Acadian Immigrants to the Attakapas District, 1785-86

Le Bon Papa First ship; 280-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf 10 May 85; arrived New Orleans 29 Jul 85; 81 days at sea; 156 on board
La Bergère Second ship; 300-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf 14 May 85; arrived New Orleans 15 Aug 85; 93 days at sea; 273 on board
Le Beaumont Third ship; 180-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf 11 Jun 85; arrived New Orleans 19 Aug 85; 70 days at sea; 176 on board
Le St.-Rémi Fourth ship; 400-ton frigate; left St-Malo 27 Jun 85; arrived New Orleans 10 Sep 85; 75 days at sea; 341 on board
L'Amitié Fifth ship; 400-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf  20 Aug 85; arrived New Orleans 8 Nov 85, 80 days at sea; 270 on board
La Ville d'Archangel Sixth ship; 600-ton frigate; left St.-Malo 12 Aug 85; arrived New Orleans 3 Dec 85; 113 days at sea; 309 on board
La Caroline Seventh ship; 200-ton brig; left Nantes 19 Oct 85; arrived New Orleans 17 Dec 85; 64 days at sea; 77 on board

Ages are as of 1785.  Individuals with surnames in bold are male family heads or the eldest sons of widows.  Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadians-to-Louisiana Alpha List, which contain many more details of each person's life.  Non-Acadian spouses are linked to their Acadian spouses on the Acadian family pages.

Name Ship Age Birthplace Relationships & Comments
Joseph AUCOIN L'Amitié 60 probably Minas  
Madeleine GAUTREAUX L'Amitié 63 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Second wife
Lucien BOURG L'Amitié 21 Pleudihen, France
Marie-Isabelle TRAHAN L'Amitié 25 Liverpool, England Wife; daughter of Pierre
Jean-Firmin BOURG L'Amitié in utero probably Attakapas Son; born 2 Apr 1786
Jean BROUSSARD L'Amitié 40 ?  
Marguerite COMEAUX L'Amitié 32 ? Wife
Jean-Baptiste dit Petit BROUSSARD L'Amitié 11 Monthoiron, France Son
Élisabeth/Isabelle DUHON L'Amitié 42 Rivière-aux-Canards Widow of Alexandre AUCOIN
Anne-Augustine AUCOIN L'Amitié 11 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Anne-Marie AUCOIN L'Amitié 24 Liverpool, England Daughter
Élisabeth/Isabelle-Josèphe AUCOIN L'Amitié 13 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Geneviève AUCOIN L'Amitié 20 Morlaix, France Daughter
Marie-Félicité AUCOIN L'Amitié 15 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Marie-Madeleine AUCOIN L'Amitié 17 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Marie-Renée AUCOIN L'Amitié 6 Nantes, France Daughter
Jean-Baptiste DOIRON Le Beaumont 40 probably Pigiguit  
Marie-Blanche BERNARD Le Beaumont 43 Chignecto Wife
Amable-Ursule DOIRON Le Beaumont 6 France Daughter
Jean-Charles DOIRON Le Beaumont 2 Chantenay, France Son
Louis-Toussaint DOIRON Le Beaumont 4 Chantenay, France Son
Marie-Hippolythe-Honoré DOIRON Le Beaumont 17 Le Havre, France Daughter
Rose-Luce DOIRON Le Beaumont 13 France Daughter
Charles DUGAS La Bergère 48 Cobeguit Widower; brother of Élisabeth/Isabelle, wife of Jean-Baptiste LANDRY
Jean-Charles DUGAS La Bergère 20 Boulogne, France Son
Joseph-Simon DUGAS La Bergère 16 St.-Servan, France Son
Marguerite DUGAS La Bergère 4 Nantes, France Daughter
Marie-Josèphe DUGAS La Bergère 22 Boulogne-sur-Mer, France Daughter
Pierre-Olivier dit Pierrot DUGAS La Bergère 18 St.-Servan, France Son
Joseph dit Gros DUHON La Caroline 19 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France  
Anne-Osite DUGAS La Bergère 30 Cobeguit Widow of Charles HÉBERT
Anne-Victoire HÉBERT La Bergère 4 Nantes, France Daughter
Charles dit Charlot HÉBERT La Bergère 5 Nantes, France Son
Marguerite-Sophie HÉBERT La Bergère 2 Chantenay, France Daughter
Pierre HÉBERT Le Beaumont 45 Chignecto  
Charlotte POTIER Le Beaumont 41 St.-P-du-Nord, I. St.-J. Wife
Pierre-Joseph HÉBERT Le Beaumont infant Chantenay, France son
Anne-Perrine PATRY Le Beaumont 12 St.-Servan, France Stepdaughter
Jean-Baptiste HÉBERT Le Beaumont 40 ? Brother
Jean-Baptiste LANDRY, père La Bergère 61 Grand-Pré  
Élisabeth/Isabelle DUGAS La Bergère 44 Cobeguit Second wife; sister of Charles
Élisabeth-/Isabelle-Augustine LANDRY La Bergère 25 Plouër, France Daughter
Jean-Baptiste LANDRY, fils La Bergère 23 Plouër, France Son
Marguerite-Geneviève LANDRY La Bergère 20 Plouër, France Daughter
Marie-Anne LANDRY La Bergère 9 Châtellerault, France Daughter
Pierre POTIER Le Beaumont 45 Tintamarre, Chignecto  
Agnès BROUSSARD Le Beaumont 31 ? Second wife
Anne-Apolline or Apolline-Luce POTIER Le Beaumont 12 Le Havre, France Daughter
Charles-Victor POTIER Le Beaumont 16 Le Havre, France Son
François-Constant POTIER Le Beaumont infant Nantes, France Son
Marie-Constance POTIER Le Beaumont 14 France Daughter
Pierre-Laurent POTIER Le Beaumont 10 France Son
Grégoire-Dominique SEMERE L'Amitié 16 France Nephew of Joseph SEMERE
Marie-Françoise SEMERE L'Amitié 24 Le Havre, France Sister; wife of Joseph BOUDREAUX
Antoine BOUDREAUX L'Amitié in utero Attakapas Nephew; son of Marie-Françoise
Joseph SEMERE L'Amitié 60 Minas Widower; uncle of Grégoire & Marie-Françoise
Anne-Françoise SEMERE L'Amitié 21 St.-Servan, France Daughter
Marine SEMERE L'Amitié 25 England Daughter
Jean-Baptiste TRAHAN, père Le St.-Rémi 50 Rivière-aux-Canards  
Madeleine-Modeste HÉBERT Le St.-Rémi 44 Pigiguit Wife
Jeanne-Félicité TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 14 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Jean-Baptiste TRAHAN, fils ? ? Liverpool, England Son; came to LA before 1785?
Jean-Michel TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 21 Morlaix, France Son
Marie-Louise TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 16 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Pierre TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 18 Morlaix, France Son
Marie-Sophie PRINCE La Bergère 43 L'Assomption, Pigiguit Widow of Joseph TRAHAN
Antoine-Joseph TRAHAN La Bergère 19 Île d'Aix, France Son
Judith/Julie PRINCE La Bergère 26 France Half-sister
Pierre TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 48 Pigiguit  
Marguerite DUHON Le St.-Rémi 44 ? Wife
Anne TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 12 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Catherine-Marguerite TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 16 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Élisabeth/Isabelle-Apolline TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 18 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Geneviève TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 23 Liverpool, England Daughter
Joseph-Marie TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 8 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Son
Marie-Françoise TRAHAN Le St.-Rémi 10 Belle-Île-en-Mer, France Daughter
Pierre VINCENT Le Beaumont 36 Rivière-aux-Canards  
77 individuals, all Acadians/15 families        

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