Acadians Immigrants to Cabanocé, 1785-86

Le Bon Papa First ship; 280-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf 10 May 85; arrived New Orleans 29 Jul 85; 81 days at sea; 156 on board
La Bergére Second ship; 300-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf 14 May 85; arrived New Orleans 15 Aug 85; 93 days at sea; 273 on board
Le Beaumont Third ship; 180-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf 11 Jun 85; arrived New Orleans 19 Aug 85; 70 days at sea; 176 on board
Le St.-Rémi Fourth ship; 400-ton frigate; left St-Malo 27 Jun 85; arrived New Orleans 10 Sep 85; 75 days at sea; 341 on board
L'Amitié Fifth ship; 400-ton frigate; left Paimboeuf 20 Aug 85; arrived New Orleans 8 Nov 85, 80 days at sea; 270 on board
La Ville d'Archangel Sixth ship; 600-ton frigate; left St.-Malo 12 Aug 85; arrived New Orleans 3 Dec 85; 113 days at sea; 309 on board
La Caroline Seventh ship; 200-ton brig; left Nantes 19 Oct 85; arrived New Orleans 17 Dec 85; 64 days at sea; 77 on board

Ages are as of 1785.  Individuals with surnames in bold are male family heads or the eldest sons of widows.  Hyperlinks take you to individual histories in the Acadians-to-Louisiana Alpha List, which contain many more details of each person's life.  Non-Acadian spouses are linked to their Acadian spouses on the Acadian family pages.

Name Ship Age Birthplace Relationships & Comments
Nicolas-Gabriel ALBERT, père La Caroline 45 ? Not Acadian
Marie-Marthe BENOIT La Caroline 49 ? Wife
Nicolas-Gabriel ALBERT, fils La Caroline 12 France Son
Joseph CAILLOUET Le Beaumont 31 Cap St.-Ignace, Québec Not Acadian
Élisabeth/Isabelle LEBLANC Le Beaumont 32 Pigiguit Wife
Jacques CAILLOUET Le Beaumont infant Chantenay, France Son
Christophe DELAUNE La Caroline 35 St.-P-du-Nord, Île St.-Jean brother of Jean
Marie-Josèphe BOUDREAUX La Caroline 35 Tracadie, Île St.-Jean Wife
Jean-Baptiste DELAUNE La Caroline 11 La Chapelle-Roux, France Son
Louis-Augustin DELAUNE La Caroline 1 Chantenay, France Son
Célestine-Sibilias BOUDREAUX La Caroline 20 Île Miquelon Sister-in-law
Jean DELAUNE La Caroline 42 Île St.-Jean brother of Christophe
Marie-Anne PART La Caroline 34 Île Royale Wife
Marie-Céleste DELAUNE La Caroline infant Chantenay, France Daughter
Pierre DELAUNE La Caroline 1 probably Chantenay, France Son
Joseph DOUCET La Caroline 53 Annapolis Royal Widower
Ange DOUCET La Caroline 15 Le Havre, France Son
Madeleine DOUCET La Caroline 17 Le Havre, France Daughter
Marie-Marguerite DOUCET La Caroline 19 Le Havre, France Daughter; probably remained at New Orleans
Jean GUIDRY dit Grivois, père Le Beaumont 57 Annapolis Royal  
Marie LEBLANC Le Beaumont 55 Nova Scotia? Wife
Jacques GUIDRY Le Beaumont 17 France Son
Jean GUIDRY dit Grivois, fils Le Beaumont 27 Île St.-Jean Son
Josèphe-Marie CÉLESTIN dit BELLEMÈRE Le Beaumont 19 St.-Servan, France probably cousin of Marie
Louis LAMOUREUX dit Rochefort La Caroline 44 St.-P.-du-N., Île St.-Jean  
Marie HÉBERT La Caroline 36 Pobomcoup Wife
Jean-Louis LAMOUREUX La Caroline 20 Cherbourg, France Son
Marie-Adélaïde LAMOUREUX La Caroline 10 Châtellerault, France Daughter
28 individuals, including 4 non-Acadians/ 7 families        

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