Governors of the United States Territory of Orleans and the State of Louisiana, 1803-1865


Territorial Period


William Charles Cole Claiborne, 1803-12


State of Louisiana

William Charles Cole Claiborne, 1812-16

Jacques Philippe Villeré, 1816-20 [first native-born governor of Louisiana; son of 1768 "martyr" Joseph Roué de Villieré of the German Coast]

Thomas Bolling Robertson, 1820-24 (resigned)

Henry Schuyler Thibodaux (succeeded as president of the State Senate), 1824

Henry S. Johnson, 1824-28

Pierre Derbigny, 1828-29 (died in office)

Armand Julie Beauvais (succeeded as president of the Senate), 1829-30

Jacques Dupré (succeeded as president of the Senate), 1830-31

André Bienvenu Roman, 1831-35

Edward Douglass White, Sr. 1835-39

André Bienvenu Roman, 1839-43

Alexandre Mouton, 1843-46

Isaac Johnson, 1846-50

Joseph Marshall Walker, 1850-53

Paul Octave Hébert, 1853-56

Robert Charles Wickliffe, 1856-60

Thomas Overton Moore, 1860-64

Henry Watkins Allen, 1864-65

Michael Hahn (Union governor), 1864-65 

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