Acadians Aboard English ship Britannia, 1769

Ages are as of 1769.  Individuals with surnames in bold are family heads.  Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadian family pages, which contain many more details of each person's life.  For the story of this ill-fated voyage to Louisiana, see Appendix.  The column on the right is where Maryland authorities counted that person in July 1763.  See Jehn, Acadian Exiles in the Colonies, 150-58.

NOTE:  These individuals are documented in Kinnaird, "The Revolutionary Period, 1765-81," 141-42.

Name Age Birthplace Relationships & Comments MD, Jul 1763
Antoine BELLARD 30 Picardy, France not Acadian ?
Marie TRAHAN 22 Pigiguit? Wife; daughter of Honoré Port Tobacco
Étienne-Simon BELLARD 2 Maryland Son; not Acadian  
Pierre-Olivier BENOIT 40 Pigiguit brother of Jean-Baptiste, whose widow was Anne TRAHAN Port Tobacco
Marie-Geneviève BRASSEAUX 45 Grand-Pré Second wife  
Jean-Charles BENOIT 10 Maryland Son  
Madeleine BENOIT 6 Maryland Daughter  
Marie-Rose BENOIT 8 Maryland Daughter  
Louis LATIER 39 ?   Port Tobacco
Anne TRAHAN 38 ? Wife; widow of Jean-Baptiste BENOIT; sister of Honoré  
Antoine LATIER 7 Maryland Son  
Élisabeth/Isabelle LATIER 4 Maryland Daughter  
Paul LATIER 6 Maryland Son  
Marguerite BENOIT 9 Port Tobacco, Maryland Stepdaughter; niece of Pierre-Olivier  
Marie-Anne BENOIT 15 Pigiguit? Stepdaughter; niece of Pierre-Olivier  
Marie-Rose BENOIT 13 Port Tobacco, Maryland Stepdaughter; niece of Pierre-Olivier  
Jean-Baptiste LEJEUNE, fils 20 Pigiguit called Jean-Vincent in a Spanish report of Oct 1769 ?
Blaise LEJEUNE 18 Pigiguit Brother  
Marguerite LEJEUNE 17 Pigiguit Sister  
Nanette LEJEUNE 13 North Carolina Sister; did not accompany her siblings to LA  
Étienne RIVET, père 52 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit   Upper Marl.
Étienne RIVET, fils 21 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Son  
François RIVET 18 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Son  
Pierre RIVET 16 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Son  
Théodore RIVET 14 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Son  
Honoré TRAHAN 43 Pigiguit Uncle of LEJEUNE orphans; father of Marie; brother of Anne Port Tobacco
Marie CORPORON 50 ? Wife  
Pierre TRAHAN 18 Île Royale Son  
Joseph LEJEUNE 13 North Carolina Orphan; nephew; brother of Jean-Baptiste, fils et al.  
29 individuals, 2 non-Acadians/6 families        

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