The BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil Party to the Attakapas District, 1765

Ages are as of 1765.  Many of the birthplaces are sheer speculation.01  Individuals with surnames in bold are male family heads or the eldest sons of widows.  

#        Family heads who signed the DAUTERIVE agreement with Joseph BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil in early Apr 1765  
$        Individuals who appear on the 30 Apr 1765 card money exchange list in New Orleans <>
+        Individuals who died at Attakapas in the first months of settlement, primarily those who perished in the epidemic of 1765
*        Individuals who left Attakapas, some to escape the epidemic of 1765

Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadian family pages, which contain many more details of each person's life.  Death/burials are in 1765, unless otherwise noted, and documented in Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records, vol. 1-A.

NOTE:  Many of the individuals who survived the epidemic of 1765 can be found in the Apr 1766 Attakapas militia list/census found in Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 124-25.



Birthplace Relationships & Comments
+François ARCENEAUX 1 Halifax? also called François ALLEMAND
$*Jean ARCENEAUX 37 Chignecto Brother of Joseph
*Judith BERGERON 31 ? Wife
*Guillaume ARCENEAUX 5 Halifax? Son
*Jean-Charles ARCENEAUX 13 Chignecto Son
*Joseph ARCENEAUX 8 ? Son
*Pierre-Paul ARCENEAUX 3 Halifax? Son
$*Joseph ARCENEAUX 25 Chignecto Brother of Jean
*Marie BERGERON 20 Rivière St.-Jean Wife
#$*Pierre ARCENEAUX 34 Beauséjour, Chignecto Brother of Anne
*Anne BERGERON 24 Rivière St.-Jean Wife
*Marie-Catherine dite Rosalie ARCENEAUX 1 Halifax Daughter
*______ ARCENEAUX 39 Beauséjour, Chignecto Sister, widow of _____ BERNARD
$Charles BABINEAUX 37 Annapolis Royal  
Anne GUILBEAU 25 Annapolis Royal Second wife; daughter of Joseph dit L'Officier
Charles-Dominique BABINEAUX 4 Fort Edward Son
Julien-Joseph BABINEAUX 1 Halifax? Son
$+Augustin BERGERON 55 Port-Royal Father of Jean-Baptiste; uncle of Barthélemy
*Marie DUGAS 54 probably Port-Royal Wife
+Barthélemy BERGERON III 25 Rivière St.-Jean Nephew of Augustin
*Anne ARCENEAUX 20 Chignecto Wife; sister of Pierre
+Charles BERGERON le jeune infant New Orleans? Son
$+Jean-Baptiste BERGERON, père 35 Rivière St.-Jean Son of Augustin
*Catherine CAISSIE dit ROGER 29 Chignecto Wife
*Charles BERGERON 9 ? Son
*Jean-Baptiste BERGERON, fils 11 Rivière St.-Jean Son
+Joseph BERGERON infant Halifax or aboard ship Son
*Madeleine BERGERON 15 Rivière St.-Jean Daughter
+Marianne BERGERON in utero Attakapas Daughter; born May 31
*Osite BERGERON 13 Rivière St.-Jean Daughter
$Michel BERNARD, père 31 Chignecto  
Marie GUILBEAU 31 Annapolis Royal Wife; daughter of Joseph dit L'Officier
Jean-Baptiste BERNARD 3 Halifax? Son
+?Michel BERNARD, fils infant Halifax? At sea? Son
$Jean BOUDREAUX 25 Annapolis Royal  
Marguerite GUILBEAU 22 Annapolis Royal Wife; daughter of Joseph dit L'Officier
Jean-Charles dit Donat BOUDREAUX 4 Halifax? Son
Anne BOUDREAUX 55 Port-Royal Widow of Charles BOURG; mother of Gertrude
*Joseph BOURG 14 Tracadie, Île St.-Jean Son
*L'ange BOURG 17 Tracadie, Île St.-Jean Son
*Louise BOURG 12 Tracadie, Île St.-Jean Daughter
Marguerite BOURG 28 Tracadie, Île St.-Jean Daughter
Marie-Madeleine BOURG 21 Tracadie, Île St.-Jean Daughter
$*Joseph BOURGEOIS 29 Chignecto Brother of Marie
*Marie GIROUARD 27 Pigiguit Wife
*Marie BOURGEOIS 2 Halifax? Daughter
*Michel BOURGEOIS 24 Chignecto Brother
*Pierre BOURGEOIS 19 Chignecto Brother
Firmin BREAUX 16 Minas  
$+Sylvain BREAUX 52 Petitcoudiac  
+Élisabeth/Isabelle DAROIS 66 Port-Royal Wife; aunt of Pierre DAROIS
#$+Alexandre BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil 66 Port-Royal Brother of Joseph dit Beausoleil
+Marguerite THIBODEAUX 60 Port-Royal Wife
Anne-Henriette BROUSSARD 18 Petitcoudiac Daughter
Pierre BROUSSARD 14 Petitcoudiac Son
Simon BROUSSARD 21 Petitcoudiac Son
Sylvain BROUSSARD 24 Petitcoudiac Son
$Anselme BROUSSARD 31 Petitcoudiac son of Alexandre dit Beausoleil; also died in epidemic of 1765?
Madeleine-Marguerite DUGAS ? ? Wife; also died in epidemic of 1765?
Joseph-Théodore BROUSSARD infant "at sea" Son
François BROUSSARD ? ?  
#$Jean-Baptiste BROUSSARD 34 Petitcoudiac Son of Alexandre dit Beausoleil
Anne BRUN 31 ? Wife
Jean BROUSSARD 1 Halifax? Son
Mathurin BROUSSARD 15 Petitcoudiac Son
#+Joseph BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil 63 Port-Royal Brother of Alexandre dit Beausoleil; widower
Amand BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil 15 Petitcoudiac Son
Claude BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil 17 Petitcoudiac Son
François BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil 19 Petitcoudiac Son
Françoise BROUSSARD 19 Petitcoudiac Daughter
Joseph-Grégoire dit Petit Jos BROUSSARD 38 Annapolis Royal Son of Joseph dit Beausoleil
Marguerite SAVOIE 29 ? Second wife
Marguerite BROUSSARD in utero Attakapas Daughter; born Apr 23, baptized Apr 24
René BROUSSARD 12 Petitcoudiac Son by first wife
Timothée-Athanase BROUSSARD 24 Petitcoudiac son of Joseph dit Beausoleil
Anne-Marie BOURGEOIS 25 Chignecto Wife
Isabelle BROUSSARD 2 Halifax Daughter
Marie BROUSSARD in utero? New Orleans Daughter
#Victor-Grégoire BROUSSARD 37 Annapolis Royal Son of Joseph dit Beausoleil
+Élisabeth/Isabelle LEBLANC 32 Grand-Pré Wife; sister of Petit-René, Rose, & Simon
$Victor COMEAUX 25 Chepoudy  
Anne MICHEL 32 probably Ann. Royal Wife
Jean COMEAUX infant Cap-Français, St.-D. Son
Thomas COMEAUX 2 probably Halifax Son
$*Jean-Baptiste CORMIER, fils 23 Chignecto Likely remained with his parents at Cabanocé in late Apr 1765
*Pierre DAROIS 28 Petitcoudiac Nephew of Isabelle DAROIS; marriage blessed New Orleans, Apr 8
*Marie BOURGEOIS 30 Chignecto Wife; sister of Joseph
+Michel DAROIS in utero New Orleans Son; born & baptized Feb 19, New Orleans
$Michel-Laurent DOUCET, père 43 Annapolis Royal  
Marguerite MARTIN 44 probably Ann. Royal Wife; sister of Bonaventure & Judith-Philippe
Jean DOUCET 3 Halifax? Son
Joseph dit Hilaire DOUCET 13 Annapolis Royal Son
+Marie-Marthe DOUCET 1 Halifax? Daughter
Michel DOUCET, fils 12 Annapolis Royal Son
Pierre DOUCET 9 Miramichi Son
Agnès BRUN 22 ? Widow of Paul DOUCET
Anne dite Nannette DOUCET 1 Boston, MA Daughter
Charles dit Charlitte DUGAS 28 ? Brother of Jean & Pierre
Marguerite BROUSSARD 28 Petitcoudiac Wife; daughter of Joseph dit Beausoleil
#+Jean DUGAS 53 Annapolis Royal  
+Marie-Charlotte GODIN ? Ste.-Anne-du-Pays-Bas Wife
*Athanase DUGAS 12 Ékoupag, Riv. St-Jean Son
*Charles DUGAS 15 Ékoupag, Riv. St-Jean Son
*François DUGAS 25 Ékoupag, Riv. St-Jean Son
*Marie-Rose DUGAS 16 Ékoupag, Riv. St-Jean Daughter
*Michel DUGAS 8 ? Son
*Théodore DUGAS 6 Halifax? Son
*Jean DUGAS 24 ? Brother of Charles dit Charlitte
Pierre DUGAS 16 ? Brother
+Jean DUGAS 1 Halifax? Probably an orphan
+Joseph DUGAS, père ? probably Riv. St.-Jean perhaps oldest son of Jean & Marie-Charlotte GODIN
*Cécile BERGERON 30 Rivière St.-Jean Wife
*Cécile DUGAS 12 Rivière St.-Jean Daughter
*Joseph dit Cadet DUGAS 11 Rivière St.-Jean Son
Mathilde DUGAS infant New Orleans Daughter; died New Orleans, Mar 11, soon after arrival
*Pélagie-Madeleine DUGAS 6 Restigouche? Daughter
+Joseph DUGAS ? ?  
+Madeleine DUGAS ? ?
Pierre FORET ? ?  
Pierre GAUTREAUX ? ? Died probably New Orleans soon after arrival
$Louise THIBODEAUX ? ? Wife
Marie-Josèphe GAUTREAUX 10 mos. Halifax? Daughter
+Joseph GIROUARD 35 Annapolis Royal married New Orleans, Apr 8
+Ursule TRAHAN ? probably Grand-Pré Wife; widow of Joseph-Grégoire BROUSSARD; sister of Jean & Michel
Élisabeth/Isabelle BROUSSARD 12 Pigiguit Stepdaughter
Joseph BROUSSARD le jeune 11 Pigiguit Stepson
+Anselme-Joseph GODIN dit Bellefontaine ? Ste.-Anne-du-Pays-Bas?  
Augustin GUIDRY ? ?  
+Théotiste BROUSSARD ? ? Wife
$*Joseph GUIDRY 30 ? moved to Cabanocé by May 1767
Charles GUILBEAU 29 Annapolis Royal Son of Joseph dit L'Officier
Anne TRAHAN 26 ? Wife
#$+Joseph dit L'Officier GUILBEAU 55 Port-Royal  
Madeleine MICHEL 53 Annapolis Royal  
Félicité GUILBEAU 20 Annapolis Royal Daughter
François GUILBEAU 16 Annapolis Royal Son
Jean GUILBEAU 8 Restigouche Son
Joseph-Pepin HÉBERT 17 Chignecto  
Louise HÉBERT 11 Chignecto Sister
+Pierre HÉBERT ? ? Orphan "of both father & mother"
+Jacques HUGON 35 Chignecto Brother-in-law of Théotiste BROUSSARD
Théotiste BROUSSARD ? ? Widow of Joseph HUGON; sister-in-law of Jacques HUGON
Marie HUGON 14 ? Daughter; niece of Jacques HUGON
+Paul JOSSET ? ?  
$+Pierre LAGRÈZE ? ? French or Canadian officer or official?
*Mathurin LANDRY 28 ?  
+Marie DUGAS ? ? Wife; died Jul 28
+Isidore LANDRY in utero Attakapas Son; born Jul 26, died Sep 9
René dit Petit René LEBLANC 14 Grand-Pré Brother of Isabelle & Simon
Rose LEBLANC 30 Grand-Pré Sister; widow of Raphaël BROUSSARD; stayed in NO & became a nun
$Simon LEBLANC 28 Grand-Pré Brother of Isabelle, Petit René, & Rose
+Catherine THIBODEAUX ? ? Wife
Cosme LEBLANC 5 Halifax? Son
Donat LEBLANC 1 Halifax? Son
Marie-Angélique LEBLANC newborn aboard ship or St.-D. Daughter; born 1 Jan 1765; baptized New Orleans 20 Feb 1765
Marie-Louise LEBLANC 3 Halifax? Daughter
Louis dit Luci LEVRON 43 Annapolis Royal Bachelor; never married
$*Ambroise MARTIN dit Barnabé, fils 31 Chignecto Brother of Marguerite dit Barnabé
*Marie-Madeleine GODIN dit Bellefontaine 27 Ste.-Anne-du-Pays-Bas Wife
*Élisabeth/Isabelle MARTIN dit Barnabé newborn Halifax? Daughter
*Hélène MARTIN dit Barnabé 4 Halifax? Daughter
Bonaventure MARTIN 12 ? Brother of Marguerite, wife of Michel DOUCET
Judith-Philippe MARTIN 12 ? Sister
$Claude MARTIN 29 Annapolis Royal  
Joseph MARTIN 24 Chignecto  
Pierre MARTIN ? Chignecto Brother
Charles dit Lasers PELLERIN 35 Annapolis Royal Brother of Grégoire
Élisabeth/Isabelle THIBODEAUX 27 ? Second wife
Marie PELLERIN in utero Attakapas Daughter; born Aug or Sep
$Grégoire PELLERIN 41 Port-Royal Brother of Charles
Cécile PRÉJEAN 33 Port-Royal Wife
$*Michel POIRIER 27 ?  
+Jean-Charles POTIER/Jean-Chrysostôme POIRIER 1 Halifax?  
+Marin ROBICHAUX ? ?  
+René ROBICHAUX 39 Annapolis Royal?  
Marguerite MARTIN dit Barnabé 32 Chignecto Wife; sister of Ambroise dit Barnabé, fils
Geneviève ROBICHAUX 7 probably Île St.-Jean Daughter
Madeleine ROBICHAUX 9 probably Île St.-Jean Daughter
$*Abraham ROY 34 Annapolis Royal Widower
*Marie ROY 10 Annapolis Royal Daughter
*Sauveur ROY 6 ? Son
$Jean-Baptiste SEMERE le jeune 21  Grand-Pré Nephew of Jean, Michel, & Ursule TRAHAN
$Pierre SURETTE ? ?  
Marie THIBODEAUX 25 Petitcoudiac Wife; daughter of Charles THIBODEAUX & Brigitte BREAUX
Augustin SURETTE in utero Attakapas Son; born Jun 19, baptized same day
Marie-Anne SURETTE 3 Halifax? Daughter
Amand THIBODEAUX 31 Chepoudy First cousin, wives of Alexandre & Joseph dit Beausoleil; brother of Olivier
Gertrude BOURG 18 Tracadie, Île St.-Jean Wife; married Feb 27, New Orleans; first Acadian marriage in LA
Baptiste THIBODEAUX ? ?  
$+Brigitte BREAUX 45 Grand-Pré Widow of Charles THIBODEAUX
Anne dite Nanette THIBODEAUX 10 Petitcoudiac Daughter
Jean-Anselme THIBODEAUX 14 Petitcoudiac Son
Marie-Louise THIBODEAUX 3 Halifax? Daughter
Madeleine THIBODEAUX 15 ?  
#$Olivier THIBODEAUX 32 Chepoudy First cousin, wives of Alexandre & Joseph dit Beausoleil; brother of Amand
+Madeleine BROUSSARD ? ? Wife; died May 16 from complications of childbirth
Anne LANDRY 11 ? Stepdaughter
Isabelle LANDRY ? ? Stepdaughter
+Marguerite-Anne THIBODEAUX in utero Attakapas Daughter; born May 10, baptized May 11, died May 16
Marie THIBODEAUX 2 Halifax? Daughter
Théodore THIBODEAUX infant "at sea" Son
$Paul THIBODEAUX 37 Annapolis Royal  
Rosalie GUILBEAU 24 Annapolis Royal Wife; daughter of Joseph dit L'Officier
+André-Paul THIBODEAUX in utero Attakapas Son; born Aug 26, died Sep 7
*Anne THIBODEAUX ? Pigiguit Cousin?
Jean TRAHAN 47 Grand-Pré Brother of Michel & Ursule; widower of Marguerite BROUSSARD
Germain TRAHAN 13 Grand-Pré Son
Madeleine TRAHAN 15 Grand-Pré Daughter
Marguerite TRAHAN 10 Grand-Pré Daughter
$Michel TRAHAN 39 Grand-Pré Brother of Jean & Ursule
Anne-Euphrosine VINCENT 34 Annapolis Royal Wife
Françoise TRAHAN 12 Grand-Pré Daughter
Jean-Athanase TRAHAN 11 Grand-Pré Son
Marie-Françoise TRAHAN 2 Halifax Daughter
Paul TRAHAN 13 Grand-Pré Son
René TRAHAN 37 Petitcoudiac  
Isabelle BROUSSARD 32 Petitcoudiac Wife; probably daughter of Joseph dit Beausoleil
Olivier TRAHAN 10 Petitcoudiac? Son
218 individuals, all Acadians/51 families      

Chronology of Burials

recorded by Father Jean-François de Civray at La Nouvelle-Acadie on the Teche, 1765;
d. means death date, not burial date;
SB/FR# refers to Fr. Jean-François's original "parish" records, later called the St. Martinville Church Slave Baptismal (B) and Slave Funeral (F, SFR) registers;
au premier camp d'en bas means at the first place lower down, and au dernier camp d'en bas mean at the last place lower down from Poste des Attakapas (present-day St. Martinville). 
Both camps lower down, plus Camp Beausoleil, were located at present-day Fausse Pointe, above & below the town of Loreauville--Fr. Jean-François's La Nouvelle-Acadie

Name Age Burial Date SB/FR# 04 Comments
Marguerite-Anne THIBODEAUX newborn May 16(d.) B, v.1, p.1#1 daughter of #Olivier; born May 10; death info. in SBR
Madeleine BROUSSARD ? May 17 F, v.1#2 wife of #Olivier THIBODEAUX; d. from complications of childbirth May 16
Jean-Charles POTIER 18 mos. July 1 F, v.1#5 orphaned child
Marie-Charlotte GODIN ? July 18 F, v.1#6 wife of Jean DUGAS
Pierre HÉBERT ? July 25 F, v.1#7 "an orphan of deceased parents"
Joseph DUGAS ? July 27 F, v.1#8 husband of Cécile BERGERON?
Théotiste BROUSSARD ? July 27 F, v.1#8-A wife of Augustin GUIDRY; buried au dernier camp d'enbas ...
Marie DUGAS ? July 29 F, v.1#9 wife of Mathurin LANDRY; died probably from complications of child birth
Pierre LAGRÈZE ? Aug 1 F, v.1#10 called simply LAGRESSE, no age or status given
René ROBICHAUX 39 Aug 2 F, v.1#11 husband of Marguerite MARTIN dit Barnabé; author's paternal ancestor
Brigitte BREAUX ? Aug 5 F, v.1#13 widow of Charles THIBODEAUX
Marin ROBICHAUX ? Aug 18 F, v.1#14  
Paul JOSSET ? Aug 24 F, v.1#15  
Augustin BERGERON ? Aug 31 F, v.1#17 father of Jean-Baptiste; uncle of Barthélémy III; died au premier camp d'enbas
Marianne BERGERON 3 mos. Aug 31(d.) B, v.1, p.2#4-A daughter of Jean-Baptiste; sister of Joseph; death info. in Slave Bap. Register
#Joseph dit L'Officier GUILBEAU 55 Sep 1 F, v.1#18 husband of Madeleine MICHEL; author's paternal ancestor
Anselme-Joseph GODIN dit Bellefontaine ? Sep 2 F, v.1#19-B burial recorded Sep 6
#Jean DUGAS 53 Sep 5 F, v.1#19-A widower of Marie-Charlotte GODIN; burial recorded Sep 6
Marguerite THIBODEAUX 60 Sep 5 05 F, v.1#20 wife of Alexandre BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil; buried [au dernier camp d'enbas]; burial recorded Sep 7
André-Paul THIBODEAUX 2 wks. Sep 7(d.) B, v.1, p.2#5 son of Paul; born Aug 26; death info. in Slave Bap. Register
Isidore LANDRY 6 wks. Sep 9(d.) B, v.1, p.2#4 son of Mathurin; born Jul 26; death info. in Slave Bap. Register
#Alexandre BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil 66 Sep 18 F, v.1#21 brother of Joseph dit Beausoleil; widower of Marguerite THIBODEAUX; buried au [dernier]camp d'enbas; burial recorded Sep 22
Jean DUGAS 1 Sep 19 F., v.1#21-A orphaned child; burial recorded Sep 22
François ARCENEAUX 1 Sep 19 F, v.1#21-A orphaned child; burial recorded Sep 22
Madeleine DUGAS ? Oct 6 F, v.1#23 burial recorded Oct 12
Jacques HUGON 35 Oct 8 F, v.1#26 burial recorded Oct 12
Ursule TRAHAN ? Oct 10 F, v.1#27 wife of Joseph GIROUARD & widow of Joseph-Grégoire BROUSSARD; burial recorded Oct 12
Joseph DUGAS ? Oct 11 F, v.1#22 husband of Cécile BERGERON?; buried Oct 6?; burial recorded Oct __
Sylvain BREAUX 52 Oct 12 F, v.#24 husband of Isabelle DAROIS; buried au dernier camp d'enbas
Isabelle DAROIS 66 Oct 12 F, v.1#25 wife of Sylvain BREAUX; buried Oct 10?; burial recorded Oct 12
Joseph BERGERON 15 mos. Oct 19 F, v.1#28 son of Jean-Baptiste; brother of Marianne
#Joseph BROUSSARD dit Beausoleil 63 Oct 20 02 F, Folio B-1, ? commandant; buried Camp Beausoleil; burial recorded Nov 25 but not in SFR?
Joseph GIROUARD 35 Oct 22 F, v.1#33 widower of Ursule TRAHAN; burial recorded Nov 3
Barthélemy BERGERON III 25 Oct 27 F,v.1#30 husband of Anne ARCENEAUX; nephew of Augustin; burial recorded Oct 30
Michel BERNARD 9 mos. Oct 28 F, v.1#31 son of Michel BERNARD?06; burial recorded Oct 30
Charles BERGERON 8 mos. Oct 29 F, v.1#32 son of Barthélémy III; burial recorded Oct 30
Isabelle LEBLANC ? Oct 29 F, v.1#29 wife, also called widow[?!], of Victor BROUSSARD
Jean-Baptiste BERGERON, père 35 Nov 2 F, v.1#35 son of Augustin; burial recorded Nov 23
Catherine THIBODEAUX ? Nov 15 F, v.1#34 wife, also called widow[?!], of Simon LEBLANC
Marie-Marthe DOUCET 20 mos. Nov 24 F, v.1#36 daughter of Michel
40 03        


01.  In his essay entitled "Metamorphosis of Acadian Society in Late Eighteenth-Century Louisiana" at <>, Dr. Carl A. Brasseaux, the leading authority on the Acadians in LA, says:  "Most Attakapas Acadians (77.7 percent) were former residents of the Chignecto Isthmus area....."  But Dr. Brasseaux does not tell us how he arrived at this precise figure.

02.  In the burial record for Joseph dit Beausoleil in Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records, 1-A:137 (SM Ch.: v.1, p.78; SM Ch.: Folio B-1, Funeral), Fr. Jean-François says that the old resistance fighter was buried "at the Camp (place or location) named Beausoleil," & "at place called Beausoleil."  Interestingly, Joseph dit Beausoleil's burial, recorded over a month after it occurred, is the only one not numbered in Fr. Jean-François's precisely-kept burial records, at least not in the edited version of these records.  Why not?  Notice that there is no lacuna in the numbers of this part of the St. Martinville church's Slave Funeral Register, implying that Joseph's burial was not recorded like the others.  Why was Joseph's burial recorded so long after the fact? 

Was the place the Attakapas Acadians called camp Beausoleil the same place as premier camp d'en bas (the first place lower down) or dernier camp d'en bas (the last place lower down), terms used by Fr. Jean-François in several of the 1765 Attakapas funeral entries?  How far apart were these first & last places below the Poste des Attakapas?  And where were they located exactly?  Arsenault, History, 195, says "Camp Beausoleil" was "near the present site of the town of Broussard, bearing his name."  The town of Broussard is in an area the Acadians called Côte Gelée, or Frozen Hills, & lies on the prairie between Bayou Tortue & the Vermilion River, not on the lower Teche, where the BROUSSARD party settled. [map]   As the Attakapas census of 25 Apr 1766 shows, Côte Gelée was settled after that time.  See Arceneaux, D. J., "A New Look at the Initial Acadian Settlement in Attakapas"; Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 124-25; Book Four.  Joseph dit Beausoleil was buried along the Teche with the others who died in 1765.  The question is where?  See <>, the New Acadia Project, for the current effort to find out. 

03.  According to epidemic survivor Jean-Baptiste SEMER, who wrote a letter to his father in France dated 20 Apr 1766, New Orleans:  "We went to Attakapas ..., but as it was already the month of May, the heat being so intense, we started to work in too harsh conditions. ... Finally, we had the finest harvest, and everybody contracted fevers at the same time and, nobody being in a state to help anyone else, thirty-three or thirty-four died, including the children. ..."  Italics added.  See Mouhot, ed., "Letter by Jean-Baptiste SEMER," 224; Bernard, Cajuns & Their Acadian Ancestors, 30.  Subtract the first 2 deaths on this list (Madeleine BROUSSARD, who died from complications of childbirth, & her newborn daughter Marguerite-Anne THIBODEAUX, who died at age 5 days); Marie DUGAS, wife of Mathurin LANDRY, who also seems to have died from complications of childbirth; & 3 other newborns, that is, 6 of these burials, & you have 34 other deaths recorded by Fr. Jean-François from Jul to late Nov, smack dab on the numbers given by Jean-Baptiste SEMER for the Bayou Teche Acadians who died of "fevers."  

04.  Assuming that Marguerite-Anne THIBODEAUX was #1, Isidore LANDRY #4, & Marianne BERGERON #4-A--who were burials #3, #12, & #16 in Father Jean-François's funeral register?  Evidently the good priest overlooked those numbers when he recorded the burials in the BROUSSARD party during the spring, summer, & fall of 1765.  Note that 2 burials--those of Jean DUGAS & François ARCENEAUX, both orphaned infants buried on Sep 19--are given the same number. 

And then there is the question:  How did Fr. Jean-François's baptismal & funeral registers become the St. Martinville church's Slave Baptismal & Slave Funeral registers?  The answer can be found in the Introductory Notes to Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records, vol. 1-A.

05.  Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records, 1-A:750 (SM Ch.: Slave Funeral Register, v.1, #20), records the burial of Joseph THIBODEAUX, died on 4 Sep 1765, buried the next day "in the cemetery in the lower section," burial recorded on 7 Sep 1765.  Compare this to the details of Marguerite THIBODEAUX's burial record in Hébert, D., 1-A:752 (SM Ch.: Slave Funeral Register, v.1, #20), & you will see that they are the same record.  There was no Joseph THIBODEAUX at Attakapas. 

06.  Here is a mystery for family historians to solve.  See Bernard family page. 

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