Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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RASSICOT (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1787 22 Jan/BRDR [Jean-]François ROSICO   Anne[sic]-Magdalina BOUDREAU Acadian Budro, Dugas
1788 13 Jul/BRDR Tranquil ARSEMAT Acadian Ana[-Marguerite] RASICO   Ébert, Rasico
1788 29 Jun/BRDR François RACICOT (wdr.)   Maria ROBICHEAU Acadian Hébert, Pitre
1791 25 Jul/BRDR Pedro LECOMPTE French Marie-Henrietta RASSICOT   Racicot, Hébert
1795 19 Jun/BRDR Luis JUDICE (widower) French Maria-Ennrica RASICAUX (widow)   Landry, Sabat
1806 16 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista BERTRAN Acadian Henriette RASIQUE (RASSICOT)   de la Mazière, Dugat
1809 24 Apr/BRDR Guillaume Joseph GAUBERT Foreign French Marie Adélaïde RASSICAULT   Gaubert, Masière, Oncal
1810 27 May/BRDR Joseph Benoît RICHARD Acadian Ysabel RASCICAUX   Macière, Menoux
1816 21 Jan/BRDR Joseph ROBICHEAU Acadian Rosalia RASSICOT   Bourgeois, Chauvin, Tureyra
1820 9 Jan/BRDR Jean Louis GUILLOU Foreign French Henrietta RASICOT (widow)   Compare, Gauber, Richard

Analysis of RASSICOT marriages, 1787-1820:

Total marriages listed:             10         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:            6           60.0 
Exogamous marriages:              4           40.0



[running tally]

RENAUD (Acadians only)

no marriages found

RICHARD (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 3 Feb/NOAR Charles PRESENT [PREJEAN] Acadian Margueritte RICHARD   none listed
1766 28 Nov/C-V Joseph RICHARD   Agnès HÉBERT [dit Manuel] Acadian none listed
1767 7 Nov/C-V Jean[-Marie] RICHARD   Rosalie BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1770 7 May/BRDR Cirille RIVETTE Acadian Marguerite RICHARD (widow)   Babin, Richard
1770 7 May/BRDR Simon[-Henry] RICHARD   Marie-Rose LANDRY Acadian Landry, Richard
1772 24 Aug/BRDR Joseph RICHARD (widower)   Claire-Maria MARTIN (widow) Acadian Martin
1773 27 Jul/BRDR Joseph FAGNIANT French? Marguerite RICHARD   none listed
1774 6 Jun/BRDR Joseph RICHARD   Anna LANDRY Acadian Landry
1774 6 Jun/BRDR Jean-Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Margarita RICHARD   Landry, Richard
1776 11 Nov/BRDR Basille LANDRY Acadian Marie[-Anastasie] RICHARD   Dugas, LeBlanc
1777 2 Feb/BRDR Paul RICHARD   Magdelaine-Marthe BABIN Acadian Alain, Babin, LeBlanc
1778 24 Apr/BRDR Théodore DUGAS Acadian Magdelaine RICHARD (widow)   Babin, Richard
1778 23 Jul/BRDR Jean-Baptiste RICHARD (wdr.)   Anne MARTIN (widow) Acadian Bourg, Leger
1779 10 Jan/SWLR Fabien RICHARD   Françoise THIBAUDO Acadian Cormier, Grangé, Richard
1780 6 Nov/BRDR Jean ROGER Acadian Rosalie RICHARD   Bourgois, Poirier
1784 30 Mar/SWLR Jean BOURC Acadian Marguerite RICHARD   none listed
1784 26 Apr/BRDR Josef RICHARD (widower)   Cécilia DUPUY (widow) Acadian Allein, Hébert
1785 14 Dec/NOAR Luis MENARD French Maria-Josefa RICHARD (widow)   Llorca
1786 16 Jan/BRDR Simon RICHAR   Escolastica MIR Acadian Arseno, Par
1786 4 Feb/NOAR Juan JAINEMAN German Maria-Genoveba RICHARD   Llorca, Martinez
1786 6 Feb/BRDR Maren LAVOB (LA BAUVE) Acadian Francisca RICHAR   Bobila, Mir
1787 8 May/SWLR Pierre RICHARD, fils   Marie-Josèphe DUGAS Acadian Bourque, Dugas, Richard
1787 18 Jun/BRDR Josef RICHAR   Pélagia BABEN Acadian Arseno, Richar
1787 28 Sep/BRDR Pierre LE BLANC (widower) Acadian Geneviève RICHARD (widow)   Brossar, LeBlanc
1788 23 Jan/BRDR Joseph RICHARD   Paspétué AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Commo, Daigre, Raoule
1788 4 May/BRDR Basile[-Marie] RICHARD   Marie[-Anne-Victoire] COMO Acadian Bourque, Chez
1788 11 May/BRDR Juan-Bautista TRAHANT Acadian Isabelle RICHARD   Lebron, Richard
1788 8 Sep/BRDR Pol-Olivier DEGRE Acadian Maria-Juana RIZAL   Héber
1789 22 Jun/BRDR [Jean-]Pedro BOURG Acadian Margarita RICHARD   LeBlanc, Richard
1789 17 Aug/BRDR Juan-Raphaël LANDRY Acadian Margarita-Maria RICHARD   Landry, Richard
1789 7 Sep/BRDR Juan-Carlos RICHARD   Pérrina[-Madeleine] ARSEMENT Acadian Arsement, Richard
1790 9 Feb/BRDR Carlos GAUTRO Acadian Maria RICHARD   Mir, Parent
1790 5 Apr/SWLR Jean-Louis HÉBERT Acadian Rose RICHARD   Adant, Leleu, Lopes, Verret
1790 18 May/BRDR Pedro RICHARD   Constancia LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Richard
1790 7 Nov/BRDR Olivier LE BLANC Acadian Rosa RICHARD   Brousard, Bujol
1791 4 Jan/SWLR Joseph GUILBEAU Acadian Pélagie RICHARD   Babineaux, Broussard, Guilbeau, Lopes
1791 2 Mar/BRDR Josef MARTEN, fils French Can. Maria RICHAR   Lavob, Rom
1792 22 Apr/BRDR Joseph DE ROHAN French Can. Angélique RICHARD   Berkery, Higbee
1792 30 Apr/BRDR Félipe de St.-Julien LACHOSSE Acadian Pélagia RICHARD   LaChose, Presan
1793 25 Jul/SWLR Anaclet CORMIER Acadian Magdeleine RICHARD   Cormier, Milani, Richard
1793 28 Oct/BRDR Luis RICHARD   Anastasia BLANCHARD Acadian Cassegniol, Melanson, Sone
1794 8 Feb/SWLR Joseph RICHARD   [Marie-]Magdeleine CASTILLE Spanish Creole Forstall, Viel
1794 29 Apr/SWLR Jean-Baptiste RICHARD   Isabelle CORMIER Acadian Frederic, Milani, Richard
1794 27 May/BRDR Simon BRAUD Acadian Margarita RICHARD   Braux, Landry
1794 2 Jun/BRDR Dornon LE BLANC Acadian Margarita RICHARD   Burtam, Carbo
1794 18 Oct/SWLR Pierre[-Grégoire] RICHARD   Anne[-Pérrine] PATIN [PATRY] Acadian Hébert, Milani, Richard
1795 16 Feb/BRDR Michel RICHARD   Rosalia MICHEL Acadian Michel, Richard, Terriot
1795 26 Apr/BRDR Luis RICHARD (widower)   Félicitas MIER (MIRE) (widow) Acadian Burke, Mier
1795 27 Apr/BRDR Simon-Pedro BABIN Acadian Constanza RICHAR   Babin, Dugat
1795 15 Jul/NOAR José GRACIA Spanish Maria[-Josèphe] RICHARD (wd.)   Gonzalez, Orgullo, Panquinet
1795 29 Oct/BRDR Hipolite LANDRY Acadian Margarita RICHAR   Babin
1796 23 May/SWLR Phillip[e] RICHARD   Marie-Eugènie LAVERGNE French Can. Bourk, Sonnier, Thibeaudo
1796 7 Nov/BRDR Victor BLANCHARD Acadian Magdalena RICHARD   Andry, Babin
1796 7 Dec/BRDR Pedro-Augustino RICHARD   Maria-Juana DARDENE French Creole Calliere, Dupuis
1797 3 Jan/BRDR Joseph PATIN, fils French Creole Marguerite[-Marie] RICHARD   Bedel, Joanis
1797 15 May/BRDR Benjamin BABIN Acadian Félicitas RICHARD   LeBlanc
1797 5 Jun/BRDR [Valerien-]Dositeo RICHARD   Susanna MARKS German Creole Arceneaux, Sagnier
1797 22 Aug/SWLR Pierre RICHARD, père (wdr.)   Isabelle AUCOIN (widow) Acadian Jeansonne, Richard, Thibaudeau
1798 8 Jan/SWLR François RICHARD   Hélènne BRASEUSE Acadian Cormier, Richard
1798 9 Jan/SWLR Pierre THIBODEAUX Acadian Marguerite RICHARD   Bourque, Lavergne, Richard
1798 18 Sep/BRDR Juan-Pedro RICHARD   Isabel/Ysabel[-Jeanne] AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Hébert
1799 26 Aug/BRDR Juan-Luis DAIGLY Acadian [Marie-]Ysabel RICHARD   Gautraux, Verret
1800 25 Feb/BRDR Juan TERRIOT Acadian Margarita RICHARD   Richard, Terriot
1800 8 Jul/BRDR Valerio-Dosited RICHARD (wr.)   Margarita BABAIN Acadian Arcenaux
1801 9 Feb/BRDR Pedro RICHARD   Eloisa MELANSON Acadian Cloâtre, Revail
1801 16 Feb/BRDR Simon BRUSARD Acadian Maria-Magdalena RICHARD   Brusard, Richar
1801 23 Jun/BRDR Alexis BRAUX (widower) Acadian Pélagia RICHARD (widow)   Braux, LaChausée
1801 17 Aug/BRDR Joseph RICHARD   Marine DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis, Richard
1802 7 Feb/SWLR Olivier RICHARD   Théotiste JANNY [JANISE] French Creole Jany/Janny, Jansonne, Lejeune, Richard
1803 1 Feb/SWLR Jean-Baptiste RICHARD   Anne VASSEUR French Creole Chretien, Hanchett
1803 12 Apr/BRDR Paul RICHARD   Henrietta BREAUD Acadian Richard
1803 4 Jul/BRDR Desiderio LANDRY Acadian Justina RICHARD   Landry, Richard
1803 6 Sep/SWLR Étienne BRANT French Françoise RICHARD   Richard, Thibaudo
1804 11 Jan/BRDR Pierre Huges MCGEE Irish Imm. Marie Françoise RICHARD   Dupuis, McAlpine, Powell
1804 6 Feb/BRDR Jean Pierre RICHARD   Anne Marie MELANSON Acadian Braux, Hébert, Melanson
1804 16 Oct/BRDR Simon RICHARD (widower)   Françoise LEMAIRE (widow) French Creole Dejean, Grim, Mir
1804 31 Dec/BRDR Alexis BERTRAND French Creole Margueritte RICHARD   Babin, Dragere, Gregoire
1805 5 Feb/SWLR Noël VASSEUR French Creole Angélique RICHARD   Anomy?, Bourque, Lavergne
1805 29 Apr/BRDR André BERNARD German Creole Margueritte RICHARD (widow)   Lever, Richard, Theriot
1805 4 Nov/BRDR Alexi LE BLANC Acadian Anne Marine RICHARD   Babin, McDugald, Richard
1806 7 Jan/BRDR Simon RICHARD   Marguerite BRAUD Acadian Braud, Guidry, Richard
1808 7 Jun/BRDR Auguste LANDRY Acadian Marie Rose RICHARD   Blanchard, Richard
1808 8 Nov/SWLR Simon RICHARD, fils   Margueritte JANNY [JANISE] French Creole Borda, Richard
1809 6 Feb/SWLR Moïse HÉBERT Acadian Marie Louise RICHARD   Dugas, Faustin, Hébert, Martin, Richard
1809 18 Apr/BRDR Bernard COMEAU Acadian Marie Rose RICHARD (widow)   Breau, Comau, Landry
1809 17 Oct/SWLR Vidal ESTILETTE French Creole Julie RICHARD   Brasseux, Richard, Savoy, Sutton
1810 27 May/BRDR Francisco LEGENDRE Foreign French Hanrrieta Adélaïdes RICHARD   Menoux, Rabosseaux
1810 27 May/BRDR Josef Benoît RICHARD   Ysabel RASICAUX Acadian Macière, Menoux
1810 12 Jun/SWLR Ursin HÉBERT Acadian Marie Marguerite RICHARD   Hébert, Jacquet, Richard
1810 7 Nov/BRDR Rémi DOIRON Acadian Julia RICARD   Losada, Templet
1810 26 Dec/BRDR Alexandre MCDUGALD Scots Constance RICHARD (widow)   Richard
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Josef Honorio BRAUX Acadian Maria Félicitas RICHARD   Hébert, Richard
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Juan Bautista AUCOIN Acadian Maria Ludivina RICHARD   Braux, Richard
1811 29 Jul/BRDR Étienne RICHARD   Suzette MELANSON Acadian Bourgeois, Melanson, Richard
1811 28 Nov/BRDR Alexandre BRAUD (widower) Acadian Marguerite RICHARD (widow)   Braud, Lavergne, Richard
1812 28 Apr/SWLR Joseph RICHARD Acadian Marie RICHARD Acadian Estilete
1812 28 Apr/SWLR Pierre Séverin RICHARD   Sélesie THIBODEAUX Acadian Estilete
1812 14 Jul/SWLR Dominique RICHARD   Augustine LANDRY Acadian Babin, David, Guédry
1812 29 Sep/SWLR Joseph LAVERGNE (widower) French Can. Augustine/Gustine RICHARD   Thibaudo
1812 3 Nov/BRDR Josef RICHARD   Enrrieta LANDRY Acadian Larrosa, Tureyra, Vives
1812 22 Nov/BRDR Francisco Josef LE LOREC French Creole Maria Justina RICHARD   Le Lorec, Richard, Tureyra
1812 23 Nov/BRDR Pierre RICHARD   Marie BRASSET Acadian Babin, Blanchard, McDougald
1813 28 Jan/BRDR Josef RICHARD   Maria BLANCHARD Acadian Daigle, Leblan
1813 18 May/SWLR François ROY Acadian Françoise RICHARD   Bertrand, Latiolais, Martin, Potier, Richard
1813 25 May/SWLR Julien LANDRY Acadian Céleste RICHARD   David, Landry, Richard
1813 8 Nov/BRDR Laurent BREAU Acadian Céleste RICHARD   Braud, Richard
1814 6 Jun/BRDR Michel Valérie GAUDET Acadian Anne Bélisaire RICHARD   Cevisier, Gaudet, Richard
1814 6 Jun/BRDR Jérôme Eugène GAUDET Acadian Constance Mélissaire RICHARD   Arnaud, Gaudet, Richard
1814 19 Jul/SWLR Louis André RICHARD   Julie BABINEAUX Acadian Abel, Babineau, Chemin, Cormier, Marc
1814 25 Aug/SWLR Ursin BIJOT Acadian Magdelaine RICHARD (widow)   Estilete, Landry, Mouton, Patin, Richard, Thibaudeau
1814 5 Sep/BRDR Pierre RICHARD (widow)   Marie ORY (widow) German Creole Baudin, Destreval, Harne
1815 26 Jan/SWLR Henry MILLER English Émelite RICHARD   Lavergne, Hergeroeder, Miller, Potier
1815 2 Apr/BRDR Victor RICHARD   Clémencia BERGERON Acadian Chiason, Richard, Tureyra
1815 3 Apr/BRDR Louis RICHARD   Marie Magdeleine ARSENEAU Acadian Arcenaux, Blouin, Casemaud, Mire
1815 23 May/SWLR Pierre Placide RICHARD   Anasthasie/Estasie HÉBERT Acadian Labbe, Reulland, Simar, Trahan
1816 2 Jan/SWLR Jean Louis ROGER French Can. Marie Josèph[e] RICHARD   Benoit, Estilete, Hergeroeder, Pregean, Richard
1816 8 Jan/SWLR Olivier BENOIT Acadian Marguerite RICHARD   Bertrand, Chemin, Lingois, Olivier, Penne, Richard
1816 29 Jan/BRDR Valentin Augustin RICHARD Acadian Anne Rosalie RICHARD Acadian Breaux, Landry, Richard
1816 6 May/SWLR Pierre Anaclet RICHARD   Marie Eugènie CHIASSON Acadian Bourque, Chiesson, Mouton, Potier, Richard
1816 12 May/BRDR Valério BOURGEOIS Acadian Rosalie RICHARD   Arsenaux, Braux, Richard
1816 24 Jun/BRDR Alexandro Marcelino RICHARD   Théotista Clarisa LANDRY Acadian Bara, Hébert, Landry
1816 30 Jul/SWLR Jean Baptiste THIBODEAUX Acadian Marie Zélie RICHARD   Chacre/Chasseres, Hergeroeder, Lavergne, Richard, Thibodau
1816 15 Oct/SWLR Jean RICHARD   Eugènie SAVOYE Acadian Bourque, Brasseur, Guédry, Landry, Lavergne, Savoy, Thibodau, Vasseur
1816 30 Dec/SWLR Eugène WEBER German Creole Marie Delphine RICHARD   Allegre, Bijou, Castille, Cuvilier, Ducrest, Duhamel, Lingois, Potier
1817 7 Jan/BRDR Joseph RICHARD   [Marie] Clothide GRENIER French Creole de Villiers, Melançon, Simoie
1817 29 Sep/SWLR Rosémond RICHARD   Anastasie POIRIER (widow) Acadian Bertrand, Dusouchet, Gauterot, Penne, Poirier, Poitier
1818 19 Jan/BRDR François AUCOIN Acadian Marie Rose RICHARD (widow)   Blanchard, Richard, Simoie
1818 27 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste RICHARD   Hortense LE BLANC Acadian Gravois, LeBlanc, Mire
1818 1 Feb/BRDR Valérie GRAVOIS Acadian Marie RICHARD   Molere, Poursine, Richard
1818 30 Mar/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE Acadian Marie RICHARD   Aucoin, Bolot, Daigle
1818 13 Apr/BRDR Joseph BOUDREAU Acadian Eléanore Clémence RICHARD   Adolfe, Martin
1818 4 Nov/SWLR Pierre Jacob FONTENOT French Creole Clementine RICHARD   Dupré, Fontenot, Vaseur
1819 6 Jul/SWLR Joseph RICHARD Acadian Eugènie RICHARD Acadian Dupré, Richard
1819 20 Jul/BRDR Joseph Benoît RICHARD (wdr.)   Céleste BREAUX Acadian Anfeux, Bolot
1819 9 Nov/SWLR François DUPRÉ French Creole Anastasie RICHARD   Bertrand, Lachapelle, Landry, Lavergne, Richard
1820 31[Jan]/SWLR Hypolite CORMIER Acadian Adélaïde RICHARD   Bijo/Bijeau, Patin, Richard
1820 31[Jan]/SWLR Cyrille RICHARD   Marie Zéline PREJEAN Acadian Prejean, Thibaudo
1820 10 Feb/BRDR Paul RICHARD   Marine LANDRY Acadian Bruyere, Cornu, Rouillier
1820 24 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste GUILLOT Acadian Pélagie Hortense RICHARD   none listed
1821 14 Apr/SWLR Pierre CARRIÈRE French Creole Olive RICHARD   Boucherand, Carriere, Estilete, Foignet
1821 15 May/SWLR Valcour DELHOMME French Creole Sydalise Françoise RICHARD   Cuming, Langstaff
1821 7 Jun/BRDR Michel RICHARD   Léonise LE BLANC Acadian Delattre, LeBlanc, Richard
1821 15 Oct/SLR Basile Jacinte RICHARD   Marguerite Louise GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1821 31 Dec/SWLR William HUTCHENS Anglo Euphrasie/Euphrosine RICHARD   Davis, Jackson
1822 7 Jan/BRDR Clette LE BLANC Acadian Marie Melanie RICHARD   none listed
1822 22 Jan/SWLR Alexis Jacques FONTENOT French Creole Clémence RICHARD (widow)   Lavergne
1822 12 Feb/SWLR Louis RICHARD le jeune   Adélaïde BABINAUX Acadian Braux, Richard
1822 13 May/BRDR Étienne RICHARD (widower)   Marie Céleste LANDRY (widow) Acadian Blanchard, Landry, Theriot, Vital
1822 25 Jun/SWLR Adélard BOUTTÉ French Creole Alexandrine RICHARD   Chachere, Judice, Richard
1822 22 Aug/SWLR François DOUCET French Creole Marie RICHARD   Comeau, Davis, Derousse, Ray, Richard
1822 14 Dec/SWLR Jacque/James BRUCE Anglo or Scots Marie RICHARD (widow)   Guilbeau
1823 16 Jun/SWLR François RICHARD (widower)   Marguerite BRASSEUR (widow) Acadian none listed
1823 16 Sep/SWLR Philip RICHARD, fils   Marcellite STELLY German Creole Bourque, Burleigh
1824 14 Jun/BRDR Jean Pierre RICHARD (wdr.)   Marguerite BREAUD Acadian Duga, Richard
1824 10 Aug/SWLR Agerin CARMOUCHE French Creole Mélany RICHARD   Arceneaux, Bernard, Braux
1824 1 Oct/SWLR Pierre Sylvère RICHARD   Marie/Mary ANDRUS Anglo Creole Andres/Andrus, Richard
1824 4 Oct/SWLR Philippe RICHARD   Célestine DUGAT Acadian Dugas, Duhon
1824 23 Nov/SWLR Théophilus ANDRUS Anglo Eloise/Louise RICHARD   Andrus, Richard
1825 3 Jan/BRDR Étienne RICHARD (widower)   Élise Azélie BLANCHARD Acadian Duboissel, Landry, LeBlanc, Richard
1825 2 Jan/BRDR Noël Laurent RICHARD   Marie Joséphine BABIN Acadian Babin, Richard
1825 8 Feb/SWLR François RICHARD, fils   Anne MARTIN Acadian Brasseur, Hébert, Richard
1825 22 Mar/SWLR William A. GRAY Anglo Adélaïde RICHARD   none listed
1825 12 Apr/SWLR Vincent BERTRAND German Creole Emerante RICHARD   Bertrand, Richard, Smith
1825 25 Apr/SLR Louis Saintville PREJEAN Acadian Marie Élisabeth RICHARD   none listed
1825 27 Apr/SWLR Olivier RICHARD   Louise JOUBERT French Creole Amy, Bertrand, Joubert
1825 16 Jun/SWLR Martin BEAUVAIS French Creole Joséphine RICHARD   Beauvais, Castille, Ozenne, Potier, Webre
1825 21 Jun/SWLR Jean RICHARD   Marie GUÉDRY/GUIDRY Acadian Greig, Guédry/Guidry, Richard
1825 27 Jun/SWLR Urbain RICHARD   Marie GASPARD French Creole Dore, Landry, Menard, Roy
1825 16 Aug/BRDR Alexandre POCHÉ French Creole Constance RICHARD   Hébert, Richard
1825 14 Nov/SLR Eugène Placide RICHARD   Marie Adèle DUGAT Acadian none listed
1826 24 Jan/SWLR Alexandre RICHARD   Éloyse LEGER Acadian Grabat, Martin, Richard, Smith
1826 31 Jan/SWLR Prosper MARTIN Acadian Asélie/Azélie RICHARD   Bourque, Fontenot, Richard
1826 12 Jun/SLR Jean Charles RICHARD   Scholastique BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1826 19 Jun/SWLR Nicolas AMY French Creole Eugènie RICHARD   Landry, Vasseur
1826 21 Jul/SWLR Louis RICHARD, père (wdr.)   Marguerite DUGAS Acadian Dugast, Greig, Hébert, Richard
1826 29 Aug/SWLR François Hippolyte SCHTE/STELLY German Creole Euphémie RICHARD   Chetez, Lavergne, Richard, Vasseur
1827 14 Jan/SWLR Pierre Anaclet RICHARD (wdr.)   Marie Carmelite SONNIER Acadian Dugast, Mouton, Richard
1827 23 Apr/SWLR Raphaël RICHARD   Marie Adélaïde BOUDREAUX Acadian Boudraux, Caruthers, Richard
1828 8 Jan/BRDR Augustin RICHARD   Léonore DAUTERIVE French Creole Lanou, Larquier, Richard
1828 11 Feb/SWLR Joseph RICHARD   Eugènie GASPARD French Creole Branl, Lavergne, Vasseur
1828 28 Apr/SLR Basile [Marie] RICHARD (wdr.)   Henriette BOURGEOIS (widow) Acadian none listed
1828 24 Nov/SWLR John HALLOWAY Anglo Margaret RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1829 19 Jan/SWLR Michel RICHARD   Anastasie GRANGER Acadian Bertrand, Caruthers, Grangé
1829 23 Feb/SLR [Eugène] Placide RICHARD (wr.)   Marie HENRI/HENRY Acadian none listed
1829 5 May/SWLR Israël BARTON Anglo Estelle RICHARD   McGee, Young
1829 8 Jun/SWLR Louis André RICHARD   Marie Émilienne PECK Anglo Caruther, Peck, Richard
1829 15 Jun/SWLR Urbain LAVERGNE French Can. Aureline RICHARD   Chachere, Chretien, Dupré, Lavergne, Richard, Rossi
1829 10 Aug/SLR Joseph Séverin FORET Acadian Marie Clémence RICHARD   none listed
1829 31 Aug/SWLR Onézime RICHARD   Delphine THIBODEAUX Acadian Guilbeau, Melançon, Richard, Thibodeaux
1830 11 Jan/SWLR Treville BREAUX Acadian Marie RICHARD   Arceneaux, Mouton, Richard
1830 1 Feb/SLR Joseph Firmin RICHARD   Marie Elisa LANDRY Acadian none listed
1830 19 Mar/SWLR Eugène RICHARD   Catherine HARMAN Anglo none listed
1830 26 Apr/SLR Hippolyte RICHARD   Marie Pélagie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1830 27 Apr/SWLR Zenon BORDELON French Creole Pélagie RICHARD   Fontenot, Guillory, Soileau
1830 6 May/SWLR Julien LEGER Acadian Aureline RICHARD   Bertrand, Richard
1831 25 Jan/BRDR Edmond BLOUIN French Creole Joséphine RICHARD   Blouin, Richard
1831 27 Jan/BRDR Éloi RICHARD   Marie Amelie TEMPLET Acadian Braud, Lanois, Richard
1831 8 Feb/SWLR Hubert JANIS/JANY French Creole Felonise RICHARD   none listed
1831 26 Apr/BRDR Paul Vasseur GAUDIN Acadian Rosalie Delphine RICHARD   Gaudin, Gourdin, Richard
1831 26 May/SWLR Louis SOILEAU French Creole Melasie RICHARD   none listed
1831 30 Jun/SWLR Melon DOUCET Acadian Hélène RICHARD   none listed
1831 4 Jul/BRDR Louis Élie RICHARD   Marie Delia GAUDIN Acadian Gaudin, Richard
1831 25 Jul/SLR Jourdain SAVOIE/SAVOIS Acadian Clémence RICHARD   none listed
1831 19 Sep/BRDR Jean Marie RICHARD   Marie Eliza BRAUD Acadian Braud, LeBlanc, Richard
1831 3 Nov/SWLR Alexandre DESESSART French Creole? Louise/Sidonise RICHARD   none listed
1831 15 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste RICHARD   Geneviève ZERINGUE German Creole none listed
1832 7 Mar/BRDR Louis Benjamin RICHARD   Marie Arthémise GUÉDRY Acadian Gotreaux, Richard
1832 24 Apr/SWLR David LACOMBE French Creole Ameline RICHARD   none listed
1832 6 Sep/BRDR Étienne RICHARD (widower)   Julie LEJEUNE Acadian Landry, Richard
1832 5 Sep/BRDR [Joseph] Gerasime RICHARD   Mary Ann STANTON Anglo none listed
1833 21 Jan/BRDR Simon Marcelin RICHARD   Marie Lorenza BREAUX Acadian Richard
1833 11 Feb/BRDR Paulin FOREST Acadian Augustine RICHARD   Blanchard, Hébert
1833 29 Apr/BRDR Trasimond RICHARD   Uranie POUJOL French Creole Landry, Poujol, Richard
1833 6 May/SWLR Joseph LACOMBE French Creole Arthémise RICHARD   none listed
1833 23 May/BRDR Jean TIRQUIT French Creole? Arthémise RICHARD   Bourgeois, Ory, Poché
1833 3 Jun/SWLR Elisha SHEARMAN Anglo Clementine RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1833 25 Jun/SWLR Hypolite DAVID Acadian Célestine RICHARD   none listed
1833 8 Jul/SLR Joseph RICHARD   Rose ALBERT French Creole none listed
1833 2 Sep/SWLR Joseph Dorsile BOURQUE Acadian Azélie/Julie RICHARD   none listed
1833 7 Sep/SWLR Jean Laisin PREJEAN (widower) Acadian Julienne RICHARD   none listed
1833 14 Oct/SLR Paul DANTIN Acadian Azélie Ysabelle RICHARD   none listed
1833 14 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste RICHARD   Azélie ALBERT French Creole none listed
1833 16 Dec/SWLR Joseph RICHARD   Marguerite BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1834 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph RICHARD   Marie Eugènie LE BLANC Acadian Allain, Hatkinson, Leblanc
1834 7 Apr/BRDR Vives HÉBERT Acadian Marie Domitille RICHARD   Boote, Dupuy, Gautreau, Richard
1834 28 Apr/SWLR John BERCHUM Anglo Melinda RICHARD   none listed
1834 19 May/SWLR Edward TEAL Anglo Felonise RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1834 31 May/BRDR Adélard JACOB German Creole? Marie Eliza RICHARD   Chiasson, Dicharry, Gaudin, Jacob, Mire, Poirié/Poirier, Richard
1834 19 Jun/SWLR Placide HÉBERT Acadian Adeline/Aveline RICHARD   none listed
1834 10 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste TERRIO Acadian Marie Lise RICHARD   Bercegeay, Braud, Dannequin, Landry, LeBlanc, Richard, Terrio
1834 21 Aug/SWLR Noël VASSEUR (widower) French Creole Cléonise RICHARD   none listed
1835 9 Feb/SWLR Charles BABINEAUX Acadian Céleste RICHARD   none listed
1835 11 Apr/SWLR George W. ADDISON (wdr.) Anglo Arthémise RICHARD   none listed
1835 3 Aug/SWLR Louis Valmont RICHARD   Magdaleine Marcellite BONIN French Creole none listed
1836 1 Feb/BRDR Joseph ROTH German Creole? Arthémise RICHARD   Broussard, Richard
1836 20 Jun/BRDR Robert Amédéo ROTH German Creole? Marie Victoire RICHARD   Dupuy, LeBlanc, Roth
1836 11 Sep/BRDR Augustin MALARCHER German Creole? Marceline RICHARD   Duhon, Fletcher, Goudy
1836 26 Sep/SWLR Urban RICHARD (widower)   Céleste GRANGER Acadian none listed
1836 5 Nov/SLR Maximin NAQUIN Acadian Azélie RICHARD   none listed
1837 19 Jan/SWLR Pierre Ferguy RICHARD   Céleste Laure CORMIER Acadian none listed
1837 10 Jul/SWLR Simon RICHARD   Clementine Marie Petronille ESTILETTE French Creole none listed
1837 15 Mar/SWLR Henri Julien Joseph SIMON French Creole Marie Joséphine RICHARD (wd.)   none listed
1837 27 Apr/SWLR Adolphe RICHARD   Azéma LANDRY Acadian none listed
1837 8 May/SWLR Onésime RICHARD (widower)   Marguerite Arthémise CARUTHERS Anglo Creole none listed
1837 29 May/SWLR Louis LAVERGNE French Can. Apoline RICHARD   none listed
1837 30 May/SWLR Jean Duclise RICHARD Acadian Azélie Victor RICHARD Acadian none listed
1837 12 Oct/SWLR David AKERSON, Jr. Anglo Amelia RICHARD   none listed
1837 21 Dec/SWLR Joseph Gerasime RICHARD (widower)   Marie Justine Cora DE LA HOUSSAYE French Creole none listed
1838 15 Jan/BRDR Laurent Joachin BREAUD Acadian Magdeleine Uranie RICHARD   Braud, Broussard, Richard
1838 26 Feb/BRDR Lezin BOURGEOIS Acadian Victorine RICHARD   Arceneaux, Poirier, Richard
1838 14 May/BRDR Théodule RICHARD   Emelina DUFOUR French Creole Comstock, Dannequin, Hatkinson, Landry, Richard
1838 9 Jun/SWLR Amand RICHARD   Scholastique POIRIER (widow) Acadian none listed
1838 26 Nov/SWLR Joseph GODREAU/GOTREAU Acadian Azéline RICHARD   none listed
18[3]9 28 Apr/SLR Basile [Marie] RICHARD (wdr.)   Marie Olis PONTIFE German Creole none listed
1839 13 May/BRDR Jean Louis JUNOT [JUNEAU] French Creole Marie Pauline RICHARD   Gautreau, Glinestock, Llebaux, Martin, Michel, Mills, Thieret
1839 13 May/BRDR Théodule RICHARD   Marcelline CUVILLIER French Creole Gautrau, Lebaux, Michel, Mills, Thieret
1839 17 May/SWLR Thomas CAN Anglo? Delphine RICHARD   none listed
1839 24 Jun/SWLR James BAUGH Anglo Azélie RICHARD   none listed
1839 15 Aug/SWLR Stephen YOUNG [LEJEUNE] Acadian Marie Anne [Hortense] RICHARD   none listed
1839 9 Sep/SWLR Émile LANDRY Acadian Aspasie RICHARD   none listed
1839 29 Oct/SWLR Joachim RICHARD   Euphémie Azélie MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1839 6 Dec/SWLR Pierre RICHARD   Léonore [Eléonore] TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1839 16 Dec/SWLR Pierre RICHARD   Merante LEGER Acadian none listed
1840 10 Feb/BRDR Lefroid Gerasime RICHARD   Marie Virginie BRAUD Acadian Broussard, Richard
1840 20 Aug/SWLR Edmond RICHARD   Judith SAUNIER Acadian none listed
1840 22 Sep/BRDR Joseph BESSON French Creole? Marie Célestine RICHARD   Augustin, Besson, Boudreau, Caillier, Dugas, Landry, Leblanc, Melanson, Payce, Richard, Senett, Smith
1840 16 Nov/SWLR Onésime GAUTREAU Acadian Anastasie RICHARD   none listed
1841 3 Feb/SWLR Antoine LAVERGNE French Can. Marie Azélie RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1841 10 Feb/BRDR Jean DUHON Acadian Euphrasie RICHARD   Boucry, Delpeuch, Leroy, Malarcher, Richard, Terrio
1841 22 Apr/SWLR Adolphe RICHARD (widower)   Marie Eugènie/Virginie DUPRÉ French Creole none listed
1841 28 Jun/BRDR Octave LE BLANC Acadian Doralise RICHARD   Blouin, Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1841 23 Aug/SWLR Jean Pierre ROUXE French Creole? Froisie RICHARD   none listed
1841 24 Nov/SWLR Samuel SMALL Anglo Adélaïde RICHARD   none listed
1841 27 Dec/SWLR Jean CONSTANTIN French Creole? Marie Hermione RICHARD   none listed
1841 29 Dec/SWLR Don Louis RICHARD Acadian Célestine RICHARD Acadian none listed
1842 17 Jan/BRDR Rosémond DUPUIS Acadian Eulalie RICHARD   LeBlanc
1842 24 Jan/BRDR Désiré LE BLANC Acadian Félicité RICHARD   Braud, LeBlanc, Richard, Terrio
1842 31 Jan/BRDR Jean Achille RICHARD   Carmelitte GUILFOUT French Creole? Buquai, Dannequin, Gourdoult, Guilfout, Hatkinson, Richard, Roberson, Scott
1842 6 Sep/SLR Joseph Léon RICHARD   Marguerite LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1842 12 Sep/BRDR Benjamin RICHARD Acadian Marie Elmina RICHARD Acadian Breaud, Reider, Richard
1842 12 Sep/SWLR Lessing BROUSSARD Acadian Mélasie RICHARD   none listed
1842 7 Nov/BRDR Jean Louis LAICHE (widower) French Creole? Marguerite Joséphine RICHARD   Laiches, Ori, Richard,Tircuit
1843 4 Jan/SWLR Jean Baptiste LAFLEUR French Creole Marie Darsene/Dersina RICHARD   none listed
1843 21 Feb/BRDR Louis RICHARD   Adèle MIRE Acadian Arceneaux, Bourgeois, Hébert, Landry, Ohalane
1843 21 Feb/SWLR Léandre RICHARD   Céleste LEGER Acadian none listed
1843 27 Feb/BRDR Élie RICHARD (widower)   Célanie BRAUX (widow) Acadian Braud, Dupuy, LeBlanc, Poché
1843 12 Apr/SWLR Placide THIBODEAUX Acadian Adeline RICHARD   none listed
1843 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph Emmanuel BILLON MORIN Foreign French Joséphine RICHARD   Boucry, Broussard, Entapez, Landry, Richard
1843 3 Jul/BRDR Joseph PARENT French Creole? Euphémie RICHARD   Blanchard, LeBlanc
1843 18 Jul/BRDR Pierre Adolphe RICHARD   Marie Laura MOLLERE French Creole Bourdier, Dannquin, Edgin/Edwin, Landry, Mollere, Richard
1843 21 Aug/BRDR [Pierre] Césaire RICHARD Acadian Marie Elisa RICHARD Acadian da Silva, Landry, Richard
1844 1 Feb/SWLR Cyprien LAVERGNE French Can. Caroline RICHARD   none listed
1844 19 Feb/BRDR Jean Henri RICHARD   Marie Adèle FREDERIC German Creole? Babin, Breaud, Broussard, Chustz, Lacave, Seguinaud
1844 4 May/SWLR Don Louis PICARD French Creole Marie Marcellite RICHARD   none listed
1844 11 Jun/SWLR Louis THIBODEAUX Acadian Zelima/Zelina RICHARD   none listed
1844 9 Jul/SWLR Don Louis [LA]FENETRE French Creole? Azélie RICHARD   none listed
1844 22 Aug/SWLR Alexandre Victor RICHARD   Celima BOUTTÉ French Creole none listed
1844 22 Oct/SWLR Joseph RICHARD (widower)   Marguerite SAVOY Acadian none listed
1844 26 Nov/SWLR John Mentor ANDRUS Anglo Creole Erma/Irma Victor RICHARD   none listed
1844 19 Dec/SWLR Théogène HÉBERT Acadian Julie RICHARD   none listed
1845 29 Jan/BRDR Donat LANDRY Acadian Victorine RICHARD   Gravois, Grégoire, Legender, Melançon
1845 1 Feb/SWLR Théogène RICHARD   Estelle DE[L]HOMME French Creole? none listed
1845 3 Feb/BRDR Francis GUILFOUT (widower) French Creole? Delphine RICHARD   Ayraud, Besson, Courtade, Gaudin, Guilfout, Melançon, Richard, Rosina
1845 10 Apr/SWLR Louis Victor RICHARD   Izaline/Ysoline DUGAT Acadian none listed
1845 26 May/SWLR Paul Hermogène RICHARD   Marie Edmire DEVILLIERS French Creole? none listed
1845 29 May/BRDR Joseph SERAUD French Creole? Marguerite Florine RICHARD   Hymel, Michel
1845 24 Jun/SWLR Paulin STRIDER German Creole? Louise Olivier RICHARD   none listed
1845 7 Jul/SLR Eugène GAUBERT French Creole? Melite Elvina RICHARD   none listed
1845 18 Jul/BRDR Edmond GRÉGOIRE French Creole? Célestine RICHARD   Bourgeois, Braud, Dubourg, Huguet, McAnespy, Richard
1845 28 Jul/SWLR Jean RICHARD   Zélonie PLACENTIA Isleño Creole none listed
1845 30 Jul/SWLR Onésime CARRIÈRE French Creole Joséphine RICHARD   none listed
1845 16 Aug/SWLR Edmond RICHARD   Célestine François VIGÉ French Creole? none listed
1845 15 Sep/BRDR Eugène LANDRY Acadian Constance RICHARD   Blanchard, LeBlanc, Romagosa
1845 25 Sep/SWLR Firmin BREAUX Acadian Cléorence RICHARD   none listed
1845 31 Dec/SWLR Louis [Vileor] RICHARD   Magdeleine CARRIÈRE French Creole none listed
1846 20 Jan/SWLR Pierre ROI/ROY Acadian Arthémise Michel RICHARD   none listed
1846 24 Feb/BRDR Éloi RICHARD   Marie Osile MIRE Acadian Chauvin, Dubourg, Dupupet, LeBlanc, Melançon
1846 19 Mar/BRDR Joseph Adam GAUDET Acadian Marie Arcelite RICHARD   Braud, Gaudet, Richard, Winchester
1846 28 Apr/BRDR Pierre RICHARD, fils   Amelia RAMOUIN French Creole? LeBlanc, Ramouin
1846 4 May/SWLR Manuel DOMINGUE Spanish Creole Marie RICHARD   none listed
1846 15 Jun/BRDR Thomas Anatole HÉBERT Acadian Marie Aurelia RICHARD   Breaux, Desobry, Dupuy, Sellier
1846 21 Jul/SWLR Gustave DE LA HOUSSAYE French Creole Eugènie RICHARD   none listed
1846 29 Jul/SWLR Norbert BLANCHARD (widower) Acadian Carmelite RICHARD   none listed
1846 16 Oct/SWLR Valérien RICHARD   Aspasie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1846 22 Oct/SWLR Théodore RICHARD   Louisa COMEAUX Acadian none listed
1846 30 Nov/SWLR Octave RICHARD   Eugènie LEFORT French Creole? none listed
1847 8 Feb/BRDR Eugène CHAUVIN French Creole Félicité RICHARD   Blouin, Braud, Legot, Richard
1847 16 Feb/SWLR Théodule RICHARD   Hélène HARMAN Anglo none listed
1847 6 Apr/SLR Victor RICHARD, fils   Julie Palmyre ST. MARTIN French Creole? none listed
1847 10 Jun/SWLR Pierre Cyrille RICHARD, fils   Azélie MARTIN Acadian? none listed
1847 12 Jul/SLR Étienne ESTIVENNES Spanish Creole? Marie Scholastique RICHARD   none listed
1847 26 Aug/SWLR Pierre Ducre RICHARD   Firmosia/Formosia MECHE French Creole? none listed
1847 28 Dec/BRDR Michel RICHARD, Jr. [III]   Laura LANDRY Acadian Babin, Besson, Dugas, Landry, Leblanc, Richard, Sadec
1848 10 Jan/SWLR Onésime RICHARD   Lucie BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1848 25 Jan/BRDR Tranquillio Octave LE BLANC Acadian Colombe Rosina RICHARD   LeBlanc, Melançon, Richard
1848 15 Feb/SWLR Azolin/Azéolin RICHARD   Marie Azéoline/Zéoline DUCHARME French Creole? none listed
1848 6 Mar/BRDR Désiré RICHARD   Marie Concepcion SUAREZ Spanish Creole Daigle, Landry, Mendez
1848 6 Mar/BRDR Lucien CHARRE French Creole? Marie Rosina RICHARD   Godfrey, Marionneaux, Richard
1848 4 May/BRDR François Jules SELLIER French Creole? Marie Celina RICHARD   Balch, Charrie, Duplessis, Rousseau
1848 15 May/BRDR Simon RICHARD le jeune   Célestine BLOUIN French Creole Arceneaux, Blouin, Hébert, LeBlanc, Richard
1848 14 Jun/SWLR Antoine FONTENOT, fils French Creole Marie Olivier RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1848 13 Jul/SWLR Marcelle RICHARD   Julia Ann MECHE (widow?) French Creole? none listed
1849 9 Jan/SWLR Léandre RICHARD (widower)   Léonide BERGERON French Creole none listed
1849 22 Jan/BRDR Pierre Rosémond RICHARD   Marguerite Ludovine BRAUD Acadian Colle, Richard, Trichard
1849 30 Jan/SWLR Gédéon RICHARD   Adélaïde Babine Eliza LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Désiré RICHARD   Nathalie BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Cazes, Fangui
1849 12 May/SWLR Osémé/Ozémé LE BLANC Acadian Marie Adeline RICHARD   none listed
1849 11 Jun/SLR Evariste RICHARD   Marie Delphine HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1849 2 Jul/SWLR Julien BELARD French Creole Hélène RICHARD   none listed
1849 16 Jul/SLR Edmond LE BLANC Acadian Ennesile/Ennezile RICHARD   none listed
1849 9 Aug/SWLR Pierre Émile ARCENAUX Acadian Marie Alzina RICHARD   none listed
1849 3 Oct/SWLR Edmond Olivier RICHARD (wdr.)   Célanie DUPRÉ (widow) French Creole none listed
1849 3 Dec/SWLR William LE BERGE French Creole? Louise RICHARD   none listed
1849 28 Dec/SLR Joseph RICHARD (widower)   Adèle Caroline GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1850 24 Jan/BRDR André DUPUPET French Creole? [Marie] Domitille RICHARD   Chauvin, Coaten, Malarcher, Menvielle, Richard, Swisher
1850 11 Mar/SLR Jean Trasimond RICHARD   Estelle THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1850 19 Mar/BRDR Joachim Augustin RICHARD   Aimée BLANCHARD Acadian Lafiton, Lobdell, Richard
1850 24 Apr/SWLR Laurent/Lorment RICHARD   Eulalie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1850 24 Jun/SWLR Joseph RICHARD   Suzette PICARD French Creole none listed
1850 27 Jul/SLR Augustin HÉBERT Acadian Aimé/Aimée RICHARD   none listed
1850 10 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste RICHARD   Marie Celima DAIGRE Acadian Allain, Hébert, Richard
1850 16 Sep/BRDR Honorat Théodule RICHARD   Marie Elvania BABIN Acadian Denoux, Gaudin, Hébert, Richard, Turen
1850 19 Oct/SLR Marcellin RICHARD   Émelie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1850 25 Oct/SWLR Raphaël RICHARD, fils   Palmire RITTER German Creole none listed
1850 25 Nov/SWLR Evariste PREJEAN Acadian Marie Onesia/Onezia RICHARD   none listed
1851 3 Feb/SWLR Jean Baptiste BERGERON French Creole Azena RICHARD   none listed
1851 2 Jun/SWLR Charles Octave RICHARD   Martha JONES Anglo none listed
1851 14 Oct/BRDR Jean Louis COPPONEX Swiss Imm. Rosalie Augustine RICHARD   Copponex, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Pedesclaux, Richard
1851 7 Jan/SWLR Vaissan [Vincent] BERTRAND III German Creole Eugènie RICHARD   none listed
1851 28 Jan/BRDR Joseph Victor PERRIN Anglo? Marie Octavie RICHARD   Blouin, Braud, Delleur, Ganier, LeBeuf, Malarcher, Perrin
1851 11 Feb/BRDR Léon DUGAS Acadian Delphine RICHARD (widow)   Dugas, Hébert, Portale, Richard
1851 18 Feb/SLR Cyprien/Cyphorien DUGAS Acadian Marie RICHARD   none listed
1851 20 Mar/SLR Joseph Léon RICHARD (widower)   Julia GAUDÉ (widow) Acadian none listed
1851 1 May/SLR Charles PONTIF/PONTIFF French Creole? Marie RICHARD   none listed
1851 16 Jun/SWLR Adrien RICHARD (widower)   Carmelite LANDRY (widow) Acadian none listed
1851 8 Sep/SWLR Joseph RICHARD   Carmelite DAIGLE Acadian none listed
1851 26 Sep/SWLR Duclide [Jean Duclise] RICHARD   Carmesine Abelard BEARD Anglo none listed
1851 1 Dec/SWLR Pierre Alexis JAGNAUD/JAQUEMEAU French Creole? Amelia RICHARD   none listed
1852 3 Jan/SWLR Pierre Maximilien CORMIER Acadian Azélie RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1852 5 Jan/BRDR Christian GERBER Foreign French Ludivine RICHARD   Black, Desbains, Haney, Osterberger, Richard, Vives
1852 26 Jan/SLR Jérôme GAUBERT French Creole? Élodie RICHARD   none listed
1852 16 Feb/BRDR Paul Landry LEBLANC Acadian Aglaee RICHARD   Blanchard, LeBlanc
1852 24 Mar/SWLR Willey E. RICHARD   Eliza HAYES Anglo none listed
1852 14 Apr/SWLR Sosthène RICHARD Acadian Marie Émelie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1852 29 May/SLR Trasimond/Trazimond RICHARD   Elisa/Eliza POCHÉ French Creole none listed
1852 22 Jun/SWLR Euphémon RICHARD   Éléanor LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1852 13 Sep/SWLR Duplessin DUGAT Acadian Marguerite Olisa RICHARD   none listed
1852 20 Sep/SWLR Israël PRATHER Anglo Amelia RICHARD   none listed
1852 21 Sep/SWLR Philippe LAVERGNE French Can. Aurelia/Aureline RICHARD   none listed
1852 5 Oct/SWLR Numa LEGER Acadian Hyacinthe RICHARD   none listed
1852 8 Dec/SWLR Joseph RICHARD   Élizabeth TALLER/TALLEY Anglo? none listed
1853 19 Jan/BRDR Dumesnil MIRE Acadian Scholastique RICHARD   Melançon, Mire, Richard
1853 7 Feb/BRDR Wade Hampton GILBERT Anglo? Marie Eleuthere RICHARD   Berry, Besson, Fremaux, Richard, Viron, Warren
1853 28 Mar/SLR Joseph BAYE/BAILLE French Creole? Anastasie RICHARD   none listed
1853 7 Apr/SWLR Alfred RICHARD   Azéma LEGER Acadian none listed
1853 14 Apr/SLR [Paul] Adrien CHIASSON (wdr.) Acadian Hypoline RICHARD   none listed
1853 16 Jun/SWLR Augustin RICHARD, fils   Mélanie BODIN French Creole none listed
1853 1 Aug/BRDR Pierre RICHARD, fils   Marie Doralise OUBRE German Creole Laiche, Matherne, Tircuit
1853 14 Aug/SWLR Bienvenu RICHARD   Aurelia FELTEMAN German Creole? none listed
1853 18 Sep/SWLR Leufroy RICHARD   Edita LALONDE Acadian none listed
1853 28 Sep/SWLR Paul RICHARD   Magdeleine STUTS German Creole? none listed
1853 8 Nov/SWLR Théophile RICHARD   Marguerite Emelina BERGERON French Creole none listed
1853 12 Nov/SLR Leufroy RICHARD   Helen/Hellen DOYLE Anglo none listed
1853 15 Nov/SWLR Octave DELHOMME French Creole Alexandrine RICHARD   none listed
1853 28 Nov/BRDR Jacques Nicolas ROUSSEAU French Creole Ezilda RICHARD   Parker, Richard, Warren
1853 1 Dec/SWLR Henry LAGRANGE French Creole? Julie RICHARD   none listed
1853 5 Dec/SWLR Aurelien MAGNARD French Creole? Constance RICHARD   none listed
1854 10 Jan/SWLR Eugène RICHARD   Marguerite Doralise/Dorothy DAVID Acadian none listed
1854 17 Jan/SLR Ludger BERGERON Acadian Victorine RICHARD   none listed
1854 18 Apr/SWLR [Joseph] Dorestan RICHARD   Constance NASELM [ANSELME] Anglo? none listed
1854 8 May/SWLR Joseph LEGER Acadian Oliva RICHARD   none listed
1854 5 Jun/SLR Pierre [Joseph] RICHARD   Roselia Léotilde BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1854 6 Jun/BRDR Philippe BAUER Foreign French [Marguerite] Arthémise RICHARD   Babin, Landry, Richard
1854 26 Aug/BRDR Aimé TRABAUD Foreign French Magdeleine Uranie RICHARD (w.)   Richard, Sewell
1854 28 Aug/SWLR Jean LACOUTURE Foreign French Uranie RICHARD   none listed
1854 4 Sep/SWLR Déogène/Théogène RICHARD   Joséphine COLLEGAN/COLLAGHAN Irish Imm.? none listed
1854 29 Nov/BRDR Célestin RICHARD   Carmelite RODRIGUEZ Spanish Creole Barre, Colomb, Conway, Dauphin, Tropé
1855 5 Jan/SLR Joseph DELATTE/DELATTES French Creole M. Marie RICHARD   none listed
1855 25 Jan/BRDR Fergus RICHARD   Émelie BLANCHARD Acadian Allain, Bernard, Jolissaint
1855 7 Feb/SWLR Claiville/Clairville PREJEAN Acadian Anastasie RICHARD   none listed
1855 12 Feb/SWLR Alfred LANDRY Acadian Marie Azena RICHARD   none listed
1855 12 Feb/BRDR Villeneuve RICHARD   Marie Irma LABAUVE Acadian Bauer, Labauve, Landry, Richard
1855 9 Apr/BRDR Diogène LANDRY Acadian Aloysia RICHARD   Hébert, Lambremont, Landry, Riviere
1855 17 Apr/BRDR Victor LAURENT French Creole Amelie RICHARD   Jourdan
1855 10 Oct/SWLR Onile LEJEUNE Acadian Célestine RICHARD   none listed
1855 24 Oct/SWLR Jean Vilcor THERIOT Acadian Cléonise RICHARD   none listed
1855 28 Oct/SWLR Sosthène RICHARD   Oliva PRIMEAU French Can. none listed
1855 11 Nov/SWLR Forestier RICHARD   Céleste Anaïse/Ancius TAYLER/TELLER German Creole none listed
1855 31 Dec/SWLR André Edgard RICHARD   Joséphine MOUTON Acadian none listed
1856 14 Jan/SWLR Paulin RICHARD   Marie Loisine DOUCET Acadian? none listed
1856 21 Jan/SWLR Louis Vallérie COMEAUX Acadian Célanie RICHARD   none listed
1856 31 Jan/SWLR Joacin RICHARD   Élodie THIBODEAU Acadian none listed
1856 24 Mar/BRDR H. Joseph MATHERNE German Creole Mary Celia RICHARD   Alles, Capdevielle, Devilliers, Selliers
1856 31 Mar/SWLR Théodule MIRE Acadian Arthémise RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1856 7 Apr/SWLR Zéphrin/Zéphirin LEGER Acadian Félicia RICHARD   none listed
1856 8 Apr/SWLR Valmont RICHARD   Lisa/Liza BARTON Anglo none listed
1856 30 Jun/SLR Armogène/Hermogène LAPEROUSE French Creole? Marie RICHARD   none listed
1856 22 Jul/SWLR Landry RICHARD   Lucretia Susanne LABARGE French Creole? none listed
1856 20 Aug/SWLR Michel RICHARD, fils   Zoraïde MOUTON Acadian none listed
1856 4 Oct/SLR Onézime RICHARD   Celima LAINE/LAISNE French Creole? none listed
1856 23 Dec/SWLR Joseph Jean Baptiste Valmon RICHARD (widower)   Marguerite Athenaise BESLIN French Creole? none listed
1856 29 Dec/BRDR Thelesphore RICHARD   Silvanie MIRE Acadian Babin, Mire/Mirre, Sarazin
1857 25 May/BRDR Charles Octave LEONARD French Creole? Marguerite Oretie RICHARD   Blanchard, Clement, Harrison, Leonard, Matherne, Orillion, Robert, Sellier
1857 4 Aug/SWLR Clémille BERNARD Acadian Celima RICHARD   none listed
1857 29 Sep/SWLR Pierre WOODS Anglo Creole Anne Louise RICHARD   none listed
1857 23 Dec/SWLR Pierre Zelien RICHARD Acadian Euphrasie/Euphrosine RICHARD Acadian none listed
1858 5 Jan/SWLR Alexandre RICHARD   Hélène DOUCET Acadian none listed
1858 3 May/BRDR Numa LE BLANC Acadian Marie RICHARD   Blanchard, LeBlanc, Richard
1858 6 May/SWLR Louis MAYER German Creole Julie RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1858 17 May/BRDR Pierre GASPARD French Creole Adolphine RICHARD   Acmon, Landry Stout
1858 17 May/SWLR Joseph DUGAS Acadian Célanie RICHARD   none listed
1858 20 May/SWLR Pierre Edwin COMEAU Acadian Anatalie RICHARD   none listed
1858 10 Jun/SWLR Neuvelle BROUSSARD Acadian Émelie RICHARD   none listed
1858 3 Aug/SWLR Alexandre RICHARD, fils   Émelie THOMAS Anglo none listed
1858 6 Aug/SLR Jean Baptiste LUZIGNAN/LUZIGNAU French Creole? Marie RICHARD (widow)   none listed
1858 21 Oct/SLR Evariste RICHARD (widower)   Pauline LEDET French Creole none listed
1858 28 Nov/SWLR Pierre Onésime RICHARD   Anaïse CHIASSON Acadian none listed
1859/BRDR Hyppolitte LE BLANC Acadian Augustine RICHARD   Bertaut, LeBlanc, Melançon
1859 1 Feb/SWLR Joseph C. BOURQUE Acadian Élizabeth RICHARD   none listed
1859 14 Feb/SWLR Julien DARTIZE [DARTES] French Creole Élizabeth RICHARD   none listed
1859 24 Feb/SLR Achille LOUVIERE Acadian Aurelienne RICHARD   none listed
1859 7 Mar/BRDR Yves BONICARD French Creole? Adélaïde RICHARD   Bonicard, Breaud, Dupuy, Richard
1859 7 Mar/BRDR Henry George KENNER Anglo Malvina RICHARD   Estevan, Gaiennie, Laboye, Marionneaux
1859 5 May/SWLR George ANSELM Anglo? Coralie RICHARD   none listed
1859 20 May/SWLR Egbert HAYES Anglo Creole Eugènia Francis[sic] RICHARD   none listed
1859 13 Jun/BRDR Emelius RICHARD   Zulmée BOURG Acadian Blanchard, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1859 21 Jun/SWLR Théodule Victor RICHARD   Amelie PECK Anglo none listed
1859 10 Jun/SWLR Adolphe RICHARD   Sarah Ann BARTON Anglo none listed
1859 2 Aug/SWLR Joseph D. RICHARD (widower?)   Mary Nathalie BENGUEREL French Creole? none listed
1859 17 Aug/SWLR Placide Fabien RICHARD   Scholastine MARCANTEL French Creole none listed
1859 19 Sep/SWLR Norbert SONNIER Acadian Zoe RICHARD   none listed
1859 28 Sep/SLR Paul BRAUX Acadian Euphrasie/Euphroisie RICHARD   none listed
1859 6 Oct/SWLR François Lucien RICHARD   Marie Mélanie/Mélaïde BROUSSARD (widow) Acadian none listed
1859 11 Oct/SWLR Jacques PICARD French Creole? Lesima RICHARD   none listed
1860 10 May/SWLR Martin RICHARD   Clara/Clare CARANTIN/CARENTIN French Creole? none listed
1860 17 May/SWLR Césaire BERNARCONI/BORNASCONI Italian Imm.? Marie Isidonia/Sydonia RICHARD   none listed
1860 28 MaySWLR Valsin RICHARD   Marie Azélie Eugènie COLLAGHAN/COLLEGHAN Irish? none listed
1860 16 Jun/SLR Joseph RICHARD   Azéma PONTIFF French Creole? none listed
1860 28 Aug/SWLR Charles RICHARD   Marie Erma D'ARBY French Creole? none listed
1860 26 Sep/SWLR Benjamin L., P., or T. ANDRUS Anglo Creole Amelia RICHARD   none listed
1860 8 Oct/SWLR Théodule BELL Anglo Creole Félicia RICHARD   none listed
1860 22 Oct/SWLR Félix RICHARD   Adèle MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1860 26 Nov/SWLR Charles RICHARD   Carmelite Émelie SONNIER Acadian none listed
1861 8 Apr/BRDR Optime RICHARD   Laurentia DUGAS Acadian Duppet, Jacob, Landry, Melançon
1861 10 Apr/BRDR John LIBANO Italian Imm.? Carmelite RICHARD   Libano, Richard, Villarrubia
1861 24 Apr/BRDR Pierre VIGIER French Creole? Julia RICHARD   Breaux, Matherne, Nadeau
1861 4 May/BRDR B[ernard]. ALLAIN, Jr. Acadian Henrietta RIBARD   Arceneaux, Blanchard, Schlatre
1861 18 May/SWLR Forestier RICHARD (widower)   Oliva OLIVIER French Creole none listed
1861 30 May/SWLR Louis Alexandre PELLERIN, fils French Creole Marie Adelzenne RICHARD   none listed
1861 24 Aug/SLR Hubert RICHARD   Émelie BERGERON Acadian none listed
1861 30 Sep/SLR Louis RICHARD   Pamela NAQUIN Acadian none listed

Analysis of RICHARD marriages, 1766-1861:

Total marriages listed:            500      100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          284       56.8
Exogamous marriages:            216       43.2



[running tally]


no marriages found

RIVET (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 9 Aug/BRDR Pierre RIBOLLE Spanish [Mari]Anne RIVET   Cirille, Landry, Rivet
1769 23 Jan/BRDR Michel RIVET   Cécile LANDRY Acadian Babin, Landry
1770 7 May/BRDR Cirille RIVET   Marguerite RICHARD (widow) Acadian Babin, Richard
1774 Jun/BRDR Étienne RIVET (widower)   Élisabeth LANDRY Acadian Landry
1777 3 Feb/BRDR Pierre RIVET   Anne BREAUX Acadian Breaux, Rivette
1779 1 Dec/BRDR Théodore RIVET   Esther LE BLANC Acadian Allain, Rivet
1788 1 Apr/BRDR Blaise RIVET   Marie-Magdeleine NOËL Acadian Aucoin, Rivet
1798 11 Jun/BRDR Santiago HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Anne RIVET   Anry, LeBlanc
1799 7 Jan/BRDR Marcel RIVET   Marie-Magdaleine BABIN Acadian Anry, Francisco
1800 9 Jun/BRDR Narciso HÉBERT Acadian Marina RIVET   Dupuis, Heber
1802 4 Oct/BRDR Alexandre-Vital RIVET   Marie-Euphrosine LANCLOS French Creole Dilhar, Marionnaux
1802 1 Dec/BRDR Pierre RIVET   Constance HÉBERT Acadian Hebert, Rivet
1806 19 Mar/BRDR David C. HATCH Anglo Marguerite RIVET   Chiassant, Landry, LeBlanc
1807 10 Apr/BRDR Pierre RIVET (widower)   Marie Marthe HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Arnandez, Rivet
1809 13 Feb/BRDR Pierre CHARME French Can. Marie Carmelite RIVET   Dugas, Labille, Rivet
1813 1 Feb/BRDR Joseph Théodore RIVET   Marie Henriette LANDRY Acadian Landry, Rivet
1813 1 Mar/BRDR Jean PRINGLE Anglo? Marie Louise or Elizabeth RIVET   Babin, Collier, Turner
1815 17 Jul/BRDR Pierre RIVET (widower)   Heloise LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Rivet
1817 13 Jan/BRDR Elias [Élie] RIVET   Magdeleine LAMBERT Acadian Landry, LeBlanc
1817 27 Jan/BRDR Jérôme RIVET   Héloise MELANÇON Acadian Hebert, Melancon, Rivet
1817 4 Aug/BRDR Narcisse BADOU French Creole? Rosalie RIVET   Labove, Lanclos, Landry
1818 18 May/BRDR Adolphe TOUPS German Creole Clémence RIVET   Mayer, Simoie
1820 14 Feb/BRDR Alexander FORBES Anglo Élizabeth RIVET (widow)   Babin, Landry
1820 4 Sep/BRDR Isidore RIVET   Clothilde MORALES Spanish Creole Garveil, Landry, Simoie
1821 8 Oct/BRDR Louis RIVET   Marie F. Henriette LE BLANC Acadian Breaux, Gellusseau, Rivet
1823 3 Nov/BRDR Marcelin RIVET   Constance DARDENNE French Creole Frederque, Nereaux
1823 24 Nov/BRDR Mathieu GUILLORY French Creole Adeline RIVET   Guillory, Robichaux
1823 30 Nov/BRDR Jean Baptiste HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Marie Cléonie RIVET   Arnandez, Rivet
1824 13 Oct/SWLR Francois RIVET   Sidonisse GUIDROZ French Creole Guidroz, Lanclos
1826 3 Apr/BRDR André BOURGEOIS French Creole Euphrosine Hortense RIVET   Guillory, LeBlanc
1831 25 Jul/BRDR Alexandre RIVET   Aime Asphasie HÉBERT Acadian Landry, Melancon, Robichaux
1832 3 Sep/BRDR Xavier RIVET   Marie ROBICHAUX (widow) Acadian Arnandez, Robichoux
1833 7 May/SWLR Norbert LANCLOS French Creole Augustine RIVET   none listed
1833 7 Oct/BRDR P. Valmont RIVET   Marie Virginie DANOS French Creole Landry, LeBlanc, Rivet
1836 19 Mar/SWLR Alexandre RIVET (widower) Acadian Marie Eugènie RIVET Acadian none listed
1836 29 Aug/BRDR Hypolite Adolph BABIN Acadian Marie Arthémise RIVET   Babin, Landry
1838 19 Mar/BRDR Homere CHAPOTON Foreign French? Pauline RIVET   Dupuy, Hébert, Rivet
1838 7 Jun/SWLR Hypolite MALLET French Creole Marie Eugènie RIVET (widow)   none listed
1839 2 Feb/BRDR Jérôme Rosémond RIVET   Marie Émilie LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Rivet, Vilneuve
1839 10 Jun/SWLR [Jean] Arvilien RIVET   Rosaline LANDRY Acadian Breaux, Landry, Rivet
1839 16 Oct/BRDR Aman Prudent BABIN Acadian Marguerite Celina RIVET   Lamare, Landry
1839 11 Nov/BRDR Edmond RIVET   Erasie COUSIN French Creole? Marrous, Verret
1840 3 Feb/BRDR Marcellin RIVET   Dulsine LE BLANC Acadian Guidry, Landry
1841 22 Feb/BRDR Isidore RIVET   Carmelite BERMEYO Spanish Creole? Dugas, Savoi, Simoneaux
1842 4 May/BRDR Pierre Isadore ESCLAPON Foreign French Gertrude RIVET   Billon, Blanchard, Landry
1842 31 Oct/SWLR Jean ROY French Creole? Marie Cidonise RIVET   none listed
1843 29 May/SWLR Joseph RIVET   Émelia CORMIER Acadian none listed
1846 9 Feb/BRDR Antoine RIVET   Gertrude RIVIÈRE French Creole Entapar, Hally, LeBlanc
1846 16 Nov/BRDR Pierre Enos RIVET   Marie Lidori COMEAUX Acadian Breaux, Comeaux
1847 20 Sep/BRDR John BREAUX Acadian Melissere RIVET   Blanchard, Breaux, Powes
1850 19 Mar/SWLR François RIVET   Adeline Alexandra DELHOMME French Creole none listed
1852 15 Jan/BRDR Jean JEANTRID Foreign French Pauline RIVET   Dnpnz, Garllard, Pontry
1852 20 Jan/SWLR Jean Baptiste RIVET   Marie Sylvanie LALONDE Acadian none listed
1854 14 Feb/BRDR Paul RIVET   Velleda LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, Foutle, Gourdault, Rivet
1855 10 Sep/BRDR Louis RIVET   Augustine CHABOISSEAU Foreign French? Berret, Hebert, Landry
1856 4 Feb/BRDR Camille MELANÇON Acadian Marie Arthémise RIVET (widow)   Babin, Bruyere, Dugas, Melancon
1856 20 Oct/BRDR Victorin LANDRY Acadian Marguerite Elizabeth RIVET   Comu, Hernandez, Landry, Lessard, Orault, Orillion, Rivet, Robisheaux
1857 23 Feb/BRDR Paul RIVET (widower)   Marceline MORALEZ Spanish Creole? Breaux, Domingue, Esteve
1857 22 Apr/BRDR Albert de MEDINA Spanish Imm.? Modeste RIVET   Mathieu, Senette, Vickner
1858 1 Jul/BRDR Martin RIVET   Jeanette MONTERO Spanish Creole? Monter, Suares
1858 18 Oct/BRDR Philogène COMEAUX Acadian Eliza RIVET   Breaux, Rivet
1859 30 May/BRDR Désiré BREAUX Acadian Gertrude RIVET (widow?)   Landres, LeBlanc, Richard
1859 5 Sep/BRDR Ernest RIVET   Melinda ROSS Anglo Bret, Capdeville, Marionneaux, Rivet
1859 12 Sep/BRDR Thomas WHALEY Anglo Marie Amanda RIVET   Hebert, Landry, Lessard, Rivet, Romouin, Whaley
1860 12 Jul/BRDR Simon Octave RIVET   Josephine LANDRY Acadian Bergeron, Dupuy, Landry
1860 22 Jul/BRDR Pierre Valmont RIVET   Ophelia BUJOL Acadian Dupuy, Lang, Levert, Rivet, Romouin
1860 27 Dec/SWLR Romain DUPRÉ French Creole Justine RIVET   none listed
1861 20 Jul/BRDR Marcelus LANDRY Acadian Anatalie RIVET   Labauve, Landry, LeBlanc, Rivete

Analysis of RIVET marriages, 1768-1861:

Total marriages listed:                69             100.0%
Endogamous marriages:             35               50.7
Exogamous marriages:               34               49.3



[running tally]


Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1773 27 Apr/BRDR Charles HÉBERT Acadian Magdelene ROBICHO   Berard, Borda, De La Houssaye, Hébert
1778 25 Apr/SWLR Freme ROBICHAUX   Marianne SURETTE Acadian Broussard
1779 11 Jan/SWLR Aman DUGAST Acadian Geneviève ROBICHEAU   Berard, Broussard, Cormier
1787 17 Jul/BRDR Pierre-Paul NAQUIN Acadian Anne-Théotiste ROBICEAU   Bourque
1787 28 Aug/BRDR Jean-Baptiste ROBICEAU   Marie-Marte[-Élisabeth] LE BLANC (widow) Acadian LaForetry
1787 8 Sep/BRDR Henry ROBICEAU   [Marie-]Magdalina LE BLANC  (widow) Acadian LaForetry
1788 29 Jun/BRDR [Jean-]François RACICOT (wdr.) Acadian Maria[-Josèphe] ROBICHEAU   Hébert, Pitre
1790 27 Jul/BRDR Frances-Xavier ROBICHAUX   Margarita LANDRI Acadian Allain, Ébert
1792 14 Feb/BRDR Carlos ROBICHAUX   Juana-Maria HENRY Acadian Braux, Henry
1792 19 Apr/BRDR Luis[-Eusèbe] ROBICHO   Isabel BABEN Acadian Dugas, Rocher
1797 2 Jan/BRDR Josef[-Gervais] ROBICHEAUX   Mariana PRECHANT Acadian Aucoin, Hébert
1800 9 Feb/BRDR Juan-Bautista [DE LA] MACIÈRE Acadian Maria[-Josèphe] ROBICHEAUX (widow)   de la Macière, Hébert
1801 11 Feb/SWLR Martin SUDRIQUE French Creole Marie-Rose ROBICHAUD   Calais, Patin, Robichaud, Soudrique
1801 18 May/BRDR Carlos ROBICHAUX (widower)   Maria[-Cécile] GUÉDRY (widow) Acadian Daygle, Guédry
1805 1 Jul/SWLR Augustin GUIDRY Acadian Adélaïde ROBICHOT   Broussard, Sudrique
1804 2 Aug/SWLR Joseph PATIN French Creole Julienne ROBICHAUD   Calais, Dugas, Patin, Semer, Sudric
1807 13 May/BRDR Jean [Pierre] ROBICHO   Marie Catherine MALBOURG German Creole LeBlanc, Malbourg, Naquin
1808 22 Aug/BRDR Étienne ROBICHEAU   Henrietta ARCENEAU Acadian Dugas, Foret, Robicheau
1808 17 Oct/BRDR Charles Romain BOUDREAU Acadian Céleste ROBICHEAU   Boudreau, Gombert, Gotreau
1810 8 Jan/BRDR Luis CHAUVIN French Creole Maria Luisa ROBICHEAUX   Bourgeois, Hébert
1810 26 Jun/SWLR Léon LATIOLAIS French Creole Victoire ROBICHOT   Broussard, Jacquet, Latiolais, Patin
1810 12 Sep/BRDR Francisco ROBICHEAUX   Milita BABEN Acadian Hébert, Ruiz
1811 17 Apr/BRDR Estevan HÉBERT Acadian Clémencia ROBICHEAUX   Hébert
1814 4 Jul/SWLR François BEGNAUD French Creole Mélanie ROBICHOT   Amy, Castille, Huval, LeBlanc
1816 21 Jan/BRDR Joseph ROBICHEAU   Rosalia RASSICOT Acadian Bourgeois, Chauvin, Tureyra
1816 14 May/SWLR Ursin BROUSSARD Acadian Julie ROBICHAUD   Bienvenu, Broussard, Dessarpt, LeBlanc, Robichaud
1816 25 Nov/BRDR Hypolito SIMONAUX French Creole Selesia ROBICHEAUX   Simonaux/Simonauz, Tureyra
1816 31 Dec/BRDR Zenon CHAUVIN French Creole Magdalena C. ROBICHEAUX   Champagne, Toups
1818 24 Nov/BRDR Jean Baptiste ROBISCHEAU   Marie Magdaileine BREAUX Acadian Boudreaux, Hébert, LeBlanc
1819 10 Feb/BRDR Pierre Paul PART Acadian Marguerite ROUBISCEAU   Dantin, Hébert, LeBlanc
1819 27 Dec/BRDR Simon ROBISCEAU   Domitille LOUVIÈRE Acadian Bergeron, Boudreau, Fournier
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Julien ROBICHAUD   Élisabeth Belzire BROUSSARD Acadian Berard, Broussard, Eastin, Guédry, Patin, Picou, Rigaud
1820 8 May/BRDR Barberio/Couviere ROBICHAUT   Cléonise MELANÇON Acadian Hébert, Melançon, Trouelle
1820 5 Jun/SLR Louis ARSEMANS Acadian Anne Roseline ROBICHEAUX   none listed
1821 22 Jan/SLR Basile DUGAS Acadian Claire/Clarife ROBICHEAUX   none listed
1824 23 Feb/SLR Paul BREAUX Acadian Clementine ROBICHEAUX   none listed
1825 12 Jan/SLR Firmin Gédéon THIBODEAUX Acadian Carmelite M. ROBICHEAUX   none listed
1825 30 Oct/BRDR Magloire DUPLESSIS French Creole Carmelite ROBICHEAU   Hébert, Rinbau, Robichaux
1826 3 Jul/SLR Valère ROBICHAUD   Marie Cléonise MIRE Acadian none listed
1826 11 Sep/BRDR Joseph Éloi LEVERT French Can. Scholastique ROBICHEAUX   Gros, Trahan
1827 21 May/SWLR Alexandre ROBICHAUD   Marguerite C. CORMIER Acadian Guédry, Latiolais, Patin, Zeringue
1827 21 May/SLR Joseph ROBICHAUX   Céleste BABIN Acadian none listed
1827 2 Jul/SLR Jean Adrien THIBODEAUX Acadian Marcelite ROBICHAUX   none listed
1828 1 May/SWLR Léon LANDRY Acadian Mélanie ROBICHAUD (widow)   Begnaud, Broussard, Dupuis
1828 7 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste ROBICHAUX   Marie Virginie BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1828 3 Nov/SLR Joseph Valéry BOUDELOCHE French Creole Marie Adele ROBICHAUX   none listed
1830 15 Feb/SLR Joseph Edmond THIBODEAUX Acadian Élise ROBICHAUX   none listed
1830 1 May/SLR Marcelin ROBICHAUX   Thersile BERTRAND Acadian none listed
1831 14 Feb/SLR Eugène BOURGEOIS Acadian Melasie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1831 6 Jun/SLR Marcelin FOURNIER French Creole Marcelline ROBICHAUX   none listed
1831 8 Aug/SLR Narcisse Toussaint LE BLANC Acadian Elina ROBICHAUX   none listed
1832 13 Feb/SLR Eugène ROBICHAUX   Césaire MORVAN French Creole none listed
1832 19 Mar/SLR Leufroy Barradat VERRET (wdr.) French Creole Clementine ROBICHAUX   none listed
1832 3 Sep/BRDR Xavier RIVET Acadian Marie ROBICHOT (widow)   Arnandez, Robicheux/Robichoux
1833 3 Jun/SLR Jean Baptiste ROBICHAUX   Marguerite V. BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1833 24 Jun/SLR Valentin ROBICHAUX   Marie Aspasie MILLER German Creole? none listed
1833 12 Aug/BRDR François ROBICHAUD   Marie Adelina LANDRY Acadian Landry
1834 10 Feb/SLR Joseph Joachim BREAU Acadian Léonice ROBICHAUT   none listed
1834 21 Apr/SLR Victor Leufroy ROBICHAUX   Césaire BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1834 28 Jul/SLR Auguste ROBICHAUX   Célestine GISCLAR French Creole? none listed
1834 28 Jul/SLR Valsin GISCLAR French Creole? Émelie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1835 7 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste ROBICHAUX   Marie BERNARD German Creole none listed
1835 19 Jan/SLR Adrien ROBICHAUX Acadian Sylvanie ROBICHAUX Acadian none listed
1835 23 Feb/SLR Joseph ROBICHAUX   Delphine DUFRENE French Creole none listed
1835 7 Sep/BRDR Louis ROBICHAUX (widower)   Marie Denise LAMBREMONT French Creole Brown, LeBlanc, Robichaux
1836 15 Feb/SLR Narcisse ROBICHAUX   Marcelline FOREST Acadian none listed
1836 21 Jun/SLR Pierre ROBICHAUX   _____ BABIN Acadian none listed
1836 8 Aug/SLR Jean Baptiste ROBICHAUX   Marie Basilse DUPRÉS French Creole none listed
1836 29 Sep/SWLR Vincent CUVILLIER French Creole Célanie ROBICHEAU   none listed
1837 24 Jun/SLR Paul LE BLANC Acadian Melite ROBICHAUX   none listed
1838 10 Sep/SLR Lucien ROBICHAUX Acadian Silvanie ROBICHAUX Acadian none listed
1839 27 Mar/SLR François ROBICHAUX (widower)   Marie DUFRESNE French Creole none listed
1840 6 Jan/SLR Joseph Narcisse ROBICHAUX Acadian Ursule ROBICHAUX Acadian none listed
1841 13 Sep/SLR Armogène ROBICHAUX   Madeleine Hirma BERGERON Acadian none listed
1842 14 Jun/SLR Jean B. Honoré ROBICHAUX   Eudalise [Eulalie] BADAUX French Creole none listed
1843 23 Oct/BRDR Jean B. Rosémond AUCOIN Acadian Ernestine ROBICHAU   Babin, Clement, Doiron
1844 13 Jan/SLR Joseph Valère ROBICHAUX   Emerante WAZESPAK German Creole none listed
1844 12 Feb/SLR Joachim GUENO Spanish Creole? Melasie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1844 23 Jul/SLR Étienne MARIE French Creole? Elisa ROBICHAUX   none listed
1844 8 Aug/SLR Augustin BLANCHARD Acadian Marceline ROBICHAUX   none listed
1844 8 Oct/SLR Leufroy ROBICHAUX   Marie Modeste BERNARD Acadian none listed
1844 11 Nov/SLR Édouard ROBICHAUX   Bazelise BOURG Acadian none listed
1845 7 Jul/SLR Louis Michel ARSEMAN Acadian Modeste ROBICHEAUX   none listed
1845 21 Jul/SWLR Simon Valière ROBICHAUD   Joséphine LELEU French Creole none listed
1845 6 Sep/SLR François [Sylvère] ROBICHOS   Justine BABIN Acadian none listed
1846 9 Feb/BRDR Joseph DARDENNE French Creole Virginie ROBICHAUX   Robichaux, Truxillo, Tuillier
1846 15 Oct/SLR Pierre DESTRIVAL French Creole? Clementine ROBICHAUX   none listed
1847 3 Nov/SLR Louis CHAUVIN, fils French Creole Eugènie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1848 13 Jan/SLR Omer BERNARD German Creole Zépheline ROBICHAUX   none listed
1848 7 Feb/SLR Jean Léon ROBICHAUX   Anaïse AUTIN French Creole none listed
1848 8 Mar/SWLR Charles Jules ROBICHAUD   Marie Adèle BROUSSARD (wd.) Acadian none listed
1849 20 Feb/BRDR Franklin TURNER Anglo Victorine ROBICHAUT   Brown, Hébert, Tullier
1849 20 Aug/SLR Apolinaire ROBICHAUCK   Marie LECOMBE/LECOMTE French Creole none listed
1850 22 Jan/SWLR Simon Vallière ROBICHEAU (w.)   Marie Doralise BODIN French Creole none listed
1850 5 Oct/SLR Francis DESLATTES French Creole Marie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1851 27 Feb/SLR Auguste ROBICHAUX   Delphine BOURG Acadian none listed
1851 26 Jun/BRDR Cleophas ROBICHEAUX   Euphémie LANDRY Acadian Giroir, Landry, Robicheaux, Simoneaux
1851 30 Sep/BRDR Dorville ROBICHAUD   Honorine SIMONEAU French Creole LeBlanc, Robichaud, Simoneau
1852 16 Feb/SWLR Rosémond ARCENEAUX Acadian Domitille Justine ROBICHEAUX   none listed
1852 26 Apr/SLR Justilien Joseph BREAU Acadian Marie Lezida ROBICHAUX   none listed
1852 24 May/SLR Alexis Telesphore AUTIN French Creole Marguerite Eugènie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1852 12 Jul/SLR Édouard ROBICHAUX (wdr.)   Marie Myrthille WATKINS (wd.) Anglo none listed
1853 1 Feb/BRDR Jules FOURNIER Foreign French Zéolide ROBICHAUD   Landry, Robichaud, Simoneau
1853 28 Mar/BRDR Joseph Landry CAILLOUET French Creole Émilie ROBICHAUX   Aillet, Caillouet, Hicky
1853 7 May/SLR Georges FALGOUT, fils French Creole? Justine ROBICHAUX   none listed
1853 11 Jul/SLR Alphonse Guilford HAINES Anglo Marie Euphrosine ROBICHAUX   none listed
1854 27 Feb/SWLR Pierre Adrien HÉBERT Acadian Madelyn Amelina ROBICHEAUX   none listed
1854 22 Apr/BRDR Jean WEBRE German Creole Scholastique ROBICHAUX   Gaudé, Landry, Roger, Simonaud, Webre
1854 1 May/SLR François RIVETTE Foreign French Marie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1854 8 Jun/SWLR Valérie ROBICHEAUX   Marguerite Zéolide ARCENEAUX Acadian none listed
1854 13 Jul/SLR Eugène Louefroy ROBICHAUX   Marie Aspasie TRICHE French Creole? none listed
1854 10 Aug/SLR Aubert HÉBERT Acadian Marcellite ROBICHAUX   none listed
1854 7 Oct/SLR Auguste COURCIER French Creole? Émelia/Emée ROBICHAUX   none listed
1854 2 Nov/SLR J. Delphin LE BLANC Acadian Émelia ROBICHAUX   none listed
1855 19 Mar/SLR Étienne FOURNIER French Creole Artémise ROBICHAUX   none listed
1855 30 Apr/SLR Justin ROBICHAUX   Marguerite PRICE Anglo none listed
1855 31 May/SWLR James ROBICHAUD   Elen/Elise DEROUSSEL French Creole none listed
1855 19 Nov/BRDR Antoine Nadeau LOUP Foreign French Honorine ROBICHAUD   Caillouet, Robichaut, Tuillier
1855 1 Dec/SLR Onésime ROBICHAUX   Mary Elisa GLORY Anglo? none listed
1856 19 May/SLR Pierre ROBICHAUX   Justine MARTIN Acadian none listed
1856 7 Jul/SLR Pierre ROBICHAUD   Mélanie BABIN Acadian none listed
1857 12 Jan/SLR Isidore BARRILLEAU Acadian Marie Armelise ROBICHAUD   none listed
1857 21 May/SLR Armand MARONGE/MAROUGE French Creole? Mathilde ROBICHAUX   none listed
1857 30 May/SLR Pierre MARTIN Acadian Émelie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1857 13 Aug/SLR Théophile CAILLOUET French Creole Cécilia ROBICHAUX   none listed
1857 13 Oct/BRDR [Joseph] Cyrus ROBICHAUX   Marie SIMONEAUX French Creole Robichaux, Simoneau/Simoneaux
1857 10 Dec/SWLR Neuville LANDRY Acadian Adèle BROUSSARD ROBICHEAU   none listed
1858 24 Apr/SLR Ovile ROBICHAUX   Euphrasie BABIN Acadian none listed
1858 11 May/SLR Marcelin PARR/PART Acadian Mathilde ROBICHAUX   none listed
1858 27 Aug/SLR Valfroid ROBICHAUD   Émelie BABIN Acadian none listed
1859 10 Jan/SLR Wallis PRICE Anglo Honorine ROBICHAUD   none listed
1859 14 Jan/SLR Éloi ROBICHAUD   Julie CROCHET Acadian none listed
1859 14 Jan/SLR Henry CROCHET Acadian Justine ROBICHAUD   none listed
1859 7 Mar/SLR Eugène Octave BELLANGER French Creole? Émelie ROBICHAUX   none listed
1859 19 Mar/SLR Émile WEBRE German Creole Emily/Mathilde ROBICHAUX   none liseted
1859 7 Jun/SWLR Lufroi ROBICHEAUX   Clémence LELEU French Creole none listed
1859 18 Jun/SLR Narcisse ROBICHAUX   Émilie/Mely BELLANGER French Creole? none listed
1859 5 Nov/SLR Félix ROBICHAUX   Marie FOREST Acadian none listed
1860 28 Jan/SLR Joseph ROBICHAUX   Celima DUFRESNE French Creole? none listed
1860 28 May/SLR Léon ROBICHAUX   Vilia AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1860 11 Jun/SLR Alidor ROBICHAUX   Anastasie THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1860 20 Sep/SLR Armogène ROBICHAUX   Maria ROMAGOSSA Spanish Creole? none listed
1861 11 Feb/SLR Aurelien ROBICHAUX   Aglae ADAM French Creole? none listed
1861 23 Jul/SLR Pierre J. ROBICHAUX   Margueritte BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed

Analysis of ROBICHAUX marriages, 1773-1861:

Total marriages listed:               147          100.0%
Endogamous marriages:              83            56.5
Exogamous marriages:                64            43.5 



[running tally]

ROGER (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1780 6 Nov/BRDR Jean ROGER   Rosalie RICHARD Acadian Bourgois, Poirier
1796 11 Jul/BRDR François GOUDE [GAUDET] Acadian Maria ROGER   Landry, Robichaud
1796 4 Oct/BRDR Josef ROGER   Maria-Magdalena BABIN Acadian Babin, Dugat, Roger
1797 16 Sep/BRDR Joseph FORGERON (widower) French Creole Rosalie ROGER   Cazebon, Landry
1802 24 Jan/BRDR Franco ROGER   Margarita LE BLANC Acadian Dugat
1805 5 May/BRDR Yve BOUDRAUX Acadian Rosalia ROGER   Aucoin, Boudraux
1805 6 May/BRDR Juan Bautista ROGER   Émilia BOUDRAUX Acadian Aucoin, Boudraux
1808 18 Oct/BRDR Augustin ROGER   Marie HÉBERT Acadian de la Masière, Gambert, Roger
1810 18 Feb/BRDR Andrés ADAM French Creole Céleste ROGERRE   Espivao/Espivol, Ruiz
1812 26 Jul/BRDR Francisco BERNARD German Creole Clemencia ROGER   Boudraux, Lebert/Levere, Williamson
1817 6 Aug/BRDR Auguste ROGERE (widower)   Quiotisse/Théotiste DONI Spanish Creole? Adam, Fromental
1818 28 Jun/BRDR Jean Pierre LEDET French Creole Marie Josèpha ROGERE   Bourgeois, Turreyra
1819 4 May/BRDR Joseph ROGERE   Carmelite HACHÉ Acadian Bolot, Pitre, Robiceau
1821 8 Sep/SLR Jacques LABIE French Creole Henriette ROGERE   none listed
1822 8 May/SLR François ROGER   Mary Claire MENOULD French Creole none listed
1823 10 Feb/SLR Alexis ROGER   Marie Melite MORVANT French Creole none listed
1823 26 May/SLR Pierre BREAUX Acadian Marie Froisine ROGER   none listed
1824 3 May/BRDR Auguste ROGER   Modeste GOUTREAU Acadian Brau, Richard
1824 25 May/SLR Charles dit Rousseau BOURG Acadian Euphrosine ROGER   none listed
1825 14 Feb/SLR Valéry BREAUX Acadian Marguerite ROGERE   none listed
1827 17 Sep/SLR Hipolite ROGER   Marie Geneviève FORET Acadian none listed
1831 29 Aug/SLR Valéry EXNICIOS German Creole Marie Marcelite ROGERE   none listed
1834 21 Apr/SLR Louis Onézime ROGER   Marie Phelonise LAROSE French Creole none listed
1835 15 Jun/SLR Joseph Zenon ROGER   Rosalie ARCENEAUX Acadian none listed
1836 19 Mar/BRDR Auguste ROGER (widower)   Marie Emeranthe BOURG Acadian Gautreaux, Schedotal, Terriau
1836 9 May/SLR Balthasar LAROSE French Creole Séraphine ROGER   none listed
1837 30 Jan/SLR Valéry ROGER   Marie Celamire WEBRE German Creole none listed
1837 21 Aug/SLR Séraphin ROGER   Elvine GUÉDRY/GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1838 16 Jul/SLR Auguste Evariste ROGER   Marie Doralise HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1838 25 Sep/SLR Pierre PORTIER French Creole Marie Marcelite ROGER (wd.)   none listed
1839 22 Apr/SLR Marcel FALGOUT German Creole? Céleste ROGER   none listed
1841 15 Feb/SLR Hermogène ROGER   Pauline Adèle ADAM French Creole none listed
1841 12 Jul/SLR Edmond WEBRE German Creole Marie Fideline ROGER   none listed
1843 21 May/SLR Noël DELATE French Creole Armantine Eulalie ROGER   none listed
1844 20 May/SLR Zenon BERNARD German Creole Azéline ROGER   none listed
1846 9 Feb/SLR Jean Baptiste ROGER   Marie Eulalie BOURG Acadian none listed
1846 16 Nov/SLR Burton MADISON Anglo Elisa ROGER   none listed
1849 21 May/BRDR Jean Charles THIAC Foreign French Irma ROGERE   Bourgeois, Guidry, Landry, LeBlanc, Sawyer
1850 28 Feb/SLR James M. CRAWFORD Anglo Melasie ROGER (widow)   none listed
1853 2 May/SLR Jean Baptiste ROGER (widower)   Azema BOURG Acadian none listed
1855 8 Jan/SLR William Henry WEBER, Jr. Anglo Marie Pauline ROGER   none listed
1855 13 Feb/SLR Léon ROGER   Marguerite BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1856 21 Jan/BRDR Uselien BLANCHARD Acadian Zulmé ROGERE   Bourg, Col, Rogere, Terrio
1856 19 Jul/SLR Hermogène ROGERS (wdr.)   Marie [Elisa] MARTIN Acadian? none listed
1857 23 May/SLR Joachim ROGER   Eulalie Rosalie LEE Anglo? none listed
1857 18 Sep/SLR François R. PARR [PART] Acadian Adeline ROGER   none listed
1858 26 Mar/SLR Louis [Onésime] ROGER, fils   Félicité JEANDRON French Creole none listed
1859 11 Jan/SLR [Jean] Ernest ROGER   Ezilda TROSCLAIR German Creole none listed
1860 31 Mar/SLR Augustin A. ROGER   Sylvannie TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1860 22 May/SLR Aurelien BRAUD Acadian Ernestine ROGER   none listed
1861 8 Jan/BRDR Feline VANNE [VAUGHAN] Anglo? [Marie] Rosina ROGERE   Aucoin, Capel, Guédry, Hébert, Michel, Simoneau
1861 29 Jan/BRDR Augustin ROGERE   Joséphine MAITREJEAN French Creole Bourg, Crochet, Grandin, Simoneau
1861 27 Aug/BRDR Lufroid GAUTHRAUX Acadian Valeda ROGERE   Blanchard, Copel, Coureyra, Guédry, Michel

Analysis of ROGER marriages, 1780-1861:

Total marriages listed:            53       100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         26         49.1
Exogamous marriages:           27         50.9



[running tally]

ROY (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 6 Jun/C-V Abraham ROY (widower)   Marie DOUSSET Acadian none listed
1773 23 May/BRDR Jan SOGNIE [SONNIER] Acadian Marie ROY   Cantrelle
1780 22 May/BRDR Sauveur ROY   Marie BOURGOIS French Creole Dussie, Terquy
1794 15 Jan/NOAR Josef ROYS   Magdalena BERNARDA French Creole Gaudet, Theriot
1805 29 Oct/BRDR Robert LAVIGNE French Creole? Maria ROY   Grégoire, Poché, Rousseau
1806 25 Jun/BRDR Joseph LEROY   Marie Ursule DAVID Acadian Badeau, Rousseau, Tureau
1813 18 May/SWLR François ROY   Françoise RICHARD Acadian Bertrand, Latiolais, Martin, Potier, Richard
1820 31 Jan/BRDR Charles ROI   Marie THERIOT Acadian Bonvilen, Gautreau, Guédry
1821 15 May/BRDR Louis ROUSSEAU French Creole Félicité ROY   Bourgeoie, LeBlanc
1829 20 Apr/SWLR André MENARD French Creole Françoise ROY   Boye, Hulin, Martin Menard, Roy
1838 30 Jul/SWLR François [Achille] ROY   Marie [Marcellite] TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1838 18 Sep/SWLR Ursin LANGLINOIS French Creole Anastasie ROY   none listed
1839 15 Apr/SWLR Antoine Zéphirin ROY   Marie Delphine PICARD French Creole none listed
1840 27 Apr/SWLR Roman PAVIE French Creole Marie Joséphine ROY   none listed
1841 19 Jul/SWLR [Pierre] Valéry ROY   Clementine PLAISANCE Isleño Creole none listed
1843 11 Sep/SWLR Joseph [Sylvère] ROY   Marie TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1846 20 Jan/SWLR Pierre ROY   Arthémise Michel RICHARD Acadian none listed
1846 14 Apr/SWLR Désiré ROY   Ursule BLANCHET French Creole none listed
1855 30 Jan/SWLR Pierre ROY   Uranie HAENS [HAYNES] Anglo none listed
1856 9 Dec/SWLR Pierre LASALLE French Creole Clementine ROY   none listed
1857 27 Apr/SWLR Valsaint TRAHAN Acadian Amelie ROY   none listed
1860 20 Nov/SWLR Bienvenu ROY   Louise ST. JULIEN French Creole none listed

Analysis of ROY marriages, 1768-1860:

Total marriages listed:           22         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          9           41.0
Exogamous marriages:          13           59.0 



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