Acadians Who Found Refuge in Louisiana, February 1764-early 1800s

BONNEVIE dit Beaumont



Jacques Bonnevie dit Beaumont of Paris, a corporal in the King's service, married Françoise, daughter of Philippe Mius d'Azy, at Port-Royal in c1701.  By 1732, Jacques, age 72, was on the list of retired disabled veterans of the French army on Île Royale, having served for 17 years and suffered a wound to his thigh, which disabled him.  Jacques and Françoise had five children, including two sons, only one of whom seems to have created a family of his own.  Their three daughters married into the Hélie dit Nouvelle, Lord, and Duguay families.   

Older son Jacques dit Jacquot dit Beaumont, born at Port-Royal in c1704, became a blacksmith and married Marguerite, daughter of Alexandre Lord and Marie-Françoise Barrieau, probably at Annapolis Royal in c1729.  He remarried to Françoise, daughter of Jean Comeau and Madeleine Amireau, in c1745; and then to Anne dite Nannette, daughter of Paul Melanson and Marie Thériot and widow of Jacques-François Thébeau, in c1755. 

The elder Jacques's children, perhaps with the exception of Jacques dit Jacquot, moved to Île St.-Jean, now Prince Edward Island, by the early 1750s.  [See also Book Three]


[For the family's travails during the Great Upheaval, see Book Six]


Rose Bonnevie, age 44, husband Jean Gousman, age 56, and two children, ages 21 and 2, crossed to Louisiana aboard L'Amitié, the fifth of the Seven Ships from France, which reached New Orleans in early November 1785.  They did not follow the majority of their fellow passengers to upper Bayou Lafourche but settled downriver from the city at Nueva Gálvez, or San Bernardo, in present-day St. Bernard Parish--an Isleño, or Canary Islander, community, where a hand full of other families from L'Amitié chose to settle.  Rose died at San Bernardo in October 1791; she was only 50 years old. 


Rose was the only Acadian Bonnevie who settled in Louisiana.  Her son by Jean Gousman probably died young, but her daughter married twice at New Orleans and had children of her own.  So, although the Acadian branch of the Bonnevie family did not take root in the Bayou State, its blood survived in at least two New Orleans families.

The family name also is spelled Bonnery, Bonnevy.  [See also Book Ten]

Sources:  Arsenault, Généalogie, 437-41, 1654-55, 2209, 2271; Hébert, D., Acadians in Exile, 37-38, 117; Jehn, Acadian Exiles in the Colonies, 252; NOAR, vol. 5; Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians, 505; White, DGFA-1, 178-79; White, DGFA-1 English, 37.

Settlement Abbreviations 
(present-day civil parishes that existed in 1861 are in parenthesis; hyperlinks on the abbreviations take you to brief histories of each settlement):




Lafourche (Lafourche, Terrebonne)


Pointe Coupée




Natchitoches (Natchitoches)

SB San Bernardo (St. Bernard)


Atakapas (St. Martin, St. Mary, Lafayette, Vermilion)


San Luìs de Natchez (Concordia)


St.-Gabriel d'Iberville (Iberville)


Bayou des Écores (East Baton Rouge, West Feliciana)


New Orleans (Orleans)


St.-Jacques de Cabanocé (St. James)


Baton Rouge (East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge)


Opelousas (St. Landry, Calcasieu)

For a chronology of Acadian Arrivals in Louisiana, 1764-early 1800s, see Appendix.

The hyperlink attached to an individual's name is connected to a list of Acadian immigrants for a particular settlement and provides a different perspective on the refugee's place in family and community. 

Name Arrived Settled Profile
Rose BONNEVIE 01 Nov 1785 SB born c1741, Annapolis Royal; daughter of Jacques dit Jacquot BONNEVIE dit Beaumont & his first wife Marguerite LORD; exiled to SC 1755, age 14; returned with family to greater Acadia; married, age 18, Jean, fils of Port-Royal, son of Jean GOUSMAN & Marie GRANIELLE of Andalusia, Spain, & widower of Marie BARRILLEAUX, 10 Jan 1760, Ste.-Anne, Restigouche; held prisoner at Halifax, 1763; moved to Île Miquelon by 1766; at Le Havre, France, 1772; in Poitou, France, 1773-75; in First Convoy from Châtellerault to Nantes, France, Oct 1775; on list of Acadians at Nantes, Sep 1784, called Rose BONNERY, with husband, 1 unnamed son, & 1 unnamed daughter; sailed to LA on L'Amitié, age 42[sic]; died [buried] San Bernardo 6 Oct 1791, age 50


01.  Wall of Names, 39 (pl. 10L), calls her Rose BONNEVY, & lists her with her husband & 2 children; Arsenault, Généalogie, 2209, the Île Miquelon section, calls her Rose BONNEVIE, says she was born in 1743 but gives no birthplace, gives her parents' names, spells her mother's surname LAURE, gives her husband's name but not the date or place of their marriage, says he was from Port-Royal, does not gives his parents' names nor his first wife's name, says she was at Miquelon in 1767, at Le Havre in 1772, & LA in 1785, & lists no children; Robichaux, Acadians in Chatellerault, 45-46, Family No. 89, calls her Rose BONNEVIE, says she was born in c1741 but gives no birthplace, gives her parents' names, details her marriage, including her husband's father' name & his first wife's name, includes the birth/baptismal & death/burial records of daughter Ludivine GOUSMAN, baptized 24 Apr 1774, Cenan, goddaughter of Dominique GIROIRE & Ludivine MOULAISON, died age 17 days & buried 11 Sep 1774, Cenan, & details the family's participation in the Leigne-les-bois settlement in Poitou in the early 1770s; Robichaux, Acadians in Nantes, 71, Family No. 134, calls her Rose BONNEVIE, says that she was born in c1741 but gives no birthplace, gives her parents' names, details her marriage, including her husband's father's name & his first wife's name, included the birth/baptismal record of son Jean-Thomas GOUSMAN, baptized 13 Aug 1783, St.-Martin-de-Chantenay, & details the family's participation in the Leigne-les-bois settlement in Poitou in the early 1770s as well as its voyage to LA in 1785; Hébert, D., Acadian Families in Exile 1785, 66-67, calls her Rose BONNERY, sa femme [of Jean GUSMAN], age 42, does not include her on the debarkation list, calls her Rose BONNEVIE, his [Jean GOUSMAN's] wife, age 42, on the complete listing, says she was in the 1st Family aboard L'Amitié with her husband & 2 children, &, calling her Rose BONNEVIE, details her marriage, including her & her husband's parents' names, substitutes his first wife's name for his mother's name, & says she married her husband in 1760 but gives no place of marriage; NOAR, 5:51 (SBSB, F1, 10), her death/burial record, calls her Rosa BUENAVIDA, "native of Puerto Real in Arcadia (Port Royal in Acadia), ... sp. Juan GUZMAN," says she was buried at age "50 yr.," but does not give her parents' names.      

Descendant Marsha Schneider Ladner has found evidence in local land records that Jean & Rose were at San Bernardo in the early 1790s, & Rose's burial record confirms it. 

Her estimated birth year is from the age given in her burial record, not the passenger list for L'Amitié

A note on her family in Acadia:  Arsenault, Généalogie, 438, lists a son Jean of Jacques BONNEVIE dit Beaumont & Françoise MIUS, who is not listed in White, DGFA-1, 178.  White lists a son Charles, younger than Jacques dit Jacquot, but gives no marriage information for Charles, which implies that only Jacques dit Jacquot created a BONNEVIE family in Acadia.  Arsenault's information should always be used with caution, but until Stephen A. White publishes the second installment of his magisterial Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes, or DGFA-2, covering Acadian marriages from 1715 to 1780, we must rely on Arsenault.   

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