Acadians Who Found Refuge in Louisiana, February 1764-early 1800s




Jeanne, daughter of Claude Chaillou and Marthe Bastrate, born perhaps in Nantes in c1733, married first to Nicolas Cuomel, place unrecorded.  She remarried to Jean-Baptiste, son of Abraham Bourg le jeune and Marie Dugas of Annapolis Royal, on Île St.-Pierre, one of the French-controlled islands off the southern coast of Newfoundland, in October 1763.  In 1764 and 1767, Jeanne gave Jean-Baptiste two children on the Newfoundland islands:  Jean, born perhaps on Île St.-Pierre in c1764; and Marie-Geneviève on nearby Île Miquelon in c1767.  


[For the family's travails during the Great Upheaval, see Book Six]


Jeanne Chaillou sailed to Louisiana aboard La Bergère, the second of the Seven Ships, which reached New Orleans in August 1785.  With her were her four Bourg children:  Marie-Geneviève, age 18, Jean-Baptiste, age 16, André, age 14, and Charles, age 10.  They followed the majority of their fellow passengers to upper Bayou Lafourche.  Jeanne died probably in the early 1790s, in her late 50s or early 60s.  Her daughter and two of her sons created families of their own along the bayou. 


Jeanne, widow of Jean-Baptiste Bourg, was the only Chaillou to go to Louisiana.  The "Acadian" branch of this family, then, except for its blood, did not survive in the Bayou State.

The family's name also is spelled Chaillon, Chaillot, Chaillou, Chaillout, Chalou, Challu, Chellon.  [See also Book Ten]

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Settlement Abbreviations 
(present-day civil parishes that existed in 1861 are in parenthesis; hyperlinks on the abbreviations take you to brief histories of each settlement):




Lafourche (Lafourche, Terrebonne)


Pointe Coupée




Natchitoches (Natchitoches)

SB San Bernardo (St. Bernard)


Attakapas (St. Martin, St. Mary, Lafayette, Vermilion)


San Luìs de Natchez (Concordia)


St.-Gabriel d'Iberville (Iberville)


Bayou des Écores (East Baton Rouge, West Feliciana)


New Orleans (Orleans)


St.-Jacques de Cabanocé (St. James)


Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge)


Opelousas (St. Landry, Calcasieu)

For a chronology of Acadian Arrivals in Louisiana, 1764-early 1800s, see Appendix.

The hyperlink attached to an individual's name is connected to a list of Acadian immigrants for a particular settlement and provides a different perspective on the refugee's place in family and community. 

Name Arrived Settled Profile
Jeanne CHAILLOU 01 Aug 1785 Asp born c1733; daughter of Claude CHAILLOU & Marthe BASTRATE; married (1)Nicolas CUOMEL, date & place unrecorded; married, age 29, (2)Jean-Baptiste, son of Abrahm BOURG and Marie DUGAS of Annapolis Royal, 17 Oct 1763, Île St.-Pierre; transported to France probably 1767; at La Rochelle, France, c1769; at Châtellerault, France, 1773-76; in Fourth Convoy from Châtellerault to Nantes, France, Mar 1776; on list of Acadians at Nantes, Sep 1784, called Jeanne CHAILLOT, widow of Jean BOURG, with 3 sons, & 1 daughter; sailed to LA on La Bergère, age 56[sic], widow, head of family; received from Spanish on arrival 1 each of axe, shovel, & meat cleaver, 2 each of hatchet & hoe; in Valenzuéla census, 1788, left bank, called Jeanne CHAILLON Widow BOURG, age 50[sic], with sons Jean-Baptiste [BOURG] age 18, André [BOURG ] age 15, & Charles [BOURG] age 12, 6 arpents, 10 qts. corn, 3 cattle, 2 horses, 4 swine, next to son-in-law Antoine MOLLARD; in Valenzuéla census, 1791, left bank, called Jeanne CHAILLON, Widow BOURG, age 60[sic], with sons Jean-Baptiste [BOURG] age 21, André [BOURG] age 19, & Charles [BOURG] age 16, 6 arpents, 200 qts. corn, 6 horned cattle, 1 horse, 28 swine, next to son-in-law Antoine MOLLARD; died probably before Dec 1795, when she did not appear in the Valenzuéla census with her children; depicted in Dafford Mural, Acadian Memorial, St. Martinville


01.  Wall of Names, 29 (pl. 7L), calls her CHELLON veuve BOURG, & lists her with 4 children; Robichaux, Acadians in Châtellerault, 21-22, Family No. 44, calls her Jeanne CHAILLOU, says she was born in c1733 but gives no place of birth, does not give her parents' names, says she married Jean BOURG in c1762 but gives no place of marriage, & details the family's participation in the Poitou settlement of the early 1770s; Hébert, D., Acadian Families in Exile 1785, 16-17, calls her CHELLON, veuve BOURG, age 56, on the embarkation list, Jeanne CHELLON, on the debarkation list, & Jeanne CHELLON, widow BOURG, age 56, on the complete listing, says she was in the 24th Family aboard La Bergère with 3 children, details her marriage, calls her husband Jean BOURG, gives her & her husband's parents' names but not the location of their marriage, says son Charles was born in 1775 but gives no birthplace, lists the implements the Spanish gave to her & her family after they reached LA, & details her son Charles's marriage in LA.  See also Hébert, D., Acadians in Exile, 68-69; Robichaux, Bayou Lafourche, 1770-98, 40, 172; Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 489.  

The names of her parents & first husband are from Jean-Baptiste BOURG's profile in White, DGFA-1, 244-45. 

Her & her husband's full names also can be found in son Charles's marriage record in BRDR, 2:120 (ASM-2, 24), which spells her family name CHAILLOU.  The marriage record of their son Jean-Baptiste in BRDR, 2:123 (ASC-2, 54), spells her family name CHALOU.  The marriage record of their daughter Marie in NOAR, 4:38 (SLC, M5, 41), spells her family name CHALLU.  The baptismal record of one of their granddaughters, Juana [Jeanne] MOULARD, in BRDR, 2:559-60 (ASM-1, 88), spells her family name CHAILLOUT.  

According to the marriage record in NOAR, cited above, Jeanne's daughter Marie-Geneviève BOURG was born on Île Miquelon (c1767, according to other sources).  Although none of the spellings of Jeanne's surname are in either Arsenault, Généalogie, or White, DGFA-1, the fact that she was married on Île St.-Jeanne, a part of greater Acadia, makes Jeanne an Acadian of sorts, though one suspects that she was a native of France, perhaps Nantes (see below), who somehow had made her way, perhaps with her first husband, to the islands south of Newfoundland by the early 1760s.

Note that Jean-Pierre LIRETTE, husband of Acadian Marie-Madeleine DAREMBOURG, who also came to LA in 1785 aboard one of the u Ships, was the son of François LIRETTE & Michaela CHAILLOU of Nantes, France.  See BRDR, 2:504.  Was Michaela kin to Jeanne?

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