Acadian Immigrants to the Opelousas District, 1765 

Ages are as of 1765.  Individuals with surnames in bold are male family heads or the eldest sons of widows.  Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadian family pages, which contain many more details of each person's life.

NOTE:  Many of these individuals can be found in the Apr 1766 Opelousas militia list/census in Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 128.  Brasseaux, Founding of New Acadia, 94, hints that this party went first to Attakapas, either with or behind the BROUSSARD party, before retreating to Opelousas to escape an epidemic during the summer or fall of 1765.

Name Age Birthplace Relationships & Comments
Charles COMEAUX 23 Chepoudy
Anastasie SAVOIE 21 Chepoudy Wife; sister of Pierre & Marie-Modeste
Michel COMEAUX 31 Chepoudy
Marie-Madeleine GIROUARD 28 ? Wife
Jean COMEAUX 5 Halifax Son
Louis COMEAUX newborn aboard ship or New Orleans Son; baptized New Orleans, 16 May 65
Joseph CORMIER 25 Rivière-des-Hébert
Marguerite SONNIER ? Petitcoudiac Wife
Félicité CORMIER in utero probably Opelousas Daughter; twin of Marie-Louise
Marie-Louise CORMIER in utero probably Opelousas Daughter; twin of Félicité
Susanne CORMIER 1 Halifax Daughter
Michel CORMIER 24 Rivière-des-Hébert Brother
Timothée GUÉNARD 49 Maryland May have died before reaching LA or at New Orleans
Anne-Marie THIBODEAUX 42 Annapolis Royal Wife
Anastasie GUÉNARD 14 Annapolis Royal Daughter
Joseph GUÉNARD 19 Annapolis Royal Son
Jean-Baptiste dit Cobit HÉBERT 29 Chignecto Widower of Marie-Rose THIBODEAUX
Marie-Modeste SAVOIE ? Annapolis Royal Sister of Anastasie & Pierre?; widow of Paul LÉGER
Joseph LÉGER ? ? Son
Scholastique LÉGER 19 probably Annapolis Royal Daughter
Pierre PITRE 66 Port-Royal Widower
Catherine-Françoise PITRE 22 ? Daughter
François PITRE 17 ? Son
Pierre RICHARD, père 35 Chignecto
Marguerite DUGAS 30 Cobeguit Wife
Fabien RICHARD 13 Chignecto Son
Louis RICHARD 5 Halifax? Son
Pierre RICHARD, fils 2 Halifax Son
Victor RICHARD 18 Malpèque, Île St.-Jean Brother
Pierre SAVOIE 24 Chepoudy Brother of Anastasie
Charles-Jean SONNIER ? probably Petitcoudiac
Joseph SONNIER 9 Petitcoudiac Brother of Françoise & Olivier, half-brother of Sylvain
Madeleine SONNIER 18 Petitcoudiac Sister of Olivier et al. 
Olivier SONNIER 13 Petitcoudiac Brother of Françoise, Joseph, & Madeleine
Sylvain SONNIER 29 Petitcoudiac Half-brother of Olivier et al. 
Pierre THIBODEAUX 41 Annapolis Royal
Françoise SONNIER 34 Petitcoudiac Wife, sister of Joseph, Madeleine, & Olivier, half-sister of Sylvain
Adélaïde THIBODEAUX 3 Halifax Daughter
Anne-Marie THIBODEAUX 5 Halifax Daughter
Françoise THIBODEAUX 4 Halifax Daughter
Marie-Josèphe THIBODEAUX 13 probably Chepoudy Daughter
41 individuals, all Acadians/9 families

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