Acadian Immigrants to Cabanocé/St.-Jacques, 1766

Ages are as of 1766.  Individuals with surnames in bold are male family heads or the eldest sons of widows.  Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadian family pages, which contain many more details of each person's life.

NOTE:  Arrivals in September 1766 are the ones who are not in the Cabanocé militia list/census of April 1766 but are in the Cabanocé census of September 1769, found in Bourgeois, Cabanocey, 173-79, and Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 440-85, and are not on the lists of July 1767 or February 1768 arrivals from Maryland, found in Voorhies, J., pp. 428-39.  The logic for inclusion on this list is, first, the 1765 arrivals already were at Cabanocé to be counted in the April 1766 census there, and the September 1766 arrivals were not; second, the 1765 arrivals came from Halifax, not Maryland; and, third, the July 1767 and February 1768 arrivals from Maryland were parceled out to new settlements at St.-Gabriel d'Iberville and San Luis de Natchez, respectively, and those lists are very detailed.  The nine-member DAVID family, which reached New Orleans in October 1766, can be found on a separate list.  The column on the right is where Maryland authorities counted that person in July 1763.  See Jehn, Acadian Exiles in the Colonies, 150-58.

Name Age Birthplace Relationships & Comments MD, Jul 1763
Amand BABIN 24 L'Asp., Pigiguit Brother of Brigitte et al. Oxford
Marie-Anastasie LANDRY 18 Pigiguit Wife; daughter of Abraham dit Petit Abram  
Élisabeth-Madeleine BABIN 22 L'Asp., Pigiguit Sister  
Marie-Josèphe BABIN ? L'Asp., Pigiguit Sister  
Anne-Geneviève BABIN 18 probably Minas   ?
Brigitte BABIN 16 Pigiguit Sister of Amand Oxford
Charles BABIN 24 Pigiguit Brother Oxford
Vincent-Ephrèm BABIN 21 Pigiguit Brother Oxford
Ursule LANDRY 42 probably Minas Widow of Jean-Baptiste BABIN Oxford
Anne-Barbe BABIN 10 Maryland Daughter  
Joseph BABIN 18 probably Minas Son  
Marguerite BABIN 14 probably Minas Daughter  
Marie-Josèphe BABIN 16 probably Minas Daughter  
Anne THÉRIOT 45 Grand-Pré Widow of Joseph BABIN Oxford
Jean-Jacques BABIN 18 Pigiguit Son  
Joseph BABIN 21 Pigiguit Son
Marguerite BABIN 17 Pigiguit Daughter  
Madeleine BABIN 20 probably Minas Oxford
Marguerite BABIN 27 probably Minas Sister Oxford
Marie BABIN 13 probably Minas Sister Oxford
Marie-Josèphe BABIN 19 ?   ?
Anne FORET 37 probably Minas Widow of Pierre BABIN ?
Charles BABIN 6 Maryland Son  
Joseph dit Dios BABIN 12 probably Pigiguit Son  
Marguerite BLANCHARD 33 probably Minas   ?
Madeleine BLANCHARD 6 Maryland Niece ?
Jean-Baptiste BREAUX 41 Pigiguit Oxford
Marie-Rose LANDRY 36 ? Second wife  
Amand BREAUX 12 Pigiguit Son  
Anne BREAUX 12 Pigiguit Daughter  
Esther BREAUX 7 Maryland Daughter  
Jean BREAUX 15 Pigiguit Son  
Marguerite BREAUX 19 Pigiguit Daughter  
Marie-Madeleine BREAUX 17 Pigiguit Daughter  
Paul BREAUX 21 Pigiguit? Minas?   Port Tobacco
Augustin BROUSSARD 18 Grand-Pré? Nephew of Désiré LEBLANC ?
Anne LANDRY 34 probably Minas Widow of Jean BROUSSARD, père Port Tobacco
Firmin BROUSSARD 14 Minas Son  
Jean BROUSSARD, fils 6 Maryland Son  
Paul BROUSSARD in utero New Orleans Son  
Étienne BUJOLE 42 Pigiguit Widower; brother of Joseph Oxford
Marie BUJOLE 5 Maryland Daughter  
Marie-Madeleine BUJOLE 5 Maryland Daughter  
Mathurin BUJOLE 14 Pigiguit Son  
Pierre BUJOLE 11 Pigiguit Son  
Joseph BUJOLE 43 Pigiguit Brother of Étienne Oxford
Anne LEBLANC 34 Wife  
Anne BUJOLE 7 Maryland Daughter
Augustin BUJOLE 13 Pigiguit Son  
Marguerite BUJOLE 15 Pigiguit Daughter  
Marie-Madeleine BUJOLE 1 Maryland Daughter  
Félicité-Perpétué BUJOLE 11 Pigiguit Daughter  
Osite DUPUIS 22 Grand-Pré ?
Pierre FORET 29 Minas ?
Rose-Osite GAUTREAUX c1735 Minas Widow of Olivier FOREST Snow Hill
Marie FORET c1755 Minas or MD Daughter  
Amand-Paul GAUTREAUX 35 Grand-Pré Newtown
Marie LANDRY 28 ? Wife  
Anne GAUTREAUX 1 Maryland Daughter  
Marie-Madeleine LEBLANC 11 ? Orphan  
Euphrosine GAUTREAUX 42 ? Widow of Pierre GRANGER Snow Hill
Jean-Baptiste GRANGER 14 Grand-Pré Son  
Joseph GRANGER 19 Grand-Pré Son  
Marie-Anne GRANGER 23 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Abraham dit Petit Abram LANDRY 54 Pigiguit Widower; brother of Joseph & René Oxford
Anne-Osite LANDRY 22 Pigiguit Daughter  
Élisabeth/Isabelle LANDRY 12 Pigiguit Daughter  
Étienne LANDRY 24 Pigiguit Son  
Joseph dit Le Cadet LANDRY 9 Maryland Son  
Marguerite LANDRY 15 Pigiguit Daughter  
Marie LANDRY ? ? Daughter  
Marie-Madeleine LANDRY 7 Maryland Daughter  
Pierre-Abraham dit Pitre LANDRY 14 Pigiguit Son  
Simon LANDRY 22 Pigiguit Son  
Amand-Pierre LANDRY 20 probably Pigiguit Brother Oxford
Anne LANDRY ? probably Pigiguit Sister  
Marie LANDRY ? probably Pigiguit Sister  
Basile LANDRY 16 Grand-Pré ?
Charles LANDRY 28 probably Pigiguit Brother of Jacques & Joseph Oxford
François LANDRY ? probably Pigiguit Brother  
Pélagie LANDRY 17 probably Pigiguit Sister  
Étienne LANDRY 32 Pigiguit Brother of Pierre dit La Vielliarde Baltimore
Marie-Josèphe LANDRY 32 ? Second wife  
Anastasie LANDRY 9 Maryland Daughter  
Jean-Baptiste LANDRY in utero Maryland Son  
Firmin LANDRY 38 Pigiguit Widower Oxford
Hélène LANDRY 16 probably Pigiguit Daughter  
Joseph LANDRY 13 probably Pigiguit Son  
Marie-Madeleine LANDRY 9 Maryland Daughter  
Saturin LANDRY 11 Pigiguit or MD Son  
François LANDRY, père 44 Pigiguit Widower Oxford
François LANDRY, fils 25 Pigiguit Son  
Joseph LANDRY 8 Maryland Son  
Pélagie LANDRY 17 Pigiguit Daughter  
Geneviève  LANDRY 22 ? ?
Jacques LANDRY 23 Pigiguit  Brother of Charles, François, & Pélagie Oxford
Françoise BLANCHARD 19 ? Wife  
Joseph LANDRY 14 Pigiguit  Brother  
Joseph LANDRY 56 Pigiguit Brother of Abraham dit Petit Abram & René; deaf; never married Oxford
Marie-Josèphe BOURG 52 ? Second wife & widow of Joseph LANDRY Oxford
Anne-Gertrude LANDRY 15 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Joseph dit Belhomme LANDRY 14 Grand-Pré Son  
Marguerite LANDRY 16 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Marie-Madeleine LANDRY 19 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Marie-Josèphe LANDRY 28 ? ?
Pierre dit La Vielliarde LANDRY 34 Pigiguit Widower; brother of Étienne Oxford
Anne-Isabelle LANDRY 7 Maryland Daughter  
Fabien LANDRY 2 Maryland Son  
Joseph LANDRY 10 Maryland Son  
Pierre-Alexis LANDRY 4 Maryland Son  
Pierre dit Pierrot à Chaques LANDRY 45 probably Pigiguit Widower Oxford
Firmin LANDRY 7 Maryland Son  
Isabelle LANDRY 10 Maryland Daughter  
Jean LANDRY 14 ? Son  
Jean-Baptiste LANDRY 10 Maryland Son  
Osite LANDRY 13 ? Daughter  
Paul LANDRY 4 Oxford, MD Son  
René LANDRY 50 l'Assptn, Pigiguit Widower; brother of Abraham dit Petit Abram & Joseph Oxford
Félicité LANDRY 16 l'Assptn, Pigiguit Daughter  
Firmin LANDRY 6 Maryland Son  
Joseph dit Dios LANDRY 9 Maryland Son  
Marin LANDRY 18 'Assptn, Pigiguit Son  
Olivier LANDRY 13 l'Assptn, Pigiguit Son  
Vincent LANDRY 39 Minas Stepson of Marie-Josèphe BOURG Oxford?
Susanne GODIN 29 Minas Wife; daughter of Marie-Josèphe BOURG  
Charles-Calixte LANDRY infant Maryland Son  
Désiré LEBLANC, père 49 Grand-Pré Uncle of Augustin BROUSSARD Oxford
Marie-Madeleine LANDRY 43 Grand-Pré Wife; daughter of Abraham dit Petit Abram  
Anselme LEBLANC 4 Maryland Son  
Benjamin LEBLANC 6 Maryland Son  
Désiré LEBLANC, fils 13 Grand-Pré Son  
Élisabeth/Isabelle LEBLANC 15 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Isaac LEBLANC 20 Grand-Pré Son  
Jérôme LEBLANC 17 Grand-Pré Son  
Marie LEBLANC ? ? Daughter  
Marine LEBLANC 11 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Osite LEBLANC 8 Maryland Daughter  
Simon LEBLANC 24 Grand-Pré Son  
Jacques LEBLANC 58 Grand-Pré Oxford
Catherine-Marie-Josèphe FORET 56 Pigiguit Wife  
Catherine LEBLANC 16 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Marguerite LEBLANC ? ? Daughter  
Osite LEBLANC 14 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Jean-Pierre LEBLANC 40 Grand-Pré Snow Hill
Osite MELANÇON 34 Grand-Pré Wife  
Hélène LEBLANC 1 Maryland Daughter  
Isaac LEBLANC 5 Maryland Son  
Joseph dit Josime LEBLANC 4 Maryland Son  
Simon LEBLANC in utero Cabanocé? Son  
Marie-Marthe LEBLANC 17 ? Probably an orphan ?
Paul LEBLANC 23 Grand-Pré  Son of Jacques; brother of Sylvain Oxford
Agnès/Anne BABIN 23 ? Wife  
Marcel LEBLANC infant Maryland  Son  
Marie-Rose LEBLANC in utero? Cabanocé?  Daughter  
Pierre LEBLANC 35 ? Oxford
Anne LANDRY 29 ? Wife  
Anne-Rose LEBLANC 7 Maryland Daughter  
Sylvain LEBLANC 25 Grand-Pré  Son of Jacques; brother of Paul  Oxford
Marie-Madeleine LEBLANC ? ? Wife  
Simon-Sylvain LEBLANC 1 Maryland  Son  
Osite HÉBERT 35 ? Widow of Alexandre MELANÇON Snow Hill
Charles dit Migouin MELANÇON infant Snow Hill, MD Son  
Étienne MELANÇON 10 Maryland Son  
Joseph MELANÇON 12 ? Son  
Madeleine MELANÇON 17 ? Daughter  
Paul-Olivier MELANÇON 4 Snow Hill, MD Son  
Pierre-Jacques MELANÇON 16 ? Son  
Marguerite BROUSSARD 46 Port-Royal Widow of Jacques MELANÇON Snow Hill
Anne-Élisabeth MELANÇON 20 ? Daughter  
Madeleine MELANÇON 22 ? Daughter  
Marguerite MELANÇON 19 ? Daughter  
Madeleine LEBLANC 54 Grand-Pré Widow of Jean-Baptiste MELANÇON Snow Hill
Charles MELANÇON 23 Grand-Pré Son  
Jean-Baptiste MELANÇON, fils 25 Grand-Pré? Son  
Marie-Rose MELANÇON 21 Grand-Pré Daughter  
Joseph MELANÇON 11 Grand-Pré or MD ?
Marguerite MELANÇON 19 Grand-Pré Sister ?
Anne LANDRY 26 ? Widow of Joseph MELANÇON Snow Hill
Marguerite MELANÇON 3 Maryland Daughter  
Olivier MELANÇON 6 Maryland Son  
Paul MELANÇON 36 Minas Brother of Charles, Jean-Baptiste, & Marie-Rose Snow Hill
Marie THÉRIOT 30 Minas Wife  
Jean-Baptiste MELANÇON 7 Maryland Son  
Marie-Anne MELANÇON 5 Maryland Daughter  
Marie-Madeleine MELANÇON 10 Maryland Daughter  
Philippe MELANÇON 16 ? Son  
Marie POIRIER 13 ? ?
Marie LEBLANC 32 ? Widow of Joseph RICHARD ?
Marguerite RICHARD 6 Maryland Daughter  
François SIMONEAU 38 Lorraine, France not an Acadian Oxford
Marie-Osite-Anne CORPORON 31 Port-Royal Wife  
Alexis SIMONEAU infant at sea Son  
Joseph SIMONEAU 6 Maryland Son  
Marguerite SIMONEAU 1 Maryland Daughter  
René dit Simon SIMONEAU 4 Maryland Son  
195 individuals, including 5 non-Acadians/39 families  

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