Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

[running tally]

BOURG/BOURQUE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1765 27 Feb/NOAR Amand THIBEAUDAU Acadian Gertrude BOURGUE   none listed; first Acadian marriage in LA
1767 2 Mar/C-V Joseph BOURG (widower)   Marie LE BLANC (widow) Acadian none listed
c1768/C-V/NO Joseph BOURG   Marie DUGAS Acadian none listed
1772 27 Jan/BRDR Pierre BOURGE   Anastasie CORMIER Acadian Cormier, Martin, Savois
1772 11 Jul/BRDR Pierre SAVOIE Acadian Louise BOURQUE   Bello, Chevalier, Dubrodes
1775 20 Nov/SWLR Charles GUILLEBAU (wdr.) Acadian Marguerite BOURCQ   Bourcq, Guillebau, Hébert, Saunier
1784 30 Mar/SWLR Jean BOURC   Marguerite RICHARD Acadian none listed
1785 27 Sep/NOAR Francisco FRIO (widower) French Imm. Isavel BOURQUE   Llorca, Martinez
1785 27 Sep/NOAR Antonio MOULART French Imm. Maria-[Geneviève] BOURQUE   Llorca, Martinez
1786 5 Jan/NOAR Santiago BLANCHAR Acadian [Aimée-]Modesta BURQUE   Llorca, Martinez
1786 6 Feb/BRDR Jean BIGOST [BIJEAU] Acadian Maria[-Josèphe] BOURGE   none listed
1786 6 Feb/BRDR Pedro BOURQUE (widower)   Maria BIGOU (BUJOL) Acadian Bourque
1786 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph SIMONEAU French Imm. Magdalena[-Julienne] BOURGE   Bourge, Daigle
1786 25 Apr/BRDR Fabien[-Joseph] BOURG   Marie[-Rose] BOUDREAU Acadian Daigle, Grangé, Hébert
1787 23 Jan/BRDR Félix[-Gilles-Louis] BERNARD [du MONTIER] French Imm. Marie-Victoire BOURG   Banchar [Blanchard?], Bourg, Emond, Lavergen
1787 11 Jun/BRDR Simon DUGAS Acadian [Marie-]Geneiève BOURG   Giroir
1787 20 Aug/BRDR Félix BOUDREAU (widower) Acadian La Luce[-Perpétué] BOURG (w.)   Aucoin, Hébert
1788 28 Jan/BRDR Ambroise GARRIDO [GARIDEL] French Imm.? Margarita BOURG   Aucoin
1788 28 Jan/BRDR Simon MASEROL (widower) Acadian La Luz[-Perpétué] BOURG (w.)   Aucoin
1788 10 Oct/BRDR [Madeleine-]Adélaïde BOURG   Pierre-Charles THIBODEAU Acadian Allain, Bernard, Dugue, Vignes
1788 2 Dec/BRDR Juan BESIE [VESIERS] French Imm.? Maria Rosa BURG   Burg
1789 22 Jun/BRDR [Jean-]Pedro BOURG   Margarita RICHARD Acadian LeBlanc, Richard
1789 29 Jun/BRDR Juan[-Baptiste] BOURG   [Anne-]Maria HÉBERT Acadian Bourque, Dugas, Hébert
1789 6 Jul/SWLR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Louise BOURG (widow)   Bourque, Brin, Como
1789 26 Oct/BRDR Pedro BOURQUE (widower)   [Marie-]Félicitas LANDRY Acadian Guilot, Landry
1789 30 Nov/BRDR Carlos GAUTRO (widower) Acadian Lucia[-Perpétué] BOURQUE (widow)   Bourg, Hébert, Landry
1790 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph BRAUX Acadian Maria[-Madeleine] BOURG   Braux, Prejant
1790 20 May/BRDR Joseph[-Pierre] BOURG   Marie[-Madeleine] AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Bourg, Dugue
1790 21 Jun/BRDR Juan GRAVOIX (GRAVOIS) Acadian Viviana BOURG   Bourgois, LeBlanc
1791 25 Oct/BRDR Mathurin D'AUNIS (widower) French Imm. Anna[-Théodose] BOURQUE   Bourque, Dugas, Hébert
1791 8 Nov/BRDR Josef BURG (BOURG)   Félicitas BLANCHAR Acadian Blanchar, Bro, Bursua
1792 20 Feb/BRDR François[-Marie] BOURG   Madeleine COMO Acadian Aucoin, Como
1792 20 Feb/BRDR Jean[-Baptiste] COMO Acadian Marie[-Josèphe] BOURG   Aucoin, Como
1793 9 Feb/BRDR Donato GUÉDRY Acadian Rosalia BOURG   Bobilen, Burg, Gédery
1793 10 Feb/BRDR Juan Bautista BOURQUE   Françoise[-Hélène] BLANCHARD (widow) Acadian Bourque, Goutro
1793 3 Jun/BRDR Josef[-Marin] BOURG   Genobeba MELANSON Acadian Bro, Leblan, Melanson
1794 27 Jan/BRDR Joseph[-Marc] DAIGLE Acadian Gorsina-Victoria BOURQUE   Bourque, Daigle
1794 3 Mar/BRDR Théodoro[Prosper-Étienne-] BOURQUE, fils   Maria Rosa LE BLANC Acadian Bourque, Hébert
1795 5 Jul/BRDR [Jean-]Carlos DUPUIS Acadian Margarita[-Josèphe] BURKE   Burke, Dupuis
1794 20 Oct/BRDR Pedro-Olivier BOURQUE   Maria-Rosa LIBOIS Acadian Braux, Cazebon
1795 15 Jan/ BRDR Marain[-Joseph] BURKE   Maria-Juana OCOIN Acadian Commau, Ocoin
1795 5 Jul/BRDR Simon[-Joseph] LANDRY Acadian Maria[-Luce] BOURQUE   Cazebon, Landry
1795 2 Aug/BRDR [Jean-]Bautista-Olivier HÉBERT Acadian Ysabel[-Félicité] BOURG   Bourque, Hébert
1795 24 Aug/BRDR Francisco SEGUIN French Imm. Pélagia BOURKE   Blanchard, Granger
1797 14 Feb/BRDR Carlos BOURQUE   Ysabel DUPUIS Acadian Aucoin, Daigle, Dupuis
1797 27 Mar/BRDR Francisco[-Georges] BOURQUE   Adélaïda BERTRAND Acadian Bourque, Hébert
1797 18 Sep/BRDR Maturino[Pierre-François] HÉBERT Acadian Maria[-Élisabeth] BOURQUE   Aucoin, Hébert
1797 27 Nov/BRDR Juan Bautiste FELTEMAN German Imm. Maria-Francisca[-Madeleine-Josèphe] BOURQUE   Hébert, Landry
1798 23 Apr/BRDR Pedro[-Jean-Baptiste] BOURQUE   Ana BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Hébert
1798 10 Jun/BRDR Pedro[-Jean] BOURQUE   Magdalena[-Rose] PITRE Acadian Hébert, Tailleret
1798 27 Aug/BRDR Bartholomé[-Charles] HENNRY Acadian Juana[-Anne] BOURQUE   Aucoin, Richard
1798 9 Oct/SWLR Jean-Charles BOURQUE   Marie-Louise TRAHAN Acadian Bourck, Hargrave, Trahan
1798 9 Oct/SWLR Joseph-Laurent BOURQUE   [Jeanne-]Félicité TRAHAN Acadian Bourque, Hargrave, Trahan
1800 3 Feb/BRDR Nicolas[-Gabriel] ALBERT, fils French Imm. Magdalena[-Perrine] BOURQUE   Braux, Hébert
1800 26 May/BRDR Miguel[-Pierre] AUCOIN Acadian Margarita-Perina BOURQUE   Albert, Hennry
1800 3 Nov/BRDR Josef[-Faustin] BOURQUE   Félicita CANADE French Creole? Hébert
1801 13 Apr/BRDR Félix[-Xavier] BOURQUE   Maria Marianne SMITE [SCHMITT] German Creole Bourque, Hayssen
1801 14 Apr/BRDR José[-Faustin] BURKE   Maria[-Anne] LE BLANC Acadian Bernard, Piroth
1801 17 Nov/BRDR Noël CAUSIN French Imm. Pélagia BOURQUE   Bourque, Carramouche, Mayer
1802 12 Jan/SWLR Louis LAVERGNE IV French Can. Susanne BOURG   Bourque, Cormier, Lavergne, Thibaudo
1803 18 Jul/BRDR Guillaume[-Jean] BOURC   Clarice[-Marguerite] BRAU Acadian Bouré, Breau
1803 2 Aug/BRDR Maximiliano BOURQUE   Sara Carlota J. C. RENTROP German Creole Hébert, Rentrop
1803 16 Aug/SWLR Jean[-Baptiste-Guillaume] MONTE (widower) French Imm. Marie BOURCK   Bourk, Dronet, Duon, Monte
1804 20 May/BRDR Josef LANDRY Acadian Maria Magdalena BOURQUE   Bourque, Landry
1804 6 Oct/BRDR Pierre BOURG   Marie HOUVRE German Creole Dejean, Donelson, Landry
1805 17 Jan/BRDR Sinforien VERET French Creole Céleste BOURG   Cauzin, Hébert, Rémy
1805 5 Feb/SWLR Joseph Firmin DUON Acadian Marguerite BOURQUE   Jacquet, Marc
1805 9 Feb/BRDR Michel LEBEUF French Creole Marie BOURG   Blanchard, Bourg, Roussel
1806 6 May/SWLR Jean Firmin BOURG   Marguerite DUHON (widow) Acadian Chemin, Ferry, Hébert, Jacquet
1807 18 Aug/BRDR Jean Pierre François BOURG   Emerante BERTHELOT French Creole Fremin, Gros, Hébert
1807 3 Nov/BRDR Laurent Élie FREMIN French Creole Marguerite Céleste BOURG   Boudrot, Hébert
1808 1 Sep/BRDR Jean PITRE Acadian Marie Reine BOURG   Bertaud, Fremin, Lafond
1808 19 Dec/BRDR Jacque TORBER Anglo [Marie] Rose BOURG (widow)   Butler, Dupony, Lesard dit Villeneuve
1809 24 May/SWLR Jean Baptiste FIGURANT French Creole? Parosine BOURG/BOURQUE   Buhot, D'avy, King, Sutton, Vanhille
1809 24 Jul/BRDR Élias FERIOUX [FRIOU] French Creole Margarita BOURQUE   Feriou, Hubbard, Lanoux
1809 1 Oct/BRDR Juan BOURQUE   Ysabel Léonor LIRET French Creole Bourque, Hébert
1810 30 Jul/BRDR Francisco TERIOT Acadian Maria BOURQUE   Bourque, Bujol
1810 22 Oct/BRDR Juan Bautista BOURQUE   Maria DAIGLE Acadian Bourque, Savois
1811 22 Jul/BRDR Antonio BARA French Creole Rosalia BOURQUE   Aucoin, Candolle, Riche/Riffaud
1812 7 Apr/SWLR François BOURG   Séraphie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1812 6 Jul/BRDR Maturino AYAUX French Creole Rosalia Ana BOURQUE   Boudraux, Simonaux
1814 26 Apr/SWLR Pierre DESORMEAUX French Creole Marguerite BOURK   Abel, Amy, Bourk, Chemin, Desormeaux
1815 5 Jun/BRDR Benjamin BOURG   Élizabeth BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourg, Bourgeois, Loumaka
1815 7 Aug/BRDR Juan Bautista BOURQUE   Margarita GUILLOT Acadian Guillot, Tureyra
1815 14 Nov/BRDR Maurice BOURG   Rosalie ROM German Creole? Ouvre, Rom, Roussel
1816 13 May/SWLR Joseph BENOIT Acadian Marcelline BOURQUE   Benoit, Braux, Prejean, Richard, Savoye
1816 23 Sep/BRDR Josef LE BLANC Acadian Magdalena BOURQUE   Bourque, Guillot, Tureyra
1816 6 Oct/BRDR Carlos Olivier BOURQUE   Rosalia Eléonor BENOIT Acadian Benoit, Pinel, Tureyra
1816 4 Nov/BRDR Fabian Hypolito BOURQUE   Maria Ana TERIOT Acadian Landry, Teriot, Tureyra
1816 25 Nov/BRDR Joseph Silver BOURG   Henriette CLAIREAUX French Creole? Claireaux, Grégoire, Hydel
1816 26 Nov/SWLR Charles FREDERICK German Imm. Marguerite BOURG   Beaumont, Bourg, Chemin, Lesar
1817 10 Feb/BRDR Marcelin OUBRE German Creole Carmelite Félicité BOURQUE   David, Grabert, Oubre
1817 13 May/BRDR Alexis BOURG   Françoise DELMERE French Creole? Delmere, Guédrie, Marcel
1817 26 May/SWLR William "Billy" BEARD (widower) Anglo Marie Silesie BOURG/BOURQUE   Arseneau/Arsineau, Bourque, Henry, King, Nice, Richard, Stelly
1818 19 Feb/BRDR Hubert SIMONEAU French Creole Clementine Marguerite BOURG   Daigle, Landry
1818 14 Apr/SWLR Placide BOURG   Marguerite PARR Anglo Bourg, Dusouchet, Lingois, Pantaleon, Penne
1818 18 May/BRDR Augustin VERRET French Creole Rosalie BOURG   Lamir, Laurant, Turreyra
1818 23 Nov/BRDR Pierre Lorent BOURG   Clementine BOURGEOIS Acadian Amiati, Babin, Turreyra
1818 24 Nov/SWLR Jean Florentin BOURG   Joséphine THIBEAU French Creole Bourg, Dartez, Dubois, Dusouchet, Penne, Ribetty
1818 24 Nov/SWLR Joseph MIRE Acadian Lucie Félicité BOURG   Bourg, Dubois, Dusouchet, Penne, Ribette
1818 8 Dec/BRDR Maurice BOURG (widower)   Geneviève OUBRE German Creole Claireaux, Hydel, Oubre
1819 26 Jan/BRDR Louis LUCE French Creole Rosalie Anastasie BOURG   Breau, Luce, Rabadan
1819 7 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURG   Angélique DUPUIS Acadian Aucoin, Daigle, Hébert
1819 26 Apr/BRDR Narcisse André GUILLOT Acadian Rosalie BOURG   Gotreau/Goutreau, Robisseau
1819 8 Jun/BRDR Pierre Olien FORET Acadian Cléonise BOURQUE   Landry, Rabadan
1819 Jun/Jul/BRDR Marin Joseph BOURQUE   Élizabeth Marceline JOLIBOIS French Creole Jolibois, Luce
1819 5 Jul/BRDR Damas LESSAR[D] French Creole? Magdelaine BOURGE   Breaux, Pertui
1820 31 Jan/BRDR Charles Auguste BOURQUE Acadian Julie BOURQUE Acadian Bourque, Dugas, Tureyra
1820 22 May/BRDR Pierre BOURG   Théodesse TEMPLET (widow) Acadian Aillet, Doiron, Foret, Lejeune
1821 12 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste GIROIR Acadian Rosalie Victoire BOURG   Daigre, Guillot, Templet
1821 5 Mar/BRDR Ursin FELTEMAN German Creole Basilisse BOURG   Bourg, Héber
1821 14 May/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD (widower) Acadian Marguerite BOURG (widow)   Broussard, Montet, Roussillon
1821 12 Oct/BRDR Pierre PIRAULT dit Michel Foreign French Marie Carmelite BOURG   Lennaue, Rappelis, Terrio
1822 18 Feb/SLR Joseph Paul BOURG   Marie Adeline HIMEL German Creole none listed
1822 27 Jan/BRDR Zenon BOURG   Scolastic BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Peytavin
1822 11 Jun/BRDR Narcisse BOURG   Louise AUCOIN Acadian Blanchard, Bourg
1822 16 Sep/SLR François OLIVIER French Creole Pauline BOURG   none listed
1822 12 Aug/SLR Barthélemi JABBOIS [JOLIBOIS] French Creole Mathilda BOURG   none listed
1822 27 Nov/SLR Mathurin BOURG   Arthémise SIMONEAUX French Creole none listed
1824 9 Feb/SLR Similen ADAM French Creole Marguerite Magdalen Constance BOURG (widow)   none listed
1824 25 May/SLR Charles dit Rousseau BOURG   Euphrosine ROGER Acadian none listed
1824 13 Sep/BRDR Valérie BOURG   Elisa Melanie RENTROP German Creole Comeau, Rentrop, Templet
1825 31 Jan/SLR Maximilien BOURG   Eugènie Scholastique AISENNE French Creole? none listed
1825 7 Feb/BRDR François COMEAU Acadian Rose BOURG   Blanchard, Bourg, Guillot
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Godefroi TEMPLET Acadian Carmelite BOURG   Blanchard, Bourg, Guillot
1825 14 Feb/SLR Joseph BOURG   Rosalie BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1825 14 Feb/SLR Mathurin François BOURG   Léocade LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1825 14 Feb/BRDR Evarist LE BLANC Acadian Magdelaine BOURG (widow)   Guédry, Luquet
1825 18 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste BOURG   Carmelite THIBAUDEAUX Acadian none listed
1825 24 Nov/BRDR Valéry PITRE Acadian Marcelite BOURG   Blanchard, Landry, Moïse
1825 29 Nov/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Marie Denise BOURG   Bertrand, Boudreau, Bourgeois
1826 9 Jan/BRDR Pierre BOURG   Marie PENISSON French Creole Bourg, Landry
1826 23 Jan/SLR David/Davis BOUSSAN Scots Marie BOURG   none listed
1826 6 Jun/SWLR Augustin BOURQUE   Susanne/Suzette LEGER Acadian Comeau, LeBlanc
1827 2 Jan/BRDR Charles BOURKE   Adélaïde THIBODEAU Acadian Devall, LeBlanc, Seguin, Thibodeaux
1827 4 Jan/BRDR François Charles Adolphe LORET Foreign French Marie Marceline BOURG   Blanchard, Giroir, Guillot
1827 20 Feb/BRDR Hyacinthe BOURG   Louise Thérèse HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole LaRose, Simoneau, Trahan
1827 1 Oct/SLR Jean BOURG   Marthe SAULNIER Acadian none listed
1827 22 Oct/BRDR Hypolite BOURQUE (widower)   Émelie BARILLOT Acadian Barillot, Bonmenti, Bourque
1827 22 Oct/SLR Simonet LE BLANC Acadian Adèle Élise BOURG   none listed
1827 26 Nov/SLR Marcelin BOURG   Mathilde BAUDOIN French Creole none listed
1828 21 Apr/SWLR Caris MONTET French Creole Marie Terzile BOURG   Bourgeois, Manceau, Montet
1828 5 Sep/SWLR Magloire BRAUX Acadian Erenne BOURQUE   none listed
1828 23 Dec/SLR Joseph BOURG   Hortense Rosalie GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1828 29 Dec/SWLR Charles BOURQUE   Céleste HÉBERT Acadian Lavergne, Richard
1829 17 Feb/BRDR Louis BOURG   Melanie MOLOR (MOULARD) French Creole Lanoix, Terrio, Topper
1829 3 Nov/SLR Pierre BOURG   Rosalie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1829 30 Nov/SWLR Joseph Chevalier DUHON Acadian Marie Célazie BOURG   Broussard, Landry
1830 19 Jan/SLR Henry KARR/PARR Anglo? Marie BOURG   none listed
1830 8 Feb/BRDR François CARMOUCHE French Creole Adeline BOURQUE   Bourg
1830 8 Jun/BRDR Fabien Barthélémi BOURG   Théotiste TERRIO Acadian Aucoin, Giroir, Teriau
1830 15 Jun/BRDR Arsène THIBODEAU Acadian Joséphine BOURG   Bernard, Thibodeaux
1830 22 Jun/BRDR Hilaire BOURG   Zéphirine SIMONEAUX French Creole Blanchard, Daigle, Simoneau
1830 8 Jul/SLR Francisco M. DE BORDES French Creole? Anriette BOURG   none listed
1830 13 Dec/SWLR Michel BOURG   Marie Phelonise LANDRY Acadian Bourg, Gold, Hébert, Simon
1831 3 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste Achille BOURG   Arthémise DUGAS Acadian Babin, Foutelet, Gourdault
1831 14 Feb/SLR Théodore BOURG, fils   Melite BERNARD Acadian none listed
1831 27 Jun/SWLR Gérard BABINEAU Acadian Eugènie BOURQUE   none listed
1831 6 Sep/SWLR Augustin ROYER French Can. Caroline BOURQUE   none listed
1831 17 Oct/SLR Drosin GASPARD French Creole Rosalie Catherine BOURG   none listed
1832 9 Jan/BRDR Thadé Martin BLANCHARD Acadian Constance Carmelite BOURG   Barbier, Blanchard, Templet
1832 5 Mar/BRDR Guilbert BOURG   Rosalie AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Barillau, Bourg, Gautreau
1832 9 Sep/BRDR Armand BOURG Acadian Alina BOURG Acadian none listed
1832 1 Oct/SLR Auguste BOURG   Augustine LOPES/LOPEZ Spanish Creole none listed
1832 31 Dec/BRDR Édouard BOURG   Julie AUCOIN Acadian Bourg, LeBlanc
1833 8 Apr/SWLR Éloi BOURQUE   Adeline SAVOY Acadian none listed
1833 15 Apr/SWLR Achille SAVOY Acadian Marie Phelonise BOURG   none listed
1833 2 Sep/SWLR Joseph Dorsile BOURQUE   Azélie/Julie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1833 21 Oct/SWLR Joseph Valmont GUIDRY Acadian Geneviève Azema BOURQUE   none listed
1833 3 Nov/BRDR Auguste BOURG Acadian Marcellite BOURG Acadian Blanchard, Menard
1834 7 Feb/BRDR Rosémond BOURG   Ursule TRAHAN (widow) Acadian Hébert
1834 27 Apr/SLR Pierre Célestin BOURG   Héllènne BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1834 26 May/SLR Charles Urbin BOURG Acadian Marie BOURG Acadian none listed
1834 14 Jun/SLR André P. SKINNER, Jr. (wdr.) Swedish Imm. Rosalie Anastasie BOURG (wd.)   none listed
1834 4 Aug/BRDR Evariste LE BLANC Acadian Edesie BOURG   LeBlanc
1835 2 Feb/SLR Jean Baptiste COLONNE Corsican French Marguerite Céleste BOURG (w.)   none listed
1835 23 Feb/BRDR Ambroise BOURQUE   Adelvina ALLAIN Acadian Babin, Clement, Leblanc
1835 6 Jun/BRDR Numa LOUIS (LEWIS) Foreign French Carmelite BOURG   Landry, Louis, Polenne, Terrio
1835 27 Jul/BRDR Jean Louis BOURG   Geneviève GASPAR French Creole Bourg, Condrat, Choffe
1835 28 Sep/BRDR Henry LANDRY (widower) Acadian Coralie Melanie Azélie BOURG   Bourg, Landry
1835 10 Dec/BRDR Edmond BOURG   Marie Amelise DAIGLE Acadian Bourg, Foret
1836/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX, fils Acadian Marie Silvanie BOURG   none listed
1836 7 Jan/BRDR Simon Joseph GAUTREAU Acadian Marie BOURG   Bertaut, Gauthreau/Gauthreaux
1836 15 Feb/BRDR Georges CONDRAC German Creole? Augustine BOURG   Bourg, Fols, Riche
1836 15 Feb/SWLR Ignace VIATOR Spanish Creole Georginia BOURQUE   none listed
1836 19 Mar/BRDR Auguste ROGER (widower) Acadian Marie Emeranthe BOURG   Chedotal/Schedotal, Gautreaux, Terriau
1836 11 Apr/BRDR Eugène [Deny Lucien Théodore] LALANDE French Creole? [Marie] Clémence BOURG   Blanchard, Bourg, Burgineres, Folse, Gautreaux, L'allande, Linossier, Loret, Templet
1836 25 Apr/SLR François NAQUIN Acadian Eulalie BOURG   none listed
1836 9 May/BRDR Evariste BOURQUE   Adeline GAUTREAU Acadian Boudreau, Gautreau, LeBlanc
1836 16 May/SWLR Jean CARUTHER Anglo Creole Céleste BOURG   none listed
1836 23 Jul/BRDR Joseph Fabien BOURG   Françoise TERRIOT (widow) Acadian Bourg, Delaune, Gilbert, Tardif
1836 5 Sep/SLR Bastien GONZALES Spanish Creole Anastasie BOURQUE   Butterly, Caillier, Delmire
1836 10 Oct/SWLR Joseph C. THIBODEAUX Acadian Clémence BOURG   none listed
1837 30 Jan/BRDR Dorcino BOURG   Marie Lucie LANDRY Acadian Bourg, Charlet, Foret, Hagu, Landry
1837 1 Apr/BRDR Pierre François M. GILBERT Foreign French Célonie BOURG   Aucoin, Lesage, Louis, Vissier
1837 3 Apr/BRDR Joseph J. SHANKS Anglo Mary BOURG   Boslen/Sostem, Leblanc
1837 10 Apr/SWLR Benjamin BOURGEOIS Acadian Anatalie BOURQUE   none listed
1837 14 Aug/SWLR Delphy DUHON, fils Acadian Marie Olive BOURG   none listed
1838 23 Apr/SLR Paul BACCHE/BACHI Italian Imm. Euphémie BOURG/BOURQUE   none listed
1838 30 Jul/SWLR Placide BOURG   Aspasie DUHON Acadian none listed
1838 3 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste Treville BOURG   Perpétué Azélie COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1838 23 Oct/BRDR Adolph VICKNAIR German Creole Augustine BOURG (widow)   Berret, Bourg, Chauf, Vicknair
1839 8 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURG   Hélène Élise DUPUIS Acadian Aucoin, Bourg, Dupuis
1839 29 Jul/SLR Élie Rosémond BOURG   Adèle DANTIN Acadian none listed
1840 6 Jan/BRDR Magloire BOURG   Apolline TRAHAN Acadian Leblanc, Leclerq
1840 30 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURG (wdr.)   Helena DUPUIS Acadian Blankoe, Bourg, Dupuis
1840 4 Feb/SWLR Louis Benjamin STOUT German Creole? Georgina BOURQUE (widow)   none listed
1840 10 Feb/SLR Gaspard AUTHEMANT French Creole? Basilise Élise BOURG   none listed
1840 25 Feb/SLR Marcellin BOURG (widower)   Adèle BERNARD Acadian none listed
1840 4 Jul/BRDR Charles BOURG   Justine MAURIN French Creole Bourg, Hubbard, Maurin, Verret
1840 3 Nov/BRDR Ursin CAILLER French Creole? Marcellite BOURG   Blanchard, Bourg, Cailler, Heluin, Liniossier, Melançon
1841 25 Mar/BRDR Joseph BOURK   Asélie GAUREAUX (widow) Acadian Berteau, Gautreaux, Leblanc
1841 3 May/BRDR Marcellin BOURG   Héloise FOLSE French Creole? Commeaux, Landry
1841 3 May/BRDR Rosémond BOURG (widower)   Élizabeth DUPUIS Acadian Bernego, Dugas, Dupuis, Landry, Trahant
1841 12 Jun/SWLR Jean BOURG   Colastie LE BLANC (widow) Acadian none listed
1841 12 Jul/SLR Joseph BOURG   Adeline LEBEUF French Creole none listed
1841 4 Oct/SWLR Grégoire BODIN French Creole Natalie/Nathalie BOURG   none listed
1841 12 Oct/BRDR [Guillaume] Joseph BOURG   Marguerite TRICHE French Creole? Elfert, Folse, Rodriguez, Triche
1841 31 Oct/SLR Louis BOURG   Carmelite LOPES Spanish Creole none listed
1842 31 Mar/SWLR Joseph ROUX French Creole? Louise BOURQUE   none listed
1842 5 Apr/SWLR Joseph ROUS Foreign French Adélaïde BOURQUE   none listed
1842 7 Apr/SWLR Louis BOURQUE   Louise LAVERGNE French Can. none listed
1842 2 May/SLR Jean Francis NAVARRE Spanish Creole? Eliza BOURG   none listed
1842 11 Jul/SWLR Treville TRAHAN Acadian Claire BOURG   none listed
1842 30 Aug/SLR Jean MORAU/MOREAU French Creole? Clementine BOURG   none listed
1842 5 Sep/SWLR Vital BOURG   Azema MIRE Acadian none listed
1842 24 Oct/BRDR Corantin LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Adeline BOURG (widow)   Babin, Duplessis, Hébert/Hebers, Lamare
1843 9 Feb/BRDR Amédée BOURG   Célestine LANDRY (widow) Acadian Braud, Chauvin, Dubourg, LeBlanc, Melançon, Richard, Sarazin
1843 18 Feb/BRDR Juan Diego GOMEZ Spanish Creole Anastasia BOURQUE (widow)   Acosta, Aleman, Fuentes, Gomez
1843 20 Feb/BRDR Marcellin BRAUD Acadian Belazir BOURQUE   Ayme, Chauvin, LeBlanc
1843 8 May/SLR Basile François Xavier NAQUIN Acadian Marie Bonne BOURG   none listed
1843 5 Jun/SWLR Florentin/Florentine BOURG   Delphine LANDRY Acadian none listed
1843 10 Jul/BRDR Sylvanie BOURQUE   Doralise LANDRY Acadian Babin, Guédry
1843 10 Aug/SLR [Jean] Similien BOURG   Marie Céleste NAQUIN Acadian none listed
1843 6 Nov/SWLR François Euclide BOURG   Zelmire BAUDOUIN French Creole none listed
1843 29 Dec/SLR Joseph Célestin DOUCÉ Acadian Rosalie BOURG (widow)   none listed
1844 29 Jan/SWLR Zenon BOURQUE (widower)   Marie Belzire POIRIER Acadian none listed
1844 29 Apr/BRDR Zéphirin BOURG   Gerade/Gérarde DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis
1844 20 May/SLR Charles Marie Joseph BOURG   Euphrosyne BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1844 20 May/SLR Pierre Ursin NAQUIN Acadian Marie Adèle BOURG   none listed
1844 27 May/SLR Félix LEONARD French Creole? Donatille/Donatilde BOURG   none listed
1844 11 Nov/SLR Édouard ROBICHAUX Acadian Bazelise BOURG   none listed
1844 9 Dec/SWLR William AGER Anglo? Euphémie BOURQUE   none listed
1845 3 Feb/SWLR Maxile/Maxil TRAHAN (wdr.) Acadian Anastasie BOURG   none listed
1845 27 Mar/BRDR Trasimond BOURG   Irma HÉBERT Acadian Aillet, Babin, Labadiole, Landry, Williams
1845 21 Apr/SLR Charles HATCH Anglo Marie Madelaine BOURG   none listed
1845 26 Apr/BRDR Joseph DOIRON Acadian Rosalie BOURG   Babin, Doiron
1845 21 Jul/SLR Hyacinthe NAQUIN Acadian Adèle Ursule BOURG   none listed
1845 19 Dec/SLR François BOURG Acadian Joséphine BOURG Acadian none listed
1846 22 Jan/SLR Morgan SPRINGER Anglo Azélie Rosalie BOURG   none listed
1846 2 Feb/BRDR Ursin BOURG   Eulalie GROS French Creole Bourg, Jolibois
1846 9 Feb/SLR Jean Baptiste ROGER Acadian Marie Eulalie BOURG   none listed
1846 23 Feb/BRDR Adélard BOURQUE   Eléonor GRAVOIS Acadian Chauvin, Dubourg, Gravois, Leblanc
1846 20 Apr/SWLR Hilaire/Hillaire BOUTTÉ French Creole Eugènie BOURQUE   none listed
1846 27 May/BRDR Honoré FOLSE, fils French Creole? Marie Celina BOURG   Bourg, Folse, Torregrossa
1846 8 Jun/BRDR Appollinaire BOURG   Apoline COLONNE Corsican Imm. Barilleau/Bariot, Blanchard, Colonne, Delaune
1846 29 Jun/SLR François BOURG   Marie BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1846 13 Aug/SWLR Lucien BOURG   Marie Martine DUBOIS French Creole none listed
1847 18 Jan/SWLR Émil BODIN French Creole Célestine BOURG   none listed
1847 18 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste DUPUIS Acadian Joséphine BOURG   Bourg, Dupuis, Preaux
1847 9 Feb/SLR Edward NEEL English Imm. Henriette BOURG   none listed
1847 22 Mar/BRDR Trasimond BLANCHARD Acadian Augustine BOURG   Bourg, Pellicer, Torregrossa
1847 7 Jun/SLR Jean DUBOIS French Creole Adeline BOURG   none listed
1847 10 Nov/SLR W. R. HICKS Anglo Zéolide Mathilde BOURG   none listed
1848 22 Jan/SWLR James MILLER German Creole? Célestine BOURQUE   none listed
1848 27 Jan/BRDR Amedé BOURG   Henriette FALTEMAN German Creole? Blanchard, Falteman, Sigure, Sore/Sorel
1848 14 Feb/BRDR Lovency LANDRY Acadian Célestine BOURG   Blanchard, Bourg, Mendez
1848 15 Feb/BRDR Clairville BOURG   Marie Aimée METRAS French Creole Blanchard, Keane, Martin
1848 21 Feb/SWLR Charles BOURQUE   Marie Anne/Laure LAVERGNE French Can. none listed
1848 4 May/SWLR Jean LABBÉ French Creole Louise Aimée BOURQUE   none listed
1848 3 Jul/BRDR Léonard BOURGEOIS Acadian Mathilde BOURG   Bourgeois, Daigle, Terrio
1848 16 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURQUE   Aglae PEYTAVIN French Creole? Bourque, Brasset, Gravois, Legendre
1848 26 Dec/BRDR Jean Baptiset HENRI Acadian Adélaïde BOURG   Blanchard, Keane, Martin
1848 30 Dec/SLR Théodule MORILLON French Creole? Élise Amelia BOURG   none listed
1849 11 Jan/BRDR Lucien FEUCHERE French Creole? Marcellite BOURGT (widow)   Guillot, Landry, Templet
1849/Jan-Feb/BRDR Calixte AUCOIN Acadian Marcellite BOURGT   Aucoin, Dupuis, Melançon
1849 12 Feb/SLR Neuville FILSE/FILZE French Creole? Felonise BOURG/BURG   none listed
1849 12 Feb/SLR Urbain GUILLOT Acadian Séraphine BOURG   none listed
1849 4 Apr/SLR Pierre Lesain/Lezin BOURG   Marceline/Marcelite Séverine AUGERON French Creole? none listed
1849 30 Jun/SLR Charles BOURG   Élodie ESHTE [CHETE] Spanish Creole? none listed
1849 1 Oct/BRDR Stephen LAVIGNE French Can.? Coralie BOURG   Broussard, Hébert, Thibodeaux
1849 15 Oct/SLR Pierre BOUDRAUX Acadian Eléonore BOURG   none listed
1849 26 Nov/BRDR Jacques CAIRE Foreign French Marie Élodie BOURG   Aillet, Bourg, Labadiole
1849 27 Dec/SWLR Edmond George STELLY German Creole Mélanie BOURQUE   none listed
1850 11 Feb/SLR Adolphe ROSSIGNOL French Creole? Arthémise BOURG   none listed
1850 1 Apr/BRDR Maurice ELFERT French Creole? Joséphine BOURG   Bourg
1850 22 Apr/SLR [Jean Baptiste] Ursin BOURG   Delphine Manette BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1850 29 Jul/BRDR Ulysse BROUSSARD Acadian Rosalie BOURG   Broussard, Thibodeaux
1850 6 Sep/SLR Théogène WABESHEPACK German Creole Nastasie Mélasie BOURG   none listed
1850 30 Sep/SWLR Euclide BOURG   Sidalise BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1851 13 Jan/SLR Bazile BOUDRAUX Acadian Élodie Marie BOURG   none listed
1851 20 Jan/SLR Drausin BOUDREAUX Acadian Azélie BOURG   none listed
1851 10 Feb/SLR Séraphin GROS French Creole Marie Meranthe BOURG   none listed
1851 25 Feb/SWLR Victorin ROMERO Spanish Creole Rosela Euphémie BOURQUE   none listed
1851 27 Feb/SLR Auguste ROBICHAUX Acadian Delphine BOURG   none listed
1851 22 Apr/SWLR Lucien [H]UVAL French Creole? Delphine Aglae BOURQUE   none listed
1851 27 May/BRDR Silvanie BOURG   Adèle LANDRY Acadian Babin, Bourg, Caires, Labadiole, Landry
1851 30 Jun/SLR Valère BOURG   Séraphine HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1851 4 Oct/BRDR François DELLUCKY/DELLUCCI Italian Imm.? Aimée Marie BOURG   Dellucky, Fryou
1852 20 Jan/SLR Léon OZIO Spanish Creole? Louise/Marguerite BOURG   none listed
1852 15 Apr/BRDR François COUSSAT/CAUSSAT Foreign French Augustine BOURG   Devilliers, Guillot, Linossier, Mayer
1853 25 Jan/BRDR Henry DAIGLE Acadian Christine BOURG   Bourg, Copelle, Daigle
1852 30 Sep/BRDR Joseph THIBODEAUX Acadian Mary Caroline BOURG   Broussard, Seguin, Shanks, Sullivan
1853 5 Apr/SLR Maximilien BOUDREAUX Acadian Eugènie BOURG   none listed
1853 2 May/SLR Jean Baptiste ROGER (widower) Acadian Azema BOURG   none listed
1853 18 Jul/BRDR Onésime BOURG   Lise DUGAS Acadian Dugas, LeBlanc, Rogere
1853 21 Jul/SLR Jean/John BOURG   Marie ADAM French Creole none listed
1853 8 Aug/BRDR Henry BOURG   Constance SIMONEAU French Creole Blanchard, Daigle, Simoneau
1853 21 Nov/BRDR Alfred BOURG   Joséphine HIDALGO Spanish Creole Bourg, Chiasson, Landry
1853 6 Dec/SWLR Léandre Charles BOURQUE   Julienne PROVOST French Creole none listed
1854 24 Apr/SLR Élie FOREST Acadian Victorine BOURG   none listed
1854 1 May/SWLR Théogène LANDRY (widower) Acadian Marie Izide BOURC   none listed
1854 19 Jun/SLR Jean Baptiste USÉ Acadian Pélagie BOURG   none listed
1854 10 Jul/BRDR Ozémé BOURG   Élodie GAUTHREAUX Acadian Daigle, Gauthreaux
1854 7 Sep/SLR Aubin BOURG   Élisabeth DUROY Foreign French none listed
1854 25 Sep/SLR Charles Michel BOURG   Melina DUGAS Acadian none listed
1854 2 Oct/SLR Gilbert BOURG   Eulalie LEBOEUF French Creole none listed
1855 2 Jan/SWLR Émile STOUT German Creole? Marie Augustine BOURG   none listed
1855 27 Jan/SLR Marcel/Maxile BOURG (wdr.)   Octavie TROSCLAIR (widow) German Creole none listed
1855 20 Feb/SLR Léonard DULAN French Creole? Azema/Ozema BOURG   none listed
1855 30 Apr/BRDR Trasimond BOURG (widower)   Clementine LOPEZ Spanish Creole Bourg, Daigre, Héert, Lopes/Lopez
1855 15 Jun/SWLR Maximillien BOURG   Marie Domitille TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1855 15 Jul/SWLR Charles LAVERGNE (widower) French Can. Célestine BOURQUE   none listed
1855 12 Nov/SWLR Jean BOURG   Élise MONTET French Creole none listed
1855 4 Dec/BRDR C[yprien]. A[uguste]. BARILLEAU Acadian Stephanie Manette BOURG   Ardigi, Besse, Bourg, Colbas, Comeu, Dejailos, Foley, Fouques, Gentile, Lawes, LeBlanc, Marion, Maurin, Ruship, Schmidt, Tete
1856 5 Feb/BRDR Pierre NORMAND French Creole? Anastasie BURCK   Aleman, Gonzales, Mollere
1856 18 Feb/BRDR Aubain Joseph BOURG   Louise FREMIN French Creole Barilliaux Boudreaux, Follain, Montet
1856 29 Mar/SLR Charles LEHMANN German Creole? Delphine BOURG   none listed
1856 30 Jun/BRDR Neuville BOURG   Delphine BOUDREAU Acadian Badeaux, Berthelotte, Boudreaux
1856 2 Sep/BRDR Joseph BOURG (widower)   Joséphine RAISON French Creole? Bourg, Hébert, Henley, Labadie, Melançon, Tete, Webster
1857 1 Jan/SLR Austin D. THERIOT Acadian Marie Caroline BOURG   none listed
1857 13 Apr/SWLR Octave BOURG   Marcellite DESORMEAUX French Creole none listed
1857 20 Apr/SWLR Lastie BOURG   Melasie SIMON French Creole? none listed
1857 29 Jun/SWLR Valérie/Valéry BOURQUE   Marie Amelia PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1857 24 Nov/BRDR Cleophas Raphaël MOLLERE French Creole Philomène BOURG   Ayraud, Mollere, Rocveni, Rodrigue
1858 7 Jan/BRDR Luigi/Louis PIFFERI Italian Imm. Eliza BOURG   Coussot, Guédry
1858 30 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste MIRE Acadian Joséphine BOURG   none listed
1858 9 Feb/BRDR Hiram Hedwick CARVER Anglo Emma BOURG   Bourg, Carmouche, Mills, Welson
1858 10 Feb/SLR Étienne DELLUCKY Italian Imm.? Pauline BOURG   none listed
1858 24 Apr/BRDR Valéry BOURG   Joséphine LECHE French Creole? Ebert, Lasseigne, Roubatham
1858 5 Jun/BRDR François GAUDIN Acadian? Joséphine BOURG   Bourg, Feuchere, Martin, Medal
1858 26 Jul/BRDR Silvanie BOURG (widower)   Émelie GAUTHREAUX Acadian Braud, Gaudin, Gautreau, Loupe
1858 4 Oct/BRDR Jules TALBOT Acadian Célestine BOURG   Boudreaux, Gautreaux, Landry, Talbot
1858 19 Oct/SLR Léon MEDAL French Creole? Virginie BOURG   none listed
1859 26 Jan/BRDR Siméon BOURG   Arthémise FORET Acadian Boudreaux, Foret, Guillot, Himel, Premeaux
1859 1 Feb/SWLR Joseph C. BOURQUE   Élizabeth RICHARD Acadian none listed
1859 2 Mar/BRDR Joachim BOURG   Élise AUCOIN Acadian Arseneau/Arseneaux, Aucoin
1859 4 May/BRDR Édouard BOURG   Odille LEJEUNE Acadian Babin, LeBlanc, Woods
1859 13 Jun/BRDR Emelius RICHARD Acadian Zulmée BOURG   Blanchard, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1859 25 Jul/SWLR Joseph Stinville HULIN French Creole? Odile BOURQUE   none listed
1859 25 Jul/SWLR Théodule BOURQUE   Cheresia BERTRAND French Can.? none listed
1859 8 Aug/SWLR Éloy BOURQUE/BOURC   Azelina GUÉDRY Acadian none listed
1859 16 Aug/SWLR Philosin GARIO [GARY] Spanish Creole Adoiska BOURQUE   none listed
1859 10 Oct/BRDR Ignace RODRIGUE French Creole? Cecelia BOURG   Bourg, Comstock
1859 27 Dec/BRDR Jacques M. BOURG   Marie Aurelia SIGUR French Creole? Bourg, Foley, Guillot, Helluin, Lambremont, Landry, Marquet, Suarez, Tete, Webster
1860 13 Feb/SWLR Jean Huval/Uval BOURG/BOURQUE   Marie Magdeleine HIGGINBOTHAM Anglo? none listed
1860 13 Feb/BRDR Ozémé BOURG   Marie Emma CORVET French Creole? Bourque, Hébert, Landry
1860 20 Feb/SWLR Joseph BOURG   Marie SIMON (widow) French Creole? none listed
1860 17 Apr/SWLR Louis Sarazin BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Mathilde BOURG   none listed
1860 23 Apr/SLR Onézime DUPRÉ French Creole Roselia BOURG   none listed
1860 24 Apr/BRDR J. E. MOSEMAN Anglo? Louise E. BOURG   Carmouche, Carver, Hermann, Kittredge, Lalande, Louit, Noveret, Roussel, Templet
1860 7 May/BRDR Grégoire FREMIN French Creole Eulalie BOURG   Bourg, Gautreaux
1860 13 Aug/SWLR Émile BOURQUE   Marcellite DORÉ French Creole none listed
1860 26 Nov/SWLR Étienne HÉBERT Acadian Marie BOURC   none listed
1861 12 Jan/BRDR Villier BOUDREAUX Acadian Zéolide BOURG   Bourg, Thibodeaux
1861 22 Jan/BRDR Alfred LEBRUN Foreign French Élisabeth BOURG   Aucoin, Bourg, Lebrun
1861 4 Feb/BRDR Louis CHAUVIN French Creole Marine BOURQUE   Bourque, Chauvin, Dufren, Landry, Lanoux, Louvièrre, Melançon, Peytavin, Webre
1861 25 Mar/SLR Christian MATILL French Creole? Marguerite BOURG   none listed
1861 15 Apr/BRDR Augustin MAITREJEAN French Creole? Adveline BOURG   Bourg, Dugas, LeBlanc, Richard
1861 30 Apr/BRDR Prudent BOURG   Elina SAUSSE French Creole? Dugas, LeBlanc, Richard
1861 17 Jul/SWLR Eugène BOURQUE   Marie Zulma ROY Acadian? none listed
1861 11 Nov/SWLR Aladin/Alcidin SIMON French Creole? Gertrude Aurelia/Azélia BOURC   none listed

Analysis of BOURG/BOURQUE marriages, 1765-1861: 

Total marriages listed:              377          100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           205            54.4
Exogamous marriages:             172            45.6



[running tally]

BOURGEOIS (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1765 8 Apr/NOAR Pierre DAROY Acadian Marie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1765 10 Dec/NOAR Joseph GODAIT Acadian Marguerite BOURGEOIS   Gottereaux, Terrio
1766 5 Oct/C-V Philippe LACHAUSSÉ (wdr.) Acadian [Marie-]Rose BOURGEOIS   none listed
1767 20 May/NOAR Michel BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Rose[-Osite] GAUTEROT (wd.) Acadian Louvigny
1767 6 Nov/C-V Pierre BOURGEOIS   Marie BERGERON Acadian none listed
1767 7 Nov/C-V Jean RICHARD Acadian Rosalie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1768 30 Jan/C-V Jean BOURGEOIS (wdr.?)   [Louise-]Ludivine GRANGÉ Acadian none listed
1768 2 May/C-V Michel BOURGEOIS   Anne LANDRIE/LAUDRIE Acadian none listed
1776 20 Feb/BRDR Juan-Baptiste BOURGOIS, père (widower)   Osite MELANZON (widow) Acadian Bourg, Foret, Landry, Part
1786 4 Mar/BRDR Josef[-Marie] BURSUA   Elena LE BLANC Acadian Blanc, Ligua
1786 12 Apr/BRDR Marcelo LE BLANC Acadian Magdalena BURSUA   Mir, Richar
1787 24 Apr/BRDR Pedro ARSENO Acadian Angela BURSUA   Godé, Presan
1788 21 Jan/BRDR Luis BRO Acadian Maria BURSUA   Bursua, St. Julian
1790 19 Feb/BRDR Pablo BOURGOIS   Magdalena THIBAUDEAUX Acadian Bourgois, Thibaudeaux
1790 30 May/BRDR Juan-Baptista FORET Acadian Sophia BOURGOIS   Bourgois
1790 30 May/BRDR Amadéo SAVOIS Acadian Victoria BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Leché
1790 20 Jul/BRDR Juan BOURGOIS   Félicité MIR Acadian Bourgois, LeBlanc, Mir
1792 11 Jan/BRDR Lorenzo ARSENO Acadian Félicitas BURSUA   Bernar, Bursua
1792 20 Feb/BRDR Alexo CHOLE/JOLY French Maria BURSUA   Bursua
1792 23 Apr/BRDR [Jean-]Baptista[-Paul] BURSUA   Margarita BABEN (BABIN) Acadian Baben, Bursua
1792 23 Apr/BRDR Santiago [Jacques] LE BLANC Acadian Rosalia BURSUA   Bursua, Lanu, Tomblet
1792 17 Sep/BRDR Juan Baptista BURSUA, fils   Margarita SONIÉ Acadian Arseno, Leblan, Tibodo
1792 27 Nov/BRDR Aman BURSUA   Escolastica ARSENO Acadian Leblan, Teriot
1792 27 Nov/BRDR Valentin LANDRY Acadian Célestine BURGEOIS   Landry, Leblan
1793 12 Feb/BRDR Josef MICHEL Acadian Maria BOURGEOIS   none listed
1793 29 Apr/BRDR Geronimo GAUDET Acadian Maria-Luisa BOURGEOIS   Bursua, Godé, Leblan
1793 1 Jul/BRDR Francisco DUON Acadian Maria-Magdalena BOURGEOIS   Bercheron, Duon, Gotro
1794 25 Feb/BRDR Josef[-Paul] BOURGOIS   Rosa ENRI (HENRY) Acadian Arbur, Mier, Tomnette
1794 25 Feb/BRDR Francisco-Registe PART Acadian Constancia BOURGOIS   Bernard, Mier, Richard
1794 20 Oct/BRDR Pablo BOURGEOIS   Anna GAUDIN French Can. Barteau, Bourgeois
1795 16 Apr/BRDR Pedro BOURGEOIS   Maria SAVOY Acadian Bourgeois, LeBlanc
1795 26 Apr/BRDR Juan-Bap. BOURGEOIS   Marie-Magdalena TERIOT Acadian Bourgeois, Teriot
1795 26 Apr/BRDR Pedro BOURGEOIS   Maria-Genovefa LE BLANC Acadian Berry, Bourgeois
1795 4 Aug/BRDR Juan-Luis BOURGEOIS   Maria THIBODEAUX Acadian Arcenaux, Poirier, Thibodeaux
1796 10 May/BRDR Josef BOURGEOIS French Maria LANGLINET (widow) French Bourgeois, LeBlanc
1796 22 Nov/BRDR Pedro BERTEAU (widower)   Magdalena BOURGEOIS (wd.)   Berteau, Cornier, Michel
1799 26 Nov/SWLR François LOUVIERE (widower) Acadian Angélique BOURGEOIS (widow)   Broussard, Chemin, Hébert, Landry, Lenormand
1800 20 Jul/BRDR Miguel BOURGEOIS, fils   Maria ESTIVENE French Bourgeois, Hébert
1802 27 Apr/BRDR Augusto GRAVOIS Acadian Maria-Magdalena BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, LaChaussée de St. Julien
1802 1 Jun/BRDR Simon BOURGEOIS   Anastasia PARRE Acadian Blanchard, Bourgeois, Parre
1802 29 Nov/BRDR Juan-Baptista BOURGEOIS   Rosalia LE BLANC Acadian Bourgeois, Terriot
1803 12 Feb/BRDR Pedro BOURGEOIS   Escolastica BABIN Acadian Bourgeois
1803 31 Aug/BRDR Charles MELANÇON (wdr.) Acadian Scholastique BOURGOIS (wd.)   Bolard, Bourgois, Dicharry
1803 24 Oct/BRDR Simon BOURGEOIS   Marcellite JUDICE French Creole Landry, Moreau
1804 23 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURGEOIS, père (widower)   Rosalie LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Blouin, Bourgeios, Braun
1804 11 Sep/BRDR Jean Marie MOLARD Foreign French Rosalie BOURGEOIS   Duhart, Godé, Melanson
1805 21 Jan/BRDR Édouard BOURGEOIS   Magdelaine MIRE Acadian Bourgeois, Richard
1806 4 Feb/SWLR Louis BOURGEOIS   Marguerite LE BLANC Acadian Dronet, Jacquet
1807 11 May/BRDR Olivier BOURGEOIS   Marie Justine BERGERON Acadian Gaudin, LeBlanc
1808 16 Feb/BRDR Jean Pierre BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Magdelaine BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Tibodeau
1809 19 Apr/BRDR Pierre André PITRE Acadian Angélique BOURGEOIS (wd.)   Bourgeois, Dieche, Dugas
1811 19 Mar/BRDR Rozémon LE BLANC (wdr.) Acadian Françoise Melite BOURGEOIS   Arnaud, Fabre, Gaudet
1812 12 Jan/BRDR Maturino BOUDRAUX Acadian Enrrieta BOURGEOIS   Hébert, LeBlanc, Turreyra
1812 3 Feb/BRDR Joseph BOURJOIS Acadian Marie BOURJOIS Acadian Petrimoulx, Thibaudeau
1812 20 Apr/BRDR Étienne BOURGEOIS   Céleste LANDRY Acadian Bergeron, Bourgeois, Landry
1813 2 Feb/BRDR Joaquin PORCHE French Creole Théotista BOURGEOIS   Bourque, Dugat, Porchel
1813 22 Feb/BRDR Jean Pierre BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Marie Charlotte MATERNE German Creole? Materne, Melanson
1814 21 Feb/BRDR Ambrosio DUGAT Acadian Marcelita BOURGEOIS   Guillot, Hébert, Tureyra
1815 8 May/BRDR Michel CLOUÂTRE Acadian Marcelite BOURGEOIS   Breaux, Cloustre, Poirier
1815 5 Jun/BRDR Benjamin BOURG Acadian Élizabeth BOURGEOIS   Bourg, Bourgeois, Loumaka
1815 2 Oct/BRDR Théodore BERGERON (wdr.) Acadian Constance BOURGEOIS (wd.)   Bourgeois, Guédri, Uriel
1815 9 Oct/BRDR Jean GRÉGOIRE French Creole? Marie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Grégoire, Haydel
1815 30 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURGEOIS III   Angèle GOTTEREAU Acadian Lanoux, Richard, Roullier
1816 12 May/BRDR Valerio BOURGEOIS   Rosalia RICHARD Acadian Arsenaux, Braux, Richard
1816 26 Sep/SWLR Gilles LE BLANC Acadian Magdeleine BOURGEOIS   Arnaud, Berard, François, Halphen, LeBlanc
1816 30 Sep/BRDR Pierre Paul BOURGEOIS   Esther GOTTEREAU Acadian Bergeron, Gottereau, Vavasseur
1816 15 Oct/BRDR Henri POCHER French Creole Marie Nathalie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Fontenau, Shesnet
1816 2 Nov/BRDR Amand Paul BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Marguerite BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, LeBlanc
1817 12 Feb/BRDR Jean Esteval BOURGEOIS   Véronique KELLER German Creole? Bourgeois, LeBlanc, Sheshneider
1817 14 Apr/BRDR Amand BOURGEOIS, fils   Hortense GAUDIN Acadian Bourgeois, Dugat
1817 28 Apr/BRDR Charles COMMEAUX Acadian Marie BOURGEOIS (widow)   Gaudet, Guédrie, Paucher
1817 13 May/BRDR Timon BOURGEOIS   Justine SHESNEIDER German Creole Bourgeois, Paucher, Shesneider
1817 9 Jul/BRDR Joseph Paul BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Eugènie THIBODAUX French Can. Bellanger, Dantin, Guidry
1818 27 Jan/BRDR Jérôme CLOÂTRE Acadian Émilite BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, LeBouf, Marcel
1818 2 Feb/BRDR André LE BLANC French Can. Marie Louise BOURGEOIS   Braud, LeBlanc
1818 17 Aug/BRDR Simon BOURGEOIS   Marie Louise BREAUX Acadian Bourgeois, Breaux, Richard
1818 23 Nov/BRDR Pierre Lorent BOURG Acadian Clementine BOURGEOIS   Amiati, Babin, Turreyra
1819 9 Feb/BRDR Therence THOUPS German Creole Marie Caroline BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Hébert, Rouanet
1819 1 Jul/BRDR Pierre Cyprien BOURGEOIS   Marie Céleste LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc, Robisceau
1820 1 Jan/BRDR François Pierre AISENE French Creole? Henriette BOURGEOIS (widow)   Bolot, Boudreau, Bourgeois
1820 16 May/SWLR François GATT German Creole Adeline BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Brau/Braux, Erwin
1820 22 Jun/SLR Jean ROSSI/ROUSSE Italian Imm. Adeline BOURGEOIS   none listed
1820 14 Aug/BRDR Claude Charles MANNOT Foreign French Marie Joséphine BOURGEOIS   Bourg, Luce, Porche
1821 17 Sep/SLR Rémi BOURGEOIS   Delphien FORAIT Acadian none listed
1822 27 Jan/BRDR Zenon BOURG Acadian Scolastic BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Peytavin
1822 24 Feb/BRDR Béloni MIRE Acadian Melanie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Mire
1822 23 Jul/BRDR Michel MARTIN Acadian Delise BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Ouri
1822 15 Aug/BRDR Félix Zenon TRUDEAU French Creole Rosalie BOURGEOIS   Alfestrein, Mareren
1822 22 Aug/BRDR Jean Louis BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Marie CAMBRE (widow) French Creole? Gueret, Rom
1822 11 Nov/SLR Louis DARBOIS French Creole? Marie Carmelite BOURGEOIS   none listed
1823 4 Feb/BRDR Jean SHISNAIDRE German Creole Marie Élizabeth BOURGEOIS   none listed
1823 6 Feb/BRDR Benjamin CROSS Anglo Anastasia BOURGEOIS   none listed
1823 17 Jun/BRDR Paul BOURGEOIS   Marie Delphine MELANÇON Acadian Bertheaud,  Gotreau
1823 1 Dec/SLR Eugène BOURGEOIS   Angélique BARRIOS Spanish Creole none listed
1824 29 Jan/BRDR Pierre Valéry BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Anastasie BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, LeBlanc
1824 1 Mar/BRDR Jean Baptiste ROUILLIER French Creole? Marie Cidalie BOURGEOIS   Gothreau, Rouillier
1824 19 Jul/SLR Jean Baptiste Ursin BOURGEOIS   Julienne Marcelite LANDRY Acadian none listed
1824 26 Jul/BRDR Narcise BOURGEOIS   Caroline LOUVIERE Acadian Bourgeois, Bro
1824 18 Nov/BRDR Pierre Marcellin BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Séraphine BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois
1825 14 Feb/BRDR Olivier BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Marguerite MIRE (widow) Acadian Breau, Mire
1825 24 Apr/BRDR Pierre GUIDRY Acadian Amelie Virginie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Landry, Poursine, Terrio, Youngblood
1825 18 Oct/BRDR François Silvain HAYDEL German Creole? Eulalie Arthémise BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Doumeing, Haydel
1826 7 Feb/BRDR Louis Clairville TASSIN French Creole? Marie Doralise BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Haydel, Tassin, Trudeaux
1826 12 Jun/SLR Jean Charles RICHARD Acadian Scholastique BOURGEOIS   none listed
1827 17 Apr/SLR Ursin BABIN Acadian Marcelline BOURGEOIS   none listed
1826 31 Dec/BRDR August BOURGEOIS   Marie Scholastique DUHON Acadian Bourgeois, Duhon, Le Bourgeois, Savoie
1827 29 Jan/BRDR Pierre Célestin BOURGEOIS   Gertrude COUSSAT French Creole? Bourgeois
1827 25 Jun/SWLR Barthélemy Bélisaire BONIN French Creole Eugènie BOURGEOIS   Bonin, Bruno, Landry
1828 4 Feb/BRDR François BOURGEOIS   Marie Rose Antoinette HUGUET French Creole Arcenaux, Bourgeois, Dugat, Huguet, Roussel
1828 10 Feb/BRDR Alphonse SEXCHNEIDER German Creole Marie Delphine BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Secksehneider/Sekjehneider
1828 26 Apr/SLR Basile RICHARD (widower) Acadian Henriette BOURGOIS (widow)   none listed
1828 28 Apr/BRDR Pierre Ursin BOURGEOIS   Marie LENOUX [LANOUX] Acadian Bouquet, Lanoux
1828 19 May/SLR Jean DUFRENEY (widower) French Creole? Marie Edesie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1828 30 Jun/BRDR Zépherin MELANÇON Acadian Marie Farelitte BOURGEOIS   Gaudin, Melançon
1828 4 Aug/SLR Étienne BOURGOIS   Marie Ausite BABIN Acadian none listed
1828 4 Oct/BRDR Livain BOURGEOIS   Agnès SEXCHENEIDER German Creole Bourgeois, Sexcheneider
1828 7 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste ROBICHAUX Acadian Marie Virginie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1829 27 Jan/BRDR Célestin CHENET French Creole? Mélanie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Millet, Reine
1829 26 Feb/SLR William A. SHAFFER Anglo Melite BOURGEOIS   none listed
1829 8 Jun/SLR Valéry BOURGEOIS   Théotiste BOUDRAUX Acadian none listed
1829 15 Jun/BRDR Fabien BOURGEOIS   Adèle BERNARD German Creole Berghe, Malthe, Stout, Theriot
1829 22 Sep/BRDR Augustin MIGAUD French Creole? Celadine BOURGEOIS   Berghe, LeBlanc
1830 7 Oct/SLR James M. NORRIS Anglo Joséphine BOURGEOIS   none listed
1831 27 Jan/BRDR Dominique LE BLANC (wdr.) Acadian Marie Perosin BOURGEOIS   Cailloulet, LeBlanc, Michel
1831 8 Feb/BRDR Thomas Daquin BOURGEOIS   Céleste MATHERNE German Creole Bourgeois, Clairo, Matherne, Poche
1831 14 Feb/SLR Eugène BOURGEOIS   Melasie ROBICHOUX Acadian none listed
1832 5 Mar/SLR Hilaire BOURGEOIS   Sylvanie Dupré TERREBONNE French Creole none listed
1832 6 Feb/SLR Urbin BOURGEOIS   Mathilde CHAUVIN French Creole none listed
1832 19 Mar/SWLR St. Clair GONSOULIN French Creole Marcellite BOURGEOIS   none listed
1832 4 Jun/SLR Pierre LANDRY Acadian Mélicère BOURGEOIS   none listed
1832 2 Jul/SLR Joseph TOUPS German Creole Mélicère BOURGEOIS   none listed
1832 16 Aug/BRDR Jean BOURGEOIS   Joséphine CANTRELLE French Creole Bourgeois, Grégoire, LeBlanc, Louque
1832 1 Oct/SLR Joseph MOLESON Acadian Marie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1832 15 Oct/SLR Marcellin SEVIN French Creole Melasie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1833 22 Apr/SWLR Urbin BOURGEOIS   Olive LANDRY Acadian none listed
1834 30 Mar/SWLR Adélard BOURGEOIS   Divine BAUDOUIN French Creole none listed
1834 28 Oct/BRDR Étienne DUGAS Acadian Mélisaire BOURGEOIS   Besson, Boudreaux, LeBlanc
1834 15 Dec/BRDR Adolphe POIRIER Acadian Rosalie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, LaForest, Poirier
1835 14 Feb/BRDR Henri BOURGEOIS   Catherine SCHE[X]NEIDER German Creole Bourgeois, Chenet, Scheneider
1835 9 May/BRDR Laurent DONGIEUX Foreign French Caroline BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Ferchaud, Gonzales, Gourrier, LaCoste
1835 19 May/BRDR Jacques BOURGEOIS   Eveline ROUSSEL French Creole Bourgeois, Roussel
1835 21 Sep/BRDR Séraphin Valcourt BOURGEOIS   Clementine SIMONEAUX French Creole Bourg, Dongieux, Dugas, Landry, Simoneaux
1835 5 Oct/SLR Maximilien BOURGEOIS   Mathilde THIBODEAUX French Can. none listed
1835 5 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste LAINE French Creole? Adèle BOURGEOIS   none listed
1835 30 Nov/BRDR Zenon BOURGEOIS   Eurasie LESSARD French Creole? Bernard, Rogere
1836 25 Jan/BRDR Lucien BOURGEOIS   Célestine LAICHE French Creole? Bourgeois, Laiche, Ory, Poche
1836 16 Feb/BRDR Drausin BOURGEOIS   Marie CUREAU French Creole? Bourgeois, Bujol, Picou
1836 16 Feb/BRDR François SEXCHNAIDER German Creole Euphrosie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Bujol, Chenet, Schneisder
1836 7 Mar/SLR Désiré BOURGEOIS   Anastasie Marie MATHERNE German Creole none listed
1836 11 Apr/SLR Eugène BOURGEOIS   Célestine/Céleste HOTARD German Creole none listed
1836 20 Jun/SLR Leufroy BOURGEOIS   Marie Virginie MONTE French Creole none listed
1836 8 Aug/SLR Alexandre BOURGEOIS   Clémence BERTRAND Acadian none listed
1836 22 Aug/BRDR Eugène BOURGEOIS Acadian Séraphine BOURGEOIS (wd.) Acadian Bourgeois
1836 25 Aug/BRDR Théodule MIRE Acadian Célestine BOURGEOIS   Besson, Duhon, Fletser
1836 8 Sep/SLR Lucien BOURGEOIS   Élizabeth STOUFFLET German Creole? none listed
1836 24 Sep/SLR Pierre BOURGEOIS   Joséphine GAUDÉ Acadian none listed
1836 21 Nov/BRDR George H. BRYANT Anglo Modeste Marie BOURGEOIS   Arceneaux, Bergeron
1837 4 Feb/SLR Paul Sosthène BOURGEOIS   Marie Adèle GRABERT French Creole none listed
1837 28 Mar/SWLR Lazar ARCENEAUX Acadian Horance BOURGEOIS   none listed
1837 10 Apr/SWLR Séverin FREDERICK German Creole Anatalie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1837 10 Apr/SWLR Benjamin BOURGEOIS   Anatalie BOURQUE Acadian none listed
1837 1 May/SLR Antoine MATHERNE German Creole Marie Eurasie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1837 12 Jun/SLR Paul DUFRENEY French Creole? Élise BOURGEOIS   none listed
1837 17 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURGEOIS   Marie Félicie PART Acadian Bourgeois, Louque, Ory
1837 12 Oct/BRDR Séverin Benjamin WEBRE German Creole Euphémie BOURGEOIS   Fabre, Ferchaud, Villavasa
1838 26 Feb/BRDR Lezin BOURGEOIS   Victorine RICHARD Acadian Arceneaux, Poirier, Richard
1838 27 Feb/BRDR Marcellin BOURGEOIS   Melicerte SCH[EX]NAIDER German Creole Part, Poche
1839 24 Jan/BRDR Jean Pierre BOURGEOIS   Hortense LE BLANC Acadian Bourgeois, Landry, Melançon
1839 22 Jul/BRDR Arsène BOURGEOIS   Augustine ARSENEAUX Acadian Boudreau, Bourgeois, Melançon
1839 21 Sep/BRDR Joseph CAMBRE French Creole? Nisida BOURGEOIS   Ory, Poche
1840 17 Feb/SLR Trasimond BOURGEOIS   Eulalie Élisabeth STIVEN French Creole? none listed
1840 24 Feb/BRDR Ulge (Ulger) DUHON Acadian Justine BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Duhon
1840 2 Mar/SLR Joseph DANTIN Acadian Carmelite BOURGEOIS   none listed
1840 9 Apr/SWLR Valéry BOURGEOIS   Margaret ARCENEAUX Acadian none listed
1840 26 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURGEOIS   Pauline LE BLANC French Can. Bonnefemme, LeBlanc
1840 15 Jun/SLR Zenon BOURGEOIS   Louise Elina GAUDÉ Acadian none listed
1840 29 Jun/SLR Magloire LAISNE French Creole? Marie Caroline BOURGEOIS   none listed
1841 18 Jan/SLR Thomas MATTE French Can. Marie Eugènie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1841 8 Feb/BRDR Édouard BOURGEOIS   Juliana Adelina BOUDREAUX Acadian Boudreaux, Bourgeois
1841 9 Feb/BRDR Marcellin BOURGEOIS   Marcellite PART Acadian Bourgeois, Melançon, Nicolle, Tercuit
1841 19 Apr/BRDR Joseph [Florentin] BOURGEOIS   Rosine LAICHE French Creole? Bourgeois, Chenette, Laiche, Schexnayder
1841 19 Jul/SLR Henry Schuyler BOURGEOIS   Louisiane RICHE French Creole none listed
1841 25 Oct/SWLR Joseph CONSTANTIN French Creole? Céleste BOURGEOIS   none listed
1841 13 Dec/BRDR François TEMPLET (widower) Acadian Célestine BOURGEOIS   Boudreaux, Hébert
1842 14 Apr/SWLR Oster Lucien BOURGEOIS   Azélie Marie PREJEANT Acadian none listed
1843 7 Jan/SLR Joseph Napoléon BOURGEOIS   Clementine MATHERNE German Creole none listed
1843 10 Jan/BRDR Éloi DICHARRY French Creole? Claire BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Brun, Dicharry, Huguet, Jacob
1843 24 Jan/BRDR Augustin Hervillien BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Adorestine BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Duhon
1844 14 Jan/BRDR Pierre Beneni BOUDOUIN French Creole? Eulalie BOURGEOIS   Aucoin, Bourgeois, O'Reilly
1844 16 Jan/SLR Magloire BOURGEOIS   Azélie HIMEL/HYMEL German Creole none listed
1844 19 Feb/SLR Hilaire BOURGEOIS (widower)   Emerante Anaïs MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1844 13 Apr/SLR Ulger WAGESPACK German Creole Marie Adèle BOURGEOIS   none listed
1844 18 Apr/SLR Telesphore TOUPS, Jr. German Creole Juliane/Julienne BOURGEOIS   none listed
1844 1 May/SWLR Joseph BOURGEOIS   Céleste GUILBERT French Creole? none listed
1844 31 Aug/BRDR Simon [dit Timon] BOURGEOIS, fils   Alphronsine SEXNAIDER German Creole Bourgeois, Deslattes, Poché, Shexnayder
1844 16 Oct/BRDR Eugène LAICHE French Creole? Marie Calliste BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Keller, Laiche
1845 28 Jan/BRDR Amand BOURGEOIS III   Juliette HUGUET French Creole? Bourgeois, Cloâtre, Huguet, Mire
1845 7 Apr/SLR Théophile GUILLOT Acadian Marie Melasie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1845 15 Apr/BRDR Eugène GAUDIN Acadian Adèle Estival BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Gaudin, Hébert, Legendre, Uzé, Webre
1845 3 Jun/BRDR Théodule BOURGEOIS   Honorein PART Acadian Bourgeois, Lagardere, Melançon, Mire
1845 30 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste GASSEN French Creole? Estelle BOURGEOIS   Gassen, Gastinel, Rebre
1845 9 Jul/SLR Valéry Rosémond BOURGEOIS   Céleste DUFRESNE French Creole none listed
1845 26 Jul/BRDR Théodule GAUDET Acadian Séraphine BOURGEOIS   Deslattes, Frederic, Loup, Madere, Parent
1846 15 Jan/SLR Jules BAUDOIN French Creole Ordalie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1846 25 Apr/BRDR Anselme COQUILLE French Creole Aurore BOURGEOIS   Besson, Brulatour, Perez, Tusson
1846 1 May/SLR Alexandre BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Marie Armelise FREMIN French Creole none listed
1846 12 Oct/SWLR Valsin LE BLANC Acadian Eugènie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1846 23 Nov/SWLR Joassen PATIN French Creole Amelie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1847 2 Jan/SLR Marcelin BOURGEOIS   Julia GAUDÉ Acadian none listed
1847 8 Jul/SLR William DAVIS Anglo Camilia/Camilla Clarisse BOURGEOIS   none listed
1847 21 Aug/BRDR Joseph Florantin BOURGEOIS (widower)   Adèle VAUDRI French Creole? Bourgeois, Lagarderes, Melançon, Poché
1847 7 Oct/BRDR Godefroi GAUDIN Acadian Joséphine BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Gaudin, Lagarderes, Trudeau
1848 11 Jan/BRDR Édouard BOURGEOIS   Marie Doliska BAUDET French Creole? Bourgeois, Melançon, Mire, Poché, St. Armand
1848 7 Mar/BRDR Thelismar Émile WEBRE German Creole Elmire Augustine BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois/LeBourgeois, de Poorter, Uzes, Webre
1848 23 May/BRDR Désiré JOLLY Foreign French Azema BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, LeGardere, Melançon/Melanson
1848 15 Jun/BRDR Adolph Florian BOURGEOIS   Cephalie DRUILHET French Creole? Bourgeois, Druilhet, Poché, Reine
1848 29 Jun/BRDR Cyprien BOURGEOIS   Amelie LANDRY Acadian Coudovin, Gravois, Grégoire, LeBlanc
1848 3 Jul/BRDR Léonard BOURGEOIS   Mathilde BOURG Acadian Bourgeois, Daigle, Terrio
1848 11 Sep/BRDR Davroisain BOURGEOIS   Odalie GAUDIN Acadian Gaudin, Gautrau, Lanoux, LeBlanc
1848 28 Sep/BRDR Ludger POCHÉ French Creole Marie Florestine BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Lagardere, Poché
1848 23 Oct/SLR Apolinaire BOURGEOIS   Asilda BABIN Acadian none listed
1848 26 Dec/BRDR Théodore HUGUET French Creole? Marie Mirthe BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Hébert, Landry, LeBourgeois, Roussel, Swisher
1849 8 Jan/BRDR Louis Isidore BOURGEOIS   Zéolide FRYOUX French Creole Porche, Trahant/Trahantz
1849 16 Jan/BRDR Pierre Lucien GUIDRY Acadian Louise Corine BOURGEOIS   Bergeron, Bourgeois, Claudet
1849 23 Jan/BRDR Silvanie CLOUÂTRE Acadian Marie Scholastique BOURGEOIS   Bergeron, Bourgeois, Guidry
1849 7 May/SLR Justilien BOURGEOIS   Mélicère LANDRY Acadian none listed
1849 12 Jun/BRDR Antoine Elphége POCHÉ French Creole Madeleine BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Druilhet, Lagardere, Millet, Poché, Shexnairdre
1850 24 Jan/SLR Maurice LEVRONT Acadian Marie Eugènie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1850 13 Jul/SLR Pierre Valéry BOURGEOIS   Joséphine PARR Acadian none listed
1850 15 Jul/SLR Étienne Valfroid BOURGEOIS   Marie Émelie BADEAUX French Creole none listed
1850 10 Oct/BRDR Joseph Théovide BOURGEOIS   Marie Clothilde Eve REINE French Creole Bourgeois, Laiche, Reine
1850 9 Sep/SLR Esteval/Estival BOURGEOIS   Laure/Louise BARRIOS Spanish Creole none listed
1850 22 Oct/BRDR Pierre Joseph CLAUDET Foreign French Marie Arthémise BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Espeau, Petele
1850 31 Oct/SLR Olésime DAIGLE Acadian Angelle Modeste BOURGEOIS   none listed
1851 9 Jan/SLR William TOUPS German Creole Rosema BOURGEOIS   none listed
1851 29 Jan/BRDR Silvestre Adrien ROME French Creole Marie Hélène BOURGEOIS   Loucq
1851 24 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste VILLARD French Creole? Élizabeth BOURGEOIS   Bouchereau, Chase, Huguet, Mirre
1851 3 Mar/SLR Pierre LOPEZ Spanish Creole Marie Caroline BOURGEOIS (w.)   none listed
1851 24 Mar/BRDR Therosine [Drosin] ORILLION Acadian Zulma BOURGEOIS   Chambost, Roth
1851 15 May/SLR Faustin CHIASSON Acadian Eulalie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1851 30 Jun/BRDR Lucien BOURGEOIS   Émilie TERRELL Anglo LeBlanc
1851 6 Sep/BRDR Octave D. TERREBONNE French Creole Félicité BOURGEOIS   none listed
1852 5 Jan/BRDR Valmire MELANÇON Acadian Lesida BOURGEOIS   Bertaut, Bourgeois, Guidry, Melançon, Rodrigue
1852 13 Apr/BRDR Auguste JORET, fils French Creole? Callide BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Direvan, Dupuis, Landry
1852 12 May/BRDR Théodule BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Émelie/Émilie SCHEXNAIDER German Creole Bourgeois, Convessault, Sexchenaildre
1852 21 Dec/SLR Michel Eugène BOURGEOIS   Marguerite LEDET French Creole none listed
1852 27 Dec/BRDR Thomassin BOURGEOIS   Marie Armantine MATHERNE German Creole Bourgeois, Matherne, Tircuit
1853 1 Feb/SWLR Jean Stinville MELANÇON Acadian Erasie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1853 1 Feb/BRDR Lucien SHEXNAIDER German Creole Marie Nezilda BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Shexnaydre
1853 7 Feb/BRDR Adam Livain BOURGEOIS   Azema CHENET French Creole Bourgeois, Chenet, Schexnaydre
1853 16 Apr/BRDR Bienvenu GUÉDRY Acadian Aureline BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Melançon, Webre
1853 15 Aug/SLR Pierre Evelien BOURGEOIS   Froselie Mélanie FOREST Acadian none listed
1853 6 Sep/SWLR Joseph BONIN French Creole Euphémie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1854 24 Oct/BRDR Félicien BOURGEOIS   Antoinette Victoria BOUIS French Creole? Bergeron, Bouis, Matlaw, Moebuis
1854 24 Jan/BRDR Émile BOURGEOIS   Lesida BERTAUD French Creole Bertaud, Guidry, Rodrigue
1854 15 Feb/BRDR Jean MINVIELLE French Creole? Carmelite BOURGEOIS   Arceneaux, Ayme, Bourgeois, Gardere, Gaudin, Huguet, Laudouy, Minvielle,Theriot
1854 22 Apr/SLR Clovis LEJEUNE Acadian Uranie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1854 23 May/BRDR Mathurin BOUCRY French Creole? Justine BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Caillouet, Como, Gaudin, Guédry
1854 5 Jun/SLR Lebrecht STEMPEL German Imm.? Marie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1854 12 Jun/SLR Norbert BOURGEOIS   Marie Odile GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1854 29 Jun/BRDR [Philippe] Désiré LE BLANC Acadian Adélaïde BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Duon, Gravois, Gregoire
1854 21 Sep/SLR Alexandre CARDAILLAC Foreign French? Adelina BOURGEOIS   none listed
1854 4 Oct/BRDR Moïse DESLATTES French Creole? Marie Céleste BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Deslattre, Druilhet, Ledoux, Parent, Schexnaidre
1855 5 Feb/SLR Noël DUFRENE, fils French Creole Marcelite BOURGEOIS   none listed
1855 8 Feb/SLR George TOUPS German Creole Marguerite BOURGEOIS   none listed
1855 13 Feb/SLR Léon ROGER Acadian Marguerite BOURGEOIS   none listed
1855 15 Feb/BRDR Simon BOURGEOIS   Adelina DAIGLE Acadian Daigle, Dalferes, Sanchez
1855 5 Apr/SLR Lange GUILLOT (widower) Acadian Marie Melasie BOURGEOIS (wd.)   none listed
1855 24 Apr/SLR Jean Marie VOGNET French Creole? Clémence BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1855 30 Apr/SLR Arsène CHAMPAGNE French Creole Uranie/Uravie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1855 21 Jun/SLR Jean Baptiste BOURGEOIS Acadian Odile BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1855 4 Jul/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie Zelie BOURGEOIS   Boudreaux, Foolkes
1855 23 Jul/SLR Félicien FOREST Acadian Céleste Justine BOURGEOIS   none listed
1855 4 Aug/SLR François BOURGEOIS   Élodie GAUDÉ Acadian none listed
1855 13 Oct/BRDR Joseph VICKNAIRE French Creole? Honorine Philomène BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Furrate, Haydel
1855 26 Nov/BRDR Simon GAUDIN Acadian Helena Justinia BOURGEOIS   Babin, Baume, Peytavin, Rouillier
1856 27 Jan/BRDR Eugène Venzule BOURGEOIS Acadian Odile BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois
1856 5 Feb/SWLR Hyppolite BOURGEOIS   Marie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1856 30 Mar/SLR Simon BOURGEOIS Acadian Eveline BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1856 31 Mar/BRDR Jean Justinien BOURGEOIS, fils   Marie Euphémie LEDOUX French Creole Bourgeois, Brignac, Laiche, Lenoux
1856 7 Apr/BRDR Cledaman BOURGEOIS   Martha Lavignia VASSESSEUR [VAVASSEUR] French Creole? Bourgeois, Marianeaux, Matherne, Poché, Thibodaux, Trudeau, Vavasseur
1856 10 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURGEOIS   Jumilia BRIGNAC French Creole? Brignac, Frederick, Ledoux, Ory
1856 20 Apr/SLR Louis BOURGEOIS   Célestine BREAUX Acadian none listed
1856 24 Apr/BRDR A. François POCHÉ French Creole Felonise BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Reine, Schexnayder
1856 15 Jul/BRDR Clidement SCIONNEAUX French Creole Marie Caliste BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Kleiber, Oubre, Reulet
1857 23 Feb/BRDR Camille DAIGLE Acadian Adorestine BOURGEOIS   Daigle, Melançon
1857 15 Apr/SWLR Placide HÉBERT Acadian Amilie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1857 22 May/BRDR François BOURGEOIS (widower)   Marie Carmelite ARCENAUX (w.) Acadian Bonnecaze, Lachenal, Saunier
1857 25 May/SLR Onésime BOURGEOIS   Estelle LAPEROUSE French Creole? none listed
1857 29 Aug/SLR John PRICE Anglo Elisa BOURGEOIS   none listed
1857 8 Oct/SLR Richard G. EARNEST/ERNEST Anglo Josephine Useve BOURGEOIS   none listed
1857 5 Nov/BRDR Florian BOURGEOIS   Adorestine ROUSSEL French Creole Bourgeois, Michel, Roussel
1858 7 Jan/BRDR Fulgence BOURGEOIS   Rosalie Myrza CLOUÂTRE Acadian Babin, Bergeron, Bourgeois, Braud, Clouâtre, Guidry, Mire
1858 11 Feb/BRDR Étienne BOURGEOIS   Marie Caliste CHENET French Creole Bourgeois, Chenet, Laiche, Reine, Schexnaildre/Schexnaydre
1858 22 Apr/SLR Théodule TOUPS German Creole Marcelline BOURGEOIS   none listed
1858 4 May/BRDR Henry OUBRE German Creole Madeleine BOURGEOIS   Falgoust, Rome, Scionneaux
1858 23 Aug/BRDR Pierre Vileor BOURGEOIS   Mary Olivia BABIN Acadian Boudreau, Bourgeois, Landry
1859 15 Jan/SLR Numa BOURGEOIS Acadian Émilie BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1859 5 Mar/BRDR Augustin Hervilien BOURGEOIS (widower)   Marie Clothide Eve REINE (widow) French Creole Bourgeois, Laiche, Reine, Schexnaildre
1859 4 Apr/SLR Numa FOLSE French Creole? Marie Melasie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1859 26 Apr/BRDR Sosthine LAMBERT Acadian Félicie BOURGEOIS   Bourgeois, Guidry, Lambert, LePretre, Matherne, Scheppe, Trudeau, Vavasseur
1859 9 Jun/SLR Onésime BOURGEOIS Acadian Adèle BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1859 28 Jul/SLR Adam/J. Adam BOURGEOIS   Marguerite BARRAS French Creole? none listed
1859 28 Jul/SLR Marcillien BOURGEOIS   Marguerite THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1859 19 Sep/SLR Joseph BOURGEOIS   Eulalie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1860 19 Mar/SLR Paul Urbin BOURGEOIS (wdr.)   Julia GAUDÉ (widow) Acadian none listed
1860 10 Apr/SWLR Alexandre LEGERIE [LEGER] Acadian Aurore BOURGEOIS   none listed
1860 31 May/SLR Ulysse C. BRU Foreign French? [Marie] Malvina BOURGEOIS   none listed
1860 2 Jul/BRDR Désiré Camile BOURGEOIS   Félicité GUIDRY Acadian Gonzales, Huguet, Yarbrough
1860 18 Aug/BRDR Émile TAILLEU/TAILLEUX French Creole? [Marie] Mathilde BOURGEOIS (widow)   Aucoin, Bourgeois, Braud
1860 22 Sep/SLR Martial BOUVIER French Creole? Martial BOUVIER   none listed
1860 10 Nov/SLR Julien BOURGEOIS   Marcelite DUGAS Acadian none listed
1861 23 Jan/BRDR Louis Marcilien BOURGEOIS   Mirza ROME French Creole? Eymas, Lafon, LeBlanc, Livron, Oubre
1861 11 Feb/BRDR Aristide BOURGEOIS   Marie Pamelia VAVASSEUR French Creole Bourgeois, Druilhet, Labauve, Lambert, Michel, Schnexnaildre, Theriot, Vavasseur
1861 9 Apr/SLR Theles FOLSE French Creole? Clairice/Clonise BOURGEOIS   none listed
1861 18 May/SLR Alexis LEJEUNE Acadian Marie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1861 25 May/SLR Jake MOSSMAN Anglo Marie BOURGEOIS   none listed
1861 23 Jul/SLR Pierre J. ROBICHAUX Acadian Margueritte BOURGEOIS   none listed
1861 1 Oct/SLR Valmond BOURGEOIS   Thérèse FONSECA/FONSEQUE Spanish Creole? none listed
1861 22 Dec/SWLR François DAUPHINOIS French Creole? Amelie BOURGEOIS   none listed

Analysis of BOURGEOIS marriages, 1765-1861: 

Total marriages listed:            332       100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         176         53.0
Exogamous marriages:           156         47.0



[running tally]

BOUTIN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 4 Apr/BRDR Alphonse SEGOBIA Spanish Marie-Françoise BOUTIN   Bergeron, Gimenez, Morin
1773 3 Nov/BRDR Jean SAVOY Acadian Marguerite BUTEN   Buten, Como
1787 19 Jun/SWLR Michel LEGER Acadian Marguerite-Louise BOUTIN   Boutin, Coleman, Savois, Tibodo
1790 27 Jul/SWLR Joseph BOUTIN   Marie-Jeanne TRAHAN Acadian Deborde, Guidry, Mirs, Trahan
1790 27 Jul/SWLR Paul BOUTIN   Anne-Spesse TELLERE German Creole Desbordes, Miller
1813 25 Feb/SWLR George MAYER German Creole Élisabeth BOUTIN   Guilbert, Myer
1816 15 Apr/SWLR Jean MILLER (widower) German Creole Marie Magdelaine BOUTIN   Berjo (Bergeau), Bourque, Boutin, Chesson (Chiasson), Lacase, Marcantel, Miller, Savoye, Scheteli (Stelly), Taleur (Taylor)
1819 28 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste BOUTIN   Élizabeth GATT German Creole Brau/Breau, Gatt
1819 Nov-Dec/SWLR Joseph BOUTIN le jeune   Uranie MILLER German Creole Miller
1825 7 Jun/SWLR George LELAND [LALONDE] French Can. Ursule BOUTIN   Boutin, Castille, Lefort, Mayer
1825 23 Nov/SWLR Joseph OLIVIER French Creole Émilite BOUTIN   Bouillon, Quebedeaux
1828 16 Sep/SWLR Christian HIRZEL German Théotiste BOUTIN   Legé, Lejeune
1829 3 Aug/SWLR André OLIVIER French Creole Anastasie BOUTIN   Boutin, Hirzel, Olivier, Stelly
1840 25 Mar/SWLR Jean Costa BARBE French Creole? Adélaïde BOUTIN   none listed
1845 9 Dec/SWLR Edmond CHIASSON Acadian Phelonise BOUTIN   none listed
1848 8 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste BOUTIN   Amelia BROUSSE French Creole? none listed
1850 12 Feb/SWLR Paul BOUTIN le jeune   Marguerite Azolide MATHIEU French Creole? none listed
1850 7 Sep/SWLR Lastie Séraphin AVIL French Creole? Adélaïde BOUTIN   none listed
1856 5 Feb/SWLR Terville DUPLECHAIN French Creole Pauline BOUTIN   none listed
1856 5 Aug/SWLR Aladin MATHIEU French Creole? Adélaïde BOUTIN (widow)   none listed
1860 3 Feb/SWLR James NELSON Anglo Zelia BOUTIN   none listed

Analysis of BOUTIN marriages, 1768-1860:

Total marriages listed:            21         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           4           19.0
Exogamous marriages:           17           81.0



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