR Amédé THIBODAUX Acadian Angelina BOUDREAUX   Barrileaux, Boudreaux, Gautreaux
1859 18 Jul/SWLR Lazare BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Élizabeth BOUDREAU   none listed
1859 15 Aug/SLR J. E. Marcelin BOUDREAUX   Magdeleine A. LAMBERT Acadian none listed
1860 7 Jan/BRDR Valere BOUDREAUX   Rosema JUNOT French Creole Arseman, Boudreaux, Héber, Junot
1860 19 Jan/SLR Drauzin BOUDREAU   Ordalie ESTIVENNES Spanish Creole? none listed
1860 19 Jan/SWLR Evariste Jean BOUDREAUX   Marie Ozea BENOIT Acadian none listed
1860 21 Jan/BRDR Trasimond BOUDREAUX   Florestine HÉBERT Acadian Gauchy, Hébert, Hymel
1860 30 Jan/SWLR Lucien DUHON Acadian Olympe BOUDREAUX   none listed
1860 13 Feb/BRDR Louis LE BLANC Acadian Olphida BOUDREAUX   Daigle, Ford, LeBlanc
1860 13 Feb/SLR Norbert BOUDREAUX   Azelina LIRETTE French Creole none listed
1860 20 Feb/BRDR Treville JUNOT French Creole Azema BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Herber
1860 16 Mar/SLR Olezie BOUDREAUX   Adèle RODRIGUE French Creole none listed
1860 28 Apr/BRDR Sylvany Maurice BOUDREAUX   Myrté MYRE [MIRE] Acadian Boudreaux, Gautreaux, Mire
1860 17 May/SWLR Damonville BOUDREAU   Eliza JONES Welsh? Anglo? none listed
1860 24 May/SLR Pierre HÉBERT Acadian Marie Clémentine BOUDRAUX   none listed
1860 2 Jun/BRDR Trasimond GROS French Creole Evelina BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Hébert
1860 28 Jun/SLR Édouard HIMEL German Creole Desie BOUDRAUX   none listed
1860 23 Jul/SWLR Antoine BOUDREAU   Ursule HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1860 30 Jun/SLR Hermogène BOUDRAUX   Eulalie PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1860 1 Aug/SWLR Jean Jacques DUHON Acadian Augustin Eusaide BOUDREAU   none listed
1860 4 Aug/SLR Léopold Franklin BOUDREAUX   Zulma SANANI Italian? none listed
1860 25 Aug/BRDR Deservain BOUDREAUX   Victorine THIBODAUX Acadian Boudreaux, Filodeaux, Thibodeaux
1860 8 Sep/SWLR Syphroin BOUDREAU   Mary CHENIER French Creole? none listed
1860 22 Sep/SLR Oscar/Octave BOUDRAUX   Louise BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1860 14 Nov/BRDR Jean BOUDREAU   Augustine Anaïse HÉBERT Acadian Chase, St. Germain, Vignes
1861 5 Jan/SLR Joseph A. BOUDREAUX   Marie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1861 12 Jan/BRDR Villier BOUDREAUX   Zéolide BOURG Acadian Bourg, Thibodeaux
1861 9 Feb/BRDR Aristil BOUDREAUX   Marie GROS French Creole Boudreaux, David, Hébert
1861 11 Feb/BRDR Michel Douradoux LANOUX Acadian Philomène BOUDREAUX   Boudreaux, Chauvin, Mirre, Rodrigues
1861 2 Apr/BRDR Isidore BOUDREAUX   Lucrecia BURNS Scots? Boudreaux, Bussey, Clement
1861 6 Apr/BRDR Victor BOUDREAUX   Elmire VAISE French Creole Boudreaux, Gauchy, Gautreaux, Héber, Junot, Naquin
1861 27 May/SLR Auguste CLEMENT Acadian Joséphine BOUDRAU   none listed
1861 27 May/SLR Louis BOUDRAUX   Silvanie SEVIN French Creole none listed
1861 10 Jul/SWLR Lucien DARBY Anglo? Celima BOUDREAUX   none listed
1861 6 Dec/SLR Aristide MYRE Acadian Joséphine V. BOUDRAUX   none listed

Analysis of BOUDREAUX marriages, 1767-1861:

Total marriages listed:              606        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           352          58.1
Exogamous marriages:             254          41.9



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