Acadian Immigrants to San Luìs de Natchez, 1768

Ages are as of 1768.  Individuals with surnames in bold are male family heads or the eldest sons of widows.  Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadian family pages, which contain many more details of each person's life.  The Jul 1763 column is where colonial authorities counted that person in Maryland.  See Jehn, Acadian Exiles in the Colonies, 150-58.  The 1769 column refers to where the family or individual went after Governor Ulloa's successor, General/Governor Alejandro O'Reilly, released them from San Luìs de Natchez:  Cabanocé/St.-Jacques (StJ), Ascension (Asc), or St.-Gabriel d'Iberville (StG), on what became known as the Acadian Coast, or Atakapas (Atk), west of the Atchafalaya Basin. 

NOTE:  These individuals are documented in Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 435-39.  See also Brasseaux, ed., Quest for the Promised Land, 134-35, for "Distribution of land to the Acadians[sic] families who will be sent to the settlement of San Luìs de Natchez," which includes the name of family heads, the number of children, & arpents frontage.

Name Age Birthplace Relationships & Comments MD, Jul 1763 1769
Catherine LANDRY 48 probably Minas Widow of Antoine BABIN Port Tobacco Asc
Charles BABIN 18 probably Pigiguit Son    
Claire BABIN 24 probably Pigiguit Daughter; married "at" Fort San Luìs, 23 Jan 1769    
Élisabeth/Isabelle BABIN 4 Maryland Daughter    
Firmin BABIN 21 probably Pigiguit Son    
Louise-Anne BABIN 22 probably Pigiguit Daughter    
Marie BABIN ? probably Pigiguit Daughter; married "at" Fort San Luìs, 20 Jun 1768    
Rose BABIN 14 probably Pigiguit Daughter    
François-Marie BABIN 26 probably Pigiguit Son of Antoine BABIN & Catherine LANDRY Port Tobacco Asc
Marguerite-Hélène BREAUX 31 probably Minas Wife    
Charles BABIN le jeune 4 Maryland Son    
Paul BABIN infant Maryland Son    
Anne BABIN 7 probably Maryland Orphan; sister of Mathurin    
Mathurin BABIN 12 probably Pigiguit Orphan; brother of Anne    
Joseph BABIN l'aîné 38 probably Minas   Port Tobacco StG
Rosalie BABIN 31 probably Minas Wife    
Marie-Rose BABIN 2 Maryland Daughter    
Simon BABIN 5 Maryland Son    
Joseph BABIN le jeune 21 probably Minas Brother    
Olivier BABIN 18 probably Minas Orphan Port Tobacco StG
Étienne BENOIT 18 Pigiguit Orphan ? StG
Augustin-Rémi BOUDREAUX 13 Pigiguit or Maryland Orphan Port Tobacco Atk
Alexis BREAUX, père 44 Pigiguit Brother of Honoré :Port Tobacco StJ
Madeleine TRAHAN 45 ? Wife    
Alexis BREAUX, fils 3 Maryland Son    
Anastasie BREAUX 6 Maryland Daughter    
Charles BREAUX 15 Pigiguit Son    
Honoré BREAUX le jeune 21 Pigiguit Son    
Joseph BREAUX 17 Pigiguit Son    
Marie BREAUX 11 Maryland Daughter    
Antoine BREAUX 32 Pigiguit? Son of Claire TRAHAN; brother of Pierre et al. Port Tobacco StG
Marguerite LANDRY 32 ? Wife    
Charles BREAUX 9 Maryland Son    
Joseph BREAUX 14 ? Son    
Marie-Rose BREAUX 4 Maryland Daughter    
Perpétué BREAUX 7 Maryland Daughter    
Scholastique BREAUX 17 ? Daughter    
Bibianne BREAUX 24 ? "Orphan" Port Tobacco Asc
Joseph BREAUX 15 ? Brother Port Tobacco  
Marguerite BREAUX 20 ? Sister ?  
Claire TRAHAN 61 ? Widow of Charles BREAUX; died soon after reaching Ft. SL Port Tobacco Asc
Anne-Gertrude BREAUX 23 L'Assomption, Pigiguit Daughter; became an Ursuline nun    
Élisabeth/Isabelle BREAUX 25 L'Assomption, Pigiguit Daughter; also became an Ursuline nun    
Madeleine BREAUX 21 L'Assomption, Pigiguit Daughter    
Pierre BREAUX 27 L'Assomption, Pigiguit Son    
Honoré BREAUX 37 Pigiguit Brother of Alexis Port Tobacco StJ
Anne-Madeleine TRAHAN 36 ? Wife    
Élisabeth/Isabelle BREAUX 3 Maryland Daughter    
Joseph-Honoré BREAUX 1 Maryland Son    
Madeleine BREAUX 14 Pigiguit Daughter    
Rose-Osite LANDRY 30 ? Widow of Janvier BREAUX Port Tobacco StG
Madeleine BREAUX 3 Maryland Daughter    
Marguerite-Pélagie BREAUX 5 Maryland Daughter   Asc
Marie BREAUX infant Maryland Daughter    
Jean BREAUX 32 ?   ? ?
Marie ______ 27 ? Wife    
Jean-Baptiste BREAUX infant Maryland Son    
Marie BREAUX 3 Maryland Daughter    
Jean-Charles BREAUX 35 probably Minas Son of Marguerite GAUTREAUX Port Tobacco StG
Marie BENOIT 31 probably Minas Wife    
Ludivine BREAUX 6 Maryland Daughter    
Marguerite BREAUX 9 Maryland Daughter    
Michel BREAUX 13 Pigiguit or Maryland Son    
Simon BREAUX 2 Maryland Son    
Joseph-Charles BREAUX 34 Pigiguit   Port Tobacco StG
Marie-Josèphe LANDRY 36 ? Wife    
Charles BREAUX infant Maryland Son    
Claire BREAUX 3 Maryland Daughter    
Joseph-Marie BREAUX 5 Maryland Son    
Marguerite BREAUX 8 Maryland Daughter    
Marie BREAUX ? Minas? Sister of Jean-Charles et al.? ? StG
Marguerite GAUTREAUX 63 ? Widow of Pierre BREAUX Port Tobacco Asc
Marie-Josèphe BREAUX 22 Grand-Pré Daughter    
Marie-Rose BREAUX 20 Grand-Pré Daughter    
Marguerite LANDRY 33 probably Minas Widow of Simon-Pierre BREAUX Port Tobacco StJ
Augustin BREAUX infant Maryland Son; twin of Marianne    
Hélène BREAUX 2 Maryland Daughter    
Marie-Anne BREAUX 14 probably Minas Daughter    
Marianne BREAUX infant Maryland Daughter; twin of Augustin    
Jean-Baptiste-Pierre BREAUX 13 Minas or Maryland Son   Asc
Cécile BREAUX 30 probably Minas Widow of Georges CLOUÂTRE; daughter-in-law of Marguerite LEBLANC Port Tobacco StJ
Charles CLOUÂTRE 3 Maryland Son    
Joseph CLOUÂTRE le jeune 7 Maryland Son    
Marie-Madeleine CLOUÂTRE 6 Maryland Daughter    
Marguerite LEBLANC 62 Grand-Pré Widow of Pierre CLOISTRE dit CLOUÂTRE Port Tobacco StG
Anne CLOUÂTRE 23 Grand-Pré Daughter    
Joseph CLOUÂTRE 18 Grand-Pré Son    
Marthe-Marie CLOUÂTRE 21 Grand-Pré Daughter; died soon after reaching Fort San Luìs    
Pierre-Sylvain CLOUÂTRE 27 Grand-Pré Son    
Marguerite BABIN 38 ? Widow of Alexis COMEAUX Port Tobacco StG
Étienne COMEAUX 8 Maryland Son; twin of Pierre    
Joseph COMEAUX 17 ? Son    
Marguerite COMEAUX 13 ? Daughter    
Pierre COMEAUX 8 Maryland Son; twin of Etienne    
Anne VINCENT 59 ? Widow of Alexandre DOIRON Oxford StG
Agathe DOIRON 30 ? Daughter    
Élisabeth/Isabelle DOIRON 20 ? Daughter; married "at" Fort San Luìs, 20 Jun    
Pélagie DOIRON 16 ? Daughter    
Anne BREAUX 58 Grand-Pré Widow of Jean-Baptiste DUPUIS Port Tobacco Asc
Marie DUPUIS 29 Minas Daughter; died on voyage upriver, Mar 1768    
Monique DUPUIS 24 Minas Daughter    
Pierre DUPUIS 18 Minas Son    
Jean-Baptiste DUPUIS 38 Grand-Pré died at Fort San Luìs, Sep 1768 Port Tobacco Asc
Anne RICHARD 32 probably Minas Wife    
Cécile DUPUIS 4 Maryland Daughter    
Firmin DUPUIS 16 probably Minas Son    
Marie DUPUIS 13 Minas or MD Daughter    
Anne-Madeleine DUPUIS 35 ? Widow of Jean GUIDRY Port Tobacco Asc
Anne-Monique GUIDRY 8 Maryland Daughter    
Élisabeth/Isabelle GUIDRY 3 Maryland Daughter    
Firmin GUIDRY 16 Pigiguit Son    
Jean-Baptiste GUIDRY 7 Maryland Son    
Madeleine GUIDRY 14 Pigiguit Daughter    
Pierre GUIDRY 26 L'Assomption, Pigiguit remarried at Fort San Luìs, 23 Jan 1769 in PA Asc
Marguerite DUPUIS 27 Minas Wife; died soon after she reached Fort San Luìs    
Marie GUIDRY 3 Maryland Daughter     
Augustin LANDRY 25 Grand-Pré Son of Joseph LANDRY & Marie-Josèphe RICHARD; orphan Port Tobacco StG
Alexandre LANDRY 18 Grand-Pré Brother    
Anne-Madeleine LANDRY 14 Grand-Pré Sister    
Cécile LANDRY 21 Grand-Pré Sister    
Geneviève LANDRY 23 Grand-Pré Sister; married "at" Fort San Luìs, 9 Aug    
Madeleine LANDRY 28 Grand-Pré Sister    
Pierre LANDRY 16 Grand-Pré Brother    
Basile LANDRY 41 Pigiguit Brother of Joseph Upper Marl. Atk
Brigitte BOUDREAUX 36 ? Wife; sister of Marie-Madeleine    
Madeleine LANDRY 2 Maryland Daughter    
Susanne-Marie LANDRY 12 Maryland Daughter    
Joseph LANDRY, père 38 Pigiguit Brother of Basile Upper Marl. StG
Marie-Madeleine BOUDREAUX 35 Pigiguit Wife; sister of Brigitte    
Joseph LANDRY, fils 13 Pigiguit? Son    
Madeleine LANDRY 3 Maryland Daughter    
Simon LANDRY 5 Maryland Son    
Mathurin LANDRY 34 Pigiguit   Port Tobacco StJ
Marie BABIN 28 ? Wife    
Marcel LANDRY 2 Maryland Son    
Marie-Ludivine LANDRY 6 Maryland Daughter    
Jean L'ENFANT 20 ? Orphan ? ?
Michel-Maxime RIVET 28 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Upper Marl. StG
Blaise RIVET 21 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Brother Upper Marl.  
Cyrille RIVET 25 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Brother Upper Marl.  
Marguerite RIVET 18 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Sister Upper Marl.?  
Marianne RIVET 28 Ste.-Famille, Pigiguit Sister; married "at" Fort San Luìs, 9 Aug Upper Marl.  
Charles TRAHAN, père 37 ?   Princess Anne StJ
Marguerite THIBODEAUX 26 ? Second wife    
Brigitte TRAHAN 11 Maryland Daughter    
Charles dit Charlitte TRAHAN 2 Maryland Son    
Firmin TRAHAN 4 Maryland Son    
Marie-Madeleine TRAHAN in utero New Orleans Daughter    
148 individuals, all Acadians/28 families          

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