Acadians Who Found Refuge in Louisiana, February 1764-early 1800s




Charles Lacroix dit Durel, born in c1705, son of Pierre Lacroix and Jeanne Deville of St.-Denis-Le-Gast, Coutances, France, came to greater Acadia by September 1730, when he married Judith, daughter of Acadians Gabriel dit Pierre Chiasson and Marie Savoie of Chignecto, at St.-Pierre-du-Nord on Île St.-Jean, today's Prince Edward Island.  Judith gave him a son and five daughters, all born on the island:  twins Marie-Élisabeth and Marguerite, born in September 1731; Anne-Marie or Marie-Anne in January 1734; Marie-Judith, called Judith, in August 1736; Charles, fils in February 1739; and Charlotte-Anne in November 1741.  At least three of their daughters married.  Anne-Marie married Charles dit Pinel, son of fellow Acadians Noël Pinet and Rose Henry of Minas, at St.-Pierre-du-Nord in April 1753.  Marguerite, married Joseph, fils, son of fellow Acadians Joseph Préjean and Marie-Louise Comeau, probably at St.-Pierre-du-Nord in c1758.   Daughter Judith married Jean, son perhaps of fellow Acadians Abraham Daigle and Marie Boudrot, in c1759 perhaps at Cherbourg, France.  Charles's descendants tended to use as their surname their father's dit.  [See also Book Four]


[For the family's travails during the Great Upheaval, see Book Six]


Marguerite Durel, her husband, Joseph Préjean, and two of their children--Victoire, age 4, and Jean-Baptiste, fils, in utero--were among the earliest Acadians to find refuge in Louisiana.  They came to the colony with other prisoners from Nova Scotia, reaching New Orleans in 1765 via Cap-Français, St.-Domingue.  They settled at the Acadian community of Cabanocé/St.-Jacques on the river above New Orleans where 20 Acadians from Georgia had settled the year before.  In the early 1770s, Joseph died, and Marguerite remarried to fellow Acadian Joseph Bourg.  They remained at St.-Jacques.


Twenty years after Marguerite came to Louisiana, younger sister Anne-Marie Durel, her husband, Charles Pinet dit Pinel, and three of their children--Louis, age 22, Marie-Madeleine, age 14, and Marie-Modeste, age 20, who came with her husband and his family--sailed to Louisiana aboard L'Amitié, the fifth of the Seven Ships of 1785, which reached New Orleans in November.  After a brief respite in the city, they followed the majority of the passengers from their ship to upper Bayou Lafourche, not far from St.-Jacques.  

After 27 years of separation, the Lacroix dit Durel sisters of Île St.-Jean were finally reunited.  


Since only female members of the Acadian branch of this family came to Louisiana, and since they used their father's dit, not his surname, the Durel families in the Bayou State are not Acadians but French Creoles or Foreign French.  The blood of Charles Lacroix dit Durel has survived, however, in the Prejean, Pinet, and Daigle families. 

The family's name also is spelled Dourel, Durell.  [See also Book Ten]

Sources:  Arsenault, Généalogie, 2119-20; De La Roque, "Tour of Inspection," Canadian Archives 1905, 2A:127; Hébert, D., Acadians in Exile, 93-94, 131-32; <>; Robichaux, Acadians in Chatellerault, 82; Robichaux, Acadians in Nantes, 78-79; White, DGFA-1, 351, 1075.

Settlement Abbreviations 
(present-day civil parishes that existed in 1861 are in parenthesis; hyperlinks on the abbreviations take you to brief histories of each settlement):




Lafourche (Lafourche, Terrebonne)


Pointe Coupée




Natchitoches (Natchitoches)

SB San Bernardo (St. Bernard)


Attakapas (St. Martin, St. Mary, Lafayette, Vermilion)


San Luìs de Natchez (Concordia)


St.-Gabriel d'Iberville (Iberville)


Bayou des Écores (East Baton Rouge, West Feliciana)


New Orleans (Orleans)


St.-Jacques de Cabanocé (St. James)


Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge)


Opelousas (St. Landry, Calcasieu)

For a chronology of Acadian Arrivals in Louisiana, 1764-early 1800s, see Appendix.

The hyperlink attached to an individual's name is connected to a list of Acadian immigrants for a particular settlement and provides a different perspective on the refugee's place in family and community. 

Name Arrived Settled Profile
Marguerite DUREL 01 1765 StJ, Asc born 13 Sep 1731, baptized 7 Jan 1732, St.-Pierre-du-Nord, Île St.-Jean; daughter of Charles LACROIX dit DUREL & Judith CHIASSON; sister of Marie-Anne; at Havre-de-la-Fortune, Île St.-Jean, Aug 1752, called Margueritte LACROIX, age 21, with mother, stepfather, siblings, & half-siblings; married (1)Joseph, fils, son of Joseph PRÉJEAN & Marie-Louise COMEAUX of Chepoudy, c1758; on list of Acadians at Fort Edward, formerly Pigiguit, 20 Oct 1762, unnamed, with husband & 1 unnamed other; arrived LA 1765, age 34; in Cabanocé census, 1766, right [west] bank, called Marguerite BOREL[sic], age 24[sic], with husband, 1 son & 1 daughter; in Cabanocé census, 1769, right [west] bank, called Margueritte DUREL, age 32[sic], with husband, 2 sons, & 1 daughter;  in Ascension census, 1770, right [west] bank, called Marie[sic]DOUREL, age 33[sic], with husband, 2 sons, & 1 daughter; married (2)Joseph, fils, son of probably Joseph BOURG & François DUGAS of Cobeguit, & widower of Anne-Marguerite or Marguerite-Anne LEGER & Marie LEBLANC, 27 Jun 1772, St.-Jacques; in St.-Jacques census, 1777, left [east] bank, called Marguerite DUREL, age 42[sic], with husband Joseph BOURG, 2 PRÉJEAN sons, 1 BOURG stepson, 2 PRÉJEAN daughters, 1 BOURG daughter, & 2 BOURG stepdaughters; in St.-Jacques census, 1779, unnamed, with Joseph BOURG & unnamed family of 10
Marie-Anne DUREL 02 Nov 1785 Asc, Asp born 12 Jan 1734, baptized 31 Jan 1734, St.-Pierre-du-Nord, Île St.-Jean; called Anne; daughter of Charles LACROIX dit DUREL & Judith CHIASSON; sister of Marguerite; at Havre-de-la-Fortune, Île St.-Jean, Aug 1752, called Anne [LACROIX], age 18, with mother, stepfather, siblings, & half-siblings; married, age 19, Charles of Île St.-Jean, son of Noël PINET dit PINEL & Rose HENRY, 30 Apr 1753, St.-Pierre-du-Nord, Île St.-Jean; deported to Cherbourg, France, 1758-59, age 24; in Poitou, France, 1775-?; on list of Acadians at Nantes, France, Sep 1784, called Anne, with husband, 1 unnamed son, & 3 unnamed daughters; sailed to LA on L'Amitié, age 50; in Ascension census, 1788, right [west] bank, called Anne DUREL widow PINEL, age 58[sic], with daughter Magdeleinne [PINEL] age 17, 6 arpents, 20 qts. corn, 2 swine; in Ascension census, 1791, right [west] bank, called Marie PINET, age 60[sic], with son-in-law Jean-Baptiste TRAHAN & daughter Madelaine PINET; in Assumption census, 1795, called Ana DUREL, age 63[sic], with son-in-law Juan Bautista TRAHAN, daughter Magdelena PINEL, & son-in-law's brother Juan Maria [TRAHAN]; in Assumption census, 1797, called Anne DUREL, age 66[sic], with son-in-law Jean-Baptiste TRAHAM, daughter Marguerite PINET, & son-in-law's brother Jean-Marie


01.  Wall of Names, 24 (pl. 5R), calls her Marguerite DUREL, & lists her with her first husband & 2 children; Arsenault, Généalogie, 2120, her father's profile in the Île St.-Jean section, calls her Marguerite [LACROIX dit DUREL], says she was born in 1730 but gives no birthplace, gives her parents' names, & lists her siblings, including sister Anne-Marie, born in 1734; Hébert, D., Acadians in Exile, 132, her birth/baptismal record, calls her Marguerite DUREL, gives her parents' names, says her godparents were Michel DU JAUT & Marguerite CHIESSON, & shows that she was twin of sister Marie-Élisabeth.  See also Bourgeois, Cabanocey, 164, 174; De La Roque, "Tour of Inspection," Canadian Archives, 2A:127; Marchand, Old Settlers of Ascension, 17; De Ville, St. James Census, 1777, 19; De Ville, Acadian Coast, 1779, 25; Robichaux, Bayou Lafourche, 1770-98, 1.

Who knows why the census takers at St.-Jacques & Ascension mixed up her name & her ages so thoroughly.  

For evidence of her marriage to Joseph BOURG, see Marchand, cited above, which gives the date but no parents' names; the baptismal record of daughter Céleste BOURG, dated 28 Dec 1782, in BRDR, 2:120-21 (SJA-1, 64); & the baptismal & marriage records of daughter Pélagie BOURG, dated 16 Jan 1774 & 17 Nov 1801, in BRDR, 2:128 (SJA-1, 21a; SJA-2, 56), which call the mother Marguerite DUREL & Margarita DURELL.  Note that Pélagie's godmother was Victoire PREGAN [PRÉJEAN], Marguerite's daughter by her first husband.  For speculation on which Joseph BOURG of St.-Jacques was Marguerite DUREL's second husband, follow this link

02.  Wall of Names, 39 (pl. 10L), calls her Anne DUREL, & lists her with her husband & 2 children; Arsenault, Généalogie, 2120, her father's profile in the Île St.-Jean section, calls her Anne-Marie [LACROIX dit DUREL], says she was born in c1734 but gives no birthplace, gives her parents' names, & lists her siblings, including sister Marguerite; Hébert, D., Acadians in Exile, 313, her birth/baptismal record, calls her Anne-Marie DUREL, gives her parents' names, & says she was the goddaughter of Miquel DE LOYAL & Anne POITIER, epouse de CHAINAY [CHENET?]; Robichaux, Acadians in Chatellerault, 82, Family No. 161, calls her Anne DUVAL, says she was born in c1735 but gives no birthplace, gives her parents' names, calls her father Charles DUVAL & says he was deceased at the time of her marriage, details her marriage, calls her husband Charles PINET, says he was born in c1732 but gives no birthplace, gives his parents' names, & includes the baptismal record of son Marti-Charles PINET, baptized 1 Feb 1775, La Chapelle-Roux; Hébert, D., Acadian Families in Exile 1785, 70-71, calls her Anne DUREL, sa [Charles PINEL's] femme, age 50, on the embarkation list, does not include her on the debarkation list, calls her Anne DUREL, his [Charles PINET's] wife, age 50, on the complete listing, says she was in the 21st Family aboard L'Amitié with her husband & 2 children, &, calling her Anne DUVAL, details her marriage, including her & her husband's parents' names, & says they were married in 1753 but gives no place of marriage.  See also De La Roque, "Tour of Inspection," Canadian Archives, 2A:127; Robichaux, Bayou Lafourche, 1770-98, 31, 55, 84, 161; Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 509.

Her estimated birth year based on the passenger list of L'Amitié is close to the age of the Anne-Marie LACROIX dit DUREL, born to Charles LACROIX dit DUREL & Judith CHIASSON in Jan 1734, found in Arsenault, 2120, & Hébert, D., Acadians in Exile, cited above, which would make her Marguerite's older sister.  Her first name comes not only from Arsenault but also from her daughter Marie-Madeleine PINEL's marriage record, dated 6 Jan 1789, in BRDR, 2:591 (ASC-2, 15), which calls her Marion DURELL, & the Ascension census of 1791, which calls her Marie PINET.  So why does Robichaux, in his study of the Acadians in Poitou, a generally sterling source, call her Anne DUVAL, daughter of Charles DUVAL & Judith CHIASSON?  Was her father a DUREL or a DUVAL?  I am reluctant to place information from Arsenault over that from Robichaux, but she is called DUREL, not DUVAL, in the marriage record previously cited, on the embarkation list of L'Amitié, & in several LA censuses, so DUREL it is.  

The ages given for her in the LA censuses in which she is found seem to be those of another person, but this was no doubt the widow of Charles PINET dit PINEL.   

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