Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

[running tally]


Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1772 12 Oct/BRDR Hubert JANNI [JANISE] French Creole Marie BRASSEUR   Berten, Janis, Trahan
1784 24 Feb/BRDR Paul BABIN Acadian Marguerite BRASSEUR   Babin, Brasseur, LeComte, Richard
1788 27 Jan/BRDR Olivier TRAHAN Acadian Maria BRASEUX   Desormeaux, Theriot
1788 23 Nov/SWLR Claude AUCOIN (widower) Acadian Marie BRASSEUX (widow)   Brasseaux, Figuron, Jeansonne
1794 11 Jul/BRDR Joseph BRASSEU   Théodosia GAUTREAUX Acadian Blanchard, Cazebon, Dupuis
1796 9 May/BRDR Olivier BRASEU   Marina LANDRY Acadian Babin, Landry
1798 8 Jan/SWLR François RICHARD Acadian Hélène BRASEUSE   Cormier, Richard
1798 16 Apr/BRDR Santiago LE BLANC Acadian Marie-Rose BRASEUX   Anry, Gareille
1800 10 Nov/BRDR Jean-Baptiste CAPDEVILLE French Creole Magdeleine BRASER   Braser, de la Cruz, Henriquez
1801 3 Feb/SWLR Alexandre LANDRY Acadian Magdeleine BRASEUX   Jeansonne, Landry
1809 22 Aug/SWLR William WOOD Anglo Marguerite BRASSEUR   Landry, Richard
1811 17 Jun/SWLR Léandre LANDRY Acadian Lise BRASSEUR   Guidry, Landry
1812 23 Nov/BRDR Pierre RICHARD Acadian Marie BRASSET   Babin, Blanchard, McDougal
1816 4 Mar/SWLR Alexandre BRASSEAUX   Geneviève CARMOUCHE French Creole none listed
1816 2 Sep/SWLR Maxime DUGAS Acadian Carmelite BRASSEUX   Chemin, Dugas, Gombert, Pennes
1816/SWLR Julien BARFEUX/BRASSIEUX   Julie PORCHE French Creole none listed
1817 10 Feb/BRDR Narcisse LE BLANC Acadian Marcellite BRASSE   Hebert, Landry, LeBlanc
1819 27 Apr/SWLR Aaron PRATHER Anglo Céleste BRASSEUR   Landry, Prather, Richard
1819 Nov/SWLR John William SMITH Anglo Magdaleine BRASSEUX (wd.)   Granger, Greig, Landry
1819 27 Nov/BRDR Joseph Rubin BOUSH Anglo Ludevine BRASSET   Brasset, Breaux, Landry
1820 10 Jan/BRDR Thomas HÉBERT Acadian Iréné BRASSE   Brasset, Hébert, Landry
1821 15 Mar/BRDR Lufrois BRASSET   Advelina HAMILTON Anglo Landry, Theriot
1822 22 Jan/SWLR Joseph BRASSEUX   Valiene DUGAS Acadian Dixon, Petit
1823 16 Jun/SWLR François RICHARD (widower) Acadian Marguerite BRASSEUR (wd.)   none listed
1824 9 Feb/BRDR Norbert MARRIONNEAUX French Creole Marcellite BRASSET (widow)   Cropper, LeBlanc, Marrionneaux
1825 4 Oct/SWLR Auguste BRASSEUS   Susanne PRIMEAU French Can. Brasseaux, Corner, Touchet
1826 31 Jul/SWLR Édouard BRASSEUS   Arsènne DUGAS Acadian Brasseaux, Gautreaux
1829 19 Oct/BRDR Louis MARRIONNEAUX French Creole Iréné BRASSET (widow)   Hebert, Marrionneaux
1831 7 Nov/BRDR Alexis BRASSET   Azélie BABIN Acadian Babin, Landry, Walsh
1835 28 Apr/SWLR Joasin PREVAUX [PREVOST] French Creole Laurement BRASSEUR   none listed
1835 15 Jul/BRDR Jean DUGAS Acadian Marie BRASSET (widow)   Babin, Comeaux, Landry
1836 8 Aug/BRDR Leufroy BRASSET (widower)   Élizabeth HENRY Acadian Henry, Reynaud, Songy
1836 18 Oct/SWLR Benjamin F. PREWETT Anglo Delphine BRASSEUR   none listed
1839 11 Apr/SWLR Alexandre LAVERGNE French Can. Azéma BRASSEUX   none listed
1841 13 Sep/SWLR Julien BRAKENS/BRASSEUR   Louise LANDRY Acadian none listed
1844 25 Jun/BRDR Narcisse CARMOUCHE French Creole Adeline BRASSEUX   Lacour, Leonard
1844 25 Jun/BRDR Théodule LEONARD Anglo Julie BRASSEUX   Landry, Leonard
1844 25 Jun/BRDR Narcisse BRASSEUX   Zulma LEONARD Anglo Lacour, Leonard
1848 7 Aug/SWLR Orelien BRASSEUX   Orelia CORMIER Acadian none listed
1848 30 Nov/SWLR Octave BRASSET   Calliste GRAVOIS Acadian Bourque, Brasset, Gravois, LeBlanc, Legendre
1850 11 Feb/SWLR Sosthèn BRASSEUR   Suzette REO [REAUX] French Creole? none listed
1850 16 Sep/SWLR Alcide BRASSEUX   Marie Félicia BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1851 24 Nov/BRDR Numa BRASSET   Lutesia LE BLANC Acadian Brasset, Gisclard, Landry, Melançon
1852 12 Apr/SWLR Alexandre ARCENEAUX Acadian Marie Zéoline BRASSEUX   none listed
1853 26 Nov/BRDR J. Edward BRASSET   Marie Émilize LANOUX Acadian Brasset, Pine, Gaudin, Guidry, Huguet, Lanoux, LeBlanc, Mire
1855 22 Oct/SWLR Demas ARSENEAUX Acadian Azélia BRASSEAUX   none listed
1856 31 Mar/SWLR Aladin BRASSEUX   Belzire BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1856 3 Jun/SWLR Adam BRASSEUX   Olida BEGNAUD French Creole none listed
1857 26 May/SWLR Syphroyen DESORMEAUX French Creole Aureline BRASSEUX   none listed
1858 8 Feb/SWLR Adrien BRASSEUX   Azéma TRAHAN Acadian none listed

Analysis of BRASSEAUX/BRASSET marriages, 1772-1858:

Total marriages listed:                    50                100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                 29                  58.0
Exogamous marriages:                   21                  42.0



[running tally]

BRAUD/BREAUX (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 16 May/C-V Charles GODET Acadian Blanche [Cécile] BRAUDE (widow)   none listed
1769 23 Jan/BRDR Firmin BABIN Acadian Bibiane BRAUX   Guidry, Landry
1770 25 Jun/BRDR François MOREAU, fils French Creole? Marie-Josèphe BRAU (widow)   Breau, Gautros
1771 20 Jan/BRDR Étienne BENOIT Acadian Magdelaine BRAU   Babain, Brau, Comau
1773 18 Jan/BRDR Honoré BRAUD le jeune Acadian [Marie-]Magdalena BRAUD Acadian Bertonville, Braud
1773 9 Feb/BRDR Jean-Baptiste CHOBEN (CHAUVIN) French Creole Margarita BRAUD   Babin, Bijeaud, LeConte
1773 3 Nov/BRDR Blaise LEJEUNE Acadian Marie-Josèph[e] BROD   De La Fosse, Lejeune, Orillion
1774 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph BREAU   Magdelaine MELANZON Acadian Brousard
1775 11 Dec/BRDR Pierre FORET (widower) Acadian Marie BRAUD (widow)   Blanchard, Brod
1776 15 Jan/BRDR Pierre BREAU (widower?)   Brigitte FORET Acadian Arceneau, LeBlanc
1776 12 Feb/BRDR Joseph-Ignace LANDRY Acadian Scholastique BRAUD   Braud, Landry
1776 3 Jun/BRDR Joseph BROUSSARD Acadian Anna BRAUD   Braud, Brousard
1777 15 Jan/BRDR Joseph BREAU   Marie-Josèphe AUCOIN Acadian Bourgeois, Breau, Dupuys, Landry
1777 3 Feb/BRDR Pierre RIVETTE Acadian [Marie-]Anne BREAUX   Breaux, Landry, Rivette
1777 4 Feb/BRDR Louis QUQUERIER French Can. Magdelaine BREAUX   none listed
1777 5 Feb/BRDR Michel BREAUX   Marie-Perpétué LANDRY Acadian Breaux, Landry
1777 27 Apr/BRDR Charles BREAU Acadian Esther BREAU Acadian Breaux, Martin
1777 4 Aug/BRDR Joseph SONIER (widower) Acadian Marie BREAU (widow)   Breau, Godin, Melanzon
1778 9 Feb/BRER Pierre BLANCHARD Acadian Marguerite BREAU   Breau, Myre, Part
1778 5 Oct/BRDR Pierre LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite[-Pélagie] BRAUD   Braud, LeBlanc
1779 24 May/BRDR Joseph MELANZON Acadian Anastasie BREAU   Cloitre, Melanzon, Mirre, Terrio
1779 30 May/BRDR Maturin LANDRY Acadian Perpétué BROD   Braud, Landry
1779 5 Jul/BRDR Herman [Amand] BREAU   Marie-Magdelaine CLOITRE Acadian Melanzon, Terrio
1779 27 Jul/BRDR [Jean-Baptiste-]Pedro BRAUD   Margarita DARDENNE French Creole? Hébert, Landry, Marion
1780 14 Apr/BRDR Éstienne MELANZON Acadian Ludovinne BREAU   Breau, Myr
1781 15 Jan/BRDR Manuel QUINTERO (widower) Spanish? Magdalena BRAUD (widow)   Landry
1782 11 Feb/BRDR Joseph BRAUD   Cécilia DUPUY Acadian Braud, Landry
1782 12 May/BRDR Josef LANDRY (widower) Acadian Maria BRAUD (widow)   Braud, Chiasson
1782 23 Dec/BRDR Pablo BRAUD (widower)   Ysabel BABEIN Acadian Braud, Landry
1782 25 Dec/BRDR Pablo HÉBERT Acadian Margarita BRAUD   Braud, Hébert, Landry
1782 30 Dec/BRDR Carlos BRAUD   Anna Monica GUÉDRY Acadian Dupuy, Landry
1785 10 Jan/BRDR Pierre COMO Acadian Claire BRAUX   Babin, Braux, Como
1785 18 May/BRDR Charle HÉBERT Acadian Magdelaine BRAUX   Hébert, LeBlanc
1785 15 Jun/SWLR Jean GUÉDRY/GUIDRY Acadian Marie-Magdeleine BRAULT   none listed
1786 30 Apr/BRDR Alexo BRO, fils Acadian Maria BRO Acadian Bro
1786 4 Jul/BRDR Josef Maria BRAUX   [Marie-]Elena HAMILTON Anglo none listed
1787 23 Jul/BRDR Luis DANTIN (widower) Acadian Margarita[-Blanche] BREAU   Commo, Guillot
1787 8 Oct/BRDR Josef[-Ignace] LANDRY (wr.) Acadian Oliva-Isabel BRAUX   none listed
1788 21 Jan/BRDR Luis BRO   Maria[-Anne] BURSUA Acadian Bursua, St. Julian
1788 9 May/BRDR Luis ARSENO Acadian Ana BRO   Arseno, Guibo
1788 21 Jan/BRDR Juan Baptista GOTRO Acadian Magdalena BRO   Bro, Richard
1789 20 Jan/BRDR Francisco ARSENO Acadian Ludovine BRO (widow)   Godin, Siason
1789 10 Feb/SWLR Michel CORMIER (widower) Acadian Magdeleine BRAUD (widow)   Benoist, Declouet, Genua/Jenne, Modena, Prejean
1789 20 Apr/BRDR [Joseph-]Horé/Honoré BRO   [Marie-]Félicitas TRAHAN Acadian Bro
1789 22 Jun/BRDR Carlos BRAUX (widower)   Judith LEPRINCE Acadian Arceneaux, Braux
1790 25 Jan/BRDR Carlos [dit Migouin] MELANSON Acadian Clara BRAUX (widow)   Braux, Theriaut
1790 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph BRAUX (widower)   Maria[-Madeleine] BOURG Acadian Braux, Prejant
1790 21 Jun/BRDR Pedro THERRIOT (widower) Acadian Lucia BREAUD (widow)   Boudreau, Hébert
1790 30 Jun/BRDR Pedro-Josef LANDRY Acadian Escolastica BRAU   Hébert, Melanson
1792 6 Aug/BRDR Jérôme-Ramon BREAUD   Rosalie-Anastasie LANDRY Acadian Brou, Landry, LeBlanc
1792 26 Nov/BRDR Guillermo-Raphaël LANDRY Acadian Maria-Magdalena BRAUX   Braux, Landry
1793 7 Jan/SWLR Athanase HÉBERT Acadian Félicité BRAU   Brau, Brusard, Gidri, Hébert
1793 9 Jan/SWLR Donat BREAUX   Anastasie GILBAUX Acadian Broussard
1793 10 Jan/SWLR Pierre BRAU   Batilde BROUSSARD Acadian Brusard, Gilbeaux
1793 13 Feb/BRDR [Réné dit ]Simon SIMONEAU French Creole Isabel BRO   Lopez Machado, Plascencia
1793 9 May/SWLR François BRAU   Céleste DUGA Acadian Broussard, Dugas, Landry
1793 15 Oct/BRDR Miguel LAMBREMON French Creole Margarita[-Pélagie] BRAU (widow)   Hébert, LeBlanc, Martinez
1794 27 May/BRDR Simon BRAUD   Margarita RICHARD Acadian Braux, Landry, Richard
1794 23 Jun/BRDR Paul [Hippolyte] BRAUX   Sophia-Adélaïde DUGAS Acadian Cazebon, Landry
1794 29 Oct/BRDR Josef GIDRY Acadian Maria-Magdalena BRAUD   Gidry, LeBlanc
1795 16 Feb/BRDR Josef DUGAT Acadian Maria BRAUX   Cassignot, Dugat
1796 3 Jan/BRDR Pedro-Juan-Bap. LANDRY Acadian Maria-Magdalena BRAUX   Braux, Landry
1796 4 Jan/BRDR Hilario BRAUX   Rosalia LANDRY Acadian Carmouche, Hébert
1796 8 Feb/BRDR Carlos BRAU   [Marie-]Rosalie LANDRY Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1797 21 Feb/BRDR Estevan BRAUD   Victoria BABIN Acadian Braud, Landry
1797 28 Aug/BRDR Juan-Bautista BRAUX   Henriqueta BLANCHARD Acadian Arcenaux, Braux
1798 23 Jan/BRDR Carlos BRAUX, fils   [Marie-]Tersillia GRAVOIS Acadian Braux, Frederique
1798 29 Jan/BRDR Arsenio BRAU   Maria-Geneveva DEGLE Acadian Andry[Henry], Landry
1798 12 Aug/BRDR Henrique VIGEE [VIGÉ] French Can. Maria[-Louise] BRAUX   Anry[Henry], Gareill
1799 10 Jan/BRDR Simon BRAUX Acadian Constancia BRAUX Acadian Braux, Juteau
1799 19 Nov/SWLR Louis BONIN French Creole Isabelle BRO   Bonin, Bro, Thibodeau
1799 19 Nov/SWLR Cyrille THIBODEAUX Acadian Scholastique BRO   Bonin, Bro, Thibodeau
1800 17 Feb/BRDR Juan-Manuel BRAUX   Anastasia GOTHRAUX Acadian Bourgeois, Rousselle
1800 28 Apr/BRDR Carlos BRAUX   Célestina ARCENAUX Acadian Arcenaux, Braux
1800 5 May/BRDR Domingo BERGERON French Creole Henriqueta BRAUX   Bourgeois, Braux
1800 29 Jul/BRDR Luis BRO   Maria-Josefa HENRIQUEZ (HENRY) Acadian Bro, Dousset, Landry
1800 19 Aug/SWLR Jean-Baptiste BRO   Marie-M. GIROUARD Acadian Bro, Girouard, Hardy, Landry
1800 28 Oct/BRDR Joseph MOLLERE (widow) French Creole? Magdalena BRAUX (widow)   Braux, Croquer
1801 5 Jan/BRDR Paul BRAUD   Marguerita LANDRY (widow) Acadian Breaud, Hébert, Landry
1801 13 Apr/BRDR Carlos BERTEAU (widower) French Creole Magdalena BRAUX (widow)   Blanchard, Michel
1801 23 Jun/BRDR Alexis BRAUX, fils (widower)   Pélagie RICHARD (widow) Acadian Braux, LaChaussée
1802 1 Feb/SWLR Benjamin BONIN French Creole Modeste BRO   Bonin, Bro, Chemin, Tenholt, Viel
1802 8 Feb/BRDR Jacques-Prosper HÉBERT Acadian Marie-Victoire BREAU   Mollere, Richard
1802 22 Feb/BRDR Luis LAVERGNE French Creole Lucia-Henrietta BREAUD   Braud, Judice
1802 25 Jul/BRDR Armond BRAUD (widower)   Colesta LANDRY Acadian Godet, Lessard
1803 21 Feb/BRDR Joseph-Edouardo LELANDE (LALANDE) Acadian Maria-Magdalena BRAUX   Braux, LeBlanc
1803 12 Apr/BRDR Paul RICHARD Acadian Henrietta BREAUD   Richard
1803 18 Jul/BRDR Guillaume BOURC Acadian Clarice BRAU   Bouré, Breau
1804 3 Feb/BRDR Raphaël GAUTREAUX Acadian Marie Constance BRAUX   Braud, Landry, Richard
1804 19 Nov/BRDR Benjamin LE BLANC Acadian Scholastique BRAU   Babin, LeBlanc, Richard
1805 21 Jan/BRDR Nicolas LE BLANC Acadian Constance BRAUX   Landry, LeBlanc, Simon
1805 6 May/SWLR Olivier LANDRY Acadian Julienne BRAUD   Arceneaux, Braud, Granger
1805 17 Jun/BRDR Josef BRAUX   Maria DAIGLE Acadian Breaux, Daigle
1806 7 Jan/BRDR Simon RICHARD Acadian Marguerite BRAUD   Braud, Guidry, Richard
1806 20 Jan/BRDR Baltasar PLASENCIA Isleño Creole Henriette BRAU   Aleman, de Acosta, Plascencia
1806 17 Feb/BRDR Paul BRAUD   Marie PELLETIER French Creole Braun, Peltier
1806 25 Aug/BRDR Achille LANDRY Acadian Modeste BRAU   Babin, Brau, Landry
1807 19 Jan/BRDR Hippolite BRAU   Françoise Émilie BOUDREAU Acadian Brau, LeBlanc
1807 26 Jan/BRDR Olivier BREAU Acadian Alise BREAU Acadian Barnier, Landry
1807 2 Feb/BRDR Joseph FORET (widower) Acadian Marie Madeleine BREAU (wd.)   Braud, Landry
1807 8 Feb/BRDR François SUIRE Foreign French Pélagie BREAU   Bormer
1807 13 Apr/SWLR Joseph BRAUD (widower)   Eléonore LANDRY Acadian Jacquet, Perilliat, Prejean
1807 7 May/BRDR Alexandre BRAUD   Marguerite LE BLANC Acadian Dannequin, Landry, LeBlanc
1807 11 May/BRDR Michel BRAUD, fils   Henrietta JUDICE French Creole Braud, Judice
1807 15 Dec/SWLR Joseph BRO   Marcellite CARMOUCHE French Creole Arceneaux, Brau, Jacquet
1808 25 Apr/BRDR Pierre BREAU   Marie Louise BARQUE French Creole? Braud/Braux, Rivet
1808 25 Apr/BRDR Pierre BREAU, fils   Batille LANDRY Acadian Landry
1809 8 May/BRDR Jean NEROUE Foreign French Scholastique BREAU   Altazain, Braud, Richard
1809 23 May/BRDR Jean Charles HÉBERT (wdr.) Acadian Martine BREAU   Barnier, Landry, Rivet
1809 12 Jun/BRDR Joseph Urbain BRAUD Acadian Marcellite BRAUD Acadian Broussard, Dupuis, Guédry/Guidry
1809 19 Jun/BRDR Rosémon LE BLANC Acadian Marie Désirée BRAU   Bussart, Cantrelle, Fabre
1809 30 Jul/BRDR Juan ROMAGOSA Spanish Imm. Maria Josefa BRAUX   Bello, Hébert, Landry
1809 18 Sep/BRDR Félix Athanase BREAUX   Louise STOPP German Creole? Bosinier, Kraus, Marionnot
1809 30 Dec/BRDR Joseph BERNARD Acadian Constance BRAUX (widow)   Bernard, Braux, LeBlanc
1810 5 Jan/BRDR Pierre Paul BREAUX   [Anne] Marguerite HÉBERT Acadian Barniere, Breau, Hébert
1810 6 Feb/SWLR Jean Baptiste SAUNIER Acadian Marie Clémence BRAU   Arceneaux, Boissier, Braux, Louviere
1810 26 Feb/BRDR Firmin BROUSSARD Acadian Anne Marine BREAU   Allain, Broussard, Commau
1810 5 Mar/BRDR Étienne PART Acadian Scholastique BRAUD   Bourgeois, Marchand
1810 10 Jul/SWLR Constant BRAUD Acadian Céleste BRAUD Acadian Bienvenu, Brau, Dugas, Jacquet
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Étienne Urbain BRAUD   Marie Rose DUPUY Acadian Dupré, Dupuy, Lecomte
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Simon DUPUY, fils Acadian Marie Rose BRAUD   Braud, Dupuy, Landry
1810 20 Aug/BRDR Joseph PART Acadian Marie Angèle BRAUD   Bonnet, Braud
1810 27 Aug/BRDR Charles BREAU   Marie Reiné HÉBERT Acadian Barner, Breau, Hébert
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Josef Honorio BRAUX, fils   Maria Félicitas RICHARD Acadian Hébert, Richard
1811 19 Feb/SWLR Armand BROUSSARD Acadian Susanne BRAU   Brau/Braux, Castillon, Potier
1811 13 May/BRDR Joseph BREAUX   Clémence BERGERON Acadian Arnaud, Gaudet, Landry
1811 12 Aug/SWLR Olivier BOUDREAUX Acadian Susanne BRAU   Brau, Chemin, Lemonnier, Lingois, Macquille
1811 16 Sep/SWLR Aurelien BRAU   Modeste BERNARD Acadian Arcenaux, Bernard, Brau, Dugas, Martin, Mouton
1811 28 Nov/BRDR Alexandre BRAUD (widower)   Marguerite RICHARD (widow) Acadian Braud, Lavergne, Richard
1812 10 Feb/SWLR Joseph DUGAS Acadian Marie Célanie BRAU   Cuvelier, Dugat, Macquille, Potier
1812 15 Apr/BRDR Sébastien GUIDRY Acadian Eulalie BREAU   Richard, St. Paul
1812 21 Apr/SWLR Silvestre BROUSSARD Acadian Adélaïde BRAUD   Arnaud, Bossie, Broussard, Dessarp
1812 31 May/BRDR Jérôme BERTRAND Acadian? Magdelaine BRAUD   Braud, Landry, Lavergne
1812 29 Jun/SWLR Dosithée BROUSSARD Acadian Marie BRAUD   Braud, Chemin, Cuvelier
1812 10 Aug/BRDR Juan PELLETIER French Creole Henrietta BRAUD (widow)   Braux, Pelletier, Tureyra
1812 16 Nov/BRDR Luis DAIGLE Acadian Anastasia BRAUX   Larrosa, Savoy, Vives
1813 4 Jan/BRDR Joseph Allain BREAU   Adélaïde LANDRY Acadian Breaux, Landry
1813 11 Jan/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Célanie BREAUX   Breaux, LeBlanc, Uriel
1813 1 Mar/BRDR Maximilien CATOIRE French Creole? Françoise BREAU   Billings, Braux, Franchebois
1813 27 Apr/SWLR Julien BRAUD   Euphrasie MELANÇON Acadian Braud, Castille, Chemin, Guidry, Melançon
1813 1 Jun/SWLR Agricole BRAUD   Scholastique [Mélanie] PICOU French Creole Braud, Hébert
1813 8 Jun/BRDR Joseph BREAU   Marine DUPUIS (widow) Acadian Dupuis, Richard, Simoil
1813 4 Oct/BRDR François BABIN Acadian Adélaïde BREAU   Lorady, Simoie
1813 8 Nov/BRDR Laurent BREAU   Céleste RICHARD Acadian Braud, Richard
1813 6 Dec/SWLR Jean Silvestre MOUTON Acadian Marie Euphrosine BRAUD   Abel, Arcenaux, Braud/Braux, Chemin
1814 13 Apr/BRDR Leufroi BREAUD   Marcelline DUPLANTIER (wd.) French Creole? Braud, Landry
1814 9 May/BRDR Juan Justin BROU   Maria TEMPLET Acadian Blanchard, LaBove
1814 13 Jun/BRDR Guillermo MOLLER French Creole? [Marie] Constancia BRAUX   Boutte, Moller, Rousseau
1814 25 Jul/BRDR Pierre BREAU, fils (widower)   Heloise LANDRY Acadian Landry
1815 24 Apr/BRDR Josef BRAU, fils   Juana Luisa Veronica TULHIER French Creole Blanchard, Terrioult
1815 24 Apr/BRDR Rosémond BREAUX   Marie Émelie BERGERON Acadian Bergeron, Breaux, Dugat
1815 16 May/SWLR Moyse BONIN French Creole Marie Denise BRAUD   Bonin, Braud, Chemin, Hébert, Leroy
1815 12 Jun/BRDR Paul BREAUX   Henriette LE BLANC Acadian Bourgeois, Melanson
1815 17 Jul/BRDR Jasque DURHAM Anglo [Marie] Victorine BREAU (w.)   Burnet, Richard
1815 23 Oct/BRDR Antonio BADEAU French Creole? Émilia Rosalia BRAUX   Boyer, Braux, Tureyra
1816 15 Jan/BRDR Edward BREAUX   Rosalie CLOUÂTRE Acadian Breaux, Clouâtre, Rentrop
1816 19 Feb/BRDR Charles Léondre BREAU   Reine Rose DUPUIS Acadian Braud, Simoie
1816 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph BREAU   Marie Henriette DUPUIS Acadian Braud, Simoie
1816 20 Feb/BRDR Donat BREAUX   Marie Godelive BERGERON Acadian Besson, Breaux, Gaudet
1816 28 May/BRDR Simon Julian LANDRY Acadian Rosalie Justina BRAU   Landry, LeBlanc
1816 10 Jul/SWLR Maximilien PREJEAN Acadian Marie Tarsille BREAUX   Arcenaux, Braud, Carmouche, Caruthers, Mercier, Prejean
1816 8 Sep/BRDR André BREAU   Marguerite STAULE (STAUB) German Creole? Billings, Breaux, Dardenne
1816 12 Sep/BRDR Jean Valérie BREAU   Marie Rose HÉBERT Acadian Braud, Ébert, Richard
1816 28 Nov/BRDR Marcellin COMES Spanish Creole? Arthémise BRAUD   Landry, Randal
1817 10 Feb/BRDR Simon Nabor BRAUD   [Marie] Arthémise LE BLANC Acadian Gaudain, Landry
1817 15 Feb/BRDR Julien William HATKINSON (wdr.) Anglo Maria BRAUD (widow)   none listed
1817 15 May/SWLR Jean Baptiste BERARD French Creole Marie [Constance] BRAUD (widow)   Bernard, Dessarp, LeBlanc, Pellerin, Picou
1817 10 Jun/SWLR Julien COMAU/COMMEAU Acadian Célestine BRAU/BRAUD   Babinaud, Braud, Caramouche/Carmouche, Commeau, Dugas, Landry, Mercier
1817 19 Aug/SWLR Hypolite GUÉDRY Acadian Scholastique Claire BRAUD   Braud, Dusouchet, Lingois, Penne
1817 12 Nov/BRDR Joseph THERIOT Acadian Céleste BREAU   Simoie, Theriot
1817 31 Dec/BRDR François NERO (widower) French Creole? Marie Mélasie BREAU   none listed
1818 26 Jan/BRDR Charles BREAU   Adeline NERO French Creole? none listed
1818 26 Jan/BRDR Joseph BREAU (widower)   Marguerite BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, LeBlanc
1818 11 May/SWLR Célestin LEGENDRE Acadian Magdeleine Estelle BRAUD   Braud, Broussard, Darboin, Dugas, Guilbaud, Hébert, Labeauve, Miramond
1818 25 May/BRDR Gilbert COMEAU Acadian Marie Melisaire BREAU   Boush, Comau, Lambremont
1818 25 May/BRDR Pierre Marcel BREAUX   Azélie BERTAUT French Creole Bourgeois, Remondet, Villavase
1818 15 Jun/BRDR Olivier LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Marie Magdeleine BREAUX   Breaux, Guyot, Melanson
1818 17 Aug/BRDR Simon BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Louise BREAUX   Bourgeois, Breaux, Richard
1818 25 Aug/BRDR Nicolas ARCENAU Acadian Carmelite BREAU   Bourgeois, Foret, Godé
1818 21 Sep/BRDR Pierre Michel LAMBREMONT French Creole [Marie] Louise BREAUX   Bousch, Comau, Landry
1818 28 Sep/BRDR David LANDRY Acadian Cléonise BREAU   Boush, Breau, Rivet
1818 28 Sep/BRDR Joseph BREAU (widower) Acadian Marguerite BREAU Acadian Babin, Breau, Richard
1818 5 Oct/SWLR Anselme BLAIRE Anglo Marie Céleste BRAU   Arcenaux, Braux/Bro, Guédry, Pregean
1818 23 Nov/BRDR Aimable André LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite Joséphine BREAU   Breau, Landry
1818 24 Nov/BRDR Jean Baptiste ROBISCHEAU Acadian Marie Magdaileine BREAUX   Boudraux, Hébert, LeBlanc
1819 1 Feb/BRDR Ursin LE BLANC Acadian Cidalise BREAU   Duga/Dugas
1819 15 Feb/SWLR Éloy HÉBERT Acadian Céleste BREAUX   Braud, Hébert, St. Julien, Villejouan
1819 7 Jun/SWLR Charles BRAUX/BREAUX, fils (widower)   Marguerite HÉBERT Acadian Braux, Dubuclet, Dugal/Dugat, Guidry, Hébert, Martin, Paillet, Sonnier
1819 6 Jul/SWLR André Maximilien PREJEAN Acadian Marguerite Joséphine BRAUX   Smith
1819 20 Jul/BRDR Joseph Benoît RICHARD Acadian Céleste BREAUX   Anfeux, Bolot
1819 11 Oct/BRDR [Pierre] Élie AUCOIN Acadian Martine BREAU (widow)   Aucoin, Blanchard
1819 1 Nov/BRDR Pierre LELUSSEAU French Creole? Marguerite BREAU   Lambremont, Rivet
1820 7 Feb/SWLR Landry BRAUX   Céleste LEGER Acadian Perrodin, Saunier
1820 4 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste BRAUD   Françoise LANDRY (widow) Acadian Braud, Brasset
1820 14 Feb/BRDR Étienne COMEAU Acadian Marie Céleste BREAU   Breau, Landry, Troxclere
1820 19 Mar/BRDR Dr. C. David HATCH (widower) Anglo Marie Rose BREAU   Braud, Landry, Simoie
1820 11 Apr/BRDR Joseph/Olivier HÉBERT Acadian Félicité BRAUX/BREAUX   none listed
1820 24 Apr/BRDR Jean Noël DUPUIS Acadian Marie Clémence BRAUD   Braud, Ébert
1820 24 Apr/SLR Jean Pierre THIBODEAUX Acadian Marie Claire Marguerite BRAU   none listed
1820 19 Jun/SWLR François BRAU/BREAUX   Esther MARTIN Acadian Braud/Braux, Doucet, Dusouchet, Martin, Roussillon
1820 4 Jul/BRDR Olivier BREAU (widow)   Félicité PARENT French Creole? Parent, Simoie
1820 27 Dec/SWLR Félix BREAUX   Eufrosine VIGÉ French Creole? Beler, Franchbois, Vigé
1821 3 Jan/BRDR Joseph Alexander BRAUD  (widower)   Martine TERRIO Acadian Landry, Terrio
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Maturin LANDRY Acadian Marie Azélie BREAU   Breau, Landry, Rivet
1821 15 Mar/BRDR Étienne Anaclet BRAUD   Apouline LANDRY Acadian Terrio
1821 7 May/BRDR Saloman B[R]OUX   Catarina STAUB German Creole? Brox, Jones, Melançon, Rivet
1821 17 Sep/SWLR Maximilien CARMOUCHE French Creole Adélaïde BRAUX   Arceneaux, Bernard, Brau/Braux, Carmouche, Martin, Mercier
1821 12 Nov/SLR Joseph Marie BREAUX   Tarzile Marie AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1821 31 Dec/SWLR Pierre Émile ARCENEAUX Acadian Marie Azélie BREAUX   Arconneaux/Arsonneau, Brau/Braud/Breau, Carmouche, Stouds/Stouts, Thibaudau/Thibaudeau
1822 18 Feb/SWLR Hypolite BARRA French Creole Marie Aspasie BRAUD   Bara, Braux, Doucet, Ducrest
1822 18 Feb/BRDR Godefroi BREAU   Marie Rose COUPELLE French Creole? Bigeschi, Bourg
1822 15 Apr/SWLR Valéry BREAUX   Marcellite FAUSTIN French Creole Brau/Braux, Hébert, Martin
1822 6 Jul/SWLR Pierre [Zéphirin] DOUCET Acadian Adeline BREAUX   Babin, Bernard, Braud/Braux/Bro, Doucet, Dusouchet, Roussillon
1822 26 Dec/SWLR Hypolite BRAUX   Julie BABINAU Acadian none listed
1823 11 Feb/BRDR John BILLINGS Anglo Marie Hortense BREAU   Gellusham, Jacob
1823 13 Apr/BRDR Célestin MOLERE French Creole Artémise BREAUD   Blanchard, Rodrigues, Vives
1823 26 May/SLR Pierre BRAUX/BREAUX   Marie Froisine ROGER Acadian none listed
1823 23 Jun/BRDR Pierre C. LAMBREMONT French Creole Felonise BREAU   Blake, Lambremont, Willis
1823 14 Jul/BRDR Pierre Onésime BREAU   Marie Éléonise HÉBER Acadian Braud
1823 1 Sep/SLR Donat Benjamin LANDRY Acadian Marie Delphine BRAUX   none listed
1823 24 Nov/BRDR Firmin Davas LANDRY (widower) Acadian Mélesaire BREAU (widow)   Bouche, Hébert
1824 23 Feb/SLR Paul BRAUX/BREAUX   Clementine ROBICHEAUX Acadian none listed
1824 26 Apr/BRDR Pierre BRAUX (widower)   Modeste HUMBOT French Creole? Braud
1824 14 Jun/BRDR Jean Pierre RICHARD Acadian Marguerite BREAUD   Duga, Richard
1824 30 Aug/BRDR Marie François Arsène BRAU   Julie LETULLIER French Creole Betencour, Guédry, Tulier
1824 19 Nov/SWLR Michel PRUDHOMME Foreign French Magdelaine Estelle BRAUD   Braud, Broussard, Haché
1824 23 Nov/BRDR Zenon MELANÇON (widower) Acadian Cléanise BREAU (widow)   Breau, Melançon, Rivet
1825 18 Jan/BRDR Léon LE BLANC Acadian Euphémie Delia BRAUD   Braud, Comes, Dugat, LeBlanc, Terrio
1825 18 Jan/BRDR Ferdinand TERRIO Acadian Marie Aspasie BRAUD   Comes, Dugat
1825 31 Jan/SLR Achille BRAUX/BREAUX   Marie Rosalie DUGAT Acadian none listed
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Louis Dorville BREAU   Marie Sophie BOUCH Anglo? Braux, Bush, Hébert, Henry
1825 10 Feb/BRDR Auguste GODET (GAUDET) Acadian Marine BRAUD   Braud, Lalanni
1825 14 Feb/SLR Valéry BRAUX/BREAUX   Marguerite ROGER Acadian none listed
1825 4 May/SWLR François BREAUX, fils   Marie CORMIER (widow) Acadian Brashear, Braux, Donat, Dugas, Mouton
1825 8 May/SWLR Rosémond LOUVIERE Acadian [Marie] Magdelaine BREAUX (widow)   Bonin, Landry, Louviere, Roussillon
1825 28 Jul/BRDR Maximilien BABIN Acadian Victoire BRAUD   Babin, Braud, Richard
1825 11 Aug/BRDR Jean Trasimond LANDRY Acadian Modeste BRAUD (widow)   Duffel, Landry, Vives, Winchester
1825 1 Sep/BRDR Alexandre Eusèbe BABIN (widower) Acadian Marie Magdelaine BRAUD (widow)   Braud
1825 8 Sep/BRDR Rosémond BRAUD (widower)   Mélanie DUGAT (widow) Acadian Bergeron, Dugat
1825 10 Oct/SWLR François BREAUX   Louisa HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1826 9 Jan/BRDR Joseph HENRY Acadian Marie Séraphine BREAU   none listed
1826 3 Apr/BRDR Jacob MEYERE German Creole? Mélasie BREAU   Braud, Gilbert
1826 26 Apr/BRDR Valéri Damien BREAU   Marguerite COUPEL French Creole? Landry, Leseigne
1826 1 May/SLR L'ange Vincent MAGGIOLO (widower) Italian Imm. Marie Félicité BRAUD/BREAU   none listed
1826 6 Aug/BRDR Félix Jean Baptiste LANDRY Acadian Marie Aurore BRAUD   Dugas
1827 26 Feb/SWLR Alexandre BREAUX   Magdelaine Lisa LANDRY Acadian Arceneaux, Landry, Thibodeaux
1827 27 Feb/BRDR Laurent [Derosier] BRAUD   Magdalene DENOUS (widow) French Creole Braud, LeBlanc
1827 25 Feb/BRDR Pierre Edmond BRAUD   Adèlle Marcelline DUGAS Acadian Babin, Braud, Burvant
1827 15 May/SWLR Jean Baptiste MATERN German Creole Mary BREAUX   none listed
1827 20 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste BRAUX   Marie Uranie LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Braux, LeBlanc
1827 24 Jul/BRDR Rosémond LAMBREMONT French Creole Clementine BRAUX   Braud, Lambremont
1828 28 Jan/SWLR Jean Louis BEGNAUD French Creole Doralise BREAUX   Brau/Braux, Guilbaud, Landry
1828 28 Jan/SWLR Eugène BREAUX   Joséphine BEGNAUD French Creole Begnaud, Brau/Braux, Guilbaud, Landry
1828 4 Feb/SLR Édouard BRAU/BRAUD   Marie Artémise LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1828 18 Feb/BRDR Henry BRO   Joséphine DUON (DUHON) Acadian Dugat, Duon, Ledet, Mollere, Signoret
1828 14 Apr/BRDR Augustin BRAUD   Eglantine ROUSSEAU French Creole Breau, Gauthreau/Gotrau
1828 5 May/SLR Dominque Honnoré BRAUX   Élisabeth ALBERT French Creole none listed
1828 26 May/BRDR Félix BREAU   Marie BADAUD [BADEAU] French Creole? Badaud
1828 23 Jun/SWLR Thomas HANKS Anglo Marcellite BREAUX (widow)   none listed
1828 1 Jul/SWLR Siphorien PREJEAN Acadian Marie Eugènie BRAU   Arceneaux, Braux, Prejean
1828 21 Jul/BRDR Pierre Enibert BREAU   Marie Rosalie LAMBREMONT French Creole Breau, Lambremont, Landry
1828 5 Sep/SWLR Magloire BREAUX   Erenne [Iréné] BOURQUE Acadian none listed
1829 20 Jan/BRDR Valéry BREAU   Marie Artémise BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Brau/Breau, Samouillan
1829 3 Feb/SWLR Élizé DUPUIS (widower) Acadian Mélanie BREAUX   Brau/Braud/Braux, Guilbeaud
1829 23 Feb/SWLR Pierre Rogemond (Rozémond) BREAUX   Geneviève Caliste ARCENEAUX Acadian Braux, Dugas, Guilbeau, Patin
1829 2 Mar/BRDR Édouard GUÉDRY (widower) Acadian Marie Louise BREAUX   Braud, Gautreaux
1829 2 Mar/SWLR Dosité BREAUX Acadian Silvanie BREAUX Acadian Arceneau, Brau/Braud, Castille, Dupuis
1829 11 Apr/BRDR Joseph BRAUX   Marie Cécile CAPDEVIEL French Creole Braud/Braux/Breaux, Capdeville
1829 18 May/SWLR Archille BREAUX   Marie Carmelle MIRRE Acadian Girroir, Mire
1829 22 Jun/SWLR Cyprien ARCENEAUX, fils Acadian Marie Bonne BREAUX   Arcenaux, Braux, Dufour
1829 20 Jul/SWLR Joseph Louis BERNARD Acadian Marie Artémise BREAUX   Bernard, Boudreau, Brau/Breau
1829 14 Dec/SWLR Charles GRANGER, fils Acadian Cicile BRAU   Dugast, Gautrot, Grangé, Landry
1830 11 Jan/SWLR Treville BREAUX   Marie RICHARD Acadian Arceneaux, Mouton, Richard
1830 25 Jan/BRDR Charles BREAU (widower)   [Marie] Ursule TRAHAN (wd.) Acadian Daigre, Ferbose, Hébert
1830 25 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste LANDRY (wdr.) Acadian Anasie Adelina BREAU   Braud, Landry
1830 12 Apr/SWLR Armand BREAUX Acadian Calice BREAUX Acadian Arcenaux, Braud/Breaux, Manceaux
1830 17 May/SLR Henry Jean LIRETTE French Creole Marie Josèph[e] BRAUX   none listed
1830 31 May/BRDR Pierre BRAUD, fils   Françoise Euphrasie LANDRY Acadian Braud, Landry
1830 1 Jun/BRDR Neuville ROTH German Creole? Marie Angèle BRAUD   Héber/Hébert, Moller
1830 2 Jun/SLR Jean Auguste BABIN Acadian Marie Marguerite BRAUX   none listed
1830 7 Jun/BRDR Victor ALLAIN Acadian Marie Aimée BREAUX   Allain, Breaux, LeBlanc
1830 5 Jul/BRDR Richard Damas BRAUD   Marie Hélène DUPUY Acadian Dupuis, Richard
1830 12 Jul/SLR Marcellin BRAU/BRAUX   Azelie DUGAS/DUGAT Acadian none listed
1830 24 Oct/BRDR Antoine BLOOMFIELD Irish Imm. Eliza BRAUD   Dugas, Mollere, Robeliny
1830 25 Oct/BRDR Paul LE BLANC Acadian Marie Ester BRAUD   Breau, LeBlanc, Melançon, Richard
1831 14 Feb/BRDR Joseph Delmaire LAVERGNE French Creole Eléonore BRAUD   Braud, Chenet, Landry
1831 16 Jun/SWLR Norbert DUGAS Acadian Erasie BRAU   none listed
1831 1 Aug/SLR Jacques MARTIN Acadian Marie Pauline BRAUX   none listed
1831 19 Sep/BRDR Jean Marie RICHARD Acadian Marie Eliza BRAUD   Braud, LeBlanc, Richard
1831 19 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste BREAUX, fils   Marie Josèphe LEBLEU French Creole none listed
1832 5 Mar/BRDR Joseph Marcelin BREAUX   Odile BABIN Acadian Breaux, Landry
1832 26 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste DAVID Acadian Marguerite Elmire BRAUD   none listed
1832 5 May/SWLR Dosité BRAUD (widower)   Adélaïde Arsène GUILBEAUD Acadian none listed
1832 7 May/SWLR Eugène BREAUX   Euphémie SONNIER Acadian none listed
1832 13 Aug/SLR Jean Marcelin BRAUX   Adénaïse BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1833 2 Jan/BRDR Hippolite BRAUX   Hélène DUON Acadian Braud, Landry, LeBlanc, Rodriguez
1833 21 Jan/BRDR Simon Marcelin RICHARD Acadian Marie Lorenza BREAUX   Richard
1833 4 Feb/BRDR Onésime LANDRY Acadian Marceline BREAUD   Breaud, Landry
1833 7 Feb/SWLR Joseph BABINAU (widower) Acadian Marie Uranie BREAUD   none listed
1833 18 Feb/SWLR Émilien ARCENEAUX Acadian Céleste BREAUX   none listed
1833 10 Jun/SLR Florentin BERGERON Acadian Marie Marcellite BRAUX   none listed
1833 10 Jun/SLR Victorin BRAUX   Marie Elvina HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1833 16 Sep/SLR Hyppolite CHAUVIN French Creole Mathilde BRAUD/BRAUX   none listed
1834 10 Feb/SLR Joseph Joachim BREAU   Léonice ROBICHAUT Acadian none listed
1834 30 Mar/BRDR Pierre DUPLESSIS French Creole Marie Aramie BRAUD   Broussard, Hébert, St. Amant
1834 30 Mar/SWLR François ARCENEAUX (wdr.) Acadian Scholastique BREAUX (wd.)   none listed
1834 19 May/BRDR Eugène BREAUX   Uranie LANDRY Acadian Breau, Lambremont, Landry
1834 26 May/BRDR Benjamin POIRRIER Acadian Émelie BRAUD   Arcenaux, Braud, Caillouet, Cox, Gonzales, Grein, Poirrier, Rouileler
1834 9 Jun/BRDR Evariste ARCENEAUX Acadian Marie Berazire BREAUX   Breaud, Langford, Savoy
1834 21 Jul/SWLR François BREAUX   Rosalie COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1834 4 Aug/SWLR Simon BREAUX   Carmelite GRANGER Acadian none listed
1834 10 Nov/BRDR Joseph Antoine BARBIER French Creole Marcellite BRAUD   Barbier, Daigle
1834 24 Nov/BRDR Léon TIBODEAUX Acadian Marie BRAUX   none listed
1835 20 Apr/SWLR Martin LEBLEU French Creole Carmelite BREAU   none listed
1835 11 May/BRDR Eugène GAUTREAUX Acadian Marie Delphine BRAUD   Guédry, Henderson, Richard
1835 19 May/BRDR Lucien GUIDRY Acadian Marie Gérarde BREAUD   Breaux, Broussard, Gotreau
1835 17 Aug/SWLR Charles BREAUX   Adélaïde LANDRY Acadian none listed
1835 3 Sep/BRDR Simon Alexandre BRAUD   Lise SOMPAYRAC French Creole? Braud, Causin, Sompayrac
1835 7 Dec/SWLR Étienne LATIOLAIS French Creole Urazie BREAUX   none listed
1835 26 Dec/BRDR Adélard BABIN (widower) Acadian Célanie BRAUD   Braud
1836 25 Jan/BRDR Derozin BREAUX   Angeline LANCLOS French Creole? Delacroix, Greaud, Leonard, Robert
1836 28 Jan/SWLR Donat BREAUX, fils Acadian Élizabeth BREAUX Acadian none listed
1836 11 Feb/BRDR Joseph Arvillien BREAUX   Anne Selima HÉBERT Acadian Braux, Henry
1836 19 Mar/BRDR Célestin ALLAIN Acadian Marie Constance BRAUD   Brau, Landry, Lejeune
1836 5 Apr/SWLR François Terence BREAUX   Louise DUGAS Acadian none listed
1836 30 May/BRDR Ulgère MAYER German Creole Eugénie Prescide BREAUX   Catoire, LaPorte, Metayer
1836 17 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste BREAUX   Marguerite WALSH Anglo? Irish? Breaux, Comeau
1836 10 Oct/SWLR Ermogène BREAUX   Clémence THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1836 26 Nov/BRDR Armand BLANCHARD Acadian Claris BREAUX   Blanchard, Breaux, LeBlanc
1836 27 Dec/BRDR Benjamin Achille LANDRY Acadian Pauline Cécile BREAUX   Breaux, Lambremont, Landry
1837 6 Feb/BRDR Nicolas BABIN Acadian Marie Antoinette BRAUD   Braud, Crawford, Landry
1837 3 Apr/BRDR Eugène BRAUD   Joséphine LE BLANC Acadian Braud, Crawford, Landry, LeBlanc
1837 3 Apr/BRDR Rosémond L. BRAUD   Ursule SOMPEYRAC French Creole? Braud, Dannequin, Pujos
1837 29 May/BRDR Arsène BREAUX, fils   Marie Rosalie LAMBREMONT (widow) French Creole Breaux, Sigur
1837 28 Aug/BRDR Valsin MAYER German Creole Marguerite Isoline BREAUX   Breaux, Catoire, Crain
1837 11 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste BRAUD   Marie DAIGLE Acadian Braud, Daigle, Landry
1837 27 Nov/BRDR Zéphirin BREAUX   Anne Euphémie COMMEAUX Acadian Breaux, Lambremont, Sigur
1838 15 Jan/BRDR Laurent Joachin BREAUD   Magdeleine Uranie RICHARD Acadian Braud, Broussard, Richard
1838 14 May/BRDR J. Adélard BRAUD   Henrietta LANDRY Acadian Dugas, Landry, Martin, Pedeclaux
1838 16 Jul/BRDR [Pierre] Eugène BRAUD (widower)   Virginie LAMBREMONT French Creole Braud/Breau/Breaud, Lambremont, Sigur
1838 24 Sep/SWLR Lucien Louis DECUIR French Creole Cléonise BREAUX   none listed
1838 1 Oct/BRDR Pierre Désiré GODEFROY Foreign French Marie Adveline BREAUX   Breaux, Dehon, Gallaugher, Henri, Landry
1838 9 Oct/SWLR Hyppolite BRAUX   Irma BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1838 27 Nov/SWLR Édouard PELTIER French Creole Marguerite BRAU   none listed
1838 28 Nov/SWLR Ermogène BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Euphémie BREAU   none listed
1839 7 Jan/BRDR Dorville BREAUX (widower)   Marie Caroline LANDRY (wd.) Acadian Braud, Landry
1839 8 Jan/SWLR Édouard NAVARRE Spanish Creole? Célest Oliva BREAUX   none listed
1839 28 Jan/BRDR Joseph BROU III   Marie Aureline DAIGRE Acadian Clement, White
1839 28 Jan/BRDR Adonis HÉBERT Acadian Marie Constance BROU (widow)   Clement, White
1839 4 Feb/BRDR Paul LE BLANC Acadian Henriette Lodoiska BRAUD   Bergeron, Braud/Breaud
1839 4 Feb/BRDR Pierre LE BLANC Acadian Marie Aglaee BRAUD   Bergeron, Braud
1839 1 Apr/SLR Edward T. BURNHAM Anglo Lucie Delphine BRAUX   none listed
1839 2 Apr/BRDR Joseph BERGERON Acadian Marine BRAUD   Arceneaux, Bergeron, LeBouf
1839 3 Jun/BRDR Rosémond  LE BLANC Acadian Graciense [Gracieuse] BREAUS   Dupuy, LeBlanc, Richard
1839 25 Jul/BRDR Rosémond BRAUD (widower)   Emerante MELANÇON (widow) Acadian Melançon, Poirier, Sanson
1839 2 Sep/BRDR Simon Athanase BREAUX   Marie Séraphine BROUSSARD (widow) Acadian Blanchard, Cougler, Richard
1839 24 Sep/BRDR Benjamin POIRIER (widower) Acadian Élizabeth BRAUD   Bourgeois, LeBouf, Poirier
1840 10 Feb/BRDR Lefroid Gerasime RICHARD Acadian Marie Virginie BRAUD   Broussard, Richard
1840 2 Mar/BRDR Oliver [Olivier] BRAUD Acadian Élizabeth BREAUD Acadian Braud, Duvernay, Folley, Grant, Landry
1840 26 Oct/SWLR Pierre Serci BREAUX   Marie Louise GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1840 26 Nov/BRDR Pierre Tentain COLLE [COLE] Anglo? Marie Artémise BRAUD   Braud, Lacave, Seguinau
1840 3 Dec/SWLR Alexandre BERNARD Acadian Céleste BRAULD   none listed
1841 13 Apr/SWLR Alexandre HÉBERT Acadian Calice BREAU   Breau, Caillier, Domengeau, Hébert, Landry, Martin
1841 26 Apr/BRDR François COLLET French Creole? Bathilde BRAUD   Braud, Dupuy, Duvernay, Landry
1841 3 May/BRDR Émile BRAUD   Virginie HÉBERT Acadian Braud, Gautreaux, Heuth, Landry
1841 4 May/BRDR [Pierre] Adolphe BRAUD   Elvina BABIN Acadian Babin, Braud, Duvernay
1841 22 Jun/SWLR Antoine Louis CHAIGNEAU French Creole Eurasie BRAUX (widow)   none listed
1841 14 Sep/BRDR Pierre DUPLESSIS (widower) French Creole Marie Louise BREAUX (widow)   Braud, Duplessie, Landry
1841 8 Nov/SWLR [Charles] Nicolas HÉBERT Acadian Arthémise BREAU   none listed
1841 27 Dec/SWLR Louis Aladin BREAUX   Émilia Suzanne BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1842 24 Jan/SLR Joseph Alexandre BRAUD   Rosalie MALBROUE German Creole none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Séverin Édouard BRAUD   Ursule Elisa CIRE [ST. CYR] French Creole? Braud/Braux, Cire, Kretzman, Landry, Leblanc, Mollere, Richard, Roberson, Tusson
1842 6 Mar/SWLR Alexis GUIDRY Acadian Erasie BREAUX   none listed
1842 12 Mar/BRDR Helaire BREAU, fils   Venerante MARTIN French Creole Ancal, Talbot
1842 25 Apr/SLR Dominique Honoré BRAUD (wdr.)   Julie Elmire BOUDELOCHE French Creole none listed
1842 17 May/BRDR Trasimond BRAUD   Phelonise GAUDIN Acadian Arceneaux, Braud, Hébert, Legendre, Melançon
1842 11 Jul/BRDR Timoléon SEGUINAUD French Creole? Gertrude BREAUX   Billon, Braud, Chauvet, Jacques, Lacave, Piqueraud, Richard, Seguinaud
1842 14 Jul/SWLR Georges [Washington] SCRANTON Anglo [Marie] Anatalie BREAUX   none listed
1842 1 Aug/BRDR Joseph LANOIX French Creole? Marie Olive BRAUD   Bergeron, Dannequin, Gaudin, Maurin, Morgan
1842 10 Sep/BRDR Victorin BRAUD   Sarah Anne ALDRIDGE Anglo Braud/Breau, Terrio
1843 16 Jan/BRDR Michel BREAUX   Virginie GUÉDRY Acadian Billor, Guédry, Richard
1843 6 Feb/SWLR Rosémond PELLETIER French Creole Julien[ne] Aurelia BREAUX   none listed
1843 9 Feb/BRDR Auguste Dorcinie LANDRY Acadian Marie Rosella BRAUD   Braud, Dugas, Landry, Telles, Terrio
1843 20 Feb/BRDR Marcellin BRAUD   Belazir BOURQUE Acadian Ayme, Chauvin, LeBlanc
1843 27 Feb/BRDR Élie RICHARD (widower) Acadian Célanie BRAUX (widow)   Braud, Dupuy, LeBlanc, Poché
1843 27 Feb/BRDR Christian Heinrich MENSLAGE German Imm. Marie Amelie BREAUX   Gallaugher, Landry, LeBlanc
1843 23 Apr/SWLR Drozin BREAUX   Alphina GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1843 8 May/BRDR Pierre Paul BRAUD   Victorine LAVERGNE French Creole Braud, Koche, Parent, Poché
1843 8 May/BRDR Séverin BRAUD   Sarazine LANDRY Acadian Braud, Guédry, Imbeaux
1843 16 May/SWLR Alexandre GUIDRY Acadian Azélie BREAU   none listed
1843 19 Jun/BRDR Jean Charles BRAUD   Azélie GAUTREAU Acadian Bernier, Hébert, LeBlanc, Legendre
1843 2 Aug/BRDR Émile BREAU   Azéma GAUDET Acadian Bergeron, Braud, Gaudet, Perrin
1843 29 Aug/BRDR Théophile BOUCHEREAU French Creole? Marie Adine BRAUD   Blanchard, Bouchereau, Braud, Dugas, Landry, Leblanc, Richard, Terrio
1844 2 Oct/BRDR Rosémond BRAUD   Rosalie ARAIZA Spanish Creole Latil, Lopez, Taquino
1845 20 Jan/BRDR Jean Charles BREAUD (widower)   Amelia LAVERGNE French Creole Lavergne, Leblanc, Poché, Richard
1845 21 Mar/SWLR Joassin PREVOT [PROVOST] French Creole? Eugénie BREAUX   none listed
1845 15 Apr/BRDR Joseph CIRE [ST. CYR] French Creole? Anaïse BRAUD   Boze, Braud, Cire, Comes, Hébert, Kuchman, Leblanc, Maurous/Moraud, Roberson
1845 20 May/SWLR Valéry BREAUX, fils   Marie Anailie [Anaïse] DOUCET Acadian none listed
1845 2 Jun/SLR Charles LE BLANC Acadian Elisa/Eliza BRAUX   none listed
1845 25 Sep/SWLR Firmin BREAUX   Cléorence RICHARD Acadian none listed
1845 6 Oct/SLR Terence TOUPS German Creole Euphrosine BRAUX   none listed
1846 8 Feb/BRDR [Nicolas] Gerville BREAUD   Hélène LANDRY Acadian Gagne, Guédry, LeBlanc
1846 23 Feb/BRDR Léon PICOU French Creole Zulma BRAUD   Guédry, Hébert, Largie, Picou
1846 6 Apr/SWLR Antoine RAGA [RACCA?] French Creole? Estelle BREAUX   none listed
1846 25 May/BRDR Valentin BABIN (widower) Acadian Sarasine BRAUD   Babin, Guédry, Landry
1846 28 May/BRDR Joseph Marcel BRAUD   Margueritte Anaïs GOURDAIN French Creole Bergeron, Braud, Gourdain, Richard
1846 17 Jun/SLR Trasimond BERNARD Acadian Amelina BRAUX   none listed
1846 17 Aug/SLR [Achille] Neuville BRAUX   Eveline GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1846 7 Sep/BRDR Amédée BREAUX   Oville DAIGLE Acadian Blanchard, Jimonor, Romagosa
1846 8 Sep/SLR Jean Charles SAULNIER Acadian Marie Rosalie BRAUX   none listed
1846 16 Oct/SWLR Valérien RICHARD Acadian Aspasie BREAUX   none listed
1847 28 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste BERGERON Acadian Marie Lorenza BRAUD   Arceneau, Bergeron, Clouâtre, Gaudet
1847 8 Feb/BRDR Nemorin BRAUD   Pamelia HÉBERT Acadian Comaux, Hébert, Leblanc, Troxcler
1847 30 Jan/SWLR Jean Duprés PATIN French Creole Mathilde BREAUX   none listed
1847 12 Apr/BRDR Sosthène BRAUD   Carmelite GUIDRY Acadian Arceneaux, Braud, Guidry, Legendre, Leroy
1847 13 Apr/BRDR Édouard BOURDIER French Creole? Marie Evelina BRAUD   Bourdier, Braud, Cire, Comes, Fortier, Hébert, Leblanc, Terrio, Tusson
1847 14 Apr/BRDR Jean Arsène GOURDAIN French Creole Marie Mathilde BRAUD   Braud, Gaudet, Gourdain
1847 26 Apr/SLR David BABIN Acadian Scholastique BREAU   none listed
1847 11 May/BRDR Valsin BRAUD   Virginia LAVERGNE French Creole Blouin, Braud, Poché, St. Amant
1847 15 May/BRDR François Lestang FORTIER French Creole Rosalie Irma BRAUD   Bourdier, Braud, Cire, Comes, Fortier, Hébert, Landry, Leblanc, Lourdes, Martin, Mullett, Nicholls, Tusson
1847 31 May/BRDR Joseph Lovinsky ORILLION Acadian Adélaïde BRAUD   Breaux, Orillion, Petit
1847 9 Jun/BRDR Jean Bte. CHEDOTAL French Creole? Laurenza BRAUX   Gagna, LeBlanc, Romgosa
1847 21 Jun/SLR Arsène GAUBERT French Creole Elisa/Naisa BRAUX   none listed
1847 5 Jul/SLR Joseph Honoré BREAU le jeune   Marie Émelie BOUDELOCHE French Creole none listed
1847 19 Jul/SLR Amédée BRAUX   Marguerite SEVIN French Creole none listed
1847 16 Aug/BRDR Fermin DUPUY Acadian Rosaline BRAUD   Babin, Leblanc
1847 20 Sep/BRDR John BREAUX   Melissere RIVET Acadian Blanchard, Breaux, Dardenne, Lambremont, Powes
1847 20 Sep/SWLR Antoine WALKER Anglo Marie [Célanie] BREAUX (wd.)   none listed
1847 21 Nov/BRDR Peter Aladin BRAUD   Marie Séverine MAYER German Creole Crane, Daigre, Neraux
1848 17 Jan/SLR Drazin BREAU   Marie Adèle BOUDELOCHE French Creole none listed
1848 24 Jan/BRDR Paris FREDERIC German Creole? Elise BRAUD   Braud, Causson, Collet, Duverney, Frederic, Gex, Landry, LeBlanc, Picou, Portale
1848 7 Feb/SLR Ursin Aurelien BABIN Acadian Marie Anaïse BRAUX   none listed
1848 19 Jun/SWLR Adolphe MARTIN Acadian Erasie BREAUX   none listed
1848 7 Sep/BRDR Charles BRAUD   Carmelite HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Sainte, Unksley
1848 18 Sep/BRDR Laurent Bertin BRAUD   Rose Julie BABIN Acadian Braud, Dugas, Hébert, Picou
1848 25 Sep/BRDR Vincent DUPUY Acadian Constance BRAUX   Braud, de Villiers, Hébert
1848 8 Nov/SWLR Alexandre GUIDRY, fils Acadian Eloisa/Éloise BREAUX   none listed
1848 5 Dec/SWLR Joseph Charles BREAUX   Marie Doralise BERTRAND German Creole none listed
1848 18 Dec/BRDR Sylvanie BRAUX   Élisabeth BLANCHARD Acadian Allain, Babin, LeBlanc
1849 2 Jan/BRDR Pierre Rosémond RICHARD Acadian Marguerite Ludovine BRAUD   Colle, Richard, Trichard
1849 9 Jan/SWLR Aurelien BREAUX   Euphémie Fenette HAMILTON Anglo none listed
1849 22 Jan/SWLR Alexandre DEL'HOMME French Creole Marguerite Oliva BREAUX   none listed
1849 20 Feb/BRDR Philogène GUÉDRY Acadian Anastasie BREAUX   Brau, Guédry, Judice, Mollere
1849 9 Apr/SWLR Clément MYRE Acadian Estelle BREAUX   none listed
1849 28 Apr/BRDR Benjamin Séverin FABRE French Creole? Margueritte Émelise BRAUD   Bergeron, Braud, Cantrelle, Fabre, Ferchaud, Houille, Poirrier
1849 6 Jun/SWLR Pierre BREAUX, fils   Mélanie BENOIT Acadian none listed
1849 7 Jul/BRDR Onésime/Olésime BRAUD   Urcenie BOUDREAUX Acadian Acosta, Martin, Trahant
1849 2 Oct/SWLR Villier THIBODEAUX Acadian Zelia BREAUX   none listed
1849 20 Oct/BRDR Pierre Sylvestre BRAUD   Marie Evelina LOUPS [TOUPS?] German Creole? Braud, Chapman, Frederique, Gourdain, Hymel, Roussel
1849 10 Nov/BRDR Joseph Terence LANDRY Acadian Marie Antoinette BRAUD (wd.)   Babin, Bouchereau, Braud, Landry
1850 23 Feb/BRDR Valmont BREAUX   Victorine ADOLPHE French Creole? Forosier, Gandolfo, Newchurch, Simoneaux
1850 30 Mar/SLR Léon BREAU   Marie Euphémie PITRE Acadian none listed
1850 20 Jun/SLR Hilaire CLEMENT, Jr. Acadian Aglae BRAUX   none listed
1850 2 Jul/SWLR Hyppolite BREAUX   Cidalise BENOIT Acadian none listed
1850 26 Aug/BRDR Joseph Octave LANDRY Acadian Marie Thérèsine BRAUD   Babin, Gautreau, Hébert, Prevot
1851 6 Jan/SWLR Dositée Valentin BREAUX   Magdeleine GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1851 8 Jan/BRDR Joseph Jean Baptiste TULLIER French Creole Appauline Celima  BREAUX   Braud, Broussard, Hébert, Thuillier
1851 13 Jan/BRDR Alexander Sosthènes BABIN Acadian Euphémia BRAUD   Babin, Landry, Lucenty
1851 10 Feb/BRDR Duval BRAUD   Caroline CAMBRE French Creole? Berteau, Bouchereau, Gautrau, Landry
1851 10 Feb/BRDR Venant CHEDOTAL French Creole? Elisaca BREAUX   Breaux, Camille, Chedotal
1851 17 Feb/SWLR Louis [Terence] MORVAND French Creole Marie Octavine BREAUX   none listed
1851 24 Feb/BRDR Émile BRAUD   Elise BABIN Acadian Babin, Culles, Dugas, Hébert, Picou
1851 16 May/BRDR Drausin BRAUX   Pauline TEMPLET Acadian Broussard, Hyde, Letullier/Thuillier/Thullier
1851 26 May/SWLR Drauzin BREAUX (widower?)   Marie BENOIT Acadian? none listed
1851 9 Jun/BRDR Ovide BREAUD   Odille MELANÇON Acadian Breaud, Dugas, Landry, O'Brien, Roth, Savois
1851 12 Aug/BRDR Carville BREAUX   Celima LANDRY Acadian Blanchard, Guédry, LeBlanc
1851 19 Aug/BRDR Camille COMES Spanish Creole? Estelle BRAUD   Braud, Cire, Comeau, Comes, Fortier, Gaillard, Landry, LeBlanc, Terrio
1851 25 Aug/SWLR [Jean] Portalis BREAU/BREAUX   Aurelia/Oreillio HISTRE/ISTRE French Can. none listed
1851 15 Sep/SLR Pierre BRAUT/BREAU   Céleste Virginie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1851 29 Sep/SWLR Charles REES Anglo? Calise BREAUX (widow)   none listed
1852 Jan/BRDR Édouere BRAUD, Jr.   Lise DONGIEUX Foreign French Bergeron, Bourgeois, Braud, Ferchaud, Flandry, Sturle
1852 8 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUILLOT Acadian Adorestine BRAUD   Braud, Ghial, Landry
1852 23 Feb/SLR Pierre BREAU, fils   Zéolide TOUPS German Creole none listed
1852 26 Apr/SLR Joseph Justilien/Justilien Joseph BREAU   Marie Lesida/Lezida ROBICHAUX Acadian none listed
1852 27 Apr/SLR Édouard/Edward BREAU (wdr.)   Marie GUILLOT (widow) Acadian none listed
1852 3 Jun/BRDR Bienvenu Alexis BRAUD   Marie Amelie BERGERON Acadian Arceneu, Bergeron, Braud, Chevet, Clouâtre, Gaudet
1852 6 Sep/BRDR Octave Ebenezer HAASE German Creole? Marie Anne BREAUX   Brey, Comaux, Haase, LeBlanc
1852 20 Sep/BRDR Louis André BOURGEOIS (wdr.) Foreign French Aimée BREAUX (widow)   Breau/Breaux, Bush, Marchand
1852 14 Oct/BRDR Pierre Eugène BREAUX (widower)   Marie Odille LAMBREMONT French Creole Hébert, Lambremont, Landry, Rousseau
1852 16 Nov/SWLR Lessin GUIDRY Acadian Louisiana BREAUX   none listed
1852 9 Dec/SWLR Valéry BREAUX, fils (widower)   Azéma GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1853 7 Jan/BRDR Léon CHENEVERT French Creole? Mathilda BREAUX   Martin, Matherne, Pelicet
1853 10 Jan/SWLR Fenelon DUGAS Acadian Anastasie BRAUX   none listed
1853 12 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste BRAUD   Marie Hermina MELANÇON Acadian Argreve, Blach, Braud, Landry, LeBlanc
1853 31 Jan/BRDR Achille BABIN Acadian Louisa BRAUD   Blanchard, Braud, LeBlanc, Savoy
1853 31 Jan/SLR Asenor/Azenore BRAUX   Mathilde SAVOIE Acadian none listed
1853 25 Apr/SLR George Joseph GAUBERT French Creole? Marie Eveline BRAUX   none listed
1853 9 May/SLR Louis BREAUX   Adèle THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1853 30 May/SWLR Rosémond BENOIT Acadian Estelle BREAUX   none listed
1853 30 May/SWLR Léo BREAUX   Mélanie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1853 30 May/BRDR Sosthènes LANDRY Acadian Adeline Rosalie BREAUX   Landry
1853 7 Jun/BRDR J. Adélard BRAUD   Anne FALLON Irish? Brand, Braud, Butterly, Comes, Hébert, Landry, LeBlanc, Shilly, Terrio
1853 12 Sep/BRDR Adolphe BRAUD (widower)   Carmelite HUGUET French Creole Braud, Huguet, Kernan, Lanoux, Lasselles, LeBlanc, Seredry, Vicknaire/Vickneaire
1853 13 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste Dominique ANGLADE French Creole? Armeline BREAUX   LeBlanc, Rizan, Simoneau
1853 15 Oct/SLR Octave BRAUD   Irma POITIER [PORTIER] French Creole none listed
1853 29 Nov/BRDR Joseph Maurille BRAUD   Émelie BLOUIN French Creole Blouin, Braud, Comes, Landry, Melançon, Mire, Terrio
1853 26 Dec/SLR Amédé LEDÉ/LEDET French Creole Clementine BRAUX   none listed
1854 10 Jan/SWLR Désiré HÉBERT Acadian Marie Elmire BREAUX   none listed
1854 10 Jan/SWLR Simon BREAUX (widower)   Zelima/Zulima BABINEAUX Acadian none listed
1854 11 Jan/BRDR Arsène BLANCHARD Acadian Noemi BREAUX   Breaud/Breaux, Mollere
1854 16 Jan/SWLR Marcel BREAUX   Elvina Amelie BOULET French Creole none listed
1854 19 Jun/SWLR Sosthène BREAUX   Laura BLANCHARD Acadian? none listed
1854 20 Jun/SWLR Eugène BREAUX (widower)   Uranie PELLETIER (widow) French Creole none listed
1854 13 Jul/SLR Raymond KNIGHT Anglo Lorenza BREAU   none listed
1854 7 Aug/BRDR Magloire LANDRY Acadian Marie Elena BREAUX   Beltran, Breaux, Bush, Esclapon, Hébert, Joly, Lambremont, Landry, Lauve, Marchand, Rousseau, Win
1854 26 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste TRABAUD Foreign French Dame Zulma BREAUX (widow)   Cotte, Gremay, Richard
1854 9 Oct/SLR Théophile BRAUD   Marie BABIN Acadian none listed
1855 8 Jan/BRDR Léon Théodore HÉBERT Acadian Marie Ophelia BREAUX   Breaux, Hébert, Lambremont, Tassin
1855 15 Jan/BRDR Joseph F. LANDRY Acadian Marie Armelise BRAUD   Landry
1855 15 Jan/SWLR Joseph Octave/Octave Joseph BREAUX   Marie Advelia MATHIEU French Creole none listed
1855 29 Jan/BRDR Adolphe BREAUX   Athenaise LAMBREMONT French Creole Breaux, Hébert, Lambremont, Landry, Revere/Rivière
1855 12 Feb/SWLR Dupréville BREAUX   Adèle/Adèlle MALLET French Creole none listed
1855 19 Feb/BRDR Léon BREAUX   Laurenza DUPUY Acadian Dugas, Dupuy, Landry
1855 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph Edgar DUPUY Acadian Nezida BREAUX   Dupuy, Landry
1855 5 May/SLR Jules SAULNIER/SOIGNIER Acadian Euphrosine BREAU   none listed
1855 11 Jun/SWLR Benoît MATHIEU French Creole Adeline BRAUD   none listed
1855 23 Oct/SWLR Simon Eugène SAULNIER Acadian Marie Merida BREAUX   none listed
1856 17 Jan/SWLR Hypolite MALLET French Creole Marguerite Edita BREAUX   none listed
1856 25 Mar/BRDR Abel BRAUD   Céleste Clothilde DENOUX French Creole Babin, Bouchereaux, Gaudin
1856 12 Apr/SLR Valéry BREAUX, fils   Émelie LEDET French Creole none listed
1856 21 Apr/SLR Evariste NEWAL [NEWELL] Anglo Victorine BREAU   none listed
1856 20 Apr/SLR Louis BOURGEOIS Acadian Célestine BREAUX   none listed
1856 8 Apr/BRDR Pierre Mizael LAMBREMONT French Creole Marie Émilie BREAUX   Breaud/Breaux, Hébert, Kademooy, Landry, Peuch
1856 23 Jun/BRDR Osémé BRAUD   Elvenia BABIN Acadian Gautreaux, Hamelton, Landry
1856 8 Jul/SWLR Evariste GUIDRY [GUIDROY?] French Creole? Alzina BRAUD   none listed
1856 28 Oct/BRDR Amadéo BRAUD   Anaïse JOLY French Creole Blanchard, Breaud, Guédry/Guidry, Joly
1856 18 Nov/SWLR Alexandre MARTIN Acadian Honorine/Honnorine BREAUX   none listed
1856 19 Nov/SWLR Donat BREAUX le jeune   Mary Rosa HAYES Anglo Creole none listed
1856 29 Dec/SWLR Dosité BREAUX le jeune   Cidalise DUGAS Acadian none listed
1856 30 Dec/BRDR Austin S. HUNT (widower) Anglo Marie Estelle BREAUX   Allain, Breaud/Breaux, Kineman, Richard
1857 19 Jan/BRDR Adélard LANDRY Acadian Scholastique BRAUD   Blanchard, Grandin
1857 20 Jan/BRDR Jean BILLON Foreign French Marie Pulcherie BRAUD   Braud, LeBlanc, Vessier
1857 3 Feb/BRDR Joachim BRAUD   Joséphine HÉBERT Acadian Chadeffaud, Escoubas, Hébert
1857 14 Feb/SLR Benjamin BREAU   Marie GAUBERT French Creole? none listed
1857 28 Apr/SWLR Ovignac ARCENEAUX Acadian Emérante BREAUX   none listed
1857 20 May/SLR Marcelin/Marcellin FOREST Acadian Mathilde BREAUX   none listed
1857 23 May/BRDR Édouard BRAUD   Euphémie LANDRY Acadian Aubry, Braud, Cagniat, Landry
1857 26 May/SWLR Sosthène BREAUX   Laure BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1857 6 Jul/SWLR Napoléon BREAUX   Aspasie/Naspasie BABINEAU Acadian none listed
1857 25 Aug/BRDR Théodule LE BLANC Acadian Estelle BREAUX   Babin, Barbay, Braud/Breaud/Breaux, Dominique, Dupuis/Dupuy, Landry
1857 27 Aug/SWLR Joseph Gerasin HIGGINBOTHAM German Creole? Louisiana BREAUX   none listed
1857 23 Sep/SLR Pierre BREAUX, fils (widower)   Hortense TOUPS German Creole none listed
1857 5 Oct/BRDR Bienvenu BRAUD (widower)   Marie Olphida POIRIER Acadian Bergeron, Braud, Domier, Poché
1858 20 Jan/SLR François BREAU   Emelina LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1858 25 Jan/SWLR Dosithée BREAUX l'aîné (wdr.)   Coralie DUGAS (widow) Acadian none listed
1858 27 Jan/BRDR Théodule MIRRE Acadian Angelina BRAUX   Blanchard, Boudreaux, Clement, Gautreaux, Talbot
1858 8 Feb/SLR Joachim BRAUX   Mathilde HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1858 8 Feb/SWLR Gesnair/Gesner BREAUX   Émelie MIER/MIRE Acadian none listed
1858 7 Apr/SWLR Sosthène BREAUX   Élizabeth PETITIN French Creole none listed
1858 8 Apr/SLR Joseph Henry TREGLE German Creole? Adeline BREAUX   none listed
1858 12 Apr/SWLR Joseph BREAUX   Léontine JUDICE French Creole none listed
1858 3 May/SLR Euphrosin BRAUX   Nathalie LEDET French Creole none listed
1858 4 May/SLR Prosper/Prospere LEDET French Creole Celima BRAUX   none listed
1858 8 May/BRDR Joseph Hermogène LE BLANC Acadian Marie Julienne BRAUD   Aubry, Blanchard
1858 6 Jul/SWLR Jacques CROUCHETTE Foreign French Euphrasie BREAU   none listed
1858 8 Jul/SLR Émile DOUCET Acadian Marie BREAUX   none listed
1858 19 Jul/BRDR Alcide Ernest LEROY French Creole? Virginie Anastasie BRAUD   Braud, Comes, Leroy, Letulle
1858 30 Aug/SLR Louis Hermogène BRAUX   Adèlla HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1858 11 Oct/BRDR Auguste S. CLEMENT Foreign French? Marie Constance BREAUX   Beck, Haase, Hunt, Kevlin
1858 8 Nov/SWLR Étienne MOUTON Acadian Marie BREAUX   none listed
1858 22 Nov/SWLR Valsin BREAUX Acadian Coralie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1858 23 Nov/BRDR Juste COMES (widower) Spanish Creole? Marie Corine BRAUD   Bourdier, Braud, Cire, Comes, Fortier, LeBlanc, Tusson, Vincent
1858 25 Nov/SWLR Aurelien BREAUX (widower)   Joséphine STELLY German Creole none listed
1858 31 Dec/SWLR Augustave/Gustave BREAUX   Marie Azelie/Azille CARUTHERS/CARRUTHERS Anglo Creole none listed
1859 10 Jan/BRDR Pierre Rosémond BRAUD (wdr.)   Gertrude LONGUÉPÉE Acadian Braud, Capdeveille, Landry, Ousset
1859 24 Jan/BRDR Volsin CANCIENNE Italian Creole Joséphine BRAUX   Aucoin, Boudreau, Cancienne, Clement, Junot. Lauland, Martin
1859 8 Feb/BRDR Duval COMEAUX Acadian Amelie BREAUD   Breaud, Comeau/Commeau, Giroir, Lanaux, Moïse
1859 25 Apr/BRDR Thomas SHARON Anglo? Marie Sidonie BRAUD   Blanchard, Braud, Hébert, Sharon
1859 30 May/BRDR Désiré BREAUX   Gertrude RIVET (widow?) Acadian Landres, LeBlanc, Richard
1859 2 Jul/SWLR Joseph BREAUX   Eliza CARUTHERS Anglo Creole none listed
1859 16 Aug/SWLR Celisime/Onésime Placide BREAU   Marie Anastasie BENOIT Acadian none listed
1859 31 Aug/BRDR [Raymond] Eugène BREAUD   Adèle FERCHAUD French Creole? Ory, Penn, Roussel, Simon, Villlavaso
1859 9 Sep/BRDR Ernest AUCOIN Acadian Marie Philomène BREAUX   Aucoin, Breaud, Hébert, LeBlanc, LeBrun
1859 20 Sep/SLR Joachim BREAU, fils   Marguerite Odilia PITRE Acadian none listed
1859 28 Sep/SLR Paul BRAUX   Euphrasie/Euphroisie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1860 19 Jan/BRDR Simon Sifrain BABIN Acadian Athenaise BREAUX   Barbay, Braud, Landry, Roth
1860 13 Feb/BRDR Plaisant J[ames]. DELAUNE Foreign French Serasine BRAUD   Babin, Bergeron, Rivet
1860 13 Feb/SWLR Dolsée MALLET French Creole Amelie BREAU   none listed
1860 30 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste BROUSSARD Acadian Rosalie BREAUX   none listed
1860 22 May/SLR Aurelien BRAUD/BREAUX   Ernestine ROGER Acadian none listed
1860 18 Jun/BRDR Lucien CAMBRE French Creole? Euphémie BRAUD   Argreve, Bergeron, Landry
1860 9 Jul/BRDR Joseph A[lexandre]. BREAUX   Odillia COMEAUX Acadian Breaud, Lambremont, Richard, Romouin
1860 16 Jul/SWLR Norbert BREAUX   Marie Pamela HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1860 7 Aug/SWLR Onézime ROYER French Can. Adélaïde Cléonize BREAUX   none listed
1860 4 Sep/BRDR Prudent TRAHANT Acadian Joséphine BREAUD   Blanchard, Bubser, Trahant
1860 18 Sep/SWLR Hypolite Joseph BREAUX, fils   Émelie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1860 18 Sep/SWLR Paul BREAUX   Alexandrine CLEMENT (widow) French Creole none listed
1860 4 Oct/BRDR Joseph Osémé MOÏSE Acadian Adeline BRAUD (widow)   Braud, Commau, Mollere
1860 8 Oct/BRDR Rodolphe BRAUD   Cécile ORY German Creole Blouin, Braud, Cire, Ganier, Gaudet, Mollere, Ory, Roman, Webre
1860 25 Oct/SWLR Édouard BERGERON French Creole Françoise BREAU   none listed
1860 22 Dec/SLR Pierre BREAUX   Azélie/Azélia BABIN Acadian none listed
1861 7 Jan/SWLR Sosthène/Sosthènes BREAUX   Léontine POURCIEAU French Creole? none listed
1861 21 Jan/BRDR Armour BREAUX Acadian Lutitia BREAUX Acadian Breaux, Henry, Landry, Richard
1861 29 Jan/BRDR Séraphin BRAUD   Élodie GUILLOT Acadian Bourg, Crochet, Grandin, Simoneau
1861 11 Feb/SLR Marcel/Marcellin BRAUX   Marcelite Mathilde BABIN Acadian none listed
1861 13 Apr/SLR Pierre BRAUX, fils (widower)   Éloise FALGOUT (widow) French Creole none listed
1861 22 Apr/BRDR Camille BREAUD   Amelia SIMONEAU French Creole Blanchard, Daigle, Landry, Simauno
1861 29 Apr/BRDR Joseph A[rsène]. BREAUX   Eugènia M. MILLE Foreign French Dupuy, Hébert, Labauve, Marcot, Trinidad
1861 21 May/BRDR Émile BRAUD   Celima TRAHANT Acadian Grandin, Landry, Trahant
1861 17 Jun/SWLR Césair/Cézaire BREAUX   Clairande/Clairence BEGNAUD/BEGUENEAU French Creole none listed
1861 17 Jun/SWLR Joseph Stainville DUPUY Acadian Eugènie BREAUX   none listed
1861 20 Aug/BRDR J. Amédéo BRAUD (widower)   Angeline VERRET French Creole Aubry, Fernandez, Guédry, Landry, Savoy, Tonnelier, Verret
1861 20 Aug/SWLR Numa BREAUX   Marthe MOUTON Acadian none listed
1861 29 Aug/SLR Marcellin BREAUX   Marie FALGOUT French Creole none listed

Analysis of BRAUD/BREAUX marriages, 1768-1861:

Total marriages listed:              618         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           409           66.2
Exogamous marriages:             209           33.8



[running tally]

BROUSSARD (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 11 Apr/C-V Simon BROUSSARD   Marguerite BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1770 14 Feb/SWLR Michel MAU/MAUX French Isabelle BROUSSARD   Broussard, Grevemberg, Trahant
1771 15 Jul/BRDR Amant BROUSSARD   Hélène LANDRY Acadian Labove, Landry
1772 18 Jul/SWLR François GUILBAU Acadian Magdalene BROUSSARD   Berard, Borda, de Verbois, Durien, Grevember, Landry
1775 10 May/SWLR Firmin BRUSARD   Marie-Magdelaine LANDRY Acadian Grangé, Landry
1775 24 May/SWLR Amand BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Anne BENOIT Acadian Broussard, Fostain, Labauve, Landry, Mau, Trahan
1775 12 Jun/SWLR René BROUSSARD   Marie-Magdeleine LANDRY Acadian Broussard, Landry
1776 3 Jun/BRDR Joseph BROUSSARD   Anna BRAUD Acadian Brousard
1776 1 Jul/BRDR Pierre BRUSARD   Marie MELANZON Acadian Brusard, Robischo
1778 16 Jun/SWLR Andrés Lopes DE ACUNA Spanish Catherine BROUSSARD   Broussard, Castille, Landry, Rodrigue, Zonares
1779 9 Jan/SWLR René BROUSSARD (widower)   Anne GAUDIN Acadian Fostin, Guillebaut, Prejean
1781 13 Jul/SWLR Comme LE BLANC Acadian Isabelle BROUSSARD   Broussard, Hébert, Martin, Thibaudot
1782 17 Jun/SWLR Jean-Baptiste BERNARD Acadian Marguerite BROUSSARD   Bernard, Broussard, Declouet, Lavor, LeBlanc, Mertertigo
1784 23 May/SWLR Théodore BROUSSARD   Henriette TRAHAN Acadian Le Mercier
1784 28 Jul/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD Acadian Louise-Devine BROUSSARD Acadian Berard, Broussard, Declouet, Delahoussaye
1785 29 Nov/SWLR Pierre LAPOINTE (widower) French Can. Isabelle BROUSSARD (wd.)   Brognier, Broussard, Declouet, Jeune, Trahan
1788 3 Jan/SWLR Pierre VINCENT Acadian Agnès BROUSSARD   Broussard, Duon, Trahan, Trousan
1788 10 Jun/SWLR Michel BERNARD, fils Acadian Marguerite BROUSSARD   Bernard, Trahan, Verret
1788 29 Nov/BRDR Jean-Charles BROUSSARD   Élisabeth TEMPLÉ Acadian Templé
1789 11 Jul/SWLR Michel BROUSSARD Acadian Anastasie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, DeCoirin, Valle
1789 6 Oct/SWLR Louis HÉBERT Acadian Françoise BROUSSARD   Blanchard, Boutte, Declouet, De Lavilleuvre, Ébert
1790 3 Feb/SWLR François BERNARD Acadian Magdeleine BROUSSARD   Bernard, Broussard, Guilbeau
1790 3 Feb/SWLR Olidon BROUSSARD   Ana BERNARD Acadian Bernard, Broussard, Guilbeaud
1791 7 Feb/BRDR François BROUSSARD   Marguerite HENRY Acadian Broussard, Henry
1791 7 Jul/SWLR Jacques BROUSSARD   Isabelle MILLER German Creole Charp, Miller, Smith, Tyson
1793 10 Jan/SWLR Pierre BRAU Acadian Batilde BROUSSARD   Brusard, Gilbeaux
1793 24 Apr/SWLR Claude BROUSSARD (widower)   Catherine TRAHAN Acadian Deshormaux, Hébert, Labove
1793 16 Oct/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Françoise TRAHAN Acadian Broussard, Delahoussaye, Trahan
1793 25 Oct/SWLR Jean-Baptiste BROUSSARD   Céleste HÉBERT Acadian Benoit De St. Clair, Duon, Hébert, Peytavin Du Bousquet
1794 4 Mar/BRDR Pedro BROUSARD   Maria-Sophia MOULAISON Acadian Blanco, Bousell, Brousard
1794 28 Sep/SWLR Baptiste BROUSSARD   Julienne TRAHAN Acadian Broussard, Trahan
1795 7 Aug/SWLR Thomas NICKELSON (wdr.) Anglo Isabelle BROUSSARD (widow)   Berard, Broussard, Caso y Luengo, Gonssoulin, Mau
1795 22 Sep/SWLR Michel PIVAUTEAU French Creole? Apolonie BROUSSARD   Broussard
1795 4 Nov/BRDR Domingo BROUSARD   Pélagia MARTIN Acadian Martin, Materne
1796 10 Jan/SWLR Antoine COMO Acadian Perpétué BROUSSARD   none listed
1796 12 Jan/SWLR Théophile BROUSSARD   Victoire LANDRY Acadian Broussard, Chemin, Duon, Granger, Mire, Landry
1796 2 Feb/SWLR Simon GIROUARD dit La Prade Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD   Broussard, Chemin, Landry
1797 9 May/SWLR Simon MIRE Acadian Constance BROUSSARD   Babin, Berard, Broussard, Chemin, Coran, Hébert
1798 12 Feb/BRDR Atanacio DUGAS Acadian Francisca BRUZAL   Dugat, Landry
1798 11 Apr/SWLR Pierre BROUSSARD (widower)   Marguerite GUIDRY Acadian Berard, Conard, Guidry
1798 5 Jun/SWLR Jacques GIROUARD Acadian Angélique Julie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Conar, Coxon, Girouard
1798 11 Sep/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD   Gertrude THIBAUDAU Acadian Broussard, Thibaudau
1798 11 Sep/SWLR Joseph THIBAUDAU Acadian Pélagie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Thibaudau
1799 8 Jan/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Marie-Rose THIBAUDAUD Acadian Broussard, Conard, Maux, Thibaudau
1799 29 Apr/BRDR Francisco BABIN Acadian Annietta [Henriette] BROUSSARD   Babin, Landry
1799 9 Sep/SWLR Jean-B. BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Élizabeth LANDRY (widow) Acadian Broussard, Duga, Granger, LeBlanc
1800 8 Jan/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Constance LE BLANC Acadian Guillebaut, Landry, LeBlanc, Mouton
1800 11 Feb/SWLR Charles DUON Acadian Élizabeth BROUSSARD   Broussard, Duon, Primo
1800 18 Feb/SWLR Simon BROUSSARD, fils   Magdeleine THIBAUDAU Acadian Broussard, Martin, Thibaudau
1800 12 May/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD Acadian Anne BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Daigle, Fagot, LeNormand
1800 12 May/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD Acadian Scholastique BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Daigle, Fagot, Girouard, LeNormand
1800 20 May/SWLR Louis BROUSSARD   Élizabeth SAVOYE Acadian Broussard, Crane, Hargrave, Hébert
1800 3 Jun/SWLR Marin MOUTON, fils Acadian Isabelle BROUSSARD   Broussard, Coron, Dronet, Mouton, Primo
1800 22 Jul/SWLR Éloy BROUSSARD   Marguerite THIBAUDAU Acadian Broussard, Frere, Hardy, Sole
1800 1 Sep/SWLR Marcel PATIN French Creole Ludivine BROUSSARD   Broussard, DeBlanc, Guidry, Judice, Martinez, Patin, Soudrik
1801 27 Jan/SWLR Benjamin BROUSSARD   Magdeleine HÉBERT Acadian Broussard, Hébert, Labauve, Tenholt
1801 3 Feb/SWLR Raphaël BROUSSARD   Marguerite LE BLANC Acadian Braud, Broussard, DeBlanc, Favre, Hébert, LeBlanc, Tenhold
1801 16 Feb/BRDR Simon BROUSSARD   Maria-Magdalena RICHARD Acadian Brusard, Richar
1801 9 Jun/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD   Anne THIBAUDAU Acadian Bonin, Broussard, Tenholt, Thibaudau
1801 25 Aug/SWLR Jean THIBODEAUX Acadian Louise BROUSSARD   Broussard, Comau, Duga, Prejean, Tenholt
1802 6 May/SWLR François MEAUX French Creole Constance BROUSSARD (w.)   Broussard, Fagot, Maux, Tenholt
1804 24 Jan/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Anne HÉBERT Acadian Broussard, Chemin, Hébert, DeLisle, Lavergne
1804 7 Feb/SWLR Isidore BROUSSARD Acadian Marie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Prejean
1804 10 Feb/SWLR Isidore BROUSSARD   Isabelle THIBAUDEAU Acadian Broussard, Chemin, Guilbeau, Thibaudeau
1805 8 Jan/SWLR Louis ST. JULIEN Foreign French Anastasie BROUSSARD   Phelippe de Castaing, Wilkins
1805 21 May/SWLR François Xavier THERIOT Acadian Paulone BROUSSARD   Broussard, Hopkins, Jacquet
1805 8 Oct/SWLR Robert BELL Anglo Angélique BROUSSARD (wd.)   Febvre, Wilkins
1806 14 Jan/SWLR Maximilien BROUSSARD   Joséphine GUILLORY French Creole Lamorandiere, Louaillier/Louillier
1806 11 Feb/SWLR Nicolas BROUSSARD Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD Acadian Dubourg, Fagot
1806 6 May/SWLR Augustin BROUSSARD Acadian Anastasie BROUSSARD Acadian Chemin, Ferry, Jacquet
1806 6 May/SWLR Jean Charles DOIRON Acadian Louise BROUSSARD   Chemin, Ferry, Jacquet
1806 30 Jun/BRDR Augustin BROUSSARD   Émelie LANDRY Acadian Babin, Landry, LeBlanc
1806 19 Aug/SWLR George TAYLOR Anglo Marguerite BROUSSARD (w.)   Granger, Jacquet, LeFebvre
1807 12 Jan/SWLR Jean Baptiste BONNAIN French Creole Anastasie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Qunale
1807 3 Feb/SWLR Anaclet BROUSSARD   Magdeleine VILS (WILTZ) German Creole Bara, Jacquet
1807 9 Feb/BRDR Carlos BROUSSARD (widower)   Nanette STEVEN [STEBENS] French Creole Fressine, Pedery, Templai
1807 4 May/SWLR Théodore BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Silesie THIBAUDEAU Acadian Mouton, Prejean
1808 2 Feb/SWLR Julien MELANÇON Acadian Céleste BROUSSARD   Borel, Broussard, Dugas
1808 6 Oct/SWLR Raphaël BROUSSARD (widower)   Modeste LE BLANC Acadian Broussard, Dubourg, Jacquet, Landry, LeBlanc, Marc
1809 17 Jun/SWLR Éloy BROUSSARD Acadian Marie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Jacquet
1809 6 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista LABATERIE French Creole? Maria Louisa BRUZAR   Choberg, LeJeune
1809 23 Aug/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD   Victoire BABINEAU Acadian Abat, Bernard, Broussard, Jacquet, Marc
1810 26 Feb/BRDR Firmin BROUSSARD, fils   Anne Marien BREAU Acadian Allain, Broussard, Commau
1810 6 Aug/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD Acadian Felonise BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Le Brentannce
1810 27 Mar/SWLR Joseph FARK [FAULK] Anglo Creole Victoire BROUSSARD   Abat, Broussard, Jacquet, Marc
1810 3 Nov/SWLR Joseph DUHON Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD   Broussard, Castille, Chemin, Franco
1811 8 Jan/SWLR Nicolas BROUSSARD   [Marie] Élizabeth BERTRAND French Creole Bertrand, Broussard, LeMonnyer, Sevignes
1811 19 Feb/SWLR Armand BROUSSARD   Susanne BRAU Acadian Brau/Braux, Castillon, Potier
1811 10 Sep/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Céleste COMEAUX Acadian Broussard, Colwell, Cuvilier, LeMonnier
1811 11 Nov/SWLR Maximilien DECUIR French Creole Susanne BROUSSARD   Babin, Broussard, Decuir
1812 14 Jan/SWLR Vital LAPOINTE French Creole Marie Felonise BROUSSARD   Broussard, Chemin, Cuvelier, Raulin
1812 4 Feb/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD   Louise BONIN French Creole Borel, Broussard, Chemin, Cuvelier
1812 21 Apr/SWLR Silvestre BROUSSARD   Adélaïde BRAUD Acadian Arnaud, Bossie, Broussard, Dessarp
1812 6 May/SWLR Valeriano LAVIGNE French Can. Brigita BROUSSARD   Gracie, Landrie
1812 29 Jun/SWLR Dosithée BROUSSARD   Marie BRAUD Acadian Braud, Chemin, Cuvelier
1812 21 Jul/SWLR Théophile BROUSSARD   Adélaïde LE BLANC Acadian Berard, Broussard, Chemin, Collin/Collins, Cuvelier, Dumartrait, Langlinee, Lewis, Sabaros
1812 4 Aug/SWLR Jean Baptiste DUHON Acadian Apollonie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Chemin, Cuvelier, Duhon, Marc
1812 17 Nov/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD (widower)   Susanne BOUDREAUX (wd.) Acadian Chemin, Daysson, Langlinais
1813 5 Jan/SWLR Pierre MEAUX (widower) French Creole Pélagie BROUSSARD (widow)   Broussard, Chemin, Daysson, Marc, Martin
1813 22 Feb/SWLR Édouard PREJEAN Acadian Marie BROUSSARD   Caruthers, Daysson, Marrot
1813 1 Mar/SWLR Éloy BROUSSARD Acadian Susanne BROUSSARD Acadian Babin, Braud, Broussard, Chemin, Hébert
1813 15 Jun/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD (widower) Acadian Hortense BROUSSARD (wd.) Acadian Broussard, Chemin, Ferry, Hébert, Penne
1813 2 Aug/SWLR Charles GASPARD French Creole Clotilde BROUSSARD   Broussard, Desormeaux, Hébert, Lepine, Luque, Meaux, Mouton, Toups
1814 3 May/SWLR Éloy BROUSSARD   Angélique Julie GIROUARD Acadian Arnaud, Broussard, Chemin, Girouard, Lormand, Morvan
1814 7 Jul/SWLR Barthélemy BONIN French Creole Arthémise BROUSSARD   Bonin, Broussard, Chemin, D'Aspremont, Penne
1814 8 Aug/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD (widower)   Séraphie THIBAUDEAU (wd.) Acadian Broussard, Chemin, Colwell, St. Julien
1815 4 Mar/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD   Anne GIROUARD Acadian Chemin, Colwell, Girouard, Huslin
1815 23 May/SWLR Joseph BONIN French Creole Denise BROUSSARD   Berard, Broussard, Devince, Gonsoulin
1815 12 Jun/SWLR Isidore BROUSSARD   Adélaïde PREJEAN Acadian Abel, Hébert, Montet
1815 19 Jun/SWLR Louis BROUSSARD   Amarante LE BLANC Acadian Abel, Hébert, Montet
1816 30 Apr/SWLR Louis BROUSSARD   Marie Urasie SIMON French Creole Broussard, Chemin, Gombert, Huval, Simon
1816 30 Apr/SWLR Michel FOLK [FAULK] Anglo Marie Delphine BROUSSARD   Broussard, Chemin, Gombert, Huval
1816 7 May/SWLR Éloy DUGAS Acadian Julie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dessarp, Dugas, LeBlanc
1816 14 May/SWLR Ursin BROUSSARD   Julie ROBICHAUD Acadian Bienvenu, Broussard, Dessarpt, LeBlanc, Robichaud
1816 13 Aug/SWLR Norbert LE BLANC Acadian Joséphine BROUSSARD   Boissier, Chemin, Girouard, Gombert, LeBlanc, Provost
1816 21 Oct/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX Acadian Félice BROUSSARD   Braux, Broussard, Chemin, Domengeaux, Gombert, Penne, Theriot
1816 22 Oct/SWLR Louis BROUSSARD   Apollonie LOUVIÈRE (widow) Acadian Bonin, Broussard, Chemin, Gombert, Louviere, Penne
1816 3 Dec/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD   Marguerite BONIN French Creole Babin, Benoist Ste. Clair, Broussard, Castille
1817 18 Feb/SWLR Michel BROUSSARD (widower)   Marie E. BOUDREAUX Acadian Broussard, Commeau, Guilbeaux, Villejouin
1817 20 May/SWLR Valentin ARCENEAUX Acadian Annette BROUSSARD   Aleman, Dusouchet, Labauve
1817 15 Jul/SWLR Pierre ARCENEAUX Acadian Maris Aspasie BROUSSARD   Aleman, Broussard, Duhon, Labauve
1817 2 Sep/SWLR Paulin ARDOIN French Creole Delphine BROUSSARD   Ardoin, Broussard, Dusouchet, Landry, Linglois, Penne
1817 9 Sep/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD   Pélagie DUBOIS French Creole Blanchet, Dubois, Dusouchet, Linglois, Penne, Trahan
1817 13 Oct/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD   Marie Azélie BEGNAUD French Creole Arnaud, Broussard, Dessarp, Guidry, Melançon, Robichaud
1817 3 Nov/SWLR Charles DUHON (widower) Acadian Pélagie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dusouchet, Penne
1817 27 Dec/SWLR Pierre GUÉDRY Acadian Marie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dugas, Dusouchet, Falk, Lingois, Penne
1818 28 Mar/BRDR Louis PETIT Foreign French Sophie M. BROUSSARD   Broussard, LeBlanc
1818 22 Sep/SWLR Rosémond BROUSSARD Acadian Joséphine BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dusouchet, Landry, LeBlanc, Penne, Ribette
1819 15 Feb/SWLR Philemon BROUSSARD   Lise ARDOIN French Creole Broussard, Domengeaux, Landry, Roussillon
1819 15 Feb/SWLR William REEVES Anglo Zélie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Eudes, St. Julien, Villejouan
1819 2 Oct/BRDR Auguste BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Marguerite LANDRY (widow) Acadian Babin, Bujol, LeBlanc
1820 1 Feb/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD Acadian Delphine BROUSSARD (wd.) Acadian Bell, Braud, Broussard
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Julien ROBICHAUD Acadian Élisabeth Belzire BROUSSARD   Berard, Broussard, Eastin, Guédry/Guidry, Patin, Picou, Rigau/Rigaud
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Jean Julien ROUSSEAU Foreign French Marguerite BROUSSARD   Berard, Broussard, Eastin, Guédry/Guidry, Latiolais, Patin, Rigau/Rigaud, Thibaudeau/Thibodeaux
1820 3 Apr/SWLR Onésime BROUSSARD   Marie Uranie LANDRY Acadian Broussard, Landry, Penne, Remus
1820 17 Apr/SWLR Alexandre HÉBERT Acadian Clarisse BROUSSARD   Broussard, Hébert
1820 28 Apr/SLR Jean Laurant BROUSSARD   Marie Magdelinne LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1820 1 May/SWLR Charles [Valière] COMEAUX Acadian Gertrude BROUSSARD   Broussard, Commeau, Guidry
1820 5 Jun/SWLR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Élizabeth BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dusouchet, LeBlanc, Meaux, Penne, Roussillon
1820 24 Jul/SWLR Alexandre ARCENEAUX Acadian Marguerite BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dugas, Dusouchet, Roussillon
1820 4 Dec/SWLR Zéphirin BROUSSARD   Carmelite MARTIN Acadian Broussard, Cormier, Dugas, Dusouchet, Duval, Guidry, Huval, Lebesque, Martin, Rigaud, Robichaud, Roussillon
1821 2 Jan/SWLR Joseph DUHON Acadian Ursule BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dusouchet, Lassime, Marc, Roussillon
1821 9 Jan/SWLR Alexandre [Lessin] GUIDRY Acadian [Marie] Carmelite BROUSSARD   Broussard, McCleland
1821 28 Feb/BRDR Josef GRASS French Creole? Clémence BROUSSARD   LeJeune, Sheppers
1821 24 Apr/SWLR Joseph LOUVIÈRE Acadian Delphine BROUSSARD   Dusouchet, Monard, Roussillon
1821 30 Apr/SWLR Calixte LE BLANC Acadian Marie dite Clléonide BROUSSARD   Broussard, Cormier, Dusouchet, Penne, Roussillon
1821 8 May/BRDR Paul Olivier MELANSON (wdr.) Acadian Marie BROUSSARD (widow)   Delattre, Dugas, Landrie
1821 14 May/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD (widower)   Marguerite BOURG Acadian Broussard, Montet, Roussillon
1821 14 May/SWLR Aurien DUGAT Acadian Erasie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dugas, LeBlanc
1821 28 May/SWLR Onézime BROUSSARD   Scholastique DUHON Acadian Brassac, Cuming, Jackson
1821 4 Jun/SWLR Ursin BROUSSARD Acadian Melite BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dusouchet, Penne, Roussillon
1821 12 Jun/SWLR Nicolas BROUSSARD (widower)   Céleste COMEAUX Acadian Broussard, Comaux, Dugas, Prejean
1821 2 Jul/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD   Elisa DUGAT Acadian Babin, Berard, Dugas, LeBlanc
1821 10 Sep/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Séraphie GUILBEAUX (wd.) Acadian Braud, Dugas, Martin
1821 5 Nov/BRDR Pierre DUPLESSIS French Creole Marie Celie BROUSSARD   Duplessis, Richard
1822 25 Feb/SWLR Louis DUGAT Acadian Clarisse BROUSSARD   Babin, Berard, Bernard, Broussard, Decuir, Dugas, Gonsoulin
1822 19 Mar/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD (widower)   Marie Doralise ARDOIN French Creole Ardoin/Hardouin, Babin, Berard, Bonin, Dugas/Dugast, LeBlanc
1822 15 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste DUGAS Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD   Bernard, Broussard, Dugas, Judice
1822 20 May/SWLR Dosithée BROUSSARD   Claire THIBAUDEAU Acadian Broussard, David, Mire, Roussillon, Thibaudeau
1822 31 Jul/SWLR Éloy BROUSSARD (widower)   Marie Irma BOUTTE French Creole Bernard, Briant, Broussard, Dugas, Godran
1822 14 Oct/SWLR Silvestre BROUSSARD   Marie Aspasie BABINEAUX Acadian Babinaud, Huval, Lassalle, Potier
1823 3 Mar/SWLR Joseph Maximilien LALANDE Acadian Magdeleine BROUSSARD   Braud, Broussard, Dusouchet, Louviere, Potier, Roussillon
1823 15 Apr/SWLR Léon BROUSSARD Acadian Clara BROUSSARD Acadian Babin, Berard, Broussard, Dugas
1824 6 Jan/SWLR Barthélemy DUROUCHER dit Castillon (widower) French Creole Marie Silesie BROUSSARD   Darby, Dubourg, Fagnet
1824 26 Jul/SWLR Élisée THIBODEAUX Acadian Carmelite BROUSSARD   Broussard, Mhire(Mire), Traham
1824 22 Nov/SWLR Pierre BROUSSARD   Scholastique THIBODEAU Acadian Broussard, Landry, Thibodeau
1825 2 Feb/SLR Louis BROUSSARD   Delphine BAUDOIN (widow) French Creole none listed
1825 8 Feb/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD   Anastasie LANDRY Acadian Broussard, Dubois, Grangé, Mire
1825 17 May/SWLR Pierre Paul MONTET (widower) French Creole Polone BROUSSARD (widow)   Hébert
1825 4 Jun/SWLR Sosthènes DUGAS Acadian Marie Louise dit[e] Tonton BROUSSARD   Babin, Berard, Dugas, Labanne, Surville
1825 13 Jun/SWLR Éloi DEROUEN French Creole Susanne BROUSSARD   Broussard, Decoux, Derouen, Louviere
1825 6 Sep/SWLR Hilaire BROUSSARD Acadian Azélie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard
1825 20 Nov/SWLR Désiré DUBOIS French Creole? Céleste BROUSSARD   none listed
1825 28 Dec/BRDR Ulger DUGAS Acadian Marie Mathilde BROUSSARD   Broussard, LeBlanc, Picou
1826 7 Mar/SWLR Jean Baptiste LA CAZE (wdr.) French Creole Judique BROUSSARD (wd.)   none listed
1826 29 Apr/SWLR Alexandre Isidore Rosiclair BROUSSARD Acadian Marcellite BROUSSARD Acadian Bernard, Broussard, Commeau, Landry, Prejean
1826 15 Jun/SWLR Charles POTIER Acadian Marie M. M. BROUSSARD   Cormier, Ducrest, Richard, Rouly
1826 31 Jul/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD   Marie VINCENT Acadian none listed
1826 5 Oct/SWLR Josaphat BROUSSARD, fils   Arthémise RANSONNET French Creole Broussard, Decuir, Landry
1827 9 Jan/SWLR Pierre LE BLANC, fils Acadian Marie Adeline BROUSSARD   Broussard, Elmer, Tesnier
1827 15 Feb/BRDR Uselien BROUSSARD   Emerithe THIBODEAUX Acadian Blanchard, Melançon, Thibodeaux
1827 3 May/SWLR Marin BLANCHARD (widower) Acadian Annette dite Nanon BROUSSARD (widow)   Broussard, Delacroix, Guilbaud, Hébert
1827 15 May/SWLR Treville BROUSSARD Acadian Anne Cidalise BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard
1827 19 Jun/SWLR Léon BROUSSARD   Anastasie BLANCHET French Creole Blanchet, Broussard, Montet
1827 8 Aug/SWLR Alexandre [Petit René] BROUSSARD   Clarisse Émelite LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1827 22 Oct/SWLR Onézime BROUSSARD   Marie C. THIBODEAUX Acadian Broussard, Melançon
1827 6 Nov/SWLR Jean Morphy BROUSSARD   Marie Adélaïde PREJEAN Acadian Melançon, Stelly
1827 27 Nov/SWLR Nicolas Colin BROUSSARD   Melanie Cedalie SUDRIQUES French Creole Guidry, Latiolais, Potier, Thibodeaux
1828 3 Jan/SWLR Orelien ST. JULIEN Foreign French Marie Joséphine BROUSSARD   none listed
1828 7 Jan/BRDR Dominique BROUSSARD   Léonore TULLIER French Creole Broussard, Guidry, Tullier
1828 4 Feb/SWLR Arvilien BROUSSARD   Marguerite TAYLOR German Creole Bernard, Broussard
1828 28 Apr/SWLR Maxilien CORMIER Acadian Marie Melanie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Cormier, Mouton
1828 3 Jun/SWLR Gédéon Théon BROUSSARD   Marie Denise DUHON Acadian Broussard, Caruthers
1828 29 Jul/SWLR Gérard THIBODEAUX Acadian Cicile BROUSSARD   Broussard, Gautrel, Thibodeaux
1828 3 Sep/SWLR Aurelien BROUSSARD   Marie BELL Anglo Bernard, Prejean, St. Julien
1828 30 Sep/SWLR Alexandre C. HAMILITON Anglo Clémence BROUSSARD   Broussard, Elmer, Guidry, Mudd, Rees Rouly
1828 28 Oct/SWLR Joseph BABINEAUX Acadian Marie Silvanie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Cormier, Lacoste, LeBlanc
1829 5 Jan/SWLR Simon BROUSSARD   Marie PRINCE Acadian Berard, Boye, Broussard, Prince
1829 26 Jan/SWLR Pierre Onézime DUGAT Acadian Anne Célanie BROUSSARD   Broussard, Dugat
1829 29 Jan/SWLR Désiré DUGAS Acadian Amelie BROUSSARD   Brentano, Broussard, Duga/Dugas
1829 16 Feb/SWLR Joseph Evarice BROUSSARD   Scholastique GIROIR Acadian Bernard, Broussard, Girroir, Melançon
1829 28 Feb/SWLR Joseph Derosin BROUSSARD Acadian Julie BROUSSARD Acadian Brentano, Broussard, Dugas
1829 18 Mar/SWLR Pierre BERTELOT French Creole Arthémise BROUSSARD   Bonin, Boye, Lebesque, Louviere
1829 27 Apr/SWLR Augustin BROUSSARD, fils Acadian Marie Coralie BROUSSARD Acadian Boudreaux, Broussard, Montet
1829 20 Apr/SWLR Joachim DUGAT Acadian Marguerite BROUSSARD   Lapointe, Meau/Meaux
1829 18 May/SWLR Ursin PRIMEAU French Can. Marie Azéma BROUSSARD   Girroir, Mire
1829 20 Jul/SWLR Hillaire BROUSSARD Acadian Aspasie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Mire
1829 3 Aug/SWLR Placide MIRE Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD   Broussard, Crow, Landry, Montet, Traham
1829 12 Sep/SWLR Valéry BROUSSARD (widower) Acadian Marie Louise BROUSSARD (widow) Acadian none listed
1829 19 Oct/SLR Victorin Simon BENOIT Foreign French Césaire Julienne BROUSSARD   none listed
1830 4 Jan/SWLR Ovide BROUSSARD   Artémise HÉBERT Acadian Bergeron, Broussard, Hébert
1830 5 Apr/SWLR William AINSWORTH Anglo Rosella BROUSSARD   none listed
1830 13 Apr/SWLR Jesse SOUBLINCON Foreign French? Adèlle Julie BROUSSARD   none listed
1830 16 Aug/SWLR François CORMIER, fils Acadian Émilie BROUSSARD   Bernard, Broussard, Cormier, Granger
1830 18 Nov/SWLR Cesar ARDOIN French Creole Adelphine BROUSSARD   none listed
1830 22 Nov/BRDR Jean Baptiste KLING Anglo? Marie S. BROUSSARD   Braud, des Coteaux, Dupuis
1830 6 Dec/SWLR Nicolas BROUSSARD   Marie Phelonise HÉBERT Acadian Brau, Broussard, Dupuy, Meau
1831 21 Apr/BRDR Simon Henry BROUSSARD   Anne Joséphine LANDRY Acadian Richard
1831 30 Apr/SWLR Don Louis Olidon BROUSSARD   Claire DUHON Acadian none listed
1831 30 May/SWLR Cyprien BROUSSARD   Pélagie MEAU French Creole none listed
1831 1 Aug/SWLR Antoine GUIDRY Acadian Hortense BROUSSARD   none listed
1831 15 Aug/SWLR Charles S. BOUDREAUX Acadian Anastasie BROUSSARD   none listed
1831 15 Aug/SWLR Robert BELL, Jr. Anglo Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1831 1 Oct/SWLR Raphaël BROUSSARD, fils   Susanne PRINCE Acadian none listed
1831 7 Nov/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Doralise HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1832/SWLR Maximilien BROUSSARD, fils   Elan LANDRENEAU French Creole none listed
1832 2 Jan/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD   Adélaïde Aglae GIROIR Acadian none listed
1832 16 Jan/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Adélaïde MIRRE Acadian none listed
1832 25 Jan/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1832 13 Feb/SWLR Arvilien BROUSSARD   Carmelite Elina BENOIT Acadian none listed
1832 20 Feb/SWLR Bélisaire Édouard BROUSSARD Acadian Émelite BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1832 24 Apr/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Anne Terzile BROUSSARD   none listed
1832 25 Jun/SWLR Théogène BROUSSARD Acadian Uranie M. BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1832 9 Jul/SLR Eugène BABIN Acadian Adèle BROUSSARD   none listed
1832 9 Jul/BRDR Hypolite BROUSSARD   Émelie Rosalie BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Broussard, Dupuy, Hébert
1832 13 Aug/SLR Jean Marcelin BRAUX Acadian


  none listed
1832 24 Sep/SWLR Syphorien DUGAS Acadian Marguerite E. BROUSSARD   none listed
1832 8 Oct/BRDR Louis BROUSSARD (widower)   Rose TULLIER (widow) French Creole Clement
1832 29 Oct/SWLR Achille BROUSSARD   Aspasie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1832 19 Nov/SWLR Marcelin BROUSSARD   Euphrosine LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1832 26 Dec/BRDR Joseph BROUSSARD   Modeste THIBODEAUX Acadian Broussard, Richard, Trahan
1833 29 Jan/SWLR François PRINCE Acadian Marcellite BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 5 Feb/SWLR François LEGROS French Creole Marcellite BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 11 Feb/SWLR Maximilien GIROIR Acadian Carmigille BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 18 Feb/SWLR Jean Laisin DUGAS Acadian Marguerite Azélie BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 25 Feb/SWLR Henry A. THOMAS Anglo Adeline BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 16 Jun/SWLR Maximilian STIVEN Spanish Creole? Marcellite BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 24 Jun/SWLR Ursin Laisin BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Eurasie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1833 29 Jun/SWLR Michel O'CONNOR Irish Angélique BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 1 Jul/SWLR Clairville BROUSSARD   Alexandrine Alice BIENVENU French Creole none listed
1833 19 Aug/SWLR Éloy [Jean] BROUSSARD Acadian Aspasie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1833 15 Jul/SWLR Octave BONNET/BONIN French Creole Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 4 Dec/SWLR Louis Édouard BOUQUET Foreign French Rosalie Elina BROUSSARD   none listed
1833 30 Dec/SWLR Pierre Léon MONTET French Creole Louise Divine BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 10 Feb/SWLR Désiré BROUSSARD   Marie Azélie BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1834 7 Apr/SWLR Don Louis DUGAS Acadian Émelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 7 Apr/SWLR Ursin BROUSSARD   Euphémie COMEAU Acadian none listed
1834 14 Apr/SWLR Syphorien BOUDREAUX Acadian Joséphine BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 14 Apr/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD   Duvissa HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1834 15 Apr/SWLR Caleb GREEN Anglo Émelie BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 1 May/SWLR Olivier BROUSSARD   Marie Elmire BERNARD Acadian none listed
1834 19 May/SWLR Pierre MEAUX French Creole Céleste BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 9 Jun/SWLR Eusèbe GUIDRY Acadian [Marie] Uranie BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 20 Jun/SWLR Joseph [Théodore] BROUSSARD   Clémence MONTET French Creole none listed
1834 16 Jul/SWLR Anaclet Silvin BROUSSARD   Elisa WILS [WILTZ] German Creole none listed
1834 11 Aug/SWLR Mathurin BOUDREAUX Acadian Doralise BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 21 Aug/SWLR Marcelin SONNIER Acadian Marie Azélie BROUSSARD   none listed
1834 4 Sep/SWLR Siméon Means BROUSSARD   Pollone Octavie BONIN French Creole none listed
1835 2 Feb/SWLR Laizan BROUSSARD   Uranie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1835 3 Mar/SWLR Jacob Sosthène BROUSSARD   Marie Marcellite BEGNAUD French Creole none listed
1835 27 Apr/SLR Jacques DIAS Spanish Creole? Adèle BROUSSARD (widow)   none listed
1835 25 May/SWLR Joachim BROUSSARD   Marie COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1835 4 Jun/SWLR Éloi Lucien BROUSSARD   Elisa LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1835 13 Jun/SWLR Drosin BROUSSARD   Marie Denise DUHON Acadian none listed
1835 22 Jun/SWLR François SIXNAYDER German Creole Adélaïde BROUSSARD   none listed
1835 8 Oct/SWLR Jean Baptiste Désiré BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Evelina BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1835 28 Dec/SWLR Raymond FABRE French Creole Clementine BROUSSARD   none listed
1836 15 Feb/SWLR Paulin BROUSSARD Acadian Célestine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1836 16 Feb/BRDR Alexandre ESNARD French Creole Joséphine BROUSSARD   Broussard, Hébert, Landry
1836 4 Apr/SWLR Béllony BROUSSARD   Joséphine LANDRY Acadian none listed
1836 25 Apr/BRDR H. Simon BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Marie Joséphine GUIDRY Acadian Richard
1836 27 Jun/SWLR Augustin BROUSSARD   Anastasie COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1836 27 Jun/SWLR Jean Baptiste Nicolas BROUSSARD   Carmelite Amelvina DAIGLE Acadian none listed
1836 27 Jun/SWLR Giddéon BROUSSARD   Carmelite Lina BENOIT (wd.) Acadian none listed
1836 29 Sep/SWLR François Despalier BROUSSARD   Susanne Amelia PRINCE Acadian none listed
1837 23 Jan/SWLR Célestin LE BLANC Acadian Théolise BROUSSARD   none listed
1837 30 Jan/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD Acadian Aspasie BROUSSARD (wd.) Acadian none listed
1837 6 Feb/SWLR Joseph Serazin BROUSSARD   Veronica HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1837 6 Feb/SWLR Louis BROUSSARD   Clarisse HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1837 28 Mar/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD Acadian Virginie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1837 24 Apr/SLR Joseph BROUSSARD   Marie Louise BUQUET French Creole? none listed
1837 11 Jun/SWLR Marcellin THIBODEAUX Acadian Eloise BROUSSARD   none listed
1837 25 Sep/SWLR Pierre TRAHAN Acadian Marie Azélie BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 8 Jan/SWLR François DOMINGUEZ Spanish Creole Marguerite BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 12 Feb/SWLR Édouard [Auguste] BROUSSARD   Clémence HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1838 12 Feb/SWLR Zenonn BROUSSARD   Marie Cléonide SAVOY Acadian none listed
1838 16 Apr/SWLR Charles DELCAMBRE Foreign French Arthémise BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 21 May/SWLR Don Louis LE BLANC French Can. Joséphine BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 8 Jun/SWLR Gérard GRANGER Acadian [Pouponne] Pélagie BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 21 Aug/SWLR Jean Baptiste BROUSSARD   Silvanie ORTEGO Spanish Creole none listed
1838 1 Sep/SWLR Jules HARRY Anglo? Elisa BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 10 Sep/SWLR Éloi DUGAS, Jr. Acadian Céleste Emma BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 11 Sep/SWLR Jules Lezin LE BLANC Acadian Marie Alzire BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 18 Sep/SWLR Zéphirin BROUSSARD   Eugènie BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1838 1 Oct/BRDR Magloire BROUSSARD   Marie Marianne SIDES (wd.) Anglo Bercegeuy, Cling/Kling
1838 9 Oct/SWLR Hyppolite BRAUX Acadian Irma BROUSSARD   none listed
1838 27 Nov/SWLR Ermogène BROUSSARD   Marie Euphémie BREAU Acadian none listed
1839 15 Jan/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD   Marie Louise DOUCHET Acadian none listed
1839 21 Jan/BRDR Robert BROUSSARD   Euphrosine DUPUY Acadian Dupuy, Richard
1839 28 Jan/SWLR François BROUSSARD Acadian Joséphine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1839 4 Feb/SWLR Joseph DUHON Acadian Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1839 11 Feb/SWLR William W. WAGGONER Anglo Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1839 19 Mar/SWLR Thimoléon BROUSSARD   Marie Louise Zelima DUGAS Acadian none listed
1839 8 Apr/SWLR J. Murphy BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Céleste PITRE (widow) Acadian none listed
1839 8 May/SWLR Palemond [Rosémond] BROUSSARD Acadian Elesima BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1839 3 Jun/SWLR Don Louis BROUSSARD   Marie Virginie BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1839 6 Jun/SWLR Bruno BROUSSARD   Julie Hermina DUGAS Acadian none listed
1839 2 Sep/BRDR Simon Athanase BREAUX Acadian Marie Séraphine BROUSSARD (widow)   Blanchard, Cougler, Richard
1839 30 Dec/SWLR Joseph Ozémé MELANÇON Acadian Émelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1840 21 Jan/SWLR Dosité BROUSSARD   Elvira LYONS Anglo? none listed
1840 23 Jan/SWLR Louis Valsin BERNARD Acadian Anne Elina BROUSSARD   none listed
1840 27 Jan/SWLR Pierre Lazar DRONNET French Creole Aspasie BROUSSARD   none listed
1840 11 Feb/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD, Jr.   Susann Elouise LOUVIÈR Acadian none listed
1840 20 Apr/SWLR Arvilien BROUSSARD   Marie Émilia BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1840 25 May/SWLR Jean Olidon BROUSSARD   Marie Joséphine PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1840 6 Oct/SWLR Philasie/Philosie TRAHAN Acadian Caroline BROUSSARD   Broussard, Labauve, Malet
1841 15 Apr/SWLR Treville DUGAS Acadian Elismene BROUSSARD   none listed
1841 17 Apr/SWLR Onézime CALAIS French Creole? Adèlle BROUSSARD   none listed
1841 22 Apr/SWLR Théophilus FORMAN Anglo? Joséphine BROUSSARD   none listed
1841 23 Aug/SWLR Barthélemy BROUSSARD   Marcellienne VINCENT Acadian none listed
1841 17 Oct/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD Acadian Amelia BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1841 25 Oct/SWLR Maximilien THIBODEAUX Acadian Perpétué BROUSSARD   none listed
1841 1 Nov/SWLR Marcelin BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Ste. Claire LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1841 13 Dec/SWLR Alexandre DARTES, fils French Creole Marie Adeline BROUSSARD   none listed
1842 3 Feb/SWLR Alexandre MOLLIERE French Creole? [Marie] Arthémise BROUSSARD   none listed
1842 18 Mar/SWLR Alexandre Esner [René] BROUSSARD   Marie Louise GUCHET French Creole? none listed
1842 30 May/SWLR Édouard Bénoni BROUSSARD   Marie Mélanie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1842 4 Jul/SWLR Édouard MIRE Acadian Caroline René BROUSSARD   none listed
1842 6 Aug/SWLR Dejean BROUSSARD   Augustine JANNOT French Creole? none listed
1842 10 Aug/SWLR Hilaire BROUSSARD   Céleste TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1842 12 Sep/SWLR Lessing BROUSSARD   Mélasie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1842 22 Sep/SWLR Julien BROUSSARD Acadian Azéma BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1842 3 Oct/SWLR Philemon BROUSSARD   Anastasie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1842 4 Oct/BRDR Félix Labas DUGAS Acadian Marguerite Anne Eléonore BROUSSARD   Ayraud, Blanchard, Broussard, Bujol, Causson, Dugas, Gaudin, Grégoire, Landry
1842 4 Dec/SWLR Onésime BROUSSARD   Sidalise BAUDOIN French Creole none listed
1842 15 Dec/SWLR Joachim Adasse VEAZEY Spanish Creole? Marie Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1843 2 Jan/SWLR Edmond BROUSSARD   Marguerite Zéoline PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1843 3 Jan/SWLR Jean Ozémé LE BLANC Acadian Suzanne Constance BROUSSARD   none listed
1843 20 Feb/SWLR Louis Huberty BROUSSARD   Nizida PRIMO French Can. none listed
1843 22 Feb/SWLR Joseph [Émile] CORMIER Acadian Julie BROUSSARD   none listed
1843 18 Mar/SWLR Henry VASSEUR French Creole? Caroline BROUSSARD   none listed
1843 29 May/SWLR Placide BROUSSARD Acadian Aurelia Olidon BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1843 20 Jun/SWLR Don Louis Théodore BROUSSARD   Arsène COMEAU Acadian none listed
1843 6 Jul/SWLR François FRAYTEL/FRAYTET Foreign French Élizabeth Azélie BROUSSARD   none listed
1843 4 Sep/SWLR Rosémond BROUSSARD   Marie Orelia DUBOIS Acadian none listed
1843 25 Sep/SWLR Placide LABAUVE, fils Acadian Marie Anatalie BROUSSARD   none listed
1844 19 Feb/BRDR Robert BROUSSARD (widower)   Evelina FREDERICK German Creole? Bouchereau, Frederick, Landry, Langford, Leblanc, Terio
1844 19 Feb/SWLR Marceline DUBOIS, fils Acadian Alzire BROUSSARD   none listed
1844 27 May/SWLR Lambert BROUSSARD   Amelie BOUDOUIN French Creole none listed
1844 4 Jun/SWLR Rosémond BROUSSARD (wdr.) Acadian Marie Elina BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1844 4 Jul/SWLR Ursin BAUDOIN French Creole Anastasie BROUSSARD   none listed
1844 13 Aug/SWLR Alfred Nicolas GONDRAND French Creole? Marie Léontine BROUSSARD   none listed
1844 15 Oct/SWLR Charles Duclise BROUSSARD Acadian Célestine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1844 21 Oct/SWLR Clément BROUSSARD   Elizabeth ROWAN Anglo none listed
1844 22 Oct/SWLR Antoine BROUSSARD   Élodie BERNARD Acadian none listed
1844 25 Nov/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD   Marie Fanelie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1844 3 Dec/SWLR Joseph Ursin BROUSSARD, fils   Aspasie TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1844 16 Dec/SWLR Gérard LANDRY Acadian Mélanie BROUSSARD   none listed
1844 26 Dec/SWLR Norbert PRINCE Acadian Julie BROUSSARD   none listed
1844 28 Dec/SWLR René/Renet BROUSSARD   Élizabeth SONIER/SONNIER Acadian none listed
1845 27 Jan/SWLR Éloi BROUSSARD   Rose HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1845 24 Mar/SWLR William DOOLY Anglo Marcellite BROUSSARD   none listed
1845 10 Apr/SWLR Ursin CORMIER Acadian Marie Alexandrine BROUSSARD   none listed
1845 12 Apr/SWLR André Martin HOMBRE [OUBRE] German Creole Marie Aséma BROUSSARD   none listed
1845 14 Apr/SWLR Eugène BROUSSARD Acadian [Marie] Oliva BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1845 31 May/SWLR Auguste VINCENT Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD (wd.)   none listed
1845 2 Jun/SWLR Félix BROUSSARD   Marcellite BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1845 4 Jun/SWLR Napoléon BROUSSARD   Aspasie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1845 15 Jun/SWLR Joseph LANDRENEAU, fils French Creole? Marie S. BROUSSARD   none listed
1845 4 Jul/SWLR Edmond Athanase TRAHAN (widower) Acadian Marie Sélanie/Silvanie BROUSSARD   none listed
1845 20 Aug/BRDR Octave ALTAZIN French Creole? Séraphine BROUSSARD   Brogard, Gary, Lerey
1845 20 Oct/SWLR Théodore DUPOY Foreign French Anne Doralise BROUSSARD   none listed
1845 11 Nov/SWLR Paul DAVID Acadian Zulma/Zulmée BROUSSARD   none listed
1845 8 Dec/SWLR Norbert BROUSSARD Acadian Éloise BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1845 22 Dec/SWLR Sevene BROUSSARD   Belzire HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1846 14 Jan/SWLR François Ovide DUGAS Acadian Marie Lucille BROUSSARD   none listed
1846 20 Jan/SWLR Jules BIENVENU French Creole Aglaee BROUSSARD   none listed
1846 20 Jan/SWLR Grégoire Telesphore BROUSSARD   Mathilde BIENVENU French Creole none listed
1846 2 Feb/SWLR Émile BAUDOIN French Creole Emma BROUSSARD   none listed
1846 9 Feb/SWLR Joseph Théodule BROUSSARD   Pélagie DUHON Acadian none listed
1846 30 Jun/SWLR Fergus DECUIR French Creole Marie Alphonsine BROUSSARD   none listed
1846 29 Jul/SWLR Placide LE BLANC Acadian Marie Arenize BROUSSARD   none listed
1846 26 Oct/SWLR Dom Louis BROUSSARD, fils (widower)   Célanie CORMIER Acadian none listed
1846 18 Nov/SWLR Valéry HUVAL French Creole? Mélanie BROUSSARD   none listed
1846 28 Dec/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Aspasie BROUSSARD   none listed
1847 13 Jan/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Elmazie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1847 6 Feb/SWLR François [Joseph] Drausin BROUSSARD (widower)   Carmelite Émilia CASTILLE Spanish Creole none listed
1847 8 Feb/SWLR Charles Arnaud TERTRON Foreign French Marguerite Anaïs BROUSSARD   none listed
1847 10 Apr/SWLR Charles DURAND French Creole? Euphémie BROUSSARD   none listed
1847 15 Jul/SWLR Ozémé LAVIOLETTE French Creole? Uranie BROUSSARD   none listed
1847 24 Jul/SWLR Jean Portalis CASTILLE (wdr.) Spanish Creole Marie Adélaïde BROUSSARD   none listed
1847 30 Aug/BRDR Simon OUSSET Foreign French Adèle BROUSSARD   Baron, Clement, Tullier
1847 31 Aug/SWLR Moïse GUIDRY Acadian Adélaïde BROUSSARD   none listed
1847 17 Nov/SWLR Tertule/Thertule BROUSSARD   Aimée SEGORA/SEGOURA Spanish Creole none listed
1847 2 Dec/SWLR Onésime BAUDOIN French Creole Émelie BROUSSARD   none listed
1847 27 Dec/SWLR Camille Euphémon BROUSSARD   Marie Louise TERTRON Foreign French none listed
1848 30 Jan/SWLR Émile TRAHAN Acadian Mélanie BROUSSARD   none listed
1848 7 Feb/SWLR Gérard BROUSSARD Acadian Marie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1848 14 Feb/SLR Gaspard BAVARET French Creole? Euphrosine BROUSSARD   none listed
1848 28 Feb/BRDR Villeneuve GUIDRY Acadian Dulcinée BROUSSARD   Clement, Hébert, Landry
1848 8 Mar/SWLR Charles Jules ROBICHAUD Acadian Marie Adèle BROUSSARD (widow)   none listed
1848 24 Apr/SWLR Rosémond BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Hortance HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1848 8 May/SWLR Stival SIMON French Creole Marie Oreline BROUSSARD   none listed
1848 9 May/SWLR Édouard A[lexandre]. BROUSSARD Acadian Suzanne Emma BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1848 15 Jun/SWLR Jean Clebert BROUSSARD   Modeste Émelie DECUIRE French Creole none listed
1848 3 Jul/BRDR Villeneuve THULLIER French Creole Elisa BROUSSARD   Broussard, Valega
1848 30 Aug/SWLR Désiré BROUSSARD Acadian Marguerite BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1848 13 Nov/SWLR Lessing [Isidore] BROUSSARD   Carmelite COMMAU Acadian none listed
1848 27 Nov/SWLR Edmond SIMON French Creole Cléonide BROUSSARD   none listed
1848 19 Dec/SWLR Dom Louis BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Azolia CASTILLE (widow) Spanish Creole none listed
1848 27 Dec/SWLR Alexandre LE BLANC Acadian Amelia BROUSSARD   none listed
1849 5 Feb/SWLR Jean Sosthène BROUSSARD   Eulalie VINCENT Acadian none listed
1849 5 Jun/SWLR Dolzé BROUSSARD Acadian Suzanne Aimé BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1849 21 Jun/SWLR Pierre LE BLANC Acadian? Éléonor BROUSSARD   none listed
1849 25 Jun/SWLR Seville BOUDREAU Acadian Marie Lise BROUSSARD   none listed
1849 6 Aug/SWLR Louis SAUNIER Acadian Émelia BROUSSARD   none listed
1849 13 Aug/BRDR Adrien BLANCHARD Acadian Sophie Élodie BROUSSARD   Blanchard, Broussard, Lobdell
1849 2 Oct/SWLR Joseph Lesin BROUSSARD   Émelie LABAUVE Acadian none listed
1849 8 Oct/SWLR Edmond BROUSSARD   Marie Euphrosine LACOUR French Creole? none listed
1849 8 Oct/SWLR Joseph Amédée GIROUARD Acadian Élodie BROUSSARD   none listed
1849 10 Dec/SWLR Léon BROUSSARD (widower)   Caroline Virginie BOUTTE French Creole none listed
1849 26 Dec/BRDR Louis BROUSSARD, fils Acadian Élodie BROUSSARD Acadian Blanchard, Broussard, Tullier
1850 7 Jan/SWLR Édouard Marie BROUSSARD   Célanie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1850 28 Jan/SWLR Antoine MAUX/MEAUX French Creole Anastasie BROUSSARD   none listed
1850 30 Jan/SWLR Eugène BROUSSARD Acadian Eugénie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1850 4 Feb/SWLR François BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Eugénie SIMON French Creole none listed
1850 17 Apr/SWLR William STUTES, Jr. German Creole? Christine BRUSSARD   none listed
1850 29 May/SWLR Siphorin BROUSSARD   Célestine LAVIOLETTE French Creole? none listed
1850 10 Jun/SWLR Édouard BROUSSARD, fils (widower) Acadian Suzanne Cléorine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1850 10 Jul/SWLR Ozémé LAVIOLETTE French Creole? Marie Sydalise BROUSSARD   none listed
1850 11 Jul/SWLR Léopold BESLIN French Creole? Félicité BROUSSARD   none listed
1850 29 Jul/BRDR Ulysse BROUSSARD   Rosalie BOURG Acadian Broussard, Thibodeaux
1850 1 Aug/SWLR Joseph Théodule BROUSSARD   Marcelite THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1850 22 Oct/SWLR [Pierre] Sevigne BROUSSARD   [Marguerite] Alice MOUTON Acadian none listed
1851 21 Jan/SWLR Jules BROUSSARD   Félicie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1851 11 Feb/SWLR Pierre LE BLANC Acadian Elmasie BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 20 Feb/SWLR Alfonse BROUSSARD   Constance BERNARD Acadian none listed
1851 25 Feb/BRDR Uzelien BROUSSARD (widower)   Françoise THERRIOT (widow) Acadian Broussard, Grasse, Petie/Petit
1851 3 Mar/SWLR Odile BERNARD Acadian Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 22 Apr/SWLR Godfroy Gervais VERRET French Creole Julieanne BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 22 Apr/SWLR Félix FITZPATRICK Irish Imm. Marie Hélène BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 23 Apr/SWLR Placide BROUSSARD (widower)   _____ CASTILLE Spanish Creole none listed
1851 28 Apr/SWLR Valsin BENOIT Acadian Idea BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 5 May/SWLR Norbert BROUSSARD (widower)   Magdeleine LALONDE Acadian none listed
1851 11 May/SWLR Adolphe BERARD French Creole Aspasie BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 15 May/SWLR Preval BROUSSARD Acadian Félicia BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1851 20 May/SWLR Sosthène GUIDRY Acadian Marie Azena BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 4 Jun/SWLR Murphy BROUSSARD (widower)   Azélie FORET/FOREST (wd.) Acadian none listed
1851 8 Sep/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD   Zulma SIMON French Creole none listed
1851 23 Oct/SWLR André Vallerien PREJEAN Acadian Odile/Odite BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 6 Dec/SWLR Augustin GUILLORY French Creole Helena Simelien BROUSSARD   none listed
1851 11 Dec/SWLR Gustave BROUSSARD   Élizabeth Alphonsine DUGAS Acadian none listed
1852 6 Jan/SWLR Jean Dorville BROUSSARD   Anastasie GONSOULIN French Creole none listed
1852 10 Jan/SWLR Raphaël Debuc ETIER French Creole? Léontine BROUSSARD   none listed
1852 19 Apr/SWLR Bruno BROUSSARD   Marie Aureline CORMIER Acadian none listed
1852 26 May/SWLR Joseph Drauzin ETIER French Creole? Rosalie Amelia BROUSSARD   none listed
1852 22 Jun/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD Acadian Lisemène BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1852 22 Jul/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD Acadian Carmelite BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1852 20 Sep/SWLR Théodule BROUSSARD   Azéma VINCENT Acadian none listed
1852 16 Dec/SWLR Aurelien BROUSSARD   Marie Eumea/Umea CASTILLE Spanish Creole none listed
1853 4 Jan/SWLR James N. Baptiste RIDER [RITTER] German Creole? Adélaïde BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 26 Jan/SLR Joseph QUIFF Anglo? Celima BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 3 Feb/SWLR Émile DE ROUEN French Creole Mary Alice BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 8 Feb/SWLR Émilien SAVOY Acadian Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 22 Mar/SWLR Lucien LE BLANC Acadian Émeline BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 5 Apr/SWLR Martial BIENVENU French Creole Céleste Élodie BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 14 Apr/SWLR Placide BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Clémence THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1853 16 May/BRDR Antoine POUSSE-ALBET [POUSALVEZ] Spanish Imm. Laurenza BROUSSARD   Broussard, Bourgoyne, Caneva
1853 21 May/BRDR Joseph Adonislas TUILLIER French Creole Caroline BROUSSARD   Berthelot, Bourg
1853 2 Jun/SWLR Francis VERRET French Creole Amelie BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 30 Jun/SWLR Joseph [Josaphat III] BROUSSARD   Helen LELEU French Creole none listed
1853 20 Aug/SWLR Onésime DAIGLE Acadian Pamela BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 20 Sep/SWLR Cyprien MELANSON Acadian Félicie BROUSSARD   none listed
1853 15 Oct/BRDR Hypolite BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Asema Dodd RILS Irish Creole Rils
1853 28 Dec/SWLR Valsaint STUTS German Creole? Marie Louise Odile BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 23 Jan/BRDR Joseph Philogène TRAHAN Acadian Marie Victorine BROUSSARD   Broussard, Tuillier
1854 7 Feb/SWLR Augustin COMEAUX Acadian Marie Euranie BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 13 Feb/SWLR Bélizaire BROUSSARD Acadian Joséphine BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1854 15 Feb/BRDR Émile BROUSSARD   Céleste Delphine MOLAISON Acadian Bernard, Hickey, Petit, Peyronnin, White
1854 16 Feb/SWLR Pierre BROUSSARD   Célestine BABIN Acadian none listed
1854 20 Feb/SWLR Valérien Olidon BROUSSARD   Marie DUHON Acadian none listed
1854 28 Feb/SWLR Césaire WEBRE German Creole Letitia BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 17 Apr/SWLR Émile DUYON Acadian Azelima BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 17 Apr/BRDR Louis BROUSSARD   Marie Pillaine GREFFINE [GRIFFIN] Anglo? Broussard, Hébert, Raffrey
1854 27 Apr/SWLR Léo Léon DE ROUEN French Creole Azélie BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 29 May/SWLR Joseph Louis BROUSSARD   Ameline VINCENT Acadian none listed
1854 19 Jun/SWLR Louis Clovis CHAMPEAUX French Creole? Marie Virginie BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 3 Jul/SWLR Bastien CHARGOIS English Imm. Odile BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 29 Jun/SWLR Allison MOORE Anglo Marie BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 3 Jul/SWLR Jules CHATAIGNÉ Foreign French Emma BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 4 Jul/SWLR Norbert BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Erminie MISSONIER French Creole? none listed
1854 29 Jul/SWLR Eugène CHARPENTIER French Creole Lemir [Belzire] BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 4 Sep/SWLR Dosithée LE BLANC Acadian Delyside BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 20 Sep/SWLR Desma NUNEZ Spanish Creole Odille BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 12 Oct/SWLR Valéry Marie GUILBEAU Acadian Marie Anaïs BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 9 Nov/SWLR Valsin HERPIN French Creole? Azélia/Azelica BROUSSARD   none listed
1854 18 Dec/SWLR Clémille BROUSSARD   Marie MEAUX French Creole none listed
1855 9 Jan/SWLR Séverin DUHON Acadian Azéma BROUSSARD   none listed
1855 15 Feb/SWLR Gustave Phileas BROUSSARD   Henriette Marcellite LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1855 28 Mar/SWLR Joseph Louis CARRIERE French Creole Adélaïde BROUSSARD (wd.)   none listed
1855 30 Apr/SWLR Onésime LE BLANC Acadian Emérente BROUSSARD   none listed
1855 30 Apr/SWLR Antoine Valérien DARTEZE French Creole Marguerite BROUSSARD   none listed
1855 1 May/SWLR Thimecourt VIATOR Spanish Creole Marcelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1855 9 Jul/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD   Ozémie DUBOIS French Creole none listed
1855 27 Sep/SWLR Gerasin DOUCET Acadian Carmelite BROUSSARD   none listed
1855 15 Nov/SWLR Siméon Reynold BERGERON French Creole Louise BROUSSARD   none listed
1855 20 Nov/SWLR Laisin/Lecin O. BROUSSARD (widower)   Uranie GUILBEAU (widow) Acadian none listed
1855 26 Nov/SWLR Napoléon MELANÇON Acadian Cléonide BROUSSARD   none listed
1855 10 Dec/SWLR Domaville FAURE French Creole? Céleste BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 7 Jan/SWLR Fredrick BROUSSARD   Lisemène LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1856 12 Jan/SWLR Jean Baptiste BROUSSARD   Rosalie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1856 4 Feb/SWLR Aurelien BROUSSARD Acadian Amelie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1856 4 Feb/SWLR Moïse BROUSSARD   Marie Godric ARSENEAUX Acadian none listed
1856 27 Mar/SWLR Thomas STOUTS [STUTES] German Creole? Oliva BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 31 Mar/SWLR Aladin BRASSEUX Acadian Belzire BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 2 Apr/SWLR Aristide François BOUTET [BOUTTE] French Creole Marie Amelie BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 8 Apr/SWLR Joseph POTIER Acadian Émilie BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 9 Apr/SWLR Zéphirin BROUSSARD   Elisa DUGAS Acadian none listed
1856 10 Apr/SWLR George HARRINGTON Anglo Marie Mélanie BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 21 Apr/SWLR Ramond/Raymond VERRET French Creole Victoire BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 2 May/BRDR Laurent BROUSSARD, fils   Euphémie TUILLIER French Creole Broussard, Hébert, Thuillier
1856 26 May/SWLR Lessin BROUSSARD   Azélie FABRE French Creole none listed
1856 27 May/SWLR Janville THERIOT Acadian Leczman [Élise] BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 2 Jun/SWLR Paul BROUSSARD   Célestine ST. JULIEN French Creole none listed
1856 25 Sep/SWLR Astival [Estival] BROUSSARD   Donatile ISTRE French Can. none listed
1856 2 Oct/SWLR Julien ST. JULIEN French Creole? Eléonore BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 22 Oct/SWLR Alcée BROUSSARD   Virginie DUGAS Acadian none listed
1856 16 Dec/SWLR François ABADIE French Creole? Eugènie BROUSSARD   none listed
1856 29 Dec/BRDR Mark Anthony ESTEVAN Spanish Creole? Amelia Adonia BROUSSARD   Bird, Blake, Barker, Broussard, Degelos, Grafe, Kneass, Lobdell, Petit, Walter
1857 31 Jan/SWLR Jean Pierre MOREAU French Creole? Olezima BROUSSARD   none listed
1857 21 Apr/BRDR [François] Uzelien BROUSSARD   Élisabeth GIPSON Anglo Broussard, Daigre, Lavigne
1857 26 May/SWLR Drauzin Daniel MIGUEZ Spanish Creole Julie Celimène BROUSSARD   none listed
1857 29 Jun/SWLR Klebert THIBODEAUX Acadian Oliva BROUSSARD   none listed
1857 28 Jul/SWLR Alfred Baron BAYARD French Creole? Féliciane BROUSSARD   none listed
1857 24 Aug/SWLR Gerasin/Gerazin BROUSSARD   Marguerite LEGER Acadian none listed
1857 19 Oct/SWLR Désiré BROUSSARD Acadian Émelia V. BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1857 17 Dec/SWLR Martial GONSOULIN French Creole Marie Zoe BROUSSARD   none listed
1858 5 Jan/SWLR Adolphe COMEAU Acadian Marie Eugènie BROUSSARD   none listed
1858 7 Jan/SWLR Dupré BROUSSARD   Olympe LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1858 8 Feb/SWLR Donat BROUSSARD   Clémence DECUIR French Creole none listed
1858 9 Feb/SWLR Rosémond LANGLINAIS French Creole Ulalie BROUSSARD   none listed
1858 6 Apr/SWLR Valérie MIGUEZ Spanish Creole Uranie BROUSSARD   none listed
1858 3 May/SWLR Valsain/Valsaint BROUSSARD   Emma MONTET French Creole none listed
1858 11 May/SWLR Valary GATH [GATT] German Creole? Élodie BROUSSARD (widow)   none listed
1858 11 May/SWLR Éloi BROUSSARD, fils Acadian Ulalie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1858 31 May/SWLR Dupré BIABE French Creole? Emelisa BROUSSARD   none listed
1858 10 Jun/SWLR Neuvelle/Neville BROUSSARD   Émelie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1858 22 Jun/BRDR Louis Gustave BROUSSARD   Marie Ermine TIBIVILIEZ French Creole? Gaiennie, Hébert, Richard
1858 28 Jun/BRDR Valérien BROUSSARD   Louise Pamela BOREL French Creole? none listed
1858 12 Oct/BRDR Athanas BROUSSARD   Célestine VANE [VAUGHN] Anglo? Landry, Toureyra
1858 22 Nov/SWLR Désiré HÉBERT Acadian Céleste BROUSSARD   none listed
1858 14 Dec/SWLR Guillaume Adelma BROUSSARD   Cécilia [Angèle] MOUTON Acadian none listed
1858 14 Dec/SWLR Treville BROUSSARD, fils   Adalie/Idalie GUILBEAU Acadian none listed
1859 3 Jan/SWLR Prosper BROUSSARD   Marie Delsaca TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1859 17 Jan/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD   Marie Betrise DOMINGUE Spanish Creole none listed
1859 25 Jan/SWLR Dosithée DUHON Acadian Amelina BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 14 Feb/SWLR Jules DUHON Acadian Palestina/Palestine BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 18 Jul/SWLR Lazare BROUSSARD, fils   Marie Élizabeth BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1859 25 Jul/SWLR Alcide HÉBERT Acadian Euphémie BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 2 Aug/SWLR Esteve LAMPEREZ Spanish Creole? Marie Euzèide BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 5 Sep/SWLR Théophile BROUSSARD   Marguerite LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1859 6 Oct/SWLR François Lucien RICHARD Acadian Marie Mélanie BROUSSARD (widow)   none listed
1859 15 Oct/SLR Étienne Euzelien BABIN Acadian Odille BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 26 Oct/SWLR Jean Baptiste CLÉMENT (wdr.) Foreign French Azina BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 27 Oct/SWLR Marcelle G. BROUSSARD   Marie Coralie CARUTHERS Anglo Creole none listed
1859 3 Nov/SWLR Sarrazin HÉBERT Acadian Victoire BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 10 Nov/SWLR Édouard Nicolas RATIER French Creole? Eusèide Cécile BROUSSARD   none listed
1859 22 Nov/SWLR Jules BROUSSARD   Émilie CORMIER Acadian none listed
1859 12 Dec/SWLR Martial FABRE French Creole Elina BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 7 Jan/SWLR Éuduard A. BROUSSARD (wdr.)   Elmasie/Elmasee COMEAU Acadian none listed
1860 9 Jan/SWLR Duplessin BROUSSARD   Clémence THIBODEAUX (w.) Acadian none listed
1860 9 Jan/SWLR Émile BROUSSARD   Ursule DRONET French Creole? none listed
1860 30 Jan/SWLR Dupréville BROUSSARD   Marcellite Hélène ARCENEAUX Acadian none listed
1860 31 Jan/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD Acadian Mélasie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1860 2 Feb/SWLR François Adolphe BROUSSARD   Marie Edmonia GUILBEAU Acadian none listed
1860 9 Feb/SWLR Lesin/Lezin DEROUEN French Creole Caroline BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 16 Feb/BRDR Joseph Onézime BROUSSARD   Zoe Séverine TUILLIER French Creole Hébert, Tuillier
1860 20 Feb/SWLR Lauzin COMEAU Acadian Asima BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 17 Apr/SWLR Louis Sarazin BROUSSARD   Marie Mathilde BOURG Acadian none listed
1860 28 Apr/SWLR Jean Léo BROUSSARD   Eusèide PRINCE Acadian none listed
1860 1 May/SWLR Hypolite SAVOY Acadian Clarisse BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 1 May/SWLR Jean [Euclide] BABINEAU Acadian Marie Philomène BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 21 May/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Laurenza BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1860 21 May/SWLR Philosi/Philosie BROUSSARD   Émelia THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1860 28 May/SWLR Pierre BROUSSARD   Belzire MEAU French Creole none listed
1860 20 Jun/SWLR Drauzin BROUSSARD   Melina LEGROS (widow?) French Creole none listed
1860 25 Jun/SWLR Camille SELLERS Anglo Creole Philomène BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 26 Jun/SWLR Marcel MELANÇON Acadian Philomène BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 23 Jul/SWLR Sosthène C. BROUSSARD   Amelie GIROIR/GIROUARD Acadian none listed
1860 9 Jul/SWLR Martin Sylvanie BROUSSARD   Anaïs GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1860 30 Jul/SWLR Drosin BROUSSARD Acadian Euphémie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1860 2 Oct/SWLR [Dominique] Ulger BROUSSARD   Constance LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1860 29 Oct/SWLR Émile BAUDOUIN French Creole Marie Azélie BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 12 Nov/SWLR Dolze LE BLANC Acadian Hortense BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 12 Nov/SWLR Jules BROUSSARD   Élizabeth DUHON Acadian none listed
1860 19 Nov/SWLR Hilaire BROUSSARD   Joséphine REAUX (widow?) French Creole? none listed
1860 26 Nov/SWLR Basile Philogène BROUSSARD Acadian Ursule BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1860 4 Dec/SWLR Adrien BROUSSARD   Marie Célestine LAFONTAINE French Creole? none listed
1860 4 Dec/SWLR Jules LANGLINOIS [LANGLINAIS] French Creole Ursule BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 10 Dec/SWLR Joseph THIBODEAUX Acadian Céleste BROUSSARD   none listed
1860 11 Dec/SWLR Emadis BROUSSARD   Marie Adeline VINCENT Acadian none listed
1861 8 Jan/SWLR Jules BROUSSARD   Marie Elisadie/Elizalde BONNIN French Creole none listed
1861 8 Jan/SWLR Simonet LACHAUSSÉE Acadian Marie Belzire BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 15 Jan/SWLR Clémille DUHON Acadian Eugènie BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 22 Jan/SWLR Lambert BROUSSARD (wdr.?)   Sylvanie ISTE [ISTRE] French Can. none listed
1861 28 Jan/SWLR Seville BROUSSARD   Marguerite GIROUARD Acadian none listed
1861 29 Jan/SWLR Jules Hermogène BROUSSARD   Anaïs BABIN Acadian none listed
1861 11 Feb/SWLR Désiré LANGLINAIS French Creole Azéma BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 18 Apr/SWLR François MOLBERT French Creole? Odile BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 25 Apr/BRDR Adonis LANDRY Acadian Emma BROUSSARD   Allain, Broussard, Landry, LeBlanc
1861 30 Apr/SWLR Guillaume MONTET French Creole Marie Alida BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 11 May/SWLR [Simon] Demas BROUSSARD Acadian Alzire BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1861 20 May/BRDR Forestin BROUSSARD   Hermine Eliska ALTAZIN French Creole? Bussrd, Fryoux, Teuillier
1861 3 Jun/SWLR Lasti BROUSSARD   Perpétué MAILLAN/MAILLARD French Creole? none listed
1861 1 Jul/SWLR Louis Mozart BERNARD Acadian Pélagie BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 13 Aug/SWLR Julie BENOIT Acadian Marie Emelina BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 20 Aug/SWLR Paulin BROUSSARD   Marie LAVIOLETTE French Creole? none listed
1861 26 Aug/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD Acadian Angélique Émelia BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1861 3 Sep/SWLR Désiré GONSOULIN French Creole Uranie BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 23 Sep/SWLR Désiré BENOIT Acadian Émilia BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 1 Oct/SWLR Césaire LE BLANC Acadian Ezilda BROUSSARD   none listed
1861 30 Dec/SWLR Jacques BONNEMAISON Foreign French? Marie Azena BROUSSARD   none listed

Analysis of BROUSSARD marriages, 1768-1861:

Total marriages listed:              692          100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           461            66.6
Exogamous marriages:             231            33.4



[running tally]

BRUN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1786 30 Sep/SWLR Olivier THIBODEAUX Acadian Agnès BRUN   Declouet, Jacques, Jenne, Neuville

Analysis of BRUN marriages, 1786:

Total marriages listed:                   1                 100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                1                  100.0
Exogamous marriages:                  0                    00.0

BRUN Acadian connection:  THIBODEAUX

BRUN non-Acadian connection:  none

[running tally]

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