Acadian Immigrants to Louisiana from the Caribbean Basin, 1765-1812

Relatively few Acadians came to Louisiana directly from the Caribbean Basin, including French St.-Domingue, today's Haiti, during and after Le Grand Dérangement.  Professor Carl A. Brasseaux, the best informed scholar on the Acadians in Louisiana, says that "Numerous published sources, based entirely on speculation, had suggested that many of the Saint-Domingue Acadians left the colony for Louisiana in the mid-to-late 1760s.  The documentary record in Louisiana, however, makes it clear that few, if any, Saint-Domingue Acadians migrated to the Mississippi Valley."  See Brasseaux, Scattered to the Wind, 45 (italics added); Appendix.  This study agrees with Professor Brasseaux's assertion ... to an extent.  Of the nearly 2,900 Acadians who emigrated to Louisiana from 1764 to the early 1800s, only a few dozen came directly from Haiti.  Most of them arrived in 1765 probably with the refugees from Halifax who transshipped at Cap-Français as early as December 1764, and some perhaps with the refugee expeditions from Maryland, some of which also transshipped at Cap-Français on their way to New Orleans in the late 1760s.  Even fewer Acadian exiles came to the colony from other French islands in the Caribbean Basin--at least three from Champflore, Martinique, in 1766-68.  See also Paul Delaney's chronology of Le Grand Dérangement at <>.

Below are the Acadians in Louisiana whose presence in the Caribbean Basin can be supported by primary sources, solid inference, just plain guesswork.  This list does not include the hundreds of Acadians from Halifax who came through Cap-Français, St.-Domingue, in late 1764 and 1765 on their way to New Orleans, or the hundreds more from Maryland who came through Cap-Français in the late 1760s.  It includes only the ones who would have gone directly from the Caribbean Basin to Louisiana, including refugees from the Haitian revolt of the 1790s and early 1800s who fled to Cuba and Jamaica in 1803 and who moved on to Louisiana after Jefferson's Purchase. 

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationships Origin/Arrival Date Settlement in LA
Victoire BABIN c1781 St.-Nicolas, St.-D.   Haiti via Cuba?, fall of 1809 St. James Parish
Madeleine BABINEAUX dit Des Lauriers ? Annapolis Royal Sister of Marie-Marguerite St.-Domingue, 1760s or 1770s St.-Jacques
Marie-Marguerite BABINEAUX dit Des Lauriers c1728 Annapolis Royal Wife of Charles COMEAUX St.-D., 1760s or 1770s St.-Jacques
Anne BENOIT c1759 probably MA Sister St.-D., 1760s or 1770s Attakapas
Élisabeth BENOIT ? Boston, MA Sister; married J.-B. DUPUIS St.-D., 1760s or 1770s St.-Gabriel
Marie-Anne BOUCHER c1754 Beaubassin Stepdaughter of Pierre LAMBERT St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Théotiste BROUSSARD ? probably Chignecto Sister-in-law of Jacques HUGON St.-D., 1765 Attakapas
Paul CHIASSON c1746 probably Chignecto   St.-D., 1765 St.-Jacques/St.-Gabriel
Anne COMEAUX 1718 Annapolis Royal Wife of Charles MOUTON Martinique, 1766-68 St.-Jacques
Anne COMEAUX c1762 Connecticut Daughter of Charles St.-D., 1760s or 1770s St.-Jacques
Charles COMEAUX 1725 Annapolis Royal   St.-D., 1760s or 1770s St.-Jacques
Charles COMEAUX c1749 ? Son of Joseph St.-D., 1765-67 St.-Jacques
Joseph COMEAUX ? ?   St.-D., 1765-67 St.-Jacques
Jean-Baptiste CORMIER 1784 Jean-Rabel, St.-D.   Haiti via Cuba?, by 1806 NO, St. Landry Parish
Marie-Renée CORMIER ? Môle St.-N., St.-D. Sister Haiti via Cuba?, by 1806 New Orleans
Marie-Victoire CORMIER ? St.-Domingue Sister Haiti via Cuba?, by 1806 New Orleans
Rose-Élisabeth CORMIER ? Jean-Rabel, St.-D. Sister Haiti via Cuba?, by 1806 New Orleans
Marie DOIRON c1737 Chignecto Wife of Pierre LAMBERT St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Jean-Baptiste DOUCET 1743 Grand-Pré   St.-D., 1765-67 St.-Gabriel
Angélique DUGAS 1734 Annapolis Royal Wife of Joseph MARANT St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Jean-Baptiste DUPUIS c1752 Riv.-aux-Canards Nephew; brother St.-D., 1767 St.-Gabriel
Joseph DUPUIS c1736 Riv.-aux-Canards Uncle St.-D., 1767 St.-Gabriel
Marie-Madeleine DUPUIS c1755 Riv.-aux-Canards Niece; sister St.-D., 1767 St.-Gabriel
Pierre DUPUIS c1765 Riv.-aux-Canards Nephew; brother St.-D., 1767 St.-Gabriel
Simon-Joseph DUPUIS c1754 Riv.-aux-Canards Nephew; brother St.-D., 1767 St.-Gabriel
Jacques HUGON c1730 Chignecto Bro.-in-law of Théotiste BROUSSARD St.-D., 1765 Attakapas
Marie HUGON c1751 Chignecto Niece St.-D., probably 1765 Attakapas
Pierre LAMBERT, père c1726 Menoudie Father St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Pierre LAMBERT, fils c1751 Chignecto Son St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Marie LEGER c1744 Annapolis Royal   St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Paul LEGER c1758 New York Brother St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Scholastique LEGER c1746 Annapolis Royal Sister St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Joseph MARANT c1729 ?   St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Marguerite MARTIN dit Barnabé c1732 Chignecto Wife of Joseph OLIVIER St.-D, 1765-67 New Orleans
Pierre MICHEL c1737 Annapolis Royal   St.-D., 1765 or 1766 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Charles MOUTON c1721 Grand-Pré Husband of Anne COMEAUX Martinique, 1766-68 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Georges MOUTON c1756 South Carolina? Son Martinique, 1766-68 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Jean-Baptiste OLIVIER c1762 South Carolina Son St.-D., 1765-67 New Orleans
Joseph OLIVIER c1730 Annapolis Royal?   St.-D., 1765-67 New Orleans
Joseph ORILLION dit Champagne c1748 AR or Chignecto   St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Marguerite ORILLION dit Champagne c1750 AR or Chignecto Sister St.-D., 1765 Cabanocé/St.-Jacques
Jean-Baptiste POIRIER c1769 Môle St.-N., St.-D.   Haiti via Cuba?, by 1810 St. James Parish
Rosalie PREJEAN ? ? Wife of François PECOT Haiti via Cuba?, by 1805 Attakapas
Grégoire-Michel ROUSSEAU de VILLEJOIN 1777 Cayes du Fond, St.-D.   Haiti via Cuba?, by 1812 St. Martin Parish
Louis-Joseph ROUSSEAU de VILLEJOIN 1772 Cayes du Fond, St.-D. Brother Haiti via Cuba?, by 1812 St. Martin Parish
Marie-Joséphine ROUSSEAU de VILLEJOIN 1773 Cayes du Fond, St.-D. Sister Haiti via Cuba?, 1810s? St. Martin Parish
46 ... 33 from St.-Domingue 1760s-70s/10 from Haiti 1800s          

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