Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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GAUDET (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1765 10 Dec/NOAR Joseph GODAIT   Marguerite BOURGEOIS Acadian Gottereaux, Terrio
1767 2 Oct/C-V Olivier BAUDROS Acadian Anne GAUDET (widow)   none listed
1768 16 May/C-V Charles GODET   Blanche[-Cécile] BRAUDE (widow) Acadian none listed
1781 19 Jan/BRDR Georges MOUTON Acadian Rosalie[-Victoire] GAUDET   LeBlanc, Terrio
1786 5 Mar/BRDR Guiyon ARSENO Acadian Margarita GODÉ   Arseno, Goden
1786 20 Apr/BRDR Carlos GODÉ   Maria-Josepha LE BLANC Acadian Godé, Ubre
1791 25 Nov/BRDR Antonio LEDU (LEDOUX) French Creole Margarita GODÉ   Berto, Godé
1792 9 Jun/BRDR Carlos GODÉ   Francisca BERTO French Creole Berto, Roa
1793 21 Jan/BRDR Juan-Baptista CHARPANTIE French Creole Maria GODÉ   Godé
1793 4 Feb/BRDR Miguel GAUDET   Victoria BERGERON Acadian Bursua, Godet
1793 29 Apr/BRDR Geronimo GAUDET   Maria-Luisa BOURGEOIS Acadian Bursua, Leblan
1794 4 Aug/BRDR Carlos GAUDET (widower)   Anna COMO (widow) Acadian Gaudet
1796 11 Jul/BRDR François[-Louis] GOUDÉ   Maria ROGER Acadian Landry, Robichaud
1796 21 Nov/BRDR Josef GAUDET (widower)   Margarita LE BLANC (widow) Acadian LeBlanc, Thibodaux
1797 29 Aug/BRDR Juan GODET   Eulalia GUÉDRY Acadian Guédry
1797 29 Aug/BRDR Josef GAUDET   Félicitas GUÉDRY Acadian Guédry
1801 22 Jun/BRDR Auguste GAUDET   Marguerite LACROIX French Creole Croquer, Mollere
1808 16 May/BRDR Olivier MELANSON Acadian Marie GODÉ   Godé, Melanson
1812 1 Jun/BRDR Joseph Zenon BLOUIN French Creole Marie Modeste GAUDET   Arnaud, Duhon, LaLanne
1814 8 Feb/BRDR Mathias FREDERICK, fils German Creole Marie GAUDET   Frederik, Gaudet, Luket
1814 6 Jun/BRDR Jérôme Eugène GAUDET   Constance M. RICHARD Acadian Arnaud, Gaudet, Richard
1814 6 Jun/BRDR Michel Valérie GAUDET   Anne Bélisaire RICHARD Acadian Cevisier, Gaudet, Richard
1816 20 Oct/BRDR Francisco GAUDET (widower)   Marcelina FALGOUT German Creole Champagne, Hébert, Toups
1816 21 Oct/BRDR Luis HÉBERT Acadian Maria Rosa GAUDET   Dantin, Guédry, Hébert
1817 6 Jan/BRDR Josef GAUDET   Céleste FALGOUT German Creole Chempagne, Toups, Tureyra
1818 1 Jun/BRDR François GAUDÉ (GAUDET)   Hortense FALGOU German Creole Beauve (Beauvais), Bernard, Champagne
1818 29 Jun/BRDR Pierre GAUDET   Emerante LOUPE French Creole? Gaudet, Hymel, Loupe
1819 16 Feb/BRDR Evariste MIRE Acadian Clémence GAUDET   Fabre, Gaudet, Richard
1819 4 Oct/BRDR Louis CHARPENTIER French Creole Céleste GAUDÉ   Folse, Materne
1820 21 Jan/BRDR Édouard GAUDAIN Acadian Marie Lise GAUDET   Bergeron, Dugha, Gaudet
1820 3 Jun/BRDR Joseph GAUDET   Marguerite BERTEAUX (wd.) French Creole Charpantier, Guédry, Lambert
1821 2 Jun/SLR Louis GAUDÉ   Clémence FALGOUT German Creole none listed
1821 27 Jun/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Arthémise GAUDET   Dugas, Gaudet
1822 25 Feb/BRDR Ursin Michel GAUDET   Élise Adèle DUGAS Acadian Blouin, Gaudet
1822 18 Apr/BRDR Ramire BECNEL German Creole? Constance GAUDET   Becnel, Gaudet
1825 10 Feb/BRDR Auguste GODET (GAUDET)   Marine BRAUD Acadian Braud, Lalanni
1825 25 Apr/BRDR Simon COMEAU Acadian Eulalie GAUDÉ   Melançon, Templet
1826 31 Jan/BRDR Louis OUBRE German Creole Félicte GAUDAIT   Guédry, Lambert
1826 29 May/SLR Hyppolite GAUDÉ   Marie Eulalie BAUDOIN French Creole none listed
1826 21 Nov/BRDR Jean Baptiste LECHE French Creole? Magdelaine GAUDET   Gaudet, Leche
1827 12 Feb/BRDR Charles CURE French Creole? Marie Aurore GAUDET   Melançon, Paher, Tassin
1827 26 Dec/SLR Charles FALGOUT German Creole Selesie GAUDÉ   none listed
1829 30 May/BRDR Drausin GAUDET   Melanie GOURDAIN French Creole Arcenaux, Cailler, Gaudet, Gourdain
1830 8 Feb/BRDR Joseph GASPAR French Creole Séraphine GAUDE(T)   Acmann, Gaspar, Lagemann
1830 15 Feb/SLR Jean Baptiste GAUDAIT   Marie BERNARD German Creole none listed
1830 26 Apr/BRDR François GASPAR French Creole Lise GAUDET   Chauffe, Comeau, Daigle
1830 26 Apr/BRDR André OCKMAN German Creole? Scholastique GAUDET   Chauffe, Comeau, Daigle
1831 17 Sep/BRDR Augustin GAUDET (widower)   Marie BERGERON Acadian Arseneau, Bourgeois, Cox, Gaudet
1834 2 Jun/BRDR Joseph William TUCKER Anglo Marcelline Aimée GAUDÉ   none listed
1836 1 Feb/BRDR Martial CABERN Foreign French Célestine GAUDET   Allan, Braud, Delogny, Gaudet
1836 29 Sep/SLR Daniel Spana TUCKER Anglo Clémence Élisabeth GAUDÉ   none listed
1837 30 Oct/BRDR Michel LEBOUF French Creole Hortense GAUDET   Caillouet, Guidry, Nicolle
1838 7 May/SLR Charles François GAUDÉ   Emeranthe WAGEUSPACH German Creole none listed
1838 7 May/SLR Louis WAGUESPACK German Creole Hortance Aimée GAUDÉ   none listed
1838 30 Jun/SLR Pierre BOURGEOIS Acadian Joséphine GAUDÉ   none listed
1839 30 Sep/SLR Charles GAUDÉ   Berthilde CANTRELLE French Creole none listed
1840 25 Feb/BRDR Jean GAUDÉ   Marie M. GAUTREAUX Acadian Defeux, Michel, Richard, Rodriguez
1840 27 Feb/BRDR Pierre GAUDET   Marie Delphine STAUDT German Creole Michel, Staudt, Theriot
1840 15 Jun/SLR Zenon BOURGEOIS Acadian Louise Helina GAUDÉ   none listed
1840 11 Aug/BRDR Millien ROUSSEL French Creole Alvina GAUDET   Loup/Loupe, Roussel, Tircuit
1841 29 Jun/SLR Barthéleme Firmin LACAPERE Foreign French Léontine GAUDÉ   none listed
1841 26 Sep/BRDR Pierre Théodule LANDRY Acadian Marie Alvina GAUDET   Cottman, Landry, Nicholls, Solomon, Tournillon
1841 15 Oct/SLR Willington EVANS Anglo Clémence E. GAUDÉ (widow)   none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Ursin GAUDET   Carmelite LE BLANC Acadian Dugua/Dugas, Duguet, Gaudet, Gauthraux, Hébert, LeBlanc, Melançon
1843 12 Jul/BRDR James Clement CHASTANT Foreign French? Marie Ermina GAUDET   Armant, Chastant, Gaudet, Mire
1843 2 Aug/BRDR Émile BREAU Acadian Azema GAUDET   Bergeron, Braud, Gaudet, Perrin
1844 8 May/BRDR Florian DESLATTES French Creole Azema GAUDET   Deslattes, Poche, Richard
1845 5 May/SLR Louis GAUDÉ   Eliza Adèle GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1845 1 Jun/SLR Joseph GAUDÉ, fils Acadian Eloise Estelle GAUDÉ Acadian none listed
1845 26 Jul/BRDR Théodule GAUDET   Séraphine BOURGEOIS Acadian Deslattes, Frederic, Loup, Madere, Parent
1845 29 Sep/SLR Léon GAUDÉ   Émilie CANTRELLE French Creole none listed
1846 19 Mar/BRDR Joseph Adam GAUDET   Marie Arcelite RICHARD Acadian Braud, Gaudet, Richard, Winchester
1846 20 Jul/SLR James ROPER Anglo Marie E. GAUDÉ   none listed
1846 22 Jul/BRDR Michel Drausin GAUDET   Marie Célestine LANDRY Acadian Badie, Braud, Gaudet, Hébert, Landry, Terio, Winchester
1847 2 Jan/SLR Marcelin BOURGEOIS Acadian Julia GAUDÉ   none listed
1847 10 Apr/SLR Augustin GAUDÉ   Amelina BEAUVAIS French Creole none listed
1847 28 Jun/SLR Charles Ulysse LEGENDRE Foreign French Irma GAUDÉ   none listed
1849 18 Jan/SLR Oléziphore TOUPS German Creole Marie Élisabeth GAUDÉ   none listed
1849 23 Jan/SLR Americus V. WILLIAMS Anglo Alvina GAUDÉ   none listed
1849 10 Jul/BRDR Jérôme Kleber GAUDET   Élizabeth Amanda LANDRY Acadian Barthélémy, Gaudet, Landry, LeBlanc, Nicholls, Pedesclaux, Poursine
1850 21 Sep/SLR Pierre Augustin Charles LESSEPS French Creole Marie Justine GAUDÉ   none listed
1851 3 Mar/BRDR Francis Amédée TETE French Creole Anne Emma GAUDET   Chastant, Gabaroche, Gaudet, Martin, Randall, Tete
1851 20 Mar/SLR Joseph Léon RICHARD Acadian Julia GAUDET (widow)   none listed
1851 20 May/BRDR Théophile Séverin GAUDET   Rosalie Nesida TERRIO Acadian Arana, Braud, Comes, Dugas, Gaudet, Guilfout, Johnns, Landry, Larigny, LeBlanc, Richard, Terrio
1852 18 Jan/BRDR Amédée M. GAUDET   Louise M. ILSLEY Anglo? Ayraud, Cantrelle, Chastant, Ferchaud, Gaudet, Ilsley, Landry, Mollere, Poursine, Tete
1852 30 Aug/SLR Marcel Émile GAUDÉ   Anaïse Félicité CHAMPAGNE French Creole none listed
1853 18 Apr/SLR Zéphirin TOUPS German Creole Céleste Amelina GAUDÉ   none listed
1854 12 Jan/BRDR Joseph Justin GAUTHREAUX Acadian Mathilda GAUDET   Bodie, Dugas, Gaudet, Gaudin, Gauthreaux, Melançon
1855 10 Apr/SLR Caleb J. TUCKER Anglo Marcelline Emma GAUDÉ   none listed
1855 4 Aug/SLR François BOURGEOIS Acadian Élodie GAUDÉ   none listed
1856 28 Jan/SLR Étienne Valmond TALBOT Acadian Clara GAUDÉ   none listed
1857 28 May/SLR Léon Raphaël GAUDÉ Acadian Marie Louise GAUDÉ Acadian none listed
1858 14 Jul/SLR Samuel T. ATKINSON Anglo Heloise Celima GAUDÉ   none listed
1860 24 Mar/SLR P. Urbain BOURGEOIS (wdr.) Acadian Julia GAUDÉ (widow)   none listed
1860 26 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste T. PERTUIT French Creole Marie Estelle GAUDET   Gaudet, Gaudin, Guidry, Hébert, Hymel, Jacob, Keller, Landry, Pertuit, Rome, Volpy
1860 8 Sep/SLR Étienne TOUPS German Creole Ezilda GAUDÉ   none listed
1860 12 Nov/SLR Auguste GAUDET   Althée BERNARD German Creole none listed

Analysis of GAUDET marriages, 1765-1860:

Total marriages listed:              99         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           46           46.5
Exogamous marriages:             53           53.5



[running tally]

GAUDIN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 10 Apr/C-V Joseph GODIN   Marie FORRET Acadian none listed
1770/BRDR Antoine-Alexandre DUPRÉ dit Terrebonne French Can. Maria-Anne GAUDIN   Dupré, Gaudin
1778 27 Jul/BRDR Jean-Baptiste GAUDIN (wdr.)   Isabella FONTENOT French Creole Godin, Melanzon
1779 9 Jan/SWLR René BROUSSARD (wdr.) Acadian Marie-Anne GAUDIN   Fostin, Guiilebaut, Prejean
1781 12 Feb/BRDR Gille LE BLANC Acadian Théotiste GAUDIN   Breau, Godin
1783 27 Feb/NOAR Juan VILLANUEVA French Imm. Marie-Anne GODIN (widow)   none listed
1787 28 Oct/BRDR Miguel GODÉ   Francisca BARBE French Creole Croeset, LeBlanc
1789 31 Aug/BRDR Silvestre LE BLANC Acadian Margarita GAUDIN   LeBlanc
1790 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON Acadian Mariana GAUDIN (widow)   Babin, Godin
1791 7 Mar/BRDR Luis GAUDIN   Ana LUVIER Acadian Part, Porie
1791 9 May/BRDR Juan Bautista GAUDIN   Maria Magdalena FORÉ Acadian Goden, Melancon
1791 27 Jun/NOAR Alexandre DUPRES French Creole Rosalia LINCOURT   Chiloc, Godin
1793 24 Jul/BRDR Simon LE BLANC Acadian Isabel GAUDIN   Babint, Landry
1796 4 Apr/BRDR Jean-Baptiste CHARPIOT French Creole Francisca GAUDIN   Braux, Godin
1796 27 Jun/BRDR Édouard GAUDIN   Marie-Magdalena LANDRY (widow) Acadian Landry
1800 26 Oct/SWLR Noble WILKINS Irish Marie-Anne GAUDIN (widow)   Broussard, Chemin, DeBlanc, Hébert, Mayer, O'Reilly, Primo
1801 22 Jun/BRDR Gilbert DUPRÉ French Can. Francisca GAUDIN   Braud, LeBlanc
1801 22 Jun/BRDR Joseph BABIN Acadian Margarita GAUDIN   Blanchard, Braud, LeBlanc
1802 20 Apr/BRDR Lucas GAUDIN   Henriette LANDRY Acadian Bergeron, Landry
1802 25 Apr/BRDR Pierre LANDRY Acadian Reyné GAUDIN   Conway, Lessard
1806 11 Aug/BRDR Bonaventure GAUDIN   Reiné ARCENEAUX Acadian Arnaud, Bergeron, Landry
1806 11 Aug/BRDR Étienne DUGA Acadian Scholastique GODIN   Bergeron, Landry, Vincent
1809 16 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste GAUDIN   Rosalie Athanaise DUGAS Acadian Dugas, Gaudin
1810 27 Sep/BRDR Auguste ARCENEAU Acadian Marcellite GAUDIN   Bery, Gaudin, Landry, Petrimoulx
1812 3 Aug/BRDR Joseph BERGERON Acadian Constance GAUDIN   Bergeron, Forest, Gaudin
1814 27 Jun/BRDR Louis Urbin GOTTEREAU Acadian Marceline GAUDIN   Arne, Pollet, Richard
1815 29 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste LE BLANC Acadian Marie Cléonisse GAUDIN   Gaudin, LeBlanc, Melancon
1816 3 Jun/BRDR Jean HENRY Acadian Hermenegilda GAUDIN   Blanchard, Godain
1816 2 Sep/BRDR Michel GAUDIN   Scholastique HÉBERT Acadian Dugat, Gaudin
1816 16 Dec/BRDR Joseph DUGAS (widower) Acadian Maria GAUDIN   Ario, Dugas, Landry
1816 30 Dec/BRDR Valentino GODIN   Ana Sérafin DUGAS Acadian Braud, LeBlanc
1817 12 Feb/BRDR Jaques GRABERT French Creole? Celeste GAUDIN   David, Pertuis, Oubre
1817 14 Apr/BRDR Amand BOURGEOIS Acadian Hortense GAUDIN   Bourgeois, Dugat
1817 20 Apr/BRDR Alexis Sérafin GODIN   Marie Clémence LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc
1819 2 Jul/BRDR Jean Alexandre DESSARPER Foreign French Constance GAUDIN (widow)   Bergeron Fabre, Gaude
1820 21 Jan/BRDR Édouard GAUDIN   Marie Lise GAUDET Acadian Bergeron, Dugha, Gaudet
1820 12 Feb/BRDR Paul GRABERT French Creole? Magdeleine GAUDIN   Pertuit, Oubre, Rouillier
1820 1 May/BRDR Valéry LE BLANC French Can. Marie Cedalie GAUDIN   Cornu, Gautreau, LeBlanc, Uget
1822 7 Jan/BRDR François GAUDIN   Marie Delphine LANDRY Acadian Gaudain, Landry
1823 28 Apr/SLR Caleb B. WATKINS Anglo Fidelie GAUDIN   none listed
1824 26 Jul/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON Acadian Marcelline GAUDIN   Daigre, Hébert, LeBlanc
1825 3 Oct/BRDR Étienne M. P. A. D'EPERON Foreign French Denise GAUDIN   Michel, Pohu
1825 25 Oct/BRDR Lucien GOURDAIN French Creole? Victorine GAUDIN   Gaudet, Gaudin, Gourdain
1826 8 May/BRDR Valsin LAVERGNE French Can. Carmelite GAUDIN   Braud, Godin, Landry
1826 14 Jan/BRDR Michel BLOUIN French Creole Joséphine GAUDIN   Gaudin, McAlpine, Thibodeaux
1826 3 Apr/BRDR Raphaël GAUDIN   Azélie HÉBERT Acadian D'Eperon, Gottereaux, Hebert, Mateux
1827 20 Feb/BRDR Pierre BADIE Foreign French Marie Aurora GAUDIN (wd.)   Dugas, Landry
1827 7 May/BRDR Casimire GAUDIN   Françoise Azèlle GAUTREAU Acadian Gaudin, Gautreau
1829 23 Feb/BRDR Valéry Didier GAUDIN   Marie Delphine LANDRY Acadian Dannequin, Godain, Terrio
1830 29 Jan/BRDR Pierre Duval BABIN Acadian Rosalie Euphrasie GAUDIN   Dugas, Gaudin, Lanoix
1831 26 Apr/BRDR Paul Vasseur GAUDIN   Rosalie Delphine RICHARD Acadian Gaudin, Gourdin, Richard
1831 4 Jul/BRDR Louis Élie RICHARD Acadian Marie Delia GAUDIN   Gaudin, Richard
1833 17 Jun/BRDR Valsin LAVERGNE French Can. Marine Cléonise GAUDIN   Braud, Godin, Richard
1834 2 Feb/BRDR Paulin GAUDIN   Celesie GAUTREAUX Acadian Godain, Landry
1834 26 May/BRDR Zenon BLOUIN French Creole Célestine GAUDIN   Bauer, Bertaut, Blouin, Gaudin
1834 9 Jun/BRDR Joachim GAUDIN   Célestine BLOUIN French Creole Arcenaux, Blouin, Boucry, Bourg, Bourgeois, Comaux, Dicharry, Gaudin, Mire, Poirier
1834 29 Sep/BRDR Colin BABIN Acadian Gertrude GAUDIN   Babin, Dugas, Landry
1836 14 Nov/BRDR Gabriel GAUDIN   Azélie SENETTE (widow) French Creole Clement, LeBlanc, Senette
1837 30 Jan/BRDR Cyrille GAUDIN   Marie Amelina GAUTREAUX Acadian Braud, Gautraux, Godain, Landry
1837 7 Feb/BRDR Édouard GAUDIN (widower)   Arthémise HÉBERT (widow) Acadian Dugas, Éber, Perrier
1837 4 May/BRDR Alphonse OUBRE French Creole Célestine GAUDIN   Arceneaux, Dugas, Rome
1837 10 Oct/BRDR [Jean] Arsène HÉBERT (widower) Acadian Rosalie Euphrosie GAUDIN (widow)   Babin, Braud, Dupuy, Lamare
1838 7 May/SLR Evariste HÉBERT Acadian Estelle Rosalie GAUDIN   none listed
1838 24 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste MOLLERE French Creole Alzina GAUDIN   Dugas, Gaudet, Gaudin
1839 5 Dec/BRDR Antoine BLANCHARD Acadian Apolline Grasieuse GAUDIN   Blanchard, Landry
1840 1 Feb/BRDR Pierre LAFOR Foreign French Marguerite Alzina GAUDIN   Dugas, Lafor, Oubre
1840 11 Feb/BRDR Adélard LANDRY Acadian Marie Ursule GAUDIN   Babin, Boudreaux, Bujol, Landry
1840 14 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY Acadian Marie Joséphine GAUDIN   Gaudin, Landry, Say, Savoie
1841 4 Oct/BRDR Jacques BUJOL Acadian Elmire Lise GAUDIN   Ayraud, Babin, Boudreaux, Bujol, Dugas, Hebert, LeBlanc, Picou
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Eugène GUIDRY Acadian Elise GAUDIN   Baucry, Dugas, Garderes, Webre
1842 8 Feb/BRDR Marcellin OUBRE French Creole Florestille GAUDIN   Arceneaux, Dugas, Gaudin, Oubre, Thibodaux, Webre
1842 17 May/BRDR Trasimond BREAUX Acadian Phelonise GAUDIN   Arceneaux, Braud, Hebert, Legendre, Melancon
1843 17 Aug/BRDR Osémé DUGAS Acadian Elmire GAUDIN   Badie, Dugas, Gaudet, Gaudin, Landry, Mollere
1844 15 Jan/BRDR Édouard GAUDIN   Adèle MOLLERE French Creole Badie, Bourdier, Gaudin, Landry, Mollere
1844 29 Jul/BRDR Michel Amédée BLOUIN French Creole Élizabeth GAUDIN   Blouin, Gourdain
1845 15 Apr/BRDR Eugène GAUDIN   Adele Estival BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Gaudin, Hebert, Legendre, Uze, Webre
1846 10 Feb/BRDR Gérôme Silvany GAUDIN   Emma Lisa DUGAS Acadian Babin, Blanchard, Causson, Dugas, Gaudin, Hebert, Landry
1846 25 Aug/BRDR Silvère Mathurin USÉ Acadian Gertrude Palmire GAUDIN   Dugas, Guidry, Trinidad, Webre
1847 22 Apr/BRDR Jacques Jules ARCENEAUX Acadian Stephenie GAUDIN   Braud, Huguet, Legendre, Leroy
1847 7 Oct/BRDR Godefroi GAUDIN   Joséphine BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Gaudin, Lagarderes, Trudeau
1848 11 Jan/BRDR Pierre Mosses RIZAN French Creole? Malvina GAUDIN   Gautreau, Gisclard, Rizan
1848 1 Mar/BRDR Narcisse Pharon LE BLANC Acadian Arthémise GAUDIN   Brasset, Dugas, Gaudin, Gautrau, LeBlanc, Lucenty
1848 11 Sep/BRDR Davrosain BOURGEOIS Acadian Odalie GAUDIN   Gaudin, Gautrau, Lanoux, LeBlanc
1850 19 Aug/BRDR Raymond GARCIA Spanish Creole? Élodie GAUDIN   Gaudin, Marciacq, Martin, Richard
1850 9 Sep/BRDR T. Omer RIZAN French Creole? Hermina GAUDIN   Bajon, Frederic, Gautrau, Melancon, Rizan, Vicknair
1851 20 Jan/BRDR Constant BABIN Acadian Arthémise GAUDIN   Blouin, Gaudin
1851 4 Feb/BRDR Godfroy GAUDIN   Victorine CAILLOUET (wd.) French Creole Couderin, Minvielle, Theriot
1852 24 Jan/BRDR Étienne PART Acadian Marguerite Melanie GAUDIN   Bourgeois, Landry, LeRoy, Melancon, Tusson
1852 12 Feb/BRDR Michel Léon GAUDIN   Amelina DENOUX French Creole Babin, Denoux, Dugas, LeBlanc, Picou, Richard
1853 9 May/BRDR Trasimond LANOUX Acadian Anaïse GAUDIN   Babin, Gaudin, LeBlanc
1854 16 May/BRDR Lucien CAILLOUET French Creole Ophelia GAUDIN   Caillouet, Druilhet, Duhon, Lagardere, Webre
1855 26 Nov/BRDR Simon GAUDIN   Helena Justinia BOURGEOIS Acadian Babin, Baume, Peytavin, Rouillier
1856 4 Feb/BRDR Estere ROUILLET French Creole? Artémise GAUDIN   Baume, Gaudin, Melancon, Peytavin
1856 28 Apr/BRDR Phlegie GAUDIN   Ernestine BOUDREAUX Acadian Babin, Boudreau, Gautrau, Lanoux, Lusk
1856 8 Jul/BRDR Édouard GAUDIN (widower)   Cecilia LE BLANC Acadian Blanchard, Comstock, Gaudin, Landry, LeBlanc, Mollere
1856 10 Nov/BRDR Édouard E. GAUDIN   Anaïse MELANÇON Acadian Gaudin, Landry
1857 28 Jul/BRDR François CARRAINE Foreign French? Marie Ezilda GAUDIN   Carraine, Gaudin, Kling, Mazair, Senette
1858 5 Jun/BRDR François GAUDIN   Joséphine BOURG Acadian Bourg, Feuchere, Martin, Medal
1858 30 Aug/BRDR Joseph LEGENDRE Acadian Corine GAUDIN   Babin, Gaudin, Letulle, Ramirez
1859 22 Nov/BRDR Aristide GUIDRY [GAUDIN]   Rosa [COURFBERT] DELANEUVILLE Foreign French Bourgeois, Courfbert, DeLaneauville, Demaré, Druilhet, Gaudin, Jacob, Oubre, Roussel, Sugué, Theriot
1859 26 Dec/BRDR Cyrille GAUDIN   Rosella LE BLANC Acadian Gaudin, LeBlanc
1860 2 Jan/BRDR Théodule GAUDIN   Aurela LANOUX Acadian Brooks, Gaudin
1860 9 Feb/BRDR Aristide LOUVIERE Acadian Olive GAUDIN   Chauvin, Dubourg, Gaudin, Laport, Louviere, Sarazin
1860 13 Feb/BRDR Tiburce GAUDIN   Cléonice LE BLANC Acadian Hebert, Landry
1860 1 Oct/BRDR Numa GAUDIN   Adèle DESNOYER French Creole? Gaudin, Gautrau, Vilneuve
1861 18 Apr/BRDR Jean DENOUX French Creole Gertrude GAUDIN (widow)   Denoux, Gaudin, Landry

Analysis of GAUDIN marriages, 1766-1861:

Total marriages listed:                     106           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:                    67             63.2
Exogamous marriages:                      39             36.8



[running tally]

GAUTREAUX (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 20 May/NOAR Michel BOURGEOIS (widower) Acadian Rose[-Osite] GAUTEROT (widow)   Louvigny
1786 2 Jan/BRDR [Jean-]Luis GOTRO   Maria-Rosa LE BLANC Acadian Gotro, Miguel
1786 21 Jan/NOAR Juan[-Alain] GODREAU   Magdalena[-Modeste] PITRE Acadian Llorca, Martinez
1786 24 Jan/BRDR Maturen DONI [DAUNIS] French Creole? [Rose-]Maria GOTRO   Burg, Guillot
1786 19 Feb/BRDR Juan-Carlos GOTRO   Francisca[-Hélène] BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Giroire
1786 27 Feb/BRDR Pedro ACHERON [ALLAIN], fils Acadian Ana GOTREAU   Allain, Landry
1786 26 Mar/BRDR Nicolas GOLOA Spanish Imm.? [Marie-]Genoveva GOTRO   Rom, Sava
1786 6 May/BRDR Joseph-Nicolas HÉBERT Acadian Anne [Agnès] GAUTREAU   Gautreau
1786 10 Jun/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON [MOLAISON] Acadian Marie[-Marguerite-Pélagie] GOTREAUX   Commo
1787 27 Dec/SWLR Charles HÉBERT Acadian Marguerite GAUDRAUX   Alain, Bro
1788 10 Jan/BRDR Étienne BOUDREAU Acadian Victoire[-Andrée] GOTREAU   Ordonez
1788 21 Jan/BRDR Juan-Baptista GOTRO   Magdalena BRO Acadian Bro, Richard
1788 11 May/BRDR Josef LE BLANC Acadian Maria[-Madeleine-Pélagie] GOTRO   Lebron, Richard
1789 3 May/NOAR Josef-Benoît GODREAU   Francisca MONTE[T] French Imm. Gautro, Ximinez
1789 30 May/SWLR Pierre TRAHAN (widower) Acadian Pélagie[-Marie] GAUTREAU   Lejeune, Simard, Trahan
1789 5 Jun/NOAR (Carlos) GODRO   Maria-Francisca PITRE Acadian Llorca, Ximenez
1789 30 Nov/BRDR Carlos GAUTRO (wdr.)   Lucia[-Perpétué] BOURQUE (wd.) Acadian Hébert, Landry
1790 9 Feb/BRDR Carlos GAUTRO   Maria[-Marthe] RICHARD Acadian Mir, Part
1790 7 Nov/BRDR Joseph-Benoît GOUTRO (wdr.)   Isabel BERGERON Acadian Boudro, Bourque, Goutro
1792 30 Jan/BRDR Marin GOUTRO (widower)   Margarita-Angèl DUBOIS  (widow) Acadian Granger, Landry
1792 7 Feb/BRDR Francisco FERIOU, fils French Imm. [Marguerite-]Adélaïde GOUTRO   Bourque, Goutro
1792 5 Mar/BRDR Francisco[-Marie] GOTRO   Félicité[-Jeanne] HÉBERT Acadian Ébert, Mazrolle
1792 17 Jul/BRDR Carlos HÉBERT Acadian Anna GAUTREAUX (widow)   Hébert, Landry
1793 9 Feb/BRDR Joseph[-Marin] GOTRO   Maria[-Madeleine] THERIOT (widow) Acadian Boudro, Therio
1793 29 Dec/BRDR Simon GAUTRAU, fils   Maria/Marie DUON Acadian Braux, Gautrau
1794 11 Jun/BRDR Pedro-Olivier GAUTRAUX   Julia[-Céleste] ARSEMENT Acadian Landry, Robichaux
1794 11 Jul/BRDR Joseph BRASSEU Acadian Théodosia GAUTREAUX   Blanchard, Cazebon, Dupuis
1795 10 Feb/BRDR Pierre DUGAT Acadian Sophie GAUTREAUX   Berard, Broussard, Dougat
1796 30 Mar/BRDR Pedro[-Joseph] GAUTREAU   Genoveva[-Charlotte-Marguerite] GIROIR Acadian Bourg, Gautreau
1797 8 May/BRDR Francisco BARIOT Acadian Maria GAUTRAUX   Daigle, Gautraux, Héber
1798 26 Nov/BRDR Aman GAUTREAU   Francisca LANDRY Acadian Gothraux, Landry
1799 14 Oct/BRDR Pedro[-Paul] AUCOIN Acadian Rosalia[-Charlotte] GAUTRAUX   Aucoin
1800 17 Feb/BRDR Juan-Manuel BRAUX Acadian Anastasia GOTHRAUX   Bourgeois, Rousselle
1800 24 Feb/BRDR Juan GAUTRAUX   Françoise[-Victoire] AUCOIN Acadian Hébert
1801 20 Apr/BRDR Carlos GOTHRAUX Acadian Magdalena GOTHRAUX Acadian Gothraux
1803 3 Feb/BRDR Francisco GAUTRAUX   Maria[-Charlotte] OSSELLET Acadian Gautraux, Pitre
1804 3 Feb/BRDR Raphaël GAUTREAUX   Marie Constance BRAUX Acadian Braud, Landry, Richard
1804 12 Feb/BRDR Juan Maria NAVARRE [HAVARD] French Imm. Anastasia [Marguerite Marie] GAUTRAUX   Hébert
1805 6 May/BRDR Pedro Grégorio GAUTRAUX (widower)   Sophia [Marie] HÉBERT (widow) Acadian Hébert, Thibodaux
1805 12 Aug/BRDR Joseph GOTRAU   Henriette Adélaïde LANDRY Acadian Gautrot, Landry, LeBlanc
1808 12 Jan/SWLR Charles DUGAS Acadian Théodate GAUTEREAU (widow)   Abat, Jacquet, Landry
1808 27 Jun/BRDR Burell AYCOCK Anglo Anne Apolline GAUTEREAU   Dubois, Rhodes, Steele
1808 19 Oct/BRDR Pierre GRANGER Acadian Reine Ange GOTREAU   Bujeau, Gombert, Navarre
1809 6 Feb/BRDR Pierre Isidore GAUTEREAU   Marie Rosalie SIVILLE French Creole? Gautreau, LeBlanc, Siville
1810 5 Mar/BRDR Augustin AUCOIN Acadian Hannrieta GAUTRAUX   Aucoin, Hébert, Ruiz
1811 25 Feb/BRDR Simon GAUTERAU (widower)   Henrietta MELANÇON Acadian Gauterau, Melançon
1811 29 Apr/BRDR Manuel MELANÇON Acadian Marie GAUTERAU   Gautrerau, Melançon
1811 8 Jul/BRDR Armand GOTTEREAU (widower)   Marie MELANSON Acadian Melanson, Richard
1814 22 Feb/BRDR David MELANSON (widower) Acadian Modeste GOTEREAU   Bourgeois, Gottereau, Melanson
1814 27 Jun/BRDR Louis Urbin GOTTEREAU   Marceline GAUDIN Acadian Arne, Pollet, Richard
1814 22 Feb/BRDR Paul THIBDEUDAU Acadian Marie Clémence GAUTEREAU   Bertaux, Grabert
1815 30 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste BOURGEOIS Acadian Angèle GOTTEREAU   Lanoux, Richard, Roullier
1816 8 Jan/BRDR Élie LANNOUX Acadian Marie GOTTEREAU   Camus, Gottereau, Lannoux
1816 27 Feb/BRDR Simon GOTTEREAU   Petronille STOUT Anglo? Berteaux, Commeau, Grabert
1816 2 Jul/SLR Michel GAUTREAU   Marie Magdeleine BABIN (wd.) Acadian none listed
1816 23 Sep/BRDR Josef Olivier GAUTRAUX   Rosalia Escolastica PELTIER French Creole Gautraux, Peltier
1816 30 Sep/BRDR Pierre Paul BOURGEOIS (wdr.) Acadian Esther GOTTEREAU   Bergeron, Gottereau, Vavasseur
1817 4 Aug/BRDR Pierre Olivier GAUTREAU   Marie BERTELOT French Creole Aucoin, Bolot, Gautreau
1817 28 Apr/BRDR Joseph MICHEL (widower) Acadian Marie Rosalie GOTTEREAU   Duhon, Poursine, Teriaud
1817 1 Sep/BRDR Célestin TERRIEAU Acadian Marie Euphrosine GAUTREAU   Aucoin, Daigle
1817 21 Sep/BRDR Ambroise VAGESPAC German Creole Magdaliene GAUTREAU   Adam, Chavel, Denton
1817 29 Sep/BRDR Christophe DELAUNE Acadian Marie Magdeleine GAUTREAUX   Daigle, Hébert, Tureyra
1817 27 Oct/BRDR André LAFONTAINE French Creole? Constance GAUTREAUX   Bourg, Suly, Verret
1818 26 Jan/BRDR Charles GAUTREAU   Constance MELANÇON Acadian Gautreau, Melançon
1818 6 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste ARCENEAUX Acadian Mélanie GAUTREAUX   Aucoin, Turreyra
1818 23 Nov/BRDR Jean C. Viltique GAUTREAUX   Constance ARCENAU Acadian Aucoin, Blanchard
1819 3 May/BRDR Charles Rosémon GAUTREAUX   Françoise PERCLE French Creole? Giroir, Paxin
1820 17 Apr/SLR Auguste Guillaume BOUDREAUX Acadian Marguerite Françoise GAUTREAUX   none listed
1820 19 Oct/BRDR Paul LE BLANC Acadian Cidalise GAUTREAU   David, Dugha, LeBlanc
1821 19 Feb/BRDR Pierre Michel DAIGLE Acadian Marie Rosalie GAUTREAU   Daigle, Landry
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Jean TERRIO (widower) Acadian François[e] Arthémise GOTREAU   Gotreau, Terrio
1821 15 Mar/BRDR François LUCENTY Italian Imm. Anne Marie GAUTREAU   Conway, Gautreau
1821 9 Jul/BRDR Emerant CROCHET Acadian Eugènie Scholastique GAUTREAUX   Dubois, Gautraux, Thibodeau
1821 10 Sep/SLR Joseph BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie Melanie GOTREAU   none listed
1821 15 Oct/BRDR Simon Alin GAUTREAUX   Eugènie LANDRY (widow) Acadian Babin, Gautreau
1821 26 Nov/SLR Jean Pierre BOUDREAUX Acadian Anne Joséphine GAUTREAUX   none listed
1822 23 Jan/BRDR Martin Jean BERNAIS Foreign French Domitille GOUTEREAU   Goutereau
1822 28 Jan/BRDR Maturin DAIGLE Acadian Emerente GAUTREAU   Delaune, Friou, Portier
1822 24 Jun/BRDR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Marie Louise GAUTRAU   Gautrau, Lazare, Richard
1823 6 Jan/BRDR Gustave FREDERIC German Creole Marie Esther GAUTHREAU   Bernier, Petrimoulx
1823 28 Jul/BRDR Lufroi AUCOIN Acadian Felonise GOTREAU   Amirati, Aucoin, Guillot
1823 24 Nov/BRDR Edward GUIDRY Acadian Marie Françoise GOTREAU   Braud
1824 3 May/BRDR Auguste ROGER Acadian Modeste GOUTREAU   Brau, Richard
1825 10 Jan/SLR Erselme BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie GAUTRAU   none listed
1825 18 Jul/BRDR Auguste Arsène GOTREAU   Marie Magdelaine COUPELLE French Creole? Coupelle, Giroir, Gotreau
1827 12 Feb/BRDR Rosémond AUCOIN Acadian Clarisse GOTREAU   Aucoin, Delaune
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON Acadian Marie Henrietta GAUTREAU   Braud, Gauthreaux, Melançon
1827 7 May/BRDR Casimire GAUDIN Acadian Françoise Azèlle GAUTREAU   Gaudin, Gautreau
1827 27 Aug/SLR [Pierre] Neuville MIRE Acadian Baptiste [Basilise] GOTRAU   none listed
1828 7 Jan/BRDR Joseph Gervais GOTREAU   Marie Louise LE BLANC Acadian Breau, Gautereaux, LeBlanc
1828 11 Feb/SLR Élie GAUTRAU   Agate AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1828 28 Apr/SLR Paul Valentin BOUDRAUX Acadian Carmelite Scolastique GAUTRAUD   none listed
1828 6 May/BRDR Jean Charles GOTRO   Élise Melanie COUPELLE French Creole? Coupelle, Delon[Delaune], Gotro
1828 20 Oct/BRDR Anatole GOTREAU   Eugènie GRAVOIS Acadian Bernier, LeBlanc, Melançon
1828 10 Nov/SLR David GAUTREAU   Céleste BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1829 26 Jan/BRDR Alexandre GAUTHREAUX   Euphémie LE BLANC Acadian Dugat, Gauthreaux, LeBlanc
1829 26 Jan/SLR Valléry GOTRAUX   Théotiste LOUVIÈR Acadian none listed
1829 23 Feb/BRDR Pierre Léopold GRANEAU (GRANOIS) Foreign French Marie Élizabeth GOTREAU   Dannequin, Godain, Terrio
1829 14 Sep/SLR George Hypolite CHATANIER French Creole Léocade Émilie GOTRAUX   none listed
1829 27 Oct/BRDR Jean Louis GAUTREAU   Marguerite LE BLANC Acadian Gautreau
1830 8 Feb/BRDR Narcise GAUTREAU   Marie Matilde LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Myre
1830 10 May/BRDR Florentin GAUTREAUX   Thérèse ROUSSEL French Creole Bergeron, Cancien, Delaune, Williamson
1830 10 May/BRDR Simon LE BLANC Acadian Marie Scholastique GAUTREAU   Braud, Gotreau, LeBlanc
1830 17 May/SLR Jean GAUTRAU   Adèle Rosalie METRAS French Creole none listed
1830 5 Oct/BRDR Pierre MAZEROLLE Acadian Élise GAUTREAU   Friyou, Lanoix, Mazerole
1830 18 Oct/BRDR Marcelin BOUDREAU Acadian Sylvanie GAUTHRAUD   Bernier, Boudreau
1831 9 May/SLR Jean Pierre JUNAU French Creole Hortance Arthémise GAUTRAU   none listed
1831 23 May/BRDR Michel Drosin LAMBERT Acadian Marie Eulalie GAUTREAUX   Gotreaux, Leveque, Poursine
1831 6 Jun/SLR Charles Placide GAUTRAU   Virginie KERNE Irish Imm.? none listed
1831 26 Sep/SLR François Zenon GAUTRAUX   Joséphine ROUSSAUX French Creole none listed
1831 10 Oct/BRDR Joseph HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Élizabeth GAURTEAUX   Hernandez, Melançon, Rodriguez
1831 10 Oct/SLR Célestin GAUTRAUX   Marie Delphine MIRRE Acadian none listed
1831 31 Oct/SWLR Jérôme GAUTREAU, fils   Arsène CORMIER Acadian none listed
1831 7 Nov/SLR Joachim MIRE Acadian Célesie GAUTRAUX   none listed
1832 13 Feb/SLR Paul BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie Anne GAUTRAUX   none listed
1832 19 Jun/BRDR François GOTREAU   Felonise Henrietta AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin
1833 17 Jun/SWLR Léonard DUGAS Acadian Marie Célanie GAUTREAU   none listed
1834 20 Jan/SLR Orelien BOUDREAUX Acadian Melite GAUTRAUX   none listed
1834 2 Feb/BRDR Paulin GAUDIN Acadian Célesie GAUTREAU   Godain, Landry
1834 28 Jul/BRDR Joseph GONZALES Spanish Creole Delphine GAUTREAUX   Gautrau/Gautreau/Gautreaux, Granau
1834 4 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste GAUTREAUX   Marie TERRIO Acadian none listed
1834 27 Oct/SLR Charles Valère GAUTRAUX   Félicité KERNE German Creole? none listed
1834 17 Nov/BRDR Thomas MCCANN (widower) Scots? Marie Louise GAUTREAUX   Braud, Landry, Maurio, Richard
1835 26 Jan/BRDR Élien GAUTREAUX   Rosalie Ursule LANDRY Acadian Braud, Landry
1835 26 Jan/BRDR Isidore LANDRY Acadian Élizabeth GAUTREAUX   Braud, Landry
1835 11 May/BRDR Eugène GAUTREAUX   Marie Delphine BRAUD Acadian Guédry, Henderson, Richard
1835 6 Aug/SWLR Siphroyen GAUTRAU   Marie Hiréné LANDRY Acadian none listed
1835 9 Nov/SLR Sylvestre GAUTREAUX   Marie LOUVIÈRE Acadian none listed
1837 7 Jan/BRDR Simon Joseph GAUTREAU   Marie BOURG Acadian Bertaut, Gauthreau/Gauthreaux
1836 11 Jan/SLR David GAUTRAUX (widower)   Marie Gertrude HONORÉ French Creole? none listed
1836 18 Jan/SWLR Pierre GAUTROT   Louise ANGELE French Creole none listed
1836 1 Feb/BRDR Simon Peter ELIZER Anglo? Eloise GAUTREAU   Baldwin, Ébert, Henderson, Lary
1836 8 Feb/BRDR Lufroy Laurent CHEDOTAL German Creole? Marie GAUTREAUX   Chedotal, Gautreaus, Thibodeau
1836 9 May/BRDR Evariste BOURQUE Acadian Adeline GAUTREAU   Boudreau, Gautreau, LeBlanc
1837 16 Jan/BRDR [Joseph] Vaceur GAUTREAU   Élizabeth CARMOUCHE French Creole Carmouche, Melançon, Vives
1837 23 Jan/BRDR Joseph Simon GAUTRAUX   Marie Célestine LANDRY Acadian Fernandes, Gautraux, Landry, Leblanc
1837 30 Jan/BRDR Cyrille GAUDIN Acadian Marie Amelina GAUTREAUX   Braud, Gautraux, Godain, Landry
1837 5 Feb/BRDR Eugène AUCOIN Acadian Clementine GAUTREAUX   Blanchard, Bourgeois, Dugas, Folse
1837 30 Oct/SLR Leufroy Justin THIBODEAUX Acadian Targille GAUTRAUX   none listed
1838 1 May/SLR Pierre HUSÉ (widower) Acadian [Marie] Rosalie GAUTREAUX (w.)   none listed
1838 8 Jul/SLR Alexandre LIRETTE French Creole Marie Angelina GAUTREAUX   none listed
1838 26 Nov/SWLR Joseph GOTREAU   Azéline RICHARD Acadian none listed
1839 11 Feb/BRDR Joseph REAU (ROTH) German Creole? Marie Louise GAUTREAU (wd.)   Braud, Kling
1839 19 Feb/BRDR Simon GAUTREAU III   Marguerite LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Braud, Gautreau, Landry
1839 8 Jul/SLR Pierre Marcellus GAUTREAUX   Pauline AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1839 10 Sep/SLR Uzelien GAUTREAUX   Céleste BOYER French Creole? none listed
1839 14 Oct/BRDR Charles GAUTREAUX (wdr.)   Marie Magdelaine BORNE (w.) French Creole Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1840 25 Feb/BRDR Jean GAUDÉ Acadian Marie Magdelaine GAUTREAUX   Defeux, Michel, Richard, Rodriguez
1840 9 May/BRDR Valentine GAUTREAU   Eloise MARCHAND French Creole? Gautreaux, Landry, Rodrigue
1840 9 Nov/BRDR Marcellin FELTEMAN French Creole? Clarisse GAUTREAUX   Clement, Delbotte
1840 16 Nov/SWLR Onésime GAUTREAU   Anastasie RICHARD Acadian none listed
1841 25 Mar/BRDR Joseph BOURK Acadian Asélie GAUTREAUX (widow)   Berteau, Gautreaux, Leblanc
1841 15 May/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Appolonie GAUTREAUX   Blanc, Gaudet, Gautreaux, Landry, Leblanc
1841 31 May/BRDR Valemon VILLENEUVE Spanish Creole? Mélanie GAUTREAUX   Braud, Gautraux, Landry
1842 4 Jul/SLR Charles Romain BOUDREAUX (widower) Acadian Anne Pauline GAUTRAUX (widow)   none listed
1842 25 Jul/BRDR Zenon GAUTREAUX   Carmelite LE BLANC Acadian Babin, Hebers, Landry, Parent
1842 2 Aug/SWLR Jean GUILBEAU Acadian Marie GOTREAU/GOTHRAUX   none listed
1843 13 Feb/SLR Alexandre GOTREAUX   Eulalie Scholastique PELTIER French Creole none listed
1843 19 Jun/BRDR Jean Charles BRAUD Acadian Azélie GAUTREAU   Bernier, Hébert, LeBlanc, Legendre
1843 19 Jun/SLR Charles Marie BOUDREAUX Acadian Marie Melazie GAUTREAUX   none listed
1843 31 Jul/SLR Pierre Michel GOTREAUX   Marie/Pauline GUÉDRY Acadian none listed
1844 21 Sep/SLR Thomas KEHOE/KEAUX Irish Imm. Marie GAUTRAUX   none listed
1844 4 Nov/BRDR François TEMPLET Acadian Élizabeth GOTREAUX   Landry, Mendez, Teriot
1845 26 May/BRDR Théodule GOTREAUX   Séraphine CHEDOTAL French Creole? Barrisaux, Romagosa
1846 2 Feb/BRDR Clairville LE BLANC Acadian Laure GAUTREAUX   Bernier, Beres, Gravois, LeBlanc, Melançon, Richard
1846 May/SWLR St. Ville LAGRANGE French Creole? Marie Eveline GAUTREAUX   none listed
1846 26 May/SLR Cleopha GAUTRAUX   Elmire TERREBONNE French Creole none listed
1846 25 Nov/SWLR Joseph KNOTT Anglo? Marie Clementine GAUTREAUX   none listed
1846 30 Nov/SLR Alexis COULON Foreign French Azema GAUTRAUX   none listed
1847 3 Feb/SLR Narcisse BOUDRAUX Acadian Célestine GAUTRAUX   none listed
1847 3 Feb/SLR Trasimond GAUTRAUX   Julie BOYER French Creole? none listed
1847 9 Jul/SLR William WHITNEY Anglo Azélie GAUTREAUX   none listed
1847 27 Sep/SLR Jean GAUTRO/GOTREAUX   Jeanne Victoire THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1847 25 Oct/SLR Neuville BARILLAUX Acadian Marie Mélanie GAUTRAUX   none listed
1848 29 Feb/BRDR J. Léon GOTHREAU   Emma Hélène LANDRY Acadian Commeau, Gouthreaux, Guédry, Landry, LeBlanc, Verret
1848 2 May/SLR Ulysse GAUTREAUX   Euphroisine Eloise DAIGLE Acadian none listed
1848 5 Dec/BRDR Joseph Hercules GAUTREAUX   Marie Augustine LANOUX Acadian Gaudin, Gautrau, Gisclard, Huguet, Lanoux, LeBlanc, Lucenty, Martines, Melançon
1849 6 Feb/BRDR Simon Théodule GAUTREAUX   Marie Victorine CHAUVIN French Creole Baron, Coudoin, Dubourg, Gardares, Maguire
1849 12 Feb/SLR Lesin DAIGLE Acadian Marie Pamela GAUTRAUX   none listed
1849 12 Mar/BRDR Juan ACOSTA Spanish Creole Célestine GOTHREAUX   Boudraux, Martin
1849 23 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Doralise GAUTREAUX   Aucoin, Templet
1849 25 Jun/SLR Furci/Furcy GAUTREAUX/GOTREAUX   Marguerite Serasine COLLUETE [CLOUÂTRE] Acadian none listed
1849 16 Jul/SLR Pierre [Polycarp] LAMBERT (widower) Acadian Eugénie GAUTREAUX (widow)   none listed
1850 20 Jan/SLR Hermogène LANDRY Acadian Clara Cécilie GAUTRAUX   none listed
1850 23 Apr/BRDR Auguste GAUTREAUX   Felonise LE BLANC Acadian Gautrau, Lanoux, LeBlanc, Melançon
1850 24 Jun/BRDR Théodule GAUTREAUX (wdr.)   Sefeline CROCHET Acadian Chedotal, Maserol, Terriot
1851 1 Jan/SLR Hermogène LANDRY Acadian Clara Cécilia GAUTRAUX   none listed
1851 24 Feb/SLR Silvaire GAUTRAUX   Eulalie RICHARD French Creole none listed
1851 13 Jul/BRDR Hilaire ESCUBAS Spanish Creole? Élisabeth GAUTRAUX   Commeau, Daigle, Fleurin, Simoneaux
1852 17 Jan/BRDR Gervais GAUTREAUX   Madelaine BABIN Acadian Babin, Bertaud/Berteau, Gautreau, Landry, Marchand, Melançon, Mirre
1852 21 Feb/SLR Auguste HIMEL German Creole Eulalie GAUTRAU   none listed
1852 12 Oct/BRDR Narcisse TRAHAN (widower) Acadian Élisabeth GAUTREAUX (widow)   Alleman, Aucoin, Millard, Trahantz
1852 6 Nov/SLR Dominique DESBOUS Foreign French Euphrasie GAUTRAUX   none listed
1853 11 Jan/BRDR Jules GAUTREAUX   Rosa LANOIX French Creole? Gauthreaux/Gautreaux, Lanoix
1853 7 Feb/SLR Trasimond GAUTREAUX   Eulalie BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1853 18 Apr/SLR Neuville GROS French Creole? Joséphine GAUTREAU   none listed
1853 25 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste BARIOS [BARRILLEAUX] Acadian Delphine GAUTREAU   none listed
1853 12 Sep/SWLR Onézime GOTREAU (widower)   Azenaïse DUGAT Acadian none listed
1853 20 Dec/SWLR Joseph Adolphe GAUTREAUX   Laure LAMORANDIÈRE French Creole none listed
1854 12 Jan/BRDR Joseph Justin GAUTHREAUX   Mathilda GAUDET Acadian Bodie, Dugas, Gaudet, Gaudin, Gauthreaux, Melançon
1854 11 Feb/SLR Lovinci GROS French Creole? Marie GAUTRAU   none listed
1854 25 Apr/BRDR Joseph BABIN Acadian Appoline GAUTHREAUX (wd.)   Gaudin, Gauthreaux
1854 8 May/BRDR Placide GAUTREAUX, fils   Marie MAITREJEAN French Creole? Bourg, Daigle, Gauthreaux, Grandin, Henri, LeBlanc
1854 15 May/SLR Adrien GAUTREAUX   Eulalie GAGNEOUX French Creole none listed
1854 10 Jul/BRDR Ozémé BOURG Acadian Élodie GAUTHREAUX   Daigle, Gauthreaux
1854 9 Aug/SLR Pierre LAMBERT Acadian Eugènie GAUTHREAUX   none listed
1854 9 Nov/SLR Cleophas GAUTRAUX (wdr.)   Ophelia AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1855 2 Jan/BRDR Louis J./T. GOMEZ Spanish Creole Louise GAUTREAUX   Braud, LeBlanc
1855 14 Apr/SLR Valfroid BERGERON Acadian Philomène GAUTRAUX   none listed
1855 14 May/BRDR François Cornille DUGAS (wdr.) Acadian Eve GAUTHREAUX   Blouin, Gautreau, Hébert, Landry
1855 23 Jul/BRDR Louis GEBELIN French Creole? Evelina GAUTREAUX   Basset, Francioni, Landry, O'Leas, Rodry
1856 14 Jan/BRDR Valmont GAUTHREAUX   Marie Azema LANDRY Acadian Gauthreaux, Hébert, Landry, Marionneaux, Nolb, Richard
1856 4 Feb/BRDR Drosin GAUTHREAUX   Marie Élizabeth LE BLANC Acadian Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc
1856 12 Jun/SWLR [Alexandre] Dozilin/Gosilien GAUTHREAUX   Clara LA MORANDIER French Creole none listed
1856 8 Sep/BRDR Treville BERNARD Acadian? Arthémise GAUTHREAU   Braud, Gautreau, Gonzales, Hébert, Parent
1856 30 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste GAUTREAUX   Joséphine VAYSE French Creole? Juneau, Naquin
1857 21 Feb/BRDR Élie GAUTREAUX (widower)   Virginie BARILLEAUX Acadian Boudreaux, Gauchy, Gautreaux, Hébert
1857 21 Feb/BRDR Ursin BARILLEAUX, fils Acadian Marcellite GAUTREAUX   Barilliaux, Gagnoux, Guillot
1857 30 Apr/BRDR Prosper P. LE BLANC Acadian Elfreda/Elfrida GAUTREAUX   Bourg, Gautreaux, Lagarde
1857 26 Oct/BRDR Treville LAGRANGE French Creole? Malvina GAUTREAUX   Boudreaux, Francioni, Gautraux/Gautreaux
1857 21 Dec/BRDR Joseph BABIN (widower?) Acadian Aglae GOTHEREAUX   Couponnet, Guédry, Landry, LeBlanc
1858 15 Jan/SWLR Azolin GAUTHRAUX   Mathilde/Mathilda TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1858 18 Jan/BRDR Hercule GAUTRAUX (wdr.)   Louisa BERNIER Foreign French Babin, Mirre
1858 19 Apr/BRDR Trasimon GOTREAU   Marie SARDES Spanish Creole? Boudreaux, Gautraux, Clement, Helt
1858 24 May/BRDR Désiré GAUTRAUX   Helena BABIN Acadian Daigre, Grandin, Landry
1858 12 Jul/BRDR Adam Félix GAUTHRAUX   Célanie PARENT French Creole? Braud, Gardner, Goutrau
1858 19 Jul/BRDR Adélard V[incent]. GAUTRAU/GOUTREAUX   Olivia LANDRY Acadian Landry, Yarbourgh
1858 26 Jul/BRDR Silvanie BOURG Acadian Émelie GAUTHREAUX   Braud, Gaudin, Gautreau, Loupe
1858 30 Aug/BRDR Oliver VANE [VAUGHN] Anglo Philomène GAUTHRAUX   Aucoin, Broussard, Gauthraux
1858 6 Dec/SWLR Auguste THIBODEAUX Acadian Zelima GOTREAU   none listed
1859 4 Jan/BRDR Félix George GAUTREAUX   Marie Noemie LANDRY Acadian Babin, Dugas, Gauthreaux, Landry
1859 11 Jun/BRDR Adolphe BARBIER French Creole? Élise GAUTREAUX   Fernandez, Templet
1859 20 Sep/SWLR Lastie BEGNAULT French Creole Eliza GOTHREAU   none listed
1859 29 Sep/BRDR Oleus D. TERREBONNE French Creole Amelie GAUTREAUX   Gautreau, Himel, Terrebonne
1859 11 Nov/SLR Neuville Isidore GAUTREAUX   Mary Eveline BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1860 18 Feb/BRDR Charles UZÉ Acadian Odille GAUTREAUX   Gautreaux, Himel
1860 26 May/SLR Telesphore GAUTHREAUX   Adeline Augustine LEGENDRE Foreign French none listed
1860 29 May/BRDR Constant DAIGLE Acadian Eglantine GAUTHRAUX   Blanchard, Bourg, Breau, Moïse
1860 28 Jun/BRDR Auguste GAUTREAUX (wdr.)   Victorine HYMEL German Creole Bourgeois, Braud, Gaudin, Lanoux
1860 7 Nov/BRDR Élien GAUTREAUX (widower)   Marie Séraphine GUILLOT Acadian Bergeron, Braud, Gautreaux
1861 8 Jul/BRDR Camille LE BLANC Acadian Élise GAUTHREAUX   Babin, Gaudin, Gautreaux, LeBlanc
1861 5 Aug/SWLR Jules Ozémée BOUILLON French Creole? Euzèide GOTHEREAU   none listed
1861 27 Aug/BRDR [Joseph] Lufroid GAUTHRAUX   Valeda ROGERE Acadian Blanchard, Copel, Coureyra, Guédry, Michel
1861 3 Sep/SWLR Lessin GAUTREAUX   Louise BELLARD French Creole none listed

Analysis of GAUTREAUX marriages, 1767-1861: 

Total marriages listed:              245         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           167           68.2
Exogamous marriages:               78           31.8



[running tally]

GIROUARD/GIROIR (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1765 8 Apr/NOAR Joseph GERONNARD   Ursule TRAHAN Acadian De Louvignie,  Roche
1771 7 Jan/BRDR Firmain GIROIRE   Marguerrite CORMIER Acadian Blanchard, Poirié
1787 1 Oct/BRDR Jean-Pierre HÉBERT Acadian Eudoxie GIROIR   Girroir, Hébert
1788 29 Dec/BRDR Joseph[-Giroire] LANDRY Acadian Maria[-Paule] GIROIR   Girroir, Landri
1790 8 Feb/BRDR Juan-Baptiste GIROIARD   Isabel (Lisabeth) LANDRY Acadian Girrois, Landry
1792 28 Feb/BRDR Carlos (Charles[-Pierre-Marc]) BLANCHARD Acadian Juana GIROIRD   Blanchard, Guillot
1793 10 Aug/BRDR Francisco[-Sébastien] LANDRY (widower) Acadian Maria-Rosa GIROIRD   Hever, Landry
1794 27 Jan/BRDR Francisco GIROUERD   Magdalena-F. LE BLANC Acadian Daspit, Hébert
1796 2 Feb/SWLR Simon GIROUARD dit La Prade   Adélaïde BROUSSARD Acadian Chemin, Broussard, Landry
1796 30 Mar/BRDR Pedro[-Joseph] GAUTREAU Acadian Genoveva GIROIR   Bourg, Gautreau
1797 3 Sep/BRDR Fabien[-Amateur] GUILLOT Acadian Ana[-Josèphe] GIROIR   Hébert
1798 5 Jan/SWLR Jacques GIROUARD   Angélique-Julie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Conar, Coxon, Girouard
1800 19 Aug/SWLR Jean-Baptiste BRO Acadian Marie-Magdeleine GIROUARD   none listed
1801 27 May/SWLR Joseph GIROUARD   Marie-Anne LANDRY Acadian Broussard, Dautreuil, Girouard, Hardy, Tenholt
1803 25 Aug/SWLR Pierre GIROUARD   Magdeleine THIBAUDEAU (widow) Acadian Broussard, Fagot, Labarthe, Thibaudeau
1805 10 Jun/SWLR Benjamin THIBAUDEAU Acadian Félice GIROUARD   Broussard, Thibodeau
1810 30 Jan/SWLR Joseph BERNARD Acadian Marguerite GIROUARD   Abat, Brau, Jacquet, Marc, Mire
1810 26 Dec/SWLR Edmond LANDRY Acadian Anastasie GIROUARD   Chemin, Girouard, Granger, Landry
1814 3 May/SWLR Éloy BROUSSARD Acadian Angélique Julie GIROUARD   Arnaud, Broussard, Chemin, Girouard, Lormand, Morvan
1814 2 Oct/BRDR Joseph MONTEE French Creole Maria GIROIRD   Blanchard, Cancieni, Feriou
1815 4 Mar/SWLR Jean BROUSSARD Acadian Anne GIROUARD   Chemin, Colwell, Girouard, Huslin
1815 4 Apr/SWLR Athanase LANDRY Acadian Adélaïde GIROUARD   Amy, Chemin, Girouard, Huslin, Landry
1816 19 Feb/BRDR Alexandro EBERT (HÉBERT) Acadian Escolastica GIRUARD   Daigle, Torreyra
1817 6 Oct/SWLR Jean Baptiste GIROUARD   Joséphine DEROUEN French Creole Derouen, Dusouchet, Giroir/Giroua4d, Lingois, Penne
1818 26 May/BRDR Laurent GIROIR   Anne HÉBERT (widow) Acadian Daigle, Guillot, Millet
1819 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph Édouard HÉBER Acadian Eléonore GIROIR   Giroir, Hébert
1820 17 Apr/BRDR Hyppolite LANDRY Acadian Françoise GIROIR   Babin, Giroir, Landry
1820 18 Sep/BRDR François Appollinaire GIROIR   Marie Théotiste AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Landry, Potier
1821 12 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste GIROIR   Rosalie Victoire BOURG Acadian Daigre, Guillot, Templet
1821 19 Feb/BRDR Grégoire Maturin LANDRY Acadian Delphine Denise GIROIR   Hébert, Landry
1821 5 Mar/BRDR Joseph DAIGLE Acadian Louise Ursule E. GIROIR   Aucoin, Hébert, Savoy
1821 6 Aug/SWLR Éloy BERNARD Acadian Marie Céleste GIROUARD   Bernard, Girouard/Girroir, Mignon
1821 26 Aug/BRDR Siméon LANDRY Acadian Rosalie Isabelle GIROIR   Landry, Richard
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste GIROIR   Doralise COMEAU Acadian Blanchard, Bourg, Guillot
1825 9 May/BRDR Alexander GIROIR   Anne MOÏSE Acadian Aucoin, Guillot
1826 7 Mar/SWLR Simon Onézime GIROIR   Adeline DEROUIN French Creole Derouen, Gerroin
1828 3 Nov/BRDR Constant SIMONEAU French Creole Ovide GIROARD   Giroard, Simoneau
1828 1 Dec/SWLR Silvestre Valmond GIROIR   Joséphine LANDRY Acadian Bernard, Boudreaux, Broussard, Giroir, Grangé, Landry, Manceaux
1828 15 Dec/SWLR Charles GRANGER Acadian Anastasie GIROIR (widow)   Bernard, Giroir, Landry
1829 16 Feb/SWLR Joseph Evarice BROUSSARD Acadian Scholastique GIROIR   Bernard, Broussard, Girroir, Melançon
1830 22 Feb/BRDR Étienne GIROIR   Adèle HÉBERT Acadian Daigle, Landry, Leblanc
1830 19 Apr/SWLR Pierre GIROIR, fils   Marie Adeline MELANÇON Acadian Bernard, Girroir, Peck, Thibodeau
1831 22 Nov/BRDR Thomas Isidore GUILLOT Acadian Constance Eulalie GIROIR   Barbier, Girouard, Guillot
1832 2 Jan/SWLR Camille BROUSSARD Acadian Adélaïde Aglae GIROIR   none listed
1833 11 Feb/SWLR Maximilien GIROIR   Carmigille BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1832 5 Mar/BRDR Auguste GIROIR   Rosalie COMMAUX Acadian Comau, Giroir, Moïse, Simoneau
1833 27 May/SWLR Jean [Valmond] GIROIR   Caroline TELLER German Creole none listed
1834 20 Jan/BRDR Damas GIROIRE   Carmelite BARILLOU Acadian Giroire, Guillot, Landry
1836 13 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste GIROIR   Azélie Eulalie BOUDREAUX Acadian Giroir, Love, Penisson
1837 14 Aug/SWLR Étienne THIBODEAUX Acadian Josette GIROIR   none listed
1836 22 Aug/BRDR Eugène DUPUIS Acadian Marguerite GIROIR   Dupuis, Giroir
1837 2 Jan/SWLR Philippe LA FOSSE de St. Julien French Creole? Marie Céleste GIROIR   none listed
1837 18 Jan/SWLR Joseph GIROIR   Lize BEGNAUD (widow) French Creole none listed
1837 21 Aug/BRDR Florentin Martin GIROIR   Marie Magdeleine DUPUIS Acadian Aucoin, Giroir
1838 6 Aug/BRDR Hermogène GIROIR   Marie DUPUIS Acadian Daigle, Dugas, Dupuis, Moreau
1840 17 May/BRDR Basile T. BOUDREAUX Acadian Adeline Adélaïde GIROIR   Boudreaux, Bourg, Bourgeois, Giroir, Landry
1840 24 Sep/SWLR Abraham HUST German Imm.? Anne GIROIR   none listed
1842 3 Jan/BRDR Adolph GIROIR   Angelina HÉBERT Acadian Campo, Commeau, Giroire, Guillot, Hébert, Melançon
1842 24 Dec/SWLR Evariste MIRE Acadian Adélaïde GIROIR   none listed
1845 3 Feb/BRDR Léandre CAMPO Spanish Creole? Melanie GIROIR   Campo, Giroir, Hébert
1845 15 Oct/SWLR Alfred VALLEAU French Creole Louise GIROUARD   none listed
1847 19 Jan/BRDR Auguste JORET French Creole? Clothilde Irina GIROIR   Bourg, Giroir, Landry, McMurtry
1848 16 Aug/SLR Joseph FORESTIER French Creole Augustine GERROI   none listed
1849 19 Feb/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN Acadian Pamela GIROIR   Aucoin, Commeau, Guillot, Hébert
1849 8 Oct/SWLR Joseph Amédée GIROUARD   Élodie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1850 8 Jan/SWLR Paulin LEGER Acadian Adélaïde Eusilda GIROUARD   none listed
1850 8 Apr/BRDR Zépherin GIROIR   Armelise LANDRY Acadian Landry
1851 20 Jan/SWLR Pierre COMEAUX Acadian Marie Céleste GIROIR   none listed
1851 17 Feb/SWLR Adélard TELEUR [TELLER] German Creole Adélaïde GIROUARD   none listed
1851 22 Apr/SWLR Antoine MAUX French Creole Marie Ouli GIROUARD   none listed
1851 20 Nov/SWLR Domenique GIROUARD   Euzeide VALLEAU French Creole none listed
1852 7 Jan/SWLR Simon Fercy LANDRY Acadian Remise GIROUARD   none listed
1852 23 Feb/BRDR Trasimond GIROIR   Célestine TEMPLET Acadian none listed
1852 29 Feb/BRDR Terence GIROIR   Arthémise ROUSSEAUX French Creole Aucoin, Guillot
1852 14 May/BRDR Romain DAIGLE (widower) Acadian Louise GIROIR   Guillot, Landry, Marquet, Richard
1853 29 Aug/SWLR Jean Baptiste C. CLÉMENT Foreign French Eve Théodora GIROUARD   none listed
1854 12 Dec/SWLR Terence GIROUARD   Adonatile LANDRY Acadian none listed
1855 2 Jan/SWLR Émile Alcide LANDRY Acadian Emma GIROUARD   none listed
1855 30 Apr/SWLR Méance BOULET French Creole? Elina GIROIR   none listed
1855 13 Nov/SWLR Aurelien BOULET French Creole? Adélaïde GIROIR (widow)   none listed
1857 7 Sep/SLR Marcellin COMO Acadian Lucie GIROUARD   none listed
1857 26 Sep/BRDR Ursin GIROIR   Aimée HÉBERT Acadian Aucoin, Dupuis, Giroir, Mavor
1858 23 Jan/BRDR Désiré GIROIR   Florestine TONNELLIER French Creole? Savoy, Simoneau, Tonnellier, Trahan
1858 26 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste ARCENAUX French Can. Marie Rosa GIRON   none listed
1858 30 May/BRDR Evariste BLANCHARD Acadian Élodie GIROIRD   Blanchard, Daigle, Giroir, Guillot
1858 14 Jun/SLR Firmin GIROIR   Uralise HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1859 1 Feb/BRDR Amédée GIROIR   Émelie GUILLOT Acadian Giroir, Guillot, Templet
1859 12 Feb/BRDR Numa DUGAS Acadian Émelie GIROIRD   Babin, Giroir, Landry, LeBlanc, Trahan
1859 22 Feb/BRDR Édouard GUILLOT Acadian Carmelite GIROIR   Dupuis, Giroir, Templet
1859 28 Feb/SLR Jean Baptiste GIROIR   Adèle HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1859 2 May/SLR John TRAHAN Acadian Victorine GIROIR   none listed
1859 12 Sep/SWLR Napoléon GIROUARD   Suzanne MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1859 3 Oct/SWLR Dupré GIROUARD   Anastasie PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1860 1 Feb/BRDR Narcisse DUPUIS Acadian Antoinette GIROIR   Barbier, Giroir, Guillot
1860 11 Feb/BRDR Désiré GIROIR (widower) Acadian Marie GIROIR Acadian Charlet, Commeau, Giroir
1860 23 Jul/SWLR Sosthène C. BROUSSARD Acadian Amelie GIROUARD/GIROIR   none listed
1861 22 Jan/SWLR Joseph GIROUARD Acadian Anaïse GIROUARD Acadian none listed
1861 28 Jan/SWLR Seville BROUSSARD Acadian Marguerite GIROUARD   none listed
1861 5 Feb/SLR Hilaire SAVOIE Acadian Thelesia GIROIR   none listed
1861 7 May/BRDR Alcide GIROIR   Camilla TEMPLET Acadian Blanchard, Giroir, Landry, Linossier, Preiche, Templet

Analysis of GIROUARD/GIROIR marriages, 1765-1861: 

Total marriages listed:                102        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:               81          79.4
Exogamous marriages:                 21          20.6



[running tally]

GRANGER (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 8 Mar/NOAR Manuel QUINTERO Spanish? Maria GRANGAY   Belote
1768 30 Jan/C-V Jean BOURGEOIS Acadian [Louise-]Ludivine GRANGÉ   none listed
1768 11 Apr/C-V Joseph GRANGÉ   [Anne-]Geneviève BABIN Acadian none listed
1777 2 Jun/BRDR Ambroise TERRIO Acadian [Anne-]Magdelaine GRANGES   Landry
1779 10 Jan/SWLR Jean-Baptiste GRANGÉ   Suzanne CORMIER Acadian Cormier, Grangé, Prejean
1786 5 Jun/BRDR Joseph GRANGER   Anne-[Marie-]Magdalina CHAVINE [SAVARY] Acadian Boud[r]eau, Landry
1790 17 Jul/BRDR Joseph Coutant GRANGER   Marie M. MOLESON (widow) Acadian Daigle, Moleson
1791 16 Jan/SWLR Joseph GRANGÉ (widower)   Anne[-Osite] DUGAT Acadian Granger, Landry, Lopes
1791 14 Feb/SWLR Joseph GRANGER   Marguerite LANDRY Acadian Dun__, Grangé, Landry
1795 27 May/SWLR Simon-Pierre GRANGER   Françoise LANDRY Acadian Duon, Granger, Landry
1798 15 Jan/BRDR Isadoro LA BAUVE Acadian Juana Maria GRANGER   Legendre, Labove
1800 9 Sep/SWLR Adam CRAWFORD Irish Creole Magdeleine GRANGER   Boudraud, Broussard, Granger, Landry
1802 25 May/SWLR Charles HÉBERT Acadian Geneviève GRANGER   Dugas, Fagot, Granger, Tenholt
1804 30 Jan/BRDR Juan Carlos LANOIR French Creole Ygnacia GRANGER   Héberre, LeBlan, Pirot
1804 21 May/BRDR Christophe ARTHACHO Spanish Creole Francisca Eulalia GRANGÉ   Boisette, Roi
1804 21 May/BRDR Pedro [Marie] GRANGÉ   Genevefa HÉBERT Acadian Boisette, Martin
1804 2 Oct/SWLR Raphaël GRANGER   Geneviève GASPARD French Creole Boudreau, Granger, Landry, Mouton
1804 29 Oct/SWLR Joseph REAO [RÉO] French Creole? Marie Frosine GRANGÉ   Doucet, Grangé
1805 8 Jan/SWLR Hilaire DOUCET Acadian Françoise GRANGÉ   Comau, Doucet, Latiolais, Leger
1807 2 Jun/SWLR Charles SIMON French Creole Magdeleine GRANGER   Ferry, Granger, Jacquet
1808 19 Oct/BRDR Pierre GRANGER   Reine Ange GOTREAU Acadian Bujeau, Gombert, Navarre
1809 11 Apr/SWLR Charles GRANGER   Constance MIRE Acadian Granger, Landry, Mire, Prejean, Trahan
1810 8 May/SWLR Célestin LANDRY Acadian Marguerite GRANGER   Dugas, Mire, Prejean
1810 26 Dec/SWLR Fabien LANDRY Acadian Beatrix GRANGER   Chemin, Girouard, Granger, Landry
1812 4 Feb/SWLR Cyprien GRANGER   Louise PIVAUTOT French Creole Chemin, Cuvelier, Granger, Pivautot
1813 15 Jun/SWLR Joseph TRAHAN Acadian Euphrosine GRANGER   Chemin, Ferry, Granger, Penne
1815 29 May/SWLR François HÉBERT Acadian Anne Domitille GRANGER   Landry
1815 7 Nov/SWLR Joseph GRANGER   Julienne LOUVIÈRE Acadian Chemin, Lingois, Marc, Penne
1816 24 Jul/SWLR Louis SIMAR French Can. Françoise GRANGER   Chasseron, Nice, Trahan
1816 7 Oct/SWLR Julien LOUVIÈRE Acadian Eloyse GRANGER   Chemin, Girouard, Gombert, Penne
1816 2 Dec/SWLR Jean Baptiste MORVANT French Creole Marie Phelonise GRANGÉ   Fabre, Marc, Morvan, Mouton
1817 10 Feb/SWLR Édouard COMEAUX Acadian Marguerite GRANGER   Comeaux, Granger, Landry, Lingois, Penne
1817 15 Feb/SWLR François MORVAN French Creole Marie GRANGER   Fabre, Lingois, Morvan, Penne
1817 7 Apr/SWLR Jean B. SIMON, fils (wdr.) French Creole Célestine GRANGER   Chemin, Granger, Lingois, Penne
1818 30 Nov/SWLR Charles GRANGER (widower) Acadian Susanne GRANGER Acadian Landry, Mire
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Cyprien DUHON Acadian Julie GRANGER   Broussard, Duon, LeBlanc
1821 19 Dec/SWLR Joseph Laurent GRANGER   Augustine dite Delle AUCOIN (widow) Acadian Grangé, Landry
1822 14 Jan/SWLR Salvador MORVANT French Creole Anastasie GRANGER   Dusouchet, Granger, Morvan, Roussillon
1824 25 Oct/BRDR Louis T. DE RICHEBOURG French Creole? Mathilde GRANGER   Doiron, Lannoi, Marrionneau, Pabauve
1828 4 Nov/SWLR Joseph Bélisaire GRANGER   Marie Céleste LEBLEU French Creole Grangé, Peloquin
1828 15 Dec/SWLR Charles GRANGER, père   Anastasie GIROIR Acadian Bernard, Giroir, Landry
1829 19 Jan/SWLR Michel RICHARD Acadian Anastasie GRANGER   Bertrand, Caruthers, Grangé
1829 1 Feb/SWLR Michel BENOIT Acadian Lise GRANGÉ   Benoit, Bourque, Granger, Hébert
1829 16 Feb/SWLR Jean Marcellin GRANGER   Azitte SALLIER French Creole? Broussard, Courvellos, Sallier
1829 2 Jul/BRDR Richard Green WOOTEN Anglo Beatrice GRANGÉ   Smith, Woods
1829 14 Dec/SWLR Charles GRANGER, fils   Cicile BRAU Acadian Dugast, Gautrot, Grangé, Landry
1830 10 May/SWLR Ursin LANDRY Acadian Clémence GRANGER   Broussard, Granger, Prejean
1830 27 Sep/SWLR Alexis ISTRE French Can. Marguerite Silvanie GRANGER   Broussard, Daniel, Mayfield, Villejouin
1831 15 Jun/SWLR Jean Treville GRANGER   Modeste LEBLEU French Creole none listed
1833 14 Jan/SWLR Jean Baptiste GRANGER   Lise FARQUE [FAULK] German Creole? none listed
1833 11 Nov/SWLR Charles GRANGER, fils (wdr.)   Carmelite LANDRY Acadian none listed
1834 4 Aug/SWLR Simon BREAUX Acadian Carmelite GRANGER   none listed
1836 26 Sep/SWLR Urban RICHARD (widower) Acadian Céleste GRANGER   none listed
1836 25 Oct/SWLR Maurise LEBLEU French Creole Anaspasie GRANDGÉ   none listed
1837 6 Feb/SWLR Venence LANDRY Acadian Cléonide GRANGER   none listed
1837 9 Oct/BRDR Jean Louis PEYRONNIN French Creole? Adélaïde GRANGER   Foret, Grangé, Landry
1838 8 Jun/SWLR Gérard GRANGER   [Pouponne] Pélagie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1838 27 Jun/SWLR Simonet GRANGER   Adélaïde HÉBERT (widow) Acadian none listed
1838 27 Dec/BRDR Dorville GRANGER   Pauline LEJEUNE Acadian Aillet, Blanchard
1841 4 May/SLR Delcourt GRANGER   Rosalie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1841 12 Jul/SWLR François HÉBERT Acadian Amelia GRANGER   none listed
1841 22 Nov/SWLR Octave GRANGER   Marcilenne TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1842 22 Aug/SWLR Louis DESORMEAUX French Creole Iréné GRANGER   none listed
1843 18 Dec/BRDR Bernard PEYRONNIN French Creole? Julienne GRANGÉ   Brogard, DeRichebourg, Grangé, Landry, Pettit, Peyronnin
1844 1 May/SWLR Édouard LOUVIERE Acadian Marie Heloise GRANGER   none listed
1844 23 May/SWLR Gilles GRANDGER   Cléonise BENOIT Acadian none listed
1845 14 Apr/SWLR Symphorien LANDRY Acadian Estelle Vina GRANGER   none listed
1845 24 Nov/SWLR Charles Émile COMMEAU Acadian Joséphine GRANGER   none listed
1846 2 Jun/SWLR Hypolite MISSONNIER French Creole? Augustine GRANGER   none listed
1846 5 Oct/SWLR Landry GRANGER   Françoise Zenon DESHOTEL French Creole none listed
1847 12 Jan/SWLR Ambroise GRANGER   Marie Zenon DESHOTEL French Creole none listed
1848 22 Jul/SWLR Raphaël Godefroy MANUEL Spanish Creole Joséphine GRANGÉ   none listed
1849 9 Apr/SWLR Clerville GRANGER (wdr.?)   Arthémise HERPIN French Creole? none listed
1849 25 Jun/SWLR Hinrisle Christophe STEMMANN German Imm.? Avelina GRANGER (widow?)   none listed
1850 4 Feb/SWLR Hermogène GRANGER   Victorie Léonide MIGUEZ Spanish Creole none listed
1850 28 Aug/SWLR Ursin FENETRE French Creole? Émeline GRANGER   none listed
1854 19 Aug/SWLR Joseph Sosthène ORTEGO Spanish Creole Marcelite GRANGÉ   none listed
1856 20 Oct/SWLR Froizin GRANGER Acadian Oline GRANGER Acadian none listed
1861 15 Jan/SWLR Jean GRANGER   Marie Anaïse ORSO French Creole? none listed
1861 19 Jul/SWLR Louis GRANGER   Pauline Jean Baptiste MANUEL Spanish Creole none listed
1861 14 Dec/SWLR Hildevert GRANGÉ   Lise MOREAU French Creole none listed

Analysis of GRANGER marriages, 1767-1861:

Total marriages listed:              83        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           47          56.6
Exogamous marriages:             36          43.4



[running tally]

GRAVOIS (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1777 2 Jun/BRDR Joseph GRAVOIS   Louisse-Françoise LA CHAUSSÉ Acadian Bourgois, Godin, Roger
1790 21 Jun/BRDR Juan GRAVOIX (GRAVOIS)   Viviana BOURG Acadian Bourgois, LeBlanc
1795 14 Jul/BRDR Carlos FREDERICK Swedish Imm. Angelica [Marguerite] GRAVOI   Cantrelle, LeBlanc
1798 23 Jan/BRDR Carlos BRAUX (BRAUD) Acadian [Marie] Tersillia GRAVOIS   Braux, Frederique
1798 15 Feb/BRDR [Marie] Victoria GRAVOIS   Vicente BERTERENT [BERTRAND] (widower) French Creole Fabre, Guesnon, Verret
1800 14 Jan/BRDR Nicolas de ROUSSELLE French Creole Celestina GRAVOIS   Braux, Lachaussée de St.-Julian
1800 18 Apr/NOAR Samuel MULFORD Anglo Maria [Félicité] GRAVOIS   Federico, Jones, Woodard
1802 27 Apr/BRDR Augusto GRAVOIS   Maria Magdalena BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Lachaussée de St.-Julian
1803 26 Apr/BRDR Juan Baptista PREJEAN Acadian Clemencia GRAVOIS   Bourgeois or Bourque, Braux
1810 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph GRAVOIS   Rosalie LE BLANC Acadian Gravois, LeBlanc, Mire
1815 1 May/BRDR Jean Baptiste MOLERE French Creole Céleste GRAVOIS   Braud, Godin, Gravois
1818 1 Feb/BRDR Valérie GRAVOIS   Marie RICHARD Acadian Molere, Poursine, Richard
1821 11 Oct/BRDR Edward [Donat] GRAVOIS   Rosile [Marthe Marthe Eurasie] LANDRY Acadian Gravois, Landry, Melançon
1823 27 Jan/BRDR Lessin LE BLANC Acadian Clarice GRAVOIS   Breaux, Dugas
1828 20 Oct/BRDR Anatole GOTREAU Acadian Eugènie GRAVOIS   Bernier, LeBlanc, Melançon
1829 2 Mar/BRDR Pierre ROUSSEAU French Creole Melitte [Émelie] GRAVOIS   Arceneaux, Landry, LeBlanc
1831 7 Feb/BRDR Michel LANDRY Acadian Marie [Delphine] GRAVOIS   Braud, Hébert, Scudday
1832 2 Jun/BRDR Cyrille LANDRY Acadian Marie Marcellite GRAVOIS   LeBlanc, Rodriguez
1832 3 Sep/BRDR Drausin GRAVOIS   Pauline LANDRY Acadian Dugat, Gaudin, Lanoux, Melançon
1833 9 Oct/BRDR Émile LE BLANC Acadian Arthémise GRAVOIS   LeBlanc, Rodrigues
1835 17 Aug/BRDR Drosin LANDRY Acadian Émelie GRAVOIS (widow)   Bourgeois, Gravois, Landry, LeBlanc, Plante, Savois
1838 3 Sep/BRDR Éloi LE BLANC Acadian Émelie GRAVOIS   Gravois, LeBlanc, Melançon
1844 6 May/BRDR Joseph Désiré GRAVOIS   Émilie LE BLANC Acadian Braud, Gravois, Leblanc, Moore
1845 13 Jan/BRDR Lazare DUGAS Acadian Laure GRAVOIS   Dugas, Landry, Melançon, Mollere
1846 23 Feb/BRDR Adélard BOURQUE Acadian Eléonor GRAVOIS   Dubourg, Chauvin, Gravois, LeBlanc
1847 2 Dec/BRDR Telesphore GRAVOIS   Elmire LE BLANC Acadian Brasset, Gravois
1848 30 Nov/BRDR Octave BRASSET Acadian Calliste GRAVOIS   Brasset, Bourque, Gravois, LeBlanc, Legendre
1852 28 Jan/BRDR Elphége GRAVOIS   Marie Coralie LE BLANC Acadian Desminichreir, Gauthreaux, Webre
1854 24 Jul/BRDR Constant GRAVOIS   Marie Marine MELANÇON Acadian LeBlanc, Mire, Terrio
1854 4 Aug/BRDR George W. MOORE Anglo Elesille GRAVOIS   Duffel, Gravois, Landry, LeBlanc, Parks
1856 2 Jun/BRDR Douradou MIRE Acadian Marine GRAVOIS   Blouin, Gravois, Lasselli, LeBlanc, Marchand
1856 18 Sep/BRDR Bélizaire THOMASSEL/THOMASIE French Creole? Euranie GRAVOIS   Gravois, Peytavin, Tureaud
1860 17 Sep/BRDR Donat Célestino GRAVOIS   Madeleine Alphonsine ARCENAUX Acadian Bourque, Chauvin, Dugas, Landry, Lanoux, Richard

Analysis of GRAVOIS marriages, 1777-1860:

Total marriages listed:                 33           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:              25             75.8
Exogamous marriages:                  8             24.2



[running tally]

GROSSIN (Acadians only)

no marriages found

GUÉNARD (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 9 Feb/SWLR Amable "BEAULIEU" (BERTRAND) French Can. Stasie (Anastasie) GUÉNARD   none listed
1772 25 Nov/BRDR Joseph GUÉNARD   Véronique DUPLECHEN French Creole Duplechen, Rabalais
1795 17 Feb/SWLR Étienne BRANCOGNES French Can. Ursule GUÉNARD   Guénard, Lambert, Modena
1806 30 Oct/SWLR Valéry DAUZAT French Creole Ursule GUÉNARD (widow)   Estilette

Analysis of GUÉNARD marriages, 1766-1806:

Total marriages listed:               4           100.0%
Endogamous marriages:            0             00.0 
Exogamous marriages:              4           100.0

GUÉNARD Acadian connection:  none


[running tally]

GUÉRIN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1786 20 Feb/BRDR Juan Pedro LANDRY Acadian Isabel GUÉRI[N]   Landry
1796 18 Jul/BRDR François TIBODAUX Acadian Brigida GUÉRIN   Hébert, Tolienet
1804 31 Dec/BRDR Santiago Estevan FREMIER French Imm. Maria Ana GUÉRIN   Duval, Hébert

Analysis of GUÉRIN marriages, 1786-1804:

Total marriages listed:              3         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           2           66.7 
Exogamous marriages:             1           33.3

GUÉRIN Acadian connection:  LANDRY, THIBODEAUX 2

GUÉRIN non-Acadian connection:  FREMIER

[running tally]

GUIDRY (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 19 May/C-V Joseph GUÉDRIE   Élizabeth COMMEAUX Acadian none listed
1769 23 Jan/BRDR Pierre GUÉDRY (widower)   Claire BABIN Acadian Babin, Guédry, Landry
1773 24 May/BRDR Joseph GUÉDRY   Monique DUPUY Acadian  
1780 31 Jul/NOAR Antoine GUÉDOY   Maria HUBERT [HÉBERT] (wd.) Acadian Hébert, Meu(s/t)on
1782 30 Dec/BRDR Carlos BRAUD Acadian Anna-Monica GUÉDRY   Dupuy, Landry
1785 15 Jun/SWLR Jean[-Baptiste] GUÉDRY   Marie-Magdeleine BRAUX Acadian none listed
1786 19 Feb/BRDR Fermin GUIEDRI   Margarita[-Françoise] LANDRI Acadian none listed
1786 8 Mar/BRDR Juan-Femia GEDRI   Célest BUDRO Acadian Coloetr[Clouâtre], Michel
1787 25 Sep/SWLR Louis-David GUIDRY   Marie-Modeste BORDA French Creole Dugas, Guédris/Guidry, Mouton, Savois
1787 17 Dec/BRDR Jean-Baptiste DOIRON Acadian Anne[-Laurance] GUÉDRY   Guédry, Goudreau
1788 24 Oct/BRDR Pedro AUCOIN Acadian Maria[-Cécile] GUIDRY   Degre, Trahan
1789 13 Jul/BRDR Donato FREDERIC [Jacques GUIDRY]   [Anne-]Marie BONVILAIN French Creole Bonvilain, Lambert
1789 27 Dec/BRDR Souillac[-Charles] GUÉDERIC   Rose-Anastasie AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Como, Dugue, Durand
1791 26 Jun/SWLR Olivier GUIDRY   Victoire SEMAIR Acadian Guédry, Lopez, Semair, Thibodaux/Tibodaux
1793 8 Jan/SWLR Olivier [dit Canada] GUIDRY   Félicité OCOIN (widow) Acadian Babino, Gilbaux, Simon
1793 9 Feb/BRDR Donato GÉDERY   Rosalia BOURG Acadian Burg, Gedery
1793 18 Feb/BRDR Grégoire CHICO Spanish Imm. Margarita[-Victoire] GUIDRY (widow)   Brouce, Lopez Machado
1793 3 Sep/SWLR Joseph GUIDRY   Scholastique HÉBERT Acadian Dauterive, Guidry, Hébert
1794 29 Oct/BRDR Josef GIDRY   Maria-Magdalena BRAUD Acadian Gidry, LeBlanc
1795 5 May/BRDR Josef GUÉDRY   Margarita VINCENT Acadian Guédry, Lambert
1797 18 Jun/SWLR Frédéric TENHOLD/TENHOLT Dutch Imm. Marguerite-Adélaïde GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   Demarest/Demaretsz, Guénard, Leignon, Placide, Prevot, Senek, Veret
1797 27 Jun/SWLR [Jean-]Baptiste GUIDRY   Marie-Solange HÉBERT Acadian Berard, Chemin, Hamilton, Hébert, Sudrique
1797 4 Jul/BRDR Malo[-Bénoni] GUÉDRY   Margueritte DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis, Guédry
1797 25 Aug/BRDR Pierre[-Claude] GUÉDERY   [Anne-]Marie LANDRY (widow) Acadian Daigle, Guédery
1797 28 Aug/BRDR Luis-Constante PITRE Acadian Maria-Rosa GUÉDRY   Aucoin, Dantin
1797 29 Aug/BRDR Juan GODET Acadian Eulalia GUÉDRY   Guédry
1797 29 Aug/BRDR Josef GAUDET Acadian Félicitas GUÉDRY   Guédry
1797 18 Sep/BRDR Jacque[-Servais] GUIDRY   Isabelle BABIN (widow) Acadian Blanchard, Braud, LeBlanc
1798 14 Jan/BRDR Pedro[-Joseph] GUÉDRY   Margarita BERGERON Acadian Bergeron, Lejeune
1798 11 Apr/SWLR Pierre BROUSSARD Acadian Marguerite GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   Berard, Conard, Guidry
1800 27 May/SWLR Paul GUIDRY   Adélaïde DUON Acadian Broussard, Camino, Chemin, Darcy, Duon, Mau
1800 22 Aug/BRDR Olivier GUÉDRY   Henrietta BERGERON Acadian Bergeron, Hamon
1801 18 May/BRDR Carlos ROBICHAUX (wdr.) Acadian Maria[-Cécile] GUÉDRY (wd.)   Daygle, Guédry
1801 15 Sep/BRDR Juan-Pedro GUIDRY   Mariana DASPIT French Creole? Solet, Verret
1802 18 Jan/BRDR [Joseph-]Fermin GUÉDRY   Maria-Josefa CARRET Acadian Hébert, Lejeune
1802 17 Oct/BRDR Juan-Bautista TRAHAN Acadian Magdalena GUÉDRY   de Villanueva, Simoneaux
1805 9 Jan/SWLR David REES Anglo Anastasie GUIDRY   Patin, Thibaudeau
1805 15 Jan/SWLR Louis GUIDRY   Silesie SAVOIS Acadian Broussard, Jeansons, Savois
1805 5 Feb/BRDR Michel DETREVAL French Creole? Geneviève GUÉDRY   Guédry
1805 1 Jul/SWLR Augustin GUIDRY   Adélaïde ROBICHOT Acadian Broussard, Sudrique
1805 16 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUÉDRY   Margueritte COMOT Acadian Caillouet, Guédry
1806 13 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY   Reine DUGAT Acadian Dugas, Gaudin, Landry
1806 3 Jun/SWLR Jean GUIDRY   Marguerite SEIMER Acadian Ferry, Jacquet
1806 11 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste ALLAIN Acadian Marguerite Céleste GUIDRY   Chiasson, Landry, Richard
1806 13 Aug/BRDR Roudolph Manuel BENZ German Imm. Maria [Cécile] GUÉDRY (wd.)   Guédry, Héberre
1807 2 Feb/BRDR Pierre MICHEL German Creole? Céleste GUÉDRY   Bonvilian, Melanson, Pertuit
1807 28 Aug/SWLR Jean Pierre DARTEZ French Creole Victoire GUIDRY   Gary, Jacquet, Prevost
1808 27 Apr/BRDR Rémi HÉBERT Acadian Reine Élizabeth GEDRI   Daigle, Dupui, Giroir
1808 21 Nov/SWLR François GUIDRY   Céleste DARTES (widow) French Creole Bowles, Carlin
1809 3 Mar/BRDR Juan B[aptiste] RAMIREZ Spanish Creole Maria Arthémise GUÉDERIE   Cusinard, Monjet
1809 4 May/BRDR Alexandre GUÉDRY   Melanie LAMBERT Acadian Maltais, Nicole, Theriot
1809 16 May/SWLR Michel TRAHAN Acadian Suzette GUIDRY   Fork, Jacquet, Manseau, Trahan
1809 6 Jun/SWLR Antoine PATIN French Creole Adélaïde GUIDRY   Arnaud, Guidry, Marc, Patin
1809 25 Jul/SWLR Victorin GUÉDRY   Zélie CALAIS French Creole Broussard, Calais, Guédry/Guidry, Wiltz
1809 11 Oct/BRDR Pierre GUÉDRY   Rosalie DENIS French Creole? Denis, Guédry, Pertuis
1810 Aug/SWLR Pierre BOSSIER French Creole? Marie GUIDRY   Estilette, Guidry
1811 4 Feb/BRDR Josef Federico GUÉDRY   Ana Rosalie LE BLANC Acadian Boudraux, Braux
1811 25 Apr/SWLR Joseph SONNIER Acadian Julienne GUIDRY   Biles, Chemin, Landry, Lingois
1811 21 May/SWLR François SENETIERE French Creole? Anne GUIDRY   Guédri, Linguois, Macquille, Paimboeuf
1811 1 Jul/BRDR Josef DANTIN Acadian Maria Clotilde GUÉDRY   Dantin, Hébert
1811 3 Sep/SWLR Pierre [Treville] GUIDRY   Marie Adélaïde BERNARD Acadian Bernard, Bossie, Guidry
1811 25 Apr/BRDR Louis LUBILAVISH Italian Imm. Anastasie GUIDERY   Bourg, Guideri
1812 15 Apr/BRDR Sébastien GUIDRY   Eulalie BREAU Acadian Richard, St. Paul
1812 20 Oct/SWLR Judge Ranson EASTIN Anglo Célestine GUIDRY   Breache, Guédry, Porter, Prevost, Sudrique, Thibodeau, Wren
1812 13 Dec/BRDR Firmin GUÉDRY   Azélia [LE] BLANC Acadian Daigle, Trahan
1813 27 Apr/SWLR Marcellin MELANÇON Acadian Scholastique GUIDRY   Castile, Chemin, Guédry, Melançon
1813 18 May/SWLR Duprélon DEJEAN French Creole Arsène GUIDRY   Estilette, Guidry, Lastrapes, Potier
1813 27 May/SWLR Urbain SEMER Acadian Éloyse GUIDRY   Castille, Chemin, Guédry
1813 1 Jun/SWLR Joseph GUÉDRY   Mélisère MELANÇON Acadian Braud, Castille, Hébert, Melançon
1813 14 Jun/BRDR Juan [Pierre] GUÉDERY   Maria Celina VACHA (VACHARD) French Creole? LeJeune, Poiret
1813 19 Jun/SWLR Onésime GUIDRY   Julie Euphrasie POTIER Acadian Berard, Dejean, Potier
1814 25 Oct/BRDR Donat GUIDRY, père (widow)   Henriette RAGMON (widow) French Creole? Luket, Ouvre
1814 7 Nov/BRDR Pierre OUVRE German Creole Anne Marie GUÉDRIE   Grabert, Grégoire, Oubre
1815 26 Jun/SWLR Flecher PICOU French Creole Ludivine GUIDRY   Arnaud, Broussard, Dessarpe, Guédry, Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1815 7 Oct/SWLR Éloy LANDRY Acadian Aspasie GUIDRY   Guédry/Guidry, Lingois, Patin
1815 27 Nov/BRDR Michel LEBOUF (widower) French Creole Marguerite Scholastique GUÉDRIE   Commeau, Guédrie, Ouvre
1815 27 Nov/BRDR Philimon GUÉDRIE   Eulalie RODRIGUES Spanish Creole Gottereau, Ouvre, Rodrigues
1816 25 Feb/BRDR Manuel DONIS French Creole Escolastic GUIDRY   Bourg, Lajannie
1816 22 Apr/SWLR Ursin PATIN French Creole Aspasie GUIDRY   Bossiee, Broussard, Guédry/Guidry, Patin, Robichaud
1816 16 Jul/SWLR Charles GUIDRY   Marie BERNARD Acadian Arcenaux, Bernard, Bruce, Guidry, Waire
1816 30 Sep/BRDR Firmin LEPETRE Foreign French Céleste GUÉDRIE   Guédrie, Orry, Teriaud
1817 16 Feb/SWLR Alexandre DUGA (widower) Acadian Émilie GUÉDRY   Guédry, Henry, Nice
1817 14 Apr/SWLR Joseph GUÉDRY, fils   Émilie BONVILLAIN French Creole Carlin, Dumesnil, Seneghieres, Verret
1817 2 Jun/SWLR Augustin GUIDRY   Melanie MARTIN Acadian Guidry, Martin
1817 19 Aug/SWLR Hypolite GUÉDRY   Scholastique Claire BRAUD Acadian Braud, Dusouchet, Lingois, Penne
1817 20 Oct/SWLR Pierre GUÉDRY   Joséphine THIBODEAUX Acadian Dupuis, Eastin, Guédry, Picou, Thibodeau
1817 27 Dec/SWLR Pierre dit Canada GUÉDRY   Marie BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Dugas, Dusouchet, Falk, Lingois, Penne
1818 30 Mar/BRDR Donat GUÉDRIE, fils   Marie THERIOT Acadian Gaudin, Remondat, Teriot
1818 9 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste GUÉDRY (wdr.)   Anne SAVOIE (widow) Acadian Dusouchet, Melenson(Melançon), Savoie
1818 7 Dec/SWLR Joseph GUÉDRY   Marie Azélie COMEAUX Acadian Comau, Guédry, Fabre, Larochette
1819 26 Jan/SWLR Zéphirin GUÉDRY   Deline DUPUIS Acadian Calais/Callet, Dupuis, Guédry, Thibodeau, Tullier
1819 14 Apr/BRDR Juan [Pierre] GUIDRY (wdr.)   Vicenta RODRIGUEZ Spanish Creole Losada, Pino
1820 17 Jan/SWLR Maxille/Maximilien LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite GUIDRY   Bijot, Fastin, Guidry, Roussillon
1820 24 Jan/BRDR François GUÉDRY   Adélayde RODRIGUE Spanish Creole? Coumol, Desormeau, Theriot
1820 4 Apr/SWLR Narcisse GUIDRY   Emerente BLANCHARD Acadian Braud, Melançon, Richard
1820 24 Apr/SLR Bernardo Edouardo HIENS German Creole? Léonore Melanie GUIDRY   none listed
1820 25 Oct/SWLR Antoine GUÉDRY   Magdeleine POTIER Acadian Bara/Barra, Bijau, Broussard, Ducrest, Guédry, Miller, Potier, Thibodeau, Veillon
1821 9 Jan/SWLR Alexandre [Lessin] GUIDRY   [Marie] Carmelite BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, McCleland
1821 18 Jun/SWLR Olivier GUIDRY, fils   Marie MEAUX French Creole Dixon, Jackson
1821 2 Jul/SWLR Cyprien DUPRÉ French Creole Marcellite GUIDRY   Dejean, Dupré, Guédry/Guidry, Lavergne
1821 19 Jul/BRDR Sébastien FREDERIC German Creole Marie Elina GUIDRY   Goutro, LeComte
1821 5 Sep/SLR Charles [Joseph] GUÉDRY   Lucille Carmelite CHIASSON Acadian none listed
1821 21 Sep/SLR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY   Iréné BEAUSERGEANT French Creole? none listed
1821 16 Oct/SLR Eugène GUIDRY   Marie Lise CHARPENTIER French Creole none listed
1821 24 Dec/BRDR Narcisse GUIDRY   Agnès BAUDIN French Creole? Braud, Tusson
1822 28 Feb/BRDR Pierre GUIDRY   Marie Bazelite DUHON Acadian Duhon, Lubislavich, Theriot, Tircuit
1822 9 Apr/SWLR Leufroy GUÉDRY   Christine DUGAT Acadian Dugat, Mouton
1822 29 Apr/SWLR Olivier GUÉDRY, fils   Isabelle THIBAUDAUX Acadian Bourg, Guédry, Thibodeaux
1822 16 May/SWLR John Hacket THOMAS Anglo Arthémise GUÉDRY   Broussard, Eastin, Guédry, Rousseau, Thibodeau
1822 10 Jun/SWLR Placide THIBODEAUX Acadian Arsènne GUIDRY   Broussard, Domengeaux, Guidry, Thibodeau
1822 6 Aug/SWLR Joseph DUCREST French Creole Azéline GUÉDRY   Castille, Richard
1823 14 Feb/SLR Joseph Hypolite GUIDRY   Clarisse HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1823 10 Nov/SLR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY (wdr.)   Marie Marcelline THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1823 24 Nov/BRDR Edward GUIDRY   Marie Françoise GOTREAU Acadian Braud
1824 19 Jan/SLR Edmond CHARPENTIER French Creole Marcelite GUIDRY   none listed
1824 16 Feb/SWLR Joseph FORD Anglo Carmelite GUIDRY   Braux, Guédry, Thibodeau
1824 3 May/BRDR Jean THERIOT, fils Acadian Marie Clémence GUÉDRY   Guédry, Ouvre, Richard
1825 19 Jan/SWLR Balthazar VILLIER dit Ricard French Creole? Adélaïde GUÉDRY   Duplessis, Guédry, Riles/Rills
1825 24 May/SWLR Pierre dit Canada GUIDRY (widower)   Julianne SONIER/SONNIER Acadian Broussard, Eastin, Fark, Guidry, Hall, Patin, Sonier
1825 31 May/SWLR Baptiste GUIDRY, fils   Marguerite DUGAT Acadian Dugat, Richard, Roully
1825 21 Jun/SWLR Jean RICHARD Acadian Marie GUÉDRY   Guédry, Richard
1825 24 Apr/BRDR Pierre GUIDRY   Amelie Virginie BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Landry, Poursine, Terrio, Youngblood
1825 24 Apr/SLR Charles BENOIT Acadian Marie Magdaleine GUÉDRY   none listed
1825 29 Aug/BRDR Raphaël LANDRY Acadian Rosalie GUÉDRY   Bertrand, Lalande, Landry
1825 6 Sep/SWLR Charles DUHON Acadian Marie Arcènne GUÉDRY   Duhon, LeBlanc, Thibodeaux
1825 3 Nov/SWLR Rosémond GUIDRY   Henriette POTIER Acadian Bara, Ducrest, Guidry, Potier, Thibodeau, Veillon
1826 14 May/SWLR Gérard CHIASSON Acadian Aspasie GUIDRY   Guidry, Sellers
1826 16 May/SWLR Joseph GUIDRY   Céleste MOUTON Acadian Dugas, Guidry, Mouton, Voorhies
1826 30 Oct/SLR Joseph CHIASSON Acadian Pauline GUIDRY   none listed
1826 27 Nov/BRDR Gédéon GUÉDRY   Armelise LANDRY Acadian Babin, Gauthreaux, Richard
1827 23 Jan/SWLR Alexandre GUÉDRY   Marie Céleste CALAIS French Creole Calais, Huval, Latiolais, Seimer, Sudrique
1827 28 Jan/BRDR Uber [Hubert] GUÉDRY   [Marie] Cléonise LANDRY Acadian Babin, Medjean(Maitrejean), Marrois
1827 14 Feb/SWLR Godfroy BERARD French Creole Clarisse GUIDRY   Fagot
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Édouard LAMBERT Acadian Célestine GUÉDRY   Guédry, Lambert, Vincent
1827 27 Feb/SWLR Augustin GUÉDRY, fils   Marie Léontine GUILBEAU Acadian Doremus, Elmer, Guilbeau
1827 29 Mar/SWLR Théodore DEVALCOURT French Creole? Marie Catherine Phelonise GUIDRY   Baker, Brownson, Eastin, Gary, Palfrey, Paris, Rousseau, Taylor, Tertron,
1827 26 Jun/BRDR Eugène RODRIGUEZ Spanish Creole Eulalie Scholastique GUÉDRY   Guédry, Rodriguez
1827 1 Oct/SWLR Joachim/Juacin GUIDRY   Marie GIROUD/JIRU French Creole? Cart, Guidry, Richard
1827 27 Dec/BRDR Jean Désiré COURFAUT Foreign French Marie Rosalie GUÉDRY   Daigle, Doiron, Guédry
1828 14 Jan/SWLR Antoine LANDRY Acadian Clementine GUIDRY   Landry, Mayer, Mouton, Norris
1828 28 Apr/SLR Joseph Léandre GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   Marcelite Susanne TERREBONNE French Creole none listed
1828 29 Dec/SWLR Charles GUÉDRY   Caroline LANDRY Acadian Grangé, Landry, Melançon, Prejean
1829 23 Feb/SLR Janvier GUIDRY   Adèle AUGERON French Creole none listed
1829 23 Feb/SLR Jean Pierre DOUCET Acadian Rosalie GUIDRY   none listed
1829 23 Feb/SWLR Ursin LE BLANC Acadian Victoire GUÉDRY   Bernard, Richard
1829 2 Mar/BRDR Édouard GUÉDRY (widower)   Marie Louise BREAUX Acadian Braud, Gautreau/Gautreaux, LeBlanc
1829 2 Mar/SWLR Zéphirin DUHON Acadian Clémence GUIDRY   Duhon, Guédry/Guidry
1829 25 Jun/SWLR Cesaire MOUTON Acadian Clarisse GUIDRY (widow)   Bossie, Guédry, Mouton
1830 18 Jan/BRDR Augustin PERRON Italian Imm. [Marie] Artémise GUÉDRY (wd.)   Guédry, Guillet, Hébert
1830 22 Feb/SWLR Charles BERGERON French Creole Lisa GUIDRY   Boudreaux, Brau/Braud, Guédry/Guidry
1830 13 Apr/SWLR Charles BENOIT Acadian Claire GUIDRY   Guédry/Guidry
1830 14 Aug/BRDR Clément SAMSON Spanish Imm. Melite GUÉDRY   Gonzales, Poursine, Savornin
1831 12 Apr/SWLR Valéry BARA French Creole Marie GUÉDRY   none listed
1831 26 Apr/BRDR Pierre Placide GUÉDRY   Rosalie OUBRE German Creole Guédry, Nicolle
1831 2 May/BRDR Bastien ROME Anglo? Eulalie GUÉDRY   Caillouet, Donnelson, Guédry, Theriot
1831 15 Jun/SWLR Joseph Trevil GUÉDRY   Louise POTTIER Acadian none listed
1831 3 Jul/SLR Diego FURET/YUVET Foreign French? Marie Julienne GUIDRY   none listed
1831 1 Aug/SWLR Antoine GUIDRY   Hortense BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1831 3 Oct/SLR Jean Pierre GUIDRY   Marie Théotiste RICHOUX French Creole? none listed
1831 25 Oct/SWLR Joseph Duclide GUÉDRY   Séraphine DOUCET Acadian none listed
1831 5 Dec/SWLR Hyram ANDRUS Anglo Creole Colastie GUIDRY   none listed
1832 2 Jan/SLR Pierre CHARPENTIER French Creole Clémence GUÉDRY   none listed
1832 2 Jan/SWLR François GERBRON Foreign French Marie Zeide GUIDRY   none listed
1832 3 Jan/SWLR Sosthène GUÉDRY   Adrienne DOUCET Acadian none listed
1832 10 Jan/BRDR Jacques Paul GUÉDRY   Angeline PERTUIT French Creole Himel, Many, Theriot, Vavasseur
1832 7 Feb/SLR Henri François KNOBLOCK Foreign French Rosalie GUIDRY   none listed
1832 7 Mar/BRDR Louis Benjamin RICHARD Acadian Marie Arthémise GUÉDRY   Gotreaux, Richard
1832 8 May/SWLR Louis GUÉDRY   Marie Eurasie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1832 15 May/BRDR Joachim GUÉDRY   Adélaïde CAILLOUET French Creole Caillouet, Guédry, Nicolle, Theriot
1832 13 Aug/SLR Georges AUTIN French Creole Céleste GUIDRY   none listed
1832 10 Sep/SLR Antoine ANGELITO Italian Imm. Scholastique Eléonore GUIDRY   none listed
1832 13 Nov/SWLR Julien GUÉDRY   Emerante ROY French Can. none listed
1832 19 Nov/SLR Eugène BADEAUX (widower) French Creole [Anne] Marie GUIDRY   none listed
1832 19 Nov/SLR Napoléon GUIDRY   Pauline AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1833 5 Mar/SWLR Ursin GUIDRY   Matilda FORMAN Anglo Creole none listed
1833 21 May/SWLR Louis GUIDRY   Marie Josette ROY French Can. none listed
1833 8 Aug/SWLR Pierre POTIER, fils Acadian Victorine GUIDRY   none listed
1833 21 Oct/SWLR Joseph Valmont GUIDRY   Geneviève Azema BOURQUE Acadian none listed
1833 4 Nov/SLR Guillaume DANOS French Creole? Azéline GUIDRY   none listed
1834 15 Feb/BRDR Urbin HÉBERT Acadian [Marie] Hélène GUIDRY (wd.)   Allain, Landry, Miremont
1834 15 Mar/SWLR August BENOIT (widower) Acadian Marie Zeide GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1834 8 Apr/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY   Jeuly Augustine TRAHAN Acadian Clement, Valère
1834 14 Apr/SLR Ulger GUÉDRY   Césaire SAVOIE Acadian none listed
1834 12 May/SWLR Gédéon HÉBERT Acadian Azélie GUIDRY   none listed
1834 19 May/SLR Alexandre LIRETTE French Creole Clémence/Clemantine GUIDRY   none listed
1834 7 Jun/SLR Marcellin GUIDRY   Telcide DANOS French Creole? none listed
1834 9 Jun/SWLR Eusèbe GUIDRY   [Marie] Uranie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1834 18 Jun/SWLR Hervilien DAVID Acadian Elisa GUÉDRY   none listed
1834 30 Jun/BRDR Pierre OUBRE German Creole Justine GUÉDRY   Guédry, Nicholle, Theriot, Vavaseur
1834 21 Oct/SWLR Joseph LYONS Anglo Creole Mary Ann GUIDRY   none listed
1834 5 Dec/SWLR Valéry GUIDRY   Caroline BEARD Anglo Creole none listed
1835 4 Jan/SLR Henry Charles DAVIES Anglo Rosalie Élodie GUIDRY   none listed
1835 13 Jan/SWLR Louis POTIER Acadian Virginie GUIDRY   none listed
1835 11 Apr/SLR Edmond GUIDRY   Elmire Irma Azel BELLANGER French Creole? none listed
1835 19 May/BRDR Lucien GUIDRY   Marie Gérarde BREAUD Acadian Breaux, Broussard, Gotreau
1835 1 Jun/BRDR Joachim BLANCHARD Acadian Marie Polonie GUÉDRY   Blanchard, Richard
1835 5 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste GUÉDRY   Marie Modeste LATIOLOIS French Creole none listed
1835 14 Apr/SWLR Moïse GUIDRY   Mélanie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1836 25 Mar/BRDR H. Simon BROUSSARD (wdr.) Acadian Marie Joséphine GUIDRY   Richard
1836 7 Apr/SWLR Pierre [Treville] GUIDRY, fils Acadian Elmire [Marie] GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1836 3 Nov/SWLR Edmond GUIDRY   Marie Josette SONNIER Acadian none listed
1837 9 Mar/SWLR Placide GUIDRY   Eliza MCLELAND Anglo none listed
1837 18 Mar/BRDR Alexis PLACENTIA Isleño Creole Joséphine GUIDRY   Eymard, LaMarche, Samson
1837 3 Apr/SLR Charles GUÉDRY Acadian Joséphine GUÉDRY Acadian none listed
1837 25 Apr/SWLR Joseph T. GUIDRY   Emerante LEBLEU French Creole none listed
1837 15 May/SLR Pierre MICHEL, fils German Creole? Adélaïde GUÉDRY   none listed
1837 14 Aug/SWLR Orelien ANGELES French Creole? Julie GUIDRY   none listed
1837 21 Aug/SLR Séraphin ROGER Acadian Elvine GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   none listed
1837 9 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste THERIOT Acadian Rosalie Hélène GUIDRY   Caillouet, Nicol,, Theriot
1837 3 Oct/SWLR Pierre [Louis] GUIDRY   Joséphine LATIOLAIS French Creole none listed
1837 24 Oct/SWLR Siméon MICHEL French Creole? Joséphine GUIDRY   none listed
1838 4 Feb/SWLR Hypolite GUIDRY   Lucy LE BLEU French Creole none listed
1838 26 Feb/BRDR Louis GUIDRY   Angélique OUBRE German Creole Baucry, Guidry, Nicolle
1838 25 Apr/SLR Joseph GUÉDRY   Charlotte MORVAN French Creole none listed
1838 7 May/BRDR Lufroi GUÉDRY   Eléonore LANDRY Acadian Dugas, Landry
1838 27 Aug/SWLR Valérien DUGAS Acadian Victoire GUIDRY   none listed
1838 28 Aug/SLR Joseph Guillaume BARRIOS Spanish Creole Geneviève Olymphe GUIDRY   none listed
1838 6 Nov/BRDR Pierre Cyrille HÉBERT (wdr.) Acadian [Marie] Hélène GUÉDRY (wd.)   Babin, Richard
1838 28 Nov/BRDR Éloi GUIDRY   Kisio GURU French Creole? Denis, Lulend
1838 16 Dec/SWLR Euphrasie [Euphrossie] GUIDRY   Eugènie LANDRY Acadian none listed
1839 7 Jan/SWLR André MARTIN, Esq. Acadian Émilie GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1839 14 Jan/SLR Charles GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   Céleste FALGOUT (widow) French Creole? none listed
1839 18 May/SWLR Pierre GUIDRY   Marie Cléonise MELANSON Acadian none listed
1839 25 May/BRDR Pierre GUIDRY (widower)   Marcellite LAFORET/LAFOREST French Creole Braud
1839 27 May/SLR Jérôme GUIDRY   Annette ARCEMAN Acadian none listed
1839 3 Jun/SWLR Jean [Sarasin] HÉBERT Acadian Véronique GUIDRY   none listed
1839 11 Aug/BRDR Rosémond BLANCHARD Acadian Adélaïde GUÉDRY   Blanchar, Dugas, Guédry, Landry
1839 10 Sep/SWLR Valcin HÉBERT Acadian Azéma GUIDRY   none listed
1839 23 Sep/SWLR Joseph GUIDRY   Marie Olivia LANDRY Acadian none listed
1839 2 Dec/SWLR John GARRETT Anglo Creole? Theresa Émil[i]e GUIDRY   none listed
1840 7 Jan/BRDR Pierre GUIDRY, fils (widower)   Aimée PARAUDE/PAROTE French Creole? Braud, Guitraux
1840 23 Jan/SWLR Onésime A. GUIDRY   Amelia Marie VANHILLE Anglo? none listed
1840 18 Feb/SWLR Jean DUGAS Acadian Amelina GUIDRY   none listed
1840 2 Mar/BRDR Narcisse GUÉDRY   Virginie SAVOIE Acadian Haggerty, Landry
1840 7 May/SWLR Louis GUÉDRY   Marguarite SLOANE (widow) Anglo none listed
1840 27 Jul/SWLR Théodule HÉBERT Acadian Elisa GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1840 14 Sep/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY   Marie Joséphine GAUDIN Acadian Gaudin, Landry, Savoie, Say
1840 26 Oct/SWLR Pierre Serci BREAUX Acadian Marie Louise GUIDRY   none listed
1841 2 Feb/SWLR André Balsin [Valsin] MARTIN Acadian Azélie GUIDRY   none listed
1841 29 Apr/SWLR Placide GUILBEAU Acadian Clarisse GUIDRY   none listed
1841 15 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste PERTUIS French Creole Marie Anastasie GUÉDRY   Caillouet, Comes, Gaudet, Hatkinson, Panvel, Richard, Theriot
1841 15 Sep/SWLR Guillaume/John HARDY Anglo Creole Modeste GUIDRY   none listed
1841 3 Nov/SWLR Alexis GUIDRY   Marie Sylvanie DARTES French Creole none listed
1841 4 Nov/SWLR Cyrille BIJEAU Acadian Aspasie GUIDRY   none listed
1841 4 Nov/SWLR Charles [Adolphe] GUIDRY   Clementine GUILBEAU Acadian none listed
1842 5 Jan/SWLR Narcisse DUGAT Acadian Carmelite GUIDRY   none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Eugène GUIDRY   Élise GAUDIN Acadian Baucry, Dugas, Garderes, Webre
1842 8 Feb/BRDR Marcellin GUIDRY   Scholastique MICHEL German Creole? Arceneau, Guidry, Oubre, Theriot
1842 6 Mar/SWLR Alexis GUIDRY   Erasie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1842 28 Mar/SWLR Théodule GUIDRY   Célestine TOUTCHECK [TOUCHET] Bohemian Creole none listed
1842 18 Apr/SWLR Joseph GUIDRY/GUYDRY   Émilie SONNIER Acadian none listed
1842 23 Jun/SWLR Joseph GUIDRY Acadian Azélie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1842 3 Oct/SWLR Maxille TRAHAN Acadian Marie Joséphine GUIDRY   none listed
1842 4 Oct/BRDR Jean Pierre MICHEL Acadian Marie Rose GUIDRY   Borne, Comes, Gordris, Guédry, Leblanc, Michel, Theriot
1842 4 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste GUIDRY (wdr.)   Isabelle DERRABIE (widow) French Creole? none listed
1843 16 Jan/BRDR Michel BREAUX Acadian Virginie GUÉDRY   Billor, Guédry, Richard
1843 20 Apr/SWLR Alexandre GUIDRY   Azélie BREAU/BREAUX Acadian none listed
1843 23 Apr/SWLR Drozin BREAUX Acadian Alphina [Oraphine] GUIDRY   none listed
1843 23 Apr/SWLR Olivier GUIDRY (widower)   Elisa SAUNNIER Acadian none listed
1843 17 Jul/SWLR Godfroy DAUPHINE French Creole? Marie Elmire/Zelmire GUIDRY   none listed
1843 29 Jul/SLR Moïse GUIDRY   Henriette Adela SEVIN French Creole none listed
1843 31 Jul/SLR Pierre Michel GAUTREAUX Acadian Marie Pauline GUÉDRY   none listed
1843 15 Sep/SLR Jean Evariste PLAISANCE Isleño Creole Henriette Mélanie GUIDRY   none listed
1843 9 Nov/SWLR [Dr.] Alexis Onésime GUIDRY   Célestine Laperle DUPRÉ French Creole none listed
1843 26 Dec/SWLR Théodule GUIDRY   Marie Adélaïde GUILBEAUX Acadian none listed
1844 10 Jan/BRDR Philimon GUIDRY, fils   Louisa MATHERNE German Creole Canterelle, Matherne, Roman
1844 5 Feb/SLR Ulger GUÉDRY   Pauline BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1844 15 Feb/SWLR Olivier GUIDRY   Adélaïde CORMIER Acadian none listed
1844 19 Feb/BRDR Paulin HÉBERT Acadian Adeline GUIDRY   Heude, Landry, Lopez
1844 11 Mar/SWLR Antoine GUIDRY   Joséphine DAIGLE French Can. none listed
1844 8 Apr/SLR Eugène BELLANGER French Creole? Elsine GUÉDRY (widow)   none listed
1844 18 Apr/SWLR Jean Baptiste POLLINGUE French Creole? Elisa GUIDRY   none listed
1844 14 May/SLR Béloni/Bellony GUIDRY   Modeste MARONGE French Creole? none listed
1844 17 Oct/SLR Célestin GUIDRY   Marie DUFRESNE French Creole? none listed
1844 28 Oct/SLR Jean Baptiste DUPLANTI[S] French Creole Marie Eulalie GUIDRY   none listed
1845 20 Jan/SLR Marcellin BORNE French Creole? Anne Marie GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1845 24 Jan/SLR Charles Neuville GUIDRY (wr.)   Rosalie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1845 28 Jan/BRDR Prosper PLAISANCE Foreign French Adèle GUIDRY   Ayme, Duhon, Garderes
1845 28 Jan/BRDR Edmond GUIDRY   Marie Caroline ROME French Creole? Ayme, Duhon, Garderes
1845 12 May/BRDR Adolphe BERCEGEAY French Creole? Marie Basilde GUÉDRY   Bercegeay, Blanchard, Borne, Gaudet, Guédry, Leblanc, Terriot/Theriot
1845 2 Jun/BRDR Auguste GUIDRY   Eugènie OUBRE German Creole Donaldson, Duhon, Guédry, Theriot
1845 5 Jul/BRDR Jean LABOYE Foreign French Emma GUÉDRY   Dupuy, Leblanc
1845 19 Aug/SLR Antoine OLIVIER French Creole? Scolastie GUIDRY   none listed
1845 13 Oct/SWLR Sosthène GUIDRY   Uranie PELLETIER French Creole none listed
1845 22 Dec/SWLR Edmond GUIDRY   Marie Orelia DARTES French Creole none listed
1845 27 Dec/SWLR Hermogène GUIDRY   Herminie DUYON Acadian none listed
1846 9 Feb/SWLR Émile LATIOLAIS French Creole Malvina GUIDRY   none listed
1846 8 Apr/SWLR Émile GUIDRY   Louise ISTRE French Can. none listed
1846 11 May/SLR Euphrosin/Phrosin GUIDRY   Cléonise/Éléonise ARSEMAN Acadian none listed
1846 12 May/BRDR Auguste GUIDRY   Ida PLAISANCE Foreign French Bonnecaze, Boucry, Caillouet, Coudouin, Duhon, Gaudin, Thibodaux
1846 18 May/SWLR Augustin GUIDRY   Émelia BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1846 19 May/SWLR William THOMAS Anglo Clementine GUIDRY   none listed
1846 26 May/SWLR Dorcino/Dorsino RENTROP Anglo? Modeste GUIDRY (widow?)   none listed
1846 30 May/SLR Pierre DASPIT French Creole? Arcade GUIDRY   none listed
1846 29 Jun/BRDR Hector LEFEBVRE Foreign French Angèle GUIDRY   Haulon, Lagardere, Malarcher, Theriot
1846 20 Aug/SLR Victor BOUTARY French Creole? Céleste GUIDRY   none listed
1846 14 Sep/BRDR Bélisaire HÉBERT Acadian Azélie GUIDRY   Bergeron, Hébert, Landry, Vaughan
1846 16 Oct/SWLR Valière HÉBERT Acadian Azéma GUIDRY   none listed
1846 22 Oct/SWLR Horace Flavius VOORHIES Dutch Creole Uranie GUIDRY   none listed
1846 7 Nov/SLR [Jean] Leufroy/Lufroid BELANGER French Creole? Mélissaire GUÉDRY   none listed
1846 30 Nov/SWLR Hypolite CORMIER, fils Acadian Marcellite GUIDRY   none listed
1847 9 Feb/BRDR Laurent BONNECAZE Foreign French Manette GUIDRY   Boucry, Caillouet, Duhon, Gardares, Lasserre, Pertuit
1847 9 Feb/SWLR Antoine FONTENOT, Jr. French Creole Eliza GUIDRY   none listed
1847 16 Feb/SWLR Joseph Dulcide GUIDRY (wr.)   Marguerite Uranie DUPUIS Acadian none listed
1847 12 Apr/BRDR Sosthène BRAUD Acadian Carmelite GUIDRY   Arceneaux, Braud, Guidry, Legendre, Leroy
1847 26 Apr/SLR Hypolite GUÉDRY, fils   Marcellite SAVOIE Acadian none listed
1847 30 Apr/BRDR Joseph GUÉDRY   Marie Pauline HENRY Acadian Faltaman, Keane, Martin
1847 8 Jun/BRDR Marcellin TEMPLET Acadian Clementine GUÉDRY   Dugas, LeBlanc
1847 14 Jun/SWLR Joseph Terence GUIDRY   Céline DORÉE French Creole none listed
1847 28 Jun/SWLR Séverin GUIDRY   [Marie] Philonise BLANCHART (widow) Acadian none listed
1847 12 Aug/SWLR Édouard GUIDRY   Élise BELAIRE French Creole? none listed
1847 31 Aug/SWLR Moïse GUIDRY (widower?)   Adélaïde BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1847 4 Oct/SLR Justin DASPIT French Creole? Clémence Neze GUÉDRY   none listed
1848 28 Feb/BRDR Villeneuve GUIDRY   Dulcinée BROUSSARD Acadian Clement, Hébert, Landry
1848 1 Mar/SWLR Ludger WEBRE German Creole Carmelite GUIDRY   none listed
1848 16 May/SWLR Théodore DE VALCOURT French Creole? Zoë GUIDRY   none listed
1848 12 Jun/SWLR Adrien NUNEZ Spanish Creole Oliva GUIDRY   none listed
1848 14 Jun/SWLR Treville GUIDRY   Marie Léontine STOUT/STUTS German Creole? none listed
1848 15 Jun/SWLR Victor GAULLET [GOULET] Foreign French Azélia GUIDRY   none listed
1848 14 Aug/SWLR Genus [dit Canada] GUIDRY   Euphémie BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1848 11 Oct/SWLR [Dr.] Alexis Onésime GUIDRY (widower)   Palmyre DUPRÉ French Creole none listed
1848 16 Oct/SLR Célestin BELLANGER French Creole? Séraphine GUÉDRY   none listed
1848 8 Nov/SWLR Alexandre GUIDRY, fils   Éloise/Eloisa BREAUX Acadian none listed
1848 15 Nov/SWLR Alexandre GUIDRY   Célestine LAMBERT[I] Dalmatian Creole none listed
1848 8 Dec/SWLR Ursin BOUDREAU Acadian Oliva GUIDRY   none listed
1848 21 Dec/SLR Clairville GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   Amelie LAJEUNI French Creole? none listed
1849 16 Jan/BRDR Pierre Lucien GUIDRY   Louise Corine BOURGEOIS Acadian Bergeron, Bourgeois, Claudet
1849 30 Jan/SWLR David Aristide GUIDRY   Marie Félicia MOUTON Acadian none listed
1849 20 Feb/BRDR Philogène GUÉDRY   Anastasie BREAUX Acadian Brau, Guédry, Judice, Mollere
1849 22 Mar/SLR Joseph Firmin GUÉDRY   Marie Esilda LOUP/LOUPE French Creole? none listed
1849 3 May/SWLR Joseph N. GUIDRY   Marie Lodoiska COMEAU Acadian none listed
1849 25 Jun/SWLR Sylvestre J. BARRY Anglo Emerite GUIDRY   none listed
1849 10 Sep/SLR Pierre LEDET French Creole Émelie GUÉDRY   none listed
1849 17 Sep/SLR Thurial MALBROUGH German Creole Marceline/Marcelite GUÉDRY   none listed
1849 20 Oct/SWLR Désiré DUGAS (widower) Acadian Marie Azéllie GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1849 11 Dec/SWLR Valéry GUILBEAU Acadian Corine GUIDRY   none listed
1849 28 Dec/SLR Joseph RICHARD (widower) Acadian Adèle Caroline GUIDRY   none listed
1850 8 Jun/SWLR Pierre Louis LATIOLAIS French Creole Amelina GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1850 24 Jul/SWLR Joseph C. GUIDRY   Clementine LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1850 3 Sep/SWLR Louis Alfred LATIOLAIS French Creole Julia L. GUIDRY   none listed
1850 7 Oct/BRDR Vincent VILLARD French Creole? Célestine GUÉDRY   Afelle, Babin, Picou
1850 22 Oct/SWLR Thelismar GUIDRY Acadian Constance GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1850 10 Dec/SWLR Darmas GUIDRY   [Rose] Bazilide ZERING [ZERINGUE] German Creole none listed
1851 6 Jan/SWLR Dositée Valentin BREAUX Acadian Magdeleine GUIDRY   none listed
1851 4 Feb/SWLR Charles [Oculi] GUIDRY Acadian Azélima GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1851 22 Feb/BRDR Joseph GUÉDRY   Zulmée BERNUCHAUD French Creole? Braud, Commeaux, Dubruy, Galiece, Guédry, Landry
1851 12 May/SWLR Jean Seville LANDRY Acadian Azélie GUIDRY   none listed
1851 19 May/SLR Camille TROCOLO Foreign French Adoise GUIDRY   none listed
1851 20 May/SWLR Sosthène GUIDRY   Marie Azéna BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1851 21 May/SLR Léon GUÉDRY   Delphine BENOIT Acadian none listed
1851 2 Jun/SWLR Chevigney [Sevigne] GUIDRY Acadian Palmir GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1851 7 Jul/SWLR Placide HUVAL German Creole Erasie GUIDRY   none listed
1851 6 Nov/SWLR François Antenon DOMENGEAU Foreign French Julie GUIDRY   none listed
1851 9 Dec/SWLR Théodule GUIDRY (widower?)   Emerante LEBLEU (widow) French Creole none listed
1851 11 Dec/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUÉDRY, fils (widower)   Catherine FLAVIN (widow) French Creole? Deverthins, Doucet, Duplessi, Hacker
1852 17 Jan/SWLR Alexandre GUIDRY (widower)   Marcelite FOSTIN (widow) French Creole none listed
1852 19 Mar/SWLR Joseph ISTRE French Can. Olephine GUIDRY   none listed
1852 30 May/SLR Joseph LECOMTE French Creole? Elida GUÉDRY   none listed
1852 3 Jun/SWLR Dupré[ville] GUIDRY   Azélia  BERNARD Acadian none listed
1852 21 Jun/SLR Serville GUIDRY   Elvire DASPIT French Creole? none listed
1852 17 Aug/SWLR Césaire ANGEL French Creole Marie Emerite GUIDRY   none listed
1852 16 Nov/SWLR Lessin GUIDRY   Louisiana BREAUX Acadian none listed
1852 9 Dec/SWLR Valéry BREAUX, fils (wdr.) Acadian Azéma GUIDRY   none listed
1853 16 Apr/BRDR Bienvenu GUÉDRY   Aureline BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Melançon, Webre
1853 19 Apr/SWLR Lucien GUILBEAU Acadian Alexandrine GUIDRY   none listed
1853 27 Apr/SWLR Hypolite Antoine GUIDRY   Azélie DAIGLE French Can. none listed
1853 5 May/SLR Aurelien GUÉDRY   Émelie BROWN Anglo none listed
1853 23 May/BRDR Treville PARENT French Creole? Émelie GUIDRY   Deis, Martin
1853 24 Aug/SWLR Alexandre A. GUILBEAU Acadian Marcelite GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1853 4 Oct/BRDR James Philip ARMITAGE Anglo? Marie Mirza GUÉDRY   Dominique, Guédry, Thelle, Winfree
1853 23 Nov/SWLR John JOHNSON Anglo Adélaïde GUIDRY   none listed
1854/SLR Homer/Omer SAVOIE Acadian Honorine GUÉDRY   none listed
1854 3 Jan/SWLR Ernest [dit Canada] GUIDRY Acadian Célestine GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1854 23 Jan/SLR Michel M. SEVIN French Creole? Aglae GUÉDRY   none listed
1854 16 Feb/BRDR Paul PERTUIT French Creole? Aurelia GUIDRY   Dugas, Gaudin, Mainvielle, Ory, Pertuit, Theriot
1854 27 Feb/SWLR Félix GUIDRY   Coraid MOUTON Acadian none listed
1854 20 Mar/SLR Charles Adrien GUÉDRY   Eugènie/Jane Amelina AUGERON/OGERON French Creole none listed
1854 6 Apr/SWLR Jean Chapman MILLS Anglo Azéma Meline GUIDRY   none listed
1854 23 May/SWLR Cyrille Frosimon GUIDRY   Azelica NUMEZ [NUNEZ] Spanish Creole none listed
1854 19 Jun/SWLR Cleophat MENARD French Creole? Marie Émilie GUIDRY   none listed
1854 19 Jun/SLR Napoléon GUIDRY   Victorine FITCH Anglo none listed
1854 22 Jun/SWLR Treville GUIDRY Acadian Scholastie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1854 5 Sep/SWLR Arcade PATIN French Creole Elisa GUIDRY   none listed
1854 18 Sep/SWLR Onésime Adrose GUIDRY Acadian Ordalie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1854 15 Nov/SWLR William CAMPBELL Scots Imm. Alida GUIDRY   none listed
1855 8 Jan/SWLR Onézime P. GUIDRY   Zelian LYONS (widow) Anglo Creole none listed
1855 22 Jan/SLR Jacques Émile BONVILLAIN French Creole Tersile/Tharzille GUÉDRY (wd.)   none listed
1855 29 Jan/SLR Adrien GUIDRY   Marguerite Émée TOUPS German Creole none listed
1855 9 Apr/SLR Alexandre Darieux/Darius GUIDRY   Eulalie NAQUIN Acadian none listed
1855 10 Apr/SWLR Charles BEARD Anglo Creole Marie Célesie GUIDRY   none listed
1855 23 Apr/SLR Marcellus PITRE Acadian Marie Clémence GUÉDRY   none listed
1855 30 Apr/SLR Valère GUÉDRY   Eveline AUTIN French Creole none listed
1855 14 May/SLR Lucien/Ludger GUIDRY Acadian Marguerite GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1855 6 Jun/SWLR Victor GUIDRY   Constance POTIER Acadian none listed
1855 12 Jun/SWLR Alfred GUIDRY   Ernestine DUPUY Acadian none listed
1855 10 Jul/SWLR Eugène LATIOLAIS French Creole Emerande GUIDRY   none listed
1855 13 Jul/SLR Joseph ELLIOT Anglo Élise GUÉDRY   none listed
1855 1 Aug/SWLR Octave HARRINGTON Anglo Marguerite GUIDRY   none listed
1855 21 Aug/SLR Bernard GABAS/GABASSE Foreign French Eugènie GUIDRY   none listed
1855 3 Sep/SLR Célestin GUIDRY   Artémise BERGERON Acadian none listed
1855 12 Dec/SWLR Alexandre [Joseph] GUIDRY Acadian Uranie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1855 20 Dec/SWLR Jean COMEAUX (widower) Acadian Azélima GUIDRY   none listed
1856 9 Jan/SWLR Arvilien GUIDRY   Eveline HARGRAVE Anglo Creole none listed
1856 29 Jan/BRDR Jean Dominque GENTIL Foreign French? Marie Eugènie GUIDRY   Gisclard, Guédry/Guidry, Kirn, Ohara, Rome, Smith, Terriot
1856 5 Feb/SWLR Hyppolite BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie GUIDRY   none listed
1856 12 Feb/SWLR Alexandre GUIDRY (widower)   Céleste PATIN (widow) French Creole none listed
1856 25 Mar/SWLR Damas/Damase GUIDRY   Marie Doralise DUPUY Acadian none listed
1856 29 Apr/SWLR Ursin LE BLANC Acadian Marie Azélie GUIDRY   none listed
1856 5 May/SWLR Edmund GUIDRY (widower)   Arsène DUGAS (widow) Acadian none listed
1856 5 May/SWLR Syphrosie [Leufroisy] GUIDRY   Alexandrine Zulma LEGER Acadian none listed
1856 9 Jun/SWLR Jean Baptiste GUÉDRY   [Pélagie] Euphémie HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1856 9 Jun/SWLR Zéphirin/Zéphyrin DAIGLE French Can. Julie GUIDRY   none listed
1856 11 Jul/SLR Hypolite ANGERON [AUGERON] French Creole? Zulema/Zulma GUÉDRY   none listed
1856 25 Oct/SLR Auguste GEAUVIS French Creole? Alodile GUIDRY   none listed
1856 30 Oct/SWLR Jules GUÉDRY Acadian Azélima GUÉDRY Acadian none listed
1856 5 Nov/SWLR François CHAMPAGNE French Creole Elisha/Eliska GUIDRY   none listed
1856 10 Nov/SLR Auguste JAVEAUX [JARREAU] French Creole? Élodie GUIDRY   none listed
1856 4 Dec/SLR Antoine HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Lodoiska GUIDRY   none listed
1856 10 Dec/SWLR Louis H. MOORE Anglo Carmelite GUÉDRY   none listed
1856 27 Dec/BRDR Désiré A. LE BLANC (wdr.) Acadian Justine GUÉDRY   Guédry
1857 10 Jan/SWLR Stanislaus GUIDRY Acadian Philomène GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1857 20 Jan/BRDR Clément ROME French Creole? Angelina GUIDRY   Bianque, Gentil, Gisclard, Guédry/Guidry
1857 17 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste CANTRELLE, fils French Creole Marie Aglae GUIDRY   Barbier, Cantrelle, Guidry, Labauve, Matherne, Rodrigue
1857 19 Feb/BRDR Jules GUÉDRY   Victorine MELANÇON Acadian Brugere, Dominque, Gentil, Reynaud
1857 28 Apr/SWLR Aladin LE BLANC Acadian? Élizabeth GUIDRY   none listed
1857 9 Jun/SWLR Jean LEONARD French Creole? Elisa GUIDRY   none listed
1857 19 Jun/SLR Léon HÉBERT Acadian Odillia/Onelia GUIDRY   none listed
1857 9 Jul/SWLR Eugène Joseph DAIGLE French Can. Marie Louise GUIDRY   none listed
1857 1 Sep/SWLR Adrien GUIDRY   Marie REED Anglo Creole none listed
1857 28 Sep/SLR Norbal SAVOIE Acadian Séverine GUÉDRY   none listed
1857 10 Nov/SWLR Éloi GUÉDRY   Elmire BERNARD Acadian none listed
1858 6 Jan/SWLR Alfred GUIDRY   Theresine/Therecite DOMINGEAU/DOMINGEAUX Foreign French none listed
1858 2 Feb/SWLR Julien GUIDRY   Eliza THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1858 6 Apr/SWLR Joseph GUÉIDRY   Marie NUNEZ Spanish Creole none listed
1858 8 Apr/SWLR Cyprien GUIDRY   Félicia DUGA Acadian none listed
1858 13 Apr/SWLR Avenel LEMAIRE French Creole Mirza GUIDRY   none listed
1858 15 Apr/SWLR Ernest POTHIER Acadian Aurelia GUIDRY   none listed
1858 10 May/SWLR Dom/Don Louis BERNARD (widower) Acadian Euphrasie/Lapeyruse GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   none listed
1858 19 May/SLR Joseph GUÉDRY   Marie Émilie BRUZZE French Creole? none listed
1858 15 Jul/SLR Evariste MARTIN Acadian Edolie/Edolide GUÉDRY   none listed
1858 21 Sep/SLR Jean Napoléon GUÉDRY   Philomène BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1858 27 Sep/SWLR Alexandre LE BLANC Acadian Joséphine GUIDRY   none listed
1858 21 Dec/SWLR Benjamin GUIDRY Acadian Marthe Coraide GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1858 27 Dec/SWLR Théodule CHIASSON Acadian Adonatille GUÉDRY   none listed
1859 18 Jan/BRDR J[oseph]. Dufossard GUÉDRY   Élodie VERRET French Creole Blanchard, Guédry, Richard, Verret
1859 4 Feb/SWLR Pierre Solastie GUIDRY   Azélie NEZAT French Creole none listed
1859 19 Apr/SLR Ulysse GUÉDRY   Mélisère AUTIN French Creole none listed
1859 26 Apr/SWLR Olivier GUIDRY le jeune   Arthémise DUPUIS Acadian none listed
1859 10 May/BRDR Edward GUIDRY   Euphémia LAVIGNE French Creole? Babin, Blanchard
1859 23 May/SWLR Joseph MELANÇON (wdr.) Acadian Philomène GUIDRY   none listed
1859 6 Jun/SWLR Alexandre dit Canada GUÉDRY le jeune Acadian Emérante GUÉDRY Acadian none listed
1859 28 Jun/SLR John Collins WILKINS Anglo Ermine/Ermina E. GUIDRY   none listed
1859 29 Jun/SLR Livaudais LEDET French Creole Elisa GUÉDRY   none listed
1859 16 Jul/SLR George AUTIN, Jr. French Creole? Amelie GUIDRY   none listed
1859 8 Aug/SWLR Éloi GUIDRY (widower?)   Lezima MOUTON Acadian none listed
1859 11 Oct/SWLR Placide GUIDRY   Philomène THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1859 17 Oct/SLR Honoré WALKER Anglo Bertille/Berthilde GUIDRY   none listed
1859 20 Oct/SLR François Ernest GUIDRY   Mary Louise MCEVERS Scotts Imm.? none listed
1859 20 Oct/SWLR Jules GUÉDRY   Belzire BERNARD Acadian none listed
1859 5 Dec/SLR Léo LIRETTE French Creole Adèle GUÉDRY   none listed
1859 27 Dec/SLR John MUNCE Anglo? Marie Félicity GUÉDRY   none listed
1860 10 Jan/SWLR Élisée GUIDRY   Élizabeth MEAUX French Creole none listed
1860 23 Jan/SLR Edward HAINS Anglo Lovinia GUIDRY   none listed
1860 2 Feb/BRDR François BOZE French Creole? Marie Élizabeth GUÉDRY   Babin, Gisclair/Gisclard, Guidry, Oubre
1860 13 Feb/BRDR Jean Eugène FERAY Foreign French Marie Amelie GUÉDRY   Blanchard, Braud, Landry
1860 16 Feb/BRDR Joseph GISCLARD French Creole? Marie Helena GUÉDRY   Braud, Guidry, Oubre, Rodrigue, Rome
1860 23 Apr/SWLR Marius GUIDRY   Azélie MOUTON Acadian none listed
1860 14 May/SLR Hubert Oville GUIDRY   Irma GAUTIER/GAUTHIER French Creole? none listed
1860 25 May/SWLR Stanislaus GUIDRY (widower)   Adélaïde POTHIER/POTIER Acadian none listed
1860 2 Jul/SWLR Firmin/Simien TRAHAN (wdr.) Acadian Azélie GUÉDRY (widow)   none listed
1860 2 Jul/BRDR Désiré Camile BOURGEOIS Acadian Félicité GUIDRY   Gonzales, Huguet, Yarbrough
1860 9 Jul/SWLR Martin Sylvanie BROUSSARD Acadian Anaïs GUIDRY   none listed
1860 19 Sep/SWLR Augustin Carolus GUIDRY (widower)   Marine LACHAUSSAYE (widow) Acadian none listed
1860 25 Sep/SWLR Sosthènes ZERINGUE German Creole Clémence GUIDRY   none listed
1860 21 Oct/SWLR Clémille HÉBERT Acadian Octavine GUÉDRY   none listed
1860 3 Dec/SWLR Désiré GUIDRY   Joséphine TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1861 2 Jan/BRDR Casimir GUÉDRY   Élise LANDRY Acadian Dugas, Landry, Laplaine, LeBlanc, Terriot
1861 15 Jan/SWLR Treville Pierre GUIDRY   Mélanie YOUNG Acadian none listed
1861 21 Jan/SLR Lezin Hubert DUPLANTIS French Creole Amelia GUIDRY   none listed
1861 29 Jan/SWLR Balthazar ZERINGUE German Creole Azélie GUIDRY   none listed
1861 4 Feb/SWLR Alcide GUIDRY   Marie Louise HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1861 25 Apr/BRDR Joseph Cleophas GUÉDRY   Aimée HÉBERT Acadian Braud, Gilbert, Truxillo
1861 20 May/SLR Michel GUÉDRY/GUIDRY   Louisa CHIASSON Acadian none listed
1861 10 Jun/SWLR Joseph LATIOLAIS French Creole Louise GUIDRY (widow)   none listed
1861 15 Jul/SWLR Edmond F./Edmund T. GUIDRY   Marie Anne Ovina LATIOLAIS French Creole none listed
1861 27 Aug/SWLR Vilmont GUIDRY   Joséphine LATIOLAIS French Creole none listed
1861 15 Sep/SWLR Edmond LE BLANC Acadian Célestine GUIDRY   none listed
1861 20 Sep/SWLR Baptiste GUIDRY, fils (wdr.)   Marie HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole none listed
1861 9 Dec/SWLR Charles MANSO Italian Imm.? Felonise GUIDRY   none listed
1861 20 Dec/SWLR Aymard GUIDRY   Eliza FONTENOT French Creole none listed

Analysis of GUIDRY marriages, 1767-1861:

Total marriages listed:            504        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          268         53.2
Exogamous marriages:            236         46.8



[running tally]

GUILBEAU (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 2 Oct/C-V Joseph GUILLEBEAU (wdr.?)   Catherine COMMEAUX Acadian none listed
1772 18 Jul/SWLR François GUILBAU   Magdelene BROUSSARD Acadian Berard, Borda, de Verbois, Durien/Durieu, Grevember/Grevenberg, Landry
1775 20 Nov/SWLR Charles GUILLEBAU (wdr.)   Marguerite BOURCQ (widow) Acadian Bourcq, Guillebau, Hébert, Saunier
1783 9 Jul/SWLR Jean GUILBAUD   Marie-Geneviève MOUTON Acadian Babino, Boudro, Comeaux, Mouton
1788 25 May/SWLR Jean GUILLBAUT (widower)   Marie-Jeanne ARSENAUX Acadian Arsenaux, Declouet, De La Houssaye, Guilbaux
1791 4 Jan/SWLR Joseph GUILBEAU III   Pélagie RICHARD Acadian Babineaux, Broussard, Guilbeau, Lopes, Prechant, St. Maire
1793 9 Jan/SWLR Donat BREAUX Acadian Anastasie GILBAUX   Broussard
1793 9 Jan/SWLR Michel CORMIER, fils Acadian Divine GILBAUX   Cormier, Gilbeaux
1794 4 Oct/SWLR Joseph CORMIER, fils Acadian Marguerite GILBAUX   Como, Cormier, Gilbaux, Peytavin Du Bosquet
1796 16 Aug/SWLR Joseph MIRE Acadian Émelie GUILBEAU   Brusard, Chemin, Coxon, Franc-Mercade, Girouard, Guillebaud, Landry
1798 14 Aug/SWLR Joseph GUILLEBAUT le jeune   Magdeleine HÉBERT Acadian Broussard, Guillebaut, Hébert, Labauve
1800 8 Jan/SWLR Hypolite SAVOY Acadian Marie-Victoire GUILLEBAUT   Guillebaut, Landry, LeBlanc, Mouton
1801 10 Aug/SWLR Jean-Charles GUILLEBAUT (widower)   Céleste DUPUI Acadian Babain, Broussard, Cormier, Dupui/Dupuy, Guilbeau, LeBlanc, Poirier, Potier, Tenholt
1804 7 Feb/SWLR Amand GUILBEAU   Marguerite DUGAST Acadian Broussard, Deuga(Duga), Potier
1804 7 Feb/SWLR Alexandre BARA French Creole Marguerite GUILBAUD   Judice, Maurin, Potier
1807 12 May/SWLR David GUILBEAU   Adélaïde DUHON Acadian Jacquet, Landry
1807 25 Aug/SWLR Julien BABIN Acadian Séraphine GUILBEAU   Babin, Broussard
1808 14 Jun/SWLR Jean BEGNAUD French Creole Marie GUILBEAU   Hulin, Landry
1812 7 Apr/SWLR Joseph HÉBERT Acadian Justine GUILBEAU   Arsonneau, Babinaud/Babineau, Benoit
1813 28 Feb/SWLR Jean Baptiste GIRARD French Can. Marguerite GUILBAUD   Bara, Chemin, Ferry, Guilbaud
1816 4 Jun/SWLR Alexandre GUILBEAU   Céleste POIRIER Acadian Belair, Cormier, Broussard, Cormier, Guilbaud, Poirier
1817 17 Feb/SWLR Joseph Terence Devince BIENVENU French Creole Julie GUILBEAUX   Bienvenu, Delahoussaye, Gonsoulin, Guillebaud, Olivier Duclozel, Veillon
1817 5 Jul/SWLR Joseph GUILBEAU III (wdr.)   Julie VALLOT French Creole Borne, Hecaud, Lapaujade, Penne
1817 12 Aug/SWLR Louis HÉBERT Acadian Marie Victoire GUILEBAUD   Dusouchet, Guilbaud, Lingois, Penne, Savoie
1818 7 Sep/SWLR Alexandre GUILBEAU   Marguerite Azélie BERNARD Acadian Bernard, Braux, Mouton, Ribette
1819 2 Feb/SWLR Placide GUILBEAU   Julie CORMIER Acadian Brau, Comeau, Guilbeau
1819 6 Oct/SWLR Joseph HACHÉ Acadian Anastasie GUILBEAUX (wid.)   Babin, Dugas, Hébert, Labauve
1821 6 Feb/SWLR Jean Charles GUILBAUD   Céleste CORMIER Acadian Cumings, Dugas
1821 26 May/SWLR Jean GUILBEAU, fils   Marie Carmelite CASTILLE Spanish Creole Guidry, Guilbeau, King, Robin, Snoddy, Stelly
1821 10 Sep/SWLR Alexandre BROUSSARD Acadian Séraphie GUILBEAUX   Braud, Dugas, Martin
1822 14 Oct/SWLR Jean Baptiste HUVAL French Creole Marguerite GUILBEAU   Huval, Lassalle, Potier, Roussillon
1823 10 Feb/SWLR Élisée DUPUIS Acadian Céleste GUILBEAU   Begnaud, Dupuis, Guilbaud, Roussillon, Webre
1823 1 Sep/SWLR François Adrien GUILBEAU   Catherine Artémise NERAUT French Creole Guilbeau
1825 3 Nov/SWLR Michel GUILBEAU   Clémence POTIER Acadian Bara, Ducrest, Guidry, Potier, Thibodeau, Veillon
1826 22 Oct/SWLR Joseph GUILBEAU (widower)   Clotilde LANDRY (widow) Acadian Bienvenu, Hébert, Peyretti
1827 27 Feb/SWLR Augustin GUÉDRY, fils Acadian Marie Léontine GUILBEAU   Doremus, Elmer, Guilbeau
1828 22 Apr/SWLR Raphaël SMITH Anglo Marie Clémence GUILBEAU   Clément, Mudd
1829 27 Jan/SWLR Hyppolite BARA French Creole Carmelite GUILBEAUD   Bara, Bienvenu Devince, Broussard, Potier, Webre
1830 7 Jun/SWLR Édouard GUILBEAU   Magdelaine WILTZ German Creole Cormier, LeBlanc, Potier, Richard
1830 7 Jun/SWLR Jean Baptiste BABINEAUX Acadian Eugènie GUILBEAUX   Babinaud, Cormier, Potier, Richard
1831 22 Nov/SWLR Onésime PATIN French Creole Marie Marcellite GUILBEAUD   none listed
1832 5 May/SWLR Dosité BRAUD (widower) Acadian Adélaïde Arsène GUILBEAUD   none listed
1833 22 Apr/SWLR Godefroi GUILBEAUD   Aimée BABINAUD Acadian none listed
1833 17 Jun/SWLR Julien GUILBEAUD   Marie Azélie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1833 30 Jul/SWLR Charles GUILBEAUD Acadian Adélaïde GUILBEAUD Acadian none listed
1833 5 Aug/SWLR Colin Armand CORMIER Acadian Euphémie GUILBEAUD   none listed
1835 16 Feb/SWLR Pierre GUILBEAUD   Marie Roseline DUPUIS Acadian none listed
1835 1 Dec/SWLR Mame JANY (widower) French Creole Séraphine GUILBAUX (wid.)   none listed
1839 2 May/SWLR Lucien/Ursin GUILBEAU   Marie Edwige MAYER German Creole none listed
1839 14 Oct/SWLR Peter DOREMUS Anglo? Evelina GUILBEAUX   none listed
1841 29 Apr/SWLR Placide GUILBEAU, fils   Clarisse GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1841 31 Aug/SWLR Jean Onésime GUILBEAUX   Zelie CASTILLE Spanish Creole none listed
1841 4 Nov/SWLR Charles GUIDRY Acadian Clementine GUILBEAU   none listed
1841 23 Dec/SWLR Adolphe BERNARD Acadian Fanelie GUILBEAU   none listed
1843 28 Feb/SWLR Élizée GUILBEAUX   Marie Elmire CORMIER Acadian none listed
1843 8 Aug/SWLR Adrien GUILBEAU, fils   Clara POTIER Acadian none listed
1843 26 Dec/SWLR Théodule GUIDRY Acadian Marie Adélaïde GUILBEAUX   none listed
1844 2 May/SWLR Edmond BABINEAU Acadian Uranie GUILBEAU   none listed
1844 23 May/SWLR Jean GUILBEAU, fils   Marie GOTHRAUX Acadian none listed
1844 23 May/SWLR Ozémé GUILBEAU Acadian Clementine GUILBEAU Acadian none listed
1844 12 Jun/SWLR Adolph GUILBEAU   Eugènie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1844 18 Jul/SWLR Alexandre GUILBEAU, fils   Françoise SAVOY Acadian none listed
1845 22 Jun/SWLR Eugène PETITIN Foreign French? Onezia GUILBEAU   none listed
1845 23 Oct/SWLR John F. SMITH Anglo Oliva GUILBEAU   none listed
1846 24 Feb/SWLR Joseph THERIOT (widower) Acadian Eugènie GUILBEAU (widow)   none listed
1847 13 Apr/SWLR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Marcelite GUILBEAUD   none listed
1848 28 Jun/SWLR Zéphirin BEGNAUD French Creole Angela GUILLEBEAUX   none listed
1848 13 Jul/SWLR Jean Baptiste LE BLANC Acadian Adrienne GUILLEBEAUX   none listed
1848 20 Sep/SWLR Jean GUILBEAU le jeune   Aspasie BERNARD Acadian none listed
1849 6 Dec/SWLR Émilien François BERNARD Acadian Marguerite GUILBEAU   none listed
1849 11 Dec/SWLR Valéry GUILBEAU   Corine GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1849 13 Dec/SWLR Sosthène GUILBEAU   Marie Onezia BERNARD Acadian none listed
1850 20 Jun/SWLR Jérôme Étie Valéry Arthur BULLIARD Foreign French Louison GUILLEBEAUX   none listed
1851 15 May/SWLR Auguste GUILBEAU   Marie Sidalise LASSEIGNE French Creole none listed
1851 6 Nov/SWLR William Denis TALLEY Anglo Anaïs GUILBEAU   none listed
1853 10 Jan/SWLR Valéry LEDOUX French Creole Aimée GUILBEAU   none listed
1853 19 Apr/SWLR Lucien GUILBEAU le jeune   Alexandrine GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1853 24 Aug/SWLR Alexandre GUILBEAU le jeune   Marcelite GUIDRY (widow) Acadian none listed
1854 17 Aug/SWLR Henri HÉBERT Acadian Joséphine GUILBEAU   none listed
1854 12 Oct/SWLR Valéry Marie GUILBEAU   Marie Anaïs BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1855 10 Jan/SWLR Alphonse GUILBEAU   Ophelia DUGAS Acadian none listed
1855 15 May/SWLR Edmond GUILBEAU   Emetile BERNARD Acadian none listed
1855 22 May/SWLR Honoré Placide GUILBEAU   Anne E. THOMAS Anglo none listed
1855 20 Nov/SWLR Laisin BROUSSARD Acadian Uranie GUILBEAU (widow)   none listed
1856 13 May/SWLR Joseph Sosthène GUILBEAU   Victoire THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1856 2 Sep/SWLR Ulger GUILBEAU   Coralie COMEAU Acadian none listed
1857 27 Jul/SWLR Thomas Valcourt HAYES Anglo Creole Adélaïde GUILBEAU   none listed
1857 24 Nov/SWLR John Raphaël SMITH Anglo Mathilde GUILBEAU   none listed
1858 14 Dec/SWLR Treville BROUSSARD Acadian Idalie GUILBEAU   none listed
1859 4 Jan/SWLR Jean GUILBEAU   Evelina BERNARD Acadian none listed
1859 1 Feb/SWLR Charles GUILBEAU   Noemie CALAIS French Creole? none listed
1859 19 Sep/SWLR Cyprien ROY (widower?) French Can.? Adolphine GUILBEAU   none listed
1860 2 Feb/SWLR François A. BROUSSARD Acadian Marie Edmonia GUILBEAU   none listed
1860 29 Oct/SWLR Onésiphore MELANÇON Acadian Anaïs GUILBEAU   none listed
1861 25 Apr/SWLR Adolphe GUILBEAU   Alzina BERNARD Acadian none listed
1861 2 Jul/SWLR Joseph BERNARD Acadian Clementine GUILBEAU (wid.)   none listed

Analysis of GUILBEAU marriages, 1767-1861:

Total marriages listed:              98            100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           70              71.4
Exogamous marriages:             28              28.6



[running tally]

GUILLOT (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1786 14 Feb/BRDR Fabian[-Amateur] GUILLOT   Ana GIROIR Acadian Dugas, Dupuis
1786 16 Oct/BRDR Félix BOUDREAU (widower?) Acadian Françoise[-Gertrude] GUILLOT   Guillot, Landry
1787 22 May/BRDR Paul[-Hippolyte] TERRIO Acadian Francisca[-Gertrude] MELANÇON [GUILLOT] (w.)   Bourque, Terrio
1789 26 Nov/BRDR Juan Miguel GUILLAU   Maria-Rosa PITRE (widow) Acadian Guilot/Guillot
1792 14 May/BRDR Simon[-François] GUILLOT   Anastasia DUAGAS Acadian Guillot, Juncal
1792 30 Dec/BRDR Pedro GUILLOT   Isabel PITRE Acadian Bourque, Vines
1796 22 Nov/BRDR Ambrosio-Maturino HÉBERT Acadian Ysabel-Magdalena GUILLOT   Guillan, Terriou
1799 1 Apr/BRDR Simon[-François] GUILLOT (widower)   Rosa COMMAUX Acadian Boudraux, Guillot
1809 1 May/BRDR Fabian Thomas GUILLOT   Appolline AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Guillot
1809 13 Nov/BRDR Olivier GUILLOT   Ana Margarita JUNCAL Spanish Creole Guillot, Ruiz
1812 3 Feb/BRDR Juan Carlos GUILLOT   Théodosia M. C. DONIS French Creole Guillot, Turreyra
1814 11 Jul/BRDR Juan Bautista GUILLOT   Eugènia TEMPLET Acadian Guillot, Larrosa, Theriot
1814 29 Aug/BRDR Josef GUILLOT   Maria LANDRY Acadian Bariot, Guillot, Hébert
1814 3 Oct/BRDR Ysidoro Francisco GUILLOT   Maria Félicana BERNARD Acadian Bernard, Guillot, Solar
1815 7 Aug/BRDR Juan Bautista BOURQUE Acadian Margarita GUILLOT   Guillot, Tureyra
1816 4 Nov/BRDR Juan Pedro GUILLOT   Maria Eléonor HÉBERT Acadian Guillot, Hébert, Tureyra
1817 7 Apr/BRDR Louis GUILLOT   Cléonisse ÉBERT (HÉBERT) Acadian none listed
1817 14 Apr/BRDR Jean Pierre GUILLOT   Marie Iréné LEJEUNE Acadian Braux, LeBlanc
1818 26 Jul/BRDR Firmain BLANCHARD Acadian Anne GUILLOT   Blanchard, Hébert, Jenings
1819 26 Apr/BRDR Narcisse André GUILLOT   Rosalie BOURG Acadian Goutreau, Robisseau
1819 27 Apr/BRDR George FABLE Italian Imm. Marie Carmelite GUILLOT   Colonna, Given, Moresco
1820 24 Apr/SLR Jean Baptiste GUILLOT   Pélagie Ortence RICHARD Acadian none listed
1820 5 Jun/SLR Charles DENTIN [DANTIN] Acadian Claire GUILLOT   none listed
1821 15 Oct/SLR Basile Jacinte RICHARD Acadian Marguerite Louise GUILLOT   none listed
1821 26 Nov/SLR Jerie MINGUEE [MINGUET] Foreign French Marie Basilisse GUILLOT   none listed
1822 8 Feb/SLR Jérôme Joseph RIVIERE Foreign French Céleste Eulalie GUILLOT   none listed
1822 19 Aug/SLR François Jean AUPIED Foreign French Marie Modeste GUILLOT   none listed
1823 10 Feb/SLR Célestin POIRIER Acadian Véronique GUILLOT   none listed
1823 26 May/BRDR Augustin LAROUSSE Foreign French Marie Rose GUILLOT   Guillot, Templet
1826 26 Jun/BRDR Joseph GUILLOT (widower)   Clémence SIMONEAU French Creole Aucoin, Guillot, Platten
1826 26 Nov/BRDR Élie BLANCHARD Acadian Marguerite GUILLOT (widow)   Blanchard, Guillot
1828 12 Nov/SLR Vincent LEVERON Acadian Marie B. GUILLOT (widow)   none listed
1828 23 Dec/SLR Joseph BOURG Acadian Hortence Rosalie GUILLOT   none listed
1829 4 May/BRDR Claude Antoine BONAMOUR Foreign French Pauline GUILLOT   Bonnamour, Guillot, Larousse, Monte
1831 22 Nov/BRDR Thomas Isidore GUILLOT   Constance Eulalie GIROIR Acadian Barbier, Girouard, Guillot
1832 6 Feb/SLR Hypolite Hysidore GUILLOT   Marguerite A. BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1832 16 Jul/BRDR Jean Baptiste BLANCHARD Acadian Clarisse Pauline GUILLOT   Guillot
1832 20 Aug/SLR Pierre Martial PITRE Acadian Adeline Phanie GUILLOT   none listed
1833 11 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUILLOT   Marie Adelina BARILLEAU Acadian LeBlanc
1833 6 May/SLR Valéry Delphi GUILLOT   Marie Arthémise MORVAN French Creole none listed
1834 14 Apr/SLR Louis Victor LERICHE (wdr.) Foreign French Marie M. GUILLOT (widow)   none listed
1834 17 Nov/SLR Jean B. Arcange NAVARRE Spanish Creole Marie Rose Mélicère GUILLOT   none listed
1835 26 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste TAUZIN French Creole Marie Adélaïde GUILLOT   none listed
1835 11 May/SLR Fergus Michel GUILLOT   Marie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1836 18 Jan/SLR Eugène GUILLOT   Marie Élise BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1837 20 Nov/SLR Vasseur GUILLOT   Marie ESTEVE Spanish Creole? none listed
1838 22 Jan/BRDR Joseph AUCOIN Acadian Eugènie GUILLOT   Aucoin, Guillot
1838 26 Feb/SLR Ysidore GUILLOT Acadian Euphrosine GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1838 26 Feb/SLR Evariste ADAM French Creole Marie Philonise GUILLOT   none listed
1838 16 Apr/BRDR Genty MABILLE Foreign French Marie Amelina GUILLOT   Blanchard, Campos, Gravero, Guillot, Horet
1839 1 Jan/BRDR Théodule Thomas GUILLOT   Zépheline Christine SIMONEAUX (widow) French Creole Blanka, Guillot, Simoneaux
1839 13 May/SLR Augustin SANCHES Spanish Creole Marie Adèle GUILLOT   none listed
1839 18 Oct/SLR Evariste GUILLOT   Élise THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1839 28 Oct/SLR Marcellus GUILLOT   Marie Azélie THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1840 11 May/SLR Victor GUILLOT   Rose Virginie CALHOUN Anglo none listed
1840 9 Nov/SLR Séverin GUILLOT Acadian Pauline GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1841 1 Feb/SLR Faustin MORVAN French Creole Marie GUILLOT   none listed
1841 8 Feb/SLR Guillaume HÉBERT Acadian Marie GUILLOT   none listed
1841 23 Feb/SLR François GUILLOT   Séverine MALBOROUE German Creole none listed
1841 24 May/SLR Zenon GUILLOT   Émelie/Melite DANTIN Acadian none listed
1841 12 Jul/SLR Telesphore GUILLOT Acadian Rosalie GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1841 8 Nov/SLR Jean Baptiste MIRE Acadian Adèlle GUILLOT   none listed
1842 4 Jul/SLR Hermogène THIBODAUX Acadian Marie GUILLOT   none listed
1843 8 Jan/BRDR Alexander GUILLOT   Malvina HÉBERT Acadian Aucoin, Cappo, Guillot, Hébert
1843 30 Jan/BRDR Alexander OSELET Acadian Henrietta GUILLOT   Aucoin, Dupuis/Dupuys, Guillot
1843 24 Apr/BRDR Joseph Evariste GUILLOT   Fideline DUGAS Acadian Blanchard, Dugas, Guillot
1843 2 Oct/SLR Dominique CONIO Italian Imm.? Marie Joséphine GUILLOT   none listed
1843 30 Oct/SLR Lange GUILLOT   Marie Célesie MIRE Acadian none listed
1844 14 Jan/SLR Jean Pierre THIBODAUX Acadian Pauline GUILLOT   none listed
1844 30 Jun/BRDR Ursin GUILLOT   Joséphine DAIGLE Acadian Guillot, Hébert
1844 1 Jul/SLR Marcellus NAQUIN Acadian Marie GUILLOT   none listed
1844 29 Jul/BRDR Philippe ELBRECE Foreign French? Marie Caroline GUILLOT   Bianchi, Lana, Polverini
1845 3 Feb/BRDR Onésiphore AUCOIN Acadian Marine GUILLOT   Aucoin, Blanchard, Guillot, Templait
1845 7 Apr/SLR Théophile GUILLOT   Marie Melasie BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1845 May/SLR Louis GAUDÉ Acadian Eliza Adèlle GUILLOT   none listed
1846 1 Feb/BRDR Joseph GUILLOT Acadian Célestine GUILLOT Acadian Guillot
1846 17 Aug/SLR Neuville BRAUX Acadian Eveline GUILLOT   none listed
1846 12 Oct/SLR Telesphore GUILLOT (wdr.)   Modeste THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1846 24 Nov/BRDR Charles GUILLOT   Eléonore AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Dupuis, Melançon
1848 8 Feb/SLR Lubain BERNARD French Creole Adèle GUILLOT   none listed
1848 12 Jul/BRDR Lazare GUILLOT   Ernestine AUCOIN Acadian Aucoin, Guillot, Templet
1849 1 Jan/BRDR Charles GUILLOT (widower)   Marie BLANCHARD Acadian LeBlanc, Simoneaud/Simoneaux
1849 7 Feb/SLR Victor GUILLOT   Cécile HENRI Acadian none listed
1849 12 Feb/SLR Urbain GUILLOT   Séraphine BOURG Acadian none listed
1849 11 Jun/SLR Georges CLEMENT Acadian Marie Roseline GUILLOT   none listed
1849 16 Jul/SLR Michel GUILLOT   Zéolide CLEMENT Acadian none listed
1849 29 Oct/BRDR Joseph MARENGO Italian Imm. Marie GUILLOT   Gomez, Trunaldi, Variani
1850 2 Jan/BRDR Raymond CABALLERO Hispanic Clementine GUILLOT   Gonzalez, Sans
1850 21 Jan/SLR Zéphirin DUPONT French Creole? Marie GUILLOT   none listed
1850 28 Oct/SLR Michel GUILLOT   Marie Séraphine AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1852 3 Jan/BRDR Charles GUILLOT   Marie SIMONEAU French Creole Blanchard, Daigle, Simonau/Simoneau
1852 8 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste GUILLOT   Adorestine BRAUD Acadian Braud, Ghial, Landry
1852 10 Jan/BRDR Euzelien AUCOIN Acadian Louisa GUILLOT   Aucoin, Giroir, Gonzales, Guillot
1852 15 Jan/SLR Jean Onésime BABIN Acadian Estelle GUILLOT   none listed
1852 27 Apr/SLR Édouard BREAU Acadian Marie GUILLOT (widow)   none listed
1853 30 Jan/BRDR Jules FORET Acadian Élodie GUILLOT   Blanchard, Boudreaux, Foret, Guillot
1853 28 Jul/SLR Ursin Pierre GUILLOT   Adela Odilia BERGERON Acadian none listed
1854 11 Feb/SLR Treville GUILLOT   Mathilde CLEMENT Acadian none listed
1854 24 Apr/SLR Sylvain HÉBERT Acadian Apauline GUILLOT   none listed
1854 12 Jun/SLR Norbert BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Odile GUILLOT   none listed
1854 10 Jul/SLR Jean ESTEVE Spanish Creole? Marie Azélie GUILLOT   none listed
1855 14 Apr/SLR Lange GUILLOT (widower)   Marie M. BOURGEOIS (wd.) Acadian none listed
1855 1 Sep/SLR Joseph Joachim GUILLOT   Marguerite Ursuline BABIN Acadian none listed
1855 24 Sep/SLR Trasimond ADAM French Creole Marie Joséphine GUILLOT   none listed
1855 29 Dec/SLR Zenon GUILLOT   Odile DANTIN Acadian none listed
1858 12 Jan/BRDR Aurelien TEMPLET Acadian Euphémie GUILLOT   Blanchard, Giroir, Melançon, Templet
1858 18 Jan/SLR Séverin Eugène GUILLOT   C. Honorine THIBODEAUX Acadian none listed
1858 29 Sep/SLR Marcelus GUILLOT Acadian Marie GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1858 2 Oct/SLR Urbain PICOU French Creole Mary H. GUYOT   none listed
1859 1 Feb/BRDR Amédée GIROIR Acadian Émelie GUILLOT   Giroir, Guillot, Templet
1859 22 Feb/BRDR Édouard GUILLOT   Carmelite GIROIR Acadian Dupuis, Giroir, Templet
1859 11 May/SLR Joseph GUILLOT   Clementine HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1860 19 Jun/BRDR Jean Baptiste GRANDIN French Creole? Anastasie GUILLOT   Blanchard, Bourg, Mabile
1860 21 Jul/SLR Paulin NAVARRE Spanish Creole Émelie GUILLOT   none listed
1860 3 Aug/BRDR Émile GUILLOT   Dorestine GROS French Creole? Aucoin, Lagrange
1860 7 Nov/BRDR Ellen GAUTREAUX Acadian Marie Séraphine GUILLOT   Bergeron, Braud, Gautreaux
1861 29 Jan/BRDR Séraphin BRAUD Acadian Élodie GUILLOT   Bourg, Crochet, Grandin, Simoneau
1861 27 May/SLR Gerasime GUILLOT Acadian Joséphine GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1861 15 Jul/SLR Auguste GROS French Creole? Eulalie GUILLOT   none listed

Analysis of GUILLOT marriages, 1786-1861: 

Total marriages listed:           125       100.0%
Endogamous marriages:          90         72.0
Exogamous marriages:            35         28.0 



[running tally]

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