Acadian/Cajun Marriages in Louisiana, 1765-1861

The marriages listed below are from "official" marriage citations found in South Louisiana church and civil record collections [Bourgeois, Cabanocey & Voorhies, J., Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians (C-V); Baton Rouge Diocesan Records (BRDR); Hébert, D., Southwest LA Records (SWLR); Hébert, D., South LA Records (SLR); & New Orleans Archdiocesan Records (NOAR)], not from inferences to a marriage found in those collections.  Same-family marriages--e.g., CORMIER = CORMIER--are accounted for in the totals.

[The hyperlink attached to a family's name takes you to that family's totals; the hyperlink attached to an individual's name takes you to the individual's profile in the list of Acadian immigrants to Louisiana or to an AIG unit roster.]

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MARTIN (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1767 31 Oct/SWLR Antoine BORDA French Imm. Marguerite MARTIN (widow)   Espagnol, Mouton
1769 22 Aug/SWLR François SAVOY (widower) Acadian Marie[-Jeanne] MARTIN   Bertrand, Martin, Michel, Saulais, Savoy
1772 24 Aug/BRDR Joseph RICHARD, fils (widower) Acadian Claire-Marie MARTIN (wd.)   Baptiste, Martin
1774 14 Feb/BRDR Anselme MARTIN   Marie-Théotiste HÉBER Acadian Verret
1775 6 Jun/BRDR Joseph FORET (widower) Acadian Anne MARTIN (widow)   Hubert, Leger
1778 9 Jun/BRDR Morice FONTENAU French Creole Hélaine MARTIN   Brignac, Fonteneau, LeBlanc
1778 23 Jul/BRDR Jean-Baptiste RICHARD (wdr.) Acadian Anne MARTIN (widow)   Bourg, Leger
1779 12 Jan/BRDR Paul MARTIN [dit Barnabé]   [Marie-]Françoise HOUWER [OUBRE] German Creole Breau, Houwer
1781 26 Feb/BRDR François MARTIN   Coecille DE GIRRE French Houve, Martin
1781 25 Jun/BRDR Augustin FONTENEAU French Creole Isabelle MARTIN   Fonteneau
1787 16 Oct/BRDR Josef MARTIN   Maria CHARPENTIER French Creole Carpantie, Marten
1789 28 Jan/SWLR Jean-Charles DUGA/DUGAT Acadian Esther/Esthere MARTIN   Berard, Duga, Modena
1792 8 May/SWLR François MOREAU French Creole Pélagie MARTIN   Dugas, Melanson
1793 12 Feb/BRDR Ambrosio GRABERE French Creole Margarita MARTIN   Grabere
1793 26 Nov/BRDR Miguel MARTIN   Margarita GRIMBERK German Creole? Lemberg, Martin
1795 9 Jun/SWLR André MARTIN   Catherine SONNIER Acadian Broussard, Martin, Sonnier
1795 4 Nov/BRDR Domingo BROUSARD Acadian Pélagia MARTIN   Martin, Materne
1796 31 May/SWLR Jean-Baptiste CORMIER Acadian Marie-Apolone/Polone MARTIN   Babin, Bernard, Chemin, Girouard, Guillebeaud, Martin, Mouton, Poirier
1799 22 Oct/SWLR Marin MARTIN   Anne DUGA Acadian Chemin, Duga, Martin, Thibodeaux
1801 1 Jun/SWLR Jean-Baptiste MOUTON Acadian Marie-Angélique MARTIN   Babin, Martin, Mouton, Tenholt
1801 22 Nov/BRDR Benito BOUCAUD (widower) Spanish Margarita MARTIN (widow)   Duhart, Roy
1805 4 Feb/SWLR Valéry MARTIN   Céleste HUVAL French Creole Martin, Patin, Thibodeau
1806 2 Sep/SWLR Michel MARTIN   Marguerite HUVAL French Creole Babin, Delepaul, Martin
1809 14 Feb/BRDR Charles TIBODEAU Acadian Marie Natalie MARTIN   Bourgeois, Landry, Martin
1809 14 May/BRDR William ROGERS Anglo Marie Françoise MARTIN   Lever, Medre, Michel
1811 4 Feb/BRDR Luis MARTIN   [Marie] Céleste TERIOT Acadian Boudraux, Dugat
1813 2 Feb/SWLR Jean Pierre DOUCET (widower) Acadian Françoise MARTIN (widow)    
1813 30 Mar/BRDR John BACKLEY Anglo Justine MARTIN   André, Pourcine, Tureaud
1816 30 Nov/BRDR Jean Baptiste FONTENEAU French Creole Clarice MARTIN   Commeau, Fonteneau, Rogers
1817 2 Jun/SWLR Augustin GUIDRY Acadian Mélanie MARTIN   Guidry, Martin
1818 20 Jan/SWLR André MARTIN, fils   Marie DUGAS Acadian Cormier, Dugas/Dugats, Martin, Schappers, Sonnier
1820 14 Feb/SWLR Michel MARTIN, fils   Françoise Aspasie BOUDREAU Acadian Aucoin, Boudreau
1820 19 Jun/SWLR François BRAU/BREAUX Acadian Esther MARTIN   Braud/Braux, Doucet, Dusouchet, Martin, Roussillon
1820 4 Dec/SWLR Zéphirin BROUSSARD Acadian Carmelite MARTIN   Broussard, Cormier, Dugas, Dusouchet, Duval, Guidry, Huval, Lebesque, Martin, Rigaud, Robichaud, Roussillon
1821 9 Jan/BRDR Joseph ST. PIERRE French Creole Mélanie MARTIN   Armand, Bonvilain, Bourgeois, Oubre
1822 11 Feb/SLR Damien/Dantin MARTIN   Marie Théotiste MALBROU German Creole none listed
1822 18 Feb/SLR François BABIN Acadian Eliza Euphrosyne MARTIN   none listed
1822 23 Jul/BRDR Michel MARTIN   Delise BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Ouri
1822 25 Jul/BRDR Joachin OUVRE (widower) German Creole Eugènie MARTIN   Pertuit, Rom
1823 14 Jul/SWLR Charles MARTIN   Caroline DAIGLE French Can. Carriere, Latiolais, Martin
1823 22 Dec/SWLR Aladin MARTIN   Adélaïde POTIER Acadian Castineau, Cormier, Dugas, Martin, Mouton
1824 22 Jun/SWLR Joseph SAVOIE (widower) Acadian Françoise MARTIN (widow)   Brau, Landry, Melançon, Roussilon
1825 8 Feb/SWLR Françoise RICHARD Acadian Anne MARTIN   Brasseur, Hébert, Richard
1825 28 May/SLR Paul ST. PIERRE French Creole Céleste Mathilde MARTIN   none listed
1825 14 Sep/SLR Evariste LEPINE French Creole Marie Natalie MARTIN   none listed
1826 31 Jan/SWLR Prosper MARTIN   Asélie RICHARD Acadian Bourque, Fontenot, Richard
1827 21 May/SLR Auguste Eugène THIBODEAUX Acadian Marie Mélanie MARTIN   none listed
1827 6 Sep/SWLR Placide MARTIN   Marie Erasie BERNARD Acadian Bernard, Dugas, Martin, Sonnier, Thibodeaux
1828 9 Sep/SWLR Louis Valsin MOUTON Acadian Caroline MARTIN   Castille, Latiolais, Martin, Mouton, Voorhies
1828 16 Dec/SWLR Paulin ARCENEAUX Acadian Erminionne MARTIN   Arcenaux/Arceneaux, Braux, Gutriche, Hall, Martin
1829 28 Feb/SLR Chrejustin MARTIN   Marie Modeste LECOMPTE French Creole none listed
1830 12 Apr/SLR Sainville MARTIN   Marie Heloise BLANCHARD Acadian none listed
1831 1 Aug/SLR Jacques MARTIN   Marie Pauline BRAUX Acadian none listed
1831 24 Dec/SLR Louis SICARD French Creole Joséphine MARTIN   none listed
1832 23 Feb/SLR James PRICE Anglo Marie Ceronie MARTIN   none listed
1832 5 May/SLR Henri FAUCHEU Foreign French Célesie MARTIN   none listed
1832 14 May/SLR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Marie Rose MARTIN   none listed
1834 30 Jan/SWLR Jean RIGUEZ Anglo? Carmelite MARTIN   none listed
1834 12 May/SLR François MARTIN   Eugènie CHIASSON Acadian none listed
1834 12 May/SLR Joachim MARTIN   Euphrosine ROUSSEAU French Creole none listed
1835 8 Sep/SLR Paul PRICE Anglo Azélie MARTIN   none listed
1835 12 Oct/SLR Edmond FOREST Acadian Estelle Vina MARTIN   none listed
1836 29 Sep/SWLR Joseph BERAUD French Creole Azema MARTIN   none listed
1837 5 Oct/SWLR Rozémon DUGAS Acadian Amelie MARTIN   none listed
1839 7 Jan/SWLR André MARTIN, fils, Esq. (wdr.)   Émilie GUIDRY (widow) Acadian none listed
1839 16 Sep/SLR Léon PRICE Anglo Doralise MARTIN   none listed
1840 20 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste DUPLANTI (wdr.) French Creole Eugènie MARTIN   none listed
1840 13 Jul/SLR Merville ROME French Creole? Louise MARTIN   none listed
1841 2 Feb/SWLR André Balsin [Valsin] MARTIN   Azélie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1841 16 Dec/BRDR Don Manuel DE LA TORRE Spanish Creole? Eléonore MARTIN   Armengol, Mendez, Moreno, Rodriguez
1842 8 Jun/SWLR Drozin BOUDREAU Acadian Azéma MARTIN   none listed
1844 19 Mar/SLR Joseph CARMADELLE French Creole? Clementine MARTIN   none listed
1844 18 May/SLR Michel ARABY French Creole? Pamela MARTIN   none listed
1844 20 May/SLR Michel MARTIN, Jr.   Hypoline THIBODAUX Acadian none listed
1844 1 Jun/BRDR Michel [Paulin] MARTIN   Louisa ROUSSEL French Creole? Bourgeois, Lagarderes, Laische, Louque, Melançon, Roussel
1844 22 Nov/SLR Jacques PRISE [PRICE] Anglo Marie Urasie MARTIN   none listed
1845 24 Mar/SWLR Valléry MARTIN   Ladoestsa DEJEAN French Creole none listed
1845 10 Jul/SWLR Jules St. Laurent ROUSSEAU French Creole? [Madeleine] Féliciane MARTIN   none listed
1846 22 Jan/SWLR Edgard VOORHIES Dutch/Anglo Marie Euzèide MARTIN   none listed
1846 28 Apr/SLR Jean GERVAIS, Jr. French Creole? Anaïse MARTIN   none listed
1846 28 May/SLR Louis MARTIN, Jr.   Scholastique BABIN Acadian none listed
1846 27 Jul/SLR James KELLINGSWORTH Anglo Marie Mélanie MARTIN   none listed
1847 5 Feb/SWLR Césaire MARTIN   Marie Pamela PATTIN French Creole none listed
1847 8 Jun/SWLR Charles MARTIN   Mary TRAHAN Acadian none listed
1847 10 Jun/SWLR Pierre Cyrille RICHARD Acadian Azélie MARTIN   none listed
1848 19 Jun/SWLR Adolphe MARTIN   Erasie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1849 20 Jun/SWLR Siméon Valéry MARTIN   Marie Françoise Celina DE BLANC French Creole none listed
1850 5 Sep/SLR Émile MARTIN   Marguerite Pamela FOREST Acadian none listed
1850 11 Nov/SWLR Phileas MARTIN   Euphémie CASTILLE Spanish Creole none listed
1851 20 Feb/SWLR Charles Timecourt BIENVENU (widower) French Creole Coralie MARTIN   none listed
1851 9 Jun/SLR Jean MALBROUGH German Creole Léonide MARTIN   none listed
1852 29 Jan/SWLR André Valsin MARTIN (widower)   Louise COCHRANE Anglo none listed
1852 17 Feb/SWLR Valérien MARTIN   Angelina MOUTON Acadian none listed
1852 10 Jun/SLR Lafayette WATKINS Anglo Frazelie Marguerite MARTIN    
1853 27 Apr/SWLR Louis Baltazard MARTIN   Julie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1853 4 Jul/BRDR Michel MARTIN (widower)   Célestine ROUSSEL French Creole? Bourgeois, Laiche, Roussel
1854 29 Jun/SWLR Pierre MARTIN   Fanelie PATIN French Creole none listed
1854 10 Aug/SLR Silvestre FOLSE German Creole? Enesilde MARTIN   none listed
1855 19 Feb/SLR Clodimir FALGOUT French Creole? Adèlle Elise MARTIN   none listed
1855 20 May/SLR Manuel DOMINGUE Spanish Creole Melisser MARTIN   none listed
1855 20 May/SLR Pierre Lucien SAVOIE Acadian Rosie/Rosite Aglae MARTIN   none listed
1855 30 May/SWLR Omer MARTIN   Elise ESTILETTE French Creole none listed
1855 4 Jun/SLR Justin MARTIN, fils   Aglae DUPLANTI French Creole none listed
1855 16 Oct/SWLR Fernes MARTIN   Hélène EASTIN Anglo none listed
1856 5 Apr/SWLR Thomas P. LARKIN Anglo Elisa/Melissa MARTIN   none listed
1856 17 May/BRDR Joseph Faustin Mattias ARENAS Cuban Imm. Eléonore MARTIN (widow)   Comeau, Pintado, Triche
1856 19 May/SLR Pierre ROBICHAUX Acadian Justine MARTIN   none listed
1856 23 Jun/SLR Joseph Turial MALBROUGH German Creole Pamela Mathilde MARTIN   none listed
1856 18 Nov/SWLR Alexandre MARTIN   Honnorine BREAUX Acadian none listed
1857 18 Feb/SWLR Albert [Fileas] MARTIN   Félicianne DE BLANC French Creole none listed
1857 22 Apr/SWLR Onésime Rousseau MOUTON Acadian Clarisse MARTIN   none listed
1857 30 May/SLR Pierre MARTIN   Émelie ROBICHAUX Acadian none listed
1858 31 May/SWLR Joseph IDALGO Spanish Creole? Louise MARTIN   none listed
1858 3 Jul/SLR Joseph MARTIN   Eveline AUTIN French Creole none listed
1858 15 Jul/SLR Evariste MARTIN   Edolie GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1858 23 Aug/SLR Appolinaire DUBOIS French Creole Celina MARTIN   none listed
1859 21 Feb/SWLR Balthazar MARTIN   Octavie DUGAS Acadian none listed
1859 24 Feb/SLR François MARTIN, fils   Anaïse HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1859 1 May/SLR [Joachim?] George MARTIN   Rosalie Serazine LANOUE Acadian none listed
1860 18 Jun/SLR Clairville FOLSE German Creole? Palmire MARTIN   none listed
1860 20 Nov/SWLR Martial F. MARTIN   Mydia TAYLOR Anglo? none listed
1861 3 Jan/SWLR Victor MARTIN   Ismeme MOUTON Acadian none listed
1861 7 May/SWLR Joseph Mana [Numa] MARTIN   Marie Caroline MOUTON Acadian none listed

Analysis of MARTIN marriages, 1767-1861:

Total marriages listed:             123        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:            57          46.3
Exogamous marriages:              66          53.7 



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Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1788 28 Jan/BRDR Simon MASEROL (widower)   La Luz BOURG Acadian Aucoin
1791 19 Sep/BRDR Pierre[-Michel] HÉBERT Acadian Isabel[-Marie] MASSEROLE    
1792 30 Apr/BRDR Juan [Joseph] DAIGLE Acadian Anna-Francisca MASSERELLE   Daigle, Mazrolle
1826 2 Jun/BRDR Étienne MASEROLE, fils   Clarisse OSLETTE Acadian Campo, Girouard, Hébert, Maserolle
1830 5 Oct/BRDR Pierre MAZEROLLE   Élise GAUTREAU Acadian Friyou, Lanoix, Mazerole
1834 9 Jan/BRDR Étienne MAZEROL(E), fils (wdr.)   Aglae HÉBERT (widow) Acadian Ascot, Mazerole, Terio
1836 4 Jul/BRDR Hypolite FRIOU French Creole Élise MASEROLLE   Friyou, Mazerolle
1849 29 Jan/BRDR Auguste MAZEROLLE   Adélaïde Roseline BOUDREAUX Acadian Aucoin
1852 16 Feb/BRDR Arsène SIMONEAU French Creole Honorine MASEROL   Daigle, Dugas, Newchurch, Simoneau
1853 13 Oct/BRDR Trasimond AUCOIN Acadian Daisie MASEROLE   Maserole
1854 10 Aug/BRDR Étienne P. MASEROL   Oleside CROCHET Acadian Barriou, Maserol, Trahant
1857 19 May/BRDR Emerant DAIGLE Acadian Élisabeth MASEROLLE   Blanchard, Daigle, Masserole
1860 9 Apr/BRDR Martin MAZEROLLE   Adelina MARS French Creole? Lejeune, Martin
1861 20 May/BRDR Manuel SANCHEZ Spanish Creole? Marguerite MAZEROLE   Grandin, Landry, Trahant
1861 1 Oct/BRDR Docilisse TRAHANT Acadian Marie MAZEROLE   Grandin, Simonau/Simoneau

Analysis of MAZEROLLE marriages, 1788-1861:

Total marriages listed:             15         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           11          73.3
Exogamous marriages:              4           26.7



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MELANÇON (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1768 7 Feb/C-V Charles MELENÇON   Félicité LANDRY Acadian none listed
1768 7 Feb/C-V Isaac LE BLANC Acadian Marie[-Rose MELANÇON]   none listed
1768 2 May/C-V Jean-Bte. MELANÇON   Ozitte DUPUIS Acadian none listed
1768 9 Jun/C-V Joachim [dit Bénoni] MIRRE (w.) Acadian [Madeleine MELANÇON]   none listed
1773 26 Jul/BRDR Pierre-Jacques MELANSON   Élisabeth LANDRY Acadian Landry, Melançon
1774 7 Feb/BRDR Joseph BREAU Acadian [Marie-]Magdelaine MELANZON   Brousard
1776  20 Feb/BRDR Jean-Baptiste BOURGOIS (wdr.) Acadian Osite MELANZON (widow)   Bourg, Foret, Landry, Part
1776 1 Jul/BRDR Pierre BRUSARD Acadian Marie MELANZON   Brusard, Robicho
1778 20 Feb/SWLR Joseph BABIN Acadian Anastasie MELANÇON   Landry, Martin, Moreau
1778 28 Oct/BRDR Joseph MELANSON   Anna-Barbara BABEIN Acadian Babein, Dugast, Landry
1779 8 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANSON   Margarita[-Gertrude] LANDRY (widow) Acadian Judice, Landry
1779 24 May/BRDR Joseph MELANZON   Anastasie BREAU Acadian Cloitre, Melanzon
1780 14 Apr/BRDR Éstienne MELANZON   Ludovinne BREAU Acadian Breau, Myr
1780 20 Jun/SWLR Anselme THIBAUDAU Acadian Marguerite MELANÇON   Braud, Declouet
1784 21 Sep/BRDR Josef MELLANSSON (wdr.)   Maria-Josefa LE BLANC Acadian Mellanson, Mire
1785 10 May/SWLR Jean-Baptiste MELANÇON   [Marie-]Magdelaine PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1786 13 Nov/BRDR Isaac LE BLANC Acadian Félicité MELANÇON   none listed
1787 23 Apr/BRDR Juan-Baptista MELANSON (widower?)   Ana BABEN Acadian Duaron, Leblanc
1787 20 Aug/BRDR Carlos MELANSON   Francisca ARSENO Acadian Arseno, Godro
1789 23 May/SWLR Jean[-Domingue] MELANÇON   Rose-Lucie DOIRON Acadian Broussard, Coirin, Modena
1789 12 Oct/BRDR Joseph LANDRY Acadian Maria-Rosa MELANSON   Landry
1790 25 Jan/BRDR Carlos MELANSON   Clara BRAUX Acadian Braux, Theriaut
1790 1 Feb/BRDR Simon MELANÇON   Magdalena LANDRY Acadian Hébert, Melançon/Melanson
1790 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON   Mariana GODIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Godin
1792 21 Apr/BRDR [Louis-]Grégorio MELANÇON   [Marie-]Christina LANDRY Acadian Hernandez, Landry
1793 3 Jun/BRDR Josef BOURG Acadian Genobeba MELANSON   Bro, Leblan
1795 26 Jan/BRDR Pedro-Eusèbio MELANÇON   Adélayda LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Melanzon
1795 22 Sep/BRDR Dionisio LANDRY Acadian Constancia MELANSON   Landry, Melanson
1796 22 Nov/BRDR Josef MELANÇON   Apollonia LE BLANC Acadian Melançon
1798 9 Jan/BRDR Pablo MELANSON   Eufrosyne LANOUE Acadian Lanoire, Melanson
1800 1 Jul/SWLR David BABINAUD Acadian Ozite MELANÇON   Babinaud, Bara, Boutte, Guillebaut, LeBlanc, Melançon
1801 9 Feb/BRDR Pedro RICHARD Acadian Eloisa MELANSON   Cloâtre, Revail
1801 28 Dec/BRDR David MELANSON   Magdalena LANDRY Acadian Landry, Melanson
1801 28 Dec/BRDR Eligio LANDRY Acadian Magdalena MELANSON   Landry, Melanson
1801 28 Dec/BRDR Donato LE BLANC Acadian Marie-Josefa MELANSON   LeBlanc, Melanson
1802 14 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON, fils   Marine LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc
1803 21 Apr/BRDR Estevan MELANSON, fils   Maria Luisa LANOUE Acadian Arsenaux, Lanoire
1803 31 Aug/SWLR Charles MELANÇON (wdr.)   Scholastique BOURGOIS (wd.) Acadian Bourgois
1804 6 Feb/BRDR Jean Pierre RICHARD Acadian Anne Marie MELANSON   Braux, Hébert, Melanson
1804 6 Feb/BRDR Henri MELANSON   Margueritte MIRRE Acadian Arsenaux, Bouquery, Richard
1804 16 Apr/BRDR Jérôme MELANÇON   Magdeleine LE BLANC Acadian Hatkinson, Melançon/Melanson
1804 8 Sep/BRDR Jean Louis LOUVIERE Acadian Magdelaine MELANÇON   Landry, Par
1804 13 Nov/BRDR Jacques BABIN Acadian Julienne MELANSON   Babin, Bourgeois, Dejean
1805 27 May/BRDR Zenon PICOU French Creole Anne Marie MELANÇON   LeBlanc, Melançon, Villeneuve
1805 27 May/BRDR Donat LANDRY Acadian Marie Élise MELANÇON   LeBlanc, Melanson, Villeneuve
1805 7 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste MELANÇON   Marguerite Élizabeth ORILLON Acadian Melançon, Roth
1807 9 Feb/BRDR Alexandre MELANSON   Heloise ARSENAUX Acadian Arsenaud/Arsenaux
1807 9 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste BERNARD German Creole Marie MELANSON   Lever, Melanson
1807 7 Sep/SWLR Charles BABINEAU Acadian Marguerite MELANÇON   Babineau, Dronet, Jacquet
1807 15 Sep/SWLR Louis Armand WILTZ German Creole Angèlle MELANÇON   Abat, Jacquet, Landry
1808 2 Feb/SWLR Julien MELANÇON   Céleste BROUSSARD Acadian Borel, Broussard, Dugas
1808 25 Feb/BRDR Victor LANDRY Acadian Jeanne MELANÇON   Landry, Melançon
1808 16 May/BRDR Olivier MELANSON   Marie GODÉ Acadian Godé, Melanson
1808 13 Sep/SWLR Charles MELANÇON, fils   Adélaïde LE BLANC Acadian Jacquet, Landry, Marc, Melançon
1808 4 Oct/SWLR Jean MELANÇON   Susanne LANDRY Acadian Lefebvre, Prejean
1808 12 Dec/BRDR Louis MELANÇON   Rosalie LANDRY Acadian Henry, Landry
1809 13 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANSON   Constance LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Melanson
1809 6 Jun/SWLR Charles MELANÇON   Marie THERIOT Acadian Broussard, Jacquet, Marc
1809 8 Aug/BRDR Étienne LE BLANC Acadian Marguerite MELANSON   LeBlanc, Melanson
1811 25 Feb/BRDR Simon GAUTERAU (widower) Acadian Henrietta MELANÇON   Gauterau, Melançon
1811 29 Apr/BRDR Manuel MELANÇON   Marie [Marcelline] GAUTEREAU Acadian Gautereau, Melançon
1811 6 May/SWLR Paul LE BLANC Acadian Adélaïde MELANSON   Dupuy, LeBlanc, Melanson
1811 11 Jun/SWLR Raphaël CORMIER Acadian Carmelite MELANÇON   Arnaud, Beguenaud, Cormier, Melançon
1811 8 Jul/BRDR Armand GOTTEREAU (widower) Acadian Marie MELANSON   Melanson, Richard
1811 29 Jul/BRDR Étienne RICHARD Acadian Suzette MELANSON   Bourgeois, Melanson, Richard
1813 12 Jan/BRDR Zenon ARSENEAUX Acadian Marie Louise MELANÇON   Fonteneau, Gaudin, Melançon
1813 2 Mar/SWLR Joseph MELANÇON   Marie Magdeleine LEDOUX French Creole Babinaud, Chemin, Ferry, Henriot, Ledoux
1813 27 Apr/SWLR Julien BRAUD Acadian Euphrasie MELANÇON   Braud, Castille, Chemin, Guidry, Melançon
1813 27 Apr/SWLR Marcellin MELANÇON   Scholastique GUIDRY Acadian Castille, Chemin, Guédry, Melançon
1813 1 Jun/SWLR Joseph GUÉDRY Acadian Melisère MELANÇON   Braud, Castille, Hébert, Melançon
1813 22 Feb/BRDR Simon MELANSON   Melite CLOÂTRE Acadian Cloâtre, Melanson
1814 22 Feb/BRDR David MELANSON (widower)   Modeste GOTEREAU Acadian Bourgeois, Gottereau, Melanson
1814 2 May/BRDR Hermogène LE BLANC Acadian Marie Josete MELANSON   Cloâtre, LeBlanc, Melanson
1815 30 Apr/BRDR Éloy MELANZON   Constancia BERGERON Acadian Beauvais, Hébert, Tureyra
1815 26 Jun/BRDR François Joseph LANDRY Acadian Henriette Marine MELANÇON   Landry, Melançon, Rivet
1815 9 Oct/BRDR Paul MELANSON, fils   Adélaïde LE BLANC Acadian LeBlanc, Melanson
1815 26 Dec/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Marie MELANSON   Lannoy, LeBlanc, Melanson
1816 8 Jan/BRDR Paulin MELANÇON   Adélaïde GALLIARD French Creole Galliard, Melançon
1816 8 Jul/SWLR Pierre MELANÇON   Marie Zéline SAVOIE Acadian Chemin, Dessarp, Gombert, Guilbaud
1816 19 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste MELANÇON   Clémence RINGUET French Creole Chemin, Dussouchet, Fernandez,  Melançon, Penne, Ringuet
1817 13 Jan/BRDR Jacques MELANÇON (wdr.)   Christine LANDRY (widow) Acadian Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1817 27 Jan/BRDR Jérôme RIVET Acadian [Marie] Heloise MELANÇON   Hébert, Melançon, Rivet
1817 24 Nov/SWLR Jean Baptiste SEYMER, fils Acadian Marie MELANÇON   Collet, Dupuis, Guédry, Melançon, Thibodeau
1818 26 Jan/BRDR Charles GAUTREAU Acadian Constance MELANÇON   Gautreau, Melançon
1818 31 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste TEMPLET Acadian Marie MELANÇON   Guiyot, Melançon, Templet
1819 15 Feb/BRDR Zenon MELANÇON   Hortense LE BLANC Acadian Bouche, Comau, Landry
1819 2 Jun/BRDR Gilbert MELANÇON   Emerante CHAMPAGNE French Creole Bourgeois, LeJeune, Peret
1820 31 Jan/SWLR Anaclet MELANÇON   Anne Doralise THIBAUDOT Acadian Broussard, Robichaud, Thibaudau
1820 8 May/BRDR Barberio/Couviere ROBICHAUT Acadian Cléonise MELANÇON   Hébert, Melançon, Trouelle
1820 12 Jun/BRDR Firmin LANDRY Acadian Tarsille MELANÇON   Bertauss, Bruyere, Cornu
1820 19 Jun/BRDR Adélard BABIN Acadian Henriette Lise MELANÇONE   Babin, Larous, Richard
1820 19 Jun/BRDR Albert DELANOI French Creole? Rosaline MELANÇONE   Babin, Larous, Richard
1821 8 May/BRDR Paul Olivier MELANSON (wdr.)   Marie BROUSSARD (widow) Acadian Delattre, Dugas, Landrie
1821 21 May/BRDR Leufroy DAIGRE Acadian Emerante MELANÇON   Daigre, Melançon, Thibodeaux
1822 24 Jun/BRDR Alexander LANDRY Acadian Judith MELANÇON   Aucoin, Bettelani
1823 14 Jan/SWLR André LANDRY Acadian Marie MELANÇON   Blanc, Landry, LeBlanc
1823 2 Jun/SWLR Alexandre MELANÇON   Mathilde DOUCET Acadian Bulliard, Dupuis, Marc, Seimere, Sudrique
1823 17 Jun/BRDR Paul BOURGEOIS Acadian Marie Delphine MELANÇON   Bertheaud, Gotreau
1824 26 Jul/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON   Marcelline GAUDIN Acadian Daigre, Hébert, LeBlanc
1824 23 Nov/BRDR Zenon MELANÇON (widower)   Cléanise BREAU (widow) Acadian Breau, Melançon, Rivet
1825 3 Feb/BRDR Conrad MULHEINRICK German Imm. Léonise MELANÇON   Lanoux, Melançon, Rise
1825 7 Feb/BRDR Narcisse LE BLANC Acadian Euphrosine Marie Célonie MELANÇON   Dugat, Melançon
1825 15 Feb/BRDR Jérôme MELANÇON   Marguerite HÉBERT (widow) Acadian Landry, Rebout, Robichaux, Truxillo
1825 15 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste MELANÇON   Séraphine DAIGRE Acadian Braud, Duffel, Melançon
1825 27 Aug/BRDR Paul Roman MELANÇON   Élizabeth HYMEL German Creole Gaudin, Prejean, Tureaux
1825 6 Dec/SWLR Ursin LE BLANC Acadian Adélaïde MELENÇON   Guidry, Melançon, Mouton
1826 1 Feb/BRDR Neuville MELANÇON   Marie Constance ORILLION Acadian Babin, Melançon, Picou
1826 8 Feb/BRDR Valentin TERRIO (widower) Acadian Marie Louise MELANÇON (w.)   LeBlanc, Terrio
1827 26 Feb/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON   Marie Henrietta GAUTREAU Acadian Braud, Gauthreaux, Melançon
1828 21 Jan/SWLR Onézime MELANÇON   Marie Mélanie PREJEAN Acadian Bernard, Boudreaux, Broussard
1828 28 Jan/BRDR Evariste BABIN Acadian Marie Rose MELANÇON   Babin, Landry
1828 18 Feb/SWLR Émilien MELANÇON   Cléonise BENOIT Acadian Arceneaux, Caruthers, Melançon
1828 27 Apr/BRDR Édouard MELANÇON   Élizabeth HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Hernandez, Melançon, Rivet
1828 30 Jun/BRDR Zéphirin MELANÇON   Marie Farelitte BOURGEOIS Acadian Gaudin, Melançon
1828 30 Sep/BRDR Simon Nicolas LANDRY Acadian Marie Élise MELANÇON (wd.)   Babin, Melançon
1829 16 Feb/BRDR Sifrin BABIN Acadian Jeanette MELANÇON   Breaud, Landry, Poursine
1829 3 Aug/BRDR Vital Trasimond  BABIN Acadian Clarisse MELANÇON   Babin, Landry
1829 19 Nov/SWLR François BERNARD (widower) Acadian Euphrasie MELANÇON (widow)   Broussard, Mouton
1830 15 Feb/BRDR Edmond MELANÇON   Euphémie CARMOUCHE French Creole LeBlanc, Melançon
1830 19 Apr/SWLR Pierre GIROIR, fils Acadian Marie Adeline MELANÇON   Bernard, Girroir, Peck, Thibodeau
1830 3 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste MOÏSE Acadian Mélanie MELANÇON   Blanchard, Melançon, Moïse
1830 19 Aug/BRDR Joseph LE BLANC Acadian Eugènie MELANÇON   LeBlanc, Melançon, Richard
1830 8 Nov/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON   Carmelite LE BLANC French Can. Lanoix, LeBlanc
1831 28 Jun/SWLR Lucien MARTIN Isleño Eliza MELANÇON   none listed
1831 4 Jul/BRDR Ursin MELANÇON Acadian Marcelline MELANÇON Acadian Daigre, Dugas, Landry, LeBlanc, Melançon
1831 1 Aug/SWLR Onésime CORMIER Acadian Marguerite MELANSON   none listed
1831 31 Oct/BRDR Pierre MELANÇON   Adeline HÉBERT Acadian Daigre, Hébert, Hernandez
1832 5 May/BRDR Norbert MELANÇON   Marie Barbe LANDRY Acadian Babin, Breaux, Melançon
1832 9 Jul/SWLR Jean Achille MELANSON   Marie Euphrasine PREJEAN Acadian none listed
1833 14 Feb/SWLR Émile MELANSON   Victoire THERIOT Acadian none listed
1833 18 Feb/BRDR Étienne MELANÇON   Marie Reine LE BLANC Acadian Breau, Melançon
1833 18 Feb/BRDR Simon MELANÇON   Marie Émelie LANOUX Acadian Gautereaux, Lanoux
1834 1 Apr/BRDR Marcellin MELANÇON Acadian Mathilde MELANÇON Acadian Bourdier, Landry, Melançon
1834 1 Sep/BRDR Victorin MELANÇON   Marie Sylvanie BOUDREAU Acadian Boucry, Boudreau, Chauvin, Lanoux
1834 27 Nov/BRDR Pierre Alex MELANÇON   Pélagie LANDRY Acadian Boudreau, Landry, Louviere, Melançon, Mire, Sarrasin
1835 19 Jan/BRDR Antoine BARBIER French Creole Mélanie MELANÇON   Barbier, Melançon
1835 15 Feb/BRDR Eugène Auguste BERTAUT French Creole Florine MELANÇON   Blouin, LeBlanc, Savoie
1835 3 Jun/BRDR Pierre POCHÉ French Creole Marie Alzime MELANÇON   Buchard, Gaienne, Melançon, Mire
1835 3 Nov/BRDR Ursin MELANÇON (widower)   Doralise LE BLANC Acadian Melançon
1835 26 Dec/SWLR Pierre Trevil MELANSON   Julie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1836 7 Apr/BRDR Léandre LE BLANC Acadian Euphrasie MELANÇON   Barbay, Dugas, Gaudin, Melançon
1836 11 Apr/SWLR Édouard COMEAUX Acadian Marguerite Célanie MELANSON   none listed
1836 13 May/SWLR Joseph MELANÇON   Céleste CARUTHERS Anglo Creole none listed
1836 8 Aug/BRDR Treville MELANÇON   Judith HÉBERT Acadian Breaux, Hébert, Lessard
1836 1 Sep/SWLR Joseph MELANSON   Uranie BERNARD Acadian none listed
1836 23 Nov/SWLR Joseph BABINEAU (widower) Acadian Marie MELANÇON   none listed
1837 10 Apr/BRDR Silvère MELANÇON   Telesie BOUDREAUX Acadian Boudreaux, Melançon
1837 8 May/BRDR Jean Colin BERTAUD French Creole Marie MELANÇON   Bertaut, Blouin, LeBlanc, Melançon
1837 28 Dec/BRDR Éloi MELANÇON   Rosalie Edezie DUGAS Acadian Dugas, Melançon
1838 6 Jan/SWLR Pierre MELANSON   Joséphine TERRIOT Acadian none listed
1838 16 Apr/BRDR Breville LE BLANC Acadian Melasie MELANÇON   Carlin, Melançon
1838 9 Jul/BRDR Narcisse TEMPLET Acadian Iréné MELANÇON   Blanchard, Guillot, Melançon, Templet
1838 13 Aug/SLR Edmond SAVOIS Acadian L'Adverine MELANÇON   none listed
1838 8 Nov/SWLR Michel [Treville] CORMIER, fils Acadian Marie Azena MELANSON   none listed
1838 26 Nov/BRDR Ursin BOUDREAU Acadian Marie Justine MELANÇON   Blouin, Melançon, Richard
1839 7 Jan/BRDR Carmelite LE BLANC Acadian Faustin MELANÇON   Arsenaux, Melançon
1839 11 Feb/BRDR Éloi MELANÇON   Mirza SCHNAIDER German Creole Bourgeois
1839 18 May/SWLR Pierre GUIDRY Acadian Marie Cléonise MELANSON   none listed
1839 3 Jun/SLR Séverin LANDRY Acadian Julienne MELANÇON   none listed
1839 23 Jul/BRDR Henry Pierre BRUYERE Foreign French Rosalie MELANÇON   LeBlanc, Melançon
1839 25 Jul/BRDR Rosémond BRAUD (widower) Acadian Emérante MELANÇON (widow)   Melançon, Poirier, Sanson
1839 21 Oct/BRDR Tiburse CHAMPAGNE French Creole Polonie MELANÇON   Breau, Echeverria, Melançon
1839 29 Oct/SWLR Joachim RICHARD Acadian Euphémie Azélie MELANÇON   none listed
1839 26 Dec/SWLR Placide SEMERE Acadian Marie Zéolide MELANSON   none listed
1839 30 Dec/SWLR Joseph Ozémé MELANÇON   Émelite BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1840 14 Jan/SWLR Olivier THIBODEAUX Acadian Apolline Arthémise MELANSON   none listed
1840 10 Feb/BRDR Hubert BARBIER French Creole Rosalie Marcelline MELANÇON   Barbier, Melançon
1840 9 Nov/BRDR [Paul] Trasimond MELANÇON   Eulalie MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Echeverria, Gomez, Melançon, Placencia
1841 8 Feb/BRDR Lessin MELANÇON   Marie MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Hernandez, Melançon, Plaisencia
1841 22 Jun/BRDR Pierre Martin MELANÇON   Célestine TEMPLET Acadian Blanchard, Dugas, Martin, Melançon, Templet, Webster
1841 28 Jun/SLR Victor MELANÇON   Farelie SAVOIE/SAVOIS Acadian none listed
1841 12 Jul/BRDR Alexandre MARCHAND French Creole Marie Martha MELANÇON   Braud, Gautreaux, Landry, Mirre
1841 30 Aug/BRDR Louis Amadée GRIGNON Foreign French Aurore MELANÇON   Arceneaux, Hébert, Landry, Legendre
1841 8 Nov/SLR Jackson PIERCE Anglo Célonice MELANÇON   none listed
1841 13 Dec/SWLR Victorin MELANSON   Marie Antoinette CHANTILLON [PELLERIN] French Creole none listed
1842 7 Feb/BRDR Drausin BERTAUT French Creole Florestille MELANÇON   Bertaud, Blouin, Melançon/Melanson
1842 20 Apr/BRDR Donat LE BLANC Acadian Yrma MELANÇON   Gothreaux, LeBlanc, Melançon
1842 11 Jul/SLR Franklin PIERCE Anglo Féliicine MELANÇON   none listed
1842 8 Aug/SWLR Julien MELANÇON, fils   Marie Uranie CORMIER Acadian none listed
1843 30 Jan/BRDR Hermogène MELANÇON   Marceline LOUVIÈR Acadian Berthaud, Melançon, Ramires, Rodrigues
1843 28 Feb/SWLR Pierre MELANSON   Delphine LELEU French Creole none listed
1843 19 Dec/BRDR Edmond MELANÇON (widower)   Carmelite LE BLANC (widow) Acadian Aime, Buquoi, Comes, Dugas, Hatkinson, Landry, Melançon, Nicholls, Richard
1844 19 Feb/SLR Hilaire BOURGEOIS (widower) Acadian Emerante Anaïse MELANÇON   none listed
1844 25 Apr/SWLR Marcelin Louis MELANÇON   Eulalie LA MORANDIERE French Creole none listed
1845 3 Feb/BRDR Joseph Valéry LE BLANC Acadian Clementine MELANÇON   Acosta, Daigre, LeBlanc
1845 8 May/SWLR Joseph DAIGLE Acadian Marcellite MELANSON   none listed
1845 7 Jul/BRDR [Joseph] Valsin MELANÇON   Carmelite LANDRY Acadian Bourg, Gravois, Melançon, Richard
1845 18 Jul/SWLR Théogène MELANÇON   Arthémise BABIN Acadian none listed
1845 24 Dec/SWLR Théodule MELANÇON   Elisa CHIASON (widow) Acadian none listed
1846 13 Feb/SLR André F. MEGUET/MEQUET Foreign French Celima MELANÇON   none listed
1846 25 May/SWLR Alphonse LANDRY Acadian Amelia MELANÇON   none listed
1846 20 Jul/SWLR Pierre Terville MELANÇON (w.) Acadian Domitilde MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1846 5 Oct/BRDR Dorville LACROIX French Creole? Marie Rosalie MELANÇON   Braud, Cox, Laboye, Landry, Melançon
1846 23 Nov/SWLR Alexandre MELANÇON, fils Acadian Marie Olive MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1846 24 Nov/SWLR Alexandre MELANÇON   Marie TRAHAN (widow) Acadian none listed
1847 18 Jan/BRDR Félix MELANÇON   [Marie] Mélodie DUGAS Acadian Berteau, Melançon, Rodrigue
1847 26 Jan/BRDR Paul HÉBERT, fils Acadian Clara MELANÇON   Blanchard, Braud, Dominique, Hébert, Landry
1847 1 Feb/BRDR Sosthène MELANÇON   Laurenza BERNIER French Creole? Bernier, Besson, Lanoux, Melançon
1847 12 Apr/SLR Eugène RICHARD/RICHOUX Acadian? Rosela MELANÇON   none listed
1847 20 Apr/BRDR Marcellin MELANÇON   Marie Élizabeth LANDRY Acadian Chase, Comaux/Comeau, Landry, LeBlanc, Lessard, Melançon, Richard
1847 6 May/BRDR Adolfe TULIER French Creole Euphémie MELANÇON   Templet, Thuillier/Tulier
1847 25 May/BRDR Egespie/Egesipe Dorestan MELANÇON   Marie Désirée COMEAUX Acadian Butterly, Comeaux, Comes, Gaillard, Landry, LeBlanc, Pinelle, Theriot
1847 29 Jun/SWLR Alexandre MELANÇON, fils   Marie Clarence DESROUJEAUX French Creole? none listed
1848 6 Mar/BRDR Étienne MELANÇON (widower)   Aureline Geneviève LE BOEUF French Creole LeBlanc, Melançon, Mollere
1848 6 Mar/BRDR Trasimond CROCHAIX (wdr.) Acadian Rose Aimée MELANÇON   Aucoin, Melançon, Porche
1848 24 Apr/SWLR [Pierre?] Dolein MELANÇON   Athenais BABINEAU Acadian none listed
1848 1 May/BRDR Victorin MELANÇON (wdr.)   Catherine WEBRE German Creole Berthelot, Cesear, Dupupet, LeBlanc, Rome, Swisher, Webre
1848 11 Jul/SWLR Sosthènes COURVILLE French Creole? Clementine MELANÇON   none listed
1848 16 Jul/SWLR Hervilien MELANÇON   Caroline HUVAL French Creole none listed
1848 16 Oct/BRDR Omer HÉBERT Acadian Marie Jeanette MELANÇON (widow)   Babin, Blanchard, Bonnicaré, Braud, Copello/Kopella, Desbains, Dugas, Gaudin, Gillet, Hébert, Landry, LeBlanc, Picou, Vives
1849 5 Feb/BRDR François Appolinaire LUCENTY Italian Imm. Marie Élisabeth MELANÇON   Braud, Gautrau/Gautreaux, Landry, Marchand, Melançon
1849 24 Sep/SWLR Jean Baptiste MELANÇON   Marcelite LACHAUSSÉE Acadian none listed
1849 30 Oct/SLR Roland MELANÇON   Clementine LE BLANC (widow) Acadian none listed
1849 26 Dec/SWLR Dupréville Louis BERNARD Acadian Marcelitte MELANÇON   none listed
1850 28 Jan/BRDR Privat Euphémon LE BLANC Acadian Victorine MELANÇON   LeBlanc, Gauthreaux/Gautreaux, Melançon, Richard, Subra
1850 4 Feb/SWLR Norbert MYRE Acadian Félicia MELANÇON   none listed
1850 1 Apr/SWLR Émile ALEXANDRE Foreign French Marie Azélia MELANÇON   none listed
1850 11 Apr/SLR Gilbert MELANÇON, fils   Marie Louise MATTERNE German Creole none listed
1850 15 May/BRDR Edmond BUJOL Acadian Éléonise Élisabeth MELANÇON   Dtts., Dugas, Gaudin, Landry
1850 2 Jul/BRDR Appolinaire MELANÇON   Arcelie LE BLANC Acadian Bonvin, LeBlanc, Melançon/Melanson, Raye
1850 19 Aug/BRDR Louis BLANCHARD Acadian Obelline MELANÇON   Dugas, Melançon
1850 30 Oct/SWLR Joseph [Clairville] MELANÇON   Marie Aminthe BARRAS French Creole none listed
1850 7 Dec/SWLR [Jean] Clairville MELANÇON   Eugènie PATIN French Creole none listed
1851 6 Jan/BRDR Joseph Ramire MELANÇON   Ophelia BLOUIN French Creole? Blouin, Melançon, Rodriguez
1851 27 Jan/SWLR Villemont MENANÇON   Marie Celisa DORET [DORÉ] French Creole none listed
1851 4 Feb/SWLR Théogène MELANÇON   Julie COMMAU Acadian none listed
1851 24 Feb/BRDR Étienne MELANÇON (widower)   Adeline BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Colle, Hébert, Picou
1851 4 Mar/BRDR Norbert MELANÇON (wdr.) Acadian Marie Mathilde MELANÇON Acadian Bujol, Dugas, Landry, Melançon, Roth
1851 19 Mar/BRDR Joseph Alleman MELANÇON   Constance MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Carmouche, Chauvin, Stugueville, Trahant
1851 21 Apr/SWLR [Pierre] Dolze MELANÇON   Amelie CORMIER Acadian none listed
1851 20 May/BRDR Auguste REGOUFFE French Creole? Émelie MELANÇON   Dugas, Landry, Regouffe
1851 9 Jun/BRDR Ovide BREAUD Acadian Odille MELANÇON   Breaud, Dugas, Landry, O'Brien, Roth, Savois
1852 5 Jan/BRDR Valmire MELANÇON   Lesida BOURGEOIS Acadian Bertaut, Bourgeois, Guidry, Melançon, Rodrigue
1852 29 Jan/BRDR Arsène BERGERON Acadian Octavie MELANÇON   LeBlanc, Melançon, Warner
1852 3 Feb/BRDR Jean Baptiste LAMBREMONT French Creole Marie Doralise MELANÇON   Daigre, Nereaux
1852 17 Jul/BRDR Esteve MELANÇON   Ethelvina BABIN (widow) Acadian Babin, Denoux, Gaudin, LeBlanc, Richard
1852 14 Dec/SLR Jules MELANÇON   Aglae BRUZZE Anglo? none listed
1853 12 Jan/BRDR Jean Baptiste BRAUD Acadian Marie Hermina MELANÇON   Argreve, Blach, Braud, Landry, LeBlanc
1853 17 Jan/BRDR Joseph Aimé HAMILTON Anglo Domitille MELANÇON   Argreve, Landry
1853 1 Feb/SWLR Jean Stinville MELANÇON   Erasie BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1853 23 May/SWLR Théogène MELANSON (wdr.)   Cléophine ALLEGRE French Creole? none listed
1853 6 Jun/BRDR Joseph Ignace ZURITA [SARITES] (widower) Spanish Creole Zulma MELANÇON (widow)   Boudin, Bourdier, Suarez
1853 13 Jun/BRDR Florentin MELANÇON (wdr.)   Lise LE BLANC Acadian Bertaut, Bourgeois, Dugas, Melançon
1853 20 Sep/SWLR Cyprien MELANSON   Félicie BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1854 20 Feb/BRDR Léon Amédée DUPLESSIS French Creole Émelie MELANÇON   Babin, Blocheo, Brown, LeBlanc, Poché
1854 19 Apr/SWLR Joseph Aladin MELANÇON   Julie BABINEAUX Acadian none listed
1854 9 May/SWLR Joseph PELLETIER French Creole Adèle MELANÇON   none listed
1854 11 May/SWLR Alfred MELANÇON   Mathilde BIJEAU Acadian none listed
1854 3 Jun/SWLR Robert MELANÇON   Eulalie BERNARD Acadian none listed
1854 22 Jul/SWLR Théogène BERTRAND French Creole Marie Azema MELANÇON   none listed
1854 24 Jul/BRDR Constant GRAVOIS Acadian Marie Marine MELANÇON   LeBlanc, Mire, Terrio
1854 21 Aug/BRDR Joachim KLING Anglo? Iréné MELANÇON   Blouin, Braud, Hamilton, Kling
1854 2 Oct/BRDR Léon THERIOT Acadian Euphrasie MELANÇON   Boudeau, Landry, Melançon, Minvielle, Peytavin
1855 21 Jan/SLR [Pierre] Théodule MELANÇON   Marguerite LEDÉ (widow) French Creole none listed
1855 7 May/BRDR Constant Paul MELANÇON   Hélène Félicité Élodie FABRE French Creole? Cantrelle, Chastant, Fabre, Ferchaud, Hébert, Melançon, Villavaso
1855 18 Aug/SLR Ferdinand PITRE Acadian Evesilda MELANÇON   none listed
1855 26 Nov/SWLR Napoléon MELANÇON   Cléonide BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1856 4 Feb/BRDR Camille MELANÇON   [Marie] Arthémise RIVET (wd.) Acadian Babin, Bruyere, Dugas, Melançon
1856 30 Jun/BRDR [Joseph] Bienvenu MELANÇON   Aglae ARCENAUX Acadian Gautrot, Letulle, Mire, Terrio
1856 18 Aug/BRDR Simon MELANÇON (wdr.?)   Marie Zulmée MARTINEZ Spanish Creole Gotreau, Kling, Martinez, Melançon, Smith
1856 22 Sep/BRDR Ludger PEYTAVIN French Creole? Marcelline MELANÇON   Lanoux, Melançon, Thibodaux
1856 10 Nov/BRDR Édouard E. GAUDIN Acadian Anaïse MELANÇON   Gaudin, Landry
1856 2 Dec/SWLR Pierre ALLEMAN French Creole? Julie MELANÇON   none listed
1857 6 Jan/BRDR Jean Jacques LE BLANC Acadian Florestine MELANÇON (wd.)   Boudreau, LeBlanc, Melançon
1857 19 Feb/BRDR Jules GUÉDRY Acadian Victorine MELANÇON   Brugere, Dominique, Gentil, Reynaud
1857 4 May/BRDR Antoine BALDO Spanish Creole? Colonie MELANÇON   Costa, Mathieu, Randall
1857 28 Sep/BRDR Auguste THIBAUT French Creole? Elmina MELANÇON   Augustin, Braud, Cottman, Judice, LeBlanc, Saint Martin, Serré, Sond, Terrio, Van Dyke
1858 11 Jan/BRDR Joseph/Joachim RUIZ Spanish Creole Teresphore MELANÇON   Ruiz, Vives
1858 20 Apr/BRDR Théolin N. MELANCON   Pamela TEMPLET Acadian Blanchard, Melançon, Templet
1858 6 May/BRDR Victorin MELANÇON, fils Acadian Félicie MELANÇON Acadian Boudreaux, Chauvin, Delmer, Melançon, Mire
1859 7 Mar/BRDR John DOMINIQUE Spanish Creole? Marie Nathalie MELANÇON   Babin, Dominque, Lauve, Peirce
1859 8 Mar/BRDR Aristide MELANÇON   Euphrasie HÉBERT Acadian Dugas, Gaudin, Hébert, Richard
1859 8 Mar/SWLR Eugène MELANÇON   Marie Uranie DUPUIS Acadian none listed
1859 23 May/SWLR Joseph [Aladin] MELANÇON (widower)   Philomène GUIDRY Acadian none listed
1859 14 Jun/BRDR [Jean] Adélard MELANÇON   Augustine DECOUX French Creole Cooley, Provosty, Robin
1859 12 Sep/SWLR Napoléon GIROUARD Acadian Suzanne MELANÇON   none listed
1860 7 Jan/SLR Désiré ARSENAUX Acadian Zéolide MELANÇON   none listed
1860 29 Jan/SWLR [Pierre] Désiré MELANÇON   Scholastique SEMERE Acadian none listed
1860 2 Feb/BRDR Evariste MELANÇON   M. L. Eudoxie LETULLE French Creole? Aymé, Clouâtre, Dugas, LeRoy, Letulle, Louviere, Webre
1860 16 Apr/SWLR Éloi MELANÇON Acadian Mathilde MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1860 26 Jun/SWLR Marcel MELANÇON   Philomène BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1860 22 Oct/SWLR Félix RICHARD Acadian Adèle MELANÇON   none listed
1860 29 Oct/SWLR Onésiphore MELANÇON   Anaïs GUILBEAU Acadian none listed
1860 17 Dec/SWLR Alexandre MELANÇON (wdr.?)   Marie Olymphe THERIOT Acadian none listed
1861 1 Apr/SWLR Jules POIRIER Acadian Marie Amelie MELANÇON   none listed
1861 7 May/SWLR Euzèbe [H]UVAL French Creole? Élodie MELANÇON   none listed
1861 7 Aug/BRDR Ursin MELANÇON (widower)   Pélagie Fanny LE BLANC Acadian Dugas, Mancon, Melançon, Thibaut

Analysis of MELANÇON marriages, 1768-1861: 

Total marriages listed:             294       100.0%
Endogamous marriages:           222        75.5
Exogamous marriages:               72        24.5



[running tally]

MICHEL (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 3 Mar/NOAR Pierre MICHEL (widower)   Marie LEGER Acadian Jourdain, Leger, Prejean
1771 25 Apr/BRDR Joseph CORMIER (widower) Acadian Anne MICHEL (widow)   Berard/Bernard, Gaignard, Grevember, Mercier
1785 24 Nov/NOAR Jacobo DUBOIS Acadian Maria[-Madeleine] MIGUEL   Llorca, Martinez
1786 16 May/BRDR Joseph-François MICHEL   Gene[v]iève LE BLANC Acadian Gotreau, Theran
1786 2 Oct/BRDR Joseph CHERAMI French Creole Chartou [Gertrude] MIGUEL   Commo
1787 9 Oct/BRDR Simon LE BLANC Acadian Maria MICHEL   Blanc, Michel
1788 7 Jan/BRDR Francisco MIGUEL   Maria[-Madeleine] LE BLANC Acadian Éber, Michel
1789 26 Jul/BRDR Pedro THERIO Acadian Anastasia MICHEL   Michel, Saturnin
1790 31 Jan/BRDR Lorenzo dit Michael LANCON Maltese Creole Anna[-Josèphe] MICHEL   none listed
1790 8 Feb/BRDR Pablo HÉBERT Acadian Maria MICHEL   Bourgeois, Michel
1793 12 Feb/BRDR Juan-Carlos BERTEAU French Creole Escolastica MICHEL   none listed
1793 12 Feb/BRDR Josef MICHEL   Maria[-Madeleine] BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1795 16 Feb/BRDR Michel RICHARD Acadian Rosalia MICHEL   Richard, Terriot
1796 22 Aug/BRDR Juan MARONGE (widower) Italian Creole Ana[-Josèphe] MICHEL (widow)   Dubois, Hébert
1797 21 Feb/BRDR Josef LANDRY Acadian Magdalena MICHEL   Landry, Michel
1800 2 Sep/BRDR Simon HARTY [HARTLEY] Irish Creole Ana MICHEL   Cantrelle, Michel
1804 2 Jan/BRDR Juan Luis DAIGLE (widower) Acadian Maria Josefa MICHEL   Aucoin, Boudraux
1807 3 Feb/BRDR Pierre MICHEL   Marguerite BLANCHARD Acadian Blanchard, Mercier, Michel
1809 31 Jan/BRDR François MICHEL   Carmelite ARSENAUX Acadian Arsenaux, Mir, Theriot
1812 20 Jul/BRDR Thadé MICHEL   Marie M. Carmelite DUHON Acadian Duhon, Landry, Michel
1813 23 Feb/BRDR Eugène MICHEL   Manette ROUSSEL French Creole Michel, Richard, Roussel
1813 5 Jul/BRDR Joseph MICHEL   Véronique PAUCHER [POCHÉ] French Creole Michel, Paucher/Pocher
1814 10 Jan/BRDR Antonio BOUDRAUX Acadian Maria [Josèphe] MICHEL (widow)   Blanchard, Boudraux, Larrosa
1816 20 Feb/BRDR François DUHON Acadian Marie Eugènie MICHEL   Duhon, Gaudet, Michel
1817 28 Apr/BRDR Joseph MICHEL (widow)   Marie Rosalie GOTTEREAU Acadian Casimir, Duhon, Teriaud
1819 2 Feb/BRDR Florentin MICHEL   Marguerite Artémise TERRIO Acadian Caillouet, Michel, Terrio
1823 11 Feb/BRDR Jacques CAILLOUET French Creole Marie Claire MICHEL   Grabert, Pertuit, Theriot
1829 3 Jan/BRDR Pierre Prudent BECNEL German Creole? Marie MICHEL   Haydel, LeBourgeois, Michel
1831 25 Jul/BRDR Pierre MICHEL   Marie Cléonise BLANCHARD Acadian Bechel, Blanchard, Theriot, Thibodeaux
1832 16 Aug/BRDR Joseph THERIOT Acadian Emerante MICHEL   Godbery, Michel, Theriot, Welham
1835 20 Feb/BRDR Rosémond ST. PIERRE French Creole Delphine MICHEL   Bourgeois, Michel, Roussel
1839 10 Jun/SLR Pierre Florentin MICHEL   Zelima THERIOT Acadian none listed
1840 18 May/BRDR Eugène MICHEL   Séraphine ST. PIERRE French Creole Bourgeois, Roussel
1842 9 Apr/BRDR Marcellin ROUSSEL French Creole Émilie MICHEL   Bourgeois, Grégoire, Melançon, Roussel
1842 4 Oct/BRDR Jean Pierre MICHEL   Marie Rose GUIDRY Acadian Borne, Comes, Gordris, Guédry, LeBlanc, Michel, Theriot
1845 28 May/BRDR Clairville MICHEL   Adèle ROUSSEAU French Creole Michel, Theriot
1845 13 Sep/SWLR Marcelin MICHEL   Marie HARTMAN Anglo? none listed
1846 7 Feb/BRDR Laufroi MICHEL   Marie DUHON Acadian Bourgeois, Caillouet, Guédry
1846 2 May/BRDR Valéri ROUSSEL French Creole Louise MICHEL   Bourgeois, Grégoire, Melançon, Roussel
1847 16 Aug/BRDR A. E. CRANE Anglo Fideline MICHEL   Crane, LeBourgeois, Michel, Mish, Richard, Thibodaux
1847 28 Sep/BRDR [François] Edmé MICHEL Acadian Émelie MICHEL Acadian Michel, Ther[i]ot
1847 29 Sep/BRDR Félix MICHEL   Adolestine MIRE Acadian Michel
1848 22 Jul/BRDR Justilien MICHEL   Azella ROUSSEAU French Creole Rousseau, Theriot
1852 19 Jan/SLR Augustin Émilien THERIOT Acadian Mary Angelina MICHEL   none listed
1854 Mar/Apr/BRDR Florentin MICHEL (widower)   Emeranthe BLANCHARD (wd.) Acadian Blanchard, Landry, Michel, Templet
1855 6 Nov/BRDR Narcisse TEMPLET Acadian Evelina MICHEL   Michel, Templet
1857 29 Jan/BRDR Norbert ROUSSEL French Creole Émelie MICHEL   Bourgeois, Michel, Roussel, St. Pierre
1859 26 Apr/BRDR Paul Elfege MICHEL   Aspasie PREVOST French Creole none listed
1860 9 Jul/BRDR Joseph ACMAN Anglo? Félicie MICHEL   Braud, Fernandez, Michel, Rousseau

Analysis of MICHEL marriages, 1766-1860:

Total marriages listed:           50      100.0%
Endogamous marriages:        30        60.0
Exogamous marriages:          20        40.0



[running tally]

MIRE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1766 31 Mar/C-V Simon MIRRE   Madeleine CORMIER Acadian none listed
1768 9 Jun/C-V Joachim dit Bénoni] MIRRE (widower)   [Madeleine MELANÇON] Acadian none listed
1786 22 May/BRDR Josef MIR   Marie-Margarita DAIGRE Acadian none listed
1786 3 Oct/SWLR Basile LANDRY Acadian Marianne MIRE   Broussard, Cormier, Giroird, Mire, Prejean
1790 20 Jul/BRDR Juan BOURGOIS Acadian Félicité MIR   Bourgois, Mir
1796 16 Jan/BRDR Simon RICHAR Acadian Escolastica MIR   Arseno, Par
1796 26 Apr/BRDR Luis RICHARD (widower) Acadian Félicitas MIER (widow)   Burke, Mier
1796 16 Aug/SWLR Joseph MIRE le jeune   Émelie GUILEBAUT Acadian Brusard, Chemin, Coxon, Franc-Mercade, Girouard, Guillebaud, Landry
1796 31 Oct/BRDR Pedro MIRE   Henriqueta BERNARD Acadian Bernard, Mire/Mier
1797 9 May/SWLR Simon MIRE   Constance BROUSSARD Acadian Babin, Berard, Broussard, Chemin, Coran, Hébert
1797 2 Dec/SWLR Joseph-Vital LANDRY Acadian Pélagie MIRE   Broussard, Daigle, Fagot, Landry
1798 9 Jan/BRDR Simon LANOUX Acadian Félicité MIRE (widow)   Babin, Richard
1798 12 Feb/BRDR Agustin LE BLANC Acadian Margarita MIRE   LeBlanc, Richard
1798 20 Feb/BRDR Benjamin MIRE   Maria-Modesta ARCENAUX Acadian Mirre, Richard
1798 4 Sep/SWLR [Antoine-]Joseph TRAHAN Acadian Marie-Élizabeth MIRE   Broussard, Fostin, Landry, Mire
1799 14 Oct/BRDR Juan-Bapt. MIRE   Esther ARSENAUX Acadian Arsenaux, LeBlanc, de Rousselle
1802 22 Feb/BRDR Pablo MIRE   Maria-Célestina LANOU Acadian Lanoire, Richard
1804 6 Feb/BRDR Henri MELANSON Acadian Margueritte MIRRE   Arcenaux, Bouquery, Richard
1805 21 Jan/BRDR Édouard BOURGEOIS Acadian Magdelaine MIRE   Bourgeois, Richard
1807 24 Nov/SWLR Michel BOULET French Creole Pélagie MIRE (widow)   Abat, Dubourg, Jacquet
1809 11 Apr/SWLR Charles GRANGER Acadian Constance MIRE   Granger, Landry, Mire, Prejean, Trahan
1810 2 Oct/SWLR Benjamin MIRE   Marie BERNARD Acadian Ballen, Broussard, Marc, Porter
1811 18 Feb/BRDR Joseph MIRE   Clarice ARCENAUX Acadian Dugat, Fontenot, Mire
1816 21 Feb/BRDR Benjamin Pierre MIRE   Céleste ARSENEAUX Acadian Bourgeois, DeLinars, Gaudin, Mire
1817 5 Jan/BRDR Juan MIRE   Artemisa BERGERON Acadian Berquier, Guillot
1817 4 Feb/BRDR François RENNES French Creole Carmelite MIRE   Brignac, Mire, Rennes
1818 26 Oct/BRDR Léon LESSART [LESSARD] French Creole Marie Azélie MIRE   Dicharie, Grabert, Mire
1818 24 Nov/SWLR Joseph MIRE   Lucie Félicité BOURG Acadian Bourg, Dubois, Dusouchet, Penne, Ribette
1819 16 Feb/BRDR Evariste MIRE   Clémence GAUDET Acadian Fabre, Gaudet, Richard
1819 27 Sep/SWLR Édouard MIRE   Aspasie THIBAUDOT Acadian Broussard, Duon, Hébert, Mire
1820 26 Dec/BRDR Simon POIRIER Acadian Caroline MIRE   Arceneaux, Ébert, Rossignol
1821 26 Feb/BRDR Luc DUGAS Acadian Émilite Pierre MIRE   Dugas, Mire, Poirier
1821 8 Oct/SWLR Joseph Zéphirin MIRE   Marguerite PLAISANCE Isleño Creole Broussard, Mire, Plaisance
1822 24 Feb/BRDR Béloni MIRE   Mélanie BOURGEOIS Acadian Bourgeois, Mire
1825 8 Feb/SWLR Marcelin DUBOIS Acadian Élise MIRE   Broussard, Grangé, Mire
1825 14 Feb/BRDR Olivier BOURGEOIS (wdr.) Acadian Marguerite MIRE (widow)   Breau, Mire
1826 3 Jul/SLR Valère ROBICHAUD Acadian Marie Cléonise MIRE   none listed
1826 31 Jul/SWLR Élisé[e] MIRE   Marie REO French Creole? Fabre, Grangé
1826 16 Oct/SWLR Jean PRIMEAUX French Can. Marie Céleste MIRE   Balley, Mire, Traham
1827 1 Feb/BRDR Éloy HÉBERT Acadian Marie Doralise MIRE   Gourdain, Houette, Lalanne
1827 13 Feb/BRDR Auguste LEVERT French Can. Eulalie MIRE   Gros, Levert
1827 27 Aug/SLR [Pierre] Neuville MIRE   Baptiste [Basilise] GOTRAU Acadian none listed
1828 7 Jan/BRDR Joseph Drosin MIRE   Marie Eulalie BOUDREAUX Acadian Breau, Gauthreaux, Granore, LeBlanc
1829 18 May/SWLR Archille BREAUX Acadian Marie Carmelle MIRRE   Girroir, Mire
1829 3 Aug/SWLR Placide MIRE (widower)   Adélaïde BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Crow, Landry, Montet, Traham
1829 17 Aug/BRDR Charleville BLOUIN French Creole Marie MIRE   Bernier, Gissclard, Melançon
1830 15 Feb/BRDR [Paul] Dususail MIRE   Marguerite Arthémise DUGAT Acadian Dugat, LeBlanc
1830 28 Aug/SWLR Jean PLAISANCE Isleño Creole Marie Carmegille MIRE   Broussard, Mire
1831 16 May/SLR Evariste MORVAND French Creole Marie Denise MIRRE   none listed
1831 10 Oct/SLR Célestin GAUTRAUX Acadian Marie Delphine MIRRE   none listed
1831 7 Nov/SLR Joachim MIRE   Célesie GAUTRAUX Acadian none listed
1832 16 Jan/SWLR Joseph BROUSSARD Acadian Adélaïde MIRRE   none listed
1832 13 Feb/BRDR Xavier SARASSIN French Creole Victorine MIRE   LeBlanc, Marchand, Mire, Thibodeux
1833 29 Apr/SLR Henri/Henry DANOSSE French Creole Séraphine MIRE   none listed
1833 7 Oct/BRDR Victor JACOB French Creole? Zenelie MIRE   Arceneaux, DuBois, Duga, Jacob, Malacher, Mire
1836 30 Jun/BRDR Adélard MIRE   Clairsoine COMMEAUX Acadian Boucry, Bourgeois, Duhon, Jacob
1836 24 Aug/BRDR Théodule MIRE   Célestine BOURGEOIS Acadian Besson, Duhon, Fletser
1836 24 Nov/BRDR [Paul] Dumeril MIRRE (wdr.)   Marie Belzire BOUDREAU Acadian Chauvin, Dugas, LeBlanc
1837 28 Aug/SLR Evariste MIRE   Marie Zéline MORVAN French Creole none listed
1838 21 May/SLR Hubert AUCOIN Acadian Marie Delphine MIRE (widow)   none listed
1838 13 Jun/SWLR Michel BOULLÉ, fils French Creole Elmire MIRE   none listed
1840 2 May/BRDR Pierre Jean Séverin HOULON Foreign French Élizabeth MIRE   Druilhet, Malarcher, Terriot
1841 8 Nov/SLR Jean Baptiste MIRE   Adèlle GUILLOT Acadian none listed
1842 9 Apr/SLR Séraphin MIRE   Geneviève Cécile FOREST Acadian none listed
1842 4 Jul/SWLR Édouard MIRE   Caroline René[e] BROUSSARD Acadian none listed
1842 5 Sep/SWLR Vital BOURG Acadian Azema MIRE   none listed
1842 24 Dec/SWLR Evariste MIRE   Adélaïde GIROIR Acadian none listed
1843 9 Feb/BRDR Drausin MIRE (widower)   Oraline CROCHET Acadian Ayme, Chauvin, Dubourg, LeBlanc, Richard
1843 21 Feb/BRDR Louis RICHARD Acadian Adèle MIRE   Arceneaux, Bourgeois, Chalane, Hébert, Landry
1843 20 May/SLR Urbain DANOS French Creole Marcellite Basilise MIRE   none listed
1843 12 Jul/BRDR Elphége HÉBERT Acadian Aglae MIRE   Arceneau, Bourgeois, Hébert, Legendre, Nemetti
1843 30 Sep/SWLR Joseph MIRE   Adeline LANCOU [LANCON?] French Creole? none listed
1843 30 Oct/SLR Lange GUILLOT Acadian Marie Célesie MIRE   none listed
1844 16 Apr/BRDR Joseph Gustave LANDRY Acadian Rosalie Eliska MIRE   Barras, Gaudet, Landry, Mire, Pedesclaux
1844 1 Oct/BRDR Olivier Aristide TERRIO Acadian Célestine MIRE   Beanney, Bourgeois, Braud, Duffel, Gautrau, Hébert, Johnson, Landry, LeBlanc, Mire/Mirre, Nicholls, Owens, Pinele, Repp
1845 3 Feb/BRDR Evariste Camille MIRE   Claire Odalie PEDESCLAUX French Creole? Butterly, Gaudet, Jacquet, Landry, Mire, Pedesclaux
1846 9 Feb/SLR Pierre JONANNETAUD Foreign French Marie Euphrasie MIRRE   none listed
1846 23 Feb/BRDR Louis Norbert HÉBERT Acadian Arthémide MIRE   Héber, Levert, Plesot, Toffies
1846 23 Feb/SWLR Joseph SIMON French Creole Marie Adeline MIRE   none listed
1846 24 Feb/BRDR Éloi RICHARD Acadian Marie Osile MIRE   Chauvin, Dubourg, Dupupet, LeBlanc, Melançon
1847 5 Jan/SWLR Édouard MYRE, fils   Marie BAKER/BECCEUR Anglo none listed
1847 20 Apr/BRDR Jérôme Elphége MIRE   Marie Ophelia ÉBER Acadian Ébert, Gaudet, Landry, Mire
1847 5 Jun/SWLR Placide MIRE (widower)   Marie Adélaïde LOUVIERE Acadian none listed
1847 29 Sep/BRDR Félix MICHEL Acadian Adolestine MIRE   Michel
1848 26 Jan/BRDR François Amadéo LANDRY (widower) Acadian Marie Louise MIRE   Arceneaux, Badie/Bodie, Eaton, Gaudet, Landry, Mire
1848 12 Feb/BRDR Paul Comesse MIRRE   Noemie BERTEAU French Creole Berteau, Brooks, LeBlanc, Mirre
1848 19 Feb/BRDR Florian ROUSSEL French Creole Madeliene MIRE   Millet, Mire, Poche
1848 24 Apr/SWLR Léo TRAHANT Acadian Aglae MIRE   none listed
1848 24 Apr/SWLR Bélizere MYRE   Marie SIMON French Creole none listed
1848 25 May/BRDR Dominique Aristide MIRE   Marie Ernestine ROUSSEL French Creole Druilhet, Louque, Miller, Pasc, Poche
1848 10 Jul/SLR Théophile ROCHELEAU French Creole? Julienne Farley MYRE   none listed
1849 9 Apr/SWLR Clément MYRE   Estelle BREAUX Acadian none listed
1849 11 Jun/SLR Auguste TOURREL, Jr. French Creole? Marie Séraphine MIRE (widow)   none listed
1849 2 Nov/SLR Rezin MOBLEY Anglo Mellite Arthémise MIRE   none listed
1849 13 Nov/SWLR Léon MIRE/MYRE   Marie Mélanie ROYER French Can. none listed
1850 4 Feb/SWLR Norbert MYRE   Félicia MELANÇON Acadian none listed
1850 29 May/SLR Evariste MYRE (widower)   Marie Pauline BOUDREAUX (widow) Acadian none listed
1852 22 Nov/SWLR Jean SIMON French Creole Aglae MYRE (widow)   none listed
1853 10 Jan/BRDR Telesphore BERTEAU French Creole Odille MIRE   Brasset, Gautreau, LeBlanc
1853 19 Jan/BRDR Dumesnil MIRE   Scholastique RICHARD Acadian Melançon, Mire, Richard
1854 25 Feb/BRDR Charles F. LASSELLE [LASALLE?] French Creole? Victorine MIRRE   Alexandre, Guédry, Mirre, Terrio
1854 8 May/BRDR Augustin MIRE   Marie Elodie LE BLANC Acadian Danos, Levert, Rivet
1854 30 Aug/SLR Antoine CHERAMINE French Creole Irma Cécile MIRE   none listed
1854 25 Sep/SWLR Méance PRIMEAU French Can. Aurelia MIRE   none listed
1855 30 Apr/BRDR Éloi MIRE   Domithilde BOUDREAU Acadian Besse, Boudreaux, Bourgeis
1856 31 Mar/SWLR Théodule MIRE   Arthémise RICHARD (widow) Acadian none listed
1856 19 May/BRDR Alexandre MARCHAND French Creole Marie Olivia MIRRE   LeBlanc, Marchand, Mirre
1856 2 Jun/BRDR Douradou MIRE   Marine GRAVOIS Acadian Blouin, Gravois, Lasselli, LeBlanc, Marchand
1856 24 Nov/BRDR Prudent MIRE   Amelie/Émelie LANDRY (widow) Acadian Chauvin, Melançon, Mirre, Richard
1856 29 Dec/BRDR Thelesphore RICHARD Acadian Silvanie MIRE   Babin, Mire/Mirre, Sarazin
1857 2 Feb/SLR Urbain DANOS French Creole Marie Melasie MIRE   none listed
1857 31 Aug/SWLR Alexandre HÉBERT Acadian Euphémie MIER/MIRE   none listed
1858 27 Jan/BRDR Théodule MIRRE   Angelina BRAUX Acadian Blanchard, Boudreaux, Clement, Gautreaux, Talbot
1858 30 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste MIRE   Joséphine BOURG Acadian none listed
1858 8 Feb/SWLR Gesnair/Gesner BREAUX Acadian Émelie MIER/MIRE   none listed
1858 19 Apr/BRDR P. Théodule MIRE   Carmelite LANDRY (widow) Acadian Boudrousy, Cottman, Dubourg, Letulle, Sarazin
1859 4 Jul/SWLR Théogène MIRE   Uranie BERTRAND French Creole none listed
1860 28 Apr/BRDR Sylvany Maurice BOUDREAUX Acadian Myrté MIRE   Boudreaux, Gautreaux
1860 20 Aug/BRDR Éloi DICHARRY French Creole? Aglae MIRE   Braud, Gaudet, Mirre
1861 23 May/SWLR Darmas BOULÉ French Creole Émelia MIRE   none listed
1861 25 May/SLR Ulysse AUCOIN Acadian Marie Odilia MIRE/MYRE   none listed
1861 1 Jun/SLR Aurelien/Arvilien MIRE/MYRE   Marie Melina AUCOIN Acadian none listed
1861 6 Dec/SLR Aristide MYRE   Joséphine Victorine BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed

Analysis of MIRE marriages, 1766-1861: 

Total marriages listed:             123        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:            83          67.5
Exogamous marriages:              40          32.5



[running tally]

MOÏSE (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1803 28 Jun/BRDR Josef[-Pierre] MOYSES   Ana[-Marguerite] BLANCHARD Acadian Boudraux, Hébert
1825 9 May/BRDR Alexander GIROIR Acadian Anne MOÏSE   Aucoin, Guillot
1830 3 Aug/BRDR Jean Baptiste MOÏSE   Melanie MELANÇON Acadian Blanchard, Melançon, Moïse
1834 10 Feb/BRDR Joseph MOÏSE   Marie COMMAUX Acadian Aucoin, Melançon, Templet
1836 31 Oct/BRDR Jean Baptiste MOYSE (wdr.)   Adélaïde DUPUIS Acadian Dupuis, Mellanson, Moyse
1844 18 May/BRDR Marc Denis DAUGE Foreign French? Marie MOYSE   Barthe, Commeaux, Paranton
1849 2 Jun/BRDR Moléon CHARLET French Creole Edezie MOYSE   Charlet, Melançon, Templet
1860 4 Oct/BRDR Joseph Osémé MOÏSE   Adeline BRAUD (widow) Acadian Braud, Commau, Mollere
1861 7 May/BRDR Jean Marie HERIARD French Creole? Augustine MOÏSE   Carver, Comeau/Commeaux, Moïse

Analysis of MOÏSE marriages, 1803-1861:

Total marriages listed:            9        100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         6          66.7
Exogamous marriages:           3          33.3


MOISE non-Acadian connection:  CHARLET, DAUGE, HERIARD 3

[running tally]

MOLAISON (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
1786 10 Jun/BRDR Joseph MELANÇON[sic], fils   Marie GOTREAUX Acadian Commo
1790 17 Jul/BRDR Joseph-Coutant GRANGER Acadian Marie-Modeste MOLESON (wd.)   Daigle, Moleson
1790 21 Jul/BRDR Louis-François DAIGRE Acadian Marie-Rose MOLESON   Broussard, Vahamornde
1794 4 Mar/BRDR Pedro BROUSARD Acadian Maria Sophia MOULAISON   Blanco, Bousel
1807 9 May/BRDR Santiago MOLAIZON   Céleste BERNARD DU MONTIER French Creole Bernard, Losada
1809 17 Sep/BRDR Pedro MOLAISON   Maria [Louise] HÉBERT Acadian Boutary, Landry
1811 8 Sep/BRDR Pedro LEDET French Creole Marie Céleste MOLAISON   Candolle, Hébert, Riffaud
1812 12 Apr/BRDR Joseph MOLAISON   Adélaïdes Constancia LEJEUNE Acadian Molaison, Tureyra
1815 29 Oct/BRDR Eloix Antonio DECHAMPS French Creole? Maria Magdalena MOLAISON   Diaz, Hébert, Molaison
1818 7 Jul/BRDR Joseph Elinore PITRE Acadian Ursule Delphine MOLAISON   Hébert, Richard
1818 13 Oct/BRDR Joseph CLOUÂTRE Acadian Henriette MOLAISSON   Catin, Dantin, Landry
1827 29 Jan/BRDR Antoine GRAS French Creole? Euphémise MOLAISON   Dumontier, Hicky, Sheppers
1830 26 Jan/SLR Jean Baptiste MOLESON   Marie Émilie LE BLANC Acadian none listed
1831 17 Feb/BRDR Isidore DAIGLE Acadian Célestine MOLAISON   Bernard Dumontier, Daigle
1832 14 May/SLR Léonce DUÉ French Creole Marguerite MOLESON   none listed
1832 1 Oct/SLR Joseph MOLESON   Marie BOURGEOIS Acadian none listed
1835 26 Jan/BRDR Jacques MOLAISON, Jr.   Irma FORET Acadian Esnard, Foret, Hébert
1836 3 Dec/SLR Jacques D'HUÉE French Creole Adèle MOLAISON   none listed
1837 24 Apr/BRDR Prudent MOLAISON   Marie PEYRONNIN French Creole Landry, Peyronnin
1838 29 Jan/SLR Benjamin FOLSE (widower) German Creole? Rosalie MOLESON   none listed
1838 9 Oct/BRDR Jules MOLAISON   Elisa DUPUIS Acadian Landry, Sivicques
1841 24 May/SLR Evariste MOLAISON   Adeline LENÉ/LAINE French Creole? none listed
1843 20 Nov/BRDR Théodule MOLAISON   Victorine LANDRY Acadian Brogard, Cerron, Hébert, Landry, Molaison, Vaughn
1844 20 May/SLR Evariste MOLAISON   Julie Arthémise PITRE Acadian none listed
1848 1 May/SLR Pierre MOLAISON, Jr.   Felonise DOUCET Acadian none listed
1851 5 Apr/SLR Michel Raphaël MOLAISON   Carmelite PITRE Acadian none listed
1854 15 Feb/BRDR Émile BROUSSARD Acadian Céleste Delphine MOLAISON   Bernard, Hickey, Petit, Peyronnin, White
1854 24 Jul/SLR Guillaume LE BLANC Acadian Marie Zulema MOLAISON   none listed
1855 15 Feb/SLR Eugène BOUDRAUX Acadian Joséphine MOLAISON   none listed
1855 12 May/SLR Adrien MOLAISON   Zéolide TOUPS German Creole none listed
1855 31 Oct/SLR Antoine FOLSE German Creole? Marie MOLAISON   none listed
1857 18 Apr/SLR Pierre MOLAISSON   Rosina HÉBERT Acadian none listed
1858 13 Feb/SLR Henri Octave CHIASSON Acadian Marie Estelle MOLAISON   none listed
1859 30 May/SLR Thelesphore LAPEROUSE Foreign French Estellina MOLAISON   none listed
1860 9 Jan/SLR Edmond Deradon LAPERUSE Foreign French Celima MOLAISON   none listed

Analysis of MOLAISON marriages, 1786-1860:

Total marriages listed:            35         100.0%
Endogamous marriages:         22           62.9
Exogamous marriages:           13           37.1



[running tally]

MOUTON (Acadians only)

Date/Record Groom Ethnicity Bride Ethnicity Witnesses
c1768/C-V/NO Salvatorre MOUTON (widower)   Anne FORREST Acadian none listed
1777 20 Jan/BRDR Marin MOUTON   Marie-Josèph[e] LAMBERT French Creole Duee, Gaudet
1781 19 Jan/BRDR Georges MOUTON   Rosalie GAUDET Acadian LeBlanc, Theriot
1783 23 Jun/SWLR Jean MOUTON   Marie-Marthe BORDA French Creole Guilbeau, Hebert, Landry, Mouton
1783 9 Jul/SWLR Jean GUILBAUD Acadian Marie-Geneviève MOUTON   Babino, Boudro, Comeaux, Mouton
1788 12 Jan/SWLR Nicolas-Joseph MOUTON   Marie-Josèph[e] DOUCET Acadian Declouet, Jenne
1788 10 Jun/SWLR Jean-Frédéric MOUTON   Anastasie CORMIER Acadian Broussard, Cormier, Modena, Nezat
1791 19 Oct/SWLR Silvestre MOUTON   Josette COMEAUX Acadian Langlois, Thibodeaux
1792 24 Apr/BRDR Pierre BLANCHARD Acadian Isabel MOUTON   Blanchard, Fedrig
1800 3 Jun/SWLR Marin MOUTON Isabelle BROUSSARD Acadian Broussard, Coron, Dronet, Mouton, Primo
1800 6 Jul/SWLR Pierre-Laurenzo POTIER Acadian Marie-Modeste MOUTON Andrus, Broussard, Mouton, Potier, Vile
1801 1 Jun/SWLR Jean-Baptiste MOUTON   Marie-Angélique MARTIN Acadian Babin, Martin, Mouton, Tenholt
1804 7 Feb/SWLR Salvator MOUTON le jeune   Anastasie COMEAUX Acadian Broussard, Mouton, Trahan
1804 1 May/BRDR Regis OUBRE French Creole Magdalaine MOUTON   Blanchard, Dhuart, Guidry
1804 2 Oct/SWLR Jean BOUDREAUX Acadian Marguerite MOUTON Boudreaux, Granger, Hulin, Landry, Mouton
1805 13 May/SWLR Cyprien ARCENEAUX Acadian [Marguerite] Adélaïde MOUTON Durocher, Gary, Lavergne, LeBlanc, Mouton
1807 17 Aug/SWLR Salvator MOUTON le jeune  (wr.)   Susanne BOUDREAUX Acadian Abate, Jacquet, Mouton, Riviere
1809 17 Jan/SWLR Joseph MOUTON Cidalise ARCENEAUX Acadian Arceneaux, Breaux, Duhamel, Martin, Mouton
1809 4 Mar/SWLR Joseph MALCHAUX French Creole? Adélaïde MOUTON Arceneaux, Gabaret, Malchaux, Mouton
1809 11 Jul/SWLR Charles BAUDOUIN French Creole Julie MOUTON Jacquet, Marc, Mouton, Pintard, Toups
1810 6 Feb/SWLR Pierre DUGAS Acadian Marie Marthe MOUTON   Dugas, Martin, Mouton
1811 16 Sep/SWLR Alexandre DUGAS Acadian Adélaïde MOUTON (widow) Breaux, Dugas, Martin, Mouton
1813 4 Jan/SWLR Mathieu LUQUET French Creole? Anastasie MOUTON Boudreaux, Chemin, Daysson, Ferry, Hebert
1813 21 May/SWLR Joseph PREJEAN Acadian Aspasie MOUTON   Chemin, Ferry, Mouton, Prejean
1813 26 Jul/SWLR François ARCENEAUX Acadian Marie MOUTON   Arceneaux, Bernard, Breaux, Carmouche, Guilbeau, Mouton
1813 6 Dec/SWLR Jean Silvestre MOUTON   Marie Euphrosine BREAUX Acadian Abel, Arceneaux, Breaux, Chemin
1814 2 May/SWLR François MOUTON   Clémence DUGAS Acadian Dugas, Martin, Mouton
1814 7 Dec/SWLR Augustin MOUTON   Françoise BAUDOUIN French Creole Abat, Amy, Chemin, Mouton, Trahan
1815 27 Feb/SWLR Marin MOUTON (widower)   Marguerite BERNARD Acadian Amy, Barriere, Chemin
1815 16 Oct/SWLR Joseph Onésime MOUTON Tarsille HÉBERT Acadian Chemin, Dessarps, Dubourg, Mouton, Penne
1817 10 Feb/SWLR Don Louis MOUTON   Marie CORMIER Acadian Castille, Cormier, Guidry, Guilbeau, Lingois, Martin, Mouton, Penne
1817 26 May/SWLR Charles MOUTON   Arthémise DUGAS Acadian Arceneaux, Bernard, Broussard, Dugas, Huval, LeBlanc, Mouton
1818 12 Oct/SWLR Julien CARUTHERS Anglo Céleste MOUTON   Arceneaux, Bernard, Prejean, Ribette
1818 12 Oct/SWLR Onésime CARUTHERS Anglo Marguerite E. MOUTON   Arceneaux, Bernard, Duprat, Prejean
1821 8 May/SWLR Silvestre MOUTON   Adeline CORMIER Acadian Martin, Mouton
1821 29 May/SWLR Jean Eugène MOUTON   Sydalise Eugènie SAVOY Acadian Cumings, Perrodin
1821 25 Oct/SWLR Charles MOUTON Marie Julie LATIOLAIS French Creole Briant, Dugas, Latiolais, Mouton, Nezat, Olivier
1822 2 May/SWLR Jean Sosthène MOUTON Eugènie LATIOLAIS French Creole Briant, Latiolais, Mouton, Nezat, Olivier
1822 18 Jul/SWLR Charles Joseph ANTOINE Foreign French Marie Cidalise MOUTON   none listed
1823 30 Jun/SWLR William MCBRIDE Scots Marcelite MOUTON   none listed
1825 15 Feb/SWLR Michel GIRARD Foreign French Anastasie MOUTON   Arceneaux, Mouton
1826 16 May/SWLR Joseph GUIDRY Acadian Céleste MOUTON   Dugas, Guidry, Mouton, Voorhies
1826 19 Jul/SWLR Cornelius VOORHIES, Jr. Dutch/Anglo [Marie] Cidalise MOUTON (widow) Guidry, Jones, Lamorandiere, Lessassier, Martin, Mouton, Voorhies
1826 7 Sep/SWLR Alexandre MOUTON Célestine Zilia ROUSSEAU French Creole Carriere, Debaillon, Dupré, Garrigues, Louaillier, Lavergne, Mouton, Poiret, Vanhille
1828 15 Apr/SWLR Aurelien MOUTON Carmelite BLANCHET French Creole Blanchet, Boudreaux, Broussard, Melle
1828 17 Apr/SWLR Antoine Émile MOUTON   Marie Gadrat ROUSSEAU French Creole Debaillon, Dupre, Guilbeau, Mouton, Rousseau, Vanhille
1828 29 Jul/SWLR Edmond MOUTON Eulalie VOORHIES Dutch/Anglo Latiolais, Markham, Martin, Moore, Mouton
1828 9 Sep/SWLR Louis Valsin MOUTON Caroline MARTIN Acadian Castille, Latiolais, Martin, Mouton, Voorhies
1829 25 Jun/SWLR Césaire MOUTON   Clarisse GUIDRY Acadian Bossie, Guidry, Mouton
1829 19 Nov/SWLR Louis Valsin MOUTON (wdr.)   Marie Carmelite DUGAS Acadian Broussard, Bulliard, Mouton
1830 18 May/SWLR Pierre Alexandre LATIOLAIS French Creole Marie Emilia MOUTON   Latiolais, Mouton, Olivier
1831 7 Feb/SWLR Jean DARTES French Creole Carmelite MOUTON   none listed
1831 25 Apr/SWLR Pierre Gerasin BERNARD Acadian Eugènie MOUTON   none listed
1832 9 Aug/SWLR Barthélemy Émile CHAIX Foreign French Marie Arsène MOUTON   none listed
1832 12 Nov/SWLR Marin MOUTON, fils   Césaire BAUDOIN (wid.) French Creole none listed
1833 22 Dec/SWLR Cyprien MOUTON   Eliza DUGAS Acadian none listed
1834 25 Mar/SWLR Jean MOUTON, fils   Isabelle ANDREWS/ANDRUS Anglo Creole none listed
1834 1 Dec/SWLR Éloy MOUTON   Carmelite DOMINGO [DOMINGUE] Spanish Creole none listed
1836 14 Apr/SWLR Joseph BOUDREAUX Acadian Adeline MOUTON   none listed
1836 20 Jun/SWLR Arvelien MOUTON   Cidalise BOUDREAUX Acadian none listed
1837 30 Mar/SWLR John R. CREIGHTON Anglo Euphémie MOUTON   none listed
1837 25 Apr/SWLR Isaah WARE Anglo Marcellite MOUTON   none listed
1837 24 Aug/SWLR Édouard A. T. V. DE LA CORNE Foreign French? Marie Belzire MOUTON   none listed
1838 1 Feb/SWLR John. W. MORTON Anglo Adélaïde MOUTON   none listed
1838 14 May/SWLR Jean Ursin MOUTON   Sebastiana DOMINGUE Spanish Creole none listed
1838 22 Oct/SWLR Éloi MOUTON   Marie GISCLARD Foreign French? none listed
1840 23 Apr/SWLR Don Louis MOUTON   Célestine BORDELON French Creole none listed
1840 26 Nov/SWLR Sébastien CHARGEOIS Foreign French? Marie MOUTON   none listed
1841 1 Feb/SWLR Césaire MOUTON   Félicienne DEJEAN (widow) French Creole none listed
1841 18 Feb/SWLR Onésime MOUTON   Nathalie DUGAS Acadian none listed
1841 18 Mar/SWLR Rosémond MOUTON   Estelle COMEAU Acadian none listed
1842 13 Sep/SWLR William MERRNNON [MERRIMAN] Anglo? Marie Adèle MOUTON   none listed
1843 22 May/SWLR François Jules MOUTON   Azélie BABINEAU Acadian none listed
1843 29 May/SWLR Antoine ROBIN French Creole Magdeleine MOUTON   none listed
1844 8 Feb/SWLR Jean BERNARD (widower) Acadian Marie [Modeste] MOUTON (widow)   none listed
1845 18 Jun/SWLR Baptiste COMEAU (widower) Acadian Marguerite Adélaïde MOUTON (widow)   none listed
1845 5 Oct/SWLR Placide MOUTON   Azelle/Azélie COMMEAU Acadian none listed
1845 20 Oct/SWLR Charles Ovignac OLIVIER French Creole Francoise Élodie MOUTON   none listed
1846 23 Jun/SWLR [Jean] Sosthène MOUTON (wdr.)   Célestine VAVASSEUR French Creole none listed
1847 16 Dec/SWLR Louis A. S. MOUTON Acadian Marie Coralie MOUTON Acadian none listed
1848 3 Feb/SWLR Charles Timecourt BIENVENU French Creole Marie Françoise Nisida MOUTON   none listed
1848 13 Dec/SWLR Charles Homère MOUTON   Celimene H. DUPRÉ French Creole none listed
1849 30 Jan/SWLR David Aristide GUIDRY Acadian Marie Félicia MOUTON   none listed
1849 2 May/SWLR Thomas Edgard BIENVENU French Creole Marie Marthe Dalila MOUTON   none listed
1849 11 Oct/SWLR Charles Derneville OLIVIER French Creole Marie Corine MOUTON   none listed
1850 9 Jul/SWLR Franklin [K.] GARDNER, [CPT, USA] Anglo Marie Céleste Mathilde MOUTON   none listed
1850 22 Oct/SWLR [Pierre] Sevigne BROUSSARD Acadian [Marguerite] Alice MOUTON   none listed
1851 25 Jan/SWLR William KIDDER Anglo Cidalise/Sydalise MOUTON   none listed
1851 20 May/SWLR Aymar MOUTON   Elvina BERNARD Acadian none listed
1852 21 Jan/SWLR Sosthène Joseph MOUTON Acadian [Henriette] Odèide MOUTON Acadian none listed
1852 17 Feb/SWLR Valérien MARTIN Acadian Angelina MOUTON   none listed
1852 18 May/SWLR William MOUTON Acadian Céleste Lesima MOUTON Acadian none listed
1853 7 Jun/SWLR Joseph Louis MOUTON Acadian Ophelia MOUTON Acadian none listed
1853 3 Nov/SWLR Joseph MOUTON   Azélie Marie TAYLOR German Creole none listed
1853 12 Dec/SWLR Adolphe MOUTON   Elmire DURAND Foreign French none listed
1854 1 Feb/SWLR Cyprien ARCENEAUX Acadian Azénaïde MOUTON   none listed
1854 7 Feb/SWLR J[ean]. J[acques]. Alfred Alexandre MOUTON Acadian Zélia MOUTON Acadian none listed
1854 27 Feb/SWLR Félix GUIDRY Acadian Coraïd MOUTON   none listed
1854 31 Jul/SWLR Athanase MOUTON   Clara BOUDREAU Acadian none listed
1854 18 Sep/SWLR Auguste ALVARADOZ [ALBARADO] Spanish Creole Celina MOUTON   none listed
1855 11 Feb/SWLR Joseph A. MOUTON   Aurelie DUPRÉ French Creole none listed
1855 24 Jul/SWLR Moyse DUGAS Acadian Alida MOUTON   none listed
1855 2 Dec/SWLR Andre Edgard RICHARD Acadian Joséphine MOUTON   none listed
1856 11 Apr/SWLR [Charles] Eraste MOUTON   Louise Corine LOUAILLIER French Creole? none listed
1856 29 Aug/SWLR Michel RICHARD Acadian Zoraïde MOUTON   none listed
1856 3 Nov/SWLR Valentin HERNANDEZ Spanish Creole Séverine MOUTON   none listed
1857 29 Jan/SWLR Dolsen HERPIN French Creole? ______ MOUTON   none listed
1857 22 Apr/SWLR Onésime Rousseau MOUTON   Clarisse MARTIN Acadian none listed
1858 3 Feb/SWLR Roché MOUTON   Émilie LATIOLAIS French Creole none listed
1858 11 Feb/SWLR Evariste KIDDER Anglo Félicia MOUTON   none listed
1858 8 Nov/SWLR Étienne MOUTON   Marie BREAUX Acadian none listed
1858 14 Dec/SWLR Guillaume Adelma BROUSSARD Acadian Cécilia [Angèle] MOUTON   none listed
1859 8 Aug/SWLR Éloi GUIDRY Acadian Lézima MOUTON   none listed
1860 9 Jan/SWLR Julien LANDRY Acadian Anne Adélaïde MOUTON   none listed
1860 31 Jan/SWLR Charles Despanet PREJEAN Acadian Euphrosine MOUTON   none listed
1860 23 Apr/SWLR Marius GUIDRY Acadian Azélie MOUTON   none listed
1860 21 May/SWLR Lessin MOUTON Acadian Adélaïde MOUTON Acadian none listed
1860 8 Oct/SWLR Jean BERNARD Acadian Aspasie MOUTON
1860 10 Oct/SWLR Édouard HÉBERT Acadian Marguerite MOUTON   none listed
1861 3 Jan/SWLR Victor MARTIN Acadian Ismene MOUTON   none listed
1861 17 Apr/SWLR Onézime MOUTON   Lésima BAUDOIN French Creole  
1861 7 May/SWLR Joseph Mana [Numa] MARTIN Acadian Marie Caroline MOUTON   none listed
1861 20 Aug/SWLR Numa BREAUX Acadian Marthe MOUTON   none listed
1861 11 Sep/SWLR Olivier HÉBERT Acadian Anastasie MOUTON   none listed
1861 25 Dec/SWLR Jean Baptiste HÉBERT Acadian Belzire MOUTON   none listed

Analysis of MOUTON marriages, 1768-1860:

Total marriages listed:                131               100.0%
Endogamous marriages:               77                 58.8
Exogamous marriages:                 54                 41.2



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